6.23 Press release

Pilina Koko” – When a woman is murdered in her home, Five-0 learns that one of their own has a deep connection to the victim’s young daughter, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 6 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Elliott Gould guest stars as Gerard Hirsch’s (Willie Garson) father.

“Pilina Koko” is Hawaiian for “Blood Ties”


I am already sick of all those people coming back again and again on Five-0. I am not a fan of the Hirsch character. At all! And now we have to deal with his father too? Geez.


Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)  
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)  
Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly)  
Grace Park (Kono Kalakaua)  
Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman)  
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)  
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)  


Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela)
Julie Benz (Inspector Abby Dunn)
Andrew Lawrence (Eric Russo)
Willie Garson (Gerard Hirsch)
Michelle Krusiec (Michelle Shioma)
Elliott Gould (Leo Hirsch)
Michael Guarnera (Doug Morrow)
Mitchell L. Johnson (Jimmy Brigante)
Londyn Silzer (Sara Diaz)
Matt Pablo (Paramedic #1)
Andrew Sato (Kidnapper #4)

 WRITTEN BY: Eric Guggenheim

DIRECTED BY: Maja Vrvilo

28 thoughts on “6.23 Press release

  1. I do like Elliott Gould as an actor but not sure why the show is so in love with Gerard Hirsch. Maybe it will only be a tiny part of the episode. I see Abby is back which reminds me that she was no where to be found when they were trying to help Grover and his family. So is she only 5-0 part time? And we are still learning about “deep” connections to people who end up dead or criminals? I thought Steve had intel on everyone, including their deep dark secrets and each episode that keeps proving to be wrong. The writers can’t make up their minds.


  2. I wonder if the reason we are getting all these random filler stories is because the actors whose story lines we are waiting to hear about are not available. Christine Lahti has a recurring role on the Good Wife and also Blacklist. Terry may be involved in other projects and scheduling may be a problem for him, too. I think Cath would have returned at the end of this season but an early notice of renewal gave PL time to adjust his scripts and probably roll her over to S7. MB may also have scheduling problems and if Joe, Cath and Doris are all involved in the same story line, they may have to plan that well in advance to get everyone on board.

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    1. Maybe so. Though honestly, I don’t care if Mama McGarrett ever comes back. I like Joe. But they need to pull out all the stops and lure MB back. LOL!


      1. Oh, PL has every intention of bringing Cath back. I have no doubt about that. If S6 were the end we would have seen her but since we got renewal, he can afford to drag it out and create as much drama as possible. I really think the push-pull of this fandom must cause hysterical laughter in the writers room. You know, it’s like” Let’s put this line in the script and sit back and watch the fans act like 3 year olds”.

        More importantly, he never would have brought Cath back for 525, 601-603 if he didn’t plan for her to be endgame. Even the crazies, masquerading as normal people, believe this to be true or they wouldn’t get their spanx in a twist every time her name is mentioned or even hinted at.

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        1. I agree. I think that the reason she was back for the S5 finale was that PL hadn’t gotten word that they were renewed yet and she was there to provide the happy ending for Steve/Cath. He had to write the episode both ways. Then, he pulled scenes that would tie in to S6 (Gabriel accosting Chin in the parking lot) and put them into the finale, while pushing off scenes to the premiere.


  3. I’m sort of hanging with GNP on this. I really, really want to believe that PL intends to bring Cath back and Mama, you have been right about so many things that I’m ready to follow your lead on this but I need to see it. I do feel Cath will be back but I am not sure that he will keep Steve and her together. He sure hasn’t demonstrated that he has any idea how to write a successful relationship between a man and a woman except for Lou and Renee. And I keep thinking that will fall apart too. I will cross fingers and toes that you have this pegged right.

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  4. Members of this fandom who claim have inside information have said:

    1. That Cath was gone after 421 and she was going to die. (Well, she didn’t die, did she?)

    2. That CBS ordered PL to fire her and she would not return ever. (CBS gave no such order.) Staff decisions are made by PL and he gets to call the shots. The fact that she appeared in in 525, 601-602-603 must put that nonsense to rest).

    3. That 525 would be her “one and done”. Hence 601-603.

    4. That she would not be in S6.- see #3

    5. After 603 she would never return because she was “a lyin’ liar that lies.” Steve would never forgive her and never take her back. (Well, he found out that she lied because was was on a covert op and was under orders to remain silent. He admitted he understood and would have done the same thing and that he was worried about her safety.

    6. That he has moved on- (He has not moved on. He had fling with an airhead/valley girl who had to tell him his head wasn’t into the relationship. I still cannot understand what part of that statement made her want to stay other than that she lacks self esteem. He has not committed to any exclusive relationship. Remember airplane girl and the entire tube of lipstick on his face? Danny didn’t join his plan to meet her friend because Danny said he had a girlfriend. Steve very pointedly did not say he had a girlfriend. Steve went alone and he must have had one hell of a time because he staggered into his hotel room tipsy and very happy.

    PL declared a complete blackout of all Cath related information. He wasn’t answering any questions. He only broke his own rule a few weeks ago when he answered an interviewer about seeing Cath again and said that it could happen. He chose to answer that question. He could have continued his blackout but didn’t. If he didn’t intend to bring her back he wouldn’t have touched it. Of course that started another fire storm but that was the point, right?

    Bottom line: He will reunite Steve and Cath because he said that their relationship would be tested and that they wanted to be together but there would be obstacles. You don’t test something that is over. The obstacle turned out to be Cath’s secret mission that she lied to him about. The test was his reaction to learning the truth- he understood and would have done the same thing. Steve has lost so many people in his life. PL will never take Cath away, too.

    Ergo (fancy word worth 20 points) I see a trip to the Ukraine in McGarrett’s future.

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    1. It is true that I can get a giggle about how often those “fans” have to eat their words about Cath. I am sure that they have convinced themselves that Steve hasn’t understood why she left even though he uttered those exact words. One of those stated that she liked Catherine but Cath hurt Steve so she didn’t want her back. They hear and understand only what they want to hear and understand.

      Because they haven’t gotten what they wanted and I believe that they would only be happy with Catherine dying on screen…..they are telling all kinds of stories. One even implied that MB and PL are an “item” and that is why she keeps coming back. They will never wake up and smell the roses because they have made this very personal and they can only be happy if they feel they can influence PL and make things go their way.

      Mama, thank you for being the voice of reason when I am foolish enough to read those darn comments and get annoyed. I guess I would like everyone to just enjoy the show and be positive but that is not reality. That is what makes my head hurt at times.


      1. LOL, moonjat, I had a really good laugh reading the argument from the one who wants Cath gone because she has hurt Steve. What about the guy who hurts his friend all the time? He, of course, can stay.
        Seriously though, when someone writes a review and that review is mostly about defending her own view and attacking others, pointing out how wrong everyone is, well, I can’t take such opinions seriously. They all can think whatever they want, but I can’t give them any credit for anything they write about the show, an episode, or the characters on the show.
        I always laugh about their belief that anything they, or I or we write is of any interest to PL. Who believes that is clearly delusional and should maybe seek help.
        This is all just a TV show that we have NO influence on whatsoever. I find it rather amusing how some of ‘those’ fans think they have the inside info. Makes me laugh and shake my head.

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        1. Well Sam, they have their delusions and they feel they are only looking out for those of us who can’t see things clearly (meaning their way) and some of them believe they really do have the inside scoop. What bothers me is those who are only occasional visitors to some of those sites and buy into the lies and delusion as if it is fact. That is what hurts the show and some of the actors.

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      2. These are the same people who go into fits if anyone even suggests that Catherine is doing any of this to “protect” him, but they are hating on her and wanting her gone to “protect” him. Their arguments give me mental whiplash.

        PS, I don’t necessarily want the reason to be that she’s protecting him, I think that duty to country is something that Steve understands (and has said he understands)

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        1. Yes, yes, yes……I hate how they claim they are judging things so to protect Steve. “She hurt him so I can’t forgive her. She lied to him so she is evil”. They act as if Steve is incapable of making up his own mind and they have to do it. And this is a fictional character and I am sometimes guilty of this because I often see the characters as real when I write. I like to think that I can keep an open mind most of the time. The show still guides me as to where I send my stories.
          Kim, I do hope it isn’t just to protect him unless they have a really good threat that made that one of her fears. I will wait to see what they come up with.


          1. I agree about the “unless they have a really good reason” – because, then yes I’m all for that!

            I fear they may not come up with a really good answer.


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