The New Show


I guess it was unavoidable at some point. So, let’s talk about the new show for a bit.

There will undoubtable be many people who will love it. For them I hope this will be a success, and for them I am also happy about the massive twitter campaign PL has going. 😉

And of course I will be very happy for all the people who put their heart and hard work into this show. I wish them nothing but the best.


Do I think it will be a success? Even experts have no real clue why a show that has all the right ingredients sucks in the ratings; or why a show everyone doomed from the get-go is a huge success.

So, I don’t know whether this will be a long running show or not. What I do know is that I won’t become a fan of it. Not because I won’t give it a shot, no I will watch a couple of episodes. But I do know what kind of people I like, and this kid, playing MacGyver, is an absolute no-go for me.

It might be shallow and even wrong on my part, but I have never liked a show where I didn’t like the lead actor. I need to feel a connection to him. There are no exceptions to that ‘rule’. There is not one single show I like or loved in the past where I didn’t care for the lead actor.

This new show might even be really good, but I honestly can’t see myself getting warmed up to that lead guy.

That young man just doesn’t give me anything. At all. Is that fair to the show? No, maybe not. And in no way does it mean the actor isn’t any good. I have actually no idea.

But I have no desire to find out. And there lies the problem. At least for me. Honestly, I am already tired of him. LOL, sorry, but the bombardment of pics and little scenes and all that other stuff is just too much. Less is more. That goes for almost everything in life.

Why do I even post this here on Mostly? I just like to give you a platform to discuss, rant, praise or whatever comes to mind, without being judged by anyone.

You love the way the show is promoted? Great.

You don’t? Great.

You are looking forward to the MacGyver-Reboot? Fantastic.

You can voice it all here. No one will think any different of you, no one here will tell you that you’re just ungrateful or childish because PL doesn’t give all his love to just one show at the moment. 😉

So, discuss away.

18 thoughts on “The New Show

  1. Not looking forward to this. The incessant posts are now over kill. I said I would watch the first episode and hope to be pleasantly surprised but I am not liking what I see so far. I loved the original but this new remake? Life is too short to waste a precious hour on something I have no interest in watching. I can’t see how it is a strong lead in for H50. Different audience altogether. The way MacGuyver or H50 is promoted makes no difference to me. They will stand or fall on their own merits.


  2. Nope. Not me. No one can ever be Richard Dean Anderson and in this case they shouldn’t try. Add to that the experience of modern day Five-0, which started out great the first 3.5 years but quickly tanked thereafter, and my willingness to watch any reboot of anything has gone down to zero. And in the case of Five-0, while I really liked Jack Lord, I wasn’t opposed to someone filling his shoes.

    But RDA brought things to MacGyver that no newbie is going to achieve.

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  3. I was never a fan of the original MacGyver. I like George Eads, so i’m willing to watch for that purpose and because it leads my favorite show of all time, my favorite Hawaii Five-O. I’m an eternal optimist, half-glass full type, and I hope it has a strong following and strong lead that stays with us into H50, the way the H50 folks stay into Blue Bloods. Why? Because I want Season 8. And Season 9. So to that extent, I wish the show great success. It’s a selfish perspective, perhaps, but it is what it is, and it’s my perspective alone.
    Now from the EP/showrunning stuff – I hate all the stuff that is spewed at individuals. I don’t know how or why a network chooses to or does not choose to promo a show. I’m tired of the hype on CBS but it is what it is. I am thrilled to see the Alex and Scott and whatever else they promo with CBSAllAccess that they are doing now – there is nothing nicer than Alex’s shirtless bod in those Red Boxers to start the commercial. If it keeps people the least bit intrigued, great. I wish they would promo H50 properly, but CBS is going to do what they want, I don’t know how much control anyone has. I asked the EP to remember us once in awhile as his faithful fans, it seems he does. But again, maybe that’s just my pink heart glasses (thanks Dotti) getting in the way.
    So I wish all the actors on both shows the very best. I will always support my favorite H50, I will watch MacGuyver as long as it precedes H50 so that H50 has the best chance with a decent lead in possible. That’s just me. I love your website, and what you do. TY for giving us all a fair place to speak. Go H50!
    I just want to know if there’s going to be SOTB and if so, when and who’s going to cover it this year!!! Hugs! xxx
    Hugs to all of you fans out there.


  4. I really enjoyed the original , but the new guy is nothing special from what I can see . I hope he can act. I’ll give the show a chance cuz you never know. I mean , I was not fond of Jack Lord, but love Alex and the ” new ” 5-0. Maybe MacGyver will be a surprise. We’ll see.


  5. i have only watched MacGyver in reruns, so the couple of decade changes in tv since then make it seem cheesy. I remember my brother watching it back in the day and believe I would have enjoyed it had i been old enough at the time. I was still mostly into sitcoms like growing pains and full house back then.
    Anyway, I like RDA and have always thought this new guy looks like he should be in MacGyver the Teenage Years. I don’t have tv at the moment, so i am dependent on friends anyway to see H50 in real time rather than having to wait for it to post online; therefore, i may or may not check this out. I wish them well also in hopes they will be a good lead in to H50 and because I hope George Eads does well with his new project.


  6. I’ve already remarked on another post, so no surprise answer from me. I never watched old McGyver, tho I’ve seen bits in reruns. It just never interested me. Neither does new McGyver. So I doubt I’ll ever watch…we are usually not home by 8:00 on Fridays anyway.

    That said, if it boosts Show’s ratings, I will be a fan. Albeit a fan that don’t watch. LOL! 😉


    1. GNP: You mean you’re not “going along for the ride”? I thought that was the fandom mantra?

      We need “T” shirts with that phrase.


      1. Mama, I took a pic of a tshirt that said ‘enjoy the ride’ while on vacation. I’ve already used it on twitter several times! Especially today’s brouhaha w/ Jimmy Buffet and the news about Cath and mama McG returning!
        As far as the new show, I’m personally put off by the incessant pics the EP is posting… not because of the show but because I’ve seldom seen him praise or promote the star of H50 in any way. The young MacGyver may appeal to a younger fan than me…he’s certainly no Alex! That being said, if I’m sitting in front of the TV before H50 time on a Friday, I’ll give it a try, but it’s not ‘must see TV’ for me

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  7. As I’ve said, I don’t really mind that PL is hyping MacGyver, I think that show is going to help all the help it can get. It’s never a good sign when a show has to be completely revamped before it’s even aired one episode. PL is whipping his sycophants into a lather about it, so I guess he knows they’ll at least watch. I just wonder how they are going to gush to him about 2 different shows being the “best ever”. Are they going swap faves every other week?

    Personally, it’s not something in going to watch. All I see when I look at the lead is a kid. George Eads looks like he’s been on a celery and ice diet since the first pilot was shot. And last but not least, PLs interview about things to come on macgyver sounded like a retread of H50, but not in a good way.


  8. I’ll give it a shot. I’d just have to put RDA completely out of my mind before watching it. He has tough Chukka boots to fill and I’m not sure this kid is gonna do it. My best wishes to them in any case. It’s nice that people have jobs and I hope it’s a successful lead-in. Though I’d probably have to indulge in something recreational before doing so, I’d even watch reality show reruns as a lead-in to Five-0 if I thought it would boost their ratings. The things one will do just to be able to indulge in a weekly fantasy world.


  9. I must be totally out of touch or maybe not being on Twitter is a very good thing because I haven’t heard a lot about this show. I will most likely watch the first because it will be something to have on before H 5-0 but I doubt that I will care much for it since no one can replace RDA in my opinion. Of course I could be wrong, but my gut says no.


  10. I have the same feelings like you when it comes to shows and its actors!!
    If I don’t connect, I won’t watch, not even try! And I won’t connect to this actor!
    I don’t think it’s the age or the actor, I just don’t connect! Well, I would give it a try because of the older male actor 😉 !!

    I have actually not many shows I watch, time issues, but I am on the look for something new!
    I always needed strong male leads, whoever knows why, so Alex is perfect! He is the meassure I meassure everything 😉


    1. I never connected to a show with a female lead. For some reason they all seem boring to me. Or plain stupid. I’m sure there are brilliant shows with strong female characters out there, but there never was one for me. Guess I’m just not interested in that kind of show.
      Yeah, I have to admit, female characters are mostly not interesting to me at all. Guess that is wrong on so many levels, but I mostly don’t care about them. Don’t need them, don’t want them. Not as a lead. I want strong, good supporting female character.
      Anyway, a show is only interesting to me if there is a strong male lead that I can connect with. One that I want to learn more about, one I can root for, one I can cry with, one I can cheer on. Wow, that’s quite a lot I want from the lead, isn’t it? 😉
      And I don’t see me do any of those things with this new MacGyver. I just don’t. I’m already not interested in his story. How sad is that. The show hasn’t even started and I’m already tired of it. But to my defense, I don’t think the network puts a lot of hope in this show either. I mean, why would they premiere a new show on a Friday? At eight? I mean, come on.
      I will be surprised if the show survives the first year. But stranger things have happened, and as I said I wish them all the very best. I just don’t see it happening.


      1. I didn’t follow the promotion of this show! I came across your post and started to think about my fav shows, and why i connect or used to connect to them!
        I don’t watch much tv so i am not meassure for this anyway!
        But as you said, its the lead that has to draw me in! Like Steve, or NCIS (not much since a few years) and i am also in need of some complex romance drama, just a little ;-)!!!
        And yeah, i don’t watch shows with female lead (does Blindspot count ?! 😉 )!!
        What can you recommend 😉 as we surely have the same taste with men!!


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