Your favorite season

So, here they are… your season rankings.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to play along in our fun poll. And remember, there is no right or wrong favorite. 


I think season one got so many votes because people remembered that back then everything was new, and therefore not repetitive and at times annoying. Personally, I think they hadn’t found their place back then. And I enjoyed later seasons way more due to more character development.

I voted for Season 3 as my favorite one, followed by, gasp, yes, Season six. I rounded out the trio with Season four.

My least favorite one was actually Season two. First, because of the way too long and predictable story of Kono working for IA. That was just stupid. And second, because of AOL’s illness. That was so hard to watch from episode 5 onward. There were some really, really good episodes in that season though. The season opener was one of the best, if not the best so far. 2.10, of course, and also 2.22, the Wo Fat episode. Also 2.16 was great, wonderful timeshift editing. But watching Alex getting sicker and sicker took a lot of joy out of that episode, as with many others.

The cross-over was one of the worst episodes ever. The Max one was good, but the episode lacked of drive due the missing leader. Five-0 cannot exist without its lead actor. That was painfully clear in season two.

Season 5. Well, I don’t think there is a lot of disagreement that it was a rather poor season. It had one of the best episodes ever, and some really good ones. But as a whole season it was just bad.

Season one had the brilliant Pilot, and the best season finale a show can wish for. 1.07 with the SEAL as a hostage taker was great, also the Nick Taylor episode was quite good, and the introduction of Wo Fat. But all the rest was just meh. Some very good scenes, but in my eyes, not good episodes.

When it first aired, it was great. But looking back at it I must admit that I think it had a lot of lame episode. And just the ‘being new factor’ isn’t enough for me to vote for it.

Season four I truly enjoyed until about mid-season. Before the mom from hell came for a visit. And no, I’m not talking about Doris. I loved the development between McGarrett and Grover. That was just a joy to watch. And I loved Steve and Cath living together, boy was I happy. There were some really good episodes in season 4. Some incredible performances by most of the cast.  And nothing that totally annoyed me, well, at least not more than the usual stuff. So, yeah, season four was, for me well rounded and I had a lot of fun watching it.

Season 6 might be a big surprise, but even though many episodes were easy to forget, there was a lot of good stuff in it. And compared to earlier seasons I enjoyed where the characters were going. Yes, there was also quite a bit to complain about, but overall, I truly enjoyed the season.

There are way too many great episodes in season 3 to mention them all. I loved it from the first to the last one. I think this is the season that has something for everyone. No matter who you ship, or not ship, who your favorite is. Everyone got his/her fair share of screen time and stories.

Let’s hear what Cokie has to say about her favorite episodes.

I’m going to add my two cents in here although it really isn’t much different from what Sam said.  But my first choice was Season 1. And really because of what Sam said: it was new. I was floundering, looking for a new TV show to love. I had been adrift with nothing really catching my eye for a couple of seasons and then that summer, I saw Alex O’Loughlin in The Back Up Plan. Yeah, it was a rather silly movie, but I smiled all the way through it because of Stan.  My friend leaned over to me in the theater and said (a) I told you to watch Moonlight… you would have known him long ago; and (b) I hear he’s going to be the new Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0. 

I went out the next day and bought Moonlight on DVD and watched them that day. Then began gathering everything else I could find in anticipation of the beginning of Five-0. Maybe the episodes weren’t the absolute best, but I remember devouring them every week and I still love that feeling of how new it was and the anticipation I had each Monday, just waiting for the evening.

So, Season 1 has to remain my favorite, even with its flaws.

Season 3 is my second best. Consistently, it was the best, I think. And my third is Season 6. I liked it, even though I probably screamed more at the TV during Season 6.

Season 2 had some absolutely great episodes in it. I loved 2.01 and I think it was one of the best.  2.10 … words can’t really describe that one. It was great, with the exception of Lori. And, as Sam said, Alex wasn’t a hundred percent in that season. But when he came back, episode 2.22, I think, that was so good. I agree… that cross-over was one to just forget. But I didn’t like the Kono/IA plot line or the Lori plot. I have nothing against her, but she just didn’t “fit in”.

Season 5 was OK to me. And yes, it did have the absolutely best episode of all. They pulled out all the stops for the 100th episode. But some of the others weren’t so great.

Season 4 was great with Cath there.  Not to start up the arguments again, but I loved them living together. All the mom stuff (with both moms) was too much. The introduction of Grover was great. I really have enjoyed him on the show.

OK, I can sum it up… I LOVE this show. Yeah, I yell at the TV a lot, but after six seasons, I still get a thrill when I know it is coming on. And yes, I complain about it on here. But this is the place we can come and speak our peace and voice our opinions. We’ve made friends here.

All because of a reboot of a TV show. Whoever would have thought?

Thank you CBS, Mr. Lenkov and all the rest. And a huge thank you to Sam. You don’t know how badly I needed all this.


15 thoughts on “Your favorite season

  1. I’m with you guys — it’s so tough to watch Alex look so unhealthy in Season 2. But I loved his sky-diving heroics in 2.2, and then end of the Jenna story in 2.10, and of course, 2.22 is fabulous — Wo Fat and one of the best Steve/Kono hugs!

    I think they hit their stride in Seasons 3 & 4 — so many good eps. The Pearl Harbor ep is a standout for me. And Steve and Cath seemed to be on the path to bliss — loved seeing our SEAL happy with his woman. (sure hope it picks back up in S7!)

    I don’t care for Doris and hope she never returns! And I couldn’t stand Danny’s mother either.

    Season 5 has my favorite (and everybody else’s) 100th episode, but I also liked meeting Nahele in 5.12 (and seeing the softie side of Steve), and I really liked 5.19 when we met Odell and again we see Steve choke up when he sees the pics of those innocent kids.

    I am not a fan of Season 6, mostly because there was no real focus (on Steve) and I didn’t feel the heart. The exceptions were the Aunt Deb ep and that sweet sweet scene at the end of the Halloween ep when Steve tells Max that his mother is not in the file folder.

    This was a fun way to pass the hiatus. Thank you so much!

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  2. I really liked your commentary on why you chose the seasons you did and the order you put them in. I could not pick favorites because this is the only show that I watch and wait for weekly. There are others I enjoy but this is the show that I do NOT miss unless an emergency comes up. Emergencies are not allowed on Friday nights any more in my life. I have favorite episodes from each season and since this lasted longer than either of Alex’s prior series…..I will take what I can get and buy every season as soon as it comes out on DVDs. Thanks for doing the poll though Sam, I like reading what others like and dislike.

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    1. Moonjat, I got the whole DVD set a few months ago and I couldn’t believe what I had been missing in the way of deleted scenes and the commentaries! Loved hearing the actors’ thoughts, especially on 2.1, 3.17 and my favorite — Alex and Chi narrating during 4.8. And then there’s PL’s insights during 5.7. Awesome stuff!

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  3. Cokie:

    I felt the same way about Lori as the season progressed but when the character was first described, I thought she could be great. Unlike Abby, who as a spy from day one and actually slept with Chin BEFORE she decided to change sides, Lori was supposed to be the Governor’s eyes and ears at H50 . This was not a hidden agenda and could have led to some intense confrontations between Lori and McGarrett.

    I could like “school monitor” Lori but then the scenario was immediately ditched at the end of 202, her very first appearance. Even Danny tried to sell Steve on Lori as a possible love interest but it soon became apparent that the chemistry was not there. To have her fired by the Governor in 216, the same episode where Cath returns, made it apparent to Lori that Cath is his girlfriend and she had no chance. It made me feel sorry for Lori . But to have her collapse in a puddle at Steve’s feet when she told him she was leaving, and confess that she had feelings for him (which went totally over his head) just infuriated me. The writers could have let her go with some dignity and let us just wonder at her true feelings. It was just another instance where women were devalued and tossed in the trash bin.

    I think this was a lost opportunity to develop a good character instead of having her so disliked by some fans at the end. I’m glad Lauren found another series because she is a wonderful actress who was given a tough role to play on H50.

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    1. Totally agree with your analysis of the Lori character…tho I never hated her as some did, and was appalled at how Twitter treated Lauren! 😡 That character was a wonderful opportunity squandered by the writers…as a McG/Lori face off coulda been a great dramatic tension on Show, deepening our understanding of McG. Such a lost opportunity! Cos the sorta, kinda, but-not-really love interest angle was just insipid. 🙄

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    2. MamaY, I liked Lori’s first scene with Steve in the governor’s office but I just didn’t see her as a strong enough character to be the governor’s “eyes” in Five-0. And then with all the unrequited love, it was too much for me. I just didn’t care for the character although I agree, had they written it differently she would have been interesting.


    3. Ugh – I sure wasn’t a fan of Lori, but I loved LG on Chicago Fire. Mostly I wasn’t a fan of Lori because she really served no purpose and some of the lines the character said were just so AWFUL. The way they had her simpering over Steve was cringeworthy – as was the scene in the hotel room where she asked Chin about Steve. It was just pathetic.

      Every time they’ve introduced someone as a foil for McG they end up being buddies (hello, Lou Grover) – and it’s unfortunate, because I love the idea of someone not being all aboard the Five-0 juggernaut


    4. I’m with all of you about how misused Lori was. She could have been so good if they had just stuck to the idea of her reporting back to the Governor about what 5-0 was doing. It would have been fine for her to come around to Steve’s viewpoint as time went by because she saw the results but it sure would have been great to see her butting heads with Steve early on. It seems like they just had her fall into place with the rest of the team and it wasn’t until they got rid of her that they brought up the fact that she was supposed to keeping the Gov in the loop. It was a waste of what could have been an interesting story line.

      I used to be on a board that began trashing Lauren before she ever showed up on the show. They judged her and the part before they ever saw an episode. It was one of the reasons I left that board, very sure that they knew more that the EP. I felt sorry for Lauren although I thought that her character was wasted.


  4. Lauren was given a raw deal by the fans in season 2. Really liked her as one of the few. As also one of the few that likes Catherine. As really season 4 they kind of butchered the characters a bit. But only bright spot was Lou.

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  5. My vote fell almost in line with the results – except I flopped s6 and s4.

    I loved the beginning of S4, and some of the last episodes were pretty good too. All that sticks in my mind about S6 is RoboCopElephantFriggingGabriel

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    1. RoboCopElephantFriggingGabriel

      With all the open story lines yet to be resolved, what were they thinking by throwing that at us? Do we have new writers yet beside the one from Castle? ( I have high hopes because the female characters were strong and in charge.)
      Oh, I am more sure every day that Wo Fat is coming back from the dead as the new/old bad guy. What is more “unexpected” than that? Still can’t see the point in bring in Daddy Wo Fat unless something is up.


      1. I would love to see a flashback episode that happens just after Steve is found in 5.7, maybe to tie in to the appearance of Daddy Fat. How cool would it be if the 5-0 team processed the crime scene themselves and never told anyone that it was Wo Fat who kidnapped Steve? If they kept it a complete secret. Even Adam and Sang Min didn’t know for sure that Wo Fat was involved. If they disposed of his body, think about it — who would come looking for him? No one! Who would call HPD and report him missing? No one! Everyone would think Wo Fat is off the grid, in hiding. It would be the perfect way to protect Steve from ever dealing with Wo Fat’s cronies again. With Max’s help they could cremate the body in secret. I can hear Lou now — “How about an ash dump in the local sewer.” LOL.
        I miss Wo Fat….I wish PL hadn’t killed him. I’m thinking Daddy Fat is gonna cause some havoc in S7. Yes! Bring it on!

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