7 thoughts on “Random BTS pics

  1. AOL does makes the lean look very nice. Reminds me of another actor I loved in his hey-day–Pernell Roberts, who was also master of the lean. 😎


  2. Ahhhhh, Alex! If only you had the first inkling, beginnings, start of a smidgeon of a clue how much we love your perfectly perfect self!

    Tho dear Alex, if you ever watched an actual ep of your show, and fully imbibed its utter mediocrity, you would then realize indeed just how very very much we do love you, and sacrifice time for you, indeed.

    I would also like your EP to see how a couple of actual pictures of your RL self posted here got us all sooooo much more excited than an entire page of caps from an upcoming ep of Show…so that then both you and your EP would never ever mistake just who the actual Big Kahuna is on that set of yours down there. 😉

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