Still with Bond?

Thanks to a good friend of ours for this link. 🙂

This is an article in today’s Le Matin. If your French isn’t that good, simply use the Translator. 

It basically says that EON Production never asked Idris Elba if he’s interested, they are only interested in Tom Hiddleston and Alex O’Loughlin.

I wouldn’t take any of it too seriously, but the filming for the new Bond is scheduled for 2017, and it is no secret that Daniel Craig does not want to do it anymore.

So, would you like to see Alex as James Bond? (It’s not about if he gets the role or if he’s even interested in it.)


26 thoughts on “Still with Bond?

  1. It will be fantastic exposure for Alex in his career. And it will be the kind of role that he excels in, so yes.
    One big problem will be time available. It took 8 months to film the last Bond movie, Spectre. While doing Hawaii Five-0, Alex will not have that kind of time available for such a role.


      • If the timing is right, it might be the best thing for his career and to introduce Alex to the world beyond Television. He is still fairly unknown to a wider audience. Bond will give him that vehicle to do it, and I can’t see him not accepting an offer for it. I just doubt if he will go out of his way to get it, if it is not offered as a sure thing to him.
        With most careers that shoot actors into stardom. it will be all in the timing.

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      • The one thing I did not like from what I heard in Daniel Craig’s interviews about Bond. The number of operations he needed after injuries while making Bond. I know Alex might be more of a pro in doing his own stunts, but he can be a bit of a maverick with it as well. Hope if time comes, he will remember the bad times of where his injuries took him in the past and never do too much again.

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    • Yes, just imagine the publicity Five-0 would get with their lead as James Bond. Steve could fullfill his reserve duty (being active for a year or so), missing the first ten episodes, and then come back. Oh that would be perfect.
      What?! One can dream. 🙂


  2. Yeah, I’m not particularly a Bond fan, but Alex would rock dat role, and thus likely get more opportunities for all kinds of stuff. So I’d attend every Bond movie he made and all the whatever-other stuff he’d get.

    Who knows what the reality is in Bond World, but in the scenario here, I like his chances. 😎

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  3. If it starts after March 2017 and S7 is the end, then I think he would take it if it was offered. It would be a tremendous boost to his career and he could pick and choose what parts he wanted to take afterward. If he doesn’t get it, then I would really like to see NCIS Hawaii if S7 is the end. He could continue living there an raising his family which may make him happy. Who knows. Just speculation at this point.


  4. I’m also not a huge Bond fan, I haven’t seen any of the Daniel Craig ones. I think that Alex would be wonderful in the part, the right mix of action and sexy. My cousin-in-law’s sound effects studio has worked on the last two Bond films so it would be cool if I could get inside info on the movie before it came out. Of course that all depends on if Alex wants to do the role and if H 5-0 gets renewed beyond Season 7. I would greatly miss seeing Alex in my home every week but he deserves whatever he wants out of his career. I hope this article isn’t just playing with us. If there is any truth to it then just the mention of him being considered would turn the spotlight on him a bit.

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    • I haven’t seen any of the DC films in the theater, just on DVD. But I love the character Bond. And Alex would be perfect.
      I think when he was first considered for the role he was too young for it. Now he would be perfect. I have NO idea what the plans are, if they are looking for a new Bond or not. But if they are, I hope they will think of our favorite guy. IF he is interested.
      But whatever will happen with H50 in the future, I am sure he will have a nice career, but what is even more important he will do what makes him happy. Whatever that may be.


  5. I think AOL would be PERFECT as Bond, and I don’t consider myself a heavy-duty AOL fan. I would actually become a James Bond movie watcher if he did it.


    • Alex would be a fab James Bond, we have had an aussie before George Lazenby, and you never know. Tom Hiddleston’s are only rumours, not sure that he would want to do it but, when the USA watches The Night Manager you will understand why. Other actors that are in the frame are Tom Hardy who is one fine actor. I would love Alex to be the new James Bond, we will have to keep all our fingers crossed.


  6. The only Bond movie I ever watched was because I liked the actor–and no, I have no idea the name of the movie–but the one Pierce Brosnan did (or maybe he did more than 1, can’t remember).


  7. Love Bond, but would hate to see Alex get hurt like Daniel Craig did. He was even hospitalized. I remember how Alex suffered with his shoulder.


  8. I wonder how AOL would feel about the sexism the Daniel Craig complained about. Craig was pretty biting about how they referred to a woman who was maybe two years older than he was as his much older love interest.

    AOLs on screen and real life romantic parteners have always been what I would call age appropriate. Adults can do what the want and a bit age difference isn’t always bad, but I’m a little tired of the trope that once a leading man gets close to 40, his love interests get younger and younger

    That said I’d watch Bond films to see AOL.

    If he wants it I hope it works.


    • Hmmm…haven’t seen any of DC’s Bond movies, but all the old ones I’ve watched with my kid are pretty sexist. Of course, Alex has worked with PLenkov on a set that isn’t very respectful or at all competent with women characters, so been there/done that… :/


    • There are so many beautiful actresses over the age of 40, so if Hollywood gets away with throwing them on the trash heap and relegating them to the “mother ” or older sister roles, maybe its our fault for patronizing these films or TV shows by plucking down our money and adding encouragement to this practice. If we vote with our “feet”, eventually the bottom line may make them take notice. Money seems to be the only thing business understands.


  9. I hate to be a downer, but honestly? I’d much rather Alex do roles in interesting, indie films that stretch him as an actor, rather than another broad-brush, emotionless role that is way too similar to what he’s doing in 5-0. I want more opportunities to see him in roles he can really sink his teeth into.


    • I agree on more interesting films. But not indie films. I don’t need to see his talent in art house movies that no person watches. A blockbuster would be a great way for anyone to pick his roles after that.

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    • I agree that I would, personally, rather see him in good movies, of all sizes. But CBS has done little to pimp the actor, and Mr. Homebody hasn’t gone outta his way himself. So Bond would give him exposure, the mojo, and the world-wide audience to get other work. And the cashola would mean he wouldn’t have to be in big movies. He could afford art films and indies and whatever theater or high-fallutin arty stuff he wanted. I think… 😉

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