10 thoughts on “H50 Finale

  1. Much too short. I guess now we know why the team is protecting Gabriel — he probably has enough on the Shioma woman to put her away for life. Looks like great action.
    I’m thinking that 6.25 is going to be mostly a retrospective — Steve struggling to live as all of his ohana reminisce.
    It’s going to be a LONG week!


  2. OMG do you think Steve will survive???
    He has to so his ‘BFF’ can annoy the crap out of him for chosing the wrong TV channel… Just because said BFF is jealous because Steve’s got aaalllll the balloons. 😉

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    1. I’d worry more for his BBF’s survival because if Danny doesn’t shut up while Steve is trying to recuperate, McG might just get out of his bed and render him speechless ( and unconscious, too).

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  3. wish since it is two episodes, they would have given a longer promo. I wonder if we’ll get double sneak peeks this week. It is ridiculous how much I will be obsessed with this during the week. I dreamed about the finale last night!


  4. Heck even TV Guide decided to only mention one episode but then they have been nasty to Hawaii 5-0 for a long time even thought the magazine is owned by CBS. So since the network does not promote the show I can’t get too upset, it is the status quo. Knowing we have a season 7 makes me more laid back than normal so I just have to hold on and hope that all things work out well. Loved how Grover and Kono reacted to Steve being shot. I can’t help wondering if the lady Yakusa goes down big time or if they will drag that out to the next season.

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    1. Yeah, despite the fact that I’ve pretty much been bored with Five-0 all season, the few times that gal has been in the episode, she’s been a very effective iceberg. Hopefully they will use her just enough–not dragged out forever but not marginally as they have done thus far.

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