16 thoughts on “Favorite Season ?

  1. That was an easy one. The first 10 episodes of season 4 had a lot of good stuff but after that the catastrophic slide began. So for me the 1st 3 seasons were easy picks.


  2. Loved seasons 1,3,4 these are my fav seasons and loved all the episodes apart from one or two. Can not watch season 2 because of Lori but episode 2.22 is my fav episode in that season plus Lori had left, and season 5 and 6 only a handful of episodes that I liked.


  3. Ironically, I once hated season 2. Lori did put a big kink in the show for that season (and before all the fighters come out of the wood work over that comment, it has nothing to do with the actress or even the character, but folks would have to admit she WAS poorly written into the show—and in fact didn’t carry out her stated purpose until her departure episode). But there were some really good episodes in season 2 Lori notwithstanding. The one that stands out in my mind is the one where the SEAL team members were being knocked off. And again, Lori aside, the North Korea episode was very good, and there were a few others.

    Besides which, any problems I had with season 2 pale in comparison to what I saw from midway through season 4 on. How time changes perspective. 😎


    1. There are some awesome episodes in season two. But watching Alex O getting sicker and sicker, makes it almost unbearable to watch. 201, 203, 210, 216 and the last two were really good. But just thinking about the awful crossover ones make me cringe. And many others were just meh. Many good scenes, and I didn’t even mind Lori. But all in all that is the season I have watched by far not as often as the others. Some even just once. Others many times.
      But no, the whole season doesn’t make it into my top five.


      1. I’ve never seen the crossover epi, I’ve never seen any epi without AOL and no one can force me to. I desperately need Steve to balance out… someone else.
        And you are right, the second half of S2 is hard to watch, although I love 2.16. Love time jump epis. Keep you on your toes, you have to stay attentive!

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  4. Oh boy, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Please don’t hate me, I’ll try to explain.
    So S3 and S4 was easy. I love so many episodes. But then I couldn’t decide. I haven’t watched S1 or 2 in a long long time. Don’t know why, too much Danny, maybe. So I had to come up with another season. And I chose…. *ducks and hides* season 5.
    Just because this mediocre season had really outstanding episodes. Some of the episodes I love to watch again and again. I wanted to honor them, kind of. The epiCsode or 5.19 or 5.25. So I hope I am forgiven? πŸ˜•

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    1. People will probably shoot me too, but the easy ones were 3 and 4,and then I was stuck between 5 and 6. I rewatch ed a lot of 5 lately, and guess what? It has some great stuff in it. But I decided on six after three and four. 😊
      Season 1 has the awesome pilot and the awesome finale, but other than that? Nope.

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      1. Season 6 seemed to tone down the nastiness at times. With Steve and Danny. But really in the end, was when I didn’t like it. But still loved this season. Really glad Alex has his problems over with his health behind him.


  5. Oh, I forgot the other season 2 ep which is memorable–the opener where Steve did his prison break from the back of the ambulance.


  6. I had to pretend the seasons were like the dessert table. Went for the Choc dipped strawberries and passed up the the lo-cal stuff. That’s why I had to split a couple of seasons into two parts. Some had more jello than others.

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  7. Best seasons ever for me, 3 and the first half of 4. ❀ The rest of em all had goods and bads. S1 lost its way for a bit in the middle but began and ended well. I didn't mind S2, or Lori, TBH…tho I too was devastated by Alex's issues and have never watched the 5-0-lite eps which did not include him. 😯 I don't cringe rewatching the rest of the season, cos Alex came out the other side in fine form and with Malia expecting a little Lion. πŸ˜‰ Second half of S4 sucked, S5 sucked even more…tho it had a few saving graces, like ep 100 and the 2 finales and McG's barber/lawyer bestie. S6 was a combo plate of good and crap, but McG got his mojo back mid season and that deserves celebration. πŸ˜€


  8. I haven’t been able to pick a favorite because there are episodes in all of them that I liked and some that I disliked. Call me indecisive but I just love the fact that I have had Alex for six years on my TV and I get to escape to Hawaii on a weekly basis when I live in a place that sees more than it’s share of snow. I may be in the minority in that I liked a lot of season 1, it was the start of something I love. All of you have very good points so I can’t choose.


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