20 thoughts on “7.02 Promo Pics

  1. OK, just what are you trying to do to me? First, I have to wait until I get home to watch the gag reel, which you have already done and told me to be patient… ME… as if I even know what patience is! And then you tease me with all these pictures that I have to wait to watch in the coming weeks. I don’t know if my little heart can take much more. These. Are. Awesome!!!


  2. Does it seem odd to anyone else that it seems like we are getting much more BAMF ninja Super SEAL in S7, despite the fact that he’s had a liver transplant?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve missed Super SEAL. I just am wondering WTF PL is thinking. Or if he does at all. It’s like everything that happens to McG comes in a box marked ACME.

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    1. LOL, I told myself not to question any of this. I will take any and all Steve/Ninja/SEAL stuff I can get. I bet PL has long forgotten about the liver. I’m still working hard on doing the same.
      I’m along for the ride. (Just made myself snort with stupidity, sorry, in a really good mood at the moment. LOL)

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    2. Apparently PLenkov has no clue about organ transplants, and particularly thinks liver ones are easy peasy, like when one transplants a divided flower bulb in one’s garden. It settles in and then just grows up to be its own independent new plant, no strings or medications attached. 😆

      But that’s fine with me. I’ll play along with PLenkov’s delusion cos otherwise he had basically killed McG as we know and love him.

      In fact, once Danno gets his fill of irking the shite outta Steve, and us, in the premiere, let’s just all take a vote that Liver never really happened, like it was only part of the 100th episode fantasy 5-0. Let’s all drink to that. 😉

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      1. I still believe the Christmas tree fiasco in season 5 was a hallucination…. and maybe the couples counseling charade – rewatched that tonight, and oh, the horror. I think PL just decided to use the organ transplant as a chance to bring forth annoyed/hero Danny while giving McG a brush with death to play with his emotions. The fallout of a transplant is nowhere in his mind. It shouldn’t bother me, but it does. I just wish someone with the show (PL) would just admit they don’t care about medical accuracy; I would be more accepting of the miraculous healings our heroes experience. Otherwise i just look at them as unintelligent and careless with detail.

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    3. Kimphin: ACME!!!! The best.

      I only worry that having seen “Ironman” and the “Elephant” we’ll get Thor next, swinging his hammer. (But if he brings Loki with him, I’m on board for my favorite bad boy– big time. )

      Still, I am very hopeful for S7. So far,it looks good.


      1. 😉 I was hoping someone got the reference!

        I’m irked about the whole liver thing. It’s irksome. But, I’m going to get amnesia about it, just like SHOW. It’s a defense mechanism really.

        Thor!!! I can’t believe we had to put up with Iron Man, with no RDJ in sight. Oh, the snark he would’ve given.


        1. Kimphin: Ah- Tom Hiddleston. Could someone tweet PL my Christmas gift wish? Could you just imagine AOL and TH in a scene together. Enough talent to burn a hole in the film. Plastic carrot for some—whole bottle of a nice Chardonnay for me. “

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  3. I don’t recognize the helmet from any other episodes. Almost like a bike helmet but its not that. The cables are a nice touch, though. Maybe a Christmas gift from Doris? I wonder if the writers remember that she used them?

    Is this the episode with the Queen look-a-like?

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    1. oh, yeah, good catch with the queen thing. I had thought they had not posted teaser pics yet from this ep, but PL definitely showed us the queen clip on twitter.


    1. It is funny how different the impression is people get seeing a pic. My thought was that Danny looks like he doesn’t belong. Like it is not his playground. But maybe it is because the rooftop scene showed that he is no elite task force material.

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