6.24 Review


6.24 – Pa’a ka ‘ipuka i ka ‘upena nananana

Trapped inside a dilapidated building in Oahu’s Chinatown, Five-0 must protect a wounded Gabriel (Christopher Sean) and plan their escape when enemy gunmen storm the building looking to kill him and anyone who gets in their way, on the first hour of the sixth season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 13  on the CBS Television Network. 

CBS translated Pa’a ka ‘ipuka i ka ‘upena nananana to The Entrance is Stopped with a Spider’s Web

Yeah, I know, this should have been posted before 6.25, but I thought that one was more important and since I didn’t know if I would have time for both of them… Anyway, here is the review for 6.24, which will not be as long as the one for the finale.

But let’s start at the beginning. The show again started with a previously on. I know I have said it many times, but I honestly don’t get why they are doing this. Not in this length. Almost one and a half minute wasted with scenes from previous episodes. I highly doubt anyone benefits from that. But that has been my pet peeve all along, so, there you have it again.

Then we get Chin in the shower with Abby joining him. To be honest, I don’t like her. I don’t like, or trust the character. And what she said to Chin didn’t improve my dislike, I can tell you that. Sorry, but I think he made the wrong decision to give the kid away. But I do understand that she is certainly not ready to make such a life changing decision at just the beginning of their relationship. So, yeah, I think their ‘love’ will be doomed. Sorry, Chin, but you should have stayed with Leilani. 🙂

As a side note, as it has been stated, Julie Benz will appear in the TV-show Training Day, which was picked up for a full season. She most likely can’t do both shows. I wish her luck with her new show, but am not sad to see her go.

Huh, nice digs Gabriel now lives in. 😉 OK, I get that he has no money, and no power at the moment. Well, not that I believed he ever was that huge powerful mastermind in the first place, but this was low even for him. And dumb. Did I mention dumb? Why the heck did he rush that out of her mind girl to get his gun? That was a monumentally stupid move. Made him look even more like a stupid thug than I already thought he was. Stupid writing for the character. Why not just let the girl shoot him? Boom, done with it.

Anyway, we have Gabriel being shot in the abdomen. Huh, not a good place to get shot. But I really liked it, you know, the irony of him getting shot by that junkie. I thought it was fitting since he, in my eyes, never was any better than a street thug making his money with killing people with dealing his drugs. So, a fitting way for him to go. But we’re not there yet. 😉

So, after introducing us to what would be the main theme of the show, we cut to a scene I absolutely loved. But first we had to endure another thirty seconds of useless scenery. I am sorry, I love seeing scenery, but it has to have a purpose. Lately all these long shots of Hawaii rarely served a purpose at all. I don’t need or want to see thirty seconds of barely clad people relaxing in the sand. Sorry, but that is not why I’m watching a crime show. So, six minutes in, and more than two of them wasted with stuff we have seen hundreds of times before.

Steve and Max having breakfast together, or at least meeting at a restaurant. Loved that Max went to Steve first with his temporary resignation. It showed the huge amount of respect and friendship he feels for the commander. It showcased how Max feels what Steve had done for him. I loved those scenes.

I’m sure he doesn’t like to hear it, but Steve looked damn cute, yeah, well, hot too. Ups, fangirl talking here. 🙂


But, Max, seriously? You turn down a hug from McG? It does fit the character, but seriously? LOL

I still want to see that hug, but I guess we won’t see it. Didn’t get it in 625, and probably not in 701 either. Guess Max will be missing the first couple of episodes. All depending on how long they leave Steve in the hospital. Everything between three to eight weeks would be realistic. Well, in Steve’s case more like eight weeks, since he also has to recover from four bullet wounds. Uh, sorry, but we will talk about that in the second next post. Called Editorial. Yep, you have to put up with a special Editorial about season 6 by yours truly. Or skip it if you wish. 😉

Anyway, I thought these scenes were very well done. Loved how they showed part of the letter, Steve reading it and Max waiting for Steve’s reaction. Probably more for his approval than anything else. Great scenes, Show. Thank you for those.

So, now the action kinda starts with the team going in with the intention of arresting Gabriel. Which they do, but probably not the way they hoped for. I wonder what upstanding citizen saw Gabriel enter the building and knew that he was living there for two weeks. I mean, come on.


When Steve told Abby to stay outside, I felt that was not a good move. As I said, I don’t trust her.

Next they realize they have no signals on their phones. Honestly, how did the baddies cut all forms of communications? Yes, they had one, ONE person at dispatch that worked for them, but seriously, they also blocked all signals? And not one other person hearing all those shots called 911 and reached a different dispatcher? That was just dumb and a little far-fetched. 

We’re still in the abandoned house trying to figure out a way to get Gabriel to a hospital after realizing that they have been compromised.

OK, tell me one thing, how in the world was Abby surprised by these twenty people? I mean seriously, an army of heavily armed men is coming your way, and what, you don’t even have time to warn your colleagues, or fire one shot? Sorry, but I don’t believe she was that surprised at all. I don’t know what her deal is, but I don’t trust her at all. Her agenda is very suspicious. 

And I can tell you I loved watching SEALSteve making an appearance. How he controlled every move of his team was amazing. He was not just in control; he knew what he was doing. How to get the tactical advantage, how to best deal with these people. Kudos to the writers to remember that they have a SEAL as the team leader.

Cool scenes with Steve using the open HPD channel to get patched through to Grover. And of course he would rush to the rescue right away. Just like old times. It was nice to see him with SWAT again. I think he was a great SWAT captain, but I do like him better with Five-0. I just love that guy. The character is so well written, and brilliantly acted by Chi McBride.

I had a good laugh while they were in the stairwell. Danny keep standing in front of the glass door, they might actually shoot you. Everyone took cover, not Danny. But damn, they didn’t get him. 😉


And another good laugh at Danny’s expanse. “What are you doing?” Well, Danny, your boss might try to keep the baddies from getting onto the roof. Foreign concept to you, huh?

But Chin was even dumber. They knew that Abby had been compromised but he told the baddies that they were on the roof. Sorry, but that was stupid, Chin.


Loved it how Steve proved why he’s in command. It honors Chin and Danny that they wanted to go back for Abby, but that was the wrong decision and would have endangered all of them.

Alright, now we come to the part I have a real problem with. And honestly, it has nothing to do with that it is about Danny. I would have just been as pissed if it were one of the others. Danny’s behavior on the roof was completely unacceptable.

He prides himself to be an officer of the law. Then fucking act like one. His whining and bitching endangered all of them. He kept them from moving forward. He was the reason the baddies had enough time to reach the roof and take shots at them.

Besides that, his boss, the freaking head of the task force gave him an order. You don’t discuss orders. When he tells you to jump, you only ask how far! And then you fucking go.

You are not in the private of the car where you can bitch all you want, until Steve has enough. You were on a roof with dangerous criminals coming. You do NOT question your boss’s decision and competence. And certainly not in front of the others. That behavior was insubordination, endangerment and completely and utterly unacceptable.

And yes, of course, Steve wouldn’t go first, but last. After all members of his team would be safe. Or he would go first if the danger would lie ahead. That’s just what he does.


Danny’s behavior should have consequences. Steve should have a serious talk with that member of his team. In real life, that person would have been suspended from the team, and rightly so.

In my eyes, that member is not fit to be part of that team. Sorry, but he is not. And openly saying that he does not trust his partner, friend and boss? What an asshole. There is no excuse for that. I’m done with him. But also more about that in the Editorial. 😉


After this we have more of the same, pretty much shooting on every street. Really, that was totally over the top. I do love action, I do love shoot-outs, but this felt like a video game. It was just too much.

Yes, there were some nice scenes. Like at the theater.

And, of course with the bus, although why Danny suddenly thinks he’s an expert in driving a bus is beyond me. Last time he didn’t even know how to get that thing going. And Steve is right, driving a bus on a straight street once, doesn’t give you the advantage to drive it in town. That was laughable. Although Steve didn’t drive the bus very far anyway, so, didn’t really make a difference. 😉

And hey, wouldn’t all those bullets cut through the pretty thin metal of the bus and kill them all? But I didn’t even mind that. So, let’s say they were safe hunkering down in that bus. 🙂

Tell me, why couldn’t Chin go into any of the businesses on their way? Why did he have to use that particular apartment?

Nice use of Jerry and Max. Although letting Jerry tell us he used radio frequencies all his life? Remember who we’re talking about? 😉


Loved how they involved Duke in this too.


Don’t care much about the Coughlin guy, but I guess he helped them so he got a shot at Gabriel.


Nice take down of the remaining bad guys.


Huh, Steve is still bleeding from the head wound, but the car is already repaired? 🙂 That was a quick fix of all those cut cables.

And of course the Shioma woman got away. But I highly doubt she will be our next big villian.

You know, we have gone through all this trouble, one hour of shooting and running, many episodes trying to catch Gabriel, and then he dies off screen? Well, at first I thought that was dumb, but later I came to the conclusion, he didn’t deserve anything more than that. Just as I think getting shot by a junkie was fitting for the weak character he was, his death was just as fitting.

Gabriel had such potential, but they never managed to make him anything other than a thug trying to play with the big boys. I never took him seriously. So, I guess this death was the best for him.



What is my verdict to this episode? I think it was a great one. It beautifully set the stage for the last episode. Yes, it was over the top, even for my action standards, and yes, it had a member of the team in it whose behavior I absolutely despised, but it was still a highly entertaining episode.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


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  1. Ding Dong Gabriel is dead! Well looking for that to happen. But we now have a new villain in a woman. Chin I think is worried about raising his niece. With the job he is at. Well look at Grover and Danny both are fathers. He can look no further than them. As he can get advice on from them.
    Very action packed and please though, enough with buses.


  2. Attention Attention.
    Be prepared.
    Awesome voter is coming.
    Yes, I liked this episode more than the finale. Shocker.

    I didn’t mind all the shooting. I can’t really pinpoint why. It is just that it made sense – in a way.
    They were shooting their way to survival is the best I can explain it. Running, hiding, shooting – I liked that. Yes, they failed in saving Gabriel, but that was not their fault. They did the right thing in trying to get Gabriel in jail. That is how it should go, something Steve has always done. The right thing. More than once he had the chance to kill Wo Fat. He never did. He did the right thing. And it is not to be assumed that the Yakuza guys would have gone easy on our 5-0s. So they had to save themselves too.
    What I absolutely loved in this episode was the COMMANDER. The large and in charge SEAL. He was on top of his game, saving his team in his mind, he was the last to abandon the sinking ship. Only an idiot could not see that. But I come to that later.

    I absolutely adored the scenes between Steve and Max. Incredibly well done from both actors. It is so heartwarming to see how this once guarded and odd ME opened up to Steve. Because Steve made him part of a team, part of a family. Without prejudices. Give them both a few months and Max will even hug McG. There is no way he can resist for much longer. McG hugs are famous! McG hugs have healing powers! McG hugs make the world smile!

    All the same goes for the scene between Steve and Chin. Apparently Steve is more human than Abby. Go for Steve’s advise Chin! You did wrong and Steve is not into sending children away. I am sure of that. Love the way Steve made it clear to Chin that Sara is better without a father like Gabriel.
    I love that Gabriel is dead. He never was a mastermind. He just was a ruthless punk and died as such.

    So now let’s have a look at the rooftop. Let’s have a look at an officer of the law. But not only a normal officer, no, an officer of a freaking elite task force. Danny’s behavior was utterly inadequate. Disgusting. Unacceptable. Repulsive. Poor. And weak. He is the weakest link and the slowest slow-motions in the world can not convince me otherwise. With this kind of behavior he has no right to be a member of an elite task force. He. Was. Endangering. His. Team. And he was not following orders. Even Chin lost his calmness.
    So that was the part I did not enjoy at all. And I can only shake my head at people telling me that it was just the way Danny reacts when he is afraid. That this is his way of coping. So, when endangering his colleagues (he he, he called Steve colleague in 6.25) is the result from Danny ‘being just the way he is’ well then he is not qualified.
    Bye Danny!
    Hello Sara!
    So I didn’t like this, but the other stuff was awesome enough for me.
    Steve, Chin, Grover, Max, Kono – FTW!

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    • Slowest slow motion in the world. Rofl. You are so darn right.
      And I don’t freaking care if he just acted like Danny always does, he has no business being an officer. A behavior like that is unacceptable. Period.
      And yes, loved the others. But Danny honestly took the awesome out of the ep for me.

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    • I voted awesome too! Tho the ep was definitely too shooty, there was lots to love here. Bad-ass SuperSEAL time, always an awesome. Tender human McG time, which bookended the show with Max to open and Chin to close, also always an awesome. And rooftop brainiac AND humanitarian-psychologist-social-worker SEAL…getting his assy, scaredy-pants, employee to save his own damn life and cease risking others’…for McG’s part of that dialogue, also an awesome.

      Tho given unprofessional fraidy-cat Danno’s behavior, he definitely needs to be punished in some way, to lose something for that pathetic insubordination. What should Danno lose? Something like…his job? A few weeks pay? His rank? McG as his partner? Hmmm…maybe…maybe something more personal, more a crucial part of Danno. How about, perhaps, a liver!!? 😆

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        • LOL!! True. Show lives to punish Steve….and by extension, us. 😉

          But even given a plebeian Danno liver, McG gonna make that thing look gooood! It’s gonna be the best, bad-assyest, smartest, non-fattiest, big-heartedest, damn liver ever! Heh!

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        • There was a time, in the first few seasons, where the Danny-McGarrett relationship was a major theme of the show. But somewhere along the way, the banter went from teasing to just plain mean. Add to that the lack of full time commitment to that pairing and it was only a matter of time for people not to notice someone was missing. A character has to have commitment, relevance and the ability to convince the viewer that there would be no show if he/she was written as someone whose presence was unnecessary. I think that’s what happened to the McDanno bromance. The writers were trying to figure out a way to show that the old magic was there, especially with the couples therapy episode, which was a major disappointment to those fans who were hoping for more than was delivered. I didn’t live up to expectations so they tried an organ transplant to hammer home that these two characters are now eternally joined together. Just unbelievable.

          It would have made more sense if Danny was the one who needed the liver and Steve was the donor. Then Steve would have healed and gone on with is life and Danny would have been the one sidelined from a job he probably no longer wants. The character could go on a reduced work schedule, spend more time with his kids, and have a good reason for missing so much time with the task force. It remains to be seen who signs contracts and how many episodes they commit to at that time and whether we get a new team member whose name is not Abby or Jerry.

          I’m also hoping that we get more women writers because I think that this show is a major fail when trying to portray capable, intelligent females. I have a very good vibe for S7. Let’s hope it turns out to be the best yet.

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          • Sorry, Mama, but I really don’t understand how could a season in which most probably Steve will be sidelined be good – and I’m astonished you think it could turn out to be the best yet. No, not possible, not in a million years! It could never ever be better than the first two seasons anyway, but without Steve the show is nothing.


            • I strongly disagree that the two first seasons were the best. And I am with mama in her hope that this will be the best. And I have reasons for this hope to be founded on solid grounds. I will give them in my editorial.


            • Gabriella:

              I feel this way because I don’t believe that the writers gave any deep thought to what would happen to Steve when they went liver on us. Now the only way around it is to rewrite medicine to allow for him to have a miraculous recovery which dispenses with anti-rejection drugs and allows him to remain superman with no permanent symptoms of the transplant. We won’t see a sidelined Steve behind a desk. After the first three episodes all will be forgotten except by a handful of fans who follow closely. The other 9 million who tune in on Friday night have already forgotten what happened in 625. And PL will go his own way in resolving this issue and nothing we or any other segment of the fandom say will change that. Logic be damned.

              I think and hope S7 turns out to be stellar because after the train wreck of S5, and a mixed S6, we are getting some new writers who may turn the show back to its original theme- an elite unit tackling high profile crimes- and not a vehicle for random characters to use up screen time which serves no purpose or juvenile stories like the three drunk guys cheating on their wives. It seems the surest route to a S8 and I’m going to keep faith that self preservation will cause the PTB to do everything in their power to get there. If they cannot, then let the show go out with a glorious S7, full of story resolutions and happiness for all the characters.

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              • Problem is, Mama, I believe the writer(s) are high profile professionals who know exactly what they are doing, where they’re heading and why. The last two things weren’t probably always true, but I think they are now, and I suspected the liver transplant could be the road and I’ve been mourning Steve from the moment the word liver was said.
                And judging from the script’s glimpses PL shared/teased/ earlier today it seems that the whole thing could be even worse than I feared. I hope with all my heart that I’m paranoid and over pessimistic, because this can’t end like this, it simply can’t.

                PS: a few comments I read said that the episode (625) had the feel of a series finale: it’ true, it was a homage, that felt like a farewell to Steve…

                Cry me a liver


                  • Gabriella:

                    By the way- don’t believe everything you read on line. No one has any inside information about anything and if they say they do, then its their ego taking control of reality. We are all guessing here.

                    PL knew well in advance there would be a S7 so “Liver” was deliberately planned. The writers knew enough to read up on a liver transplant and that it could work in real life but did not research it thoroughly enough to see its implications. That is shoddy work. A failing grade. A big fat “F” next to the word “Liver”.

                    Let’s just celebrate that they didn’t go with a heart transplant (although that would have permanently solved the Danny problem). Most of us know enough to think things through before we act but this is TV and they have some creative license in what they do. But “liver “just went too far.

                    Don’t worry anymore. Let’s wait for Sam’s editorial.


  3. I have nothing else to add to the review, Sam, you said it all.

    But, to show just how shallow I am, I love Michelle Shioma’s clothes, especially her shoes. Of course, she has plenty of money, but they have had wealthy characters before and their clothes are just “meh”.

    ( I wonder if the actress used her own clothes or wasn’t lily livered and stood her ground with wardrobe.)

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  4. Oh I totally forgot to mention that I loved the camera work in this. When the team and Danny (lol, sorry) were ready to enter the rotten building and then inside the camera was a little bit ‘unsteady’ like a reality documentary. I think that was great, realistic!


  5. Thanks Sam for taking the time to add this review!
    I also gave it a “great” because I was well entertained and loved the action. I’m willing to overlook the plot holes you mentioned. For everyone still in doubt (yes there are once again ppl tweeting PL asking if Gabriel is really dead or begging him to bring Gabe back…. seriously?!?) – PL confirmed on twitter that it’s farewell for Mr. Waincroft. I don’t mind! While the actor is a really nice guy, his role didn’t have the potential it might have had and I never bought him being the big bad.

    Totally LOVED Steve in charge! This is what I wanted to see. The last few episodes made me cheer as we got the old Steve back, the Commander, the elite task force leader!
    What the heck was Mr. Williams doing? Even my usually calm husband yelled at the screen. I am at a loss how anyone can even entertain the idea to defend this behavior of a certain member of an elite task force. So let me summarize: he’s claustrophobic, he has anger issues, he is afraid of various tasks, he disobeys orders, he endangers his fellow team members with his actions…. What else? Even Chin’s comments spoke volumes!
    I see that the writers wanted to build up the tension “to make everything alright again” with the donation of half of Danny’s liver in 6.25 (and bring back the “bromance”) or so many fans thought. But I guess that backfired for many of them as they watched the last scenes of the finale unfold. I don’t know what S7 has in store for us when it comes to their partnership or even friendship, but I feel that the old times (when their banter was fresher) won’t magically come back. Frankly, I don’t need that anyway…

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    • Yeah, by now we’ve had more mean, annoying interactions between the two of them than wonderful ones. Season 1 was a long time ago. I don’t think they can magically resurrect it.

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  6. couldn’t figure out how to rate this one. I LOVED Steve both as the sensitive friend and as the BA leader – particularly the Max scene.
    I am glad Gabriel is done.
    I did not like Abby’s comment about giving the child to social services – seemed too much like the stepmother trying to get rid of the pesky child.
    I wondered whether the production team had a large amount of firepower budget to use before the end of the season.
    i guess we should be so thrilled Chin still had a bullet scar and steve still needed steri strips at the end of the episode, we will forgive the miraculously “healed” Camaro. We can’t expect the professional tv producers to get all the details right all of the time, can we?
    They ramped up the Steve annoyed with Danny quite a bit at the end of this season, yet they never used it. Steve even rolled his eyes at Danny in the hospital. There had better be some sort of discussion next season. If there is supposed to be an understanding that this is how Danny handles stress, he needs to be told that avenue of handling stress is juvenile and not suited for life-threatening situations. Adults do not behave that way. Steve has some of the same habits to work on. As much as he is supposed to be in control in work situations, he needs to work on reliinquishing a bit of that nature outside of work. (i’m thinking back to the shared apartment episode when he didn’t really let danny choose dinner as he had promised).
    oh, i can’t wait for the editorial as well as for more of your own spin on McG…

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    • Yes! Abby totally seemed the wicked stepmother trying to ditch the kid! And given the seriousness of the decision, she really shouldn’t’ve weighed in at all. The MOST she shoulda said is, I’ll support any decision you make.

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  7. Well it seems I am not as late to the party this time. Very good review and I gave it a great. I was able to forgive some of the details with the communications business, couldn’t help wondering how the hell Abby didn’t get shot by the bad guy….is she a secret ninja? Max and Steve was so great…..I love Max. I could go with the flow with all the shooting and if Danny can’t accept Steve jumping behind the steering wheel after six years then he is just the slowest learner on earth. Get over it all ready!!! Abby also being shown as the nasty stepmom to be is just a way out for the actress in my opinion. Gabriel dying off screen didn’t bother me and while I thought he was not that great a villain I guess he needed that scene with Chin to make it an emotional moment but it didn’t make me like him better. Seeing Lou in SWAT mode again was fun and so him.

    Okay, now to Danny on the roof. So many of you have said it so well. Totally disrespectful of his team leader and the man who is supposed to be his best friend. Not to mention a man who has been through combat conditions and can assess a situation and find the best way out. I also could not figure out why he couldn’t see what Steve was doing when he blocked that door. I think they should have left him on the roof to face those Yakuza guys and all the other jumped since he felt that was the best option. I would not have cried.

    I remember reading something where PL said that the final episode would have huge implications on Steve and Danny’s relationship. I am beginning to wonder if he did not mean the change would be for the better. I cannot remember the exact wording but if it was just a change that was going to be huge it could be that no matter that the questionable transplant would occur but that even that would not save this bromance. There was nothing improved at the end of 6:25 that made me think that anything would be different between them. I gave it a great because that roof scene was tough to digest although the stunts having them jump were fun to watch..

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      • I think in PLenkov’s bizarro mind, Danno is now a saint and The Liver makes up for any and all trangressions, past present or future. I imagine the same is true of Danno’s mind. He now considers himself a saint and has no memory of McG’s many times rescuing his and his family’s sorry arse…including supporting Danno’s family in ways Danno has NEVER supported McG’s quirky little family.

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        • Danny’s rant in the hospital proves your theory. To claim that Steve would never do the same thing for him and called him an ingrate just rubbed me the wrong way. He brought up the old “never open your wallet” comment again. This statement to the man who went to Colombia with him to ransom Matt, the man who when he first met him gave him a room at a fancy hotel so his little daughter could swim with the dolphins and refused to walk away when Danny had triggered a bomb, not leaving him while it was disarmed. And there are other times but he holds a few lunches and drinks against him. I seem to remember a visit to the rooftop bar where Steve was buying a round and Danny was right there watching so even that tired complaint is wrong.

          Yet Danny likes to bring up Doris and throw it in Steve’s face, he constantly belittles Steve’s concern for the Marquis when he knows what it means to Steve, plus he prematurely announced Steve’s attention to ask Cath to marry him. I seriously wonder if Danny is delusional. Maybe the sun has fried his brain.

          Sorry for the long rant, a certain character does that to me when the writers do not allow a character to grow up.

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          • Moonjat:

            Danny is like the sibling who ends every discussion with ” Mom always liked you better.” He forgets about all the good things Steve has done for him. Amnesia is Danny’s middle name.

            Its time for the character to ease out of the task force.

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            • not ease… kicked out on his short little tushie! The way he treated Steve in this episode was beyond bad. I honestly cannot believe that scene on the roof was even written like that. There is a time and a place for things and whining in the middle of a life or death situation is certainly not the time nor place. Since Steve is laid up for a while, I wish Chin would knock him down a peg or two. I really have had it with him. I would gladly pack his bags for Jersey.

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              • Yeah- I don’t get the point the writers were trying to make having Danny argue with his !!!boss!!! about following orders. How does this cement the friendship between those two if he risked getting everyone killed while he babbled on and on? I’m just surprised the others didn’t push him off the building.

                Is this why the writers felt compelled to give us liver? To redeem Danny so we won’t think he’s a total jerk? I’m not so worried about Danny in S7. My guess is that PL was saying in a roundabout way that Danny is maybe considering a career change.

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                • I have been thinking on this and I am beginning to believe that Danny does not view Steve as his “Boss” no matter what the others say or do. I think he has always felt he is more of a cop than Steve and that makes him an equal, not a subordinate. He feels he has the right to question every move that Steve makes. From the beginning he has never shied away from questioning decisions Steve has made and often belittled his partner and boss. It is a testament to Steve’s nature that he has allowed it to continue all these years. Perhaps he doesn’t want to have Grace’s father unemployed? I personally believe PL sees this as reimaging the old H 5-0 and has encouraged writers to put these pieces in. There is no redeeming Danny in my eyes, not even donating part of his liver because Danny didn’t even seem happy about the choice but acted as though it was a chore that he HAD to do because it was expected. Or at least that was how the lines were delivered by SC. But things will not change as long as PL has control because I think he does love the Steve and Danny pairing.

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          • I’m totally with y’all…but I sincerely believe PLenkov loves the little jerk and is the one reponsible for him being such an ungrateful self-centered poop. PLenkov and I have verrrrrry different tastes. But PLenkov gets to decide who stays and goes, much to my disappointment most times, and often to detriment of Show. I got zero faith in him. Ze.Ro. 🙄

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            • I agree, PL does seem to think that Danny is special. I too have much different taste than PL. I don’t trust him and I think that if Danny leaves it will only be because SC wants to leave. Otherwise we will get more of what we had this season….several episodes of Danny missing for one reason or another and when he is there he will rant about Steve owing him. Mama is right, he is the Tommy Smothers of H 5-0 if you are old enough to know that comedy duo. “Mom always like you best Dick”.

              Liked by 1 person

        • While I wish Moonjat to be right about the repurcussions of the finale on Steve/Danny relationship. I think Grace is the winner here. In PL’s mind it showed how amazingly connected the two are, and all should be forgiven because:LIVER

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    • When you said “seeing Lou in SWAT mode” made me realize that they’ve had Lou riding along or dealing with SWAT more than a few times this season – which makes me laugh because in typical H50 fashion – THEY HAD him in SWAT first, which could’ve been great fodder for interaction with H50, but they took him out – only to then put him back with SWAT when convenient.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Moonjat, yes, I have had that thought, too. Maybe this will finally break their friendship? A transplant can have extreme emotional impact on both the donor and the recipient.
    If I recall correctly, PL phrased it something like this “…that will have ripple effects in S7”
    Good or bad??

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  9. Great review as always!

    I love Max – and he’s a dapper dresser! And rejecting the hug was totally in character for Max, but damn, son – bad move. I loved that scene with all my heart. I hope Max doesn’t get caught in the gloaming like the other characters we never see again.

    Can’t WAIT for your S6 editorial. I think I’m going to love it 😉

    So, Abby got surprised by the Yakuza army, and then somehow managed to kill her attacker and get away – so she takes Chin’s bike and… what… goes to save SWAT/Lou? How did she know where they were? She does that but doesn’t try to help Chin? That WHOLE thing made no sense, and she couldn’t have looked more ridiculous “riding” that cycle to the rescue. That scene ranked up there with the “Grover ‘riding’ a horse” scene for least believable scene of a character operating their own transportation. She was so clearly sitting on the bike on a trailer being towed, I laughed out loud. Then, in the middle of an epic SEIGE on downtown Oahu, she takes off to meet Coughlin because he might have info on the leak? Just, no.

    That whole “getting patched through to HPD” thing was a great nod to the original H5O when McGarrett would get a call patched through to him from HPD.

    The whole roof thing – two thumbs up for everything you said. It was awful. When Chin has to bark over your whining to get HIS partner to follow orders, that’s bad.

    The neverending Yakuza army was too much. It was just.too.much. About halfway through I thought “this is JUST TOO MUCH” and then it kept going.

    So, Gabriel is dead. Offscreen. This whole episode, trying to save the life of the guy who didn’t deserve risking their lives for. The guy who I STILL don’t know why he was so darn pissed off at Chin – but then seemingly instead turned his ire to Adam. SHOW kept telling me he was a big baddie, but never actually SHOWED it to me. He never made it past “thug” in my book. And, why do all baddies have to have unlimited money, and as soon as their money dries up they are completely useless? Anyway – he wasn’t a good bad guy IMO. He was always going to end up dead.


  10. I have way too many things I need to write right now, so I am not going to make all the comments on this that I want to. I totally agree with your review, Sam and love all the comments on here. I also vote it as “great” and truly thought we would argue over this one. I was surprised when I read your final verdict because last week, “great” wasn’t in your vocab for this episode. 🙂 But it did get better the second time around. Maybe tonight it will be the third time around. Things I didn’t like were Abby in the shower (I so want Chin to decide on the little girl and kick Blondie to the curb. She surely doesn’t want a child). And the other thing I hated was… surprise, surprise… Danny on the roof. Toss him over when he didn’t want to jump! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  11. I agree with people’s comments about Danny’s behaviour on the rooftop. After six years he doesn’t trust Steve? And to openly vocalize what he did in front of everyone was wrong in so many ways. I always liked Danny, but I’m at a loss as to why the character seems to be written the way it is, and it’s really souring to see. I’m a McGarrett woman through and through, and I used to enjoy their banter. Now Danny’s words are abrasive, some might say hurtful, to a guy whose had his back and been his friend and partner for all this time.

    I just don’t get it. Lou’s known Steve for less time and had a rockier start to their friendship/working relationship and he never treats him the way Danny has been. He’s been more of a real friend to be honest.

    I’d love to see a turnabout change to their relationship in season 7 due to the events in 6.25, but with the way it ended I’m not so sure. Even after that the brash entitlement attitude was still present.

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