50 Ways To Leave Your Liver

So, over on our story blog some of our readers requested a new, slightly different poll. Well, before we can actually have that poll we need some ideas.

And please, all you Danny fans, don’t take this too seriously. This idea was born out of the outrageous roof-scene. Many people found his behavior completely and utterly unacceptable.

Out of that scene and the story about his behavior was the idea born “How to best get rid of Danny”. And Cokie came up with the idea of the title to this post.

OK, we don’t really need 50 ways, but a few would be nice. So, get your minds to work. Write your idea/wish in the comments. We will take all of them and will create your poll. 🙂

Please remember, this is not about what we think will, or even should happen. This is purely for fun. So, be outrageously creative. Live on the wild side for a little bit. 😉


54 thoughts on “50 Ways To Leave Your Liver

  1. Steve comes home to find an upset Danny sitting on his front steps with a backpack. Before Steve can speak, Danny tells him he has to leave H50 because he feels unfulfilled and needs something more in his life. He hands Steve his badge, hugs him, asks him to take good care of his liver and tearfully tells him he will always love him. A pissed off Steve then tells Danny he won’t wait for him. Danny disappears into a waiting taxi for somewhere known to only his black op handlers. (Did I mention he had tears rolling down his cheeks?)

    Steve tosses Danny’s badge in the kitchen junk draw, so he can remember to give it to Jerry.

    Well, well, well. So Danny is just a lyin’ liar who lies and left a hurt and abandoned Steve behind. He should never, ever, ever come back and show his lyin’ face(s) again, (both of them.) The bromance was over a long time ago and the show should stop beating a dead horse. It’s over. Done. Finished. Kaput. (I never saw the warm loving relationship the writers forced on us “true fans” anyway).

    We’ll have to bombard the EP with our “Please read me” reviews so we can guide him as to how we want him to proceed. He’s our BFF and does everything we ask.

    Steve deserves someone better who will not hurt him and he needs to move on with someone else, like Grover, who may have a hair problem but doesn’t require a haircut or comb.

    Time to let Danny go. Just get over it with so we can all move on and go along for the ride,

    Feel like I’ve heard something like this before. Not sure. I am in trouble yet?

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  2. Hee! Hilarious premise! Soooo…I want full-scale SEAL Steve AND crazy-ass Steve. SEAL Steve carefully plans the op, including dressing in his S1 all-black sneak-up-on-GovCharlene’s-mansion outfit, replete with full-on SEAL weaponry and paraphernalia necessary to sneak up on and breach Danno’s little housy in the dark. THEN upon waking and taking his target, he gets all crazy-ass Steve on Danno, torturing him into confessing that he was an ass on the roof…throwing him into a tiny claustrophobia space with a few rats, making him actually run several blocks (with no leaning on McG) til they get to the blue room, then making him get his hair wet and warr an Hawaiian shirt, making him drink coffee with grass-fed butter in it and eat pizza with pineapple and ham, making him listen to SexyEyes the whole time, and making him freakin apologize for every nasty negative thing ever sputtered about McG’s family, car, home, training, Navy buddies, intelligence, soul, and abilities, and for ever calling him an animal. Apologize, Danno!

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  3. After liver happened Steve develops a strange behavior. A Danny-ish behavior as KoLoChi call it, but Danny doesn’t see it this way.
    One day Steve tells him, that Danny doesn’t know people but only ways to annoy people. The other day he states that Danny’s mother had to fake her love for Danny’s father to get away from Danny. And after a proud Danny tells him that at the age of four he won a height contest and got a shining medal Steve reacts: “Really? Should I call Ripley’s?” Add this to insulting Danny, his looks, his beloved home, his family, his upbrining, his abilities on a daily basis and Danny’s had enough. He decides to leave, to go back to Jersey. The problem is Danny does no longer do planes, ships are out of question too, confined places and all.
    After partying like crazy KoLoChi plot a solution.
    And at the end of the day Danny is riding into the sunset in a hot-air-balloon. A pineapple-shaped hot-air-balloon.
    Watching from afar Steve is feeling a little flutter in his right side. And he goes home to get rid of all these stupid hair products he felt the urge to use the last days. His head was itching anyway.
    Seven year itch.

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  4. Ate too many BBQ ribs and was up all night paying for it. So, this is what I thought about at 3AM EST.

    Stan, in Danny’s office with divorce papers seeking sole custody for Charlie because Rachel is an unfit mother. Unless he leaves Hawaii and swears never to return.

    Adam, because he needs money and Michelle Shioma paid for hit on him.

    Odell, waving a razor and slipping, because Danny won’t let him cut that hair.

    Grover, expecting Danny to donate follicles for a hair transplant since he has experience and seems open to that. Never expected Danny to say no.

    Abby, who “accidentally” gets Chin drunk and pretends he pushed Danny off a building, Chin believes it because he always wanted to do that.

    Doris, who sneaks back on the island to take care of the Danny problem, because he disrespected her the very first day they met.

    Kono, because she needed target practice and he just happened to get in the way (ten times).

    Kamekona, who mistook him for a chair and sat on him.

    Steve, with a coconut, in the Camaro, because HE JUST WOULDN’T SHUT UP.

    That’s all I got so far because I finally fell asleep.

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    1. Love this! Everyone has such great ideas. I would like to ‘Like’ so many of these but computer still won’t cooperate and let me do it.


  5. I lost my internet connection up north and had to wait to come home to get in on this.

    Steve and Danny are investigating drugs being run through a pineapple factory. They are circling a structure that holds crates of pineapples waiting to be run through the processing equipment when the bad guys start shoving the crates off and Danny gets buried under all of them. Steve shoots the bad guys and hurries to his partner who has a slat of a crate stuck in his chest. His dying words to Steve are…..”I always knew that this pineapple infested island would be the death of me.” Close to black.

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  6. ok, all of these are good! 🙂 (really, is there any bad way to have Danny go?)

    here are mine:

    Wanting to spend more time with Grace, Danny takes a promotion… from Cheer Dad to Cheer Coach. He spends the rest of his life listening to teenage girls complain about EVERYTHING as punishment for every word he ever said to Steve.


    While chatting with Steve in his office, Danny gets a call from Donate Life, informing him that an anonymous Australian benefactor donated a large sum of money specifically for Danny to travel across the US as an organ donation spokesperson.

    Steve smiles and tells Danny to take the job.

    And for those with darker humor…

    While investigating the black market, Danny goes missing. Steve finds him several hours later in a seedy hotel bathroom in Chinatown, dead, his middle cut open and his kidneys removed. Steve sighs and says, “I told you this was going to happen if you kept bragging about donating organs to everyone.”

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        1. you guys are sweet. 🙂

          I do miss writing but my muse is dead. I keep waiting to see if it will come back to life but it hasn’t. 😦


  7. OMG!! You guys ROCK!
    Thank you so much for a good laugh. I need to rack my brain to come up with some good ideas how to de-LIVER Danny back to Newark PD or else 😉

    Happy to see some ppl here I haven’t seen in a while.

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  8. I’m not a writer and in another language that my mother tongue is even more difficult, but we are a group that wishes that Danny be happy. And to be happy he needs to leave Hawaii with sun, hot, ocean, pineapples and coconut trees.

    After the curtain closed seperating his space from Steve’s, Danny received a call from his mama. They talked about several changes that Danny needs to do to be happy. And after reflecting about mom’s words he decides to come back to New Jersey where he becomes a bus driver and on weekends he joins his mother on time sharing apartments events, pretending he is her husband, trying to win cruises trips to make Clara happy.

    One note: Eric goes back to New Jersey too. Sometimes he joins his uncle and grandmother on time sharing apartments events, stalking all the ladies around.

    I never thought i would said this but i wish all the happiness of Williams family in New Jersey!

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    1. Bus driver? LOL!!!! Yes. And yes to getting rid of Eric too.
      Marta don’t be shy because English is not your first language, no one has any problems here because our English is not perfect. I always loved your comments!


  9. Danny gets the job-of-a-lifetime and can’t pass it up when a New York modeling agency hires him for exclusive slow motion shots for Cop Weekly. They run the same ad of Danny reloading his weapon over and over in different clothes, keeping him busy and happy as he lives out his days in Jersey.

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        1. Maybe that should be our next poll. The one who cab remember more than one expression wins.

          BTW- I’ve chosen theme songs for all the characters.;
          Steve’s is “Africa ” by Toto
          Danny’s is “Hello Goodbye” by the Beatles.

          Others by request

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              1. I’m thinking of ways I can hurt you right about now. That was NOT nice. What is so bad is that you sent me that a year or so ago and I had forgotten all about it… and now I sat here at work and listened to it again. And cried again.
                and yes, it is a wonderful song…


                1. Sam:

                  I can’t listen to that song. I cry and I don’t want to think that it is even a remote possibility for those characters. I need to laugh– life is too full of sadness as it is, so I want think about Steve and Cath with weddings and babies and poop diapers and smelly burps,
                  I wonder how long its going to take for PL to find a way get around “the liver” and if anyone was called on the carpet for shoddy research. The writers are likely working now so I would love to know what ideas they are batting around to minimize the damage to McGarrett’s career as a seal. Could Danny and Steve be twin brothers who were separated at birth with Danny going to the Williams family and Steve going to the McGarretts? Of course they would have to be fraternal twins, But maybe the livers are so compatible there is need for anti- rejection drugs,

                  Could this be any crazier (or stupid ) then the liver transplant? My motto about children has always been– If we can think it, then they can do it.. I feel that way about the writers..


            1. Here are my picks


              Steve- “Africa” by Toto
              Cath: “Loving You” by Elvis Presley
              Danny: “Hello Goodbye” by The Beatles
              Rachel: “Money, Money, Money”: by ABBA
              Chin: “My Way” by Frank Sinatra
              Abby: “Bette Davis Eyes” by: Kim Carnes
              Adam: “Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys
              Kono: “Crazy” by Patsy Cline
              Doris: :”Spirit in the Sky” by Dr and the Medics –The 80’s British Band version) Delusional Doris
              Koe White:”Under Pressure” by Queen
              Lynn: “One of Us” by ABBA
              Eric: “Right Round” by Flo Rider –Slightly offensive like Eric

              Others can probably do better. Love to hear them all.

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              1. Africa is perfect, mamayorki! There’s such passion and longing in it. It brings up thoughts of Steve and his situation when I hear it and has done so since Cath left the first time. Just can’t listen to it while driving. Almost ran into someone because I became too distracted. Don’t think a judge would be too impressed with my excuse for vehicular mayhem. Actually, your whole list is great but I think you’ve ruined ‘Spirit in the Sky’ for me.

                I think another oldie, ‘Liar’ by Argent, (or Three Dog Night), would be perfect for Cath. Maybe ‘Daniel’ for Danny, (at least he’s leaving for Spain), but maybe not ’cause the lyrics are actually sad that he’s going.


                1. Well, I did say “Spirit in the Sky” was for delusional Doris, who probably has rationalized every rotten thing she ever did to her family. and feels justified, and blameless with a purity of spirit only she understands.

                  I did think of :”Danny Boy” for Danny, but the song only works if we actually WANT Danny to return. .

                  BTW, I can’t use my like button either and hope everyone understands. There are such great things being written here. There is a level of humor and creativity that I have never seen on other sites.

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                  1. I think the reason for the humor and creativity on this side is because we don’t take the show or ourselves too seriously.
                    We rant and rave about the good and bad, but we always keep in mind that this is all in good fun. As it should be.
                    I can laugh at the show’s flaws, but also love it for it’s perfection they sometimes show us.
                    And always remember, life is a lot better with a great portion of humor. That will be the last to go. Hopefully never. 😉

                    And you are right, I love what all the readers do here. All of you are civil, but still have an opinion of your own. And you voice it. I love that. Thank you all for coming here and sharing the fun. Without you this would not be the fun place it hopefully is for most of us.

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    1. Yes he does. I forgot to copy it from my list. Sorry,I would never forget Grover.

      Grover’s theme song- “Pocket Full of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield

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