6.19 Review


6.19 – Malama ka Po’e

A case from 15 years ago forces Grover to take his family on the run when a dangerous mob boss tracks him down to seek revenge. On HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 8 2016

CBS translated Malam aka Po’e to Care For One’s People

It seems that last week a few people got confused by my review. You know, not understanding the concept of loving something and still be able to point out what one doesn’t like, and all that. They actually had me laughing out loud about the nonsense they were writing on twitter.

And it also seems that certain people don’t read the disclaimer.

So, for you convenience I’ll put it up front. Maybe then you will realize that there is NO right way to love something; not ONE right way to write a review; and not ONE right opinion.

If you don’t understand that concept, I’m sure you can find another blog on the world wide web that you can understand and that caters your needs better than this one.

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

For all you other guys here, have fun and enjoy this week’s review. 🙂

Sam asked if I wanted to make a few notes for Friday’s ep and I realized that I did want to say something.

See, Cokie, I know you too well. 😉

I had watched the spoiler clip of Steve and Lou in the diner and I loved it.  Cute guys saying witty things and enjoying each other’s company.  It was perfect.  And then when I watched on Friday I loved it even more.  But in the back of my mind I was afraid that Steve would just be in the background and the entire show would be about the Grover family.  I am happy to say I was wrong.  The show was full of a team who worked well together and fought for one of their own.

I’m totally with you on this one. Loved the sneak peek, and I loved the whole scene even more. OK, let’s start with the tiny little nit picking. And this first one was pointed out to me by our good friend who likes to stay anonymous. You know we love ya, don’t ya?!

Anyway, noticed how the plates change? One time they have food on it, next there is none, and then it magically appears again. I must confess I was way too distracted by the witty and charming conversation those two friends had to pay close attention to the plates. But I do wonder why none of the people who should watch such things on the show don’t pay attention. Oh, well, maybe they got distracted, too. 😉

No, seriously though, I loved their breakfast meeting. This is how two adults talk and tease each other. This felt real on every level. Two friends having breakfast. Perfect.

And how cute was Steve flirting with the older woman? Loved it.

And I loved how his radar went up right after seeing that guy outside the diner.

So, there is another thing one could get mad about. I’m actually really cool with it, and think it is amusing because it is so not true. Steve allegedly being a cheapskate. We saw two or three times that they were teasing about him not having his wallet, or letting others pay for gas, meals or whatever. BUT, we know that Steve is a very generous guy when it comes to his friends. He bought Danny a weekend at the Resort in the Pilot, just so that Gracie could swim with the dolphins. And back then he barely knew the guy. I bet he also gets Gracie great birthday gifts. He bought a present for Catherine and spent over thousand dollars for that. He spent quite a lot of money on the engagement ring. And he paid for rounds and team dinner on various occasions.

Knowing all that makes it an amusing thing to point out that he’s conscious about spending money for his meals (or the meals of others). When it counts, he is one of the most generous guys. I know there are people out there who get angry about this, but I think it’s amusing, simply because it’s not true.

Loved the concern Steve had in contacting Chin and Kono. Loved Chin’s initial disbelief until he got to the house. And I loved how the 3 of them figured out who was really behind all of that.

The title of the episode is Care For One’s People. If there is one guy who cares for his people, it’s Steve. Like you, I was worried that this episode would be solely (or mostly) focused on Grover and his family. But that was not the case at all. Actually I think McG was almost more in the focus than Grover. They perfectly integrated the team into this episode. Yes, Grover was the initial reason why there even was a case, but I think they split the time equally on Grover and the team.

One word about Chin’s new bike. Back when it was introduced I thought what an unpractical thing. And this time, again, I think what possessed him to buy that bike? It might be nice to leisurely ride around with it, but for the job? That’s a big fat no.


And again the show got it right with their leader. They showed us the concerned friend; the leader of the task force; the power behind all their actions; the guy who is in charge for a reason. And he did all that with still letting the others shine as well.


I think it was the very first time that I was cheering for Kono. Gasp, what?! Yep, I liked her in this one from the first to the last minute. Maybe that was because she was with Steve most of the time, and his strong presence pulled her along nicely. I believed her when she was doing her research just as well when she was shooting the bad guys. Well done, Kono. You should probably copy this and save it because I’m sure I won’t say that too many more times. Just saying. 🙂

And can I just mention that I love Steve’s blue truck? Love it.

I’m not quite sure why Chin was not with them on their flight to Molokai, but I’m OK with it. We had McChin a few times, so that was OK.

I have a question how they found out who the owner of the cell phone is when his number was clearly blocked? How did Kono know it was registered to Frank Zagar?

Lou must have been a real bad ass undercover cop in his younger years.

Well, I’m not so sure about that, after all he was pulled right out of the academy to do this job. I’m sure though he was really Gung Ho for that job. Actually, I thought this idea could be a real disaster. But they made a great episode out of it. Undercover cop getting back to his real life after the job is done. It was kind of a witness protection program, but not really. Again, well done, show.


Loved the kids.  They were scared, angry and typical teenagers and portrayed that well.  Great acting on their parts.  And I can’t remember… have we seen Will before?  He was good.

Yes, we have seen Will before, but only on pictures. And I think that was another kid. But I am horrible with faces. I would be a terrible witness. Although I did ID a robber once, but that is another story completely. Anyway, I think this young man is not the one from the picture. Anyone?

They did a great job. Now, that is acting. But to be fair, the 16-year-old daughter is really 24. And she’s a real pro. The young man who played Will, sorry, I don’t know how old he really is, no info on his age on IMDB. But he was also really good.

I have always liked Renee and have always loved that actress in her previous roles.  She always does a good job.

I just looked her up, I couldn’t remember where I have seen her before. See, totally bad with faces. She was on The Glades. Guess I totally erased that from my memory after the stunt they pulled. I’m still spitting mad over that. Even erased all episodes. Grrrr. And she was in Daredevil, a show I watched and liked. But for the life of me I can’t remember her. Sigh.

But she is GREAT as Renee. Love her.

Loved the helicopter takeover.  Was that a chopper like TC’s on Magnum?  At least that is what it reminded me of.

Same design. Not sure if it is the actual chopper from the show though. Might be.

I LOVE that Steve is also a pilot. Yeah, I have a thing for pilots. LOL. When he commandeered a helicopter the first time back in episode 1.04 I was jumping for joy.

I liked Kono and Steve working together and was cheering when they took down 4 bad guys.  I especially loved Steve standing over the leader.

Oh, that was a great scene.

And Steve and Kono worked really well together. Great shoot-out. I think all the action was nicely done in this episode, nothing over the top.

But to be fair, these four baddies never had a chance. I was actually laughing watching one of them holding his high power weapon and shooting from the hip. That looked ridiculous. And was a sure way to die. 😉

Ok, only one little nit on this.  Grover gave his wife the gun, told everyone goodbye and should have left.  I kept yelling at him to get out of there before someone came but he needed to hug his kids a bit longer.  But he made me very nervous.  🙂

ROFL, that was actually the one really big flaw in this episode.

Grover told his family they had a head-start of a quarter mile. Next scene we see the baddies and the family in one shot, not even a hundred yards apart. But then we see Grover taking his sweet time to instruct his family and say good bye. Come on, guys, your time management sucks big time.

And why the heck did Lou leave the main road anyway? The baddies were on foot, they would never have caught up with them if he had stayed on the main road. Why turning into the jungle?


But I truly enjoyed all those scenes. At some point I thought “move on, enough now”. But in general there are no scenes that I would fastforward through.

Well, maybe the car ‘chase’. I felt like they were driving in slow motion. What the heck was that?! OK, it was in rough terrain, but really, how the heck did the bad guys, after crashing their truck get close to the family that quickly? That was also kind of ridiculous.


Speaking of… Why did they land on the opposite side where the airport’s located? Made no sense to me. Driving across to it instead of simply landing right there with their boat? I’m sure they could have done that. Of course, then we wouldn’t have all those chasing around.

I was kind of afraid Lou was going to kill the crooked FBI guy.  Glad he didn’t.   But come on, how many didn’t know he was bad?  No matter what he is on, he always plays a bad guy.

No, I have to disagree. Why do you say he always plays a bad guy? I can’t remember ever seeing him as one. Maybe you got him mixed up with someone else?

Mark Valley played a lot of good guys.

But I agree, in this case I just knew he was the real bad guy.

That brings me to my tiny little beef with the episode. Why didn’t Lou contact Steve? Steve said he would have done the same thing, but no. Lou knows that he can trust Steve. In regards of his family’s safety he should have called Steve. And I think Lou would have. That was a flaw in the writing. But maybe Zagar told him not to involve anyone. Who knows, but I thought it was odd that Lou did not contact Steve.

(UPDATE: there is a deleted scene where Lou does call Steve. See, knew he would do that. 😉 Glad they wrote it that way.)

And then we reached the ending when Kono and Steve get out of the Jeep in slow motion the look on Lou’s face said it all. 

STOP, we’re not there yet. I have something else to say. 😉 First I thought it would be cool if Steve and Kono came in time to help Lou to shoot the three guys coming after them. But then I loved how it unfolded and Lou was able to handle it himself with the help of his wife. Who did a great job, not only in killing the killer, but also in portraying what it meant to kill a person.

So, that was great. Loved how Lou obviously channeled Steve and took out the baddies. 🙂

Now you can go on. That was perfect.  Their talk was good, the hug was wonderful and the show ended with me having a huge smile on my face.

Oh yes, the talk and the hug. I watched it a few times. What a great scene.

“You are my man, you know that?”

“I know.”


This was the first episode in a long time where I was riveted to the screen for the entire time and loved every minute of it.



Last time I did a review I got yelled at for giving my grade at the beginning of my writing. So, Sam make sure it is at the end this time…  🙂

I have no recollection of ever yelling at you. 😉 See, even these two have to laugh about that.


Solid, interesting, intense, powerful, and entertaining.  And an Awesome rating.

Nothing to add to that!

Oh… I didn’t even mention how good Steve looked.  Or his faces.  And how nice he looked mowing down bad guys and worrying about his friends.  But all that was pretty perfect too.

LOL – I think by now we take his awesomeness for granted. But again, it was shown to us why he is not only the leader of the task force, but also the biggest draw to the show. His presence is just phenomenal.

AND he looks damn attractive and sexy while doing his thing. And it doesn’t hurt that he can act, too. Damn, a darn near perfect package all around.


I would much rather have been there than in Las Vegas shadowing little girls.  But enough about that.

No comment! You know my opinion on Detective Sunshine and DaddyDanno. And my opinion on the quality of the show when he’s not on it.

So, there you have our review for an episode that we both give a real awesome.


26 thoughts on “6.19 Review

  1. Yes and yes! You guys nailed it. What a fun way to write a review and do spot on.
    I had such a great time watching this episode!
    McGrover has chemistry! This is a great friendship. Totally love Renee, a strong, passionate and tough woman. And yes, those kids can act. I love the whole Grover family.
    Steve and Kono worked so well together and the helicopter scenes just topped it off.
    This was an overall awesome episode, the best in a while. Great entertainment – well done show!

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  2. I give this one a “really good” (I haven’t used that rating in so long I had to dust it off). I too, was afraid this was going to be an all Grover episode. And, like may Fridays before, I lined myself up a list of chores to do while Five-0 was on because typically I just can’t sit there and watch because I rapidly get bored and/or disgusted and leave the room. But this time I watched all the way through with no boredom breaks.

    We joke about the fact that TPTB don’t give a damn about our assessments, but I couldn’t help thinking as I watched that they FINALLY did one thing we’ve been saying all along–NOT having too many secondary/minor characters gumming up the works and for stupid reasons. The only secondaries we had were Grover’s family and for once they were well placed in the storyline. And I’m glad Duke was there, albeit briefly, for the continuity of HPD.

    Nice fully focused team episode. Not too heavy on the Grover. And while I don’t have the hatred for Danny that many do, I’m glad he wasn’t in the episode at all rather than being in the episode in a very bizarre arrangement as we have been seeing. I want him there as a fully functioning member of Five-0 or not at all because it just becomes more distraction. And Five-0 has enough of that already.

    There were minor story issues that I wondered about but could overlook cuz the overall episode was good. Yes, why didn’t Grover call Steve in the first place (kind of negates the chummy breakfast scene IMO). Also, while we know about the secrecy of witness protection, I find it hard to believe that given the thorough background examination Steve runs before anyone gets on his team, that he didn’t know about this. But then I also have always wondered why a man of Steve’s connections has to go to someone like Joe etc. for info because I figure he’d have access too. But like I said, the episode was good so that made these things a trifling.

    I loved the use of the Island Hoppers (TC) helicopter. I thought it was an interesting selection rather than just using an HPD bird.

    If I could’ve tweaked one thing it would have been the slo-mo getting out of the Jeep. They’ve used that with rock solid effect on certain episodes, but I didn’t feel this moment called for it, nice as it was. But again, a trifling.

    I’m just relieved to see a Five-0 episode I could actually sit through. May be it be so throughout the remainder of the series run, however many years that may be.

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  3. I loved y’all’s review! Indeed I must say, there have been several eps in the last couple seasons where your review was more entertaining than the show. I am happy to say, this was not one of them. 😆 I gave it an awesome!

    Loved the McG we got. Loved that he was at-large and in-charge! He ruled dat screen. Loved the actual Ohana that was portrayed by all of our team thruout. This was a great arrangement of the team. Kono was indeed awesome with McG, but frankly Alex pairs well with everybody. He’s the magic man, he’s absolutely the lead. He showed it in spades here. And the final,scene with Grover was adorable. His grin as he said “I know.” Cute. He’s cute and bad-ass at the same time. ❤

    Indeed, in reference to one of our other threads here this week, I think this was Alex's slam-dunk audition for James Bond. 😉

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  4. Ah, how wonderful to get a twin review. I so agree with all that you ladies stated. I saw a few little flaws while watching but had no trouble letting it go since I was having a good time. I have read another review and I guess I felt that Lou really wasn’t actually in true witness protection, it was more that he was undercover back in Philly and then resumed his real life. I guess there was always a chance that someone would put two and two together and so Lou has been ready to take off if there was ever a chance of exposure. And of course Clay was ready to rat him out once he figured out who to tell where Lou was. I was thrilled that the episode was a balance of Grover’s family and our team trying to find and help him.

    I am sure that Lou would have called Steve but the FBI guy probably made it clear that he couldn’t talk to anyone just in case. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Steve but you never know who else might be able to listen in. I do have to admit I was really surprised to see that the writers refrained from killing that cop that stopped Lou. I was afraid that the cop was toast but happily he survived. And…..they got kids that could act! Wow, that was refreshing although as you said the young lady is older but still, they were believable. The farewell in the jungle may have taken a long time but it was heartfelt and I didn’t mind it. My only compliant was that I would have crawled into the brush when Grover left and not sit on that log…..I am such a chicken I would be among those hanging branches holding my breath.

    Loved how Steve and Kono worked together. I read somewhere else that those helicopters that look like the one from Magnum PI are painted that way and not a custom job for the show so not a surprise that they still had one around. I too voted awesome, it was such fun and exciting and I adored the beginning. Never noticed the plates, I couldn’t tear my eyes off of Steve’s cute faces and how funny the two were together. I don’t think that Steve is cheap but it is a funny gag that they sometimes tease him about the missing wallet and confess I have used that device myself in stories. Thanks for the great review.

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  5. I love Steve in blue. As the cargo pants seem to be back.
    Think I would say Steve is frugal, not cheap but he at least needs to pay for the stuff at times and not let Danny and Lou do so.
    Lou and Steve rock together as really their banter is not mean spirited and is in all in good fun.
    But really am glad to get to know Lou despite the one episode he went after Clay. Which was out of character for him.
    As he is not a one dimensional character.
    Team Chin I am for! As he is my favorite character. Sorry Sam! But am getting to love Steve back despite at times, he and I have “differences!”
    But the team is indeed Ohana!

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  6. I really enjoyed this episode and, after Grover’s Chicago trip. I wasn’t sure if it would be a disappointment. I’m so glad they did a great job on this. I thought Renee was wonderful as a mother trying to keep everyone calm, including Grover and how nice to see them cast two kids who can really act. At first I suspected the FBI handler but when he only handcuffed the patrolman to his car instead of shooting him, I thought I was mistaken. But I did have my doubts about his two FBI friends. They looked like thugs and it turned out they were. Why did Grover keep that “gift/knife” that the handler gave his son? I would think Grover might have wondered if he had an ulterior motive and ditched it. I loved the action, the car chases and Kono and Steve in the helicopter. So, discounting a few technical problems that were really insignificant, this was getting back to the team in action together and I loved that.

    Steve wants to have someone hack Grace’s Instagram? He’s such a private person so I would be surprised if he would violate Grace’s privacy. That would surely ruin their relationship- even Danny wouldn’t like that and it was totally unrealistic for his character,

    I didn’t notice the pancakes in the dish disappearing/reappearing act. But Mrs. Grover should prepare herself for some remarks about not dusting under her beds. I only realized that Danny was missing about a half hour in so that’s what the character has become for me. How many more ways can they find to explain his absences or lack of screen time with the team when he is there. Maybe he will be recurring in S7. He’s been to New Jersey, Las Vegas etc. What next? Will they say he’s off getting his hair cut on the big Island, having his car repaired, in the bathroom……..?

    And Joe! He has access to all information through his connections. He knows where Doris is since he has been in contact with her. So, does he also know where Lt. Rollins is?

    Gave it an awesome.

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    1. Danny made Gracie block all his buddies. What person does that to his kid? Making her block her uncle Steve and who knows who else.
      But I agree I don’t think Steve would hack her account. I took his words “right after breakfast” “the minute I walk out of here” as a joke.

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      1. Did Steve say that Danny made Grace block them? If anything I can see Danny forcing Grace to let him, and all buddies (Steve, Kono, Chin, Grover, etc) be Facebook friends or followers to keep her in line and deter her from posting/being involved in anything even remotely inappropriate for fear of getting in trouble. I thought he just said that Grace had all of Danny’s buddies blocked. I figured that was a little bit of teenage rebellion. Not to mention the fact that I’m sure, like all teenagers, she posts or gets tagged in things that she wouldn’t exactly want her dad to find out about.


        1. I think Steve said Danny mad Gracie block all his buddies. I need to watch again to make sure. Oh what a chore. 😉 That actually makes perfect sense to me. I think Danny would his buddies what he might consider to be embarrassing for himself. He might be in those posts. Personally, I think he would make her block all of them. But that us just how I see him.

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      2. I thought it was just a joke too. He would never do that. Maybe asking Grace afterwards for some pics? She would not resist… Nobody at no age resists McG.
        I really don’t remember if it was Danny who made Gracie block his buddies. Another reason to rewatch! 😉

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    2. I was convinced that the knife was a tracker. It seems odd to give a weapon to your captives (who don’t know they’re captives, but still…)


  7. I agree, I think that given the tone of the conversation that Lou and Steve were having, that comment was a joke. Steve wouldn’t violate Grace’s privacy but he sure would have fun thinking about hacking in. I’m sure we have all made comments that were in jest and wouldn’t ever followed through on but it was fun to imagine doing it.

    And Mama…..I am willing to bet that Joe does know where Cath is and what she is doing although I am not sure how he has all that clearance unless he is part of the alphabet agency as well. We know he isn’t in the Navy anymore.

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    1. Oh, Joe is a big old spooky spook. I’ve long suspected he was CIA – I mean, he’s not in the Navy anymore, right? What else is there to do…. 1) Run a state Task Force 2) Spy <<< the options are very limited.

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  8. Many of us expected to see very little Alex, judging by the promos, and then we got loads of our favorite guy and a good solid story too. I hope this sets the tone for the remaining epis too.
    I felt a bit annoyed by the Grover family taking it´s sweet time in the jungle. Them trying to outrun armed guys on foot, seemed unrealistic and saying those goodbyes was too sentimental for me.
    I agree that letting Grover take out the baddies on his own, rather than have Steve come to his rescue and doing that for him was a good choice.
    I voted great, to be awesome the episode would have to have a Steve centric story, no other cast member will be awesome for me 😀

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  9. I was very pleasantly surprised by this episode, like everyone else I though Alex/Steve wouldn’t be in it very much. And while I still wish we got more episodes this season with Steve as the focus he was in it enough to satisfy me. Loved the breakfast scene, Steve and Grover have a very real and believable friendship. You can actually tell that these two genuinely like and respect each other. Their banter is fun and not in the least mean spirited the way it is between Danny and Steve. Loved Steve flirting with Ona, that was a very cute scene. I do take some issue with them portraying Steve as a cheapskate simply because we know he is very generous and someone like him who will drop a few hundred dollars for a room at a posh hotel and a dolphin experience for someone we just met wouldn’t have an issue with splitting the tab or even picking up the tab every now and then. I’m not saying that he should pay for everything all the time but I really don’t think Steve would intentionally beg off from splitting/picking the tab for dinner or buying a round of drinks.

    Of course Steve was on high alert and knew immediately that something was wrong when he saw Grover arguing with the FBI guy. The man has great instincts and isn’t one to wait around if he suspects something is up with a friend. Steve is a very good friend to have. Love Grover’s family, the kids are awesome and they actually look like they could be biologically related and are good actors to top it off. Samantha looks similar to Renee in her complexion and Will has the same complexion and facial features as Lou. Same chubby/round face around the jaw/cheeks. I actually had to look him up to see if he and Chi we actually father son. I definitely think they used a different kid for Will in the pictures, the complexion and face shape are different.

    My only knit pick was Lou charging off gun blasting and wasting so much ammo. I think he should have been a little more careful with how he was shooting because he used his ammo up so quickly and by the time he was in a position where he could take the guys out he didn’t have enough to take out all of them.

    Loved the last scene with the “You’re my man.” Such great friends despite their rocky start. Over all I gave it an awesome. Which I think is probably the first time all season for me.

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  10. Awesome also, and I had not expected that from the first previews. I loved the opening scene, but it showed one flaw of McG – talking with his mouth full. He has done it a good bit on the show. i do want some of those pancakes with that special syrup….
    The only other negative – I did not know how it made sense for Grover to drive his family in a separate car from their “protectors” From the perspective of them supposedly protecting the Grovers, it left them vulnerable. From the perspective of the bad guys leading Grover into a trap – it gave him an escape route.
    I agreed the timing during the bad guys foot pursuit of the family made little sense, but that was a small thing for me in an outstanding episode. Kono did not bother me in this episode either.
    I must not follow the same people as you on twitter, cause I rarely ever see the tweets you refer to on here. I see plenty of the McDanno bunch, but only once or twice have seen references to this site. Sometimes i can’t tell what their point is supposed to be! This is my goto place for H50 interaction. I love live tweeting, but most of the time don’t keep up with who i am interacting with.

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  11. I’ve been good all day, but now feel I have to speak up so I can sleep well tonight.

    Excuse me, Sam… you don’t remember ever yelling at me. Really? Hmmm… I did a guest review and gave my vote right up front. I was then told that “we don’t do that” until the end. I mean, is that in the rule book or something? Must have been torn outta my copy.

    Honestly I just read all the comments and I’m so glad everyone seemed to enjoy this ep. I thought it was top notch. Thank you, Sam for allowing me to add my two cents on this one.


  12. At first, let me have my moment.
    MCKONO!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeee!
    *cough* Adult mode on:
    I am in love with this episode! Not the deep deep love I’ve got for 5.07 but it is love! Not a crush!
    Why you may ask?
    See above.
    And McGrover! What is not to love about McGrover?
    Both adults who know that you stick up for your friends, always!
    Both adults who know how to make fun of each other without becoming personal, always!
    I am in love with the opening scene at the diner. That was so amazing! So so much fun! These two. Did I say that I love them? “Correction, correction, this was your money, I won it in a bet *clap* now it’s my money! You’re welcome!” His face, his tone, everything! We all know Steve is no cheapskate at all, but that was funny. Followed by Steve flirting with the waitress, that was so adorable. And then something happened what O’Loughlin does so well, the changes in his facial expression when he realizes something’s wrong with Grover. From charming the hell out of the lady to suspicion and concern. Great moment.
    In this context let me switch from McGrover to O’Bride or McLoughlin or AlChi or whatever. Alex and Chi could have a whole conversation only with their facial expressions. I am thinking of a silent movie kind of episode. Just the two like in 4.08, they aren’t allowed to speak for reasons (a bomb device at their throats, lol) and going after some perps. Far fetched I know, but I wouldn’t care…
    Ok, on with the show.
    Someone who knows that a coconut is no fruit but a drupe normally wears rimless spectacles, a bow tie and a knitted slipover while his pants are way too short so you can see his white socks. He doesn’t stand in his truck’s door like a BAMF, he does not strut, and he does not fly a helicopter, he is not stealthy and he is no leading leader who leads. But then, he is no Steve McGarrett. *sigh*
    So I loved the beginning, loved most of the middle parts (I said after the Valentine’s epi that Renee is one ferocious woman, I was right, she’s great), could have done without the loooooong separation scene, I was thinking ‘go already Lou, the enemy is coming, go go go, nooo not another hug’, loved the scene after Steve shot Barns, adored the ending. Steve and Kono’s happy smiles made me smile happy. Yes, I am that easy.
    Awesome. Can’t wait to watch it again.
    (Btw, I totally love your split review, or double review, like your friendly banter and absolutely agree with everything you said. Ok, I don’t no about who is yelling at who, lol, but all the rest is so true. 😉 )

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    1. Oh leiCa, you always, always make my day. ☺
      AlChi, lol. I’m sure that would be a phenomenal episode. You are so right, they both have such great facial expressions. Love them.
      And love your review. ☺

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  13. I gave it an awesome. You heard it here. An Awesome.
    Hi Cokie! Cokie got to participate this week! YAY! Great job, both of you – and special shoutout to Sam for screencapping ALL OF THE MOMENT OF HOTNESS. I thank you!

    Going into this one I really wasn’t looking forward to it, certainly didn’t think I’d like it – much less LOVE it. Just thinking about the last time we ventured out with Grover gives me stomach pain. But this, this was deliciously entertaining.
    I think Alex pulled all of his “Fangirl killer” poses for this episode.

    The Truck pose. Oh, myyyy.

    This was a winner for me, adult males having fun and ribbing each other in a mature and not hurtful way, BAMF-ness all around (Renee better be a good shot, if she’s gonna lollygag around when she should be hiding her ass) Protective Mcg, Chin, and Kono – OMG the scenes when Steve arrived at Lou’s house, and then Chin arrived – their worry gave me chills.

    Pause to say – the Sora… I’m not loving it. It’s entirely too product placement in a show FULL of product placements. As for the character getting one – yeah, I’m sure lots of guys who ride Harley Davidson’s trade them in on electric cycles. Not.

    Just as I was about to chastise for having Lou be a tad too gullible with the whole “going on the run” thing, he figures it out and gets his suspicion on. I too wondered why he didn’t call Steve, but I suppose that’s the whole thing with the witness protection deal – just get gone. Although the Grover family in Utah might’ve been a stretch.

    So, and I really only thought about it after I recovered from watching McG stand on the doorsill of the Silverado – they kind of treated the pilot poorly, right? I mean… once they knew that the plane was empty – why the hostility, Steve?

    I loved that Lou and Renee had things pretty well in hand when Steve and Kono drove up for the rescue. It gave me a chance to smile and relax after shouting at the TV – “LOU, STOP SHOOTING INTO THE NOTHINGNESS OF THE JUNGLE BEFORE YOU RUN OUT OF… you fool, you just ran out of AMMO!” and trying to mind meld Renee into moving her ass to a better hiding place than imitating a bump on a log on the dirt road.

    The McGrover moment at the end was lovely, I absolutely adore them together.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It is always annoying when the characters don’t listen to our warnings or instructions, isn’t it? Knowing that doesn’t stop me from trying though. Thank goodness Lou got out of that mess even though he blew through his clip.

      Liked by 2 people

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