Interview, by request

Brilliant idea by mamayorkie to discuss the interview. Here you go, have at it. 🙂

Thanks to EW for the interview.

Hawaii Five-0

Posted May 13 2016 — 11:00 PM EDT

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Hawaii Five-0. Read at your own risk!

Hawaii Five-0’s season finale claimed one life and nearly took another.

As a dangerous batch of meth caused countless deaths across the island, the team is finally able to capture Gabriel (Christopher Sean), who eventually dies after Shioma’s (Michelle Krusiec) thugs besiege Five-0, preventing them from getting Gabriel to a hospital after he is shot.

In the wake of Gabriel’s death, McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danny (Scott Caan) infiltrate the supplier, posing as pilots flying in a new shipment, but McGarrett gets shot on the mission. Danno is able to land the plane and even donates his liver to help save McGarrett. All’s well that ends well, right? Actually, yeah. But McGarrett’s near-death experience will be a big topic next season. Get the scoop from executive producer Peter M. Lenkov:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How do you think McGarrett’s near-death experience will change him?
When somebody has a near-death experience, they start to reflect on their life, and I think that he’s going to do that. He’s going to look back and say, “What’s my legacy here? I almost died, and what do I have? I’ve lost my father, I’ve lost my mother, I’ve lost the woman that I’ve loved.” He just starts to reflect on everything, the choices that he’s made and looks for a reason to continue doing what he’s doing. That’s going to play a little bit of a theme next year. McGarrett may be being a little more aware of his mortality, and also his legacy of what am I going to leave behind?

What does this do to Danny, knowing he was ready to kill McGarrett’s shooter?
He’s got that temper where you believe that he could do something like that. I think Danny probably would have done before he had kids and before he got married. Somebody hurt his family, somebody hurt somebody that’s very close to him, so it took every ounce of restraint to not shoot him. If Danny didn’t have a family, he would have just put a bullet through that guy’s eyes. He’s been humanized by the fact that he has this son and a daughter and an ex-wife. We played Danny early on in his career where he was a little more hotheaded. Adulthood, or even fatherhood, changed him and made him a more well rounded human being.

With McGarrett’s life in danger, did you consider bringing Catherine (Michelle Borth) back for the finale?
I did. I really did, and here was my dilemma: I brought her back in the finale last season, and I didn’t want to replay that moment of him laying on his deathbed and her coming in, because it would feel very similar to last year, even though it was not a life-and-death situation, it was Kono’s (Grace Park) wedding. It just would have felt like similar territory. I want to bring her back in a different way than what we did last year. To be honest with you, she was in the first draft of the script I wrote, but I ended up taking her out, because it just felt very similar to last season.

Do you expect to bring her back next season?
I hope so. Yeah, hope so. I’ll be honest with you, if I knew it was going to be the last season this year, she would have definitely been in the show, but because I knew it wasn’t, and it just felt wrong, now I have the luxury of another 25 stories at least, so I can do it in a different way.

Why did you decide to kill off Gabriel?
It felt like the right thing to do. First of all, the audience was probably going to expect something big to happen with Gabriel in the last episode. I wanted to do something unexpected, and I wanted to start an arc next year with a new villain. Sean is great; it had nothing to do with anything but the fact that it had just felt like we had done everything we could with the character, and I just wanted to move on. Everyone is going to miss him the same way we missed Wo-Fat.

Do you have thoughts on who the new villain is going to be next year?
Yeah. Somebody very unexpected, I think.

Shioma disappeared in the finale, but is she coming back? Is she part of the big bad situation next season?
No, she’s not part of that, but definitely we have to [address her] at some point, because she’s definitely out there in the wind.

Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) is facing the possibility of becoming the father of Gabriel’s daughter. Will you explore that next season?
Yeah, that will be a big arc next year for sure — what he does, and does he end up fighting for adoption?

With Chin dealing with possible fatherhood, do you think he’s on his way to proposing to Abby (Julie Benz)?
We start the season, [and he’s] living with her. It’s going in that direction for sure. I want these people to be happy, because they’ve become my family, too. And the same way with Kono and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) getting out of prison. I do want these people to be happy.

Kono makes the point that Adam will get out of prison in four months. Will that happen when the show returns?
What you’ve got to remember is McGarrett’s recovering, so I’m going to start the season with him coming out of the hospital, so it’s going to be less than four months.

But do you see Adam coming out by next season?
Yeah, for sure. We love Ian, so we want him back.

In the wake of what happened to McGarrett, Kono said a few things that made me suspect she’s considering leaving Five-0. Is that a possibility?
The theme of next year is everybody is weighing the legacy — or what they’re doing and the affect that it has on their lives. Kono’s gone through some amazing trauma and her husband was taken away from her. A lot of it stems from her job. She would have probably never had met Adam if it wasn’t for her job. She’s in that place of reflecting the choices she’s made as well, the same way that Chin is looking at, “Do I adopt this girl? Do I change her life, which ultimately is going to change mine?” You get to a point where you start weighing everything, and you put things in a plus and minus column, and you say, “Is it worth it?” That’s really where I want the characters to be, where they’re really weighing the good that they’re doing.

Max (Masi Oka) is heading to Doctors Without Borders. What does that mean about his future on the show?
Right now, in my head, I’m planning on him still being out there doing that for the first couple episodes and have him come back a little wiser, maybe a little more mature, making some decisions about his future. Someone like that who works with dead people all the time, I think their personality doesn’t grow. He’s going to come back slightly changed and energized by what he did.

What did Wo-Fat’s father really want from McGarrett? It didn’t seem like he was just looking for forgiveness.
Yeah, good, okay. [Laughs.]

Were you aiming for that to be ambiguous?
Yeah, I’m glad. [Laughs.] It’s going to be a part of a story next year. It’s something bigger in mind, but I had to plant it in there at the end. Danny says, “He called you all the way there just to forgive you?” You’re going to realize it’s more than what happened in that meeting. It’s not like McGarrett’s hiding anything, it’s more what Wo-Fat’s father has in mind.

Hawaii Five-0 is slated to return to CBS in the fall.


49 thoughts on “Interview, by request

  1. I think the first paragraph is very telling — Steve wondering about his legacy. I think that opens the door for Cath to be back in his life and they start a family. I’m hoping Cath’s mission will explain (and forgive) her absence. Maybe it involved Doris or Wo Fat’s father. PL hints that the old man has ulterior motives!
    I don’t think a “reflective Steve” necessarily means he will be sedate and sit behind a desk. I think he’ll have the same passion for helping solve crime and will still don the kevlar. This could be really good.

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  2. I’m going to sound like the proverbial wet blanket, but this doesn’t inspire me at all. My first reaction is “Oh great, just like they took one thing and pounded it to death this season (countless hours wasted with the secondaries taking over the show) next season they’re going to beat to death the theme of “where am I at with my life?”

    Obviously the theme itself is very worthy–if you write a character, they need to have an arc across time. It just so happens, according to above article, they’re going to do that with basically EVERYONE on the show which to me says no variety. I can only go on gut feel, but my gut feel on reading the interview is “We still have no idea what we’re doing so we’re going to fling some stuff together to get us through next year.”

    I wish I knew someone who actively wrote for a TV series. I would love to bounce this off of them.


  3. The interview shows PLenkov is still TeamCath, not necessarily TeamMcRoll. And he seems to feel a liver transplant is all about the internal emo feels it creates rather than also the actual physical feels a body goes thru. Huh. Also he gives these every year and the following season rarely looks like the picture his interview painted. So huge grain of salt for me.

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    1. Haha Exactly Grace! Season 6 was the “season of Love”, recall.

      I do think he has an ending in mind that he needs Catherine for. I have no idea what that means, and he’s terrible at pacing – but I think we will see her again.

      I’m all for seeing Alex put Steve through some emo retrospection! I just fear that it won’t actually happen, or will be so ridic I’ll be apeshit.

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  4. Reading the lines he had to say about Danny not killing Steve’s shooter I am asking myself if this man watches his own show! Ridiculous. He killed Reyes in cold blood, as a father and with an ex-wife.
    I love the idea of Steve getting a storyline next season, what a brilliant and unique idea giving your lead chara a story. Emotional scenes ahead? I am all in. Alex rocks these!

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    1. I thought the same thing about his comments on Danny. He DID kill Reyes in cold blood – as I recall Reyes was unarmed, yet threatened Grace, correct? The only thing he didn’t know about at the time was Charlie.


  5. Well, I’m ever the optimist here. I think PL is Team Cath and Team McRoll. And team MB too. Seems he wants everyone to make choices which will make them happy in S7. Steve will reassess his life and see how much he has sacrificed for others and feel its now time to think about what he needs. He will get custody of Nahele because he wants too and not because he has to. If PL says something where there are direct quotes, I believe him and not some interviewer who spins the story to fit their personal agenda.

    So Cath returns. I always thought PL intended to bring her back. Nothing else made any sense ( and don’t anyone here remind me that I used PL and sense in the last two sentences after the liver incident.) Why have her return for 525, 601, 602 and 603 and have her leave again for a mysterious reason we now know was an undercover black op for her country? That’s not how you write off a character. Its how you set up her return. Even McG’s silliness with 2 other woman while trying to move on didn’t work. He betrayed his feelings for Cath when he found out she was in danger. I demand a swift return, a wedding and triplets.

    With Julie Benz getting a new show, there will be no time to hop over to make an appearance as Abby. So I think something will happen to cause that relationship to fizzle a few weeks into S7. It could be Chin’s struggle to decide if he should try to adopt Sarah. Abby might not be ready for motherhood. How long has she been with Chin? That’s a big step to take for a fairly new relationship. Poor Chin.

    Kono may wish for a quiet life with Adam since her job may put them in danger. Will she ease herself out during the season? Who knows. Maybe GP wants some time off.

    What happens to Grover?

    Danny is problematic. Now he realizes he has kids and can no longer be reckless. Now he realizes it? Just now? This very minute? Maybe its time for a career change. Don’t slam the door on your way out, Danno. How much more time can the character be away from the team before he is irrelevant? I see guest star status in the future.

    Finally. leave Max’s character alone. I think he is perfect as he is.

    (How are the ABCs taking the EW article? Denial? Fury? Did twitter implode? Dying to know!)

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    1. I think and hope PL is all of those teams, and I want to state for the record that I am TeamMamaYorkie

      the abC’s are expectedly not pleased, and suddenly it is OK to not think PL hung the moon.

      Whether her being back comes to fruition or not, I LOVE the timing of this interview. It made Liver so much more palatable.

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      1. Kimphin: Are the ABC’s in denial yet? He didn’t mean what he said-he was vague- not reading it as a definite thing- whatever?

        The timing was perfect- he had his finale-ran to hide and laughed all the way to the writers room until he found out a liver transplant is not the same as a tooth implant. Come to think of it, maybe they should have gone with that. Danny finds Steve’s tooth after the crash, cuddles it to keep it warm and waits patiently for the dental surgeon to give him a medal for his heroic save. Thumbs up.

        I never had any doubt about Cath’s return. I agree that the 525 was written as the series finale. It ended so strangely with Kono and Adam waiting to make their appearance as husband and wife in the 601. If Catherine stayed after 603, he would have had to deal with a engagement and wedding. Where would be the drama? Arguing over China patterns, whether to invite Steve’s mother to the wedding? Who gets to be the Best man? Anyone who thought he didn’t set up that Black Op story as a bump in the road for this couple just hates the idea of McRoll. Even his flings with the Airplane girl and She who has no self esteem and shall not be named but could use a haircut, shampoo and a bar of soap. went nowhere. These characters are living with Ellie, Mindy, Gaby and Leilani somewhere in a land far, far away.
        I don’t think the road back together will be easy until they have “the talk”. But since Steve will be recovering for a while I imagine he will finally have some time on his hands to get around to it.

        PL gave away a very important piece of information in that EW interview. If it was the series finale, he would have brought Cath back for 625. That’s because he wants McRoll to be endgame.

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        1. Crying laughing over how awkward that acronym for Steve’s non girlfriend is. SWHNSEASNBNBCUAHSAABOS

          As to the abC’s, That’s what I meant when I said they suddenly don’t think he hung the moon – now they say things like “he always says things that don’t come to fruition” and “he has an unnatural obsession with MB” (like they don’t, LOL). last week they were eagerly awaiting PL’s year-end interview because “he always gives so much insight into the next season” and now this week it’s all “He never does what he says he is going to do” It’s damn amusing.

          My take? Yes, he often says things that he thinks people want to hear as opposed to what’s going to actually happen. However, he rarely has so much to say about those things. This wasn’t exactly vague speak, LOL. The man has a plan. Sorry abC’s.

          So, ho will Steve be after this life changing event that may or may not actually change any part of his life depending on whether or not PL remembers what he’s done to him? I dunno. For sure it’s not going to be realistic, which is really lame. I’ll say three episodes.

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  6. I think season 7 will be the last season by going with this interview and Peter saying he want everyone happy. Usually when Peter has said in interviews about what is going to happen on Five 0 I take it as a pinch of salt but what he has said is pity easy to do nothing hard he could not make happen.
    It looks like Steve will have three storyline going on next season.
    1. Reflecting on his life and where he is now and what he want out of life.
    2. Wo Fat’s father he will be coming after him
    3. Finding Catherine to tell her how much he loves her. We might not see Cath until the second half of the season hopefully more than one episode.
    Chin and Abby
    I think Abby will be part time on Five 0 with her other show as well. I like Abby with Chin but I find her boring on the team.
    I hope Chin will adopt Sarah
    Will be reflecting on her life with Adam and they might want a family. If season 7 is the last season I can see Kono pregnant and wanting to leave the task force in ep 7.25.
    I can see all four wanting to leave the task force for a quieter life.

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  7. Forgive me but I am not a McRoll supporter ONLY because of the way the writer’s handled her character. They tried to force her into the story (because they stated she was a regular cast member). If anything they could have had her do something to enhance 5-0 and not be a part of it. I was also very disturbed by the way she handled Billy’s death…I think there were some unresolved feelings there and that was uncomfortable to watch. Lastly with her coming and going the way she has, I’m not thrilled.

    One of you touched on how Steve betrayed his feelings for Catherine when he found she was in (potential) danger. I disagree. I think the moment she walked away he knew (for better or worse) she was gone. He reacted well finding out she was the potential target. His mother has been as well and he didn’t run off to try and rescue her….he knew from Afghanistan that she was capable of taking care of herself. I also think that Steve knows that there are other “forces” (Joe & Doris) potentially looking out for her. One last note: don’t forget Steve hates being lied to no matter what the reason. Catherine has lied to him in the past and she did it again. I think he would have understood if she had said that she was in the CIA and on an op….as a SEAL he knows about being “secretive” so his mission isn’t compromised….but she lied and she walked away. I think she needs to move on and I hope Steve moves on without her….just my personal opinion.

    I also read here that Danny wouldn’t have shot the drug dealer because he’s a father, (husband) I disagree. He shot Reyes and there were consequences…I think he thought about those consequences now that he has Charlie and Grace. I did agree that Danny didn’t get a “proper” thanks for saving my life from Steve but to have Danny complain every episode is getting old. I thought the incident on the roof, for example, was over the top. First, Steve is the head of 5-0 (friend or not) you do what your boss says. Second, they were running out of ammo was it magically going to appear the more Danny complained? He knows Steve (by now) and he should just trust him….but instead he has to complain and yell…it’s a shame.

    That’s all I will comment on I will see what Season 7 holds for us…thanks for this site.


  8. Just remembered PL gave an interview last year? in which he said that he knew how the story would end if they got cancelled and that it would not necessarily mean an end to the task force. (my interpretation- not a direct quote) Maybe that’s where Grover fits in at the end. We see him trying to assemble a new team and then the screen goes dark until the 2nd reboot thirty ears from now.

    But I don’t want S7 to be the end so I’m hoping the $ is too good for CBS to cancel.

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    1. He did say that’s he had an ending planned – and he brought Catherine back for that finale. With all my heart and mind I think he was setting Kono’s wedding up to be the series finale, with Catherine and Steve together at the end. Then he had the Gabriel thing to throw in there if they got renewed. Then, once renewed he had to jettison Catherine again because, well – Liver. (that’s what I’m going to write from now on when things aren’t thought out properly)

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  9. Thanks Mama for suggesting we have this thread and thanks to Sam for giving it to us. I found all your thoughts to be very interesting and I agree with many of them. PL’s comment that Danny was more grown up now and didn’t kill Steve’s shooter was because he was a father and ex-husband made no sense to me either since he was a father and an ex when he killed Reyes. However, given the fallout from that event maybe he did learn some self-restraint and that is why he didn’t give in to the urge to kill the man. I sometimes wonder if PL sees the same show we do…..or his memory isn’t too sharp. He says he wants them all happy but his story ideas sure don’t reflect that. He must be aware of Julie Benz’ commitment to a new show so I have no idea why he would imply that Abby and Chin may build a future together. If Chin does decide to adopt Sara then that is the best excuse I know of to get Jerry out of that house. Time for the big guy to learn to live on his own. Or will Jerry seek out his mom on Maui and go back to living in her basement?

    I am all for Steve reflecting on his life but I guess I will have to be content with them glossing over all consquences of an organ transplant because I doubt there will be much change in the action. I also hope he delivers on Catherine returning and I know he will forgive her not telling him the truth about her op. I am so tired of everyone concentrating on the lie she told because of Doris’ request (which she didn’t keep very long anyway) and he does know she could not tell him the real reason she was leaving this last time. She is who he loves, that doesn’t just vanish and no one is perfect. Well……maybe Steve is.

    As for Kono and Adam, if she wants to leave, it is cool with me. Max shouldn’t be tinkered with too much, I like him as he is. But as GNP pointed out, PL has made pronouncements before and they are never as earth shaking as he believes. So we shall see.


    1. Yes, Sara is a great excuse to get Jerry out of his house.
      But I thought of something else too. She is there for a reason. I am thinking that there won’t be much Danny in S7. And with him gone, they don’t have any children. So they are lacking the cuteness factor (ok, Steve is cute too, but he would punch you if you’d tell him and he would look ridiculous clutching at a stuffed little bunny). And with Sara they have got a new 5-0 child.
      Steve and Chin dealing with this cute little sad girl? I am in!

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        1. You’re comparing a stuffed little bunny to buff and tough McBear. Oh oh. He won’t be amused hearing this.
          He is NOT cute, he is NOT cuddly, he is NOT adorable. He defeated an alligator! Saved us all!


      1. Abby saw Chin conflicted about what to do with Sara (in the shower scene). She told him he did the right thing- that Child Services would find a good home for her. Maybe they can but maybe they can’t. This child lost her mother and father within days of each other. Chin is her only family. Abby obviously doesn’t want to be a mother and I agree she should not be making that kind of a commitment based on such a new relationship with Chin. How sad would it be if their relationship ended and Sara had to suffer another loss. This might be a good time for Chin to reconsider this relationship with Abby. I always preferred Leilani anyway.

        Since the actress has another show we won’t be seeing much of her. I hope this is handled with sensitivity and not like “liver”.


  10. I could imagine a really fabulous season based on this or you know a really not fabulous season. I hope with get McRoll back, but like kind of slowly and building to something permanent. I also hope that Cath doesn’t come back to 5-0. I just don’t know what they would do with her. But she very easily could be FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, Secret Service, DEA etc and still work with 5-0 occasionally. We don’t have to see her every episode. We don’t see Grover’s wife all the time, but we know she exists.

    There have been comments about wondering if PL watches his own show. I’m not actually sure he does. And I don’t entirely mean that as a slam. I just mean they film lots of stuff that never gets used. And I think sometimes that stick’s in people’s heads, but we’ve never seen it. So in some ways he doesn’t have the same perspective on the show we do. I think it would be better if he kept closer track to what actually makes it on the air.

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  11. I really hope they use Abby well. I kind of like 5-0, I want her to be 5-0. If she can’t around that much they could easily have her transfer to federal law enforcement agency and have her show up occasionally on a joint case and as Chin’s girlfriend. Mentioning people goes along way. We don’t assume Grover’s family has disappeared and Max mention’s Sabrina occasionally. It can work.


  12. Really thanks for the interview. But even though I love the two part season finale. Still in the end of the episode 25, Steve just to write him as not so grateful after what Danny did to go out of his way. Really I would kiss the ground that they walked on if someone did that for me.
    Sure Danny is a whiner and a drama queen and saying mean things to his boss and partner. That being said, to get no cards or letters and let Steve get the praise. As Danny got nothing. Steve’s reaction to being “grateful” disappointed me.
    I would kiss the ground they walk on if someone did that to me. And donating to save my life. Danny went out of his way to fly the plane, donate a liver, and tried to kill the man that tried to kill Steve.
    In the end, Steve gets all the praise and cards. Danny gets nothing. Really I thought that Five 0 was indeed Ohana.
    I blame the writers and P.L. for not having Steve be so grateful. Really was disappointed in his behavior.
    The end of Gabriel was not surprising. As we now have a new villain.
    But how Kono and Adam will resume their lives, it is up in the air.
    Chin really the poor guy just can’t catch a break in love. Really make my Chin happy. He is my favorite on the show.
    Danny and Grover both dislike Steve for being such they think was a jerk to them in their own eyes. Until they got know him. But Grover is really the real, true friend.
    I for one hate the cararguments with Steve and Danny. They have gotten to be mean spirited.
    Love Steve and Lou but both will have to fight over who gets to drive first. LOL!


  13. I guess by now most of you know I think Danny is heading for the door in S7. I wonder if, rereading PL’s comment above concerning the character, he is giving a broad hint that family is going to dictate what choices Danno makes in the future to protect them from his dangerous job. Also, PL makes mention of Danny’s ex-wife but not of Amber/Melissa. Is there going to be a reconciliation? Will Danny’s character have even less screen time next season than this past one? Will we have the story that Danny is busy doing XYZ each time he is missing until we have the payoff with a harrowing episode where he finally puts his badge on Steve’s desk? Could this be how PL eases him out of the task force?


    I could be totally wrong. Probably. Often. Usually.

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      1. I actually like SC but Danny has become more than annoying. The writers seem to be sending a message. I think that because the actor is taking a reduced role and that his absence has not made an impact on the team, it might be best all around to simply give him a special Danny episode (say the 150th) and have him leave. Then we can buy lots of tissues (to clean up the spilled Vodka from our tipsy toasts.)

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  14. PL from EW interview: Do you have thoughts on who the new villain is going to be next year?
    Yeah. Somebody very unexpected, I think.”

    Wo Fat is not dead. (My imagination is running wild today.)

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      1. No, it’s Adam. He is the most cliche candidate. So gotta be Adam. He’s been running the yakuza all along from prison with wifey as his cover.

        I wonder what the real-life yakuza thinks about all these tv pansies taking their name in vain in Hawaii…

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        1. Maybe it’s Doris. Maybe she went off the deep end when she learned Steve killed Wo Fat. And Cath’s covert mission was to hunt her down before Doris’ messed up self came after Steve? So that all along, Cath has been working to save Steve. I like that scenario.


          1. Nah. There can only be one true successor to Wo Fat. Its CBS Entertainment. They’re as pissed at the whole liver transplant idea as the rest of us. Just look what it did to their hero. He’s the one who brings in the big bucks so this bright idea will cost them money if McG cannot be Mc anymore. Bottom line is always $.

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  15. Can you guys help me with figuring out something? When the shooting is over, Danny sees how badly Steve is hit and he says “Jeez.” Then one of them says “oh no.” Was that Steve or Danny? And a bit later when Danny and Dae Won have pulled their guns, Steve says “shoot him, Danny” but after the guns are put down, Steve mumbles something else. What did he say? I don’t have closed caption to be able to see.

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    1. Not sure about that first part, but Steve does say “just shoot him Danny” and then he says “I’m gonna die”


  16. Steve needs a theme song for his introspection in S7.
    How’s this? Won’t tell you the name or artist but most of you will guess right away.

    “I seek to cure what’s deep inside, frightened of this thing that I’ve become”.


  17. Good work. I love this song. Play it all the time. When I read PL’s interview for EW, I thought of it. I think the words fit McG’s story line for S7.


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