Let the speculation begin


COMING UP in the premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0 (Friday, Sept. 23): McGarrett refuses to listen to Danny’s pleas to take it easy while recovering from surgery after the body of a serial killer is left in the Five-0 headquarters with an ivory chess piece in his mouth. When a second serial killer is found dead with another chess piece, Five-0 goes on the hunt for the vigilante as fear grows that it’s not safe to travel to Hawaii. Also, McGarrett finds comfort in talking to someone with a very special connection to the team. Rosalind Chao recurs as Governor Keiko Mahoe, and Claire Forlani recurs as Alicia Brown, a retired criminal profiler. @HawaiiFive0CBS

So, who is this special someone? Any guesses?

Oh, by the way, the original text from CBS said MacGarrett. Guess they are slightly confused.

68 thoughts on “Let the speculation begin

  1. MacGarrett… that person really follows the show. I love the idea of finding chess pieces in dead guys mouths. Wish I had thought of that… 🙂 As for the “special connection” I have no clue. I understand all of a sudden, he and Claire Forlani’s character will have a history although where she has been for the last 6 years is a mystery. I just know I am ready to watch the show!


  2. I agree with Cokie, I like the crime of the week idea. And it sounds like annoying Danny will be front and center in the first episode. I guess we missed out on an election in Hawaii or if there is another reason for there to be a new Governor. Can’t wait for that explanation if we get it. As for the special connection that would give McG comfort….not sure. I happen to like Sang Min but I doubt he would bring Steve anything but an ulcer to go with his new liver. Please don’t let it be Mama Williams. Maybe Mr. Pickles.


  3. Really think that the producers are really making the transplant thing like it is nothing. As really they did not do their homework. Transplants take a very long time to heal. Just hope the new Governor will be by the book but understanding. As you need that to keep Five 0 in line.


  4. How about Duke. He feels like a good fatherly friend to Steve. Not sure if they are close, but Duke surely has a special connection to Five-0 and to Steve.
    But since CBS and PL often give us false information, this line might actually mean nothing at all. 😉

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  5. Hmmm…guessing the very special person is merely someone they saved in one of their episodes. Did anybody get an organ transplant on 5-0 in past seasons?

    I too like the chess piece murder angle.

    I’m amazed they got McG out and crime bustin’ already. I coulda sworn PLenkov said there’d be time out for McG when the season opened. Then again, why would what he said have anything to do with what ends up happening? My bad… 😉

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    1. The guy they saved in 4.21. He got a liver. No. Just no, that guy is not someone close to Five-0. 😉

      I think PL at some point realized what he has done, and simply ignored any and all facts about the transplant and moved on. Some mention of it… if we’re lucky… or maybe not. Guess annoying Danny is all who will remind all of us about the transplant. Constantly. Sigh.

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      1. How pathetic the possibility that PLenkov has only since the finale realized what can of worms he opened in that liver SL! With his MAIN man! Can he be that clueless? Or has he just lost all interest in 5-0? Yo Peter! We still love McG…he ain’t chopped liver, dude.

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          1. Ugh! So true! Lenkov totally projects that vibe, which is idiotic if true. Tho I get the sense part of it is, PLenkov sorta sees himself in McG…and we don’t. Not at ALL. We see Alex of course. The excellent, and the gorgeous, traits we love in McG aren’t in the writing. They’re in Alex’s portrayal. And I think Lenkov resents Alex for that. Alex made McG his own. As he does. ❤

            Hmmm…maybe that explains the train wreck of the liver… 🙄

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  6. I was hoping to see Joe White because I can see Steve confiding in him, or even Odell, but the close association with the H50 team throws me off on that last one. I don’t think Terry O’Q has been in Hawaii yet so if it occurs in 701, it can’t be him. Max is also not there, so he’s out too. Please not Kamekona. But it may very well be Duke because they seem to be expanding his role on screen. I find the word “comfort” particularly interesting.

    I read that some fans are speculating that Claire Forlani’s character is a new love interest. If she is a retired FBI profiler, and they have some history, then maybe she was in the Navy too and they worked in Naval intelligence together before she went to the FBI. Also there is speculation that the pretty blond actress currently filming, whose name I cannot remember, is also a love interest. Maybe the new Governor is a love interest too. Oh, well. Liver.

    Cath is back in 707. Finally! A love interest I can support that actually makes sense.


    1. Neither of those females is a love interest. Claire Forlani is playing someone much older – “retired profiler” plus she had a 25 year old daughter. I don’t think she and McG have a past? Unless i missed something. I think she’s brought in on the case. The Blonde is also not a LI. I’m 100% sure.


      1. Kimphin: Oh, I never believed for one moment either of them is really a love interest, but you gotta admire the persistence and desperation of parts of this fandom in grasping at anyone to pair with McG who is not named Cath. The Lynn ship is dead- the Ellie ship is dead and all that is left is the Danno friend-ship and that appears to have an expiration date in S7.

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    2. Joe was the one that popped into my mind too!
      But as many said before, this could only be some missleading and not be important at all!


  7. I also like the chess piece connection. I didn’t think Claire Forlani was on until 7.02, but who knows?

    They’re going to totally squander the “McG reflects on his legacy” opportunity. We’re going to get 5 seconds of reflection, which just pisses me off because Alex rocks that shit.

    And, no clue about the special connection to h50 person. No. Clue.

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      1. Of course there will be a crossover episode and we need to prepare ourselves for that. It’s probably being written this very minute.

        But at least we know that MacGyver cannot fix Liver……….. because Liver never happened.

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  8. The very special someone that McGarrett will confide in is gonna end up being Pua, isn’t it? It’s the only character that everyone doesn’t like/hate. It’s basically the only consensus in the H50 fandom.

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  9. The very special someone that McGarrett will confide in is gonna end up being Pua, isn’t it? It’s the only character that everyone doesn’t like. It’s basically the only consensus in the H50 fandom.


  10. Well so far everything that I have read and the photo’s coming from the set I think season 7 is going to be better than season 6 with loads more action and more about Steve. Dose everyone think that Doris is only going to be in one episode 7.07 and are they going to kill Doris off I hope not because I love Doris and Steve together on screen. Plus Steve can not lose anymore family. Or do you think Doris will have more episodes than just one. Will Cath have more episode than just one I hope so. The person with a very special connection to the team could be Duke or Kamekono I would not mind it being Grover as long as it is not Danny. I wish it could be Cath.

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    1. I love/hate Doris too and I like the scenes with Steve, we see a totally different Steve and I like that very much. She makes him angry, like no one else and I like Steve then!!

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      1. I love Christine Lathi, she is great as Steve’s mom. And their scenes are awesome. As mom she is a failure, but as an interesting character I really like her. Hope to see some really great scenes from Alex and Christine. Awesome actors.
        And I don’t want her to die either. I don’t like those easy way outs. They should deal with her, and Steve should get the chance to say his peace. Dying is not a solution.

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        1. and maybe… just maybe, dear old Mom could be HONEST for once. I don’t want her to die, but I hate all this gibberish she spouts out, hurting Steve more each time. They are so good together but I just wish he could get answers that mean something. And then she can go away…


          1. Her problem is: there are no anwers. No answers that can help an abandoned son to understand. She favored a killer, a torturer, a monster over her own flesh and blood. Even after she knew Wo Fat had tortured Steve she visited him in this high security prison, lied to Steve. He was not worth any explanation because she knew there is none. None that would not show her as a Mom from hell.
            But I want her back. Lahti/O’Loughlin were incredible together (in an interview in season 3 she told how impressed she was with Alex’ acting, said she had simply to look in his face that was full of emotions and react), I want Steve to give his mother a piece of his mind (like to someone else too).
            “I’ve got no mother. My mother died 25 years ago. Leave!”


            1. You mean give a piece of his mind to Danny, right? In exchange for the piece of liver?

              The only way to explain Doris and this whack a doodle story line is for the real Doris to be dead and that fake Doris is the one who came back. Explains all of her actions regarding Wo Fat and why she didn’t seem so broken up about John’s death. I know, this a far fetched and unbelievable solution but it allows for McG to mourn again for the real Doris and wash his hands of the fake Doris. It would be really cheesy if they took this way out of the “WHY, MOM, WHY? but they gave us Liver, so….no shame?


  11. Sam: I just came across this. It is slightly off topic but it is interesting.
    Referring to Cath, PL says in an EW article the following:

    “People are interpreting it like her coming back into the relationship and starting all over again, but I just don’t think that can happen after all that these two have gone through,” EP Peter Lenkov says. “Her relation to the story is more plot driven than reigniting that relationship.”

    Before anyone gets upset, keep in mind that none of us ever thought the road back for Steve and Cath was going to be easy. It’s going to take the rest of the season for that to happen and PL will drag that out for “drama.”. There is a lot of baggage to sort through before those two are together again. PL has already told us that Cath was coming back for 625, if that was the series finale. That’s because he knows she is endgame. He had absolutely no reason to bring her back for 525, 601, 602 and 603 if he was done with that relationship. He could have let her die in Afghanistan and ended the story, but he didn’t. So what does this all mean in PL speak? There are so many characters in 707 that I think her role will be small and relating to Doris and Cath’s mission. That is what plot driven means. It will be tense if they even have a scene together. I hope they do but we are unsure if that even happens. This may be the beginning of Steve’s introspection regarding his life choices. I also read that PL wants to get Sarah Carter back for that same episode. That relationship is dead but it’s important to show that because no matter what else, even she knew his head wasn’t into the game. We’ll see Steve struggle between being angry with Cath while still loving her for several more episodes. To bring Cath back full time now leaves PL nowhere to go in setting up the reconciliation so we’ll have to wait for her return. Why am I so sure? Because of what PL has actually done, not only what he has actually said. We all knew that when she left in 603, the door was open for her return. If that wasn’t his intention he could have slammed the door shut. PL loves to misdirect and mislead the fans but he never lies.

    And just to make things clear, I am NOT delusional. I am a REALIST. I was taught to evaluate by logically examining what was before me, to give weight to only what is determined to be a primary source (in this case only PL’s comments which are DIRECT QUOTES.) I eliminate all statements which are merely interpretations by an interviewer, and rumors by “fans”. Then, and only then, I consider everything that I have learned to be true which can be supported by facts and reach a LOGICAL conclusion. I don’t look at anything through rose colored glasses, and I don’t manipulate my research to put forth any outcome other than what I believe to be honest and factual.

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    1. I saw that too…Sigh. I wish for your prediction, but sounds like he’s betrayed McRoll, and McG especially. Getting back to him not being all that fond of our hero and all… And also betrayed us, but we’re used to that. 🙄

      But I wish your thought process would be right, I truly do. Sigh.


      1. GNP: Look at how he crafted his response. “Her relation to the story is more plot driven than reigniting that relationship.” This refers to the 150th episode. It’s not going to be a Steve-Cath episode. It’s not meant to be that.

        “People are interpreting it like her coming back into the relationship and starting all over again, but I just don’t think that can happen after all that these two have gone through,”. That’s true. It is not going to be business as usual after 707 for this relationship. The episode will end with the same sense of things not being resolved as 603. Until later on in the season when it is resolved with a ring.

        Nothing in either of those two quotes say that the relationship is over. Only that they will not be back together in 707 and there is a lot to work through before they are. He’s talking about 707 here, not 708-725.

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        1. I hope so, Mama. I truly do.

          But I don’t trust him. Don’t trust his choices or motives. Or talent. Honestly.

          But Alex will rock whatever it is…Alex IS H50. Anyone else could leave and it would still be 5-0. Except Alex. ❤

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    2. Mama, I hope your interpretation is right..it sounds very ..lenkovish. I had the thought when I read this yesterday that it was just more mindgames. I am just so thoroughly disgusted with his crap re: this storyline. I hope Alex and Hawaii pretty will see me through these difficult times.

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  12. Oh Mamayorkie I love your answers about Cath coming back. I was looking forward to seeing Doris and Cath but if they bring Lynn back and make it a triangle between Steve, Cath and Lynn I don’t want to watch that at all I may stop watch all together. Why dose Peter always upset the fans that love Steve and Cath together I am getting fed up with this. And all the haters are thinking this will be Cath’s last episode 7.07 .


    1. Mandy:
      It’s not going to be a triangle in the sense it’s Lynn on Monday and Cath on Tuesday. If Lynn returns it will be for her to find out that Cath is still in the picture. Steve does not love her because we grownups know that love is not a spigot you just turn on and off. Even if it goes bad, you still love. Lynn served a purpose. Unfortunately, she was/is rebound girl and since she slept with a man she knew did not have his head in the game, it was strictly sex and nothing else. That’s not a problem for me as long as its consensual. If she wanted more, she should her kept her self respect and walked out. But I don’t think the character has any self respect and will take whatever crumbs Steve throws. Given the opportunity, even with the same set of circumstances, she will sleep with him again. As long as Steve doesn’t catch anything from her, its no problem. They are not, and will never be, canon.

      As for the haters thinking that 707 will be the end, consider. Plenkov has said he knows how the whole story will end. And when it looked like 525 was the series finale, what did he do? He brought Cath back and reunited them. What happened in 625? He admits Cath was written into the the finale in case H50 wasn’t renewed, but unlike 525, he got word of the renewal early enough to change that and said he would bring her back in a different way. He brings her back or plans to bring her back whenever he thinks the series may end. Hence, she is endgame.

      Don’t let the ABC’s or McDannos get you down. There are really not that many of them (All eight and the multiple personalities talking inside their heads.) There’s also little brainpower in that group. A lack of reasoning skills is an embarrassing and sad commentary for people whose parents probably laid out a bundle for their education.

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        1. Mandy:

          No, he is not listening to anybody.

          He is laughing at all of us, the McRolls, McDannos and (especially) the ABC’s, because it is his show and he will do as he pleases and right now it pleases him to sit back and watch the fandom act like twelve year-old Junior High girls. It is arrogant for us to believe that what any of us want the storyline to be, or far worse, to think that to continue to tweet hate against a character or actress will influence him to change his plans is delusional. Even if he’s not specifically tagged, he knows about it and I doubt he’s happy.

          McRoll will rise triumphant from the ashes, just like the Phoenix.

          (Oh, I forgot to mention that in MY alphabet, “D” for DRAMA comes before “E” for ENDGAME. Sound slightly familiar? Some people are so transparently passive aggressive).

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          1. You know, mamayorkie, most of the time I find the twitter-drama amusing and seriously wonder how adults can act like spoiled brats. But some of them, one in particular, make my blood boil with their passive aggressiveness.
            For me, it’s a low point if you tell people everyone is allowed their own opinion… BUT. I think such people disqualify themselves to be taken seriously. If you spent pages after pages to debunk what other people think before speaking about your own opinion shows your character pretty well.
            You have an opinion? Fine. To belittle other people, calling them names, dismissing their valid points doesn’t make yours any more right. On the contrary, it makes you look ridiculous.
            Some people on twitter ride a pretty high horse… they shouldn’t be surprised if their fall will hurt pretty badly.
            Ugh, off the soap box… for now. 😉

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            1. Sam: Now why do I know exactly who you are taking about? Bet everyone else here does too. Show of hands. please. Can you imagine having her as a neighbor or the misfortune of being her child’s teacher? Goosebumps!!!!

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  13. Oh Mama, just what I needed to read!! Love, LOVE your comments!!
    What really threw me off when reading the spoilers this morning was the sentence “he hopes to bring her (L) back for 7.07. Excuse me sir? You wrote the story so you already KNOW! Also, they’re only 2 weeks away from shooting so all is set already. I used to like PL’s banter and teasers but I am coming to the conclusion that he has maneuvered himself into a corner and I am really miffed about these left-right-left-right spoilers. Sometimes it would be better to say nothing at all? Just promoting the show? Yeah sure…
    Well, I try really hard to stick to my “masterplan” and “endgame” mantra although the ‘other side’ (all 8 of them!) keep showing their love and call us delusional. Let’s see who laughs last…
    If all fails, I too keep watching to enjoy the pretty that is AOL and Hawaii.

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    1. Sunny:

      “he hopes to bring her (L) back for 7.07. Excuse me sir? You wrote the story so you already KNOW!

      Maybe someone who was expected to appear backed out at the last minute and he is scrambling to fill in some screen time? Maybe someone who made some bizarre statements on TV believing them to be true, even if they weren’t, was shot down publicly and not given the opportunity to explain them away himself. (which would have been diplomatic and smart?) The whole thing was handled poorly from a PR standpoint. But you’re right. Anyone hired for 707 has likely been contracted already so his statement is curious. Still I hope I’m wrong because I love Frank Bama’s character and would love to see him again. I don’t think it was the Margaritas talking. We don’t even know if there was any liquor in them. The singer’s a big star and does not need the work. I can be completely wrong about this. Let’s see what happens.


  14. I certainly enjoyed all the comments. I had big hopes for Catherine and Steve to rekindle the flame, and maybe they will slowly as Mamma theorizes, but it sounds doubtful to me. If they bring in a new love interest, it needs to be a woman who is tops in her field, someone who has a strong character and can hold her own against Steve’s driven characteristics. Someone with class (not Lynn!) who understands his flaws and is able to make him laugh. Someone who makes him smile when he comes in the door. That is my wish for Steve.


    1. I still believe in Steve and Catherine, but if for whatever reason that won’t happen… then I want the same for him as you do. Happiness, love, laughter and a strong woman who just gets him. And that certainly isn’t Lynn. I like her as a friend, I even enjoyed her as the rebound girl that Steve had some fun with. But she certainly isn’t ‘the love of his life’ material. 😉


      1. Steve has way too many brains for Lynn to be his soul mate. Yeah, she had a good job and she helps people, but she was still too ditzy for me. NOT anyone Steve could be with for a long time. Just my $.02! And there’s also the fact that she annoyed me. 🙂

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  15. Stumbled upon someone’s secret notes for whenever H50 ends (Hopefully not for many more seasons)

    Doris is blameless. Doris haters need to get over it and move on. John ordered her to leave because he had something going on with the Governor. She was not a danger to his family and she had no alternative but apply for a job with the CIA, where she didn’t need a job reference. Besides, she is not even Steve’s mother. Aunt Deb became pregnant and Doris stayed in California with her and then returned to Hawaii with infant Steve. Mary really is her biological child. We know that because she is so messed up and looks nothing like Steve. Therefore, John turns out to be the surprise and unexpected villain. (big turn #1… as promised).

    And Joe White is Steve’s father because he and Aunt Deb…well, you
    know how things happen off camera. (Big turn #2)

    The Mothership returns for Kono after she takes Adam down for being the new baddie trying to destroy H50. She’s tired of humans and wants to have babies with someone from her own planet. (Not Jerry.) Every time someone says Kono looks just “out of this world”, they are correct, (Big turn #3)

    Rachel becomes a widow, inherits all of Stan’s money and moves back to New Jersey with Danny and the kids where he is now a ‘kept” man. It’s a nice safe job. (Big turn #4, that nobody saw coming.)

    Chin is turned down for custody of Sara because Abby doesn’t pass the background check. (file notes she is a cold hearted bitch who expresses no interest in motherhood.) Chin leaves Five-0, marries Leilani, is finally allowed to adopt Sara and is deliriously happy for the rest of his life. He buys Kamekona’s Shrimp truck, while Leilani runs the First Aid Station next to it and they live on the beach. Sara collects pretty shells. (Big turn #5)

    Grover designs a line of Golf clothes in his spare time, is wildly successful,
    quits Five 0, buys his own Golf Course and calls it H 18 Haole. (Big turn #6)

    Chun is appointed the new head of the H50 Task Force when Steve and Cath elope and sail off on the Sloop McRoll (given to them by Danny as a wedding present and paid for out of his weekly allowance from Rachel). Steve delivers their first child amidst rolling waves. The kid learns to swim real fast. He (or she) is a Ninja baby). (Really big turn #7)

    And everyone lives Happily Ever After.

    (N.B. There are beginning notes for a reboot of Magnum PI. I will not divulge same. I do have some integrity.


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