Season 7

YES, yes, and YES again!!!

Happy dancing right now. This surely is a GOOD Friday!


Congrats to all involved in the making of this show. I’m sure there are too many to mention.

I’m not just happy for my own selfish reasons, but also for all the people keeping a job. And for AOL who more than once said how happy he is with the current situation of working on the show and in Hawaii. He’s happy… I’m happy. 🙂

Looking forward to a hopefully great show that will finally go back and focus on their lead character. They have a great actor filling that role… darn it, use that.

Hawaiian News now on the renewal

42 thoughts on “Season 7

  1. I had to read this two or three times to be sure I had read it right. Thank goodness and yes it is a Good Friday in many ways. Now let them get next season right.

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  2. Pardon me if I now take a bow and say “told ya so”. Pl threw lots of hints this year. I was certain he knew about the renewal quite a while ago and was just waiting for CBS to make it public.

    And yes, lets see the real McGarrett this time and stop all the focus on minor characters with filler story lines. Bring back Cath.

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    1. Lol. Guess we can bow together now. But gloating is not very becoming, so we should refrain from it. 😉
      I truly hope they will focus back on McG next season. Actually, I hope we will get a few great ones this season. It’s not over yet.

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      1. You two can say “I told you so” as much as you want. I so hoped you were right and I am thrilled that it has come to pass. Since Moonlight I have been afraid to believe until CBS announces that. Joel Silver told Alex and others in the cast it was a done deal and then we learned it wasn’t true. But today I am happy, happy.

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      2. Nah- I want to gloat, so there!

        ( I didn’t come to the conclusion that S7 was a go because I am a dreamer. I based it upon several things that PL did or said. ( I pay very close attention to his remarks which are in quotes and not summarized by attention seeking reporters, and “fan’ interpretations. I consider only direct actions he takes which we can verify).

        Remember when he auctioned off a H50 walk on part a few weeks ago? He would never had one that unless he knew about the renewal and that he could deliver. He’s been sending signals for weeks. So, gloat bow gloat bow gloat etc. Just wait. Now he will lead us in the dance once more- one two three, one two three……..!

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    2. That’s for sure!! Really tired of this season’s everyone gets a few episodes blah blah blah thing!! No action! All talking kinda laid back stuff!! And DEFINATELY NEED CATH BACK!! I’m ready for a Cathono Episode! And the boys backing them up!!


    1. Yes…as many predict 7 will be the last, I want a McG centric 5-0 again! With McRoll! And with answers for McG! Hopefully Lenkov will do the work and get it right.

      But for today, we celebrate the possibilities. 🙂

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      1. Yes to all. Pull out all the stops in 7, fire McGarrett back up again, get Cath back, and make the episodes meaningful. I’d like to see them do a show that brings the actor back once more that played Steve’s dad.

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        1. Sam: It might be interesting to know if everyone signed on board full timefor S7 or if we may get some guest star status for one or two of the characters. S7 may or may not be the end but we’ll have to wait a while to see how it goes. At least there is now a possibility of resolving Doris, Joe and WoFat’s father, to give McG a real story line, more screen time and to finally bring back Cath so he can be happy.

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          1. We will know more around Christmas time.
            I hope for some part-time members, and for great storytelling. As I said before, after getting all this more or less crap about all these minor characters out of the way in season six, we can solely focus on McG in seven. ☺


            1. Maybe we should just submit a list of suitable story lines e.g. Rachel kills Stan and Danny covers it up and Steve arrests them both and Adam (now Yakuza) springs them from jail and Kono overpowers Steve, a Navy Seal, with her A-MAZ-ING skills so they can get away and Grover gets extradited to Chicago, not for his past conduct, but because has unpaid parking tickets and Chin helps Abby take down 5-0 after she gets him drunk but he has no recollection of what he is doing and Jerry disappears and the team can’t decide if they want to search for the mother ship or not and Eric is fired because he faked his credentials for his forensic job and Charley sues his parents – all three- to become emancipated and Grace moves in with Grandma Williams so she can skip school and have more Spa time and Odell is fascinated by Lynn and gives her a comb and shampoo and free haircut and ….or.something like that.

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              1. Hee! And YES particularly to Odell gifting that poor child with her first haircut! Welcome to the no-longer-19th century, Lynn! There are even salon treatments and styling tools!


      2. Yes to all! I’d take it a step further–let’s just kill off Mother McGarrett (she hasn’t been exactly useful or relevant anyhow), have a spectacular re-introduction of Catherine that moves both her and Steve forward. Let’s kill off some secondaries at end of this season (like Abby, the-not-so-wonderful-replacement for Charlie Fong), have some of the other secondaries move to the mainland to start new lives (Jerry doesn’t get a badge but he is selected to be part of an investigative team in some special crimes division with the government.) just for starters…..

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  3. How great is that. None of that tension from last year, waiting until the last minute to see if it had been renewed, with all that speculation that it was going to be cancelled. I wasn’t expecting the news so soon but so relieved and so happy. I’m still hoping for a big McGarrett episode this season. Please!

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  4. I have seriously mixed emotions. Very happy for the cast and crew, but I feel like I’m going to be watching through the fingers covering my eyes in fear of how much worse it can get.

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    1. That could be our new drinking game! Down a shot every time Show makes you cringe! Two shots every time Danno tries to be bad-ass and you giggle. Par-tay every Friday night, 9 pm/8 Central. Be there, aloha! *bwahaha*

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      1. Only one problem. If I had to down a shot every time Five-0 made me cringe in the last 2 yrs I’d be dead from cirrhosis of the liver. Although the bank did have my monthly payments for my future funeral classified as entertainment…. LOLOL!!!!!!!

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  5. I see one of the H50 writers is saying his fairwells on Twitter. I hope they bring in fresh blood with good perspective n storytelling. Let’s hope for somebody better and not someone worse than before. 🙂


    1. I don’t think the problem are really the writers. I’m sure they have learned their craft, and all. the problem lies in that there seems to be no one who has a keen eye on the whole of the stories told every week. They are often really good as a single story, but not in relation to the whole show. And I think that is their problem. They have so many writers who know nothing of the characters, or their development over the years. And, to me, it seems the one person who should have an eye on EVERYthing only has his eyes set on some of his pet storylines.
      That is, I think, why we often get such crap.

      In general it is a good thing to change writers (and producers) from time to time. To keep what works, but to also bring in fresh blood.

      But I also think we are all very harsh on the show at the moment. Because, frankly, it is a success. If we like all that they are doing is a totally different matter. But one that doesn’t matter at all.

      And it might be shocking to all of us critical viewers, none of us would do a better job. There are so many factors we have no idea about. Many factors that, I’m sure keep some great ideas from ever finding their way onto the show.

      The tone of the critiques got a bit harsh lately. Not just in general, but also here on the blog. I completely understand many people are disappointed with many storylines, or the lack of, but we should all keep in mind that what we love will hate others. What we think is lacking, might others think is the best thing ever that it is missing.
      What I’m saying is, that lately it felt like people here and on twitter start to think their opinion is the right one. And that is not the case. Any opinion is just ONE opinion. There is no right one.

      And the best thing all of us can do, is respect the different opinions and keep our cool. I know the “others” can’t do that. They are nasty, pigheaded and think they know it all. I just wish for all visitors of this blog to be better than that.

      BUT to get back to your hope and wish. YES, please let them hire people who do have an opinion, who do know the characters, who do stand-up to the EP and fight for what they have written. 🙂


        1. WHAT?! You didn’t! At all. No, no, no, I was talking in general. I didn’t mean any person in particular. I’m talking about the general ‘tone’ that has changed over the last couple of weeks.
          Guess I wasn’t too clear on that. Sorry.


      1. Sam, I do agree with you and I know that I have grumbled in the past about the writers. As you know, I love to write stories but I would never be able to write screenplays. I have no idea how to pace a story to fit a one hour time frame and make it good.

        I may not like every episode that is produced but my main complaint has usually been when they seem to forget who their characters are and what they did in the past. I enjoy the ride more than some and don’t nitpick on details unless they are glaring wrongs. I confess that I often don’t notice some things until I come here and read comments made by others. Hawaii 5-0 is my Friday escape and fantasy, I guess I am willing to let some things slide. All I ask is that the show remember it’s past and keep the characters consistent. I hope that whoever they bring in to write does just that.

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        1. That is also my biggest complaint, and I think a legit one. I sometimes wonder who the heck are those characters on screen. And I think that is a bad thing and should not happen on such a high-class show as H50. With high-class I mean that the studio puts a lot of money in it.

          And I do believe that everyone should voice their opinion, bad or good. But as I don’t think everything is all good, nothing is all bad either. And lately I just feel that some only point out the bad stuff. Which really is there, and should pointed out. But there is also always good stuff there, and some seem to forget that. The right balance is all that is important.


      2. True, they are ACTUAL writers who have been doing this for years – I’ll give you that. And I absolutely agree with you that there needs to be someone keeping the “character bible” intact – and making sure the stories are written with regard to that. And I’ll send out a Hell Yeah that I could NOT do a better job, simply because I have no clue what it entails. That said, I think I can critique it (as can anyone) because I’m watching it, and really with very few expectations, and if I am pulled out of the story because of some writing flaw, well – that’s not good.

        My problem with the writing (lets say “lately” for lack of a distinct timeframe) is that the stories have been cartoonish, and many times, seemingly written with middle school humor in mind. I’ve seriously felt at times that they were just writing whatever tickled their fancy, regardless of whether it fit in with the rest of the show. I think I’ve actually questioned whether the writers room had become a “frat house”. I don’t know where that comes from, whether it is the writing team not being able to, or want to say during a roundtable of other writers/producers “Um, this seems out of whack”. It also seems like plots are unnecessarily convoluted and then dropped in favor of lame endings. Like they fall in love with the intricate plot but have no idea how to make it come to fruition, so they just end it in a weird fashion. <<< see "anything having to do with the Champ Box" for reference.

        I bid Wynbrandt adieu, wish him well on Gotham, and hope the show finds a suitable replacement.

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        1. Psst – totally agree that no one person has the right opinion, and as we have learned, no one knows exactly what PL has in mind, no matter how deeply we wish things go one way or another!

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        2. Oh, just imagine we would not critique something. Where is the fun it that?! And frankly, I think we all are entitled to critique the show. Many of us don’t get it for free, we pay darn good money for it, so I think that alone gives us the right to speak our mind. But we should not fall into the trap and only see the bad stuff. Although at times there is a LOT of that in an episode. 😉

          Don’t start with what they think is funny, or what they call humor. Just ugh.

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            1. I don’t want anyone to change here one bit. 🙂 I think everyone here is smart enough to realize if anything goes too far.
              That is not the case at the moment, just getting a little closer to it. Don’t worry, all is fine. And if someone goes too far, he or she will be addressed directly, not in a general note for everyone to see.
              My little ‘speech’ was not directed at anyone in particular, just a general observation about what is happening mostly on twitter, but also a little bit in the comments here.

              And please, let everything out what’s in your head. 🙂


      3. Sam: I tried to post this before but couldn’t get into the site.

        I have to totally agree with you. Sometimes we ( including me) are too quick to lump the bad with the good. I think that hiring someone to take care of continuity and know who the characters are would help. I believe ( but don’t “know”) that there is a general outline given to the writers where the story should go and they eventually get there. I have hopes for S7 and expect we will get answers to open story lines. I am going to be patient and just wait. And you are correct- its getting worse on blogs and twitter and maybe we (including me) need to step back and try to counter hate with love and respect and see if that helps defuse the situation. (Lets see how long I can behave!)


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