6.22 Review


6.22  –  I’ike Ke Ao – Five-0 must save a kidnapped college student from a dangerous vigilante. Also Max, Kamekona and Flippa try to survive after being shipwrecked, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 29 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. 

CBS translated I’ike Ke Ao to For The World To Know

  • I don’t have time for a full review this week, so a few thoughts have to do. I hope you guys will fill in the rest in your comments.
  • The show was good enough to provide some nice, entertaining moments.
  • It was nice to see Toast again.
  • That kidnapped girl was a real tough cookie. Good for her.
  • Although the whole beginning was way too long.
  • Don’t understand what the guy’s motive was for all his effort to get people to confess their sins. That part of the show could have been better.
  • The action at the end was good.
  • I even liked the Kamekona part; loved how it ended. Although I again wonder if you don’t have to get training and a license to pilot a boat on open water, or any water for that matter. Kamekona seemed like he didn’t know much about boats.
  • And I certainly enjoyed Steve and Toast in first class at the end. LOL
  • Not just this scene, but during the whole show it felt like Danny and Steve are drifting apart in an alarming rate. I wonder if that will have its finale in the finale. 😉
  • I’ll give the show a solid good.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


65 thoughts on “6.22 Review

  1. I agree, it was a good show. Danny and Steve had some actual conversation that wasn’t derisive bickering. The Scooby and Shaggy comment was great, and I knew where the Joshua password came from so I guess my nerd credentials are intact too. 🙂
    It was good to see Steve in kevlar and then in the dark blue tee shirt!
    But, why are Steve, Danny and Jerry going to L.A. with Toast? Did I miss something?


  2. You definitely have to get a captains license to operate a charter boat. I have a friend who runs one on Lake Ontario. It’s serious stuff.

    I have the episode a good. The beginning WAS creepy, the action good, and the Kamekona shipwreck story was fairly short with a funny twist.

    I don’t have anything against Toast, I liked him in this episode and his rags to riches story was relevant and funny. But, I’m good with Toast story now. Don’t need to see him again.

    McG playing the game though, priceless.

    I’m SO GLAD you said something about the WHY for the criminal. That’s the big party of telling a story, isn’t it? “Why” did this guy do this? And how did he know that girl was texting while driving? Horrible storytelling.

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    • Yes, the motive us the most important part. And I simply didn’t see it.
      I guess he knew from stalking her and her computer. May she wrote it in her diary, or something.


  3. I have kind of wondered if Scott Caan will be back for Season 7. He doesn’t seem to like doing the show, his daughter is in LA, and I think he feels like he’ll easily find something else. I don’t have the Danny hate that some do, but I feel like I don’t love what they have been doing with his character the last few seasons. And Grover could easily serve the function of providing the non native Hawaiian who needs more obscure Hawaiian culture stuff explained that Danny has served.


    • I only hate how he is written most of the time. At times I actually like him, but that is far and between. His character is horribly written, and lately pretty much useless. I think it’s a shame and they could do way better.
      But I wouldn’t miss him one bit if he weren’t there at all. Either get him out, or write his character better.


      • You actually weren’t who I was thinking of as the biggest Danny hater. 😉 Sorry I accidentally submitted the essentially the same comment twice.


  4. I have wondered if Scott Caan will be coming back for season 7. He clearly seems to not want to be on the show and it feels like they are phrasing him out. I feel like his character is keep progressively meaner and less of an friend. They’ve been experimenting with both Chin and Grover as McG’s “partner”. Plus, Grover can serve as the guy who doesn’t know about Hawaiian culture. Or maybe that is wishful thinking?

    Thank you for calling out the sloppy story telling. It seems like no one is watching the finished product, they are all too focused on the individual parts like the guest stars or whatever. This seems to happen with lots of shows are they go on longer.

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  5. They were heading to LA for chicken and waffles. I am assuming on Toast’s tab.

    This show was a difficult one to categorize. I liked it but it never really grabbed me. I agree that there was no explanation for that weird little man feeling he had to make others atone for their sins. There was really no feeling for him at all because we didn’t know a thing about him.

    As for Kamekona, that part was good, although tongue in cheek. He would have had to passed tests for that like he did for the helicopter. And falling asleep on deck like he did was pretty sad. Felt sorry for Max having to deal with Flippa. Sorry, but he and I would part ways pretty quickly. It was funny that they washed on shore right in the outskirts of civilization. I was waiting for one of them to say that the fireworks looked a lot like the ones from the Hilton. That would have been funny.

    I liked the kidnapped girl. She was tough. One weird thing is that the bad guy had the baby at the beginning, zapped the parents and then apparently put the baby back to bed. That was strange, I thought.

    Ok, I admit that I searched to see if there really was a Poopy Penguin game. Steve looked like he was having fun and he even paid money to go farther. I loved Bee’s photo with Steve trying to land the poop on Danny.

    It was a decent show. Just not a memorable one. Well, other than the Steve worthiness. That was awesome.

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  6. Seems like we are of the same mind. I enjoyed seeing Toast and got a laugh out of the reason he gave the model for why he was called that, so not the reason we know. It appears he has really cleaned up his act. And for once I understood Danny’s rant about paying all the money for the game.

    The girl was one tough cookie and I for one didn’t understand the guy’s motive for what he was doing. And I watch plenty of Criminal Minds so I know they could have explained that better. He sure was creepy though and the beginning makes me glad we don’t own a smart house that is easily controlled by electronics……although we do have a thermostat that is hooked up to the WiFi, so maybe I shouldn’t feel safe.

    I wonder if the writers are deliberately making Steve and Danny appear to be drifting apart so that their planned “huge” event in the finale will seem even bigger. It all looks so contrived. I do wonder if SC will have more than 5 episodes off in S7. It would not surprise me. And I was very pleasantly surprised by the whole boating portion and it was fun. I didn’t even mind Flippa and was happy to know that Kamekona didn’t name the boat. I am sorry he lost the sail, it was cute. I gave the episode a good.

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  7. The opening was one of their scariest yet, especially when the house seemed to have its own life and before this weeks psycho appeared in the baby’s room. That part with the baby in the crib gave me the creeps.

    I think that Danny and Steve have grown so far apart that it has become obvious to even the casual viewer. They don’t seem to like each other and it is even more pronounced in how Steve responds to him. Seems like McG has finally had all he can take from him. Maybe that’s the reason for the “Danny as hero” we may get in 625. Are we going to have sappy story of how all is forgiven and forgotten and the three year estrangement was just in our minds? This reconciliation may be the lead in to Danny’s exodus next season. Make up-waive goodbye-send postcard. etc.

    I like Toast, but I am afraid he will lose all his money and be sharing an office in the basement with Jerry next season. Can Badges be far behind?

    As for Kamekona, I didn’t mind the story line per se, but would have preferred they just spent more time on the A plot and did away with the B part altogether. That is unless it fits into other ongoing stories and serves a purpose for continuity. This seems to be how all the episodes are being handled lately (but without the continuity).
    Could they not find a hat to fit him properly or was the just a very poor joke?
    I voted good.

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  8. I think that I love the McGarrett and Grover as it is all in good fun. No bickering. As they have come such a very long way. I love Flippa and Kamekona as both provide comic relief with Max. All three being “rescued” in the end on the resort.
    Still I think Scott will do five less episodes as LA is his home. As it sounds like he does not want to be there. Plus he does have his priorities straight with his daughter as well as trying to get more into screenwriting and plays and photography.
    Alex and Daniel both have homes in Hawaii as both really grew to love the state from what I hear. The latter after his Lost days.
    The girl was tough and wished that she could had finished the job on that creep. But glad Steve did it for her.

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  9. Here I go, jumping into the frying pan….

    I don’t begrudge Scott wanting to be near his family, or be in the city he loves ; and TPTB are certainly working with him to let him so that.

    That’s all well and good to a point, and I think that point has been reached. It’s getting weirder and weirder how they work around his schedule. He misses 5 completely but he’s got at least that many episodes where his story is separate from everyone else. It doesn’t flow well, and cast time goes on its going to get worse trying to explain it. Even the episodes he’s in he’s nothing but a reaction in the background a lot of the time. If I were a Scott fan I’d be annoyed too. I don’t understand why they thought this would work.

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    • I still believe he (Danny) should not be with Five-0 any longer. He should only work part-time on the show. He is nothing but a guest star by now. They should change his role accordingly. Because at it is, it is damaging the flow and the writing of the show. Has been for the last three years.
      And you know, I don’t think his commitment to family is nothing to brag about, the others I am sure are just as committed.
      If an actor doesn’t want to be on a show as much anymore, the character has to be changed. It’s really quite simple. I can’t understand how TPTB can’t or won’t see that the character is not working as a full time member of the task force if the actor is barely there.

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      • I tried to check if SC’s girlfriend was working on anything but came up empty. So I guess I can’t understand why she and the little girl can’t spend some time in Hawaii so he doesn’t have to run back and forth for that reason. Unless that is not the real reason. He probably can’t set up another play as easily if he is in Hawaii. Personally I don’t believe he is completely dedicated to the show. And I do totally agree that the show just doesn’t work with him there on a part time basis.

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        • Perhaps Kacy doesn’t want to be in Hawaii. Was she fired from the show’s wardrobe department or did she choose to leave? Maybe that is why SC is forced to run back to LA all the time. There is undoubtedly more to this story than any of us will know. The bottom line is that right now the bromance is dead and the writers have done a poor job with writing Danny. SC can only work with the dialogue he is given and I would probably run away too with what he is given.

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          • McDannos and those that say they are “not shippers but supporters”, what ever that means, do not notice anything wrong between Steve and Danny. For them, that relationship is endgame. Its just the push-pull of two characters they believe are meant to be together. The writers are going to reconcile what many fans, on all sides, see as a bromance gone bad in 625. Then Danny can have his own exit episode in S7.

            If Scott just wanted to spend more time with his baby and girlfriend, they could easily be in Hawaii during filming. So obviously, he wants to spend more time with them but in L.A. instead. That is the real reason for his not being there and all of the excuses the show comes up with to explain it just don’t cut it. It is his right and decision as to what is best for him and his family. If H50 is not a priority then I wish him well in what ever he chooses to do. He is talented enough to succeed at whatever he wants.

            The McDannos and their “supporters who are not shippers” have to just “move on” in the same way they tell others to do when they don’t like a particular character or story line. Only some of us know that the writers are laughing at ALL of us.

            Have I mentioned that I think “Danno” may be moving toward the door? Oh, yeah, well.

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            • Danno lovers only see what they want to see. I have some recent reviews from old stories that praised how brave Danny was and how he overcame the whump and for those who read my work know that Danny is only marginally whumped with the exception of one story in any of my stories.. So clearly it doesn’t matter what happens, they see what they want and only that.

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      • Well there’s a dozen or so McDs on Twitter telling em how awesome McD is, and these are very insecure writers who love to have their work validated by idiots who can’t sarcasm from slapstick…

        So for me, this ep was just an ok. I usually put up with the B story ok, but this one bothered me. The Stoopid between Kame and Flippa was just too exaggerated to take…and while I like Max, he was almost like Danno in this ep, harping about what is going wrong incessantly. Unlike Danno, Max was actually right, but I just grew weary of the whole conceit of this B plot long before it ended. Now, if McG had been on the boat…

        The Creeper story was also severely injured by giving MrCreeper zero motivation for his crimes against criminals. Was he a wannabe cop who got rejected from cop school? A religious “do-gooder” from one of those frantic minor denominations? A super creep who got his rocks off by out-creeping other crims? A bro whose sis was horribly murdered, so he vowed to become a superhero and actually wears SuperMan undies every day? Give me SOMETHING!!! Also make SOME effort to explain how he finds out these peoples’ secrets in the first place.

        I was all for the young woman’s rescue, and yes she was a fierce little would-be victim. I liked her. I liked Toast. I LOVED McG winning! at PoopyPenguin in first class. Toast always did like McG best…

        But that only rated an ok for me. Not a bad show, just an ok show. Meh.

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          • OMG!! Who the hell thinks the writing is rave-worthy? Sometimes there are bits written well, but overall continuity and realism is…not rave-worthy. Some actors sink to the material, but many of em raise the material. The writers oughta buy Alex a nice bottle of wine every ep.

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            • —->Some actors sink to the material, but many of em raise the material. The writers oughta buy Alex a nice bottle of wine every ep.<—- THIS. Good actors can change bad writing into something better. Commitment, versatility, talent, variety does wonders.


          • Since I don’t twitter I have to ask, does anyone tell the writers that they don’t like something or do they only praise them? I wonder if you told them that a certain idea was dumb while on that show time twitter would they find themselves blocked from further twitter times? There are some episodes that I would be questioning where they came up with such a dumb idea but that would likely get me blocked.


            • Yeah people, sometimes kindly sometimes not, tweet to writers or PL about a fail in writing or storytelling, or just big factual errors. These are always ignored by TPTB, but SuperFans may bitch to them who dared questioning the delusion of perfection. 😉

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            • Can’t really say who gets blocked and why – it’s been random to say the least! I will say, as soon as one negative utterance is made – there is a thirsty group that will go one about people “nitpicking” and being “bittah” and all forms of whatnot ( as if having a favorite character negates you from ever having another thought about the show), and then another group that claims they only want positivity comes out and asks the thirsty’s “What did I miss” (so obviously they thrive on the dramaaaaa) and so on… it’s tiresome.

              I’d love it if PL actually would respond about actual episode things, other than asking for false praise. So many other EP’s on social media handle themselves in a way that supports fandom, and gives interesting commentary. This one sadly, doesn’t.

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              • Thanks Kim and GNP, I think I am glad I don’t twitter. So it sounds like the writers just ignore negative tweets and the know it alls descend on the critics and tear them apart. I do not need that in my life.

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      • You are right. There is nothing to brag about. It started in season 4, he had no baby at that time. I have a really strong opinion about this whole topic. Millions of people all over the world don’t live where they grew up. They don’t live where their parents live, their (childhood) friends or their schoolmates. I don’t, hubby doesn’t and most of my friends don’t. The families live where they’ve got a job, they left their hometowns, their provinces, states, even their continent I’ve been told ;-). And no one complains because it’s the normal thing to do. Nothing special.
        Gah… don’t get me started!

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    • Kimphin: Get out of the frying pan. You are only saying what a lot of us are thinking.

      It is disingenuous for them to say SC has only missed 5 episodes. Even when he was supposed to be there, he really wasn’t. There were many episodes where he has scenes with other actors absent from the team. And when there was interaction, it was often kept to a minimum. It looks like there was a seriously abbreviated work schedule for Danny’s character which was covered by Grover and sometimes by superfluous guest stars who ate up minutes of screen time just to fill the hour. That is why Danny has become irrelevant. Why else was Grover added to the team? Someone was needed to plug the hole. Even Kono is often missing. We see more of Adam than his wife.

      Season 5 was pivotal for H50 because there was a real possibility that there would be no renewal for S6. Look at how late in the season CBS made a decision. Who knows what was offered in case there was a renewal? At least some members of the cast were probably thrilled to stay in Hawaii. But all of them? I’m not sure about that.

      I, too, feel sorry for the Scott fans. I think he is a very nice and multi- talented individual who probably cringes when he reads some of the lines he has to say. Let’s wish him happiness to pursue the other creative things he wants. He deserves that.

      I still think the character of Danny is on his way back to Jersey. Maybe he’ll return for Steve and Cath’s wedding.

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      • I think it was on the S4 DVD commentary where they (Can’t remember who specifically, Peter and someone) actually said that they brought in Chi to fill in when Scott “wasn’t available”


  10. I’ve come to the sad, though not surprising, conclusion that I care not about plot, continuity, dependable characterization, having things actually make sense etc.; else why would I continue watching? I watch because of the pretty scenery, pretty people (one in particular), and because I have no shame.

    The most I can say about this episode is that, it was nice to see Toast again and that I managed to stay awake until it ended. I agree with Gracenotpark and give it a meh. Will, of course, be watching next week and for as long as Mr. O’Loughlin continues to appear in it.

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      • Have no idea what happened! I remain clueless and still cannot just ‘like’ something because computers are jerks. I apologize because there are a lot of comments on here worth liking. Also, the original avi looks more like me 🙂 Am not known for my ‘sunny’ nature.


        • My response “same problem here” below makes no sense. I meant to respond to G2F because I also cannot use the like button and feel badly that I can’t acknowledge the great comments here. So, I understand.


  11. Thanks for your review Sam, even if short it’s much appreciated.
    I gave this an overall good. I was well entertained, I really enjoyed Toast (who would have thought) and totally bought him being the geek 🙂
    Loved Steve baptizing the boat and having a field day in the end in first class rocking the computer game – yep, well deserved commander!

    Don’t even get me started on the Danny topic again. Or actually, yes I will put my two cents in here, too. Thanks ladies for speaking out what many of us think.
    By now I think it is almost embarrassing how the SC fans try to make him look good and constantly praise how wonderful it is that he gets to spend time with his family. Quite frankly – I find this pretty insulting to all other cast and crew members who move heaven and earth to be a part of this show. Moving literally as DDK (who came out for LOST with his family and stayed) and Alex who calls Hawaii home now, relocated to Oahu. It is ok not to love that place and not permanently live there but this juggling around “his” schedule makes me very unhappy. Not only do we get presented ridiculous reasons why SC’s not in an episode, the ones he’s there he often is nothing more then decoration. He hardly is a full team member anymore, his scenes are often filmed separately. The episodes often don’t flow well. How on earth would Danny even be allowed to take so much time off as a member of a special task force?
    SC knew what he was in for when he first signed: up to 7 seasons!
    A little more dedication would be nice because if recall correctly
    a) this show made him very well known to a wide audience
    b) he earned millions
    c) he met his girlfriend and the mom of his cute little girl on set
    What completely threw me off was watching one of these breakfast shows based in L.A. a while back when SC was yet again taking an episode off. The host was saying something like “you’re on Hawaii Five-0” and he just nodded switched the topic and went off to promote his other projects. I was like WTH?
    I feel so sorry for the Danny lovers. If they are honest appearances like SC’s on that talk show or the lack of their Danno on screen lately must be a blow.

    The Danny lovers will probably rip me/us a new one reading my/the other posts above but this is NOT about bashing Scott, it is trying to understand what is going on and simply voicing out loud the irritation about a more then unpleasant situation for fans of the show. I truly believe that Scott is the nicest guy and I wish him nothing but the best. But lately I wonder if it is really “just” bad writing that his character appears to be more of a negative person then the so called best friend/partner or if -what I think- Scott is not dedicated to the show anymore. Sadly this seems to have been the case for a while.
    I have a very uneasy feeling when it comes to 6.25. I’m afraid by landing the plane and “saving” Steve all will be “well” again in the writer’s mind, but not for us. Whether on purpose or unintentional – Steve and Danny have not spend private time together in many episodes. Where is their so called friendship? How on earth can someone call that bromance?
    For me Grover has long taken over his spot and I have to admit I enjoy him thoroughly.
    So it’s either a happy dance for Steve and Danny again in S7 (yeah right…) or getting ready for Danny to leave Five-0. I don’t think this “in-between” situation can continue much longer…

    I am re-watching S1 with a good friend right now. Back then I really liked the Jersey detective. Yes, he ranted and I sometimes raised my eyebrows back then already. But everything was fresh and it was a friendly bickering. Haven’t the McDanno’s noticed how Steve keeps his distance recently, how often he gives him his piece of mind?
    Is this really just the writers and poor Scott having to act what they throw at him?
    Sorry I’m ranting and I’m not stating new stuff here but sometimes it’s good to vent 🙂

    Waiting for what they will give us the last 3 episodes… BUT – I am after all really excited for the finale and couldn’t be more happy for the cast and crew. After all this show employs 200+ ppl locally and I got to see many of them working hard when watching them film.
    They do this for us!!

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    • I wish I could put in words how much I love your comment. I applaud you to voice you/our displeasure (for a lack of a better word) in such a nice manner. Bravo. And I completely second every word.


    • Very well said Sunny.Even a S1 interview had SC stating how he really wasn’t sure he wanted to do a weekly drama on TV. So he really hasn’t been on board from the start. He has done that in a couple of reviews that I have seen. He changes the subject if they bring up the show.

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    • Sunny: You hit all the right things with your comment. Its not about Scott bashing for us. Its about what a poor job the writers have done to make Danny’s character likable. Even if it wasn’t deliberate, the damage has been done. And if it was deliberate, we need to know why.

      I would like to know how many writers are leaving at the end of the season (does anyone know?) and if there will be more stories which show that the new writers do not know the characters as well as the fans. ( the old writers certainly didn’t)


      • Two writers definitely – they confirmed it and where they were going (Wynbrandt and Lillien) One script supervisor (Justin Rettke) confirmed leaving and one very suspicious twittercide after an interesting IG post from a writer/script supervisor (Matt Wheeler)

        One confirmed new writer – from Castle (Robert Hanning)

        Seems as if there is a bit of housecleaning going on, but that’s just my guess.


        • Thanks. What does twittercide mean? I don’t have an account on twitter. I thought about getting one but I would be blocked by everybody and my ego is so fragile! I don’t think PL pays much attention to twitter even though some “fans” live for a retweet. Sad lives if that’s all it takes to……………………!


          • Just a funny way of saying he deleted his account. No warning, just —- gone. I think it was on Friday.

            Twitter – eh. It’s got some positives, lots of negatives. I’ve had some cool conversations, and convo’s with some actors and athletes (rare and unexpected). I don’t actively do stuff that screams “NOTICE MEEEEE” like some others do. I don’t tolerate bullsh*t from anyone coming at me there. Logic confuses most of em. 😉


        • Kimphin: This addition from the Castle writers may work out. Even though it is written as a comedy, Becket was the sane head detective who became Captain. The former Capt was also a woman, as was the ME. All were professional capable and smart– not written as liars, traitors or worse. Only Castle is portrayed as a two year old in a man’s body for comic relief. I don’t think castle has been renewed yet. Maybe this is what H50 is missing. I’m hopeful.


  12. The show where the Three Stoodges morphed into The Waltons saying Good Night after having a heart to heart and singing some native songs. The show where Ouzo is miraculously flammable and another CAT disappears. Outside I was smiling and inside I was surprised about my smile. Oops!
    The show that finally had a tough female character besides Kono; a crying baby that was calm like a newborn-baby doll; a Steve at a ship’s christening swinging not only his arm 😳 (bless him and all who sail with him); an Adam that I really liked; a psychopath without a motive, but then maybe psychopaths don’t need one; a Steve who’s got the moves; a multitasking Navy SEAL, comforting the victim killing the psychopath; a Steve pooping on skateboarders via penguins, yeah, and winning. A Steve in plaid. Pretty in Plaid. Outside I was captivated and inside I was surprised about my captivatedness. Oops.
    I think to be fair and because my level of entertainment I’ve to go with good. A really good good. Oops.

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  13. On another totally shallow note: can all the twitter people here bombard PL with the #LETSTEVEPLAYHISGUITAR?
    He can even have a jamsession with Shawn, he is a great musician!


      • Not that I remember. Sad that the writers have let it go like this. In episode 6.3 when Danny meets Catherine to ask her to stay — I liked him so much at that moment. He was actually thinking of Steve and not himself for a change. I thought the friendship might get back on track. But……. 😦


        • I actually thought that was a really stupid move that served no purpose other than for the viewers. He himself said Steve would kill him if he ever found out. I would be spitting mad if I found out a friend of mine went behind my back like that. Maybe Steve did learn about it. Combined with Danny’s terrible act to tell his friends about Steve asking Cath to marry him… That might have been too much.
          Besides, Danny learned nothing useful from that meeting. And nothing ever came out of it. It is bad writing when you write a scene for the viewers/readers instead of for the development of the story.

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          • Yeah, that scene was fanservice, but it did at least show that Catherine wasn’t leaving because she WANTED to, or that she was a coldhearted beyotch. As usual though, half of fandom didn’t pick up on that.

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            • The scene also served to foreshadow what was coming. You could see on her face when she hugged Danny that she was very conflicted. And she didn’t lie to him….her word choice was slick. I know you guys don’t like Danny, and I agree he’s not the same Danny from S1&2, but I think his meeting with Cath was from his heart and I think the scene spoke volumes about Danny’s commitment to Steve as a friend. As he told her, Steve had been thru a lot and he deserved to be happy. I had hope that the writers might be bringing the old Danny back. But……..poop on that, huh? Or, Poopie Penguin on that, LOL.


              • Don’t get me wrong, I dislike Danny when he’s being an arse, but he’s always been supportive of Catherine (and Cath/Steve) which I appreciate. What I meant about fanservice is that it showed that he was her friend and was looking out for Steve, AND that it showed that Catherine was conflicted and not happy about the possibility of leaving – and that not all fans realized all of those things were projected in that scene. Of course, I would have rather Steve and Catherine had this talk, but where’s the stringing along drama in that?


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