… Or Why I Still Love Five-0

I bet for many people there is an easy answer to the question “Why do you love Five-0?”. At first glance that would be an easy one for me too. Yes, like for many others, the main draw to the show, and lately even more so, is my love for one actor.

But as I said that would be the easy answer, and as I found out after reflecting on the past seasons, and in particular the last one, not the right answer.

In this season we’re going from a man in love, ready to propose, to a man losing almost everything important to him. The woman he loves and his liver. 😉 That pretty much sucks.

This season could be called “From happily ever after to happy liver after”.


In September 2010 something amazing happened; I fell in love with a TV character. To be honest it has happened before, but not to this degree. Not to this intensity. Never before was there a character that was brought to such life, to such presence like this one was, or better, still is.

The first episode of Hawaii Five-0 is still one of the best pilots of any TV show I have ever seen. For me it is the best. And I can still watch it again and again and still love it just the same.

There was this awesome Navy Officer, coming home to Hawaii to find the murderer of his father. Whose killing we had been a witness to in the first few minutes of the show. Anyone not being shocked by that sudden turn of events, is lying. 😉

That show has such great moments in it, wonderful emotional scenes, funny scenes, and of course a lot of action. It introduced us to a group of people, consisting of one I disliked instantly, one I loved from the start, and one I didn’t buy into. 😉

Danny, what a loudmouthed jerk and horrible detective; Chin, the guy I rooted for, and Kono, a young ‘girl’ I didn’t want to invest my time in. And it took her six seasons to get me on her side. 😉

But back then I loved to hate Danny, loved watching Chin interact with Steve, always hoping to learn a little bit from Steve’s past through him. And even tolerated Kono.

Over the years my ‘love to hate’ turned into disgust about the character, a character who, in my eyes, is the worst written character on TV. Something I do not understand. I don’t understand how they turned him into the biggest ass and jerk walking the TV screens; and still believe he serves a purpose on the show, or that his whining and bitching is any kind of cool. But hey, this editorial is not about Danny. Well, actually it is, but later. Yeah, yeah, this will be a little longer. So, better brace yourself.

This editorial is about season 6 (and season 7) and why I still love this TV show. Oh yeah, I know, there are many people out there who think I’m not a real fan, this is not a real fan page. Many people out there are openly hostile towards me and anyone who dares to point out any flaws of the show. But I don’t really care about such childish idiots. I pity them. What is your ‘love’ worth if you don’t love despite all the flaws? Nothing.

And there are many flaws in Five-0… but also plenty to love.

Oh boy, guess the introduction took a little longer. Yeah, well, ask Cokie, she will tell you I can’t do short. 😉  she tells the truth…

So, let’s start what this reflective editorial should be about… Season 6.


For me, the season started on a high note; Steve and Cath together at a wedding. And Steve made not only Catherine weak in the knees. 

I loved seeing them back together. Of course, anyone with half a brain knew it wouldn’t last that long.  After all, PL had said their love would be tested. Well, news flash, Mr. Lenkov, testing their love and what we got last season… two very different things. 😉

But despite the ridiculous draw-out of this story-line, I still have faith in this couple. For me, the best one on TV. Not overly mushy; on the contrary, a little bit more would have been nice at times. They just feel real, you know. They are both great characters in their own rights; they don’t need the other to shine. And that is what I love about them.

They are awesome together, but just as awesome when on their own. And they are great friends. The most important part in a relationship that you want to work. Steve and Cath knew each other long before we were ever introduced to Steve.

In The Pilot’s script Steve is on the phone with Catherine when he’s in his dad’s garage. Just before Danny comes in. And again later there is contact again. I guess PL decided to introduce her in person later on. Worked fine with me.

But as I said, from the first contact it was clear that these two had something special. And I want more of that in season 7. I’m rooting for them to be part of season seven’s story-line. Steve will need a lot of support, and not just from his friends. I just don’t want to see him alone at the end of the day. He needs the woman he loves by his side. In all these years there only has been one woman that he truly loves.

Yes, we had some flirting Steve in season 6; a Steve who might or might not have had a one night stand; a Steve who tried to move on. A ridiculous concept right from the start. But to be honest, I actually enjoyed watching this unfolding, because I knew it wouldn’t last.

So, back to the beginning of season 6. I wished we had more time with Steve and Cath, and had time to see their talk that happened off screen.

They were pretty much back to their normal in 6.02; so no one can tell me they hadn’t talked. They surely did before the third episode. Their relationship is too important to the both of them to be happily in bed together without putting the awkwardness aside. Too bad all this happened off-screen. As so many things happen off-screen on Five-0.

But to be honest, I don’t fret about that anymore. I came to terms with the constriction of time they have on a show. Of course, if they cut down on the ridiculous previously-on… they would have time for the one or other actual talk-time. 😉

Let’s stay a little longer with the first three episodes since I think they are really, really important. In my eyes, the lay the land for a dramatic change. And I’m not talking about Catherine leaving. Nope, I’m talking about Steve and Danny. Huh?

Yeah, those three episodes were the beginning of the end of their friendship. “Now she’s gone off the deep end.” I can already hear a few of you yelling that. No, I assure you, I’m of sound mind. Ehm, you might not ask others about that statement. 😉  no comment

Why do I think that? Well, Steve told Danny about an important step he was about to take. And Danny had nothing better to do than blurt it out to the world. OK, to Lou and Chin. But that was wrong on so many levels, I can’t even begin to say how disgusting I think that behavior was. And I’m very sure Steve was equally pissed at him. I do believe that moment damaged their friendship in a way Danny has no idea about.

Personally, I think that was unforgivable. Oh yeah, I remember people saying, Danny only did that because he was so happy for his friend. It’s just how Danny is. Sorry, but no. You don’t do that. Never. Ever. That was Steve’s to tell. No one had the right to take that away from him. I was disgusted and appalled by Danny’s behavior. And according to his look, Steve was too.

But there was another scene that made me mad. Danny talking to Catherine behind Steve’s back. That was the ultimate betrayal. And for something that didn’t achieve anything. The only thing he did was hurt Catherine.


I am sure Steve found out about that too. Steve always knows everything; I am certain he knows that Danny went behind his back like that. As Danny said, Steve would kill him if he found out. So, he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyway. But instead of literally killing Danny, Steve is cutting down the friendship and partnership. All those hurtful words Danny threw at his so called best friend over the years, has to come back and bite him in the ass at some point.

And I believe that point is season 6.

From there on their relationship was getting more strained episode by episode. Sure, a lot probably has to do with the fact that the actor wasn’t available, but I don’t think that was the only reason.

I never believed that Steve and Danny were such great friends in the first place. Let me explain what I’m talking about. I do believe that they care for each other, that they work great together. But I don’t see them spending time outside of work together. After season one we haven’t seen them doing anything together that wasn’t work related. And in season one Steve spent time with him to learn to know him. That is what you do with your team and partner. But after that, there wasn’t anything.

From then on, there only were work related gatherings. Nothing on a deeply personal level. Not that I can recall.   Other than the fact that Steve still took an interest in Grace and helped her. Helping her pace herself on a run comes to mind. That’s right, but that wasn’t for Danny, it was for Grace.  So it was… and her father was an absolute a** afterwards! Not just afterwards, he’s been an ass throughout the whole episode.

They both have their private lives, and Steve didn’t share any of that with Danny. In season four he talked about his deep dark secrets with his new friend he only met shortly before. Not with Danny, a guy he worked with for years. That is the difference between Steve’s relationship with Lou and the one with Danny. Lou and Steve have a deep connection. They get each other. Danny doesn’t get Steve. At all.

Steve doesn’t see Danny as a person he could trust his secrets with. He did that in 6.01, and look how that friend repaid him.

Anyway, I think a big part of season 6 was about friendship and trust. Well, it’s a huge part of every season, but even more so this past year. And I think Steve and Danny’s relationship is damaged beyond repair.

Oh, right, I already hear the outcry of how deadly wrong I am. After all, Danny gave part of himself to Steve. So what? I don’t think that is a big deal at all. Besides all his friends were willing to do that. Simply because that is what you do for a dying friend. That has nothing, nothing at all to do with any special bond.

And I will explain later why this act was the last nail in the coffin of their friendship.

But we’re not there yet. Told you this is going to be a little longer. I know what you’re all waiting for, it starts with L and ends with R. But we’re not there yet. Patience. 😉

Getting back to Lou and Steve for a moment. I truly love their friendship. I think that is the one relationship they got one hundred percent right on the show. From being adversaries to best friends. That was possible because they were written right from the start with a great deal of respect for each other. Although Lou didn’t like Steve at first (OK, hated his ass), but he respected him right from the start. And 4.08 was the turning point. And Steve invited him into his inner circle. He actively sought out his friendship.

And I believed Lou when he told Chin he would gladly take Steve’s place. This is a friendship how it should be; they are there for each other, they have each other’s back, on and off work. They just get each other. They have fun ribbing the other, but they do it with a lot of respect and never ever does it feel hurtful, resentful, nasty or plain stupid. This is a friendship where you can feel the love without any grand gestures.

Danny and Steve… I never felt the love. Ever.

You are probably wondering why I’m always coming back to Danny. That is easy to answer, he was a huge factor this season even though he missed many episodes. But that is actually the point.

I’ve never felt as strongly about this character as before. He felt like a foreign object for most of the season. I don’t know if that was intentional or not. I don’t believe it was. I think the writers got lax and simply think Danny’s behavior is funny. It’s not.

For me, he is the most uninspired and boring (I had another word for him, but thought that was too harsh) character on TV. One I would gladly do without. But the question is… would I miss him? Would I miss ranting about him? And more importantly, would the show be any less good without him?

A resounding no to all those questions. I found all episodes without Danny smoother, more rounded than the ones where they tried to fit him in. Face it, Danny doesn’t fit into the show with the schedule the actor negotiated for his contract. And it shows, and totally and completely destroyed the character.

I’ve never been a fan of Danny, I admit that. And I am biased. I know that. But that doesn’t change the fact that he stands out like a sore thumb. He just doesn’t fit into the team anymore. The explanations for his absences are ridiculous, and when he’s there he often really isn’t. And if he’s with the team, he often feels like decoration. He’s just traipsing along, so to speak.

So, sorry, but a character like that harms the show.

And again, this is NOT about the actor. I have no ill feelings towards his person. I wish him health and happiness. But his character is a totally different matter. This season made me wishing for him to be gone. And I am kinda sad about that. Because it seems that the other characters do tolerate or even like Danny to a degree.

Although I do wonder if the roof incident changed that. Professionally I mean. That was another thing that I do believe will have consequences. Steve looked really miffed about his behavior. I don’t think he will forget it. He might not act on it right away. But all those times Danny behaved like an idiot, called him names, disrespected him and his family, made work life a living hell for Steve, will be saved for later use. At some point it will be just too much, and I think Steve has reached that point.

Steve has also reached another point. He finally got his head out of his ass. Well he didn’t do it, but he was told why Catherine really left. It was about damn time. I always hoped that Steve would wake up and realize that there must have been a different reason why she left, other than what she has told him. Now he knows. For me, that was very important. That he knows she didn’t leave him.

Back in 6.03 I think everyone could see that leaving broke her heart. That was not an act. And I do believe that she came back with the intent to stay. Had she no choice but to lie about her mission? I don’t know. I do believe she thought she did the right thing, and I am certain she never ever meant to hurt him.

We had a few pointers that this would go down as it went. In 6.02 she said ‘the job always comes first’, and Steve agreed. That is when most knew she would leave because of a job. But as I said earlier, I want her back, I need her back. But most importantly Steve needs her back. No matter what some believe, Steve loves her. Will always love her. She’s the one. Period.

And there we go into season 7 territory. Cokie will remember that I told her even before season 6 aired it will be the struggle, and finally in season 7 they will be a team again. I still believe that. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for it.  yep, you kept telling me that… I had doubts… and still do.  I just don’t trust PL!

There are many other things I could talk about that concerns season 6, like Adam/Kono, Abby or Lynn. But I won’t do that, because frankly they didn’t take up that much time. And are simply not interesting enough to waste my time with.

I will however talk about two things that bugged the heck out of me throughout the whole season.

Number one: previously on. Seriously, I get mad just thinking about all those wasted minutes. We often had two minutes of old material that no one benefits from. And then in addition to that we get another minute of scenery that had nothing to do with the episode. This is getting ridiculous. I understand it saves a lot of pages of dialogue that otherwise needed to be written, but it has taken on ridiculous proportions.

Please stop that in season 7. I’m begging you. Seriously!

Number two: unimportant secondary characters. They are there to round out the team, and the interaction of the team members. I do NOT want to get any more information on them. I don’t freaking care for them even remotely enough to learn anything about all these suddenly reoccurring characters. Even the fathers of these redundant characters.

You know, if you have a scene like with Steve and Max, where he tells about following his dream. That is fantastic, and I love learning that. I wish Max all the very best. But I don’t want to see an episode with Kamekona and his cousin going on a boat trip. Or seeing Kame’s whole backstory. Or Jerry’s sister, Danny’s mother, nephew, whatever. I don’t. I simply don’t want to learn of any of them. They are not interesting. They are boring, and bring nothing to the story telling. They DO take away from the precious little time an episode has.

I sincerely hope we are done with that now. Focus back on the crimes, focus back on the actual detective work, focus back on the actual main characters of this show. Steve, Lou, Chin, Kono, Max and yes, even Danny. There are so many unfinished stories to tell, focus on that.

And don’t even entertain the idea of giving Jerry a badge. That was another thing that was annoying, his constant asking about a badge. Writers, that is not funny, it’s annoying. And if you consider giving him one… that would be an insult to every law enforcement officer. That would be unforgivable. He is not officer material, and he certainly isn’t task force material.

Boy, that felt good. 🙂 So, are we ready to come to the really big one from this season? Liver anyone?

Let’s talk about what you’re all waiting for. The glorious idea of giving Steve a new liver.

Oh boy. What the hell was PL thinking when he wrote this? Some even asked if he was high while doing it. Well, I think he wanted to give season 6 a really dramatic ending, and I doubt he thought this through.

But let’s step back for a moment. Let’s take a look at the episode itself, ignoring the liver for the time being. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s hard, but let’s try.

I have to admit I loved the season finale. It had great and wonderful scenes, lots of action, and I could even live with Danny. To a degree.

Another twist at the end would have made this one of the best episodes, but the liver was just… just no.

For our regular story readers; there is another look at the season six finale coming soon. And I promise, there are no livers being swapped. And there is also a (canon) tie-in to the episode in the works, I just couldn’t take how they treated these major operations. 

Because this is not how you look after major surgery, and after bullets have riddled your body. I mean, come on, what were they thinking?! Yeah, right, they probably weren’t. I had to make it right. 😉

So, now we’re stuck with a BAMF McGarrett who might never be any kind of BAMF? I think that was the major concern for most. And of course the repercussions such an operation would have on his life. For the rest of his life.

You know, I’m OK with Steve getting seriously hurt. Be honest, with all those bullets they face in almost every episode, it’s a wonder they still have all body parts. Every injury does have repercussions, some more serious, some minor. But every injury to your body will stay with you in one form or the other. From chronic minor pain when the weather changes, to disabilities due to the injury you suffered.

That is what happens when you break a bone, or get shot, stabbed, or otherwise injured. But those limitations won’t hinder you in your daily life, and they most likely won’t affect you for the rest of your life. Or shorten your lifespan.

A liver transplant is a completely different ball game. Well, that is what pretty much everyone thinks. And every one is right about it. In a way.

Yeah, there is a But. There is always a But. And no, it’s not the usual “this is a TV show, don’t worry”. No matter how often PL tweets it. 😉


What is actually the biggest worry most have? That Steve won’t be able to be the task force leader as we know him, that he would have to leave the Navy.

OK, let’s go at this step by step.

There are three major worries for Steve after the transplant. Rejection, rejection, rejection. What? 🙂

There are three types of rejection:

Hyperacute rejection occurs a few minutes after the transplant when the antigens are completely unmatched. The tissue must be removed right away so the recipient does not die.

Well, this obviously didn’t happen, so, he dodged that risk.   Whew…

Acute rejection may occur any time from the first week after the transplant to 3 months afterward. All recipients have some amount of acute rejection.

This is the most dangerous phase, one where the patient is very closely monitored. This is the time Steve would not be able to work. Not even to mention that he wouldn’t work for three to six months due to his injuries from the bullets. But I guess he will overcome that in no time. 😉   Yeah, by September when the new season begins… Cokie can’t keep herself from butting in. 😉

Chronic rejection can take place over many years. The body’s constant immune response against the new organ slowly damages the transplanted tissues or organ.

And this is what will not happen with Steve. Why? Glad you asked. No, not because this is a TV show and our hero will be fine just because of that.

The answer plays right into the question if he can still lead a special task force? Yes, he can. IF… yes, there is an IF. A big one.

If the liver is a near perfect match, if he can be on a very low dose of anti-rejection meds, and if he recovers from the gunshot injuries well. Then he can go back to normal. To his normal. According to studies, about one in 1000 can lead a perfectly normal life. No ill effects, no problems with any side effects from the drugs.

People with liver transplants are allowed to do all sports. They can swim, run and even do martial arts. Fighting shouldn’t be on a competitive level though.

All this will be possible for Steve because he didn’t need a new organ because of an illness, but because of a traumatic injury. That makes a huge difference. With a damaged liver due to an illness, the whole body would be in poor health. That is not the case with Steve. That is a huge factor for his outcome.

The latest studies show that with modern medicine no steroids are given, which is a blessing since many negative side effects won’t be in Steve’s future.

If he is really lucky he will be part of the low percentage group that won’t have to take any anti-rejection meds (immunosuppressant drugs) after 12 to 24 months. That actually only happens with liver transplants. Because after a year the chronic rejection possibility can decrease to zero.

The liver is the only organ that can adapt to the new body, so that some of the recipients don’t need medication later on. Of course, Steve will be one of them.

All this is not the norm, but the exception. But according to studies (data from Johns Hopkins, Walter Reed and Mayo Clinic) it does happen. And with new discoveries of new meds more often than just a few years ago.

So, the chances that Steve will be back to his normal are there. And since this is TV he will be back to normal. And it won’t be total science fiction to boot.

What is the next big concern? That he would have to leave the Navy.

Well, that is also not going to happen. No disability or even a liver transplant is a sure way to be discharged.

There is a process to follow. His doctor refers him to the board, they will review his case and interview Steve to learn his wishes and hopes.

Options:       discharge – honorable (needs to fulfill criteria, Steve does)

                        Other than honorable (that is NOT dishonorable)

                        Inactive for the time until he gets better (not an option for Steve)

                        Retraining according to his condition, keeping the current status

Most likely for Steve: staying in the Reserves, but not with the ability to travel. I’m sure they would want to keep him; therefore, they will find an opportunity in Hawaii with NI he could be activated to.

He will never be activated as a SEAL though, but he will be able to stay in the reserves. But in a very different capacity. They might find a post for him on Oahu, he would have to do a RFT, and the doctors had to agree. But one thing is for sure, travelling the world, going on missions will not be in his future with the Navy, whatever that future might hold for him.

But, honestly, when did we see Steve in uniform last? That was years ago.

Some even wondered if he retired after 4.21.

I don’t think much will change. Steve can stay in the reserves, but he won’t be called to active duty. And we won’t see any reserve drills. But I’m sure they will find a job he could do if they would ever need him.

And actually, Steve wasn’t with the SEALs when he started Five-0, he was with NI. So, even if he would be called to active duty, that wouldn’t be with the SEALs anyway. He can sit in an office for Naval Intelligence, or work a case on Oahu. But frankly, that will not happen, with or without liver.


I doubt they will address this at all. They haven’t addressed his status the last years, why should they now?

In real life, Steve wouldn’t have transferred from active duty to reserves in a blink of an eye in the first place. There is a process to follow, it takes quite some time. And the Navy wouldn’t have agreed to just let him go from one day to the other. And even if he finally would be a reservist, he would have to attend regular drills. One weekend a month, two weeks a year. And after five years going active for a full year. They ignored pretty much all of it.

But hey, that’s OK. That is something I can overlook.

So, Steve can keep his uniform and his rank and benefits.

And he will be able to perform his duties as the head of the governor’s task force.

Does any of this make this liver transplant a good idea? HELL NO! It is still the most stupid idea I have ever heard. Giving your main character of your action show an organ transplant? That is just outrageous. But on the other hand, shit does happen. And people do get seriously injured on the job all the time.

Besides, this is a TV show known for ignoring facts. Or pick the facts that fit their writing. Yes, there are rare cases where people are in no way negatively affected by their transplant. Where they have no ill effects.

Let’s all just hope that Steve is one of those ‘one in a million’. The ration IS lower than that, by the way. 😉

Let’s talk a moment about what is still to come. Season 7 and beyond. Yeah, I’m a firm believer in ten seasons. Yeah, laugh it up, we’ll talk again in a few years.

I think season seven will be the best. Why? Because they will ignore the physical trauma, at least for the most part and hopefully focus on the emotional and mental impact it would have on the both of them.

Danny will not be able to handle it. He will leave at the end of this season. That is why I think him being a donor will be the end of their friendship as we know it. (Yes, I do believe that despite all the so called spoilers of them getting even closer. Don’t believe everything that is posted quoting PL to cater one part of the fandom.)

Cath will be back. And they will give us awesome action, more McGrover and great scenes with an introspect Steve where AOL will blow us away with his acting.

Of course, future SEAL adventures with the Navy are not in his books. Flashbacks would still be really good. I hope for an episode like that.

So, yeah, after two weeks I’m back in good spirits despite the liver disaster.

And at the end of all this the Quote of the Year: “If this liver comes with your negative attitude, I swear to God I’m gonna cut it out myself.”

During my research I found some really strange things about liver transplants. And no, I did not do my research on Wikipedia. 😉

This I found most promising and it gave me a great idea. If all fails Danny can donate bone marrow to Steve: Bone marrow transplant can replace the transplant recipient’s immune system with the donor’s, and the recipient accepts the new organ without rejection. The marrow’s hematopoietic stem cells—the reservoir of stem cells replenishing exhausted blood cells including white blood cells forming the immune system—must be of the individual who donated the organ or of an identical twin or a clone.

So, when do you think they will come up with a Steve clone?  No, no, no… the way they are going, they will make Steve a Danny clone.  “Invasion of the Rogue Body Parts”.  Ugh! Or hey, maybe all this is the alternate universe. How cool would it be if Wo Fat wasn’t really dead, and all this was just Steve still hallucinating in the hospital. PL do you hear us?

As Jean-Luc Picard used to say: Make It So.  I gotta say… that would be totally cool…


87 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. LOL!! We can always count on you, Sam…to tell it like it is, and to do our research for us. 😉

    I too loved the finale…I was happily tweeting away on amazing bad-ass self-confident gorgeous McG. Then liver happened, and totally killed my buzz. 😡 Your research is encouraging and will help me swallow whatever BS Show throws at us regarding, or totally disregarding, dat whole liver thing.

    As to your optimism about Cath coming back and Danno going away…yeah make it so, Show…but I don’t feel your confidence. Indeed over the years Danno’s become increasingly petty and whiny and I do not get why Scott Caan would even be willing to play such a loser. The point and purpose of the character escapes me. As you say, the better eps are usually the ones without him. He no longer meshes with the team and he’s usually in some side story, not the main one anyway. McG has chemistry with everyone, including the weird array of hangers-on, who all were drawn into 5-0’s orbit BY McG. Danno’s become obsolete.

    I want Cath back to resolve the past year’s pain and ridic, and then I’d like to see that relationship settle in for good. Two adults, dating and living together. Like real people, only more beautiful and with ridiculously perilous life experiences. 😆 There can be great stories in that. Make it so indeed!

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  2. Wow, great insight, Sam. I agree with most of it. One big question I have — has anyone heard Alex’s take on the finale? I feel like he must have had some input to the script since organ donation is such an important cause for him. Could it even have been his idea? I would love to hear it from him. Now, how can we get an exclusive interview?
    If PL is going to have Steve reflect upon his life and legacy, then I think Steve will definitely become proactive when it comes to Catherine. I would love to see him make contact with Cath through Joe White (since Steve deleted her number in 6.14. And by the way, I was begging him not to do it! His expression broke my heart as he did it, and I think he instantly regretted it.)
    Anyway, back to Joe — he needs to step up for our guy and be the friend/surrogate father he started out being. No more crap about Doris……I hope we never see her again. Just Joe being a shoulder Steve can lean on, and good god he’s going to need one after the trauma he’s just been through.
    I agree that Lou is a much better friend to Steve now, and you’re right — Lou gets Steve. That makes all the difference. One of the things that made me angry about the final scene in 6.25 was when Danny called Steve an ingrate and said he’d never seen him take out his wallet. Has Danny forgotten that in the pilot ep Steve bought 3 nights at a posh hotel for Danny and Grace? The whole story arc of making Steve seem cheap pisses me off — his soul is as generous as they come, his nature is to protect and to give — give of his time, his help and his heart. I hope they drop that stupid storyline. It’s insulting.
    This was a great read on a lazy Saturday morning here. Thanks, Sam!

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    1. Not a peep from AOL. The lack of any kind of interviews about the season finale is kind of strange. I’m not sure he would have suggested something like this, because he knows about the repercussions of this. And I’m sure he would want it to be handled right, and I’m sure he knows the show wouldn’t do that. Can’t do that if they want to keep their ActionSteve, and not bench him for at least ten episodes.

      You know, when I wrote this perspective one reason came to mind that I didn’t mention. The only reason I would give my main character and hero of my action show something like a liver transplant would be if the actor wouldn’t be available or no longer be able to do all the stuff the character demands. Just a thought.

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        1. Show often feels to me like they already have reduced Alex’s screen time…doesn’t it feel like he’s in it less these last 2 seasons?

          If he’s again reducing his time on purpose to go do something else, I’d support that. It’d make Show less watchable, but I’d support him, whatever he wanted to do.


          1. I don’t think Alex will reduce his time on the show. He has said many times he’s happy where he is at the moment. If he wanted to do something else while working on the show he would need a lot of time off. Not gonna happen.
            It was just the only reason why I would go that route. But I don’t believe that was a reason for PL.
            I think we feel that way because his story wasn’t addressed this season or much last season. I don’t actually think he had less screen time. But it did feel like it. 😉


              1. I agree – and I think that is to alleviate the drain on (mainly) Alex’s time. 25 episodes is a lot of TV. It’s unfortunate that they can’t seem to find a way to balance storylines better. There has been way too much reliance on filler and secondary characters these past few seasons. Other shows seem to be able to seamlessly blend in other characters to spread the workload, why can’t this one?

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  3. Wow. Right on target., Sam.

    I have long believe Danny to be jealous of Steve, whether the writers intended it or not. But that is what they de-Livered to us and can’t fault us if we reluctantly accepted de-Livery. They kept it up too long for us to return it for a literary refund. This character (and I am making no reference to SC here because I happen to really like the actor) is passive- aggressive and nothing hammered that home to us more than Danny’s blurting out to the team that Steve was going to propose to Cath. He left him open to pity, not a thing that Steve would appreciate if things went south, which they did in 603.. Steve had a best friend. His name was Freddie and he was a fellow Seal killed in action. That was Steve’s true brother, not Danny. A good friend is one who listens to you when you pour your heart out and lets you come to your own resolution without being lectured on what to do. A good friend is not judgmental. A good friend does not gossip about what they were told in confidence. A good friend takes that information to the grave. Danny is not a good friend.
    I think we will see much less of Danny in S7 than S6 and I firmly believe that the end result will be his leaving the Task Force. They may drag it out until the end of the season with Danny being away a lot but I hope not.

    Cath is returning in S7 and anyone who doubts that is deluding themselves. Even PL has indicated Steve and Cath are end game. She was brought back in S5 because he thought it might be the end. He planned on bringing her back at the end of S6 but found out about about the renewal for S7 early enough to change his plan. Now he has 25 episodes to do it another way than have her wait to find out if Steve survives his injuries.

    It looks like the liver transplant will have little effect Steve’s ability to do his job to the fullest. I wonder if serious research took place the day after the episode aired to find a way out. Perhaps they did the same research you did, Sam.

    As for .”Many people out there are openly hostile towards me and anyone who dares to point out any flaws of the show” please know that I consider these fans to be pseudo-intellectuals who pretend to know more than they do, have more influence then they do and are so needy of a returned tweet that they sacrifice integrity for a cheap thrill. And anyone who thinks that is harsh has no ideal of how I edited that statement.

    I wish someone would tweet PL the link to your reviews. He might find it refreshing. Not that it would influence him in any way, as it is right to do whatever he wishes with his show. but because he would realize that even people who love this show can look at it with a discerning eye. notice its flaws and still wait patiently for each new episode.

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    1. I like your input on Danno…it made me recall that McG has a shite-load of devoted friends and admirers…Freddie and I’m sure other SEALs, Chin &Kono, Ellie, Mamo, and then every side character in the Show. McG brought them all into 5-0’s orbit, gave them all a place of some sort, and a sense of purpose…while Danny usually ranted about or offended them all. The only exceptions that I can think of is Toast…who Danno brought into the fold, but in his last ep, he’s clearly ditched Danno to be McG’s new gamer buddy…and Eric, who is related to Danno. McG is a people person! ❤

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      1. I think what bothers me most about a small segment of this fandom is the inability to accept that nothing they say or do has any impact on what the EP has planned. So, I have to conclude that for the even smaller number of the McDannos and ABC’s in the fandom, much of what they post on other sites and I suspect probably on twitter, is not really aimed at the writers or the EP, but at other fans who may have a different opinion than theirs.

        Certainly, they can’t ALL be delusional, can they? That leaves pure Junior High spite. Cath is coming back because all logical examination of the way the SL is going says so. We have to look at the facts through a microscope, not through scratched lenses. I can’t help it if we have some people in the fandom who are threatened by strong woman characters ( or strong women in real life) and I find that very sad when we should be supporting each other, and not trying to be subversive.

        It must be true that we are all the products of our families and how we were raised.
        R.I.P. Grandma-I miss you everyday. Still fighting the good fight..Taking the blows and hitting back as hard as as I can. Still standing, Grandma. Still standing. .

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        1. I think a lot of the so called true fans in this Fandom are quite delusional. They actually believe that the EP cares about what we think. That is plain stupid and crazy. I do believe he cares about his fans. He surely does, they bring the money. But gives a ff about what people think should happen on the show. And he’s right in doing so. It’s his show, he can do, and will do whatever the heck he wants. ☺
          And they are too blind to see what a perfect manipulator he is. He plays them like we’ll tuned fiddle.
          I love watching that, and while doing so shaking my head at all the poor people living for a retreat by him. Poor souls.

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    2. Mama, I took the liberty to do so, plus retweet Sam’s post with the hashtag H50. Let’s just say some people were miffed, to put it mildly… Looks like these individuals think there’s only black and white and we’re black. I guess you get the picture 😳
      If PL will ever come over here to read this? I sure hope so!

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        1. Go on twitter, hit the little magnifying glass and type in #H50. You’ll get popluar tweets I guess chosen by twitter or select the chronological order.
          I had to go to some ppl’s timeline as they didn’t use the hashtag but oh boy, did I feel the “love”.

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          1. I had a long response which I lost. Suffice to say I could’t find what you referred to but there was a rash
            (like shingles) of McLynn tweets to the PTB asking for her return. The smell of the ABC.s desperation is now a stench. I feel sorry for the actress just as I did for Lauren German, These sweet ladies have been pulled into a cesspool by rabid haters of Michele Borth, Well, bring back Cath. I can’t wait for her to return,so McG can begin to heal in body as well as soul.

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            1. I remember when Lauren’s character on Chicago Fire was killed there were numerous posts suggesting she should come back to 5-0. Of course now she has a gig on Lucifer and she isn’t available. I am sure that is making several posters frustrated. I still can’t understand the total hate some of these people post. They make up stories as if the were on the set and swear that no one liked MB. Yet they were the ones that attacked her on twitter and FB when she didn’t like what they said about her character. And they were shocked when she blocked them and their horrible comments about her acting and character. This really is like junior high……I can’t believe that they are adults, it sounds so juvenile. I didn’t hate Lynn but there seemed to be no real commitment from Steve towards her and if she really was important, don’t you think that she would have been at the hospital for Steve at the finale? Do the McLynn fans get that clue, that she isn’t that important to Steve?

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              1. Moonjat:54
                It isn’t that they like Lynn. They would hate her too if there had never been a Cath. Lynn is a character that I cannot respect. She does not respect herself. But just as they latched onto Ellie and were disappointed when PL said “just friends” this will go the same way, PL was going to bring MB back if 625 was the end. Now he will do it in S7. He means that. Since Steve is still going to be a Seal and the Liver thing is no longer a problem, it may be a McG special Op involving Cath. And Joe and Doris will figure into it some way. But not Danny. He’ll be off somewhere doing Danny things.This last interview was much more detailed and introspective than past season finale interviews. He gave a road map this time. Maybe he thinks its the end. I hope he is wrong.

                As for the hatred for MB- well she is beautiful and some insecure fans cannot handle that especially when they think their fantasy of McG can one day come true. All of the other female characters are very pretty but only Cath is a spectacular beauty. Just green eyed jealousy. No matter. He is still bringing her back because he wants to and she is endgame. He calls the shots, not the fans.

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                1. Mama, I get that PL intends to bring her back, I just hope it isn’t in the season 7 finale. I want her back sooner. And I want it well done and smart. And I get that the fans either want Steve single or with Danny (heaven knows why) and for that reason any female that gets close is a no-no. The ABCs are the funniest because they will change with the wind if Lynn was to become a permanent addition. And I totally agree that MB is gorgeous.

                  I do wonder if we will see Joe again. I think that I would like that. He has so much to make up for with Steve. Personally…..I don’t care if Doris is seen again. She can be written out without an appearance. Joe can fill in the blanks.

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      1. Sunny- I think PL is too smart and sophisticated to believe that crap he gets in the P;ease Read me begging blogs and the writers probably laugh at the level of nave stupidity there. He may or may not read Sam’s ( it is more likely he has an assistant who does it for him and he just acknowledges because he is certainly too busy to spend time on that). But if he did, I will bet money that he will respect it for its integrity though he might not be happy reading it. We all love the show and want it to succeed. How can he argue with that?

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  4. That is exactly the point: notice the flaws and still love it. That is Five-0 for me.

    And I completely agree with you on Danny not being a good friend. People who think they are the bestest of best friends just don’t get the difference between friend and work-friend. And all the points why Danny isn’t a good friend are right on point.

    The show can tell us Steve and Danny are like brothers and best buddies until they are blue in the face. As long as they don’t write the characters like that, all their talk is just hot air.

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    1. I agree I love the show despite of its’ flaws. Part of that attraction is undoubtedly Alex and Hawaii. There’s been some times when I’ve struggled whether to let that love LIVER LET DIE ( sorry I couldn’t resist) but so far I’m holding on. Even after a few beatdowns by the crazy ass fandom.

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    2. It’s very easy to blur the lines between what happens on the show and what you read in fanfic.

      I’ve been confused on more than one occasion at the people asking for more “Uncle Steve” moments and squeeing about wanting to see Charlie and Uncle Steve and all I could think was – have I missed these great bonding moments with Steve and Danny’s children? I mean – Steve went to Grace on two occasions to tell her about Danny in peril, and was helping her with her running. That’s literally all I can recall for any big “bonding” moments. It has to be something they’ve read in fanfic.

      I’ve been thinking lately that it has been a few years now that the #1 complaint of many is the lack of good McDanno (I’m not one of them, LOL) – because they’ve built this thing up in their heads that- for YEARS now, hasn’t materialized onscreen, with the exception on the annual “LOOK _ THEY’RE BLOOD BROTHERS” episode. I liked their relationship in season1 and 2, but since then – it’s been perplexing to me. The mean, bitter, constant complaining would have anyone limiting time with a person like that.

      P{L can say they are going to have deep, meaningful conversations in S7, I highly doubt that’s miraculously going happen.

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      1. Totally agree, and it is a valid point. People read a lot of fanfiction, and all those McDanno stories suggest that is what is actually happening on the show. It is NOT. There is no McDanno. Not even the smallest of flame. 😉

        And yeah, all those Uncle Steve stuff, and spending all his free time with his best buddy Danny. I truly have NO idea what show they are watching. For certain not H50. Because on that show there is no contact between these two outside of work related stuff.

        People make up the off-screen stuff all the time, and that is fine, I do that too. But I at least know it’s just what I made up. It does not happen on the show, and has no ties to it.

        I think for a lot of people the line between ff and show has not only blurred, it’s not there any longer.

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        1. Don’t get me wrong – I read some fanfic too – I do draw the line at calling it “FIXING” and episode – but I enjoy expansions of what we see in and episode. But, I try very hard to not project what I read onto what I see on the show. I get the distinct feeling many don’t. There has been about as much Steve and Danny as besties these past few years as there has been Steve and Cath – and She’s not even on the show.

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          1. Since I write FF, I find that I often do alter things from the show as many do. I try to stay close to what is seen on the screen but I am sure that I have created a closer relationship with Steve and Grace than what we see weekly. I also constantly try to write Danny better than the show does, my way of fixing that character. That is the beauty of FF, you get to put the words you want into the characters mouths. I do know that what I write and what is on my TV screen are two different things though. And I have to sift through a lot of FF to find ones that I like that don’t make me shake my head and wonder if they watch the same show that I do.


            1. To clarify – when I say fix, I mean rewrite an actual scene to show what you want – and then choose to believe that is what what actually meant to be shown, not expand on characterizations or plots.

              I’m all for fanfic, and I applaud the work that goes into writing GOOD fanfic like many of you guys do (moonjat, sam, cokie, gone2far, &sockie to name some of my faves here).

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              1. Oh, I see what you mean. Yea, there are several stories out there right now that are trying to “fix” things to make up for poor Danny being so mistreated in the final scene of 6:25. I haven’t read any because I know where they are headed.

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                  1. San: Well if you want to puke how’s this? I jotted it down while I was having my hair done. Lots of waiting time with highlights.

                    Cath’s return- something new and unexpected from the writers.

                    Steve rescues Cath after her Black Op goes south. She has been badly wounded and lost a lot of blood. She needs an emergency liver transplant. Steve insists he be the donor
                    because he is a perfect match for his petite lady and their blood types are even the same. She won’t even need anti-rejection drugs. Another miracle at H50 has taken place.

                    One week later. Steve and Cath are sharing a hospital room (and maybe even a bed. We don’t know for sure because it happens off screen.) The nurses are tactful and knock three times before entering to give them a chance to do whatever before entering.

                    Steve: Uh Cath, you know you almost died and I uh, gave you a piece my liver. That was great, right?

                    Cath: Of course it was, Steve, You saved my life.

                    Steve: Uh, You have to take care of it and not, uh, abuse it, right.

                    Cath: I know that, Steve. The Doctors already talked to both of us, remember?

                    Steve: Uh, I gave you a piece of my liver. Did I mention that? and that you, uh, have to take care of it and thank me, right?

                    Cath: What’s going on here Steve? We’ve keep having this same conversation since I woke up after surgery seven days ago.

                    Steve” I can’t seem to stop myself. Its like some needy voice inside me keeps looking for validation.

                    Cath: It’s that damn Danny liver talking to you again, isn’t it?

                    Steve: I hear the voice in the night whining about not being thankful and that I’m sure to abuse the gift. Make it go away Cath. Just make it go away.

                    Cath: Just meditate and tell the thing to shut up. It will stop if you ignore it.

                    Steve: Uh, do you think you can put up with my uncontrollable urge to keep reminding you that I, uh, gave you a piece ….

                    Cath: Take a good look at this remote, Sailor. One more word out of you and that whiny Danno liver and they are going to have to surgically remove it from a very private spot.

                    Cath: (Ringing for a Nurse.) Would you please check to see if there is a Danny Williams waiting outside and ask him to come in? Oh, I need a large knife. too.

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                    1. Sam: I don’t know why it copied that way, It wasn’t like that on my screen when I copied and pasted it. Don’t know how to fix it. Sorry.


  5. Well done Sam, as usual you covered so many things I felt about this season and the show in general. I came to Hawaii 5-0 because I had followed Alex from Moonlight to Three Rivers to this show. I was already sold because of him but the fact that from September to April the weather in my neck of the woods is not the warmest, Hawaii was a big draw as well. It is my weekly escape.

    I liked Danny at the beginning. He was whiney but he was in a place he didn’t want to be and I liked that he made the sacrifice to remain active in his daughter’s life. Sadly, his character never grew, seasons later he is still bitching about the weather and water. He just is unable to adapt. And how can he partner with a man who he doesn’t trust? If he really meant that then he needs to look for other work, transfer back to HPD. When I think of all the times that Steve has had his back, supported his decisions, how he helped with Matt……I just don’t get Danny.

    I do recall in season 3 Steve tried a bonding moment with Danny when he took him fishing for “tuny” fish and had to endure Danny ranting on Doris and Catherine. I am sure that Danny isn’t the only one that did not want to repeat that trip. I would bet Steve won’t invite Danny on another fishing trip. He gets blamed for everything that goes wrong in Danny’s life. That gets old in a hurry and I am surprised that it took 5 years for Steve to build the wall of silence.

    I have hope that season 7 will improve but I am not sure I can feel secure as you. Like Cokie, I don’t trust PL. His idea of huge, great ideas tend not to be what I was looking for. He had better plan on having Cath be Steve’s end game or I will be disappointed. She does not need to rejoin 5-0 but have her back for Steve to be happy.

    Thanks for the overview, you have many valid points that make sense. There will always be that faction that only want to hear praise of the show and those who adore Danny and see him through very rose colored glasses. Their opinions are just that….opinions and we don’t need their hate here.

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    1. Right, they went fishing. Well, I’m sure that is something Steve regretted really quickly. 🙂

      And no, we don’t need any hate or haters here. On this blog we can have different opinions without being nasty or mean to others. Sadly, that is mostly not possible in twitter land.

      This post was not even five minutes old when the first wrong quoted lines were out there. Makes me laugh every time.

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      1. There are times I consider joining twitter out of curiosity but then I back off. If I can’t handle the negative on the CBS site on FB I sure couldn’t handle twitter. I think I will stay away for my blood pressure’s sake. I like it here.


  6. Lol. Yes, I did butt in in several places but I didn’t realize those would end up in the final copy. Glad I didn’t say anything really bad… but you did a fantastic job on all of this and I know how many hours you poured into it. Guys, she began this before I left Germany on May 20!

    Great job, Sam!

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  7. I loved everything you said. I do think though that any annoyance Steve has for Danny is only momentary in the writer’s eyes. Unfortunately, they probably don’t have the nice perspective you laid out, starting with Danny’s revelation of Steve’s pending proposal. If only they cared as much as H50’s great fans. I would LOVE to see Steve call out Danny for all of it.
    I knew that the live transplant would not be as limiting as other transplants (both because of the organ and because of the reason behind the transplant) I have been willing to suspend disbelief on the outcome of that surgery, but the show is probably going to focus more on that (whether medically accurate or not) while forgetting about the multitude of other holes in McG. He would have been so much worse off in that final scene as his body was dealing with so much trauma. If we just get emotional McG i will be happy (well, content as i don’t expect much from PL). AOL will make it amazing whatever.
    As far as twitter goes, i can’t tell the leanings of some of the fandom on there based on their tweets. I did see a dig at our bear friends one time. The rest of the tweet made no sense.

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  8. I very much enjoyed reading this and totally agree with you. Thank you for looking all this information up and sharing it with us. 😊


  9. Thanks for a fantastic review and reflection of the show and relationships between characters. I have been a very passive, lurking fan of your postings for a while but thought it’s time to say hello. My main reason for being a lurker was that I was always way behind on reading, like up to a couple of weeks later sometimes but all caught up now.

    The one thing that has bugged me the most about the show is Danny Williams and his behaviour. The relationship between Steve and Danny reminds me of John Sheppard and Rodney McKay in Stargate Atlantis. Only difference there is that it made total sense for the arrogant Dr McKay to do fear ranting during dangerous missions as he was not military like Shep, and often he had to learn on the go to defend himself by using a weapon and be totally out of his comfort zone but Danny is a trained police officer and know that danger is part of the job so if he’s that scared while on duty then he needs to get himself a new career, sooner rather than later would be better, for everyone, and esp for poor Steve who has had to put up with him for way too long.
    At least I can’t recall Rodney being mean to John though, they were ribbing each other and they were not really hanging out outside work but they did have a mutual respect for each other, and they knew they could trust the other person to have their back, that whole team did even if John often had to shout at Rodney to make him shut up from his ranting and get back to work.

    I was so glad when they brought in Lou Grover as he and Steve are so great together and so is Steve and Chin and Kono is a great asset to the team as well and when it’s these four working together on a case it’s a great episode. As soon as Danno is in it I feel like he’s grating on my nerves the past few seasons with his constant bickering and it’s like he is wanting to pick fights with Steve, and everyone else he crosses paths with.

    Last but not least I’m with you on Steve and Cath and I can’t wait for PL to bring her back, I hope sooner rather than later. Steve needs some happiness in his life and maybe his reflecting on his legacy could extend to her and they both realise job doesn’t have to come first.

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  10. Thank you for these amazing review and “wrap up ” of season 6! I’m with you in all of this! Except Danny! Maybe I am too stubborn, but I kind of like him- but I do agree that the writers do an awful job on the character!
    I don’t do Twitter and also don’t do Facebook- an there’s a reason for that! But I know why I like your place, a lot! Don’t let them affect you- ever ( and I so hope I got that out right 😉 )

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  11. I enjoyed this thoroughly, very well written. And I want to thank you for your research, must have been a lot of work.
    The best thing is not that you’ve got an opinion. A lot of people in this fandom have an opinion and are not shy to tell others about it, about their TRUTH. The difference is: you back it up! I don’t have to agree to everything (I don’t) but I can understand where you’re coming from. Or at least you put me in a position to understand your feelings towards show and the characters.
    But let’s split this. We have The Cath, The Danny and The Liver.
    Let’s start with:

    The Liver.
    Because of your research I am a little bit more relieved about that whole thing, although I am still finding this utterly stupid. And hearing from the EP that the liver disaster will be used as comical relief makes me want to *headdesk*. I so don’t want to hear anything from Danny about ‘his’ liver. To be honest I don’t want to hear anything from Danny at all. No longer. So here we’ve come from The Liver to:

    The Danny.
    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said about him. Hate me now Danny fans, but I am done. So many nastiness over the seasons, so many insulting, offensive words to Steve and others like Kame or Max, it is simply too much. Yes, he called Joe about Steve in Afghanistan, but nobody can tell me, that Lou, Chin or Kono wouldn’t have done the same. They would have. Yes, he went to Korea, but the others did that too, even Lori. But on a daily basis? He is a lousy friend. I’ve never seen him going to Steve and talking to him when Steve was in a bad place of his life. (Steve did that for Danny several times btw. He went to Danny and talked to him.) Danny didn’t do that after Steve’s mother left, as Steve came from Afghanistan, Aunt Deb died or Cath left.
    But what he did was talking about Steve’s proposal what was a horrible thing to do. And going to Cath behind Steve’s back was equally horrible. You don’t do such a thing as a friend. No idea what the writers were thinking.
    The roof incident was not the icing on the cake but the salt in the cake, endangering the team in such a way is unacceptable. A real hero is not braver than others, but he is it five minutes longer without talking about it.
    And his words at the end? That Steve would not have done the same for him? That he does good things only to be thanked, whereas Danny does not want to be acknowledged for his good deeds? Yeah, right Danny. Gah, this is getting longer than I wanted it to, but I have to say something about Danny being a hero. Was it nice that he gave a part of his liver? Of course. Was it right to do it? Of course. Was it heroic? No. Because it should go without saying. It is ethical. A moral commitment for everybody of Steve’s friends. A friend of mine is an organ donor, she donated a kidney so that someone else could live. And I know that she would call me a jerk if I would say that her donation was heroic. You know, if as a life donor you want to be called or seen as a hero, you did the right thing for wrong reasons!

    The Cath.
    Well, I was never that invested in this relationship, I never felt what lot of you guys feel about those two. Something was always lacking for me, but that had nothing to do with the acting. I don’t ship them (I only ship McLiver, posthumously) but I like McLynn. I find her refreshing, beautiful (have no problem with her hair, don’t understand all the fuss about it, it’s not that she has done something permanently with her face), a natural woman I love to see on my TV screen, because natural beauties are so rare these days and I like that she equals Steve in some way as she is a people person too. Someone who likes helping people like Steve does.
    But I can understand what you like about Cath. I get where you are coming from and if the writers do it right I welcome her back with open arms. One thing I disagree is that for me she did indeed leave him. She was devastated yes, but she left him. She came back to leave him again. For reasons, that I am sure of. But she had a choice and there lies my problem. The damn phone call in the car made me angry. She said ‘yes’ to the mission and by this ‘no’ to Steve. She chose against him and I am waiting for the writers to make it right and make me understand.
    The End.

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    1. Leica:

      Well thought out and I agree with much of what you say. (except Lynn) The fans didn’t make Danny a jerk- the writers did, so anyone who objects to how some of us feel should take it up with them, not us. Planning to make the LIVER into a joke is just bizarre.

      One of the things about being in the military is that you go where you are ordered and you may have to keep those orders confidential even from your wife, children, parents, etc. That’s how you and the others who depend on you stay alive. If Cath has broken that rule by telling Steve the real reason she was leaving, I would have lost all respect for her and I think Steve wouldn’t have understood how she could betray an oath she swore to her Country or want her to ever come back. Anyway, that’s my take on why Cath left without telling Steve the truth and why Steve understood when he found out. He wouldn’t have broken his oath to his Country either. He would never had told her anything about a secret mission. And he would know that if she ever found out that he lied, she would understand. They’re really two of a kind.

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      1. You go where you are ordered. <- See, here is my problem. I don't see that she was ordered. No one asks you if you'll do it, when you are ordered. And the voice asked her. She said Yes. She chose to go wherever she went for whatever reasons. I hope they are good ones!


    2. We still don’t know what leverage was used to make her take that mission. Once she agreed then it became clear that she was not to tell Steve….she was asked if he believed her cover story. Yes, she left him, we don’t know what her mission entailed and we don’t know how much was at stake. That will be in the writers’ hands and to me that is the scary part. I don’t know if they know how to make the mission or her reason to agree to it enough to satisfy those who blame her for leaving. I can only go by the look on her face and the fact that it was killing her to leave him to make me believe that this was something very important and had to be done. Reversing the circumstances I can see Steve making that same decision, duty comes first, before the ones you love.

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      1. She was asked if she’s sure she can do it… So I have my doubts about an ordered mission. It has to be something else. Maybe something she did not know about before she came back? And you are right, the scary part is that it is all in the writers hands and we all know by now what they think is funny or heroic or *well* appropriate… Fingers crossed. I so want him to be happy!

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        1. Apparently, when she returned she thought she was done with whatever was going on when she was supposed to be in Afghanistan. She said they would talk and that’s when I think she was going to tell him her story. But this new Op was different in that she was questioned about her ability to do the job she was ordered to do, not if she wanted to do it. Not that any of this actually matters because the writers will come up with some absurd scenario with Steve still being a Seal, abusing Danny’s liver and leading the charge to find Catherine. They will likely never have that “talk” anyway. But she is coming back, so who cares.

          I would still like an explanation of McBear and the alligator, please.

          Moonjat: PL has indicated in his interview with EW that he didn’t want to bring Cath back at the end of 625 unless it was the series finale because he did that in 525 and it was too similar. So its a good bet Cath will return before the 725 finale for that reason. I’m thinking mid-season or at least long enough for Steve to heal and for Danny to shut up about the LIVER. Could be the 150th Episode but I was really hoping that would be Danny’s going away party.

          Liked by 1 person

    3. Already much good sane stuff noted, by you and our other sisters here, about Cath, Lynn, Ellie…

      My issue is a tad different and just thought I’d get it in there, again…cos it’s not new and y’all’ve all heard me on this issue before…

      I like Lynn and Ellie just fine…as well as lab girl, whatever her name was. They can both be recurring characters, IMO. We got a shite-load of recurring dudes, so a couple women in the “Ohana” would be fine by me. 🙄 But I prefer Cath for McG because they do seem more chemistry-bound but also, to me equally in importance, because she is an original character since S1! She IS Ohana! Really the only woman intro’d on show who got her role expanded rather than cut…but then got it cut, dammit. 😡 This show uses women to advance men’s stories. (Adam has hijacked and taken over Kono’s story). I want Cath to HAVE a damn story! I want her not to be written out, killed off, or villified like they’ve done to every other original female! Doris, GovCharlene, Rachel–all villified. Aunt Deb and Laura–killed off. Mary and Lori–written out, aside from periodic miniscule appearances by Mary. I want Cath back and to have a freakin story of her own…and this Kiev spy deal could be it.

      So I prefer Cath be a regular again. Hopefully as part of McRoll, but if not, NOT as a villain but as an equal Ohana member. Girls rule…misogynists drool.

      Liked by 2 people

    4. The Danny, The Liver, and The Cath – LOL. the makings of a true thriller!

      I completely agree with what you’ve said about Danny – what he’s done in the “grand gestures” is nothing any of the other characters wouldn’t do for Steve. What rankles the most is how he acts the REST of the time – and IMO, he acts horribly towards Steve – not to Chin, or Kono, interestingly enough, but to Steve mostly, and he’s pretty pissy with Lou at times, and he’s more or less a high school bully to Max. He uses Steve’s weakest momements against him ALL THE TIME. That doesn’t shout “BEST FRIEND” to me.

      The Liver – ROFLMAO at you shipping your OTP. Honestly it’s all so contrived. If they wanted to be able to say “LOOK, LITERALLY BLOOD BROTHERS!” then have Danny donate some blood. Steve would still have had a major recovery ahead of him from the gunshot wounds, that could still have led him to “contemplate his legacy” and all that crap we will probably only see for about 5 minutes. Can Steve make a full recovery? In TV fiction land – most assuredly, lesser odds of that IRL – I just don’t understand why they go so far out on the limb when they KNOW they’re just going to saw it off.

      The Cath – Yeah, we difer about the relationship, and I get it. I’ve been interested in them since we first saw them because – for me it was different. To have the hot lead already in a relationship, and seemingly monogamous – was different than the usual trope. I loved it. I get that people didn’t like that we didn’t get to see the relationship happen, and didn’t see it build like I did. I do hope that the writers are able to give us a really really good reason for her to leave, and I do fear that it won’t be good enough, but I like to think back to how long they’ve been together while separated, and how Steve did his own thing, and how now it’s her turn to do her own thing. I remember PL saying something like “you can love someone and not be at the same point in your lives” << totally paraphrasing there. Anyway – I think that's what is supposed to be going on. They just haven't done a great job of showing it. As for Lynn – I didn't invest any time on her. She was a prop. I really don't see how she's anything different than Catherine was in other seasons – making Steve happy, helping others (Kono, Adam, Steve, Jerry). If she shows up again I will be very surprised.

      Liked by 1 person

    5. Agree with everything but just wanted to comment on the organ donation. I agree with your friend it’s not heroic, but it is generous. In the Netherlands we recently had a law passed that made you immediatley an organ donator unless you went after it to not be because many people just ignored it. Now if you don’t want to you have to do something for it. People where outraged. While I was just like; if you don’t want to you can still say no. You just have to do something for it now,

      It wouldn’t affect me since I have been an organ donor the day I became sixteen and was allowed to. I would love to give organs that I don’t need to help others live. And I would hope that others would do the same for me. I also wanted to become blood donor but almost always have an open wound somewhere from cat schratches to other little scrapes so that became kind of an issue 😉

      So it may not be heroic but I do know many people who wouldn’t give their organ for an unknown person. So I do like to thank your friend for her generosity.


  12. Leica:
    I absolutely hear your concerns. I understand that you like Lynn – she is a likable person and she has done NOTHING wrong. I don’ think there is particular negativity against her here. The thing is that their relationship never had a chance and only served the purpose to provide another bump in the road for Cath and Steve as “their relationship will be tested” – to quote PL.
    Remarks like Danny’s “you’re the best version of yourself when she is around” to Steve, the “the job always comes first” in 6.03 (thus understanding on both sides if duty calls), the look on Steve’s face when he took the selfie with Lynn (he was anywhere but THERE), the events of 6.17 and never mentioning Lynn again after that let alone seeing her in the hospital… it all spoke volumes. I would have been fine with her (or Ellie) as I think she is genuine and a good person to be around with. BUT – I would have only been ok with her had the writers (with PL’s backing) handled that storyline well and given Cath a proper send-off with Steve being able to deal with her gone. I want him happy, but I actually think it will and can only be with her. Why? She completes him, she’s the one who can handle his baggage, who comes from the same background. Military people usually like to stick together – it’s their comfort zone. Besides she’s smart, tough and “his kinda girl”, as McG said early on in season 1 already.

    I am with Mama: I think Cath has a high price to pay – one that might still be connected to the events and aftermath of 4.21 (because of the phone call she received at Casa McG) or even with the Columbia rescue. But who knows. She absolutely did not want to go, she wanted to stay but was ordered on a new mission. And ordered means you cannot say no and cannot reveal the where and why, even if it is to your lover with security clearance. She knew when Danny talked to her at his thinking-spot. That awkward hug and her face spoke volumes. In the car in those final moments she was on the verge of breaking, but the professional came through. She was not asked if she wanted to do the job, rather if she could do it and she knew she had to – whether she owed someone or has to protect Steve.
    That all remains to be seen and I join in on those wishing that it will be addressed in a half-way decent fashion and better SOON!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Sunny:

      Even though I refer to Lynn as Airhead or Valley Girl, I do that because the writers have made her into Rebound girl, which is mean and not something I wish on anyone. Now, that’s OK, but if you need to tell someone you are planning to have sex with that his head is not in the game, then your goal better be just sex and not expect a commitment. And if there was even the possibility that she wanted more from this relationship, she should have walked out and told him to call her when or if, his head wasn’t somewhere else. That is what I cannot respect about the character. Sometimes the only way to retain your dignity is to leave. Women understand that. Apparently male writers do not.

      This may be another version of ” I “like” sex with you but I’m not “in like” sex with you”. I’m going to file that one away under stupid things that need to be explained.

      Someone please tell me what the story was with Steve’s odd hair in that episode where Freddy died.


        1. Kimphin- I promise not to mention it again if someone would please tell me why wardrobe/or the hair stylist felt a need to do such a thing in the first place. Did AOL get a bad haircut they had to fix or shave his head on a dare? .


    2. Incredible well stated LOVED your response.

      Honestly – if they had NOT had Catherine come back in 5.25-6.03 and Steve/Lynn started, I would’ve been fine with that. But everything that has happened in S6 leads me to believe that we are going to see Cath/Steve again

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  13. Hmmm… I saw a note in the above blogs about McBear and an alligator. Rest assured, that is coming, with photos attached. I am still working on Day 3 of our trip, but never fear, you will get the full story!


  14. Really think that when it was just with four actors. That is what made the chemistry of the show. Though I love that they brought in gruff but tender Lou. But really make Jerry a recurring character. As he despite loving Jorge Garcia, he really is just there to be there. Plus they need to wrap up the story lines like that of Doris. As they drag along without an ending and then moving onward. I would love to see Steve and Catherine together for good without dragging it along. Maybe a wedding and a baby. For them and for Kono and Adam. If he is not corrupt. Just hope not!


  15. Just read what PL said on the “Spoiler Room” regarding the liver tranplant. Here’s the text: “It brings Danny and McGarrett even closer together and it gives them another thing to be arguing about next year,” EP Peter M. Lenkov says. “I love the idea that McGarrett is going to abuse that organ, because McGarrett is a person who abuses himself and puts his life in danger all the time. Danny is going to resent the fact that he saved his life because of that. These guys are blood brothers, but now literally they are.”

    So it sounds like to me that Steve will still be SEAL Steve and Danny will still be a whining jerk. I’m grateful for the former — certainly want to see Steve in kevlar with a cut on his head as usual! But looks like we’re stuck with Danny.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ocean: Blood Brothers- my point exactly- why didn’t they just go with an emergency blood transfusion? They could have shared a rare blood type and soon those whining little whatever you call them from Danny would have been replaced with Seal McG ones. (Notice the extent of my medical knowledge and feel free to make fun of me.)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. We’ll see how stuck we will be with Danny. I highly doubt he will be back full time. I do think SC will continue to cut his time on H50. And don’t forget, PL did say nothing about how often these bb will actually be on screen together. Could be twice a year or in twenty episodes. Doesn’t really say anything about a time frame.


    3. I’m convinced PL does not see how serious a transplant is. This quote makes it seem as if the whole thing is only for laughs. And I am not fond of the word “abuse”. Steve risks his body for the job and to protect others. He does not abuse it. And I do not need to hear Danny whine about the risks Steve takes to perform his job as if he now owns Steve. Spare me please!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Totally with you. When I read this first a few days ago I wondered if PL knows what abuse means. And if he even knows his own character. But as always, what he says should be taken with a huge grain of salt.


  16. It was a poor choice of words on PL’s part. He’s confusing abuse with altruism. Sam, that huge grain of salt is going on my popcorn right now, LOL.


  17. Sounds like everyone is on the same page here, judging by all the comments. I agree with what looks to be the consenus. It’s a show that we love, despite the flaws. Like having a true relationship with a partner, be it marriage or otherwise. It’s not perfect but we love it just the same. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  18. love all this discussion! 🙂 I wish I had time to read it all but scanning through what I could, I agree with pretty much everyone.

    A few thoughts: (forgive me if it’s mentioned above and I missed them)

    1) I do think a lot of Scott’s unhappiness bleeds into Danny. Not to flame Scott, but I do remember how he hated the gig and Hawaii in general when it all started. (maybe that’s changed since he had his baby, but I haven’t kept up.) A lot of Danny’s character can be explained by Scott’s preferences. He doesn’t want to do 25 shows, so he does 20 and Danny a lot of cheerleading competitions to attend. After a while, it is pointless to try to explain because if any of us didn’t show up for work 20% of the time, we’d be fired. But it’s ok with the 5-0 production team because they want to keep Scott around because they still think the “bromance” of the show is a big draw like it was back in S1-2. It’s not. Not anymore. I think Danny will be done whenever Scott’s contract is up unless they do whatever it takes want to appease him, as they have been. (Time off to go do movies? Done. More character scenes, less procedural stuff, ok. Melanie Griffith guest starring a few times because she’s like a mom to you? Sure. You get the idea.) And that’s not a slam on Scott- if I didn’t like my job or where I worked, I’d be unhappy too. I think any of us would. And the longer you’re there, the more unhappy you get. So I just tend to ignore “modern-day” Danny and think of him the way I like/write him (the S1-2 version with some poetic license).

    2) As to the transplant, it’s possible Alex suggested it. Or the writers wanted to take Steve on a journey of self-exploration (emotionally) in S7 and decided this would be a good way to do it. If they do that, I’ll be ok with it. The idea that it would give Alex reduced BAMF time is also interesting and quite possibly correct. But my guess is they would still do all (or most) that stuff and just use more doubles. If you lose all the action in 5-0, you’re going to lose some of your audience. So hopefully, S7 will be full of navel gazing, beers with Grover, and the return of Cath.

    I have to say I did love the whole “straight-out-of-fanfic” finale. I am glad they shot Steve, had Danny land the plane, etc. But I do wonder if they wanted to have some real character growth, they should have had Danny need a transplant (with a different episode/plot line). It would have given the show a chance to (logically) “reset” his character back to a kinder, not as nasty Danny. (Being a donor won’t do that for Danny, as he was already a donor to Charlie and nothing changed.) And it would still give Steve a chance to navel gaze if his (Steve’s) actions contributed to Danny being injured. But of course, most of us wouldn’t be as interested in that because we are done with Danny. And I suspect the majority of the TV viewing population agrees.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. “they should have had Danny need a transplant (with a different episode/plot line). It would have given the show a chance to (logically) “reset” his character back to a kinder, not as nasty Danny”

    Perfect explanation what they should have done as opposed to what they actually did. As for Danny’s character, I think all this Danny smokescreen stuff of his not taking chances because he has kids etc. is the prelude to his exit, maybe to make Rachel take him back because he no longer has a dangerous job. He’s there for an episode with the team, then he’s just a voice on the phone, then he’s off to cheerleader camp with Grace then off to New Jersey. etc., then he spends time with Charlie. These episodes don’t even have to be filmed in Hawaii. Most of the time he is filming with guest stars and not the main cast. So, they may drag this out for most of the season, but the end result is the same. He is leaving.

    As for AOL suggesting the “Liver”, its unlikely he saw the script before they handed it to him for the first read through. PL is super secretive about where he is going with the SL and keeps it under wraps until he hands them the script. That’s why his season finale interview was such a shock. He gave away more than he ever has before and it sounded like he was as introspective as McGarrett will be. Maybe its because of the new MacGiver show and he is going to devote time to that or that he wants to finally tie up loose threads for old stories just in case S7 is the end. Since he can’t know that before February or March 2017, he maybe preparing new story guidelines and letting the new writers flesh out the episodes. But it will be his plan for where he takes the characters and how their stories turn out. H50 is his baby and no one else is going to interfere with his master plan. If they do a good job on S7, then we will have a S8. I hope they do a great job. The new MacGiver doesn’t appeal to me but I will watch it and give it a chance. The time slot of Friday night along with H50 and Blue Bloods confuses me. The star looks very young for the usual crowd that tunes in to watch. Not the spot where they normally launch a new show, either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just wondering — has anyone here been to Sunset on the Beach? Are there vacation packages for it? I would really like to go.


  20. If I had a wish about McRoll as endgame?
    Please writers, I am begging you, when she’s coming back please don’t make Steve wear a ‘I ❤ CR' shirt! Please don't!!! He is a real man, a male man, and btw 39!

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