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*HAWAII FIVE-0* – *2-Hour Season Finale*

(9:00-10:00 PM)

“Pa’a ka ‘ipuka i ka ‘upena nananana” – Trapped inside a dilapidated building in Oahu’s Chinatown, Five-0 must protect a wounded Gabriel (Christopher Sean) and plan their escape when enemy gunmen storm the building looking to kill him and anyone who gets in their way.

*HAWAII FIVE-0* (10:00-11:00 PM)

“O ke ali’I wale no ka’u makemake” – In order to stop a meth epidemic on the Island, McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danny (Scott Caan) go undercover as drug pilots, but when McGarrett is seriously wounded, Danny is forced to break their cover and land the plane in order to save his partner’s life.

Well, to be honest, not sure what to think about these story-lines.


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  1. Um, yeah. Kinda confused. They tried to kill him. They wanted him dead. They thought they’d killed him. Now risking themselves for him? I guess the reasoning could be interesting. I certainly HOPE it is. :/

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    • Oh, plus, it seems two separate stories again. Not REALLY a big finale. Just 2 final stories. Seems weird but hey, 2 hours of McG works for me.

      Sounds like no Cath tho. 😦


    • well, Grace, Steve probably went to him and told him that Gabriel was just doing his job and offered him a position on Five-0. So now, they are on the same team.

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      • Cokie: I am so confused. Why save Gabriel? So he can come back and try to take down 50? Wait, that was Abby’s story line, right? Maybe we’ll find out that Gabriel has been an asset all along and that’s their idea of a plot twist.

        GNP: How can you possibly use the word “weird” to describe anything the writers do?

        Moonjat: Why get upset at what these people post on FB? They have zero impact on what PL will do. If they were so confident that Cath was history, they would remain silent. But they suspect she will return so they are campaigning to get PL to think the majority of viewers are with them, and they are clearly not. Allow them to be delusional and believe they have power to effect the show’s direction. They obviously have a deep seeded need in their lives to feel important. (This is probably the same crowd that thinks every episode is Emmy worthy).

        Sam: Since we didn’t see Cath filming in Hawaii for the finale, its not unexpected that we would not see her in the episode. But I do think we will hear about her and I expect her to return S7.

        Brenda: I hope last weeks episode was an indication they found their “muse” again, unless it was an aberration and they didn’t really mean to do it and think that episode was an epic fail. And they were sent to bed with no dessert. And promised to never do it again.

        Ocean: I hope Danny turns out to be a hero this time and surprises us. His character has taken a hit in the last couple of years and Grover seems to be Steve’s “go to” person now.

        Joyfuljaj: Steve is wearing the same shirt in the restaurant that he is wearing in the scene where he is blindfolded. He isn’t restrained in any way, so it looks like his “hosts” don’t consider him a serious threat. HA!


  2. There must be some motivation that we don’t know about for them to protect Gabriel. The second story sounds good, though. I like it when Steve and Danny are in trouble together and have to rely on each other. Blood Brothers is one of my favorite episodes.


  3. Well, I’m always the positive one, but this time I have to say I am disappointed. Not because of Cath, she will be back later.
    No, because of the ridiculous story lines. Protecting Gabriel? Going undercover? Danny landing a plane? Please. Shaking my head here. Seriously.

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    • I am no where near as optimistic about Cath as you are, but lord I love reading your assured opinion on the matter! I truly hope you are sooooo right. *fingers crossed*


  4. Well I’m bumfuzzled. Within the last week and all the hoopla about too much of a spoiler, (which I didn’t see–even googled it and nothing came up), I was under the impression that Cath would be involved somehow. NONE of the above sounds like it has anything to do with her which is an instant letdown to me.

    Furthermore, this sounds like a repeat of what they did in season 5—not genuinely a 2 hr season finale but 2 separate back to back episodes. The next to last episode was forgettable (I honestly can’t remember what it was about) and the last episode of S5 was the only good one of the whole season. Even so, I felt it took a little edge off the end of S5 having 2 unrelated episodes.

    Apart from that, I hope they will come up with a viable reason to now protect Gabriel. I can only hope it won’t be lame. As to Danny landing the plane–I’m on the fence about that. It COULD be good–maybe Steve is conscious enough to give him directions on how to land–that would be a good scene of comradeship–reminiscent of earlier seasons (ie. the feel of the episode where Danny helped Steve when he got conked by the huge rock in episode 1-whatever and fell down the cliff.

    But for me, no matter what, no Cath equals disappointment. On the other hand, they gave me a tiny glimmer of hope in last week’s episode that they might be capable of regaining their former glory, so nothing to do but wait and see. 😎

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  5. I am not sure what to think about these summaries or whatever they are. Why on earth would they be protecting Gabriel unless he has information or something important to give them that requires getting him to jail ASAP, I am all for letting him die. And I can’t wait to see if he has some disability from that fall or at least a reasonable explanation for how he got off that truck roof. We shall see what the writers come up with and I will withhold judgement until I see it.

    As for the part with Steve hurt…..that explains the photos with his bloody shirt. I can only guess he is talking Danny through the landing but who knows. It could be a very good episode and I am curious if it will be a cliffhanger or not. Interesting that they think that Steve and Danny can go undercover at this stage of their career in Hawaii. Maybe these are new crooks to the islands. I see some ranting coming from Danny even before Steve gets hurt. I guess I figured they would repeat the two totally separate episodes like last year since they have never shown any inclination to do a two hour show.

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  6. Oh, and a P.S. The CBS posting on FB sure brought out the Cath haters right off the bat. No mention of her in the teasers but they immediately started screaming to not have her in any of the episodes. It makes my head hurt.

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  7. When we saw the pictures of Steve seemingly captive but not secured, I figured he was infiltrating some group and they were keeping their location secret. I just didn’t know how the head of 5-0 could secretly infiltrate anything. Analysis of the BTS pictures hinted that Steve would be injured worse than Danny. In the hospital pics neither of them look too bad though.
    We still have to wonder who steve is meeting at the restaurant….
    Less than a month away – I;m excited! I will still be waiting on my house to close by then, so at least I will still have the capability of watching the finale.


  8. I honestly never thought that there would be anything Cath related in the finale. I think 6.17 was a placeholder for some future return, not this soon.

    That being said, the two synopses are odd. Y’all have already said it, why would they risk their lives for Gabriel. I wouldn’t risk a cup of coffee for him. Forget that he should be a quadriplegic after that fall. This whole season with him as the “BIG BAD” has been awful.

    The finale (which doesn’t seem all that much like a finale to me, but whatevs) seems interesting enough. I’ll have to steel myself for the mooney-eyed ones crying for Steve and Danny “special” moments, and the calls for forehead kisses and teary-eyed worry. For people that claim not to want to watch a soap opera, they sure beg for some super soapy scenes.

    still waiting for that “evil twin” episode. Perhaps S7?

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    • Thanks for the giggle this morning Kim. The vision of forehead kisses just cracked me up. It’s true, they hate the soap opera aspect but then want “lovey dovey” with the two male leads. Blows my mind. One even stated that she thanks God that Steve has his loyal partner by his side. Yea….that loyal partner that never hesitated to tell him he “hates” him.

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      • Honestly, I can’t see Steve and Danny as great friends. They work great together, they are good partners, but I don’t see any more than that.
        They don’t spend hardly any time outside of work together. They don’t tell each other what they are doing over the weekend, they simply hardly ever communicate outside of work. They do not confide in each other. Both of them have other people to share their secrets with.
        When you work in a field where your life depends on the other… of course you develop a strong bond. But that doesn’t mean you spend time outside of those boundaries (work) together. Everything we have seen so far (except 3.10, well, that was for Gracie, not Danny) was in one way or the other work related. And if it wasn’t work related it was not a pleasant experience… like in 3.03.
        People who see Steve and Danny as such great and wonderful friends who love to spend their private time together are simply delusional.
        And reading such crap as ‘his loyal partner’ makes me gag.
        Soap opera is OK for them, but only if it fits their bill. such hypocrites. But it fits, as fans of Danny, the hypocrite par excellence.
        Geez, I guess I need to stop before I say something that I might actually regret. Not. 😉

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        • Sam: Danny did the one thing to Steve that no friend would do. He was told in confidence that Steve planned to ask Cath to marry him. Danny looked happy for him but telling the other members of H50 what Steve planned to do, without permission, left Steve open to pity and “poor Steve” comments when his plan went south– not something such a private person deserves. That was a really mean thing to do to a friend. Steve never blabbered that Danny and Rachel were having an affair while she was still married to Stan. He didn’t condemn or pass judgment.

          Probably all of us have been told things in confidence that we will take to the grave. Who needs a passive aggressive friend who smiles at you while doing you in? Who needs a friend like Danny? Certainly not Steve.

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          • No one who is honest about it would want to spend time with Danny. I certainly wouldn’t. I would not even work with him. Even one hour in the company of this nasty human being would be too much.
            I do wonder how people who love the Danny character can overlook all these things, and even think his behavior is cool and funny.
            You could see that Steve was really pissed off about Danny telling about the plans. If a friend would have done that to me, telling something this big and private, I would never speak to him again.

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            • I can kinda forgive Danny for that one because he was so excited for Steve. The scene I really frowned on was when Abby was new, Steve was dragging the guy behind the jet ski, while Danny filled Abby in on some of Steve’s “methods” (like the shark tank and hanging the guy off the building.) He pretty much threw Steve under the bus.

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              • Yes, that is another example. You simply don’t do such a thing. Steve is not only his friend, but more importantly his boss. You don’t spill the beans like that. Only an idiot does that. Oh, right, and Danny. 😉 And of course, he forgot to mention all the things he did himself. Idiot.

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              • I think Danno likes hanging out with McG…cos McG’s the handsome smart cool confident guy with swagger in the room. But his own ego is also threatened by McG. Cos McG’s the handsome smart cool confident guy with swagger in the room. :mrgreen:

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                • And that’s captured beautifully in early season 1 when they go undercover as “whales” and Danny says “Why do I look like a waiter and you look like James Bond?” Always loved that line. LOL!!!!!

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                • Long time ago I wrote myself a little note when the discussion of Danny’s snark became nasty and I came to the idea that Danny is jealous of Steve. Danny came to Hawaii reluctantly but he had supreme confidence in his ability as a cop. Then Steve came along and he was smart, commanding and brought a skill set that Danny could only envy. Danny just doesn’t measure up in experience and service and I think he needles Steve to try and “cut him down to size” so to speak. That is the only reason I can come up with for why you would take nasty shots at a man who has only been a friend to you. Was Steve a bit short on manners in the very beginning? Yes but that was because he was so driven to find Hesse and time was short.

                  I did like the banter in the beginning. The carguements were funny and showed how both men were trying to get to know each other better. It does seem that the show has made Danny a very unhappy man right from the start and they just don’t seem to want to change that. I am not sure why. It makes it difficult for me….and this is just my opinion, to like him anymore. I keep hoping that they show me why Steve would want him as a best friend and so far the reasons are few and far between. SC’s schedule does nothing to improve the situation since they are forced to write around him so often that his presence in the show seems forces and stilted.


                  • The problem about SC’s schedule is something they should address soon. It became ridiculous. I still think it would be best if Danny got a new job, one where he is only part time working with Five-0. Don’t ask me what that could be, but as it is, it does not work. Even when he’s there he really is not. Just standing around, looking bored out of his mind. I guess the writers simply have no idea how to use the character. A shame really.

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                    • I really don’t understand why they would negotiate an agreement that lets their #2 star take that many episodes off. Would he have been able to just leave the show if he didn’t get what he wanted? I suppose he could but it would make any new jobs think twice about employing him. Of course I figure SC will never agree to do a TV series again since he has not spoken nicely about it at all.

                      Not sure if they could make Danny part time with 5-0. Not unless they kill off Rachel and Stan and Danny is now responsible for both Grace and Charlie full time and Charlie is not totally healthy yet. That would make it difficult for him to hold down a full time job with 5-0. The separate story lines are so strange, it is no wonder that when he is there it feels strange. It is a shame they don’t know how to blend everyone back together.


        • Oh Sam, you’re so right about being hypocrites. I always thought exactly the same. Needs one to not recognize one.
          I heard so many people complain that Cath never asked Steve (after the Afghanistan desaster, at the phone), if he is ok. And I get that. I really get that because it bothered me too. But! I have not forgotten, that as Danny was buried under this collapsed building together with Steve and Steve saved his/the a$$ Danny did not once, not once, ask Steve if he is ok. Not once.


          • No, not one time. And a blind person could see that Steve was hurting. But all Danny was doing was bitching about everything. He would have died down there without ever even trying to save himself. He was NO help whatsoever.


          • Good point!

            Actually, there are so many things on this show that aren’t shown, I just laugh when people use that as the reason to abhor Catherine. For a crowd that seems to fill in a lot of interesting backstory of their own (like building up this deep relationship between Grace and her “Uncle Steve” for instance) they really are quick to assume that there isn’t a possibility in hell that Catherine might have found out from Joe how Steve was doing? I mean, she managed to miraculously call right as he was getting home.

            This is not the show to get mad when something isn’t shown on the screen, that’s been proven time and time again.

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  9. About 24:
    Well I think Gab could only survive after his fall when he was wearing the robocop suit. Steve destroyed it (it involved tripping, tons of glue, acid or maybe ants), now Gab can’t survive and they try to keep him alive to tell them about the elephant in the room whose name is Cath or Doris or Joe or Wo Fat sr. or Nahale.
    About 25:
    Can’t wait.
    Yeah, right, Danny landing a plane. Sounds like one of those bad bad 70’s movies. I hope Steve is not out cold and can give instructions, would make it a little bit more believable.
    At least we know Steve gets aaaaalllll the balloons! 😉
    Truuumpeeeet fanfare!

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    • I never thought about a glue angle for the Iron Man suit. I think you are onto something.

      Next year’s finale might just be Hawaii Five-0 : Civil War where the Five-0’s and HPD get into an epic battle because the Five-0’s want’ to keep doing their thing, but HPD’s employee union has finally figured out that their officers tend to die at a disproportionate rate than anyone in 5-0, including the bad guys. The Five-o’s keep citing their exemplary record for reducing the number of kidnappings from approximately 1,000,000 per day to only 1,000 per day, and that losing approximately 100 or so police officers per year is simply collateral damage. Infighting ensues.

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    • I kinda like the idea of Wo Fat’s brain being inside the helmet, that being the super secret part of his body kept alive by an unnamed evil doer until the suit was ready. Of course being Wo Fat, he went off the grid and stole the suit himself. Now he’s the star of a new Marvel comic series “Wo-Fat-a-tron’s Revenge”.

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    • Y’all all just being silly now. Every one of the storylines y’all suggesting are for too realistic for H50 and y’all know it! Ya gonna have to start thinking way crazier and definitely less interesting if you want cred for a likely Show SL.

      (Hee! 😉 )

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  10. I’m looking forward to episode 25, especially after seeing all the photo’s from that episode. It should be a good one so hope they don’t muck it up. Not so bothered about 24 but maybe good with all the team working together for a change. Definitely disappointed about no Cath but maybe it will be a season 7 opener episode as it doesn’t look like they are doing a cliffhanger?!?!

    Have I missed something about why there are so many Michelle Borth haters? Are they McDanno shippers that have some deluded idea that the Hawaii Five-0 writers will actually make Steve and Danny a couple?


  11. There aren’t that many Michelle Borth haters. The H50 Facebook site has always been a magnet for haters and if someone disagrees about Cath or MB, there is a mass “let’s get together TO GET HER” and annihilate anyone who likes the actress or the character. There is no room for a different opinion, only theirs matters. That’s why so many people who are normal and respectful of other people will no longer post there. As far as McDanno ever being brought to fruition, I think the chances are zero. I actually have sympathy for this group because they are being jerked around by the PTB who are clearly treating it as a joke. McDanno’s have feelings, too. And many of the ABC’s call themselves “supporters” of McDanno but not “shippers” . That’s just code for “no Cath, no MB” and to ship anyone else with McG but her. But they don’t decisions make regarding the future of the character. PL does and I suspect he is not happy with the Facebook and twitter wars.

    Now to address the “problem” some “fans” had with MB—She is a public figure. She does not know any of the show’s “fans” personally. These are “fans” she did not even know existed. They attacked her on twitter, calling her names I do not say or type. Unfortunately she responded to these crazies, who are anonymous behind their computers, and they were outraged that someone would stand up to them and defend herself. They are nothing less than pathetic bullies who cry when someone hits back. Many famous people are subjected to this treatment and many respond by taking no prisoners.

    Do I wish she ignored them? Absolutely.
    Do I understand why she did it? I most certainly do.

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    • And that was it in a nutshell. Once she responded, they descended on her like rabid dogs, and then cried that she was bullying them. Of course, none of the people currently hating on MB were in this fracas (those have more or less left fandom and don’t watch anymore). No, this current generation of hater has done so by proxy. They just hear that she “bullied fans” and they feel emboldened by the idea that the “victims” won, so they take that victory to heart, so much so that they now are convinced that they too were bullied – and tremble in fear that she may return.

      It’s truly a study in mob mentality and social media (and the neuroses that surround)

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      • It’s also a convenient excuse for people that simply want her character gone for their own shippy reasons. Now they have a cause to rally behind other than “Ew. COOTIES! get the girl away from my ship.”


  12. I loved Steve and Catherine together — they were fun and knew how to make each other happy. I tried to like Lynn…really, I tried….but she reminds me too much of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City…kind of trampy and I hate that hair! Catherine was classy (and gorgeous.) I would love to see her back but who knows what the plans are. So I said this on another blog and got shot down, but I hate the thought of the McGarrett men ending with Steve. So I hoped that when we last saw Cath (and gorgeous Steve in afterglow) that they made a baby. She went on to her covert mission, made those hangup calls to him because she wanted to tell him, but couldn’t find the words. I was thinking how great it would be in S7 if she comes back with a baby boy, or if she’s not coming back, they write a story of how she delivered at an army hospital, went back to her mission and was killed. The Navy informs Steve and brings him his baby. Either way Steve has a son and the McGarrett line of fabulously awesome men continues. People said the dynamic would change. Yes, somewhat. But Steve would still be Steve — risking his life to help others and then getting patched up in the ER because of it. He can still do all that and have a child. Danny and Lou have kids. It could work. There could be a new character — a funny, lovable, smartass nanny who not only keeps the kid but mothers the whole team. LOL, I’m rambling, but I want the McGarret line to carry on! How sad if those terrific genes ended with Steve.

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    • I may be shallow but I always did think Steve and Cath would make beautiful babies. 😎 Just think of how they would carry on the lineage too–no doubt making their mark on the world in a big way just like their parents. 😎

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        • PL did say in an interview that the character wouldn’t die. So I think Cath returns, they marry during the season (early), she gets pregnant , Steve delivers a beautiful little McRoll Ninja baby/babies, the lady from the diner sews tiny camo onesies for them and they live happily ever after. Danny sends a totally inappropriate gift from New Jersey where he has relocated to be near his Mommy. She is the only woman who truly understands him and loves him unconditionally and thinks his whining is cute.

          I don’t want her to come back pregnant because the “crazies” would say he married her because he had to. Steve and Cath will marry because they love each other and they want to be together and not for any other reason.

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  13. I agree with the fact that Danny is a jerk–a lot–but there are other factors considered. I did also find the scene deplorable when Danny spilled the beans about Steve wanting to ask Cath to marry him. However, that didn’t bother me as much as many only because the writing has been so bad in season 6 to me that’s just another symptom. I mean they’ve even managed to make Steve look boring through most of season 6 and we know that’s not true. Everything has just been really, really, off for the most part (and I’m sorry to say they didn’t hold my attention again in last night’s episode).

    And we should give a little credit when it’s due–Steve did confide any Danny when Aunt Deb told him about the cancer diagnosis. Danny didn’t give him the advice he wanted to hear, but what he felt was right, and Steve respected that. Even acted on the advice (ie. making some memories) and it gave an awesome ending to that Thanksgiving episode.

    Just saying it’s not all or nothing with Danny’s character, regardless where you fall on the love/hate spectrum with him.


      • It’s like they’ve forgotten what the “carguments” are all about. I always saw it as a way for these two guys to release steam and stress. Their exchanges were funny and usually had a point. These two partners have been through a lot of shit together; they’ve seen too much death, too many sad and ugly situations. Their bantering was a way to relieve that. We, the viewers, could tell that there was a deeper meaning behind it all. Now they’ve just turned it into a childish bickering session, with Danny coming off as an a-hole. I love it when they’re on point, like this past week when Danny wanted to keep the suit so he could be McGarrett proof. That’s a running joke that works. And it wasn’t nasty or mean spirited.
        Mamayorkie, you are so right — Danny needs to be the hero in the finale. Let us see that he still has Steve’s back. I can’t wait to see how that plays out!


        • Ocean, actually, I think it’s a really stupid running gag. And this time it only kind of worked because McG finally told him how old and stupid that really is. I was tired of Danny’s attitude a looooong time ago. And it was never true in the first place that McG is a danger magnet, or puts anyone at risk. I never thought Danny complaining about it was funny.
          Most of their carguments have been stupid and childish, even back in the first season. Danny has always been pretty nasty and mean.
          And I do believe after a while, if you repeat it often enough, everything gets nasty and mean. Even the line about being McGarrett proof. Simply because at some point is does get old, boring, stupid, repetitive, and loses any kind of humor. At some point it’s simply not funny anymore. It only makes one groan and thinking “grow up already”.
          About Danny being the hero in the finale? I would hold my judgment about that after I have seen it. I can’t imagine Danny actually landing (or crash landing) that plane without it being totally ridiculous. So, I wouldn’t jump for joy just yet.

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          • The McGarrett proof statement bothered me. I wonder if Danny thought his partner back in Jersey was a trouble magnet also? Grace ended up dead and Danny almost died so was she at fault? He’s a cop for Pete’s sake…..not exactly a safe job and he has been one from before meeting Steve. So unless he only wrote parking tickets and we know he didn’t…..then he is in a high risk occupation. Working with Steve does not make him more “at risk” than anywhere else in the police department. The man just likes to complain and he has decided that Steve should be his target, then he does not have to take responsibility for anything bad that happens to himself.

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          • Season 1 the bickering was more of a banter, and it was fun, mainly because they were two strangers who were very different and they were thrown together. From season 2 on it got awful, IMO. Danny was downright NASTY (“Your mother faked her own death to get away from your father” <<ouch) No one, not even clueless guys, stoop to that level.

            At least they finally have Steve fighting back and not just taking it like he did for so many years, but I'd really rather they just stop.


        • To be honest, I don’t think Danny is any ‘hero’ material. Hard times, really tough situations? He is lying in fetal position on the floor. He even said so in 4.19 and he did so. He is no fighter. Steve always fought back. Always. If he hadn’t done so in Afghanistan the rescue would’ve been too late, he fought against Wo Fat and survived.
          Some time ago I re-watched the Thanksgiving episode where we met Aunt Deb the first time. Mary forgot the turkey and Kamekona brought some shrimps stuff. Danny was whining and bitching: Meh meh, I don’t want to eat shrimps at Thanksgiving, meh meh… And Steve said: You don’t need to, I’ve got a plan!
          And it struck me, that was the difference between those two in a nutshell. Steve fights, he always has hope that things are getting better, that there’s a chance that things change, IF you fight for it. When it is time to sink or swim, Steve swims, Danny sinks. That is really sad.

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          • leiCa and moomjat54 I completely agree with your assessments of Danny. I did wonder myself why Catherine and Danny never seemed to ask is Steve was okay especially when they knew it was bad….when he was beaten by the Taliban (when on a mission with Catherine) then when he was beat up by Wo-Fat and lastly the building collapse. Not once did either one ask and that struck a chord with me.

            I also dislike the fact that Danny does nothing but complain he seems to live for it. He probably lost his marriage because of his complaining. Yes, he seems to project onto Steve, blaming him when he is a cop and one from NJ no less. (You think it would be even more violent there than in Hawaii…no offense east coasters). It seems to me that Danny has anger issues and needs to resolve them…I am no psychologist but he needs help.

            It’s nice to hear how Steve seems to fight for not only what he believes in but also fights to move forward, to live. He never seems to give up and that is a wonderful quality. He also has a strong sense of loyalty and has proven that over and over…yet I don’t see that with Danny, Catherine, Joe and (mom) Doris. They seem to know how to manipulate him…he fights for them/with them then when he truly needs them they disappear, Where was his mom when Steve was in Afghanistan (she was CIA and apparently has connections). Where was she when Steve was in the collapsed building…yet he rescued her numerous times. I can’t help, in a way, feel sorry for him about that. I do feel that Chin and Kono have his back no matter what. Kono proved it when Steve was arrested for Gov. Jameson’s murder….she was willing to risk what career she might’ve had left. Chin knew his best chance of helping Steve was go back to HPD and Steve understood that…both men respect each other; something Danny, et all lack?

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            • Barb, I agree with you on Danny and Doris. I don’t think that I would put Catherine in the category of manipulating Steve though. She has fought for him. When the Taliban took Steve, she was following his orders to get the kids out but then she called Danny to have him let Joe know what was going down. She was the one who set up the communications when Steve and Danny were trapped under that building and was right there when they brought the guys up out of the hole. She also had Steve’s back when he insisted on going into North Korea to bring back Freddie’s body and she fought beside him. Catherine did not ask Steve to go to Afghanistan with her, he showed up at the airport and joined her. I guess you could argue that she didn’t tell him the truth when she left in 6:03 but I still believe she was under orders to keep quiet. Joe doe seem to like to string Steve along with only giving out bits and pieces of information but then I don’t know if he is working under orders that limit what he can say also….who knows on that point.


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  15. Thanks for allowing me to post. I do love H50 and watch it every time it’s on, new or old. I do think the feel of the show has changed as they have changed writer’s. I wish they would get the original writer’s back so we can see the dynamic chemistry of the first season. I love seeing the character development but some of the changes have been over the top.

    About the relationships between these characters; they are family. Danny is the annoying brother who has self esteem issues because his “older” brother gets everything. Kono is the sister who doesn’t take crap from anyone but yet is sensitive and (sometimes) vulnerable. Chin is the “other” brother (or cousin) who knows enough about everything to make him a valuable asset but not enough to be egotistical. You have Max the odd cousin who is a genius but sometimes hard to relate to. Then there is Lou Grover the uncle of the group, ready with sage advice yet can still be fierce, loyal and protective of his family. Oh and Jerry. Jerry is the “other” cousin; the black sheep if you will. No one understands his conspiracy theories but is still a lovable guy. Lastly Kamekona, we have one of those in our family…the bad turned good.

    I am on the fence about Catherine. Please know I am NOT a hater but the last few seasons their chemistry changed. I think it changed when they “forced” her into 50 just to keep her on screen. I do wonder if she was recruited by Doris or Joe (or both). After all she did assist Doris in dealing with Mangosta; she could’ve been playing that role for a while….after all planned ops and assignments are not dealt over night. No offense but I do not want to see her come back with a “baby” or that she gets pregnant, etc. UNLESS the writer’s get their chemistry back, it is a mistake. When she “left” it was painful to watch and I felt slightly betrayed at the episode (where Cath could’ve been compromised) because Steve stated he wasn’t going to wait for her and now…we don’t see him with anyone (that we “hear” about), and that says to me he is waiting for her.

    I don’t like the relationship between Danny & Steve because that has changed too. Some have said (here) that it could be jealousy, could be the writer’s. All I know is, like you the joke about being McGarrett proof is old. I also think the carguments are getting old. That being said I think Steve looks at Danny as the annoying brother (younger or older) and tolerates his actions because he is good cop.

    I am hoping that Season 7 turns out to be one of the best.


    • Welcome to the blog. I hope you will feel right at home here. 🙂

      Nice analysis of their family. 😉
      I don’t agree that the relationship between Steve and Cath has changed. I do think they are great together. And I do hope to see her back real soon. If they were to have an addition to their family I want it to be later. Making it a conscious decision on both their parts, but I would like to see that.


    • Hi! I hope you are right about season 7, but I don’t really have anything that would lead me to believe it will happen.

      Your family analogy is pretty interesting, I can kind of see it. I’m pretty sure we’re beyond the timeline for a baby, and Ugh – no. I love the Catherine character and the relationship, but the whole thing has been handled poorly – I think that’s the failing on the EP’s part, since he is notoriously bad at pacing out storylines. I think he has a plan for Steve and Catherine, but he can’t figure out what to do with her in the meantime. It’s incredibly frustrating.

      All of the little “jokes” are getting old, and there are now so many of these inside jokes and quirky little things that it’s just too forced. No one seems to ever have a real conversation anymore.


      • I don’t think Lenkov knows what to do with any of the female characters (except Kono) and I wonder about her sometimes. He brought in Jenna Kaye then Lori Weston, then made Catherine apart of Five-O. He brought in Doris and had a good story going there but it was dropped. No offense against Kono Grace Park) but I wonder if having a female (in any role) was a good idea ONLY because it seems the writers don’t know what to do with them.

        There are so many scenes and story lines that seem forced all because they want to experiment…I say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” They had a FABULOUS season 1 and the chemistry was there…then they decided they needed more women, sex appeal, whatever….it was awkward watching these two women trying to fit into the story line or get the best lines possible.

        Look at a few others….(forgot her name) the one Steve’s dad took under his wing (the one from Australia)…they teased us for a while that she might’ve been a love interest for Steve. Then they brought in Lynn. Danny had Gabrielle then Melissa/Nicole. Chin had Malia (who died of course) Leilani and now the female cop from San Francisco. What’s happening.

        I hope Season 7 gets better.


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