6.25 Promo Pics

“O ke ali’I wale no ka’u makemake” – In order to stop a meth epidemic on the Island, McGarrett and Danny go undercover as pilots, but when McGarrett is seriously wounded, Danny is forced to break their cover in order to save his partner’s life, on the second hour of the sixth season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 13 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. 

(“O ke ali’I wale no ka’u makemake” is Hawaiian for “My Desire Is Only For The Chief”)


39 thoughts on “6.25 Promo Pics

  1. Great pics, pity that there is none of the hospital scene. Maybe if there were some, we’d had a better understanding of what happens.
    Anyway, seeing the 623 pics, they should NOT have Chin in the hospital two eps earlier. It’s pointless and redundant. But God forbid that Steve and Danny, sidelined for most of he season, have more drama than Chin in an episode. Chin must have it all, hospital drama, nemesis, new love and even a little girl. Ah, and the cliffhanger of course.
    And Steve should NOT have to share his hospital room with Danny in the ONLY HOSPITAL SCENE he has had in six seasons. I swear if they screw that scene I’ll travel to Honolulu for next fall’s SOTB to hit EP&c on the head with that indestructible sw-like suite.

    Sometimes I hate this show. And it’s painful because I’ve loved it so much 😦

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  2. Does anyone else think that the scene of Steve waiting in the diner and his blindfolded but not handcuffed visit to a para? military camp must occur in the beginning of the episode since he is too wounded after the plane lands for it to come later? Is that the “maybe” cliffhanger?

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    1. I too believe this, yes. BTW PL has shared a vid and the site is in Rabat, Morocco, “36 hours earlier” And the EP has said that there will b no proper cliffhanger. I suppose that the episode will end with a big moving ohana scene at the hospital (they were all in Steves room), it would be bizarre to have this scene elsewhere in the episode.

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      1. I think he is going to meet someone to gather information regarding Cath, Doris, Joe or all of them. This may be the CIA angle. (two of the cast characters are listed as CIA) I choose to interpret this as a sort of cliff hanger because I think this will be the little side story which would be totally unnecessary unless there was some point to it regarding Steve’s personal life He may have asked the CIA for a meeting to get some answers. Whatever the meaning, it will carry over to S7. We don’t know if Cath is still in the Ukraine or if she is elsewhere. He wants to know if she is safe. Since so much happens “off screen” he may have even heard some intel about her and that’s why he is in Morocco. In any event, he didn’t go to Morocco by himself on a whim. He must have had a good reason to allow himself to be blindfolded and taken there, I doubt he will find Cath there since she is not listed in the cast but I think we will see MB next season.

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    2. Yes I think they might start with the plan crash then go back in time to Steve being blindfolded I hope this is a story line for Steve in season 7 and I hope it is about either Catherine or Wo Fat’s father. Then go back to the unfolding story about the plan crash. I think they could be in hospital and have flashbacks to what happened before the crash. I don’t know.


  3. I think Danny will be telling the story in hospital and the flash backs if this happens in the episode because Steve could be unconscious until the end when he wakes up and properly have a argument with Danny


    1. I’m loving the whole thing — the buildup, the anticipation, the action, the focus on Steve. I am okay with suspending belief regarding some facts — this is fictional entertainment, and as long as our super SEAL is involved, I’m entertained and happy. I occasionally do my share of complaining, but as a fan, I want to show support for the daunting task the writers and staff have of coming up with new ideas, stunts and production values. They do a superb job in a crazy competitive industry. I’m really looking forward to the remaining episodes, but dreading the summer drought. But that’s what Netflix is for! 🙂

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  4. Happy Hi 5-0’s to all f you for such great ideas.

    I love that we can each bring a little something to this discussion that we may not have considered before (especially me) and then logically try to reach a workable conclusion and/or alternate conclusions. Then we can sit back and see how close we can come and enjoy the episode whether we are right or wrong.

    You guys really rock.


    1. First line should read —“all OF you for such great ideas.” I seem to think faster than I type ( and apparently speak faster than I think- not an admirable trait!)


  5. By the way, yesterday my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He has dark hair, blue eyes and a dimple in his chin. They haven’t come up with a name, so I suggested “McGarrett.” She said “Mom, you have to get out more.” LOL.

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  6. Real life is keeping me too busy to have time for my own comments on all these posts of promo pictures for the rest of the season and of the review of the last episode. But i still make some time to read and enjoy the posts and all your comments. Always great fun. Thanks Sam.
    I do not have the same level of excitement that I had for last years finale. Some of what I see, I do not think I will like. Hope I am completely wrong about it. 🙂

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  7. I love the prospect of some decent Steve whump however the timeline and Danny being in the hospital, too really bothers me. He climbs out of the plane by himself so we can only assume that he is hurt at a later time possibly while out on a vendetta.
    As they had a casting call out for real doctors, nurses and EMTs I do sincerely hope that we get a somewhat realistic first response scene and hopefully some scenes with Steve by himself in the hospital before Danny is there as well. Everything else would be just…. **you fill in the blanks** 😉

    What bothers me to no end though is that certain people cheer over the prospect of our rant-a-friend turned pilot-super-power-detective-bff-overall-hero-Steve’s-Love-Of-His-Life-Best-Actor-Ever etc. etc.
    Oh please – spare us!
    I just cannot see -anymore- what they see, the epic bromance.
    But unfortunately we will probably get buckets of that dumped on us in 6.25.
    Didn’t PL say we need lots of tissues? 😉

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    1. Just so you know, I never needed any tissues when he warned us about it. Unless you count the times to dry my tears of laughter about some of the ridiculousness of some ‘epic’ scenes in some episodes.
      And about Danny/SC, I can see none of what they praise Danny or SC for.
      Most of the time I wonder what show they are watching. Must be one that is not on my TV.
      To make something clear, I love Five-0, mostly I love watching it, and I more often than not I’m well entertained. But I have no problem pointing out the stupid stuff that I can often find in my favorite show. But what makes me sick and mad are all the reviews about another awesome-best-episode-ever.
      Those people don’t even realize that their praise has no merit if they can’t see the flaws.
      Seeing the flaws and loving something despite it makes for a fan whose word I’m interested in. All the rose-colored people can stay in their land of unicorns and rainbows. That is not for me.
      By the way, that also counts for the gloom and doom people. Nothing is just awesome or just bad. Guess it takes time to realize that.
      Boy, am I on a roll today. Getting off my soapbox now. ☺

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      1. I always pat myself on the back that I’ve loved this show to one degree or another for the past 6 years despite the fact that I really don’t like Danny. I tolerate him most of the time, like him on some rare occasions, and really really wish he would shut his yap a lot of the time. Yay me for tolerance! HAHAHAHAHA.

        At this point, I just can’t buy into the BAMF Danny – and showing me slo motion scenes of him changing clips really isn’t going to sell me on it (rolling my eyes at the 5.01 scene that is almost identical to this 6.25 scene)

        I have my fun watching the show and laughing about the ridiculousness. I’ve said many times – clearly SHOW doesn’t take itself seriously, why should I?

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        1. BAMF Danny? LOL! Even the slo mo doesn’t give me any BAMF vibes. And it never has. BAMF Danny scenes don’t work for me, his face never gets the memo.
          And you are right, same moves like in 5.01. Nothing new.

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    2. Sunny: If history is any indication of what 625 will bring, and considering all the hoopla surrounding Steve and Danny’s bromantic trip to couples therapy, it may turn out to be a disappointment for the McDannos. I loved that particular episode, not for its questionable and insensitive handling of such a serious topic, but because the writers scored a trifecta of infuriating every invested segment of the fandom at the same time. I appreciate the brilliance of managing this feat, especially since it likely was not the intended outcome. I don’t think any of us are going to be totally happy with everything about 625 but I expect we will all get something to like which will make us anxious to see what happens in 701. If it makes some happy to want to see Danny try to save Steve’s life- fine. If we get info about Steve’s search for Cath, then double fine for me.

      I’ll be watching in September, hoping for the best and some answers. Whether we get them or not depends upon PL’s timetable and not any of us have any control of or influence on that, no matter how many “boss, you’re the best” tweets are hurled around by the delusional.

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  8. Spot on Sam, you’re on a roll and so am I.
    I’m 100% with you. I love Five-0 so much and so I’m am willing to take a lot: live with some flaws and sometimes live through plot holes the size of a football field because this show still entertains me on a high level and I am fully aware that this is just THAT- a show, fiction, entertainment, but clearly not real life.
    I do not need to be told who I need to love and what’s awesome, who’s/what’s a turnoff.
    For me a turnoff are the in-your-face people/superfans who speak only in superlatives. Do they seriously think PL reads their stuff in depths or more so makes decisions according to their wishes?

    Ok, getting sidetracked here 😉

    While I do have hopes for 6.25 to be an awesome episode I will refrain from pre-judging it or let’s say even praising it! Nope, I am worried, but I will glady come forth and admit that I was nervous for no reason if this turns out to be the best epi in a while.
    So Friday the 13th might be a really good day after all, let’s sure hope so 😉
    At least we already now Five-0 will be there for another season and for that I’m truly grateful!

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    1. Preach it sistah!!!!

      I find it humorous that the sunshine and rainbows crowd gets judgemental when someone doesn’t like something, but has NO problem hating one particular character, and getting equally judgy about those that don’t.

      There’s a term for that, right?

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