Aged to perfection


Another year has passed since we last celebrated Alex O’s birthday. One could think another year older, but no, he’s not getting older, he’s getting better.

Honestly, he really is at his best right now. At least looking back, who knows what the future will bring.

But no matter how many candles are on his cake, we wish him all the very best in the world. Health, happiness and lots of love. We would also like to extend these wishes to his family; his happiness with his life’s situation shines through and makes him the man he is.

Congratulation, Alex O! And thank you for entertaining us with your talent.

Sam and Cokie

10 thoughts on “Aged to perfection

  1. What draws you in at first are his good looks, getting better with every passing year. Sometimes raw, sometimes soft, sometimes funny, sometimes manly, sometimes just beautiful.
    What makes you stay is his incredible, versatile acting talent intensified by his nature and soul. His variations of excellence. Sometimes raw, sometimes soft, sometimes funny, sometimes manly and sometimes just beautiful.

    “I mean, without life experience, you can’t tell stories anyway.”

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  2. I so agree with what all of you said. I’ve watched the man since Moonlight and he does get better every year. My wish is that he gets some good material to work with this season so my Fridays shine even brighter.

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