And the winner is…

Well, you have spoken. 🙂

Thank you all for participating in our little, fun poll. Please remember that this poll is not representative. So, if your favorite episode is not among the winners… don’t fret it.

Doesn’t matter what you enjoy most about Five-0 as long as you do enjoy it to the fullest. So, let’s have a look at which episodes made it to the top.

Let’s start with rank 20 to 6.

Rank 20 to 6

Can’t remember which episode number is which episode? Go here and take a look.

And now… the winners!


So, are your favorite five among the winners?


17 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Interesting. I had 3 of the top 5.

    Most telling to me is that I STILL had to look up episodes. Seasons 1-2 I knew every episode by name and number, seasons 3-4 I knew by number and 5 and 6 I only know a few. Inevitable I suppose, the longer a show runs? So many unmemorable episodes for me in the last 2 seasons though.

    Anyway – thanks for the poll Sam! I always find it interesting to see.

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  2. i still can’t tell by the titles what 6.10 or 6.20 were about. The top ones don’t surprise me. I can’t remember names of stuff in English, so without translation i am utterly hopeless.
    i’ll go back and read ya’ll’s review of each….


  3. Very interesting. About half the shows were decently to well liked, about half were either forgotten, barely liked, or disliked. That’s not a very good batting average for the season,

    I am in basic agreement with the results. I had #2 as my #1, but I’m good with the winners.


  4. I didn’t vote 625 for my favorite but i have to liveR with the choices of the majority of fans. Like Kim, i have 3 of my votes in top 5. Thank you Sam for the poll. It’s always interesting to look at the results because we all like the show for different reasons.


  5. I think 611 should get a special shout out for best effort by the writers to diss everybody. in every way possible, in the shortest period of time, and without tipping their hand as to which segment of the fandom annoys them the most.
    Well done.

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      • What else! That’s when we found out that Danny had a significant other whose name was not Steve, that Steve had no girlfriend but looks great in a certain shade of lipstick and is sovery cute when he is tipsy. All of the ships of certain fandoms were sunk that night. Gotta love the writers. Something for everybody.


          • GNP
            New song for Steve to sing at clown therapy?

            “For tonight we’ll merry merry be. For tonight we’ll merry merry be. For tonight we’ll merry merry be.
            Tomorrow we’ll be sober.” from “Landlord, Fill The Flowing Bowl” It’s very old but don’t know who wrote it.


          • GNP–I mean he sang it in 611. Don’t think he can do it now unless Liver was just a bad dream for all of us. Praying.


    • The writers did do a phenomenal job of pissing off all sides of fandom this season, ROFLMAO. 6.11 was the pinnacle. But also recall

      6.03 when McRollers and nonMcRollers were equally pissed because Cath did not get the ring, nor did she spontaneously combust in a pink mist.


      6.05 when the McDannos thought there would be an entire episode of Steve and Danny (and as an afterthought Chin and Kono – always an afterthought) mud wrestling.

      Those are my top3 S6 “piss on fandom” episodes, LOL!

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  6. The top ten are way more ‘liked’ than the rest. 15 episodes are nearly ignored, lol… and I have no idea what they were about whereas looking the top ten numbers I know exactly what happened. In my mind I remember them as the Neil epi, the Lynn epi, the Aunt Deb epi, the McGrover epi or the rooftop annoyance epi. All in all the Alex acting the shit out of his scenes episodes.
    I’ve got 3 of the top 5. And damn should have voted one more time to make the Aunt Deb episode #1.
    The problems with some of these ranking 1-15 episodes was – at least for me – there have been parts I really found awesome, like the Steve/Max scenes in the Halloween episode. Really great stuff that’s worth a re-watch, what means a fast forwarding a lot of boring stuff…

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