8 thoughts on “6.24 Teasers

    1. LOL! I just saw my post again and realized my snafu. As I’m sure you figured out, I meant “Never fail to deliver.” LOLOLOL!!!


  1. Looks like a little soul searching going on with Chin and Steve. I love the idea of that. I was hoping that this would end the Gabriel story but reading PL’s comments in TV Guide I guess he is carrying over to season 7. Ugh. And he said that 6:25 is going to take Steve and Danny’s relationship to a new level. I can hear the McDannos now……”we were right all along”. Not what I want to hear.


  2. I look forward to 6.25, keeping my fingers crossed and trying to not have too many expectations for the writers to crush, as it’s happened too many times. But it’s hard after having waited sixt years for that scene.
    Chin…I used to like him, was my third favorite after Steve and Kono, but now…whit what’s happening… let’s say that I don’t like him anymore.


  3. I really liked how way back in S1, Steve shared the contents of the Champ box with Chin, and Chin understood the emotion involved for Steve. They’re a good team. Sure wish they’d get back to some Champ box stories.

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