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6.23 – Pilina Koko – When a woman is murdered in her home, Five-0 learns that one of their own has a deep connection to the victim’s young daughter. On HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 6 on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Pilina Koko to Blood Ties

So, just two more to go. I’m sure most of us are looking forward to the two last episodes, but at the same time don’t want the season to end. Because we all know there will be a long hiatus in front of us. But at least there will be a hiatus and not a big black hole because the show has ended for good.

But we’re not there yet, so, let’s talk about this week’s episode.

As you can imagine I really don’t have much time on my hands at the moment, with my two guests coming soon… two more days… but who is counting.

Anyway, this review will again be somewhat on the short side. But honestly, I don’t think you’re missing much. As again, this was just another OK to good episode.

Despite the flaws I was entertained, but there are a few things that bugged the heck out of me. So, let’s talk about them for a moment before I tell you what I thought was the awesome stuff. Yep, some awesome scenes in this one, too.

Let’s have a word about Jerry… and Abby, too. When we were introduced to him he lived in the basement at his mother’s house. Nice and cozy, getting all meals served, rent free. Was a total nerd, incapable of living in the ‘normal’ world. Didn’t even use a phone, computer or any kind of communication. Let’s call it what it is, he’s a nutjob any psychologist would have a field day with. Then he met Five-0, and suddenly he’s a computer geek with knowledge way beyond a normal person, even though just a short while ago a 12-year-old had to show him how to power up a computer. He’s now using technology like he lived for it his whole life. He is outgoing and enjoying life. Just one thing is still the same. He lives on other people’s money. First his mother, then Steve, and now, for a long time Chin.

But that’s not what was making me angry. No, it was his and Abby’s behavior in Chin’s house. You just don’t act like that if you’re a guest. I don’t like him. Never have, never will. That has a lot to do with how the character is written, but also that he’s not giving me anything. The character serves no purpose other than going on my nerves with his whining of getting a badge. He’s like a five-year-old. And his behavior fits that.

Not that I don’t like five-year-olds, I do, most of them are adorably funny. But Jerry is not a freaking five-year-old. He is an overgrown man who acts like a spoiled brat. Just ugh.

But I guess that is just me who finds this character… not very likable.

Can someone please tell me why we had to deal with Hirsch in this episode? That part of the show served no purpose. None whatsoever. The whole time I was asking myself. WHY? Why do we have to waste all this time with this character… and his father. WHY?

It kept Kono away from the team for most of the episode, and even in the beginning when it looked like he was in danger, why not just take him into custody? Why wasting such a highly trained professional like Kono 😉 with babysitting duty. Sorry, but that was just dumb.

Speaking of dumb and dumber. Hirsch and AnnoyingEric. Jeez. Can it get any worse than that? And of course, all the professional overlook the huge panic button, but Hirschie finds the cables leading to the panic room. Sure. Whatever.

Even Steve told us how dumb that was. 😉

And now to my biggest beef. As you all know, I am not a Danny fan. Nope, never was. I found him annoying from the get go. But for a while I tolerated him. You probably just wonder, what the heck did he do this time? Nothing. LOL. No, my beef is not with Danny this time. 🙂


I’m going to do something that I rarely, if ever, do. I will rant about an actor. Gasp, what? Breaking my own rule? No. There will be no bashing. Just some ranting.

I’m sure Mr. Caan is a really nice guy, and I wish him only the best. But it’s no secret that I couldn’t care less about his acting, and that I have no desire to ever find out just what a fabulous guy he is. I know, there are people who think he hung the moon and that he is oh so super talented.

I never, ever wished actively for Danny to just disappear. Until today.

What Mr. Caan delivered in this episode was beyond bad. It was horribly bad. He delivered his lines like he was reading a grocery list. I am sorry if you love his character or the actor, or both, or whatever. But that was one of the worst performances I have ever seen.

That is such bad acting, I don’t even have words for it. And this time, it was not because of the badly written script. Nope, this time it was just Mr. Caan, who either gives a flying f/ck about his performance, or he really is that bad.

Please make him go away. His performance is destroying the flow of every scene he is in. His speech pattern and his breathing-technique is just… bad, really, really bad. Didn’t he go to a freaking acting school? That is a rhetorical question, I don’t even wanna know.

And one more thing, Danny again was nothing but decoration. What are the writers doing? Do they deliberately want to destroy this character? They are successful with it. No matter what happens in the next episodes, the damage is done. Permanently. At least with this Five-0 fan.

Wow, that felt good. 🙂 If you love Scott Caan, that is fine. Don’t take my words to heart. I’m sure the person SC is a fine human being, but the actor in him… well… it’s not enough to have a famous last name. Not in my book.


So, I said there were some awesome scene in this episode too. Yeah, there were.

Despite the fact that I thought the scenes with Hirsch were useless, I really liked Kono in all those scenes. She did a great job. And so did he. I don’t like the prospect of seeing more of him, but I guess it’s unavoidable.

And I loved Kono’s swim attire at the end, that was awesome.

I especially enjoyed their talk in the car. That was one of the awesome scenes. Useless, wasting precious time, but awesome. LOL

Chin. Do I need to say more? Another great job by DDK. I loved him with the little girl. She was cute, and can act. Great choice.

Not so sure what I think of this connection to Gabriel. But I guess we’ll see soon enough.

Ehm, even though Steve said two through and through, nothing vital hit… you still don’t run around like that after being shot. 😉 But on the other hand I loved seeing him there at the take down. And at the end in the hospital.

Wow, that is one confident bitch. I hope they will get her. She reminds me of the psycho psychologist from 3.08. Great scene in the blue room.

Loved the take-down and freeing the little girl. Awesome shots of our three snipers.

So, what is my take on this episode? I was well entertained, I was also annoyed and pissed off. 😉 What I take from this particular episode is that Steve, Lou, Chin and Kono are a great team.

But I don’t know anymore what Danny’s role in this is. He again felt like a foreign object in an otherwise well oiled machine.

I give it another solid good.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. I think Hirsch’s obsession with Kono is funny, but like you, I thought that arc was ridiculous. And I was embarrassed for Elliott Gould, playing the father — he seemed to be reading lines off of a prompt card, and badly so.
    I like that we have a lead in to 6.24 — Shioma is after Gabriel now, which is why the team will be stuck with protecting him.
    I love love love Alex’s acting. During the scene when they rescue the child, Steve and Brigante(sp?) are at a standoff. Steve twice tells him to let the child go. He uses his negotiator voice both times, because he has some glimmer of hope that the guy does not want to hurt a kid. But when Brigante starts to count, Steve’s face and voice changes. In that split second, he knows he will have to kill the guy. When he barks “put the kid down” for the third time, I could feel the tension explode. The Super SEAL did what he had to do. What a fabulous scene.
    Too bad the editors forgot the bullet hole in the guy’s head when we first see him on the floor, LOL. It’s there when we see the body a second time. But even that didn’t bother me after watching Alex in that scene.

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  2. You see that is why I like Chin a lot better. As he is really gone from playing sidekick to being a major important role the past few years. And is my #1 favorite on Five 0. But everybody does have favorites.
    Really liked seeing Elliott G there. As he is very underrated but great.
    The little girl playing the niece was adorable and cute.
    Can’t wait for the finale. As really CBS gave the finale way too short as it is in two hours!


  3. Oh my……I see that you know my mind so well. While I like Elliot Gould, I kept asking why this side story was necessary. I read how this was so sweet with Kono showing how nice she was but I got that already and I did not need this sideline. Okay…that is my mean moment.

    I did like Chin in this….he is more McG than he might like to admit. Walking out of the hospital was so McGarrett it was almost funny. I did like how he bonded with little Sara although it was not some big surprise to me like it seemed to be to some viewers. I can’t help wondering if Chin is about to become a single parent soon. The little girl was so sweet.

    McG was so cool in this episode but then I admit I am biased. And I do find our nasty, cool as a cucumber crime boss more interesting than Gabriel Waincroft. She strikes me as someone worth worrying about. I do need to watch it a second time so I will wait to see what others say and come back to comment.

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    • You wrote:” I did like Chin in this….he is more McG than he might like to admit”. Well, I’m pretty sure he (and the PTB) would like him to be totally McG, and are trying very very hard to reach that goal. And so they give him the main storylines, a new (albeit more that a little ridiculous IMO) big baddy to fight – but without the team being involved so far, God forbid they having even little bits of drama. Then they make him doing “ninja badass” things, such epic fighting scenes (as a Chin vs. Gabriel fight could ever match a McGarrett/Wo Fat one), leaving the hospital “a la Steve” in an totally unnecessary hospital scene that served the only purpose of trying to “Stevizalize” Chin (and the hirony is that we have never seen Steve in an hospital bed so far). And now he is a sniper too? LOL! I’m not 100% sure, but I remember only Steve and Kono being the snipers. And so on… Problem is, Chin is not and never ever will be McGarrett. Rewatch the show first season. No amount of personal growth can close the enormous gap between one of the best Navy SEAL and a 10 years older than him disgraced cop, no matter how hard they try.
      I haven’t seen the episode, so I have no comments other than “It was wise decision, I didn’ need to see another Chin centric ep and a few glimpses of our beloved Steve”. No point in getting angrier than I already am.
      I leave with a question: do you keep close to your heart some awesome Steve story (not little crumbs) from this season? Because no, I don’t, and I used to love this show so much.
      Hoping they will not destroy the finale and that it will not be a case of “too late, too little”.

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  4. I kind of wonder if Jerry has some sort of Autism. As think that he may have. For someone like myself that has Asperger’s. Jerry could have some kind of Autism thing. But he does get around on his motorcycle at least.

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    • The character would be improved if they did allow him to have Aspergers. It would give some audience members a character to relate to, and would give the writers a focus. Right now, as Sam pointed out, his idiosyncrasies are random and inconsistent. They could fashion an Aspy character that could be quite realistic and compelling. But then the writers might have to read a book, or talk to an actual Autism person. I fear that whole research thing would cut into their tweeting-for-praise time.


  5. I really wish they would stop with these B stories and focus and spend more time on the main story instead.

    What purpose did Hirsch and his father serve, other to fill up screen time? I would much rather have learned more about Lady Yakuza. That was part of the main COTW, not some creepy guy who is obsessed with Kono. Considering his past history with her, wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for Abby to guard him, and let Kono be in on the take down? Are we trusting Abby now? I’m not sure I’d want her watching my back.

    I suppose we all guessed that Chin was the child’s uncle through marriage to Malia, since I never heard anywhere that he had siblings. And that would have to make her Gabriel’s daughter. Convenient. So now we know why H50 is protecting Gabriel.

    I always find the female baddies more interesting than their male counterparts. With the exception of Wo Fat, who was cold and deadly and played so brilliantly by Mark D., characters like Gabriel are just street thugs, not master criminals.

    The best part was the rescue and there McG shined. Chin getting out of the hospital in his condition was a little unbelievable for me.

    Maybe Jerry and Eric should move in together. They could be the new bromance.

    I voted Good.

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  6. Wow… I really agree with this review. I was so angry with Abby and Jerry in the beginning of this. Totally rude on both their parts. I hate how that was played. And as an aside, Moonjat, I would rather have Chin as a single dad than have him with Abby.

    I did like Kono in this and I thought her reaction with the picture on the wall was really funny. But I totally agree that the entire Hirsch father and son bit was useless and way too long. I did love Konos surfing attire too.

    The little girl was awesome. And cute. I can’t imagine Chin with her full time though. But we shall see.

    Now… the awesome part. Those 3 with sniper rifles. I swear. Perfection.

    As for Danny… totally agree. That was sad.

    Loved Grover and Chin. Chin’s hospital escape was what people write about for Steve. I doubt Steve will be doing that next week. At least for a while.

    Did I mention how much I liked Steve behind that rifle?

    And next week, I will watch two episodes with Sam, Captain Lou and McBear! I can’t believe that sign down below says 2 days… TWO!

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  7. Stop hating on everyone and you just might find you will actually like the show. I saw a comment on your earlier posts from someone “hating on a fictional character is just weird “. I agree with that and newsflash they are all fictional characters but I think at this point after reading your blog for so many months I think people here just will find any excuse to speak nagative of the characters, especially Danny . I mean they complained about not enough females on the show and then every time Abby is on or any other female you see them post how that story line has dragged on and time to end it. This is the most negative and hateful blog I have seen. Just no pleasing you people


    • You know, Mary, no one here hates on anyone. I love the show, and I know most people here do too. But we speak our minds here. That is what this blog is all about. Everyone is welcome to voice their opinion in a civilized manner on this blog. Good or bad.
      It’s a shame that so many don’t understand the concept of loving something but still being able to voice a negative view of something on this show. Seems that you are one of them too.
      You don’t have to love every aspect of something. But you can still love it. Think about that.
      And I don’t hate Danny, or SC. But the writing for his character is just awful, and his performance in this episode was way below any standard. I have no problem voicing that. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy him when he is well written, or SC gives something about his performance.
      And everyone here has voiced good stuff and bad stuff. Nobody here is a hater.
      Sorry if you don’t feel that way. But hey, if you think this is a hate-blog, maybe you shouldn’t lurk around? How’s that?!

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    • Holy Mary in a hula skirt… Sigh…
      As I think it’s me you’re quoting just my 2 cents.
      Wearing rose-coloured glasses, being in awe and simply enjoy is totally ok. But it is just a crush.
      Take off those glasses, notice the flaws, discuss. Still there? That’s love.

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      • Discuss is the key word. And as MamaYorkie mentions also, we don’t all agree. Another word to replace discuss is to analyze the episodes. We all have our likes and dislikes. I critically assess the show because I love it and I’m trying to understand how a show that in the first 3.5 seasons captivated me so much I can recall dialogue and scenes by heart has devolved to one I literally have a gray blur & virtually no recall of episodes from season 4.5 to present with the exception of a VERY few episodes. In the meantime I keep hoping, hoping, hoping they’ll find solid footing again. If that makes me sound never satisfied, that’s ok. I expect a high standard from Five-0 because that’s the bar they set at the beginning. I’m not going to call it awesome just because any of the actors (including AOL) showed up on the set.

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        • “trying to understand how a show that in the first 3.5 seasons captivated me so much that I can recall dialogue and scenes by heart”

          ^^^ Ain’t that the sad sad truth of it all. I used to know not only episode number, but episode title AND translation for those years. Since then it has blended into this amalgamation of mush with some excellence thrown in here and there. It’s sad how far this show has devolved.

          And yes, the fact the the show aired does not make it an awesome episode for me.

          I am truly flummoxed at people who come onto a blog to complain about the content of said blog. Sam clearly states in all of her reviews just what’s what. She makes no promise that you’ll like what she says, and she wants nothing for saying it. To come on here, HER space, and complain about her opinion (and those of us that choose to read and participate here) is quite obnoxious. Comment here that you loved the episode, highlight what was good, discuss how you thought it was the BEST EVER, but to come here and judge? That’s rude. That’s Mary’s problem, not this blogs.

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          • Let me add that Sam could have blocked that comment if she wanted. But she let it go through so we could discuss it politely.

            Other sites (the PL/writers “please read me crowd”) will either block you or berate you for having a different opinion. I can’t tolerate someone who cannot have a logical debate without resorting to an obnoxious lecture. In other words, tell me why you disagree, respectfully, so I can rebut, respectively. (unless you are so afraid I might be ……………right?)

            Being a fan- girl doesn’t mean you park your brains at the door. Did I mention logic?

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    • Mary: I am sorry that you are unhappy. Please don’t confuse our issue with how the character of Danny is written with how we feel about SC. If you have read any of our posts you will see that many of us consider him multi-talented but being given scripts which paint him as unpleasant. As far as Abby is concerned, she tried to bring down the whole H50 team but was forgiven and entrusted with a place on the team and a badge. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy of that with the hatred of Catherine who left Steve for an undercover mission– for — her — country– which McG acknowledged he understood and would have done the same thing? Why no pass for Cath? Maybe it is because Steve loves her and she gets in the way of some of the fandom’s fantasies? More problematic for me is that the dislike of Cath carries over to the actress. There are other cheerleader blogs out there who beg PL for a “please read” but they do not allow for a difference of opinion. If you have been reading this blog for months you must have noticed that we don’t all agree with each other all the time.That’s why I like it here. We get to look at things through other people’s eyes. And I think you can see by our responses to you that none of us is carrying a weapon.

      Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Grandma’s, Aunts, friends and mentors who enrich the lives of all children. You don’t have to be a Mom to act like one. Bless you all.

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  8. Hey!
    I do agree with nearly all of the above- exept Danny … partly! And I am sad , because I can’t voice that opinion properly! I just know out of experience how wrong words sound when spoken without knowing the real meaning behind them:-( ! I’m sorry !
    But I want you to know that I love this side and all of your postings! Your discussions and arguments- great!
    Thank You for giving us your time and hard work! Thank you for sharing!

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  9. I gave this an ok. Sam…and the rest of y’all…are all so right. There was zero point to the entire Hirsch story…and I like the actor and the character. But this is not CSI:Crime-Clean-Up. Hirsch and his dad had no place here. Tho…doesn’t Alex hang out with Elliott Gould’s son? Reckon this is a Hollywood free-vacay casting? If so, Elliott did not bring his A game.

    Agree Abby and Jerry were total asses in Chin’s house. I hope one of them at least sprung for the ice cream. 🙄 There are so many eccentric and pointless characters on this show now, I often go thru my emails during 5-0. I cannot believe how fans used to bitch, in S 1-3, how Cath (or Jenna or Lori) was taking time from the effin Core 4…now a half dozen twits, at least, take time from them and no one (but us) cares. Clearly that whole bitch-fest was about nothing but preventing McG from having a female-oriented love life. Core 4 my ass… 😡

    Yakuza bitch is awesome. The only BigBad on this show who holds a candle to Wo. Leave the Gabriel. Take the Bitch. 😉

    McG saved the ep, the little bit he was in it, but mostly in that fantabulous final scene. Soft-hearted but cold-blooded. He took that shot! The once and always badass. 😀

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  10. Scott looks so bored in his scenes, would be wonderful if they let him leave the show. Steve pairs up so nicely with anyone, he doesn´t need Danno.
    I love Hirsh having a crush on Kono, I was quite entertained with that storyline even though it took up a lot of screen time.
    Yakuza Bitch looks like an exciting villain, hope they don´t kill her off too soon. Steve has a nice spark in his eyes with female perps 😉 I always loved 3.08 bitch toying with Steve. Would love to see more of such uneasiness by McG 😀

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  11. I’m obviously too much of a fan girl, I loved this episode. I found the tension building up to how this little girl was related to Chin and the story unfolding was great and I didn’t think of Gabriel as being the Dad. I know, I was probably the only one who didn’t! I really didn’t see a problem with Danny / Scott’s portrayal in this episode and I watched it again to see if I could pick up anything, he just seemed to be normal Danny to me. Maybe it’s just me and I’m so blown away with Alex’s portrayal of Steve, everyone else is fine with me, well, except Jerry, I just think he’s used far too much. I even didn’t mind Eric in this one too much.

    Hirsch was okay in this episode for me, though I do agree he took far too much time away from the main story. I think it led to some very funny lines and eye rolls for Kono. I like most of the fringe cast, but that is what they should be, help make the episode good, but not have a storyline of their own. We don’t get enough Steve as it is ;).

    I also agree on Shioma being a much more realistic crime boss than Gabriel. She is frighteningly cold. Definitely a worthy replacement for Wo Fat.

    The best bit for me though was Steve when he took out Brigante. I loved the bit where everyone had left the room and he let out a shaky breath, like he was coming down from the adrenaline. Oh, I also loved sniper Steve. I’m sure it’s been talked about before that he was an excellent sniper but I don’t ever remember him using the sniper rifle in any episode.

    All in all, I’m far too excited about the finale. It’s on my birthday, although I won’t get to see it till the next day. I loved the preview although it was far too short.

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    • Agree about the best bit – Alex was giving us his patented VOE there! He had Steve go through a bunch of emotions during the takedown – and I loved them all!

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      • Ya know…that IS his patented VOE. Exactly as you said, Kimmer. That man can show a rainbow of emos on his face, no dialogue required, and we can read his character’s every thought and feeling as if we were reading the script itself. It’s such a quiet and reliable feature, I think his “Boss” takes the skill for granted. But I’m entranced and impressed every damn time. Go Alex! Kudos and a fist bump, babe. ❤

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  12. I gave it a good (on my “how much did it not infuriate you” scale)

    Way way WAAAAYYYY too much Hirsch. I don’t understand what the hell is going on with these characters. I’ve never seen anything like it. I feel like it’s a bait-and-switch scheme, LOL. “watch the reboot of the original Hawaii Five-0, only with very attractive and intriguing new cast – PSYCH! It’s really about this subgroup of odd caricatures with an occasional appearance by the attractive and intriguing cast. Stay tuned for scenes from next weeks guest sexual harasser!” Eliiot Gould – sigh. I hope you enjoyed your working vacation. You were awful.


    Seriously, I thought the beginning of the show, with Eric and Hirsch, more Hirsch, more Hirsch.. .would never end. I suppose I should thank PL that we didn’t have to watch Hirsch get dressed that morning.

    Abby and Jerry – It just got an eyeroll from me. That’s all I’ve got. So, Abby is back, has her badge, on the team and what does she get to do? Eat ice cream at 3am and fret over Chin. It happens to the women on this show y’all – get a permanent gig, become wallpaper and not speak. Or get oogled by any number of cutesey weirdo’s.

    I think it’s funny that THIS is the week that you lost your shit about Danny/SC Sam! I mean – high five from me for what you said, but this week I thought Danny was OK. I liked his little blow up at Grover about how Michelle Shioma wasn’t going to say anything – he’s as frustrated as Steve is with this woman (I love it – she’s shaping up to be a pretty good villan, let’s hope that continues). Danny kind of disappeared mid-episode and then re-appeared at the end.

    Chin slowly getting up out of the hospital bed, alarms beeping, no one comes running in… that got a good laugh from me. Also – he was wearing undies – otherwise we would have gotten quite the show. I about died laughing that inconsiderate teammates left him alone in the hospital, but were kind enough to bring him his car (in running order despite being riddled with bullets) and leave it somewhere he could find it, with a note about where they were going, just IN CASE he decided to pull out his IV and head to the place where Brigante was keeping the little girl!!! What luck!!! <<< Reason 1,085,234 why this show is not THE BEST EVER. Just saying.

    Also, being a sniper (for the first time in 6 years) is so easy that you can be stumbling from your car, panting, bleeding, but still cool, calm, and steady enough to nail a guy through a window from 50 yards. Simple, really.

    Steve went through so many emotions playing across his face in those scenes – it was awesome. It saved the episode for me. Well, that and the fascination of the zippers on his shirt 😉

    What? I never denied being shallow!

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    • Rofl about your description of Chin leaving the hospital. I wonder if the writers are laughing just as much as we do.
      Yeah, kinda lost it this week, but it wasn’t about Danny, it was really about SC. I was yelling at the screen when he talked. I was this close to ff through the scenes, unfortunately Steve was in them too. 😉

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      • When patients are hooked up to monitors, they are in a telemetry unit. If one monitor has one second of an abnormal reading, the nursing staff is there immediately. I’ve stopped fretting over the medical inaccuracies….I just sit back and enjoy the ride (and laugh a lot!) Looks like they might treat Steve’s injuries realistically in 6.25, though. That would be refreshing.

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  13. Goodness, I end up away from the computer for a weekend and only check things out on the phone and the whole site gets exciting. I too am sorry that Mary doesn’t see that while we don’t always agree……we don’t HATE anyone. We may dislike characters or the writers but hate is such a strong word. Since when is not adoring a character mean we hate them? I do grumble about Danny and I do question SC’s commitment to the show but I do not hate him. I like many of the side characters but do wish that they weren’t taking center stage so much. I cannot believe that the writers are out of ideas for what to do with the main characters so they resort to this division of attention. If they could perfect a main story each week and throw in a mention of others it would produce less grumbling from the faithful. Maybe they should explore fanfiction on occasion just to see that there are ideas out there that showcase the main characters. They don’t have to steal ideas, just get inspired like I do when I read a new story.

    And Sam and Cokie…..have a lovely visit.

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  14. Great reviews by everyone! I agree, to many secondary characters taking up screen time. If they wanted to do a story about the struggle of being a caretaker, they could have Hirsch see Kono with the struggle of caring for her mom, working, and having a husband in jail. He could see she is a real woman with everyday struggles. Not some fantasy creature. Why couldn’t that story be about a main character, not someone brought on for comic relief?

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    • It’s almost like PLenkov is an obsessive and extremely poor gambler…who plays exclusively with Hollywood B-Listers and loses every.damn.time. So one of the minor actors wins and thus gets his very own creepy side-character, complete with story arc, on H50. Willie Garson musta beat him by a country mile… 😉

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  15. As others have said, I guess by the end of the season AOL is exhausted and they’re trying to give him a few breathers. But as much as I like most of the secondary characters, they dilute the core team. They should be there for support, not starring roles.
    And hey, looking at the 6.25 promo pics, by my count this will be the 4th time Steve gets shot in the left arm. LOL, I bet that tattoo needs some TLC!

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    • And I think that was the same arm he busted up when he got conked in the head by a huge rock and did a crash landing near Jack? Leung’s body.


      • Sure was! And the same arm was injured in Afghanistan when he and Cath went to find the boy. Good thing he’s right-handed!


  16. I totally forgot to put in my 2 cents.
    So I am gonna make this agree/disagree thing. It’s the only way I can do short and because I am so laaaate I think it’s the better choice. Although I have calmed down a little bit…
    Agree with everything everybody said about Hirsch and his father. And the annoying storylines of the C to Z characters.
    My feeling is NO!
    They need to let it go!
    Agree with you about Jerry. Yeah right. Jerry. You know I like him. But I don’t know when he became a part of the big bang theory computer nerds. At first he was introduced as a kind of Catweazle.
    And I agree that you don’t behave like he and Abby as guests. But I think it was a spur of the moment ‘party’, not ok and careless and thoughtlessly, but I can live with it. What Danny did as he was crashing on Steve’s couch was worse. He was an a$$ on purpose with no manners and no gratefulness at all.
    Agree with the appreciation of Alex’ acting in the sniper scene and especially the take down of Brigante! That’s the way it’s done. Showing various emotions in a short time using your voice, your tone and your face. Making a scene real. Being in the moment, feeling it. And making the audience feel. Loved it! The awesome part of the episode.
    Partly agree with the female baddie. Yes, Michelle Shioma is way scarier than Gabriel. She is the better baddie. But we have only seen her in the interrogation room. I need more dimensions of this character to see if she is equally scary and ice-cold outside.
    I can’t say much about the Chin/Sara scene because I saw it coming from a mile away. And then she told him about an uncle at the police department. Bingo!
    Agree with your rant about Scott Caan. He may be a wonderful man and father in private, but acting is not private and I am allowed to not like it.
    Just… think… about… how… awesome… it… would… be… if… show… had… a… little… more… time… at… its… hands…. Wonder… where… they… could… gain… some… time… so… that… the… awesome… stuff… doesn’t… need… to… be… cut… and… lands… on… the… editing… room’s… floor… 😉
    So an ok show with sprinkles of awesomeness. Good. Because I am nice.

    Liked by 3 people

    • LOL!! Your Danno impression is spot on. His acting just makes me wanna ZzzZzz. Or prod him with electricity to speed him up and get it out! ZzzZzz…..

      Liked by 1 person

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