22 thoughts on “7.01 Promo Pics

  1. I got the season 6 dvd set today. Not only is the gag reel long and so funny, but there is a behind the scenes tour with Alex. The only disappointment is that Alex does not do commentary on any of the episodes.


    • I wonder that too…he even mentioned, in an interview way back when Show started, how in S6 he would be a producer and a grumpy old man.

      Apparently he’s still neither….

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    • JPPT1974: I don’t know how much imput they really have. They might sit in on occasional meetings but unless it’s as an EP or co-EP, I think its an just honorary title. If that’s the case, I am sorry, because he might have gotten wind of Liver in time to stop it if he had any power. And since he carries the show and works all those hours, he might not want to be bothered.

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      • If it’s done properly, it really works well – the actor is able to lend characterization input to the show as a whole. On Burn Notice, Jeffrey Donovan was made a producer in the later seasons, and it really helped to keep continuity through a big change in the type of show it was (started as a “blue sky” show and then progressed to a much darker tone in later seasons) and it was amazing when it all came together in the end – you could actually SEE the progression of the character through the years. Sadly, PL is no Matt Nix, because I can only imagine what Alex could do with that type of input.

        At this point in his life, and from what he’s said about his commitment to his family, I’m not sure he wants to be anything more than what he’s doing right now. happy for him, sad for us.


    • I gotta say, Season 7 plotlines are interesting, they seem much more in line with something that a specialized task force would do (OK, over the top, but by now we expect that, right?) instead of the old “kidnapped kids” and “run of the mill murder” that we’ve been getting in the past.

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  2. watched a bunch of 6 on netflix but may have to buy the dvd just for the BTS. Of course, the gag reel has been posted online already, so i saw that. Very disappointed to hear AOL did not do any commentary. He isn’t much on watching the eps, so maybe that is one reason they don’t ask him? The extra bit with him maybe makes up a bit for that. I thought bigger deals were made of actors directing episodes rather than producing. It would be very hard for an actor as involved as he is to do either one , but boy i would love for him to have the opportunity. He sacrifices a lot of professional opportunities with his dedication to this show. I love him for that dedication but I feel bad for what other things he may miss out on. Could i just sleep through the next 10 days please so i can have new McG to enjoy? Pretty please, with sprinkles….

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    • The Aloha Action Season 6 feature was very good too — very worth the price of the dvds. I’m wondering if the entire gag reel is posted online or only the highlights. It’s very long, and Alex cuts up big time. The “towel” scene had me rolling on the floor. Again, well worth the price!!


      • Hmm, I guess my kind of humor is different from most. I thought the 14gminute gag reel was OK, but it only had me smiling once or twice.
        For me a gag reel is one with botched scenes, forgotten lines, thinks like that. Goofing around is not really what I find too funny.
        But I am also one of those strange people that can’t see the humor in making stupid or goofie faces. Not funny to me. Guess my humor is more subtle.
        And I am really disappointed again that there is no commentary by Alex on it. Pl and Chi , well, I highly doubt it will be equally as good as 4.08.
        But hey, that is just my opinion.


  3. I am curious from a nursing perspective just how much time has passed since LIVER happened to McG running around as per his usual badass self. Gonna have to put my credibility police badge in a drawer for this ep, I guess.

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    • Preparing myself to just laugh about it. And enjoy the fact that Steve is his old self and running around 😀
      Think I read somewhere that he will pops some stitches while running – not sure about it anymore. I wonder in what universe a liver transplant patient would be released before his stitches got out. Of course in the magic world of H50 that is the norm.


  4. Unfortunately I am having a scheduling conflict that could not be overcome, means I am going on vacation on saturday and I am going to miss the first two episodes (and SOTB coverage, gah!). But watching the sneek peeks it is maybe a good thing. Watching episode 2 right after the opener may calm my really annoyed nerves. And now I know for sure that I have been not too harsh but too nice to Danny in my alt-ending world.
    But I wish you tons of fun. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised. I mean McG is back. That’s a good thing. And we will always have 7.07. I am looking at you kids (and will be totally spoiled when I’m back, I am weak).

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    • I also won’t watch the premiere since I don’t know when I will be back home. I might wait until next week to watch two in a row. 😉
      And no, you were not too harsh on Danny. On the contrary.


      • Thinking of you Sam.

        I will watch the H50 premiere, no question about that. As for the new MacG I wasn’t impressed with the promos. I will give it a chance but if it sucks, I am out if there. I’ll spend the time making snacks for 9pm.

        I saw that Bull with Michael Weatherly got a very large bump by following NCIS. Following that show and Big Bang are the programming “gold” spots. But I liked Bull because I adore Michael and thought it was very good. I don’t have a warm feeling for the new MacG but who knows. However, I can’t see how this new show will cause a bump in the ratings for H50. Maybe they should have placed it after at 10 pm and moved Blue Bloods to 8 so they could give MacG the boost?

        It seems if CBS had faith in the show it would have premiered on a different day. Ratings are usually higher when a show first premieres but the test will be the second week. So many of us who watch on Fridays remember the “Real” MacG and those too young to remember are usually out on Friday nights. Maybe they will sell it to another network like Super Girl? I can’t wait to read the reviews.

        Please, no phony bromance. Please.

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