Update on Sam

Hello all!   I heard from Sam a little bit ago.  She was out of surgery and back in her room, but the doctor or nurse hadn’t been in yet to speak with her.   Surgery was delayed a couple hours this morning, so everything was set back.  I will post later after I hear more from her but just wanted to let everyone know that surgery was over.

20 thoughts on “Update on Sam

  1. Cokie: Thanks for the update.

    Sam: Close your eyes and see all of us. We are here when you go in and we will be here when you come out. God bless.


  2. Hey, everyone, I’ve been “chatting” with Sam via text and she is doing well. Surgery went well and her nodes are clear. She said she woke up speaking English instead of German in the post-op, so I guess she threw some people for a loop. 🙂 She also said something about a strange little doctor in scrubs wandering around the hospital, but that might have been the anesthesia talking.

    So… all is good! Thank you for your “good vibes” for her.


    1. Why am I not surprised that she spoke English upon waking, I imagine that did confuse the hospital personal. Have you checked on McB’s whereabouts lately? Or is Capt. Lou haunting the hospital halls. Cath Bear sends her best to Sam.


    2. Thank you so much for this update and to be an awesome friend to Sam. It’s great news that the nodes are clear. Next step after recovering of the surgery is radiation. Sam will get thru with determination this phase.

      Hugs to Sam and you.


    3. Ah so good news!
      And it is so Sam talking English in the post-op. As we met all together with Cokie, McBear and Captain Lou every time Cokie left the room or our sides Sam and I found ourselves still talking in English although it was not necessary, especially with McB. I am pretty sure he can speak and understand German. He hid it well… sneaky b…. ear.
      Sam, me, Petz and Pinsel are thinking of you!

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  3. Omg and duh! I thought the surgery was tomorrow! I’m so glad it is already over then, and that the outcome is so promising. The good vibes from all over the world are gonna speed your recovery, Sam. You and McG shall recover together. Tho don’t do it his way, ok?

    You’re in my prayers darlin!

    Thank you for the post, Cokie. You’re a great friend to Sam and a welcome harbinger of good news to us. ❤


  4. So I’m not sure how you watch Show, Sam, but I hope you have felt well enough to watch it by now, and that you are already feeling better. Like McG. 😀

    Just don’t talk to any creepy dudes in the hospital chapel and don’t fall off a building and bust your stitches, ‘k?

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