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No, still not what we’re waiting for. Just more signs that a renewal is a pretty sure thing.

“Moonves and Co. also talked up the strength of the pipeline at CBS for worldwide content sales. Even lower-profile CBS series like “Hawaii Five-0” and “Elementary” have generated some $3 million-$3.4 million per episode strictly in international sales — making them profitable virtually from day one. CBS projected its total international revenue will rise from about $1.5 billion last year to $2.3 billion by 2020. That projection also ensures — fair warning to its Hollywood studio rivals — that CBS will make every effort to own every inch of its prime-time schedule in order to hit that target.”

I’m always saying how very important the international sales are. 🙂

Read the full article here.

8 thoughts on “CBS news

    1. Mine too…tho guessing they make us wait til May-ish. I wanna know NOW!!!!!!!

      Tho btw, if CBS is gonna air a 2-hour finale again, I hope this time they advertise it as such, so that a chunk of the viewers, thinking a 1hour ep as usual, don’t turn off their TVs and then find out a day later they missed the big ending. 🙄

      That official HawaiiFive0 Twitter account does not give me much confidence…

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  1. And on top of CBS’ good news on profits, I just received an email that 6 million dollars was just donated to me from a complete stranger! All I have to do is respond to their email. 😎


  2. I am still afraid to hope. CBS has messed with me in the past and I still can’t trust anything they say until it is official. But I will keep fingers crossed unless I am typing.


  3. Like you always said to me that international sales count to renewal or cancel a TV Show, i always was sceptical about it because of US ratings, but you a wise lady. I know that H50 has high ratings in my country and i have at least 2 episodes a day to watch in primetime, because they pass 5 seasons in a row without stopping plus 1 new season 6 episode each week (we have subtitles), but it’s good to know that i count for the success of the show. Thank you for the information.

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