Spoilers. Yes, or no?

After the flood of spoiler pics for the season finale, I thought it was time for a little poll.

But first, let me give you my personal view on spoilers. It would be cool if you would give your opinion in the comments.

I like spoilers in moderation. What I don’t want are pictures or text that spoil the fun and any surprises. I often wonder who picks some of the sneak peeks or what to put in a promo video at CBS. They often spoil a lot of the fun with their release.

I sometimes get mad when pictures (or promos) give away major plot points. That can really spoil an episode for me.

And since it is almost impossible not to see most pictures I feel people should think before they start posting very spoiler heavy pictures. Like it happened with all the stuff for the season finale. I really think that went too far.

We have seen a lot of stuff, and in my eyes, it already took some of the fun out of the episode. I know, I know, it is unavoidable when you film in such an open location like on the beach. But at least the cast and crew should think about what they post from the closed set.

I’m sure many people truly enjoy and love to see all that stuff, but I would prefer to see all that after I have seen the episode. I know everyone means well, and I’m not blaming anyone. It’s just impossible to not see all that stuff, unless you turn away from the internet completely. So, I think everyone has a responsibility to think about what they are posting.

You are free to do it, but do you need to it?

Bonus points for everyone who knows what song that is from. 😉

I wish those pictures would only be posted on spoiler sites. Then everyone would have the chance to decide to go looking for them… or not.

I guess it’s impossible to get some really great pictures without them spoiling some of what is going to happen in future episodes. It’s difficult; hence the #thinkbeforeyoupost

And to be honest, some of the pics were awesome. 🙂

So, how do you like your spoilers?

Please DON’T leave the comments on the poll site, they won’t show up here!

50 thoughts on “Spoilers. Yes, or no?

  1. I posted on the link I was sent to when I voted but I guess it didn’t come up here. I will repeat in a shorter comment. I read the end of books and can’t break that habit. I also read the whole book anyway so I guess it doesn’t ruin it for me. What I have seen of these shots has not dimmed my excitement of the upcoming episodes.


  2. Comment by COKIE:

    this is easy… I love seeing upcoming photos of the shows. But, that being said, I hate real spoilers that give away important parts of the action. Case in point is some of the pictures I saw last night on facebook. While they really entice me with the images (I won’t spoil for the unspoiled), they gave away something I wish I could have seen on screen when it happened. Now, I will be expecting it and it isn’t such a shock.
    Is that way too vague to get my point across? And I have NO idea what song you were referring. 🙂


  3. Comment by MoonJat:

    I like spoiler shots as long as they don’t spell out the entire story line. I am the impatient person who reads the ends of books because I just can’t wait to find out what happens. I do however go back and read the entire story so that I see how it all fits. I have tried not to do that but it seems it is a habit I cannot break. I have seen some of the spoilers, I am not sure I have seen them all and I am intrigued to see what is going to happen. It sure won’t keep me from watching and enjoying.


  4. Comment by Sunny:

    Thank you for your Post Sam!
    I absolutely second your thoughts, Cokie.
    While I agree it is tempting to look at those pics and enjoy the eye candy, some definitely gave away too much this time. There was no way of hiding the beach scenes, but what DDK/Masi posted (and obviously had to delete again – too late) and what was floating around the net yesterday was just too much. Yes, I did look at them and was like “wow, this looks intense” but like you I feel I already know so much about the finale already the big surpise might not be there anymore. Let’s see. That doesn’t mean the pcis weren’t awesome and I still cannot wait to watch ????

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  5. I like spoilers to an extent. Tease me a little and pique my interest. I just concentrate on all the pictures of Alex and kind of try to ignore any plot giveaways. It is shockingly (not!) easy for Alex to distract me from pretty much anything else! Does it stop me from watching? Heck no. I will watch anyway. No loss of interest for me.

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    1. Oh, no, it will never keep me from watching. I love the show way too much for that. But it takes some of the fun out of it. I love to be surprised by some plot turns and twists, and characters I had no idea where in the episode.


  6. Well I guess I’m just not very connected by comparison to other fans because I haven’t seen ANYTHING about the finale. LOL! And in my experience, the stuff I’ve come across is most definitely non-spoilerish (but that tends to be CBS ads). In fact, I find what they choose for scene snippets and advertisements to be not that interesting or I see the episode and then I’m thinking, this was the episode but THAT was what they focused on for the ad?

    So I don’t know how I’d react if I saw something that gave it away. I just want them to shock me by doing an episode that is so outstanding that I just can’t stop gushing about it. 😎


    1. No, unfortunately it’s not up to me. 🙂

      I’m not talking about spoilers on THIS site. But out on the world wide web. And that is (thankfully?) out of my control. LOL


  7. Great post Sam. I feel you on this one.
    I had the exact same feeling as you with the new pictures from last night. In the past we also never used to post any pictures from the set and rarely posted anything from promo’s unless it was pretty stuff of Steve.
    Now with the weekly posts that we do I have to search for stuff and sometimes feel disappointed with seeing too much. Then I also feel the dilemma of what to post and what not. As with my last weekly where I omitted the stuff that was deleted by DDK and Masi, because I felt that it is saying too much and there was a reason for it being deleted.
    Sometimes one might feel that they don’t post anything spoilerish, but when you add stuff together they start to tell a story.

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    1. Exactly. Too many single photos paint a pretty clear picture.

      I try to only post BTS stuff that I feel isn’t a big spoiler, and only stuff from our two spies Masi and DDK after their post survived for a few days without being deleted. I think there are enough spoiler sites out there where people can get their fix. They don’t need me for that.

      And like you, I feel constantly walking the line of looking for new interesting info, but trying to avoid seeing too many spoilers. 😉

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      1. And there were people posting periscope videos from the beach scene. I did not even watch them, but just from what I read about them they were to spoilerish for me.


  8. I have no idea why they are releasing so much so far in advance of the finale. I like all things in moderation– I love spoilers but I have to wonder at the reasoning behind this. Are they accurate spoilers –are they somehow manipulated in the sequence of their release? Are we being teased to speculate? If its a game, can anybody play?

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    1. a couple of the MasiDDK posts were labelled something like “is it really what it appears to be?”. The spoilers get me excited (probably too much so since I know the history of disappointment with this show) but then I realize how much better it would be to get the excitement all in once as a surprise in the show. I still have a hard time resisting the urge to follow H50 on social media.

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      1. I totally get having to fight the urge to go on social media (twitter) or visit some of the blog sites where they claim to be fans of the show in their reviews but are really fans of themselves and like minded friends. Ergo, no twitter and this site only, where we can agree to disagree without carrying weapons. (maybe these other sites would get more “hits” if they were respectful of other opinions, whether they agree with them or not).

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          1. I’ll be sure to bring some great Bieber music with me. 🙂 Rumor has it that he bought a house in the neighboring county to us. I am assuming it is just a rumor! PLEASE be a rumor…

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  9. I totally agree with Moonjat. Bring me the spoilers! The more I’m spoiled, the better i feel : I too sometimes go read the last pages of a book and then I read it “normally” Maybe I’m just too curious? Anyway the last few days have been heaven, I don’t remember having been so spoiled in the past. And because of those exciting megaspoilers I’m bouncing because I can’t wait to see he actual episode. It could be epic….if. The only problem I have with spoilers is that they show only fragments of the story, so we have to imagine the whole thing (and I LOVE this) and at the end often I feel sort of betrayed because the actual story promised but not delivered. This for me happens the most with the CBS promos and sneak peeks.
    All that said, I understand and respect those who hate spoilers (my sister included LOL) and try no to spoil them myself.

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      1. Thank you for the welcome 🙂
        Oh I’m in heaven, I am! Mainly because I’m a fan of, no, I ADORE Steve and those three big spoilers are all about him. And, even better, It seems I’ll finally get what (storylines-wise) I always wanted for him and never got in all those years. And those things come after a year and an half of the show often mistreating Steve badly, and my anger and love/hate relationship w/ the show for this. So no wonder I’m bouncing around, but I try not to set my hopes too high, I’ve already received too many kicks from the show. Really I can’t wait and I don’t know how I will survive the next month.

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  10. Gee whiz, all this talk of these amazing pictures, I’m going to have to go snooping tonight when I get home and see what all the chatter is about. 😎


  11. I don’t mind spoilers at all…tho i also don’t go hunting them. But if they just land there, I’ll enjoy them.

    I do find spoilers are often misleading, really. Sometimes disappointingly so…the ep I had imagined from the spoilers often turns out to be nowhere near as good as my imagination had supposed it. This is particularly true of 5-0. :/

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    1. Grace, that is most often the case. Or they show a clip and I build it up in my head and then I watch it… and they don’t even pursue things that happened in the good clip. I could write an entire story around some of the pictures I’ve seen this week and I *hope* they mean what I want them to mean. But it could be another storyline entirely and I will be sorely disappointed.

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      1. Which is why you and Sam and Jat and 2Far and others are such popular and beloved writers. Y’all can sometimes fix what Show broke or fumbled. I have no problem seeing McG and co in Y’all’s universe even as I’m watching an ep of Show. 😆

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  12. I’m have to tell you, I’m an Alex junkie, I work way too many hours, so a shirtless, spoiler-ish Alex at anytime makes me a very happy fangirl, pre or post episode. But I don’t want spoilers of any sort that tell me what the episode is about from beginning to end so that I almost don’t have to watch it – I really almost live for my one night of TV – H50Friday! For example, anything that has to do with certain actors being around or not – the spoiler ruins the episode because often the build up is way more than what it turns out to be, and highly opinionated individuals on any side of the episode get all worked up and who needs that? So give me half-naked Alex, half-naked Scott, half-naked Danel on his motorcycle, or any of the guys with their big, big guns, or a shot-up Camaro here and there, a quick bit of bad-ass Kono, or Chi with a good come-back one-liner, or a tease of BAMF Alex (none of this soft stuff in a spoiler, keep it for the eppy) and I’m good (I’m terrible, I know). Let’s leave it at that. I’ll be there to watch that episode for sure, even if I’m at work. That’s what smartphones and the CBSAllAccess app are for, right?

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  13. After reading your comments here about spoiler photos for the season finale I’ve just spent the last half hour trying to find them so I guess you can deduce that the more spoilers I can get the better! The only problem then is that I’m impatient to see the episode. Well, the another problem is trying to work out what the episode is about and if it’s going to be the ending I want. Can’t wait. Hope it’s going to be a cliff hanger, I love to hate them!

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  14. I’m OK with spoilers, but definitely understand that a lot of people aren’t. I agree, though – these last two weeks have been a little overly spoilery. I get that there was no way to shield a scene with a plane on the beach in the middle of Waikiki, but all of the other BTS coming out – I was really shocked when DDK posted his video – I can just hear PL on the phone telling him to TAKE THAT DOWN, lol. but, as we know, nothing is ever really deleted on the internet….


  15. Reading all these comments is making me think that I have certainly missed a number of photos and spoilers because everything I have seen doesn’t give me a clue how things will go in the show. Some bloody Steve and bruised Danny and a plane on the beach. That doesn’t tell me all that much. I could not get the DDK video to play so I am in the dark there. What I saw of the finale looks like Steve is in a mess but that is all I got out of about three pictures. I guess I have not Googled the right sites and I don’t explore all that far. I am eager to see what happens but I also want to savor the final episodes that lead up to the end.

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