Season 7 spoilers

After what seemed like a never-ending tweet-spam about his new show, PL decided to give us a few sneaks into the new season. Thank you.

You can watch the videos on his Instagram. Click here to check it out.

And please check out this wonderful account; with lots of stunning pictures of Hawaii and, of course, Hawaii Five-0 filming galore.

Hawaii Isla 808

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10 thoughts on “Season 7 spoilers

    • I think it is fine to promote his new show, I felt it was a bit overwhelming. But understand why he’s doing it. That is fine by me. Although less is sometimes more. 😉
      In Germany we have a saying “Du kannst nicht auf zwei Hochzeiten tanzen”. Which means you can’t be at two parties at the same time. And I think that is true. He needs to do more for his new show than for Five-0. That show is up and running.
      But some feel like he has jumped ship rather quickly. Sure felt like it at times, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

      This is only my personal opinion, but I think his new show MacGyver will need all the help it can get. I will certainly watch the first episode, and wish him all the luck with it. But that kid doesn’t give me anything. And if I’m honest I can’t see me becoming a fan of it. But I hope, for the sake of Five-0 and all the people involved, that it will be a success. Do I think it will be? Stranger things have happened. 😉

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      • For me Richard Dean Anderson will always be MacGyver no matter what. The original is the original. I will watch the first one of the new episode. But still if Five 0 can do the remake, why not that show? Just hope that the remake will prove me wrong.


  1. i was excited to finally see some tweets other than MacGyver. I’m not so sure about it; i may check it out, I may not. I know we aren’t supposed to be concerned with the reality of a liver transplant, but this video seems to imply Steve and Danny are getting out of the hospital at the same time? Maybe not, but it seems if Steve has recovered enough to chase someone down the street, Danny would have been out ages ago. I read several comments on twitter about the “credibilty police”(i’m a member) not liking this video. They didn’t seem to understand why anyone would care about such. I told them addressing a life threatening issue and totally ignoring any sense of reality made the ending of the finale goofy.
    Anyway, I am still excited about seeing AOL do his thing in the premiere!

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    • Oh, ignore that person. She’s so passive aggressive her picture shold be next to the Websters dictionary entry for the word.

      The way this whole liver thing had gone down, it’s just more proof that this show is playing for laughs, not real drama. Those who complain about “the credibility police” are going to get all cranky pants when we start laughing at the foolishness. Let them chafe. I’ll watch and think what I want about what’s shown, thank you.

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  2. Truth be told, I never watched original McGuyver…not likely to watch this one.

    Lovely to see 5-0 stuff. Or more precisely, lovely to see Alex in any way shape form or circumstance. 😀

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  3. It seems like PL has a new toy. The EP is certainly doing some heavy promoting of his new show. I will give MacGuyver a chance and, if I like it, I will watch. Truly, I don’t expect much and the new lead, who looks like a teenager, doesn’t seem to have the Friday night appeal for the regular audience that tunes in. It doesn’t look like much of a commitment from CBS and I wonder if the show has some serious problems and they were not ready to give it a prime spot on the schedule. Maybe the network hopes that since PL did such a great job on H50, he could work some magic and have another successful reboot. We shall see.

    Meanwhile, I have a feeling S7 will be spectacular, despite Liver. Always the optimist.


  4. I think season 7 is going to be a good season can not get any worst than season 6. From all the photo’s and video from fan at the start of the season from episode 7.01 and 7.02 which they are filming now it all looks good with lost of action. The only thing I am not looking forward is carguments between Steve and Danny about the liver.

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  5. I don’t blame Peter for touting this new show, I think it’s going to need all the hype it can get. I don’t think it’s going to be a great lead in for h50, sadly. I may be wrong, but it’s not sounding like a winner to me.

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