6.25 Review


6.25  –  O ke ali’l wale no ka’u makemake

In order to stop a meth epidemic on the island, McGarrett and Danny go undercover as pilots, but when McGarrett is seriously wounded, Danny is forced to break their cover in order to save his partner’s life, on the second hour of the sixth season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0. Friday, May 13 on the CBS Television.

CBS translated O ke ali’l wale no ka’u makemake to My Desire Is Only For The Chief

So, here we are, final episode of season 6. There has been a lot of information about this episode on the net weeks before it even aired. And most thought we knew everything about it already.

Let’s talk about that for a minute. Personally, I think we knew way too much beforehand. Nothing in it was of any surprise. The only mystery that had remained until the end was in what order they would give us this episode.

I’m sure many will disagree with me here, but I think they did a pretty poor job keeping the suspense. They should have kept a tight lid on the filming and the content of the episode. Yeah, I know, it’s not easy to keep a downed plane on the beach of Waikiki out of the news. And even got them international news time, which I thought was hilarious. But all the other stuff, like Steve getting seriously hit, Danny landing the plane, the two boys going undercover… that was just too much information. And it was information you couldn’t get away from. It’s not like you had to seek it out to be completely and utterly informed.

To be fair, I doubt PL was that happy with all the leaks. Even our two ‘spies’ DDK and Masi had to take their tweets off the air. As if that would have made a difference. 😉 What is posted will be there for all time.

But I guess they thought they would draw in a bigger audience with all this, too bad it didn’t work. The ratings are good, very good for a Friday night show actually, but they have been steady all along.


Thanks to SpoilerTV for this. And please remember these ratings do not include the 3/7 days ratings of DVR and On Demand and such. They will go up immensely.

There has been a lot of speculation about what we had seen in the leaked pictures. I can tell you that some of the theories had been quite ‘out there’, but nothing was as outrageous as what the show actually did. But hey, that is a different post altogether. And by the way, thank you all for participating in the discussion about my little rant. You guys rock.

We will talk about that part of the story in this review again… in a little bit. But I will try to analyze the episode without being too judgmental about that particular part. 😉

So, let’s dive right in. Which is what the show actually did. We started as predicted with pretty much the end of it. And I have to tell you I loved it. I love flashback storytelling as long as it isn’t really from the end. Someplace mid-show would be good.

Instead of going at this in chronological order I will be kinda hopping all over the place. Let’s start with the whole plane-affair.

I really do want to know what Steve did during his time in the Navy. He obviously has a license to fly helicopters and now also small planes. Or does he even have a license for bigger ones. Do they have a complete background for him, or do they make up his abilities as they go? Probably the latter. But I really do wanna see an episode about his time in the Navy where he was a pilot. Which is pretty much the only SEAL action we will now get from Steve. But we’re not at that topic. 😉 I wonder when did he learn to fly? While he was Naval Intelligence, or while he was a SEAL? Or was that a private thing just because he loved it? Anyway, I love seeing Steve the pilot. I think he’s predestined to be this cool officer/pilot/SEAL/HeadOfTheTaskForce guy.



Those were some amazing scenes. They did such a great job making us believe they were actually flying. Great job.

And how cool was getting the getting shot at scene! OK, that plane would have gone down after being hit like that. But who cares about such minor details. Not me. Seriously, that was fine. It was a very powerful machine gun and it would have been a miracle if the plane would still be airborne after getting shot at like that. But stranger things have happened.  Was also a miracle it didn’t nose-dive right into the ocean while Danny and bad guy were playing with their guns. 🙂


Shot-Steve was utterly brilliant. Brilliant performance by Alex, fantastic job by the make-up department. I can only applaud everyone who made these absolutely awesome scenes. Steve slowly slipping into unconsciousness was some of the best I have ever seen. Standing ovations from me.

His quiet struggle to stay awake, still trying to prepare Danny that he was dying, was just awesome. When he uttered that he was going to die, that really hit me. That man knew how gravely injured he had been the second those bullets hit him. Awesome, awesome scene.


OK, let’s talk a moment about how Steve was hit. Some have loudly complained that he was hit on the wrong side of the body to have his liver destroyed. They obviously don’t know that a bullet travels through a body at high speed. When a shot person gets on the operating table, the surgeons often have trouble locating the bullet. It can travel quite a long way. A bullet entering on the left can still easily destroy any and all organs on the right. I have no problem whatsoever with the entry wound(s). And all the blood on the airplane floor might have actually not have come from the shot to the upper body. He had a bullet to the leg. And when the EMTs treated him, it looked like one of them pressed on the femoral artery high up in his left groin to stop the bleeding until they could put a tourniquet on. Of course if the femoral artery was hit and not just nicked he would have bled out in roughly two minutes. Three liters of blood only take that amount of time to leave your body if the femoral artery is severed. But maybe he was lucky and it was just a nick. But I do believe the blood under the seat actually came from his leg. Adding all the blood he lost from the other three holes in his body, he was one mortally wounded dude.

Anyway, those were some freaking awesome scenes.



Now, let’s switch over to the passenger seat. For once SC/Danny actually did a good job. I liked him in those scenes. Let’s not talk about the reality factor of someone who never flew being able to land that plane. This is fiction after all. It was fun to watch, and Danny did do good.

I have to disagree though that this was any kind of BAMF or such a heroic thing to do in order to save Steve’s life. Excuse me, but Danny was also in that fucking plane, and he did what he did just as much to save his own life as he tried to save Steve’s. And maybe, instead of arguing with the baddie he should have made him try to stop the bleeding his buddy was suffering. But that is easy to say from sitting on the couch. So, I truly do believe he did a good job, but there were no heroics involved.

And he was probably more scared to dip into the water than crashing on land. 😉 Wouldn’t want that hairdo to get wet…

Before we come to the scenes after landing the plane, let’s take a look at the stuff  we also saw a lot of pictures of. But I am pretty sure not many thought this would actually be about Wo Fat. And honestly, I thought this would be after the case and at the end of the episode, leaving us with some kind of cliffhanger. Well, that didn’t happen.

And I wonder what this was even all about. I mean, seriously they fly Steve all this way, spending such time and money on it, just to have a little chat with Daddy Wo Fat? So that he can forgive Steve for killing Wo Fat junior? That didn’t make any sense to me.

But it gave us a totally awesome and hilarious scene. When they took the blindfold off and Steve told them where they were. That was just too funny and good. Loved it. But other than that this was a waste of screen time.

While telling Danny about his little trip, Nahele storms in and tells him about his friend who had just died of an overdose. I loved that he came running to Steve, not just because a crime had been committed, but I think way more for support. Those were some great scenes. And it made the case personal. There would be nothing now that would stop Five-0 from going after the bad guys. At the same time, it was sad the only way they could come up to make this a personal affair was by killing a friend of Nahele’s. Hasn’t this young man suffered enough loss?

“OH, they’re shooting up Chinatown some more?!” That was Cokie yelling at the screen when they got back to the same warehouse they were in from 6.24.

But how cool did they all look with their safety glasses on! They should do that more often. Oh, well, Steve won’t do any of that anymore anyway. Shut up, Sam! Everything will be fine, besides we’re still not at that topic. Right. Sorry, back to topic.

They looked really cool going into the warehouse and going after that one guy, although I can’t remember why they were going after him specifically. Cokie just explained they picked him at random because he was the first they stumbled upon with a rainbow package on him and still being alive. OK, I guess that is as good as an explanation as any.

After taking him into custody I wondered for a moment where everyone disappeared to, and why Steve was alone in the blue room. But then I thought that worked out really well. Steve is some scary dude when he wants to be.

I loved the following scenes. Kono demolishing that car while Lou and Steve question the dealer. I had to chuckle and outright laugh during that scene. Great seeing these three working so flawlessly together.  You question where Steve learned to fly… I question how the hell Kono knew how to operate bull dozers…  Same school she learned to use the harbor cranes a few seasons back. 😉

They then went into the blue room with the pilot. OK, did his arm really need to be broken? I cringed big time when Steve did that. Ouch.  Surprisingly, I was OK with that… squiggy, but it showed that Steve had reached the end of his patience.

Those moments led to some absolutely cool scenes. How relaxed and right in his element did Steve look. I totally bought him as a pilot. And not even Danny could take anything away from this scene, he was OK too. But couldn’t Steve have been an Australian Pilot? Come on, show, that was THE opportunity to give him a real cover. 🙂 And I loved how Steve grinned at them taking their prints to check them out. That was totally cool.

I liked Steve and Chin talking in Steve’s office. Steve asking him about how things are with Abby. Well, to be honest I couldn’t care less for that women. I will say more about her in the review about 6.24 though. Chin said she’s getting her stuff to Hawaii, well, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. It seems that Training Day was picked up for a season, which would mean that Julie Benz wouldn’t be available. Sorry, Chin, but no love life for you. I believe he will break up with her in order to take care of Sarah. Besides, I doubt Abby would be ready to be a mother.  I just hope it is HIM doing the breaking up and not her.  And I would love him choosing the little girl over Abby.  In fact, that would make my day.

Now we’re going back to the plane-crash-landing. Let’s not talk about the chances of any of them surviving Danny landing that plane. As I said earlier it was fun to watch. What I totally loved was the scene when Kono came in to tell Chin and Lou about the shooting, and how they listened to the radio, knowing that their friend was dying, and that their other friend didn’t have any kind of experience flying that plane. So they knew their chances to see either of their friends alive again was pretty slim. I loved them racing to the scene.

And I absolutely adored Lou’s faces later on the beach. I must say, after Alex playing half dead, Chi was who really got to me. He was brilliant. More about that later.

So, after crashing the plane, they get Steve out and we see for the first time the devastating injuries he has sustained. If this had been the show’s finale, and not just the season’s one, I would have feared for him. Now I only feared they would do something stupid. But we’re still not there. 😉

So, they race to the hospital, and again, I loved every minute of it. I won’t even mention that one bullet hole and a whole lot of gauze pads magically disappeared. 😉

And everyone knew when they rolled Steve right into surgery, the situation was bad, truly bad.

And I enjoyed them all going after the real bad guys, although I do wonder about the logistics about it. Pretty convenient for them to be all there and working on their tons of dope. It was a work day and it wasn’t time to clock out yet.  Assembly line workers have to wait for the bell to end their workday.  I’m sure it is the same with illegal drug trade.  😉  But I don’t really care; glad they took them out. But I must say one scene made me laugh out loud, probably the same one all the Danny fans thought was absolutely awesome. Sorry, but no. Danny’s slow-mo magazine change. LOL that was the same move as in 5.01. Exactly the same angle and motion. I thought it looked ridiculous.

So, for once Danny didn’t kill the bad guy in a wild rage. Did he finally realize that Steve would not have wanted that? I hope so. Because it had nothing to do with him being mature and now having kids and all. I think he didn’t do it because of Steve. But I don’t care what the reason, I’m very happy with the outcome that he did not shoot him. He would have totally dishonored Steve with killing that guy.


OK, back we race to the hospital where we learn that Steve needs a new liver. NOW we’re there. Seriously? That is what you came up with for your lead? I’m sorry, but I think that is the dumbest idea I have ever heard.


OK, one thing after the other. So, sure Danny has the same blood type. But I hope they still tested the others regardless, because blood type isn’t the only thing important. One of the others might have been a way better match. And they had time to do that. So, let’s hope the doctors did not let Danny dictate what was best for their patient.

And now we’re also at a point where my opinion differs a lot from many other people’s opinion. I don’t think Danny did anything heroic by donating part of his liver. I’m sorry, but that is what you do when your best friend is dying. You don’t think about any consequences, just like none of them did. I don’t see anything special in that. It is simply what you do. There is no extra credit for it.

And that is where Danny and Steve (and the others too) are different. Danny wants to be acknowledged as the hero. A hero he really isn’t.


I liked that Kono went to pick up Grace. Although I seriously wonder why her mother hasn’t been there. I know, I know, the actor wasn’t available. But if the father of your kids was undergoing surgery and Grace was going to wait to see if her ‘Uncle Steve’ would survive, would you left her there all on her own? Thought so. 😉

I liked the scenes of the surgery prep, not talking about the medical fails here, but about the editing and the music. We should all remember that in a TV show accuracy isn’t a top priority. If it gets too bad, I will loudly complain, but this was kind of OK. Until we come to the moment with Kono. But we’re not there. 🙂

And now we come to scenes that are some of my favorites of the whole show, ever. I loved Chin’s story, and l loved those scenes. And they showed us pure Steve… make it happen instead of just talking.

They did such a fantastic job showing what kind of person Steve is. What kind of an impact he has on everyone he has ever met. If you want one person in your corner it would be Steve. He has touched so many people and has had such an impact on their lives; one show is by far not enough to showcase that.

The scene that got me the most was Lou Grover telling how Steve grew on him, what an important person he now is in his life. I loved watching that big man cry. Awesome, awesomely written, and even better acted. I love Chi McBride, and I’m not shy of saying it again and again; he is the best addition to this show ever.

Alright, one complaint about the doctor, who I really liked, but he should not have come out and tell them they both would be fine. He does not know that at all. He should have told them they both made it through surgery, Danny will recover, and Steve is holding his own. That doctor didn’t even know if Steve would survive the critical first 72 hours. He had no idea if the body would reject the liver in those hours. I thought that was a stupid thing to say. And was one of the things that I felt went too far for dramatic release.


But what really angered me was the scene with Kono. NO, not that she went to him. But excuse me, where the heck was Steve lying? He should have been in ICU, hooked up to a ton of machinery, intubated to boot. Not sleeping it off in a closet room. That was stupid and ridiculous.  Insurance coverage is so bad these days…

And that is exactly my beef I have with this story-line. They are taking it way too lightly. Yes, I know this is just a TV show, it is not real life. But I think there are facts in life you cannot and should not ignore. They are not doing this important issue a good service by painting a picture like receiving an organ is a walk in the park. It is not.

Yes, there was a lot of progress made in the last few years, and Steve might be on very light medication in a few months to a year. But he will always have to live with the risk of rejection and so many other side effects. I just think it was a very stupid move to go this way.

They created some really great scenes, no doubt, but the content should not have been about Danny giving part of his liver. That is just wrong.

My complaint is not and never has been about that this is unrealistic, it is not. It’s very realistic and often successfully done. My complaint lies in what that would do to this character. Yes, he can lead a pretty normal life, but Steve does not lead a normal life. His job is dangerous, full of stress and action oriented. That would not be possible anymore. He doesn’t have to quit everything he loves doing, like swimming and other sports. But all in moderation. He would not be allowed to stay in the reserves, he would not be fit for field duty as a police officer. All things people can adapt to, but is that really the Steve anyone wants to see?

They could have come up with a way better way to turn a good focus on organ donation. They could have explained that they had to take part of his liver, and were hoping that the rest would regenerate. And if not that he might need a transplant. That would have been way more dramatic, and would have brought the focus a lot better on organ transplantation. Because, face it, organ transplants help saving lifes, but they are always the last chance. This story would have been better if they wouldn’t have gone this last step. That is my opinion and I stand by it.

This does in no way mean I think organ donations are unrealistic and stupid. On the contrary, I’ve been an organ donor since 2001. And I hope that I will be giving the gift of life one day, but this story is not helping the cause.

Another thing many complained about. Danny not getting any cards. 🙂 Well, as I said, I don’t think he did anything special, and he was not the one dying. Steve was. Yes, he should have been included in some of the wishes, maybe as a footnote, but I think it was hilarious. Maybe people really don’t like him. Ever thought of that? Honestly, I wouldn’t have sent him a card. 😉


And those two boys going at each other? That was hilarious. Remember, they have spent days together cooped up in bed. They were ready to get at each other’s throat. That was a perfect display of their friendship.

Besides, it is ok for Danny to constantly say how much he hates Steve, but when Steve says it, it hurts Danny’s feelings? How hypocritical is that, and how dumb?! They were behaving like they always did, only difference now is that Steve gives back. Guess the Danny lovers can’t stand that. Take some of your own medicine, Danny. But, hey, he won’t have to listen to it for much longer, he would be released after about seven days. While Steve has to stay in the hospital for up to 8 weeks, depending on how well he’s doing. And he has not only to recover from the liver transplant, but also from getting shot three or four times. But those bullet holes had already healed after the first week.   I think it was the miracle liver that healed the rest of his body and even removed the scars.  Because of that liver, I foresee that next year Steve will be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound.

Anyway, loved those scenes. Great work.


Huh, I think I pretty much covered everything. I think. 🙂

So, what is my verdict? Utterly and stupid twist with the liver transplant, but ignoring that, this was one awesome episode. With some truly great scenes. Action packed, emotional and heart wrenching at the same time. Awesome.

And by the way, I think it would have perfectly worked as the show’s last episode as well.

So, let me hear how absolutely wrong I am with my review. 😉

Want to read up on liver transplantation, written in easy terms? Go here.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


50 thoughts on “6.25 Review

  1. I totally agree with the review and love all those pictures. One thing that struck me was all those people in the waiting room. We heard stories from Kono, Chin and Grover. We also saw Nahele who came literally running to Steve when something bad happened to a friend. While Steve couldn’t help his friend, he helped Nahele. And while we don’t know the individual stories each of those people could tell, they were there because Steve was a huge part of their lives. Look at Max. He went to Steve first before taking his resignation letter to his boss. I know he still remembers that Steve trusted him enough to go to Max when he was stabbed in prison. Duke was there because he respects Steve and also was a friend of John McG. We don’t know the stories, but I bet they could be told. I’m sure even Grace knows how much Steve helped her and her dad because she would remember how miserable her dad was before Steve came along and offered friendship.

    So, I choose to look at that and try not to focus as much on a transplant that should not have happened.

    Even with some hiccups, I had to give this an awesome rating. Hurt Steve was played to perfection.

    The end was silly… I know that; but it was fun. This is what they do. Grumble and complain but they are there for each other.

    Now we have to wait until September to learn how this will play out. I’m sure I will be whining before then. 🙂

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  2. I couldn’t rate the episode because I felt like all but the ending was great, but the transplant twist. Ugh.

    Great review!


    1. I ended up rating it an ok…but that doesn’t really express my reaction. I LOVED the ep, right up to that stoopid transplant (and the equally stoopid fail to make Danno appear bad-ass with the shooter). I mean I LOVED it! I was happily live tweeting and having a ball! It was an epic ep! This was one one of the best eps in years! It focussed on McG, finally, and the characters rightful love and respect for their leader. And Alex was rocking dat shite like the boss he is! In the flashbacks, in Morocco, in his office with Chin, and that pretend pilot scene with the tank shirt…season 1 awesome! Alex O’Loughlin OWNS that character! He has stolen him from Lord.

      Then Show took SuperSEAL away, in one dumb-ass fell-swoop instant. I am outraged. And bummed beyond measure. He is just gone, and the stoopid, stoopid writers don’t even seem to know it. 😥

      So that one twist torpedoed the awesome that this ep deserved. It was a shark-jump of epic proportions. Boo! 😡

      Btw I enjoyed and agree with the deets of your review. And shout-out to Cokie for her snark. This ep deserves plenty of snark. 🙄

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      1. I totally and completely agree with you. I hate that twist. But I loved the episode and the Steve they gave us.
        I still don’t know what I think about what I want to see next season, but in my eyes, they made a HUGE mistake with this transplant thing. And you are right, they don’t seem to know it.
        I wonder about all those people not caring about the seriousness of what a transplant means. How can people be so ignorant? And even be openly aggressive toward those who question this decision by pointing out what they actually did to their main character. I just don’t get these people. I truly wonder what show they are watching. I’m sorry, but I can’t turn off my brain like that. And just enjoy the ride. Some things simply go too far, and this is one of those things. Just ugh!

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  3. you are right on with this one! I had figured it would be a liver transplant as blood transfusion wouldn’t be serious enough, and what were the chances of both kidneys being damaged? I was afraid with those hospital pic spoilers that it would all go too “light’ too soon. I hate that the serious condition Steve was in was not used. Why is correct medical set up so difficult? I don’t take shows too seriously that skip it. Other CBS shows have done it well – I’m thinking NCIS. (However NCISLA does it worse than H50.) I am okay with the aftermath of the transplant as long as they actually have one. We could see some flashbacks of pre 5-0 steve to give AOL chance for action again. I would like to ask PL and other responsible crew what happened to those other pretty serious holes in Steve. Of course, he couldn’t have won the battle for the tv remote with that bullet in his arm. They could have put him on the other side of the room though.
    Okay, off that bandwagon. I thought SC and AOL did awesome in the dying scenes. AOL never disappoints, but SC did angst very well. I reallly liked his expression in the ambulance. I do hope they eventually have some sort of talk. As much as people may be angry that Steve didn’t thank Danny, Danny’s notion that Steve wouldn’t have done the same for him is preposterous. Surely, they had had a serious conversation before this moment a week after the incident. I’m sure the first thing Steve would have done after coming off anesthesia and breathing on his own, would have been to look for Danny and say “thanks buddy”. I do wonder why the show had upped the annoyance factor with Danny the past several episodes. I thought for sure he and Steve were going to have a “come to Jesus” moment with the way they have had Steve confront him a bit more about his “overdrama”.

    That undercover scene at the airport – Steve looked completely different, and yes, how could they have blown an Aussie accent opportunity? Of course, they would have lost the female audience for more than a bit with that white tank, grease, and accent combined! I would still be recovering!

    I love, love, love Grover, and was very happy with Chin’s story too. When he and McG met in the office and Steve asked how he was doing, it was perfect. I loved how Steve made sure Chin knew he was concerned about Chin’s well-being with all that had happened with his niece and Abby. It was a pure friendship moment.

    I also wondered where Rachel was. How come “Dog” was taking care of Charlie?

    I also wish they wouldn’t have leaked so much. I never resist the spoilers and I know my response during the show would be much better if i had not known how or when Steve would get hurt. I could shield myself from it by staying off twitter and such, but I enjoy the fandom too much.
    Since PL has told us S7 starts with Steve’s release from the hospital, the only satisfactory beginning should be him staring at the discharge instructions – you know, all the limitations this transplant has put on him. He most certainly will not be surfing with Adam in 4 months! Perhaps he should have had a crisis (beginning rejection) over our summer that has kept him in the hospital for an extended period of time. I would love to see him having to approach life differently. I mean, Steve is not going to change how he reacts to and approaches life, but watching him have to adapt would be awesome. His two big storylines – Cath and Doris/Daddy-fat – leave a lot of drama for our guy without him strapping on the kevlar. Since most of us are pretty resigned this will probably be the last season, I am okay with it going that way. I would love to see the dramatic part of AOL a little more. ( let’s be serious, i just want to see any part of AOL more, so him getting chances outside of H50 would make me happy) I want to see him go after Catherine, and we have to see him confront Doris – she has missed her son almost dying three times now – such a devoted mother….

    I’m going to need pics of our fuzzy friends as well as that U-turn epilogue to help me through our H50 drought! Love you guys.


    1. “Of course, they would have lost the female audience for more than a bit with that white tank, grease, and accent combined! I would still be recovering!” LOL, that is surely true. 🙂

      Well, I don’t think we will see such a different Steve next season. I’m pretty sure they ignore most everything about this transplant. But we shall see.
      I do hope we will get some emotional Steve scenes because Alex always blast them out of the park.

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  4. Really that is why I love Grover feeling so concerned. And so over McDanno it is not funny. I love McGrover more. As really Lou was about to tear up. Lou if it were him, he would understand what Steve would had gone through and not complain and would not care if he did not get any letters or cards. Team McGrover!
    Really I have not missed the cararguments. As they were getting more and more mean spirited.
    And they have or will ignore the transplant thing and act like nothing will happen at all.
    That is the fault on P.L. and the writers! Tisk! Tisk!
    But still I have been an organ donor for ten years myself. Or less or more. As really am proud to be one. Though I do the best not to brag about it.
    But really would love to get an emotional and more grateful Steve. Sorry but the ending, I was in the minority of for the finale.


  5. Alex definitely blasts emotion out of the water. All your pics remind me how incredible he is with the facial expressions… Can you imagine what a handful those eyes had to create for his parents while he was growing up?

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  6. Aside from the disastrous way Steve’s injuries were treated I loved this episode. I don’t know how I didn’t even notice that Steve got shot in the leg along with his arm and two stomach wounds. I too wonder where/when Steve learned to fly. I doubt it was in the Navy because it takes years to go through the military training and SEALs usually don’t have aviation training, they use aviators for their missions. It didn’t even bother me that Steve and Danny were undercover even though they are way too high profile to do undercover work. I think in this scenario it actually was plausible.

    Alex absolutely rocked his scenes. So believable when he got shot. SC did a good job too. I found their argument at the end annoying. A lot of people are annoyed about how it was handled, yes Danny should have gotten acknowledged in the card from the Governor but Steve is the one who almost died. Their argument annoyed me, how can Danny possibly think that Steve wouldn’t do the same thing for him? And that he isn’t generous? He might be a tightwad but he is always there for his friends and goes above and beyond to help them out. Did Danny forget that Steve is the reason he has joint custody of Grace? That Steve helped him in his custody battle not only once but twice? I’m sorry but Danny was being a major asshole in that final scene.

    I’ve been doing some googling and Steve may not actually be stuck behind a desk after the transplant. I’ve read some articles about police officers who have been kidney or liver recipients and were able to go back to their full duties after they healed. It would take months and he would still have to take anti rejections meds and be discharged from the Navy for sure but I don’t think it is completely unrealistic that he would be able to go back to work in the field.


  7. Great review Sam. Right on target.

    There really was a lot of good stuff in in the finale and I only found a couple of things to point out that confused me. First, that whole business with Wo Fat’ s father looked like it was a last minute addition to the script. Do the people who are running the black op site work for him? Otherwise, why would they go through the trouble of bringing McG to see him?

    The second thing that confused me big time was why go with the liver transplant when there are other things Danny could have done without having the writers wreck Steve’s career at H50. Maybe Steve could have stopped breathing and Danny gave him CPR. Or they could share a rare blood type so a blood transfusion would be heroic. Wouldn’t that have been a big enough save so Danny could play hero? I’m grasping at straws here. It bothers me that nobody did their homework when they came up with the transplant story and the impact it would have on the lead character. Well, they may have to spend a lot of time fixing this. I can’t imagine Steve calmly sitting behind a desk with the others running around shooting guns and having fun.

    Maybe by September they will be doing the Jedi mind trick and we will not have seen what we think we saw.
    Mass hallucination, anyone?

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  8. Great recap Sam 😀 I think the writers are just as ignorant as I am. I had no idea a liver transplant prevents action (so to speak). Can´t wait to see how they will brush this under the carpet in s 7 😉
    I watch with my emotions more than my brain, this episode did capture my attention very well. There were annoying moments, but those passed quickly. Wish they had left out some of the arguing in the end (like Steve would never have done the same for D, that was just mean). Still, was glad to hear Steve got the last words behind the curtain 😀
    Really loved Alex´s acting, and the make-up was brilliant, seriously injured. Though it was funny he managed to tell Danny to “shoot him” twice. Totally missed him saying “I´m dying”.
    If PL intended to have Steve killed for series finale, I thought it was quite a brave idea. So will he kill him off next year….hmmm…


  9. Loved your review Sam and I agree with you, though I do think you were a little cruel about Danny flying the plane and donating part of his liver ;).

    I gave the episode an Awesome, as if it wasn’t for the whole liver transplant scenario it would have been. I’m as frustrated as everyone else about the truly awful decision to go down the transplant route, there were so many other options to keep this realistic and still keep the whump and bromance factor high.

    Couple of other niggles for me, already been brought up by you, which were Steve’s gunshot wound on the right side of his abdomen on the beach miraculously disappeared when they wheeled him into the hospital. The other was the Kono scene, again as you said, not because of Kono but the ICU looked like a store cupboard and apart from a few leads on his chest, no other equipment, not even an oxygen nasal cannula. Plus the make-up on Steve in the airplane in the aftermath of the shooting was far more superior to post op. He looked completely healthy, like he was taking a nap and not like he’d survived four gunshot wounds and a liver transplant!

    In all, loved the acting in the scenes in the plane by both Alex and Scott, thought the flashbacks with Chin and Steve in the cafe were a great touch, much better than the standard flashbacks to old scenes from previous episodes and loved the end scenes in the hospital. As you pointed out they had been in the hospital for a week, plenty of time for Steve to express his gratitude for Danny donating part of his liver and plenty of time to start annoying each other.

    Still hoping that they are going to suspend reality for season 7 as I do not want a side-lined Steve.


    1. Yeah, maybe cruel, but truthful. 🙂 I really do believe that was no big deal. Donating an organ for a friend? That is what any friend would do. At least it is in my world. I don’t see any heroics in that.
      And landing the plane? Yeah, well what other choice did he have? Setting it down on the water? Danny? I don’t think so. Getting out of a plane that is sinking under the water is very dangerous and difficult. I think his best chance was the beach, and he knew it.

      Yes, the scenes in the hospital, make-up wise, and medical wise… were bad. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  10. There was lots of awesomeness in this episode. And here comes a lot of AOL praise. So if you’re a SC fan and think he hung the moon don’t read any further.
    Let’s start 36 hours earlier in Morocco. I love it that they showed us a moment of SEAL Steve, who knew exactly where he was. Blindfolded all his other senses were involved, hearing, feeling, smelling and even counting the klicks, if that’s the military term. And it was very well done how AOL delivered (sigh, I need to use another word, it makes me mad 😉 ) his lines. Simple, straight and as a matter of fact. Confident and SEALish.
    Then there was the meeting with Daddy Fat (which I liked btw, this meeting that is, hope there’s more to it. Maybe Daddy wanted to get to know the man who killed his son? To give him a false sense of security? And he had no problem with Doris, because getting killed comes with the business? And collateral damage is ok because she raised his son? Hm. I am eager to learn more about that. Maybe Doris lied all about that again. LLWL remember?).
    Ok, back to the meeting. Loved AOL’s/Steve’s stance. It was not his usual arms crossed over his chest to impress criminals. He was more open, but cautious, guarded too.
    Then the scene switched to Steve telling Danny about it. Loved the way AOL showed Steve’s reluctance to call Doris his mother. He made that meaningful pause. “Despite…… my mother.” Emphasizing ‘mother’. Very well and subtly done.
    Nahele and Steve. What’s more to say? AOL rocks these scenes.
    And now we are back to the beginning and Steve gets shot. Horribly wounded. Really really bad. And you could feel it too, because AOL delivered (*sigh*) so brilliantly. He was hurting big time, he was shocked seeing all this blood and he knew – he knew – that he was going to die. Like Freddie. That was so well done, I couldn’t breathe. Perfect.
    A little later, after the plane landed at the beach which had to be cleared miraculously from all the tourists in no time because Danny doesn’t do swimming, we got great scenes with Chin, Lou and Kono. Those scenes I love to pieces. Lou/Chi was brilliant – leiCa had to breathe in breathe out.
    Chin told his story about McGarrett, how he was there for him, no words needed. LeiCa’s nostrils did this funny thing.
    Kono went to Steve, thanked him, kissed his cheek. LeiCa lost it. Tears. Not flowing, but they were there. I teared up. I admit it.
    Yeah. I am human.
    So you noticed I said nothing about Scott/Danny. That’s because he was ok. Nothing more. After six years and going through a lot (a lot lot!) of screens after every episode I am aware of this one facial expression. If you are on my screen nearly every week for six years I need more variety, versatility or I am underwhelmed.
    Now let’s take a look at the ending. So Steve got all the get well soon cards? Well, he nearly died, didn’t he? And he will be stuck in this hospital room for weeks to come. Danny will be released in one or two days. And Danny had real family members at his side. Steve “only” had his friends. Real good friends. Because he gets under one’s skin. I said it seasons ago and I still stick to it. Steve has friends and Danny happens to know them.
    Now the banter. Well I liked it partly. It’s difficult. It was seven days later, so I don’t think Steve is supposed to say thank you every day. I am pretty sure he has done it before. So what’s the point? The point is that Danny likes to complain. Even if it involves so horrible things like calling Steve ingrate, saying that he is not generous and wouldn’t have done the same for him? Cry me a liver Danny! How can he say something awful like that? To Steve of all people?
    I think the scene was supposed to be humorous. And it was funny in parts. Steve telling Danny that the curtain isn’t sound proof and that we could listen to Steve’s voice as the credits rolled, that made me smile. And here’s the difference and here is my problem. When AOL delivered (*sigh*) his lines, he made it with a soft voice (ok, he sure was exhausted after being shot several times and after a major live threatening surgery, but still…), a smile and a little mischievous glint. He didn’t mean it and that was obvious. Danny said his words like he really meant it. Harsh, loud and ‘overvoiced’. I don’t get this acting choice. Why not soften those horrible things with body language and vocal tone? Why making your character so unlikeable? At least for me.
    So my resume? This could have been an incredible awesome episode. And then they delivered. Now Steve and Danny have to liver happily ever after. Worst choice ever.
    So I’ll vote great.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Spot on regarding the Danno mono-face. It IS always the same. Like he’s perpetually constipated and juuuuust about to cry about it. Also spot on about the tone. I hadn’t thought about that before, but McG’s tone in the arguments varies from truly angry to highly amused, whatever words he may be saying. Danno’s monotone is always just raw anger. Which is such THE stereotype of a small man…I’m always amazed, and disappointed, how he perpetuates that. Cos it’s boring and utterly unimaginative.

      The only part of that hospital argument I enjoyed was McG’s low rasp about being heard behind a closed curtain. Funny yes…but that teasing voice was like sex. 😀

      Liked by 6 people

        1. He said in an interview that he always tries to be just himself, that way it is easier for him.

          Yeah, right, that’s good acting. Just be yourself. I have only seen him in two other movies, Thank you, but that was enough. I was not impressed. 😉


    2. You said it all. Every word spot on!

      That is actually my problem, I do believe that Danny means all those things. Maybe it is not meant to be that way, but it is obvious that the memo did not reach SC. He is either a horrible actor, or he just doesn’t get it. Take your pick.
      And I don’t think just OK acting deserves any praise. He did not deliver anything even remotely new. His panic and angst in the plane? Seen that hundreds of times from him for any minor threat.
      As you said it, I don’t get why they make Danny this unlikable. I don’t get it. I would not want to spend even an hour with this man. And I still think even after this life saving transplant, Steve and Danny are great work partner, but they are not great friends. Donating an organ doesn’t change that one bit.
      I said it before, that is nothing special. And anyone thinking it is, obviously thinks like Danny. Wanting forever gratitude for something that every ethic should dictate for you to do.
      And what Danny said in the hospital room was horrible. You don’t say such things to a person you are suppose to like. And certainly not to someone who just survived major injuries. To think that Steve is out of the woods is a big mistake. Hint, hint. 😉
      Speaking of real family. Someone pointed out that there were not even any cards for Danny from those two. I hadn’t even noticed that.

      And yes, I agree, worst choice ever. They could have done so much better.

      Liked by 4 people

    3. too, too funny! Cry me a liver? and they “liver happily ever after”. You have me rolling. Great review. I totally agree with your comments in the hospital. Yes, Steve should have been more exhausted than Danny… at least two surgeries and multiple gunshot wounds to recover from, but Alex portrayed that so well. Danny was consistently loud and totally annoying and “over the top”. I know people have said that is just good acting on Scott’s part portraying a boisterous Jersey guy. But there are instances you bring it down a notch or two. Hospital room might be one of them. He was good in the ambulance and the plane (well, until he started beating on Steve. I would think that shoving an unconscious person around wouldn’t be the best thing to do), but once in the room, he was mean.

      Great comments!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Doing something to rouse the unconscious/semi consciousness seems to be a tv trope. How many times have we heard some variation of “stay with me buddy” yelled by a tv first responder or tv doctor while shaking a person? Because apparently we can will our bodies to stop losing blood or shock to set in by talking? It doesn’t make much sense.

        Scott Caan is just worse than average at it.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Well, if someone hit his head, it is a good idea to keep him awake until the professionals arrive. But shaking Steve like that was not a good idea. He was already in terrible pain, he groaned with every little move. So well done by AOL. And the blood made him pass out in the end.
          The shaking alone could have aggravated his injuries, could drive bullet fragments deeper into the liver and nick arteries. But the crash did the rest, after that it was clear that Steve was in even more trouble than from getting shot alone.
          A seriously bleeding person should not be shaken or stirred. 😉


          1. I mean I would have done a worse job, but I’m not even an amateur actress. And the shaking of bleeding people us o e of those tropes that annoyes me.


    4. I agree with what you said about Daddy Fat. Great choice of words, “giving Steve a false sense of security”. From what i can gleam from the PL interview this seems to be what he is alluding to, Daddy Fat as the new bad guy. Can’t wait!

      Liked by 3 people

  11. I so rarely find a review of Hawaii Five-0 that I totally agree with. Unfortunately I had to suspend my disbelief with the show a long time ago. But I found your thoughts to be exactly how I felt this time. A lot of good to the episode, but I definitely smacked my head at the transplant. There is so much more gravitas to this than the show gave it credit. Oh well, typical Lenkov! Great review, thanks!

    Liked by 2 people

  12. I just realized I never really commented on the review! I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath *not*!!!!

    Great review Sam, spot on really. I agreed with pretty much everything you said. I only differed in that I gave the episode a Good, only because of the whole transplant thing. Had it been a blood transfusion I’d have rated it great.

    I didn’t like the way they jumped time – in this case I think it took away from the angst. I am SO on board with wanting to know more about how Steve came to be an airplane pilot as well as a helicopter pilot! I also want to know how a helicopter caught up with a plane that travels almost twice as fast!!! (H50 majicks)

    If it weren’t for the SUPERBLY timed EW interview with PL, I’d have been super annoyed at the PoppaFat interlude – I totally thought it was neatly wrapping up that problematic storyline with a bow. But, I guess he’s gonna be a part of S7, so…

    The old Japanese guy in season 2 said Steve had his father’s eyes, as did Ellie, but poppaFat said he had his mother’s eyes. This type of ineptitude continues….Greasy McG in the wifebeater cures a lot of ills. Just saying.

    Sooo many good Steve/anyone moments in this – chin and lou especially. Argh. loved it.

    Liver – you’ve all said it. I can’t even. STUPID

    The end scene in the hospital – on first watch I was filled with annoyance and did not react well to it. When I re-watched I found it one of the more humorous interplays between the guys in a long time. I mean – clearly Steve has said thank you to Danny before this, it’s been a week! And, Steve IS the one who was shot, almost dead, and liverless, so having the cards and balloons makes sense. But the banter about the TV made me laugh and I haven’t laughed at them in years.

    So, it got a Good. Season 6 as a whole – better than 5, which was my all time worst.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Omg.

          I laughed so hard I almost strained my liver.

          Since most of thisome episode was fanservice, what are the chances that PL and the writers misunderstood the people asking for Danny to be Steve’s lover?

          Liked by 4 people

  13. I think the writers understood very well what was ordered but de-liver-y was impossible.
    It was 9 PM on a Friday night so everything happened off screen including the celebratory meal of fava beans, a nice Chianti and liver-wurst. Nothing says I love you like sharing an organ with that special someone. Forget the remote.

    Liked by 3 people

  14. I love all your replies her, ladies! What a great place to come to! Sam, thank you SO much for your review. By now I have watched the epi several times and -while I am still digesting- I stick with my awesome vote until “liver happened”…
    I hope that they better don’t mess up S7, as it might truly be our last. PL/writers have maneuvered themselves into the corner, PL’s new baby is McGuyver and he sure will spend a lot of time pushing that show.
    I find it very interesting that some ppl are in total denial on twitter and when it comes to fanfics. They probably didn’t get the memo? Lol! McLynn and McDanno galore everywhere. Oh hello mute button 😉

    I love that we have a place here where we can criticize yet praise, love and worry, be funny but at times serious, fangirl, vent, rant, hope….

    Here’s to hoping that S7 will de-liver (thanks Mama! 😘) and it might not be our last after all. One can never hope too much!

    But hey, if it will be the end maybe a certain Aussie is in for a big international breakthrough?
    Our friend Bee pointed us to yet another article today mentioning…. O’Loughlin, Alex O’Loughlin aka shaken, not stirred 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Oh dang……I go to the northwoods for a few days and I miss all the fun. This was some lively reviewing here and I agree with so much of it. I voted Great because the transplant portion of the show just frustrated me. They so didn’t have to go down that road and if this was supposed to be a huge change in Steve and Danny’s relationship then why the bickering at the end?? Very tired of the McDannos complaining about Steve being ungrateful, they only see what they want to see.

    I did enjoy the part where Steve blew the secret ops guys out of the water by telling them he knew exactly where he had been taken. So much for blindfolds. And I think that while Daddy Fat may not be the big bad next season, I do think he was in this episode not for closure but for a teaser.

    I agree Sam that Danny landing that plane was no “above and beyond” heroics since he was in the darn thing too and didn’t want to die. As for the water landing he could have tried and was told to do I think it was more than not getting Steve out of the plane……we all have heard numerous times how Danny hates the water.

    Oh dear, the idea of letting AOL use his real accent when posing as the pilot would have done me in. There would be a puddle where I had been sitting and watching and my hubby would have had to scrape me back together. I think I read that the drug runner was not from the island so perhaps that is how the high profile cops pulled off that undercover part.

    So now we all wait to see how far PL strays from real life when writing Steve next season. Since I do not want a desk bound McG, I will pretend he didn’t have the transplant and that was only a bad dream. I think the show will make it easy for me to live with that delusion. Other than the fact that when Danny is on he will continue to remind Steve that he “owes” him. And his comments that Steve would never do that for him if the positions were reversed was too insulting for me to forgive. If I was Steve I would have requested a room change ASAP.
    Thanks for letting me come to the party late.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. No! No official statement yet, or do you know otherwise? I’m still hopeful.
      PL tweeted yesterday he’d like to go longer. If the CBS is on board, why not?!


      1. If they would know that this would be the last season they would have announced it as such at the upronts on Thursday. There was no such announcement.
        PL said he has time for at least 25 more stories. I say they will go for 10 seasons. But there will be changes soon, not all of the cast will be on for that long, at least I think so. But H50 is still a big business for CBS (Les Moonves said so), it’s all about the money. Not like we think about good storytelling. 😉
        Do not interpret any chatter on twitter or elsewhere between people who know nothing about anything that is going on behind the scenes. ONLY believe in official announcements.

        And please, do NOT post any rumors here as facts. You can post rumors in questioning form, please do that. But Jppt1974 do not post your opinion as fact, or rumors, or even facts without giving the source for it.
        H50 is a sensitive topic for many people here, and we really don’t need more drama than we already have.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I still cannot “like” but I like your post, Sam!
          Yes, 5-0 is BIG money for CBS – still! There was a recent statement that they were pleasantly surprised about the numbers their Friday shows pull.
          I am optimistic and will stay away from rumors. I also think there’ll be changes ahead but I am ready to welcome them.
          The head writer of Castle joined the team, I like that.
          I’m in for at least 8 seasons 😀


        2. I’m in as long as McG’s in…don’t really care what other current cast members would come and go (tho, if given a choice, I do have a preference list ready to go 😉 ). I’d love to see better writing and plotting. I never watched Castle, cos I don’t get that whole NathanFillion cult thing, but hopefully that writer can bring some sense of continuity, in-character-keeping, and fresh story-telling to Show. It can’t be that hard to improve…there’s lots of room for improvement these last 2 seasons.

          Of course, there’s also that pesky liver to be dealt with… 🙄

          Liked by 1 person

  16. I so agree Sam, I read nothing that implies that this is the final season and they sure could have said that if CBS so chose. I don’t twitter so I have no idea what is floating out there. I think I said that the interview had the feel of 7 being the last but I have no clue if that is my pessimistic outlook on anything CBS does and certainly comes with no facts to work with. And I truly do hope that I am wrong as usual. I cling to hope that I will be proved to be over-reacting as I often am.


  17. It’s OK! You can all relax. I think I know what’s REALLY happened! In the next season we will learn that Danny didn’t donate part of a liver, he was required for a massive blood transfusion for Steve (because he lost so much blood, there wasn’t enough of his special blood type to refill him). He loses consciousness during the transfusion and the liver donation garbage was a dream sequence. A parallel universe so-to-speak, similar to poor Steve’s experience in “If Perhaps”. How else can you explain the presence of Dog the Bounty Hunter in the hospital room, no Melissa/Amber and NO REBOUND CHICK!
    Fan fic writers, please make this happen! The 5-0 writers need some help. BTW, in Australia, we have stalled halfway through S6 but thankfully, I can still get mad at show by reading your reviews and comments.
    Liver transplant? Seriously?


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