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6.18 Kanaka Hahai


When a man is found left for dead drifting off the coast of Oahu, Five-0 uncovers a deadly slave trade operating aboard an illegal fishing vessel. Also, while Danny is out with his children, his car is stolen so he commandeers a bus to chase down the thieves, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 1 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Kanaka Hahai to The Hunter

I’m not even sure where to start with my review without tearing apart which was the nonsense of the Danny-part of this ep.

As I already said when I posted the press release, I really didn’t need to see any of that. Well, that is not true. I LOVED the hunter Danny stumbled upon. He was a pleasure to watch.

But let’s start at the beginning of this “Daddy Danno adventure”.


So, let me get this straight, just so that I understand it correctly. SC has a contract that allows him to be in 5 less episodes than the lead? Right? OK, I get that, and I don’t really care, on the contrary. But why on earth do they write an episode where he is completely separated from the team? I mean, he is barely there as it is, and now they don’t even let him play with the team when he is available? On the other hand, I personally enjoy every Danny free minute, so, what am I complaining? No, seriously, I find it very odd. Especially when this story-line was such total crap. My opinion. You can love it all you want. Just saying.

Why do I think this was total crap? Well, first, I think this whole daddy/Charlie relationship is totally bogus. I’m sorry, but Danny is not his daddy. He might be his biological father, but that child would not see him as his daddy. That is Stan. I know, we haven’t seen any of that relationship, but since Charlie is Stan’s only child, one I’m sure he loves with all his heart, he was/is, as I assume, a good daddy to his kid. And I’m sure Charlie also loves his daddy. Stan, not Danny.

They can let Charlie call him Danno. I wouldn’t mind, but the kid would not be jumping for joy to spend time with this guy who suddenly came into his life. That is just wrong.

It is just as stupid as back in the Halloween episode when Danny told Steve his son would not understand when his daddy couldn’t spend Halloween with him. I was laughing my head off back then, because frankly, Charlie wouldn’t care at all if his sister’s dad would spend the day with him or not. And I was still chuckling about their screwed view of the father/son relationship in this episode.


Anyway. And then the next thing. Again with the cell phones? What the heck is wrong with Danny? You are a member of the special task force, and you are out with your kids. And you leave your phone in the car? I’m sorry, but that is just monumentally stupid. And if he wanted to show Grace the importance of being ‘in the moment’, he should have made her turn off the darn thing, not locking it away. And he for sure should keep his phone on him.

So, he crashed the car a few eps back, and now it is stolen. Honestly, I find that highly amusing. But was very disappointed that there was no joke about it at the end of the episode. Major fail in the writing not to use this for an argument between Danny and Steve. Instead we got the lamest ending ever with Kamekona and the discussion about chicken. Please, shoot me now.

But unfortunately, we’re not there yet. Nope. Now we come to THE stupidest writing ever.

What a convenient and so far-fetched coincident that Mamo was driving that bus. Hear me groaning? I love Mamo, and would love to see him more often, but he’s a friend of Steve’s, knows him since he was little Stevie. Having him here as a bus driver was just another example of not knowing how to integrate such great characters.


But now my biggest beef with all of this. Are you serious? You make Danny follow the baddies with the bus full of civilians and children? That was monumentally stupid. And again shows me what a horribly bad detective Danny is. He simply doesn’t know when he is in way over his head.

I’m sorry, but any of the others would have stopped the bus at the station, would have told Mamo to call for back-up, threw all the passengers out, and THEN would have gone after the bad guys. Even Mamo told him to do that.


But Danny is such a hypocrite, preaching water, drinking wine. He would have ripped everyone a new one if he learned one of the others, especially Steve would have done something like that. And I’m sorry, but there was NO need for him to follow them right away. That was just a stupid, stupid decision.


And everyone, Danny included, should have realized that he was so totally in over his head, when he didn’t even know where the baddies went. Without the very cool hunter, Danny would still run around, and probably be lost, in those woods. He wanted to go in the wrong direction.

He put himself and another civilian needlessly in danger. And that is what makes him a really, really bad police officer. Not knowing when to wait for help. Something he always preaches, but never applies to himself.

I read that many thought Danny was a total bad ass. Sorry, but in my eyes, he was a total idiot in this episode, who did not know what he was doing. The more or less lucky outcome does not change the fact that he was reckless and irresponsible. And that no one was hurt was pure luck.

I even have to agree with Rachel that being with him endangers his children. She is right; this time he did that. This time were not the circumstances, like on occasions before, the cause for them to be in danger. He put his children in grave danger. In totally unnecessary danger.

That alone made this a completely idiotic part of the show. And since I’m this brutally honest right now, let’s talk about the kids for a moment.

I know they are kids. But you know, there are kids who can act, and there are kids who cannot. And these two fall in the letter category. I’m sorry, but it’s not enough anymore to look wide-eyed and say Danno. Sorry, Grace, but even when you were younger your acting was better than this. And the boy? He is cute as they can get, but he can’t act shit. But that is OK, he really is just a young kid. So, he is forgiven.

Oh, and by the way, I’m not dissing these two young people. Because I would totally suck trying to act in any play. NO talent whatsoever. But I have seen many, many little kids doing a great job. And sorry, but these two are really bad, and I think they should get more guidance, or more help, or better material to work with. Because this was not it.

Since we again had two completely separated story lines you again get the chance to vote for them. 😉

Sorry for the harsh words for this part of the episode, but I really did not enjoy any of it. Except the hunter. 😉

On with the second part of 618.

We start with Abby throwing her badge into the ocean. Huh. I’m sure there is a law against throwing away your badge like that. There sure is one against polluting the waters of Hawaii. And I thought it was overly dramatic. Again. Sigh.

Next we see her packing and Steve coming to tell her that they are all understanding why she did what she did. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with that. IF that was all that was behind it. Not so sure about that yet. But as far as we know it, she only followed orders, and thought she did the righteous thing. I don’t blame her for that, but could very well live without her staying with Five-0. But as I said times before, that is because I don’t like the actress much. And I’m sure my ‘dislike’ goes over to her role. So far, I haven’t seen anything that would make me like the character despite the actress. But we’ll see what the future brings. She might surprise me.

And I must say, how original from the show to have a woman spy on Five-0 and then falling for one of the guys; making her quit her job. So refreshing and new.

In case you haven’t noticed, yes, that was sarcasm.

So, it seems she is out of the job, and Five-0 offers her to stay with them. Huh, seems that Five-0 really is the place for all who lost a job, or never had one in the first place. Jerry, Lou, Cath, and now Abby. Since she is a woman, and involved with one of the guys… she won’t last long. 😉

And I still don’t see anything between Chin and her. Maybe I’m blind… or something.


Next we have two men in desperate need of rescuing. But shortly, it is clear that only one of them will be saved alive.


Guess it’s not good to be in the water for all those days, especially with a GSW. Max tells them something that makes the case a bit more interesting. The dead guy had already been executed in 2009. Question arises how he was found just recently deceased on a floating device off the coast of Oahu?

After brainstorming at HQ Steve and Lou meet with Jerry. Those were actually good scenes. And I love how Steve went a little further with the ghost stories. Totally got Lou with it.

It was great how they found out what was going on with the two people they found due to the lab results. A tip for anyone interested in forensics, read the book “Dead Men Do Tell Tales”. Highly interesting, and entertaining as well.


Their theory about them being slaves was then confirmed by the surviving man. I thought his story was a bit dragged out, felt a bit too long for me. But it was sad and moving none the less.

And after over 20 minutes we finally see Chin again. Well, and Abby.

They quickly figure out who is behind the operation on-shore. Who has the connection to the fishing boat off-shore.

By the way, I’m not so sure all this trouble would really pay that much. I mean, they only save on the money for the fishermen, but that is probably compensated by the lesser price they get for their fish. So, this whole operation was kind of fishy. 😉 They would probably make more money with a legit operation.

After finding out the connection they pay him a visit. And make a phone call to the boat to lure the captain back closer to the coast. You know, it’s all good and fine, but Kono yelling out ‘we got him’ while the bad guy was still on the phone was very ill timed, not to call it stupid. And why he didn’t hear that over the phone is beyond me.

Honestly, I have no idea who that Clark guy is. Am I supposed to know him from somewhere? He was not mentioned on the boat, but Five-0 knew right away who the human trafficker was. What did I miss? Why did Lou think he would be on the run? Did I forget him being on a previous episode?


Anyway, Kono and Grover arrest him and his gang while Chin and Steve are on their way to free the slaves.

OK, I’m not sure how far Five-0’s jurisdiction goes, or if the coast guard can operate 30 miles off the coast, but in this case I don’t really care. And I’m pretty sure the slaves’ call for help (thanks to the escaped two men) counts as a distress call, so they were well in their rights to board that ship. But actually, that legal jumbo mumbo is really not relevant on a TV show. Logic is, but not something like this.


Anyway, we are treated to wet Steve and Chin, and of course, they are able to free the slaves and arrest all involved. And, oh yeah, Abby’s there too.

I truly love seeing Chin and Steve working together like a well-oiled machine. They are great together. Chin and Steve make a great action team. The best on this show. They are the only ones I actually buy their prowess.

And here you can vote for the Crime of the Week part.

Again, the end was a bit over-dramatic with the family coming to the hospital and the girl seeing her father for the first time. That is the problem Five-0 has, at times, they simply are trying too hard. This again was one of those times.

I guess I need to get used to Abby; seems that she will be back.

So, seems like I had a lot to complain about. Not really, actually. Only the Danny part, but I expected that. I’ll give that something between poor and OK.

But despite all the stupidity and, for me, waste of screen time, I actually enjoyed the rest of the episode. The COTW gets a great.

I’ll give it a solid good all around. Simply because I was well entertained.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.



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  1. I *thought* they were going to do something unique and interesting when the show started with Danny and the bow. But I was quickly disappointed.

    Other than that, I’ll simply say the only part I liked was the end with Steve and Chin rescuing the slaves. The rest of the hour I got a lot of chores done around the house.


  2. OK, you just about said it all. I don’t understand why Danny just didn’t put his phone on vibrate and keep it in his pocket. You know, if something weird happened like his car getting stolen or needing to chase bad guys with guns with no police backup, a phone might have helped when they found a cell tower. I did enjoy Steve’s little :Ghost story” prank with Grover and Chin is always a treat.

    Did anyone really think Chin wouldn’t forgive Abby? BUT, when Steve arrived I expected him to be angry, not offer her a place on the team! Then he said he understood she was just doing her job. Hm, lets see–the job always comes first in the scene with Steve and Cath,— Said he would have done the same thing when talking to Danny about the real reason Cath left. Three times duty comes first. So, apparently there is a common thread in the episodes and the writers have made it clear–(to me at least) and that is Steve will understand and forgive Cath, no matter what others think should happen. I think they sent a message wrapped around a rock. Could they have been any clearer?

    The little boy who plays Charley is adorable.

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  3. I have to say that I like splitting up the vote when there are two different stories in and episode, thanks for that. Once again you provided a very entertaining review. I have watched the episode twice now and basically gave it a Good review. First off I was thrilled to have a new episode finally and this is coming from a person who loves March Madness and watches a lot of the basketball tournament. At least as long as I have a team in the race.

    So I will start with the Danny & kids episode in my comments as well. I too find it strange that the writers don’t deal with the confusion that little Charlie must feel about this whole Danny/Stan thing. Kids adapt better than we think about some things but to just happily accept that Danny is “Daddy” after three years of calling Stan dad just rings false. And it was rather awkward to watch the young boy who plays him, he isn’t much of an actor. As for Grace, I guess I just get a kick out of seeing her give Danny grief as any teenager who has her world thrown into a tizzy with her parent’s behavior would. And I don’t get why Danny would leave his phone, it could have stayed put in his pocket and set an example to his daughter on how to have real “family” time. I didn’t have a problem with Mamo driving the bus after he explained how when business was slow with the surfing that he drives to interact with people. Plus having him there was sort of a voice of reason that Danny flat out ignored. And I loved the hunter, cool guy. Glad he had the sense to use the landline in the house to call for help. Can’t believe how lucky Danny got with that shot.

    The COTW was interesting and I was okay with the interview of the survivor of the escape telling his story. Steve and Chin are always great together and Jerry’s interaction was okay, it led to that wonderful scene of Steve pulling Lou’s leg and that smirk was priceless. Also loved the look on Lou’s face when he saw he was played. This story line was interesting and I could go with the flow on that.

    Then there is Abby. I’m not sure if this means we are done with Coughlin or not. I can’t see him giving up just because she quit. I can’t imagine why on earth Governor Denning is not stepping in with his opinion on this or are they keeping him in the dark? I wonder how they will get rid of her because I just don’t see her becoming a regular and poor Chin will have his heart broken again. And after Steve came to her hotel room and gave that very kind speech about her doing her duty and following orders, I immediately wrote myself a note that said he damn well better forgive Catherine for any perceived betrayal if he can overlook what Abby did. We all know she was following orders and so does Steve.

    So the Danny part got an Okay from me and the COTW got a Great. That evened out to Good for the whole.

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    • Unless Catherine joined back up while she was in the ‘Stan, or got roped into an alphabet agency (which seems more likely to me and I know the voice on the phone called her Lt.), I don’t think she has anyone to give her orders. She was never in the reserves like Steve, she just retired. Unless I missed something somewhere or it happened off screen. And while he may now understand why she did what she did and may forgive her for lying to him, there would still be the issue of being able to trust her again. She has ditched him twice now and that would certainly be on my mind if I were in his place. Why should he have to wait for her, not knowing when or if she will be back, and if she does come back is she going to leave him again. Leaving was her choice, she could have backed out this last time, but she went anyway. I have never been able to nail down how I feel about her. Sometimes I like her OK, and other times I can’t stand her.


        • Yep…also Cath, like McG, believes in serving their country. It is a primary value for them both. That takes a courage and a selflessness most of us regular folks struggle to comprehend. She may have been specifically recruited for this op…in fact, it seems she was. He, more than us, would respect and understand that. He was still hurt, but at least now he gets she didn’t leave HIM. She was chosen for a higher calling. For now.

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          • I guess I don’t see that Catherine “ditched” Steve in Afghanistan. She went there to rescue Najib and she stayed to complete that mission. She did stay after she found the boy but we have never been told all her reasoning, we only know what she told Steve. We don’t know what shaped that decision but my uneducated guess was she had seen Steve captured and that happened not long after Billy dying and that made her feeling guilty. There could have been other factors we weren’t aware of. I know, I am a Cath supporter and my opinion is shaped by that as well.

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        • We don’t know if she was really in Afghanistan all that time. She could have planned on returning but something obviously happened to have her tell him she was not coming home and not to wait. I think she may have already been recruited on a dangerous mission and thought she might die and didn’t want him to mourn. I also think (JMO) that she believed she was done when she returned and that was the talk they were going to have. We have no idea what happened between the time she got her mysterious phone call and when Steve came home. This could be why she left. We don’t know yet. You could see she was devastated to go but at least we now know she was doing her duty to her country and not just “finding ” herself. The important thing is that Steve now knows the truth and understands. That doesn’t mean he is not hurting. I expect her return and resolution as to what really happened and that they will be reunited. Bottom line– he loves her.

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          • THANK YOU.

            I do believe that she had every intention (or hope) of staying when she returned. I try very hard to watch with an objective eye, and then re-watch when I see a comment that someone saw a scene differently. In her return, there is no way she wasn’t full of trepidation that he would accept her back. She even THANKED him when he hugged her, for God’s sake. We don’t really know the timeline, or what happened in Afghanistan, but she certainly has never been portrayed as anyone who lies without conscience, or deceives with abandon. Because SHOW is SHOW, we are supposed to believe that they never once had a chance to have a conversation about .. .well, anything apparently. Maybe SHOW tried to show that when in 6.02 Catherine tried to get him to come home? We were to assume he’d NOT been home at all?

            Everything changed when she got that AM phone call (or made that phone call, who knows – it wasn’t show). She was very introspective in her conversation with Danny, and it was pretty apparent that she was being forced to leave despite her wishes. She WANTS to be in Hawaii. There is some reason she cannot be. That’s all we know. Yes, Steve was upset – but she was pretty darn upset too.

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  4. I was torn between yawning, laughing and even shedding a couple of tears during the hospital scene when the fisherman tells his story to the team (yes, I’m a softie at times – lol).
    I gave the episode a good overall, I was well entertained and had fun watching except…. guess when….
    While strangely I did enjoy some of Danny’s scenes -huh, did I say that out loud? 🙂 – I scratched my head at others.
    I laughed at Charlie’s innocent “it’s magic” and I think Grace had the sulking teenager down really well – this time. But I have to agree with you, that expression seems to be Teilor’s standard portrayal of Grace and I’d love to see more acting from her side.
    I think back of Steve and Lucy – McG putting her safety first. That’s what Danny should have done. Will we ever get to see Steve with Charlie? Now that would make for some great scenes!
    I feel once again felt sorry for SC’s fans. How sad is it that he is in an episode again with plenty of screen time and then what happens? 30 seconds with Steve, not to mention the team. Oh dear…

    But back to the COTW – I really enjoyed that one. Loved the -rest of the- team working out the details and then seeing Steve and Chin in action. These two are SO good together!

    Ok, on to Abby. So why was she there in the first place? Basically as an intern with 5-0, gather experience -for a few weeks!- then return to San Francisco and start her own task force, right? The weeks turned into months and we find out that’s she’s been under orders to assist in a ridiculous personal vendetta. So do you all really think Coughlin2 would let it go so easily? Will we see a happy end for Chin, will Abby become another full 5-0 team member?? Nope, I don’t think so.
    I have the hope to think the writers will not kill off another woman Chin loves, that would be just cruel and well, stupid. So what’s the option? I watched and the wheels in my head turned and I said: wait a second, maybe Abby’s a good actor after all – maybe coming clean is just her new cover?? Aw, the possibilities. Though I simply wish they will not go down that road! But what are the alternatives? Have her on the team as Lori2? Please no!
    So I’m waiting and hoping for the writers on finally focussing on another female character again 🙂


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    • They’ll kill another woman. They haven’t killed a chick since Aunt Deb died, weeks ago now! At best they’ll ship Abby off somehow. Abby is not-Kono. So she cannot stay. 🙄 Btw, I’ve seen fans dying to keep her and the usual Core4’s bitching she’s already overstayed her welcome.


      • I really don’t understand the rush to end this story line so that Abby is a traitor, remorseful and forgiven in a few short episodes. What exactly was the purpose of the character? I can’t see it ending as suddenly as it did in 618 so I am wondering if Abby gets killed. (the actress has a new show so I don’t think we will see her again). This whole thing with Abby has me confused. Is she good? Bad? Repentant or—— is she a double agent? Still think she was wrong to sleep with Chin while she was still trying to take H50 down. Maybe she should have waited until after she had a change of heart? Just my take.


        • I still don’t believe her, and think her thing with Chin is part of her job. Maybe she really took it literally. Undercover I mean.
          No, seriously, I don’t buy her feelings for Chin, and vise versa for that matter. Maybe I’m totally off, but I just don’t think she’s a ‘good girl’. Not on this show.

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    • It just dawned on me that if the SanFran PD is so inflexible with “insubordination” that they would demote Abby, then perhaps they wouldn’t be too keen on having a “full immunity and means” task force like Five-0.

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  5. I pretty much concur with everything in the review and all of the comments so far. Though I’ve always been mystified by her casting, I differ in the assessment of the acting of the girl who portrays Grace. She’s a pretty kid but doesn’t look all that much like Rachel and nothing at all like Danny. Perhaps Danny should have run a DNA test on his daughter 😉 That being said, I think she’s doing a good job portraying a surly teenager. Her acting earlier in the show made me wince but I think she’s improved.

    As for Steve welcoming the new chick to Five-0, I think he’s too darned forgiving. I agree that the writers have been-there-done-that and It does support the theory that it’s a hint on how the writers are going to handle Cath’s return if they don’t kill her off as would pretty much every other ‘crime’ show. Don’t feel one way or the other about Abby but it’s nice to have another female around.

    Over time, Five-0 has become a sort of forever home for lost and abandoned puppies but that’s a concept I actually like. Steve himself is an orphan who found a home when the task force was established and it just went on from there. (Hmm, I feel a story coming on). Maybe everyone should be micro-chipped in case they wander off and get lost again?

    This was far from my favorite episode and I fell asleep a couple of times while watching but, overall, I love a good bus chase. PS – Though I can post comments, the ‘like’ button has never worked for me. A horrifying lack of technological competence is, no doubt, responsible for this. If anyone knows how to fix it, (the button, not my idiocy – that’s a lost cause), please tell me how.

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    • You might have the ‘wrong’ browser. Chrome and Firefox shouldn’t have a problem. Opera and Edge, also Explorer can have problems. It might also be your antivirus. Is this the only site you have that problem with?


      • Seems to only happen on this site for some reason. I’ll look into the browser thing, (or find some seven year old to do it for me) 🙂 Thanks.


  6. Steve is too darn forgiving. But still, Abby was caught between a rock in a hard place.
    Chin just can’t catch a break. Poor guy he is my favorite. Due to his character and his manners.
    Danny at least did not get anybody hurt or killed on the bus look at it that way. Though he did endangered them in trying to get his car back.
    Love the ending where they got back the slaves.

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  7. Well the Danny story wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be but it was a long way from good. Or even ok. Danny needlessly endangering all those people by following his car was ridiculous. Like you said, he should have made all the people get off and then proceeded to follow the car. You hit the nail on the head with the phone thing. Danny should have at least kept his phone with him and on vibrate. He can screen his calls for the important ones and at the very least should have it with him in case of emergency. I did enjoy Grace giving Danny a little bit of attitude. All too often she is perceived, mostly by Danny, as the perfect child who never does anything wrong. (I have to say I get sick of all the fan fictions out there where Grace is a perfect angel.) But I really wish they would have cast kids who could actually act in the roles of Grace and Charlie. Some kids, even at 4 years old, have a talent for acting. Neither of these kids do. They can get away with being cute for a short while but if they are going to give them a decent amount of screen time they should have hired kids with talent and not who are just cute. Tailor apparently does/did take acting classes according to her twitter. IMO you have to have the right personality and some amount of natural talent to be a good or even just ok actor and if you don’t possess either I don’t think any amount of acting classes are going to help. I keep thinking that the little girl who played Lucy in 3.10 would have been a great Grace, not to mention she looks more like Danny/Rachel than Teilor does. Grace’s skin tone is too dark to be a product of Danny and Rachel.

    I too would have loved to see the fall out between Danny and Stan over Charlie, and admittedly, I likely would have been cheering for Stan simply because for all intents and purposes he *is* Charlie’s daddy. He’s the one that has raised Charlie since he was a baby and has been a presence in the kids life for all of his 4 years. I’m not saying I don’t want Charlie to have a relationship with Danny but it is hard for a kid that age to understand why Danny is all of a sudden his daddy too, especially since he still primarily lives with Rachel and Stan and only spends a small amount of time with Danny. I can see Danny referring to himself in the 3rd person in front of Charlie as Daddy to get Charlie to call him that, I don’t think even a 4 year old would start calling another man Daddy out of his own free will.

    Onto the case, I though it was fairly interesting, loved Steve pulling Grover’s leg about the ghosts on the USS Hornet. Dress White Ghost had me laughing. Loved action Steve and Chin. Did anyone else notice that it looked like their clothes were dry by the time they climbed up the side of the ship? Their hair was still wet but their clothes definitely looked mostly dry to me.

    As for Abby, I can understand Steve and Chin forgiving her. Steve of all people understands that orders are orders and you can’t just go against them without grave circumstances. I don’t think this is the last Coughlin. If it is over that easily I feel like that entire story was just a waste of time. I don’t think Abby is going to stick around though, at least not permanently. Or at least I hope not, Abby isn’t convincing to me as a cop.

    COTW was a good and the over all episode got a good from me. Although I very well could have done with out the Danny story, which I rated poor. Forgot to say that I too loved the hunter. If it weren’t for him, Danny would be dead, or at the very least lost in the Jungle for days, (and probably would have starved to death if that were the case).

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    • Totally agree about the kid who played Lucy. Was impressed by her acting and have always thought she’d have made a perfect Grace. She does more resemble the two actors playing her biological parents. Is there any way they can pretend that Ms. Grubbs bleached her hair and suddenly became a better actress?

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    • Absolutely agree, Charlie should have a relationship with Danny. It might even be fatherly, but he is not is daddy. Not by a long shot. That will take time, and he might never be Charlie’s daddy, but he can become a second father. But, in my eyes, the show is way too fast with all this.

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  8. If I am not mistaken, Clark is the bad guy from 6.16. The ep where Sang Min was accused of murder. The scene at the docks with the shoot out and where Steve and Chin went swimming when the shipping container was dropped into the water, full of people. Clark was the guy who dropped the container in the drink and then got away.

    I also skipped the Danny parts of this ep. He has always gotten on my nerves to an extent right from the start. Over time it has gotten to the point where he just makes me cringe. But to be fair, there have been a few times where Steve has done the same to me. I put it all down to the writing. The actors have to do the best they can with what they are given to work with. I try to just enjoy it as much as I can and be happy that it is on to watch since this is the only show on network TV that I watch. I watch for Alex, but I love his interactions with the others, especially Lou. He is a much better mentor and friend for Steve than Joe and Danny. I am reserving my opinion of Abby until I see more of her. I gave the overall ep a good rating, the COTW a great and the “other” part a poor rating.

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    • Thanks for that Clark Intel…you have a good memory for detail! I could not work out who he was supposed to be to save my life.

      I’m with you on the Danno estimation, tho I was able to enjoy even some of his part in this ep, for once. The fact he was bumbling along so badly was amusing and even he seemed to know he was hardly doing stellar cop work. Then his over-estimation of his bow and arrow skills totally cracked me up. He even made a little joke at his own expense about aiming for the heart and hitting a leg, then aiming for a leg and then hitting the heart. Hee! I was just sorry McG wasn’t there to grin about it. The stoic hunter dude upped the amusing quotient…he was not terribly impressed by Danno either. I guess he was our McG stand-in. 😉


  9. LOL!!! Interesting mix of POVs from you guys…tho all kinda agreed on the basics. Must mean we are right. 😉

    So I gave the ep an, unusual for me, great. Cos I adored the freakin hell outta McG! Yes he coulda been in it more, but he was the McG-est McG we’ve seen in awhile. We got to see alllllll his excellence. He was kind to Abby and inducted her into his gang of odd men out. His gentle convo with her and his adorable facial expressions when Chin came in….perfect. We also got tender, and smart, McG as HE figured out the dude was a slave. Then he did that April Fool joke on Grover, so smart-ass McG made an appearance. Then we got to see screw-police-procedure-McG as his team fake-drowned their evil suspect. And we got bad-ass SuperSEAL. Woot! And I agree…love him and Chin. They are THE bad-ass team!

    I actually loved Grace’s grumpy teen…that’s how I’d talk to Danno. 😉 And I still say LittleBit isn’t actually Danno’s (Rachel said she was too far along and it was Stan’s. Then the baby came early, but came healthy and robust! Making it impossible to be Danno’s…if he was Danno’s (and thus was “created” after Stan’s shot at Rachel’s eggs) he’d have been in neo-natal care living off machines after his birth, cause early for Stan’s babe means way early for Danno’s. But I digress… TBH, I love when Danno’s story is divorced from the team. I can ignore most of his bit and really enjoy the main event. Agree they oughta just strip Danno of his badge after making every wrong choice and endangering an entire busload of people. Tho if they take his badge, McG will just give him the 5-0 job again, cos McPerfect takes in all pithy stragglers. So we’re stuck with him. Tho maybe McG woulda at least then moved Danno’s office down with Jerry’s…. 😆

    Anyway, long story short…perfect McG gets a higher grade for the whole program. 😀

    Liked by 5 people

    • GNP, I do love how you think. Your assessment of McG is spot on. And I now have this lovely vision of Jerry and Danno sharing space in the basement. It is a laugh out loud moment.

      Liked by 2 people

    • YES on all the McGs you spotted. 🙂

      Ehm, about LittleBit (LOL) I think we can be pretty sure that he actually is Danny’s. After all they did test him for the transplant. I guess they would have found out if he wasn’t LittleBit’s biological father.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Pretty much agree, and wow, you’ve been harboring the same feelings about Danno’s kids that I have. I have figured that the young talent pool on Hawaii is a bit thin or something. As well, of course, plotwise, the transition to Charlie’s dad was way to sudden.
    I was totally fine with Mamo driving the bus; the second Danny asked him to follow the car, I was furious. At that point, would Danny have chosen to follow if the car would not have been his?
    Surely the Coughlin storyline is not over. It would be ridiculous to attempt to build up that drama and have it resolved in 2 episodes. The way that portion was written is creating a dislike for Abby that shouldn’t be there. The scene of her throwing her badge into the water was way overdramatic.
    Overall, I rated this good, but the Danny portion being “poor”. I guess the COTW deserves a “great” from me as it pulled up the overall rating to be much better than i was expecting.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. I voted Good overall. I really thought the Danny storyline was ridiculous so I gave that a Poor, and the COTW got a Good also.

    I’ll get it out of the way first – the Danny storyline. I’m tired of this separate SL for Danny crap. I mean – it makes it easier to re- watch the parts I want to see, because those large swaths of Danny SL can be skipped, but let’s get real here – SC said he is in 5 less episodes than Alex. This is not exactly true. Yes, there are 5 completely Danny-less episodes, but there are many more episodes where Danny is completely separated from the other characters (I’d say at least 5 additional episodes, Since he clearly films without the others before or after his breaks). Now, am I upset that we don’t see Danny? Not one bit – but it’s getting seriously distracting. It doesn’t flow well at all.

    Teilor finally has a characterization that matches her acting ability.I totally believed her boredom and flat-line delivery this time. Charlie – he’s cute, I guess. <<<Yes, they are children. No they cannot act, that’s not mean; that’s an observation. The thing is, if you can’t find a child that CAN act, please don’t give them scenes where they are required to act.

    And all I will say about the whole Daddy thing is this – here is where this show fails miserably – the “shocker” that Charlie was Danny’s (and – I fluff over the whole “is he? Timeline issues – because on this show, canon has Steve being the star, record-breaking quarterback of his high school football team when canon also states that he left the island at 15 – when he was a freshman in HS. Oh, and canon has also said he left when he was 16, and 17. Calendars are very fluid on this show. I digress…) the shocker of finding out that Charlie is Danno’s spawn, the drama that should have flowed from that was never seen. The drama that should have flowed from his illness was never seen either. NOTHING IS EVER SHOWN. This is lazy. This is a rip off. This happens ALL THE TIME WITH ALL OF THE CHARACTERS.

    Sigh. *adjusts collar* Oh, and of course Mamo drove the bus. OF.COURSE.

    Abby. I’m not sure what the point of all of this is, or if there is any point at all. I’m glad there’s another woman on the team? I’m glad Chin gets something that makes him happy? I’m hoping that her pairing with Chin gives her a pass on getting killed, but I’m not going to bet on it. And they are certainly going very far with the “forgiveness and you had orders” thing to make me believe this is not an intentional parallel to Catherine. Then again, see all of my other complaints, so it could be a total accident.

    Steve pranking Lou was a highlight. I mean, he kind of had me going there for a while. And Lou’s pouty face was priceless!

    I’m a little confused as to why they spent so much time investigating where the guys in the water came from, instead of just going to the hospital and ASKING the guy? I mean, I’m not a detective of an elite crime-fighting task force, but, that’s where I would start.
    Kono yelling “We got him” while the bad guy was still on the phone was a hoot. As to whether we were supposed to know the human trafficker, I’d say yes, but I didn’t – other that what the “previously on” showed me. I lived despite this.

    Ninja Steve and Chin (Chinja? LOL) was a treat. I’m such a McChin.

    Liked by 4 people

    • The scene with Steve and Abby looked a little forced to me, as if AOL was cringing having to say the lines because his character should be furious but had to offer her a job instead. I can picture him scratching his head and asking if each word in the sentence was a typo.
      This may be a way for the PTB to prepare the fandom for Cath’s return so they have a chance to adjust before they blow up twitter and the blogs. Like Chin, I don’t believe in coincidences. That whole just doing your job bit was a very heavy handed hint to us of what is to come.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Mama, I totally agree. I thought Steve looked like he was forcing out the words, because I sure thought he should be saying a lot of other stuff to her. Some rather scathing words, but no, once again they have been sucker punched by a woman… that has to get old.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Calendars are very fluid on this show. I digress… ROFL. Yep, pretty much true.

      SC doesn’t want to work on the show as much as the lead. Fine by me. But I think they should give his character a different job now. He can’t be one of the main characters with that contract. It’s annoying. And this is coming from someone who could live without Danny just fine. I find the current arrangement is hurting the flow of most episodes, except the five he’s not in at all. They work just fine.
      They should give him a deskjob, or transfer him to… I don’t know where, but some job where he is only part-time working for Five-0. How about a consultant? Although I have NO idea what Danny could consult on. Anyway, I think they need to think of something, because this is not working.
      If SC is only part-time working, then he should only be on the show as a guest actor. Write him like that, and I’m sure the episodes with him would be better than what we’re getting at the moment. This separation crap is… well, crap.

      Liked by 5 people

  12. apparently my tome above wasn’t enough for me.

    Danny and the bus full of innocent bystanders. Yeah, they should’ve been left off the bus.

    But what about the VICTIMS OF THE CRIME? Perhaps, being a first responder and all, perhaps Danny should’ve stopped the bus at the scene of the crime and checked to see if there was anyone hurt in the robbery.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Well, there had been people at the station who might be able to help if someone was hurt. BUT as a police officer it was his duty to stop and make sure. Mamo pointed all of this out to him. Maybe he was written like this because his behavior will have consequences? Punish him and send him back to training, like for months to come? 😉
      His behavior during this whole episode was not that of a good officer in any way. The wrong of his doing was pointed out to him, and he still ignored it. Maybe we underestimate the writer? You never know. 😉

      Liked by 3 people

    • Oh goodness, I totally didn’t think about the crime he witnessed. Anyway, he was way too distracted by his Camaro flying by!


  13. 6.18
    So, at first let me get this one important thing of my chest.
    Can we please get rid of Abby’s fingernails? Pretty please?
    And thinking about things getting rid of, let’s come to Danny’s adventure. Or better not. Maybe I should not write my two cents right after watching the episode, but I have a certain Luke Anderson to whump and I can’t do that, when my mind is wandering and I am annoyed as hell.
    Who did not think about 5.12? Well I did. A lot. When Danny was poo-pooing on Steve’s feelings. When he ripped Steve’s head off because he left 12 year old Grace for a few minutes in a perfect safe neighborhood while chasing his stolen lost childhood?
    Some may say Danny wasn’t chasing after his car; it was about the armed guys. Well well. Let me say something: That is even worse! These perps had guns and used them! And Danny endangered his children and civilians!!! That is unacceptable. If I had been sitting in this bus I would have made sure that a certain detective had lost his badge afterwards! The moment he even ‘hired’ this civilian hunter (without him he would have never found these guys) I was done. Tried to skip these scenes what wasn’t easy, they have been short, thankfully… Not in a million years was Danny a badass, he was an idiot. Plain and simple. A hypocritical jerk. Again. At least there’s some continuity.
    I always said I don’t want Danny to leave 5-0 because I don’t want Steve to lose another friend. This episode changed my mind. Apparently Steve’s very good at coping, so a phone call every now and then, Christmas holidays in Jersey where Danny runs a pizza joint and is writing a parent’s guidebook: “Don’t let your children talk to them! Why men with ear-tunnels are dangerous!” would do it. I hold on to my ‘Abby’s here to stay’ theory. She is the ONE. The one that won’t die! I don’t feel the ChibbyChabbyDunnChinAbby but I like the idea of a blonde for a blond. And to those who don’t like my idea let me quote Steve from 5.12: Don’t trivialize my suffering!
    I am going to vote awful, because that’s what it was. And I subscribe everything you said about this part of the episode.
    I liked the COTW pretty much. I must confess I had tears in my eyes because of these poor people. Then we had smart Steve, some SEAL Steve, McChin which was awesome and then the best of the best prankster Steve. Oh I loved that moment, even rewound it three times (yeah, I spared some time because of all that skipping ;-)). Steve and Lou are so much fun. And I absolutely loved Steve’s visit to Abby. I expected it would be Chin but Steve going to her, talking to her, showing her no bad feelings and making sure she knows he understands. ‘You had an assignment, you were following orders!’ I just know that all of you McRollers were screaming YES!!! 😀
    I am going to vote great. I was absolutely entertained.
    Sam, my theory why Danny is always separated from the team even when he is there is that SC is only a few days on the island. I don’t think he is working 8-9 days for an episode and then there’s the problem of combining the time schedules of the full time cast and the part time worker. So they put him in a different setting and they can film parallel. Sometimes I get the impression he isn’t even on the island and they are filming his scenes in LA or wherever.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Your assessment of why Danny is separate from the team is spot on with my reason. he simply isn’t there for almost half of all filming. He’s more of a special guest star than a main character. Unfortunately because of that, we get way too much Danny story for my liking.


    • “Not in a million years was Danny a badass, he was an idiot. Plain and simple. A hypocritical jerk. Again. At least there’s some continuity.”
      Well, that is one way to look for continuity. 🙂

      As I said somewhere above, I would be perfectly fine with Danny as a guest star. I think that would work really great on the show. I would even like him in small doses, like ten episodes or so. That would be perfect.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Again, ya’ll are the perfect fandom for me. Those fingernails are AWFUL! and completely unrealistic for her line of work.


  14. I think everyone has covered this episode very thoroughly and I agree with pretty much what has been written. First, thanks, Sam for the opportunity to vote for the two different episodes we got on Friday. The Danny and the Bus saga was really, really sad. Sad in the fact that it never should have happened; much less that a so-called “seasoned” police officer initiated it that travesty. I love Mamo and I can sort of buy the reasoning that he was driving the bus, but I hated it in that he is Steve’s lifelong friend and whacky Danny has done something so stupid, endangering Mamo’s job.

    I think back to the last time Danny didn’t have his cellphone. Seemed like he and the love of his life got in a big mess with the ex. I would think after that, that my phone would be charged and on my body 24/7. As someone pointed out above, how much better would it have been to have the phones with them and on vibrate. I did rather like Grace’s little snarky comment that if she had her phone, she could call the police and report the stolen car. 🙂

    Ok, Abby. Hated that Steve went to her offering her a job, but that’s who Steve is. I don’t have to like that decision. And they sure didn’t ask me how I would have dealt with that situation, but if they had, she would have continued packing.

    I could live with Jerry in this one. He wasn’t bad at all. Steve and Grover in the hallway was great. I kept thinking “is Steve serious with this ghost story????” I loved how he pranked Lou. The look on Steve’s face was priceless and I love when Grover realized he’d been “had”.

    As for the slaves. Loved all of that, although the initial background of the slave ship went a bit long for me, but I guess they needed it. I admit that I was hoping they would have the guy united with his family. The scene wasn’t needed for the story, but I liked it. I’m a sucker for that kind of smarm. I think everyone much have screamed at Kono when she said “we got him” while the guys was on the phone. I know I yelled at the TV. I totally loved the water rescue. That was really good and like others said here, I really love Steve and Chin working together. They just seem to click.

    As for my vote… Awful + Great = Good, right??? If I was only voting on the “Many Faces of Steve McGarrett”, I would have given it an Awesome. 🙂

    Liked by 5 people

  15. p.s… one more thing. I did laugh out loud when Danny looked down at Danny Jr. and saw him licking the bus seat. Even though Mamo keeps a clean bus, there’s no telling how many different kinds of cooties you would get on one of those seats. At least where I’m from, that is. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I forgot about that but that had me laughing too. And its such a little boy thing to do. Although I did cringe when I thought about Charlie’s illness. If with a good bone marrow transplant his immune system would still be compromised and he could have caught all sorts of nasty bugs. It it were real life Charlie would probably only have been out of the hospital for a few weeks or a couple months at most after a bone marrow transplant. But of course this show doesn’t hold a resemblance of reality when it comes to most medical (and many other) details.

      Liked by 2 people

    • But seriously what four, almost five-year old licks a seat? Not four year-old boys I have been around. They write him like a two-year old, not some almost five one discovering the world. He is even talking, if he talks, like a two-year-old.
      But he IS cute. 🙂
      And, at this stage of his illness he wouldn’t be running around out of the hospital, and if he would only with a face mask on.
      Before the transplant his immune system would have been completely destroyed, he would take months to be allowed back doing normal stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ok, I will say that boys… I don’t care at what age… will do stupid things. Licking the bus seat, I could see. They don’t think, they just DO. Most of the time, stuff they do doesn’t make any sense. So, I can live with the licking incident. What really irks me is that he has the vocabulary of a two year old. That is just annoying and pathetic. Of course, they wrote Grace like she was a toddler when she was first on the show and she was school age. They don’t know how to write for kids.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. I don’t think the writers have a clue on how to write for young kids. They got Lucy right and that daughter of the SEAL in season 1 but they tend to miss the mark with the so called regulars. How old is Charlie again? His lines were not what I would expect from a 4 year old. My granddaughter may be only going on 3 but she is more animated than Charlie is and she talks about the same or is even more verbal. Licking the bus seat just struck me as odd but then Danny’s interaction with the boy seems kind of off, like he is trying to hard to win the boy over. And what did happen with his illness, they never said if the bone marrow donation worked…..I guess that got swept under the rug. Instant health, how wonderful.

    Liked by 4 people

    • There was a big dramatic scene with the family and the doctor. Charlie was instantly cured by the magic of Danno’s marrow. Stan was so relieved, he gave Danno’s some fathership of the kid. Everyone was in tears, in turn laughing and crying and hugging each other. Sooooo touching. This all happened off screen, but was implicit in Charlie’s demeanor as he licked the bus. As H50 writers do. 😉

      Liked by 3 people

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