Hawaii Five-0 kicks off the new season with the blessing ceremony this morning. 

Let’s hope for great entertainment this coming season. I think we’re all blessed to being able to look forward to yet another season.


And a very special Thank You to @PurpCanary for providing the video. You can watch it here.

And of course thanks to Billy V.

17 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Thanks so much for posting for those of us who couldn’t catch it live (I was in the sweltering heat at a splash park). The video and photos are wonderful.


  2. Thank you for sharing this awesome blessing of the Seventh Season of Hawaii Five-O. Looks like it will be a good one.


  3. Thanks for sharing! Alex gives a good interview as usual. He’s really mastered the art of being a gracious interview subject and relatively private at the same time.


  4. I am really feeling blessed with a seventh season. I do have to admit I have gotten a giggle because there are several postings that are asking where SC is. He hasn’t been present for several blessings so why are they so surprised? And one who declared that she would be watching less episodes because MB is coming back. I feel so sorry for her…..NOT. It is her loss and not ours. Letting one character dictate your enjoyment of a TV show is sad. I loved that DDK and Grace and Dennis and Chi along with Teilor and Jorge were there, ready to jump in and start a new season. AOL looked great and ready and I enjoyed getting to see this live even though I had to catch the blessing on video.

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    1. Seriously, sistah! 7 seasons! All Alex’s supposed tv curses are broken. 🙂 Also, if I have been able to put up with whiny-yet-mean Danno for 6 going on 7 years, dem chicks are hot-house flowers if they cannot abide a few drams of Cath now and again. Given how McG loves her so. 😀

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      1. The whiny one who will soon become “tedious and annoying”? 😉
        He he.
        I am dealing with this for 6 seasons now, a little or more than little bit of Cath can’t hurt me. I liver through it and liver me some happy Steve!

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  5. Heh heh. With the hot house segment of the fandom I can only say—-I’m on team Cersei Lannister. “We Lannisters always pay our debts.” So just for along for the ride but buckle up. It may be a little bumpy.

    Revenge is best eaten with a little liver.


  6. I didn’t see Danny at the blessing (I may have missed him). Has anyone heard anything about the number of episodes he contracted for in S7? Also, PL has made a comment about Chin and Malia’s niece Sarah and a possible conflict with her late Mother’s family in Mexico. I think they probably have a stronger claim since Chin is an uncle by marriage and not a blood relation.

    Julie Benz is back filming, so Abby is in E701. There is supposed to be a blip in Chin’s plans for adopting Sarah and I wonder if the blip is Abby’s reluctance to be a mother, as we saw in the shower scene. If Julie’s new series is a hit there will, IMHO, be a breakup. Maybe they will bring back Leilani. I hope so. At least she wasn’t a spy.

    Also, PL said that the team would need outside help on a case and I wonder if it is the 150th episode and the help is the CIA and Doris? That might give us some answers. The new bad guy will be someone unexpected so I am hoping it’s an undead Wo Fat
    or Adam is really a bad guy. Either one is fine with me. I love Mark D and a bad boy Adam is at least not boring. Maybe he and Kono will be Bonnie and Clyde. Wonder what happened to the old Governor? Looks like he is gone.

    Has anyone else noticed PL is giving away more than usual? It was nice to have confirmation that the actors do not know their story line in advance. That explains AOL and Liver. I always believed he only found out about that when he got the script.

    I have to go back to work now. (Nothing about Cath yet-expect to hear something soon.)


  7. On another site there is a picture dated July 8 from the set. Steve is definitely not in a wheelchair and looks very healthy. Maybe PL decided not to focus on the recovery as he said earlier. Anyone know?


  8. Everyone’s so quiet! What do you think of a new governor? I’m wondering if Denning gets assassinated and that throws 5-0 into a tailspin.


    1. I think everybody’s busy looking for new pics to post on their sides ;-).
      Maybe the Governour just didn’t get elected? I like that the new Gov is a woman. I have seen a little video where she thanks Steve for whatever he did in a building. Maybe the HQ, I don’t know. But I am sure what he did was pretty awesome stuff. Because that’s what he is. A swimmer, no sinker. And if somebody complains about that too loudly I am going to book a flight and strangle him. 😉


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