6.21 Review


6.21 Ka Pono Ku’oko’a  –  Five-0 goes on a manhunt when a deliberate chemical spill enables six dangerous inmates to escape, including Kono’s husband, Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 22

CBS translated Ka Pono Ku’oko’a to The Cost of Freedom

Sorry we are this late to the party, but we were both really busy. And now without further ado… our review.

Again, this is a joint effort by Cokie and me. Cokie’s in italic.

A warning before reading it, we have some fun with some of the obvious, well, glaring ‘flaws’ of the episode. That does not reflect our verdict. So, just enjoy the little fun and sarcasm before you scream bloody murder.

The opening bit with Steve rushing to Kamekona and Nahele’s aid. Well, I would have been royally pissed had I been Steve. That was low for Kame to make Nahele make the call, knowing that Steve wouldn’t say no. And all for a jack. Maybe Kame needs to invest in AAA.

I thought those were cute scenes, and it again showed how much Steve cares for that boy. He looked and acted pretty worried. But you are absolutely right. That was really low, even for Kamekona’s standards. Using the teen like that, just so he can get an easy fix at no cost. I found Steve and Nahele cute, but couldn’t find the humor in Kame’s action.

On the other hand, it gave a great intro for Nahele to be in the story. And we knew we would see him again. More about that later.

I read a few ‘complaints’ about this episode of Five-0 being too gross, too bloody, too much gore. I totally disagree on that. I wish Five-0 was a show that aired later, so we would get more of this. For me, Five-0 is a crime show first, and I really miss that. I admit, I have no problem with violence on screen. On the contrary, Five-0 has been too comedic and ‘family-friendly’ lately for my taste. But, as I said, that is just my view. So, I was very happy with the scenes of the bus, and the injured and killed lying around. Not talking about the nonsense of the six guys getting away without much of anything to show for being in an explosion like that, but about the aftermath of the actual explosion.

And I’m even more OK with that creepy guy, who was on a short-lived killing trip. But about him later too.

You know, upon reading that was the first I really thought about how gory the show was.   I didn’t mind it at all. Yeah, it is a crime show; it needs blood and guts.  🙂   It didn’t bother me either, but yeah, 6 men happened to walk away with mere scratches while everyone else were dying or dead?  That’s over the top drama. 🙂 But it is what it is.

I love Steve’s speech and how they did the Overlay on the screen.  It was different and I liked it.  I wonder how many times Steve had to give that speech?  Alex did a great job.

Yes, another great scene. One for the gag reel, I’m sure. If they didn’t do the speech after they filmed it that is. I also liked how they introduced us to the six baddies. Well done.

So, our six escapees are on the run. And they ran like hell with a huge head start (Steve said so), but Five-0 leisurely walks through the park and still caught up with them. And NO HPD in sight.

Yes, and not only did they lolly-gag around, walking like they were on a scenic hike, they TALKED the entire way.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some things that they might have needed to discuss, but I’m thinking about words like “covert, stealth, the element of surprise…” things like that.  And let’s face it, they were none of that.  

Steve is a SEAL.  He knows how to do this.  Why don’t the writers remember that fact and let him act accordingly?   OK, that’s one gripe.

Yes, absolutely. It often seems that they have dumbed down the SEAL in Steve. I guess it’s for our benefit. Well, I have to tell you, I would rather see the real SEAL, acting like his training would dictate than this soft version.

But OK, I guess I can live with it. He did look great. So, there is that. 😉   Yes, that is a definite win!

Since we’re griping, starting with your number one. Here is my first gripe. Yeah, yeah, all you Danny lovers might skip ahead. LOL

You know, it would be kind of ok for Danny to voice his opinion like he did if they were having a brainstorming and everyone gave their opinion; you need different views doing that. But that was not the case, and even then you do it in a questioning way. Not with certainty like Danny did. And most of all, Danny only whined about Steve not saying he was right. What kind of childish and annoying behavior is that?!

A good detective gathers evidence before he jumps to conclusions and wants others to agree with it.

Danny always jumps to conclusions without having any facts. Two occasions spring to mind right away. In 3.22 he beat up a suspect because Danny knew he was guilty, which he was not. And in 4.07 he was convinced beyond a doubt that the killed undercover cop had been turned, which he had not.

In these and all other occasions Steve, and the others except Danny, kept an open mind. They considered the possibility but did not take it as facts, which Danny does all the time. And that is the act of a bad detective.

YES, you sometimes have to listen to your gut, but you still have to check all other possibilities. Like Steve did in 3.08. He was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the psycho psychologist was the killer, but he still investigated all aspects of the case.

But whatever you believe, whether Danny is a good detective or not, the writers fail to write him as one. Have been for a long while. And I wonder what their plans are. Because this Danny is annoying as hell.

Yes, Danny whines. A lot. And he jumps to way too many conclusions. And wants his way.  Have I mentioned that he’s annoying? Well, he is. And I really don’t know why he is written this way.

Why was Adam allowed to keep his prayer beads on that rope? Any personal items, even religious ones, that could be used to kill oneself or others would be taken from the prisoner. Would they not?

OK, definitely another gripe… NO, he would not have those beads. He could have hung himself or strangled a guard, had he chosen to do so. But if that had been the case, he couldn’t have played Hansel and Gretel in the forest, leading them through the trees.

Oh, come on, how stupid was that?! How obvious can one person be? And none of the guys saw that! Jeez.


Now, another question. Was Adam’s prison attire striped because he was in solitary and the other baddies were in the general population? Or was he in the GP and all the crazies were in solitary?

There is logic behind their different colors. The striped ones are in jail, the orange ones in prison. A jail is used to temporarily detain those who are suspected or convicted of a crime. It is used for the short-term, usually to hold those awaiting trial or to hold those convicted of low-level offenses that have sentences of one year or less. A prison is a facility that holds convicts who have committed crimes the legal system deems especially serious for more long-term sentences. HUH, that makes me wonder why Steve wore orange in 2.01?! Anyway, Adam has a relatively short sentence, at least in comparison to the others, and the killed Adam-look-alike (ROFL) was awaiting trial if I remember correctly.

Does that answer your question? 🙂

Why, yes it does.  More information than I ever needed about prison, but Thank you.  I could never go to jail because I just can’t do those wide horizontal stripes.

How convenient for the six baddies to find all that stuff, like the campfire and ax.

Apparently miracles happen in the middle of that jungle.

So, our creepy cannibal cracks open the chest, cuts out the dead guy’s heart, eats it, and only has some drops of blood on his pant leg to show for? He should be covered in blood from head to toe after that feast.

And we have another gripe. He would have had blood all over his hands, face, teeth, chest, everywhere. He was an insatiable monster and I have to say, the guy they cast for him was good and quite deranged looking and acting. But yeah, just drops of blood on his leg? And only Adam saw that, which was also a stretch.

Nah, that was not a stretch, come on. They were too blind to see Adam placing those beads right in front of them, and they saw nothing. How do you expect them to see some tiny speck of blood?

ROFL at the two baddies taking out Adam. Why separate and why wait so long for the kill? Oh, yeah, so Duclair could come out of nowhere and save Adam’s sorry ass. So they can be even.

Well, that’s just good writing… right?  I have to admit, I liked Duclair in this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Adam survived, because without him Kono would have NO story whatsoever on the show.

I have to admit that I did like seeing a bit of doubt in Kono.  She knows what Adam is capable of and was concerned that he had “jumped back over” to Gabriel’s side.   But I’m so tired of all the goo-goo eyes Adam and Kono have for each other whenever they are together.  Enough is enough. 

Yes, I agree. I always felt their relationship feels forced and not real. I never felt the love. J Let’s talk a moment about Adam. I still hope he’s the mastermind bad guy. Please let him be that. Some people say he always showed what a good guy he was. I have to disagree. He used his father’s blood money to ‘clean’ his business. You can’t get clean if you don’t get rid of it all. And how was he a good guy when he kidnapped Kono, had a gun on Steve, kidnapped and tortured Joe? All the acts of such a good guy. Nope, I don’t buy it. He took advantage of his father’s money, connections and empire to get to the business top. Those are criminal acts, whether you want to see it or not.

BUT, I totally disagree with Danny’s words of ‘once a criminal, always a criminal’. That is just monumentally stupid. People do change, people do make choices. We don’t know yet what choice Adam will make in the long run, but to say he will always be a criminal are the words of a stupid person. Oh, yeah, right, Danny’s words.

Back to the scene… And how did Duclair even manage to light that guy up like that? You know, human bodies don’t tend to go up in flames without a good amount of accelerator. And where the heck did he get that from? And how did he manage to douse the baddie with it before setting him aflame? And then he magically appears behind the second baddie to put him to sleep?

Obviously prison uniforms are not made with flame retardant fabric. And yes, he loved to start fires, but he wasn’t even around the fire they had built when he set the guy on fire, was he? See… another miracle.

Best not to think too much about any of it and just enjoy the stunts.

Duclair and Adam ran off right after knocking out baddie no. 2, who tied him to the tree as a menu for our cannibal? Maybe our cannibal did it himself while the fake cop was still unconscious?

But that was such a good scene with Cannibal popping the buttons of his shirt.

Yes, I give you that, it was great. That guy was creepy with a capital C.

I personally found it a stretch that Jerry thought Adam and the other guy looked alike.  I mean, yeah, some of the same characteristics, but I’m not buying it.  That was another miracle in my book. 

Since I’m terrible with faces, I kind of bought it. But I would buy that Superman and Batman look alike. LOL

If you think Superman and Batman look alike, we really do need to talk. I just hope you recognize me at the airport…


Loved the look on Steve’s face when he was told that Nahele’s father was one of the dead.  And, of course, he would want to tell him.  

That was a great scene. At least it was great to watch Steve getting the news and immediately thinking about telling Nahele. I don’t like that they solved the Nahele problem like this. That was way too easy. And I wanted to see Steve confronting Nahele’s dad, arresting him. I wanted more out of this story. More than getting his dad killed.

And we come to the last scene, the one that made the episode an AWESOME for me.  Steve telling a broken teen that his father was dead.  And letting him know that family is more than blood relations; just like Steve has had to learn over the past six years.  They both were wonderful in that scene.  Have I mentioned lately that I love Nahele?   I do wish we could have seen the scene when dear old Dad was arrested by Steve.  It’s a pity all we got was “Meet me at the house”.  I wanted so much more.  Now that storyline is over.  I do hope Nahele is on more though. 

That was such a great scene. And I loved how they went outside the office; it felt like they were giving them some privacy for this moment. I loved it. It was perfectly shot. Some scenes are not meant to be to be ‘in your face’. The difficulty of telling Nahele was wonderfully captured. Had we been a close witness, I think the scene would have lost it’s power.

And the ending was just perfect. I just hope they will follow up on this. There should be more to their relationship now. I hope we will see that. Knowing the show, most of it will happen off screen.

But they have two gems there on their hands. The scene when Nahele told Steve of his great day with Kamekona was so sweet. These two have great chemistry, I truly hope the show will use that.

And yes, I love Nahele.

My vote.  The show was GOOD. I was intrigued even though there were plot holes and things that just wouldn’t have happened the way they were portrayed. But it kept my interest and I was really trying to piece together the who, what and why of this episode. I like it when I don’t have everything figured out. But I will definitely give it an AWESOME grade because of that last scene. It pretty much left be breathless.

And that is good.

I’ll give it an overall great. I was very well entertained. I can overlook most of the flaws and plotholes. They were actually quite fun. Great episode with some awesome scenes.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


23 thoughts on “6.21 Review

  1. Ah! Great revu ladies! I too pine for a more “adult” show and a less vaudevillesque one. But I think we’re never gonna get it. 😥

    We got this instead, and I gave it a great. I LOVED McG’s, again, at-large and in-charge awesomeness! The writers have finally remembered he’s the bad-ass boss of this damn thing, and darned if Alex doesn’t rule that screen when they give him the chance! Woot, son! Tho yes, it would be even more awesome if the writers would recall that he is a frikkin SEAL, capable of even more bass-assery, including the brainiac kind. But I’ll take what I can get…

    I loved the five-&-a-half perverts (Adam is the half, dontcha know 😉 )! I thought I was gonna be po’d at their screen time but they were amusing…totally loved the Cannibal and I’m assuming the Firebug is now the newest hanger-on misfit of the 5-0 DorkSquad. Maybe Jerry and Max and Flippa and Pua et al, and now Torch, can all get tee shirts instead of a badge. Just sayin….

    And I agree with Cokie about how unflattering dem stripes are, but I don’t look my best in orange either. I guess that’s why they call it punishment…Hee!

    Whiny Danno was whiny. But I enjoyed McG’s quiet, “except you’re wrong.” That never gets old. 😆

    McNahele was beyond awesome. I agree that far-away camera pan of their convo, McG’s soft voice, his leaning in…beautiful! Then we rejoin them for a McHug. Sigh. Lovely.

    THO THEY NEVER GAVE US THE BUILD UP TO THIS TO EVEN KNOW DaddyNahele WENT TO FRIGGIN PRISON!!!!!! Show really gotta stop leaving key plot points off screen! Seriously did any of these writers ever go to film school???

    Ahem…but McG. Great McG in this ep, Thus a great.

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  2. Steve will indeed adopt that boy. Want to bet. As really it was bloody beyond what the show does. Nahele does not deserve to ever, ever go through something painful like that. His father did not deserve him for the way that the father went on a life of crime.Had not Steve rescued Nahele, he would had been like his biological father.
    You would think that it was Adam, Kono would have to be let go of the case.But Steve knew she would not take no for an answer. Still if it were real life, she would had been assigned to another case or on desk duty.
    But it was action packed something that has been lacking for awhile though.

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    1. You pretty much covered it all in your review which was terrific, as usual. Over all, I liked the episode. Again, Adam disappointed me, because I want him to be bad and not boring. I just can’t buy into that Adam has changed and is now a good guy. He may not have dirtied his hands when he ran Hiro’s business, but he did give the orders to others. I prefer that old Adam to this love struck one. He looks so much better in expensive suits than prison stripes.

      I didn’t like the cannibal. Ew.

      I think it may be easier and faster for McG to get legal custody of Nahale. Adoption can take a long time ( unless your name is Mary) and I think Nahale may be close to the age for legal emancipation anyway. Steve can take him in to live with him, see that he goes to school and, who knows, Nahale may want to follow him into the Navy. I loved the last scene. It was beautiful. Heartbreaking. Sad. I wish they could do more of that.

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  3. Ladies, I voted great. I guess that I can let a number of details slide if the episode draws me in. I’m easy to please at times and I never noticed that the six escapees had little to no injuries compared to everyone else. They must have had the lucky seats.

    I would have understood Danny’s negative speech more if he had been expressing concern on how they would deal with this capture if they were forced to make a decision on whether to shoot Adam or not to stop him. If he had had some respect for Kono….after all he danced at their wedding and now he is ready to see only the bad side? Glad she couldn’t hear him. I realize I like Adam and Kono more than you do but I like how Lou tried to comfort Kono. And I do not want the Adam/Kono story front and center.

    As for all the other details of how the prisoners managed to find things or do things, I let that slide Our fire bug is an intriguing character and I was shouting at the TV for someone to shoot that cannibal. Although the actor sure sold that role.

    It was the ending that made me go all gooey inside. It was perfect. This is why Steve is so special. The way he commits to those he cares about and does everything in his power to make them feel better just hits me in the heart. The muse did handsprings because this really inspired her to deal with my current story.

    And once more can I say how much I love your dual review? Thanks ladies.

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  4. Have to admit this one kept my attention. Didn’t nod off even once. Loved that Steve got to be both tough and tender. Seeing him packin’ heat and traipsing around in the forest is such a thrill these days. I kind of missed it. As everyone mentioned, lots of plot holes but that’s never stopped me from watching an episode, (or abandoning the show altogether). Danny seemed particularly negative in this outing. I think it may just be a build-up to the finale where he and Steve get to re-bond or kiss-and-make-up if you will. (A friend says Steve and Danny should be marrying one another in the final episode of the series). Who knows, it may pull in the ratings but I think that’s a terrible idea. Can you imagine the arguments over what the DJ would play at the reception? In any case, my favorite part was the godawful creepiness of the cannibal guy. He was excellent. That actor will have quite the career in slasher movies if he wants one. Overall, probably just because it was more physical than cerebral this time, I gave it an awesome. Still a cheap date I guess.

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  5. Good episode I love the story line between Steve and Nahale and would love to see a lot more in season 7. I was disappointed that Chin was left at the office and not with the team in this case They should have had Grovor back at the office because of the relationship between Chin and Kono with Adam on the run. I have been hoping as well that Adam was bad all along which would have made a better story line not so boring.

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  6. Yes, finally, your takes on the show. And so funny!!! Love it and it had me giggling more than once. And I never ever knew that being jail or prison are two different things. I feel so urbane now, lol.
    Maybe it is a little bit embarrassing but I was so looking forward to your review that I already wrote my 2 cents down because I couldn’t wait to get it of my chest. Lucky me, now I just have to copy and paste.
    Damn. He is still alive. Mr. Snooze survived. Me no likey. I want Mrs. Noshimuri gone and the old Kono back. Not the Mrs. who only reacts to her husband’s mess. And then there’s said husband Adam who slapped this guy. He bitch-slapped him, lol! Kono would have punched his lights out. So it is obvious that I don’t give a damn about Adam. He is boring and I couldn’t care less.
    But nevertheless I love this episode. The cannibal reminded me that I always wanted to watch ‘Feed’ again, he he…
    The episode was thrilling, gruesome, and so heartbreaking. And it had taking charge Steve. I so love taking charge Steve! The scene where he stood there instructing the officers was great.
    But let’s start right from the beginning. That was a nice surprise because I thought Steve would be driving to the crime scene. Yet he was concerned for Nahele. Nahele! Yeah! Finally.
    I giggle every time I see Steve’s “economic crisis?” face. Hilarious. But wouldn’t it have been nice if TPTB had told us that Nahele’s father is in jail? Or did I miss something? Just a little line like “I coming out of court, Nahele’s father will be in jail for the rest of his life.” Ah well, why bother with continuity…
    After that Steve had to hunt dangerous criminals (and Adam) through the jungle/forest/woods. Thanks to Adam he could follow ‘breadcrumbs’. Wow, isn’t Adam a smart guy with a useful taste in necklaces. The ‘I am giving a criminal his gun back’ kind of smart. Pfft. Nuts, both times!
    I didn’t believe one moment that Adam was really on the run. Nobody did, at least I think so. Oh wait. One person did. Let me come to that. Is it ok that Danny mentioned the possibility that Adam has gone back to the dark side? Of course, that’s absolutely ok. As Steve said (and tried while Danny was bitching about it) some episodes ago it is all about pondering theories and discussing clues. But not in that freaking situation! When you’re hunting really dangerous people (and Adam) in a freaking jungle STFU! Or at least calm down your voice, be collected. But then it was all about: Why can’t you say I am right. Gah. Grow up for God’s sake. It was clear as a day that Steve regretted talking to him, the wall of silence was back. I often wonder if Steve sometimes wishes himself back to old times when he had been working with pros in those situations.
    And another thing bothered me big time. Remember back in S1 when Danny’s former partner was murdered and Steve did not want to forget the ‘Meka could be dirty’ angle? And Danny was pissed, left the HQ? But that was all about HIM, that’s a difference in Danny’s world. Because some episodes later, when Mary was accused of stealing diamonds he looked into her file and wanted Steve to consider the possibility that she had done it… And with Adam again…
    Ah well. Once a hypocrite always a hypocrite. That much is true! However what Danny said is so stupid, I have no words.
    These scenes spoiled a lot of fun for me.
    But the end made up for that. The end was the bestest of the best. It was awesome. Brilliant. So good. Steve is such a wonderful man; Alex is so amazing with these subtle facial expressions. I was tearing up. Really. Sniff mode. Me! And I am not embarrassed to say that I watched this scene multiple times. Yep. <

    So I wanted to vote great because of Mr. Snooze and Mr. Pesky but I am going to vote awesome. I’m in a good mood. Despite the horrible weather I am smelling like pineapples and coconuts! Love that 😉 <3.

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  7. Great co-review as always!! I love getting both of your views on the episode at the same time. Worth the wait, even 😉 You both pinged on everything I made note of when watching, plus a few more!

    The bus explosion scene was gruesome, yes, but my main problem with it was how long it took to show us all of the carnage. I don’t know, it just seems like lately there is so much filler in the episodes, they aren’t even close to being as content-full as they used to be. The “previously on” takes up over a minute and then locale clips are getting longer and longer, and then these extended scenes – it’s like they don’t have enough real material to fill the 42 minutes? Eh – just my take on it.

    Danny bitching in the jungle – that’s what it was, and I wanted to slap Steve for pushing him to speak! This wasn’t crack investigating, it was bitching, pure and simple – as proven by his weird, childish need to have Steve say he was right. That scene felt like it lasted 25 minutes because it was so awful and I was afraid he would never stop asking “why can’t you just say I’m right? Why WHY WHY WHY?” OMG someone shoot him. The way they have him written, there is no discussion of possibilities – he wanted Steve to say HE WAS RIGHT, which Steve wouldn’t do. I don’t know what the point of making him this annoying is. I really don’t.

    No prisoner, high or low risk is allowed to have a necklace. They aren’t allowed to have SHOELACES FFS. And I’m totally laughing at Sam knowing the difference between a jail and a prison!

    Silly girls, The cannibal has table manners of course! Because, apparently THIS is when they decide to no be gruesome. Maybe he had Burns with some fava beans and a glass of Chianti?

    Duclair is sucha good arsonist that he can set someone on fire with no accelerant. Maybe he’s related to Drew Barrymore (bad Stephen King movie reference there)

    The ONLY way to make Adam interesting to me and make this story worthy of Kono is if he’s a bad guy in sheeps clothing (wait.. did that make sense?) Otherwise ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

    The death of Nahele’s dad was very much a waving of the wand. Make a troublesome thing go away. Poof. I don’t know where they are going with this, but I doubt Steve will be adopting him – I mean, he’s living SOMEWHERE, with SOMEONE as his guardian. I love the relationship between these two and at least Steve has something to play off his non work life with. But please, no adoption.

    That said, I gave it a great. There is no more awesome for me, not right now anyway, so this is as good as it’s going to get from me. All I can say is – protective take charge McG gets good grades.

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    1. I think the Danno-grinching scene annoyed us all…but wasn’t it satisfying when McG calmly said, “because you’re wrong”? Or whatever the exact quote was…I loved that moment. :mrgreen:

      Danno had little to say the rest of the ep. I was ok with that.

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      1. He really was quiet the rest of the time, wasn’t he? Maybe SC also negotiated how many lines he had to say per episode. They could have written his concern on how to handle taking Adam into custody rather than rant about Adam being dirty. It did seem that all he wanted to hear that he was right, just like a little kid. Maybe Charlie is rubbing off on him? I loved when Steve only responded with a “you’re wrong”.

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        1. Exactly! That’s the pitch of your voice you use when you are hunting dangerous people (and Adam) in the jungle. Or the tone you use when you are talking to tiring children… Or both.

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    2. I am also feeling the same as you >>>>> I don’t know, it just seems like lately there is so much filler in the episodes, they aren’t even close to being as content-full as they used to be. The “previously on” takes up over a minute and then locale clips are getting longer and longer, and then these extended scenes – it’s like they don’t have enough real material to fill the 42 minutes? Eh – just my take on it.

      This gave me a hgood laugh >>>>The death of Nahele’s dad was very much a waving of the wand. Make a troublesome thing go away. Poof

      About the prayer beads for the different religions (and in Adams case his Buddhist prayer beads). I have read up on it for US prisons – apparently those are allowed, but they have to be approved and kind of actually bought through the prison for less than $100. They have a short list of religious stuff that are allowed. I guess the strings on it are not really stong enough and will break with strangulation or hanging and therefor are not as much of a threat as shoelaces.

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      1. Between you and Sam, I now have a much more knowledgeable view on US prisons!!!

        Thank you!

        PS – not spoiling anything, but I think there is going to be some fun wand waving in the finale too.


  8. I re-watched again today. Adam’s beads were the same color as the soil and dead ground leaves. How did Steve even notice them? Did I miss something? ( And yes, I did see him put them on a large green leaf, but even that was not enough to make it plausible for me.) As for Danny’s need for validation and praise, I think we need to be patient. He’s like a pimple that needs to come to a head. I expect S7 and a good astringent will solve a lot of problems.

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