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  1. Good morning. Just woke up to your post– pre-coffee. No idea what they are up to with this but I, too, like it. Can this be a precursor of S7? I’m still convinced McRoll is end game so even though CBS twitter is somewhat confusing at times, I’m going to “roll” with this. Let the PTB take it down if they want. We’ve already seen it. Now let’s see what the fandom does with this. “Its gonna be a bumpy ride”. Just love it.

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  2. These are not random posts by CBS, there was a repeat of 6.03 on the air. But I like how they give so many hints about Catherine lately. And like you, I am convinced McRoll is endgame.
    All their little, and some not so little hints point to that.
    Peter Lenkov said their love will be tested. That is one thing he actually delivered on. 😉 Although I think he stretches it too far. Enough is enough. But as always, it is very slow going with him. 🙂
    “Confusing at times” puts it nicely. They often have no idea what they are doing. They don’t even know the names of their characters. What did they call Abby? Jennifer, or soemthing like that? Julie Benz had to point out what her character’s name is. Only then they took it down. LOL

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    • Sam: So interesting that CBS did it at all. Since I believed PL knew about the renewal for S7 way in advance of its official announcement, I think he may have changed his plan for the finale. (That’s what I believe he did at the end of S5- oddly splitting the ending of Kono’s wedding, pushing it to the beginning of S6.) I think he only knew about that renewal just a couple of weeks before the announcement at that time. I recall reading an article where he said he was writing to a cliff hanger but would write to a series finale if he had to. Thank goodness it was a cliff hanger, of sorts, even though it involved Gabriel and pirates. So, if we don’t see Cath at the season finale, we may very well hear of her at that time. And I agree with you, PL said their love would be tested and and you don’t test what is over. Also, there was no reason to bring her back at all to end their relationship. So with all the evidence, she will return.

      And I repeat, not one of us has anything to say or can exert any influence on PL as to what he intends to do. His show, his right, his decision. No amount of negative comments on twitter or in blogs can change that.

      These are just my personal opinions.

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      • I have been saying for months that Cath will be the cliffhanger, giving fans all summer to stew over her fate. That single character creates more buzz, good or bad, on social media than any other character.

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        • Yes, and it gives PL and the writers one hell of a laugh all summer as to how a character can cause such an uproar in the fandom. If they only had a crystal ball as to how much Cath impacts the show, she would have had Kono’s role and Cath would have married Adam. And Kono would have been McG’s sweetie and they would hate her instead.
          Wait- the 150th special fantasy role reversal episode? Do they dare? Done that-been there? When has that ever stopped them?

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      • I still can’t “like” any comments here but Mama, I sure like yours!

        Yes, why bring Cath back after a year of absence only to send her off again after 6.03? Naw, I don’t think so!
        I’m having so much fun seeing the superfans almost hyperventilate each time after something points towards Cath. I would have been ok with Ellie, yes even Lynn if it hadn’t felt so forced. I want Steve to be happy, but I stand firm that I think he’s happy with Cath. She’s the one who shared the military life, who knows his baggage, understands what ghosts are hunting him. She came with him to find Freddie. How much more support and trust can one show??

        I’m hoping S7 will give PL the time and chance to fix things that were left open. Fingers crossed! 😀

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  3. Hmmmm…maybe whatever intern they put onto the Show account recently is, unlike every intern before him/her, someone who actually watches Show. What a novel move for CBS.

    But I like it. 🙂

    As to there being a hint of purpose here, I still cannot muster the hope y’all got, cos I don’t trust Lenkov any further than I can spit, but I’m hoping y’all’s hope has well more than a snowball’s chance in hell. Fingers crossed…. 😉

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  4. I won’t get my hopes up cuz I’ve seen way too much stupid stuff in the last few years. However, if they do the right thing, I’ll hop down off my naysayer box and let the praise and gushing roll. 😎 I CAN say that Friday’s ep was actually an improvement, so there’s that.

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  5. I was out at a party last night and didn’t realize the rerun was on until a friend texted me to say “don’t they usually rerun things that have meaning for things coming up” and, sometimes they do. Plus 6.03 has already been repeated once, if I’m not mistaken.

    As for the H50 twitter account – who knows? Lol. They get a lot wrong (Jennifer is what Abby name was supposed to be, in the first set of sides that came out for her character) but sometimes it seems like they are trying to drive a point home.

    So, I guess… I hope this meant something, I find it hard to believe this and all of the mentions ate for nothing, but I am still super wary.

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  6. I, on the other hand, believe that PL never lies when he makes a direct, quotable statement

    He tries to confuse, misdirect and mislead at times by being vague or avoiding answering questions at all but he did give a hint in a recent interview regarding the possibility of seeing Cath again- something that was the first time since his complete shutdown of answering any questions about Cath or Rachel. Of course, no one ever cares or asks about Rachel, so Cath is the magnet that generates the most interest of any character on H50. The McDannos (for obvious reasons) hate her, as well as the “Lets ship anyone but Cath, the ABC’s. They say Ellie is wonderful and should come back and Lynn is “so cute” with McG. That is unless he actually thinks of her as a LI and not a ” biological convenience” and wrecks their personal fantasies about him showing up on their doorstep with a ring.

    I still think Lynn is an airhead who needs to work on her self esteem for wanting a relationship with a guy she has to tell that his head is not into it. Can you just imagine her telling that to her friends and getting blank “pity” stares?

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    • Lynn and McG are just two consenting adults having fun together. That is all that is to their ‘relationship’. It goes to the bed and no further.
      And if Lynn thought Steve ever wanted anything more out of that, she’s even more dumb than I thought she was.
      And geez, he had more chemistry with his buddy Ellie than with Lynn. Besides, relationships born out of traumatic events never work. (For Lynn the first-date-disaster, and for Steve Catherine leaving)

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