6.20 Review


6.20 Ka Haunaele – While Five-0 investigates the theft of a high tech, indestructible suit built for the U.S. military, Jerry helps his sister try to save a captive elephant, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 15 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ka Haunaele to Rampage

Well, I guess no one expected two awesome episodes in a row. Right?

To be honest I expected something worse than what we actually got. OK, OK, this wasn’t a great episode, but I was kind of entertained. It had some really great Steve faces (always a win), a nice second story (often not the case) and… ok, yeah, you got me there, a totally stupid, STUPID crime of the week.

Where to begin? Well, I don’t have that much to say about any of this, so let’s just start with the second story-line. Jerry, the elephant. Eh, I mean, Jerry and the elephant.


I actually really liked this part. Oh my goodness, hold the presses, I liked something that involved Jerry. Will wonders never cease? But honestly, who doesn’t like a story about an abused animal that’s been saved and shipped off to a happy ending? For sure not the millions of people watching all the YouTube videos about saved cats, dogs, whatever cute animal you can come up with. So, really no surprise there.


I thought this story was well told, involved all the ‘strange’ Five-0 characters in a good way. I even liked Eric in this one. OK, liked him is maybe a bit much. I still think he’s an idiot who can’t behave like a normal person. But he was willing to help, so, points for that.

Loved how willing Max was to help, also Kamekona. And I enjoyed Jerry and his sister. Had a good laugh when Eric asked about the blood relations.

You know, I never watch any circus performances that involves animals. Never went when my grandmas wanted to take me. Wild animals do not belong behind bars. That is the reason why I don’t even go to the zoo. I know, some say they do good work there. But they should do their good work in the animal’s natural habitat. Not where the animals don’t belong. And they only have to do good work, because we humans destroyed the animal’s natural habitats. It’s our fault that many species are at risk. Because we humans are the real animals.

Sorry for the rant. But just thinking about what some animals have to endure makes me incredibly sad. Those poor creatures deserve to be treated with respect. Every living being deserves to be treated with respect, and when I see how some people treat their own pets, I get mad.

Anyway. I really liked this part of the episode. Not counting the really, I mean really bad CGI. And I won’t even touch the subject how very difficult it is to find the right balance of freeing those poor animals without breaking the law. Did they break the law? Yeah, for sure. Do we care? No. And rightly so.


Absolutely LOVED the ending with Steve and Jerry. That was so very cool. Loved it.

One more thing about Jerry. No not, I repeat, do not give that man a badge. Ever. I will be spitting mad if that ever happens.

So, since this was a story line of its own, you can vote for it. 😉

Alright, let’s move on to the main part of the episode. The really stupid part. Sorry to say that. But apart from some really great scenes faces from Steve, this part was really to forget.

Just some silly notes:

How the heck will Robocop (sorry, he is NO Ironman) drive a car with those feet?

Laughed my head off when Steve looked down that slope and said he (Robocop) could be anywhere. Seriously? That thing could barely walk; how would he get away without drawing attention after tumbling down that hill?

They all signed confidentiality agreements, but it seemed they talked to everybody about it.


The suit is indestructible, but t-boning the car knocked him out? That is what they came up with to stop that stupid thing? Jeez.

Loved all their hiding and ducking. 😉

How many lines did Danny have? Why was he even there? To stand around and look bored? Writers, if you have him there… use him. This is getting ridiculous.


Thank you writers for finally letting Steve tell Danny how absolutely old those jokes are. Enough! Please. I’m begging you. 🙂

Uh oh, Kono starting to doubt Adam. LOL


Chin and that new bike. Sorry, but he looks stupid on it. Who would trade a Harley for that thing? No one. And put on a damn helmet!!


Did I mention how much I loved Steve’s faces in this ep? 🙂

So, what did you think about this part of the show?

Told ya I don’t have much to say about the episode. Except for some really nice Steve scenes there wasn’t much to enjoy about it. I was kind of entertained, and the show wasn’t a total disaster, but it wasn’t good either.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


44 thoughts on “6.20 Review

  1. I didn’t care for the whole elephant story line. I understand your view on the treatment of wild animals and I agree but I just didn’t like it on the show. That is just my opinion. If they had put the effort in to writing a good deal with the suit story I would have preferred that. I mentioned the fact to my hubby that driving the SUV with that suit on had to be impossible. This could have been an interesting story but they had to rush the ending to work around the elephant story. I did like how Jerry suggested that his sister use legal means to save the animal and that made sense. I know it takes a long time and you often lose but now we have the minor 5-0 gang deciding to break the law for a good cause. And I have no idea how long it takes a freighter to travel to Thailand but I hope someone gave the animal some on deck time and cleaned that crate out occasionally. As always, this is just my opinion and it got a good from me because Steve did have some wonderful faces and looks and that final scene in Jerry’s office was great.


  2. Sam you need to be the executive producer of the show. Think that the producers may take notice. But still, COTW was pretty weak and lame. As well as Iron Man reference so funny. But still, Steve had wonderful faces.And for Chin, please he worries me driving the bike without a helmet. That is how you die. Love you Chin but for once, put on a helmet!

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  3. Ok, so I gave the Jerry and the elephant half an awesome. And dang, Sam! Get outta my head! Or perhaps push me outta yours, cos I agree with, literally, every single syllable that you write of that review! Everything. Every detail, character, and definitely the McJerry at the end. I would not mind if SisterOrtega reappeared at some point, btw. I particularly loved how they did wrangle all the Peculiars into this one story. It was the right kinda story for that crowd of hangers-on.

    I gave the second…or I guess main…part of the ep a good. Again, your review reflects much of my POV too. It was a good because of the awesome frikkin McG. I love when he gets all at-large and in-charge. He didn’t do that much last season and I am soooooo glad to have him back! He was very sexy in this ep. Telling off Danno made the night for me. 😉 Telling Jerry to stuff it when he was whining in front of that defense-contractor guy was also awesome. Walking right out in front of Robocop w/a hostage and gun….fearless sexy awesome SuperSEAL! Loved him!

    The ending was ridic. How did little man get access to the suit? He was fired! How did he drive the car? How did a mere t-boning knock him out so? I think defense contractor dude owes some investors their money back. He clearly sux as an inventor and a guardian.

    I will say I got a giggle over the 5-0s sitting neck-deep in the African grasslands waiting for a wildebeest or some such thing to wander by… 😆

    Overall a great ep for me, once you add the awesome to the good. McG is the primary determinant of my scores. 😉

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  4. An okay from me. I’m a sucker for animal stories but the goofy computer graphics at the beginning kind of set them off on a bad note.


  5. Ok, can I vote Awesome for Steve faces? And I loved the ending with Steve and Jerry. But I would have loved to see Steve making the connection between Jerry and the elephant. And the circus tickets were awesome.

    But… if they end the season with a jerry getting a badge I am going to be so mad.

    As far as the Ironman suit, that was just over the top. As far as that guy driving, that was so stupid. And the attorney accepting the bribe and so easily being found was just ridiculous.

    Now… are they saying that stealing that suit was the absolute only way someone could have stolen that gun from the police?

    So very dumb.

    Kono…. hmmm… is Adam really still the bad guy? Time will tell.

    Oh, and yeah, what a dumb motorcycle. Chin looked quite silly on top of that.

    I gave it an OK overall. The elephant got a good mainly because of the scene with Steve and Jerry.

    And like I said, the Steve portion got an awesome.

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    1. What do you mean ‘But I would have loved to see Steve making the connection between Jerry and the elephant’?? Of course he made the connection, that is why he gave him the tickets, and the looks. What?!


      1. I know he made the connection but I would like to have seen how he figured out that Jerry and Sis were the culprits. I mean, it could have gone many different ways. First, I don’t think Jerry could do anything covert, but I could also see Max spilling the beans. That poor guy can’t lie – his face says it all. I would have just liked to see Steve’s face when he realized how the elephant disappeared.

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  6. well, turns out I overrated this one. I voted before i read your breakdown of each part and should have only come out with an “okay”. However, I had been biased by all of Steve’s great looks and gave it a “good”. I was doing my taxes and mortgage paperwork while this was on, so I don’t even remember the motive for the guy stealing the suit (while watching it, I didn’t even recognize he had been a suspect) or why the lawyer had been bribed. I may go back and remind myself. It was weird that the indestructible suit was all of a sudden vulnerable to impact – i noticed that as soon as it happened – pretty anticlimatic. I had not thought about how he could drive the car or how when Steve was looking out over town, how he would not have been able to get away quickly. Sometimes they seem too desperate to give us those Steve looks (I love all of them, but sometimes feel sorry that he has to deliver them for such weak purposes.)

    Both storylines were so ridiculous, but the elephant plot would never have filled an entire show. I was upset they decided to overlook the crime of stealing the elephant. Animal cruelty or not, she committed a crime (and in this case, endangered a lot of people).
    I still can’t stand the nephew. He needs to get a job back on the mainland or something.

    I’m now just really excited for the finale. I hope all the ones between now and then are better than this one. The writers seem to have run out of ideas. i’m afraid “kodam” will get on my nerves next week, but the promo did have some more good Steve shots.


  7. Though I liked all the nice Steve we got, the CGI was too much, too bad, so voted poor. I do care about animal welfare, and think we should stop using them for our entertainment. But somehow this was made in such a way it didn´t really move me. The robocop was so stupid, I just didn´t even bother to follow the story, kept looking for McG´s reactions. Are other cop shows this poorly written? Sure hope next epi is more realistic…

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    1. You ask an interesting question. The only other cop show I watch is Chicago PD. I really like it, it is more realistic, but it also isn’t all realistic. They too take short cuts, solve crimes rather quickly and always get that big break, and get away with stuff I HOPE most cops don’t (tho our Ferguson summer makes me think cops sometimes/often DO break the rules and the laws). But 5-0’s magic Voodoo solutions…like simply t-boning an $80mil suit to kill it dead…are more way out there than on Chicago. Anybody else watch other cop shows?


      1. Gave up on pretty much all of them. Loved Forever, but that wasn’t a normal crime show. Used to watch Castle, but gave up two or three seasons ago. Loved The Mentalist. Now I only watch Major Crimes. Really like it despite that is so very different to what I normally like. Never got warm with Blue Bloods. Watched NCIS until three seasons ago. Never liked the other two.
        Tried Criminal Minds Beyond Borders after I gave up on CM a few years ago, and deemed it beyond badly done. Just ugh.
        I’m always on the lookout for something cleverly written and executed, but so far without much luck. Despite all its faults, H50 ist still my favorite.


      2. well, I sort of disagree about the way he killed the suit. I liked the way it happened. Steve knew he couldn’t stop the suit but he could stop the vehicle. He didn’t t-bone the suit; he destroyed the car the suit was in so that the suit couldn’t go any farther. Robothief couldn’t get out of the damaged car so he was stuck. And once they saw who he was, the gig was up. I’m sure that the suit wasn’t damaged at all, but Steve did what he set out to do. Catch the person in the suit. I liked the way he did it. Of course, let’s be honest, there is very little Steve could do that I wouldn’t like…

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        1. Truth on Steve never having to say he’s sorry… 😉
          And your focus on Steve trapping the Suit in the car…sorta… and definitely amusing. :lol
          Tho wouldn’t that Suit be able to jimmie that door open and take out McG’s vehicle? If not, somebody in that invention lab owes $80mil to the Feds…

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          1. I thought the suit is ‘only’ a kind of superduper armour but does not make you stronger? So I had no probs with the way Steve took him out, boring, but ok. The guy inside was still human and maybe a little bit too tiny for this suit? That’s dangerous, think about how he was rattled inside. Shaken not stirred! 😉 Such a suit is not for everybody.
            (BTW, does anybody know if SEALs have a prescribed minimum height?)


  8. Steve’s musings or mine?
    “Steve turned and left Danny’s office. He felt relieved because finally he had said something. Finally he had spoken up and not buried his anger and hurt deep inside because “that’s how Danny was”! Why was this an excuse anyway? ‘Hey, look the man is kicking puppies on a daily basis but its ok because that’s how he is.’ Yeah right. Danny’s words hurt for a long time now; they were offensive, rude, mean and not funny. Oh – and not true. He had never been hurt because of Steve, never. Steve even prevented him from running in deadly traps at least two or three times during a case some time ago. The times Danny got hurt were not because of Steve but because of Danny’s own, wrong, decisions. Steve would always be the first one to go through a door, he would always have his team’s back, would always protect them. The rest of his team knew that, even Grover after such a short time. Maybe Danny thought Steve was Iron Man inside and out? He wasn’t outside and for sure wasn’t inside. He was a human being with feelings. What Danny didn’t consider was that one does not need to destroy the Iron Man suit. It was way easier to destroy the human being inside. Any impact could do it. Throw him of a building, crash his car with a big truck or tell him repeatedly that he puts his friends in danger. That will destroy something inside of the warrior, that will be so much more destructive because the human inside is the weak point. Steve had worked with a lot of men in way more dangerous situations, they always had each other’s back, he always made sure the men he was responsible for came out unharmed. Only the one time he didn’t. It hurt him so much just thinking about it. And Danny knew this. He knew everything about that but still making oh so funny jokes about being in danger because of Steve. But maybe Steve had made a point, maybe Danny would reflect upon his behavior. As Steve closed the door he heard Danny mumbling: Idiot. And Steve knew it was for nothing. He shook his head to get these thoughts out of his head. He had a friend to visit. A friend in the basement of the HQ, a friend with a good heart. A friend who would learn soon that Steve McGarrett not only is a smart man, but a man with a good heart too. He would make sure that the man in the basement would find out that’s always an option to talk to Steve. To let him help. Because he always has your back.”
    Awesome: Steve’s faces! Taking charge! Speaking up to Danny! The ending with Jerry! Outsmarting Jerry! Lots of McGrover!
    Great: The ‘no Wild animals in a circus’ topic! No badge for Jerry!
    Good: I was entertained. Really I was!
    Okay: Again with these football (?) guys. They can’t act and I don’t know them. (I hope they don’t get paid that much.)
    Poor: Stupid stupid hiding in –uhm- scenery. Eric is a pain. So is Adam. Kill him (lol, hate me now KoDam fans).
    Aweful: The CGI! That was embarrassing. Danny’s ‘Idiot’. Big words from someone who looked bored (again) and was completely useless.

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  9. RE: Cop shows: Five-0 has been my only foray into television since I gave up the boob tube in the early 1990’s (unless you count watching HGTV. 8-). This year I have tried watching a few eps of Blue Bloods since it follows Five-0, but I just can’t get into it. I think part of me refuses to accept that Tom Selleck is no longer Magnum PI age and that his role revolves around sitting behind a desk or at the dinner table. Perhaps if I had watched from the beginning, I might’ve formed an attachment to it.

    RE: Realistic—I think Five-0 (or any cop show) can get away with not being realistic to some degree, as long as the other elements of what makes a show great are in place. Unfortunately, Five-0 seems to have misplaced their ability to bundle their elements into a viable format.


  10. I voted awful for the Elephant, and poor for the goofy suit. While this episode still wasn’t as awful as the “steve cuts down a tree” episode – it was still bad, but at least it didn’t completely mischaracterize anyone.

    For me, it was just a stupid, stupid episode.
    The “actress” who played Jerry’s sister was God awful. I could barely watch her READ her lines.

    The plastic suit – OMG and the big shoes, and the guy getting in and out of the car. WHAT? ROFLMAO. How did anyone think this is a good idea? And the T-boning the car to take the guy down. I think the defense department got robbed if they paid 80mil for that technology. Just goes to show you, low bidder is never a good idea.

    The Elephant – sigh. Yes, I am an animal lover, and I don’t condone what any captive animal (other than rescue habitats) has to go through. That being said, this was an awful platform to preach about circus animals. AWFUL. It’s so inappropriate to tackle something so serious and something that really happened in such a stupid, blasé way! People DIED when Tyke went on her rampage, and this show, in an attempt to (?) teach people about elephant abuse manages to make the rampage a joke. And then shows the perfectly cute, calm animal just sweetly wagging her tail (to show how cute she is?) when Jerry and his sister went to her in the park. It was just disrespectful all around for me.

    Ugh. It was awful

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  11. Sigh. I’m getting antsy since we had one good episode week before last and then a blah episode this past Friday. Wish I could fast forward to the good stuff. Though the next episode, depending on how they work it, doesn’t sound too enticing either. I think they need to take that “fan built” episode from a few years back a little farther and let us REALLY design an episode. I know. Dream on.


  12. Off subject, but does anybody know what that rectangular doohickey is called that Steve velcros to his pants to hold stuff?


  13. I needed to put some time between watching this episode and commenting.

    The good—-, McG, with a gun, bullets flying, car chases, kelvar.- the usual,

    The WTH— An elephant loose on the streets of Oahu and no one is injured. Reminded me of those Godzilla movies but not as well done. Jerry’s sister loosing control of said elephant. endangering countless lives and regaining control of said elephant and hiding it. How did this person manage all that? Easy. She comes from the same planet as Kono.

    So, was it OK for Jerry to lie to Max and McG? Of course, his name’s not Cath. Eric is just obnoxious. I am sure Jerry knows he and his sister bear little resemblance so why did he need to say that was what everyone was thinking anyway? Right–he was raised in the Williams family. Explained.

    The suit. How did the criminal drive. I mean, those boots and just trying to fit behind the wheel..

    I really think that they are just trying to fill up the hour any way they can until the finale and are leaving all the really good stuff for S7.

    OK- McG, with a gun, bullets flying, car chases, kelvar.- yeah, I’ve already said that.
    I voted awful.


  14. Sam– Also, why am I no longer getting Email notifications of new postings? All I did was buy a new laptop because my old one has passed on to the tech cemetery.


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