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6.17 – Waiwai – McGarrett and Five-0 must track down a Russian spy who has stolen a flash drive containing classified NSA information that puts the life of a member of their Ohana at risk. Also, McGarrett finally learns why Catherine left him, and Abby continues to conceal her actual mission from Chin and Five-0, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, March 11 2016

CBS translated Waiwai to Assets

So, let me get this straight. A total stranger enters the clinic dressed in scrubs and none of the other doctors and nurses in the operating theater are suspicious of the person that is going to operate with them? They haven’t even spoken to her when she prepared for the surgery.

That is so not going to happen anywhere in the world. Surgeons are a very special bunch of people, they don’t just stand by and watch a stranger just flown in from the mainland take their job and operate on their patient.

Not even to talk about the logistics. Shortly before this she was at the accident scene (which we will lean later) and know they have all the information who she is? Sorry, but there has to be paperwork, or at least the others had to be informed in advance that they have a new colleague. Besides, it takes time to prepare for surgery. No way she would have made it in time from the accident, organizing her entry and getting to the OR. A very strange OR by the way. Operating on a nicked femoral artery in that setting? Not happening. And they would have known that she was not the real deal when she dressed herself after washing up for surgery. That is a no no. 🙂


On the other hand, that woman was pretty vicious in her method of killing. It takes a very special, or deranged person to kill like that. Wet work (killing by knife) is really messy. She reminded me a lot of the woman from the season 2 finale. Also a brutal female killer. These two perfectly fit PL’s liking for bitchy women, I guess.


BUT, I guess I’m pretty much the only one thinking about such things. I know it’s a fault and it sometimes keeps me from just enjoying a scene. But I’m always, always asking the why and how. I simply can’t just accept a ‘because’. Every scene has to be logical, at least to some extent. I always ask myself “how did they do that” or “why did they do that”.

There is another great example in this episode where I also shook my head. Knocking out the people of an entire building. I’m sorry, but how in the world did she do that? How did she manage to get access to the system? How did she even know about the blueprints of the ventilation system? How did she connect any gas to the system? How did she carry it in? How did she get past security? Speaking of security. The blue room is secured by a code, not by a card you swipe through. She wouldn’t get in without the code.

And how the heck would she carry out the knocked out guy? And for 40 minutes, forty minutes, no one wanted to enter the building and discovered what was going on? And after being unconscious for 40 minutes, they just all just pretty much jump up and go their merry way?

As much as I admire the writers’ imagination, I can’t accept such scenes if they don’t make any sense.

You know, I’m willing to suspend any kind of belief or my sometimes annoying habit to ask about the how and why, if the scene is so awesome that I simply don’t care about such minor details. But that mostly only happens with great action sequences. And this was not such a scene.


Anyway. On with the show.

Another scene I shook my head about. All of them gathered at casa McGarrett. I mean I love it that all those gatherings seem to happen at Steve’s place. It’s logical that they would meet at the team leader’s house, so kudos for that. Although I have the suspicion they actually do it because that is their main set to shoot those scenes. But regardless what the reason, I like it.


That was not why I shook my head. Nope. A long time ago, relatively speaking, Abby came to join them for two weeks. She’s still there. She is supposed to be the team leader of the SFPD “Five-0”. She never followed Steve for even a day. How would she learn what it means to lead such a task force if she never spent any time with him? And why the heck did they never question why she’s still there?

After they found out that they are under investigation, at least then alarm bells should have gone off. Abby’s the one. Jeez, a blind and dumb person would find her behavior and her being there more than a little convenient and suspicious. No, not Five-0, they embrace her and share all their little secrets with her.

Danny even ratting out his friend to her. Selling him as a total nutjob to her. Grrr, still furious about what he said about his friend and boss to her. Let’s not dwell on that.

But now they know someone must be spying on them for that Coughlin guy. HELLO! Right under your nose! Just look at her. If you look up the world guilty you would find a picture of her next to the explanation.

What I find interesting though is the fact that someone is spying on HER. Who might that be? Any suggestions? Jerry? Oh, that would be a great way to get rid of him. LOL Nah, kidding. But who else is working for Coughlin?

Oh, and by the way, Coughlin did not investigate Chin for taking the money from the evidence locker. That was the IA guy Cage, the same one who investigated Meka, Danny’s ex-partner. He was the one opening the witch hunt on Chin. Coughlin went after Chin for his involvement of Chin father’s murder by Gabriel Weincroft. At least that is what we knew about it so far. There was never any mention about Coughlin back when it was about Chin taking money. Not once was there a mention of Coughlin being involved in any way.

So, please writers don’t change history. Maybe over the years it gets a little hard to remember all those pesky little details, but as I see it, you get paid to remember those little details. 🙂 Besides, at least Chin should know what Coughlin was after him for. After all, we spent a whole pretty boring episode (great acting by DDK though) in that damn interrogation room.

So, after talking about yet another try to discredit or even disband Five-0 we come to the crime of the week. I asked this often enough, especially when it isn’t about special crimes at all, who decides to involve Five-0. They often investigate crimes that should be handled by the normal homicide squad. But this time I really understood why Five-0 would be involved right from the start. After all, that was a pretty messy and bold murder. And it involved HPD in a way that they were responsible for the patient’s injuries in the first place.

It is always nice to see Max and especially Duke. Love seeing that guy.

Why would they apply a local anesthetic if the guy was under general anesthesia? That makes no sense. Max said he died of asphyxiation due to disconnecting the ventilator. As we could see the killer ripped out the breathing tube, with the balloon still inflated. Ouch, not really something to recommend.  Which indicates he was not able to breathe on his own. Anyway, medical details are not that important. 😉


I wonder what Abby told the team this time for taking the day off? She wasn’t involved in the investigation, instead she met up with Coughlin. I wonder what she did for the rest of the day?

For my liking the meet with Coughlin took a little too long, and as I said before I don’t like that they recycled the actor. I always see the first character he played in season 2. I know, most don’t even remember him, but for me that is really, really annoying. Almost as much as watching a dubbed version of a movie with the wrong voice by one of the actors. I hate that the same voice is given to different actors. (NO, not in the same movie, although they do that in some countries, too. Shudder.) Anyway, I find that really annoying.

That scene didn’t really give me much. At least we learned that SFPD is involved, probably under a false pretense though. His argument is so totally ridiculous; I wonder how he came up with that crap. If all cops were like Five-0, protecting the innocent no matter their race, color, belief or their past, the country would be better off. But I guess his real motivation has nothing to do with McGarrett and his team, but purely with his vendetta. Although I wonder why he is going after Five-0 instead of Gabriel, who was directly responsible for the murder of his brother. That logic is clearly false. But, who knows, maybe he is in wanna-be-crime-lord’s pocket.

His threat to take Abby’s badge and gun has no merit really. He doesn’t have that authority, even if she’s under his command. She is in a way better position to be a danger to him and his questionable investigation. I wonder what the Governor will have to say about this, or Coughlin’s superiors. He clearly is not at the top of the food chain.

Although I’m not so sure about her words that they all keep in bounds. They clearly all have stepped over the line, some more than others, but none of them was always at all times within the bounds of the law. But except Lou’s rampage in Chicago, Chin and Danny killing in cold blood, all their actions were in good faith and for a good cause. And acceptable considering the circumstances.

Anyway, I don’t see this leading anywhere interesting. I find this storyline rather boring and annoying. This can’t be over soon enough for me.


Steve and Danny visit Dr. Yang, a suspect they need to have a little chat with. I liked those scenes. It was a perfect example for the completely different characters of McGarrett and Williams. One of them open minded to all things going on in this world, the other not so much. 😉

It was fun to watch, and it even brought them intel on their soon to be main suspect.


I loved Grover and Kono working together. Good team. I like how they tried to figure out Dalton’s motivation and found out about the killer. Great job you two.


Ehm, two years ago on a student visa? Sorry, but we have 2016; she came to the US almost three years ago. And her visa expired a year ago.


OK, I have to complain about Danny a little bit, although this time it is actually about the actor. But first let me say, that he did not get on my nerves this time. Nope, I actually liked him in this episode. More about that a little later. What does get on my nerves is his speech pattern. Counting off the facts like a robot. He speaks in these cut off short sentences all the time. There is no melody or rhythm in his speech. I find that most annoying and it’s really getting on my nerves. Is that him, or just the personality of the character? Am I the only one who finds that annoying?


On with the show. 🙂

Those were some great action scenes with a lot of bullets flying around. It did make me smile a lot, and actually made me chuckle too. Steve and Danny would both be toast taking cover behind the Camaro and being shot at with that machine gun.

A car, any car, is not adequate cover from any kind of bullets. You might have a chance behind the engine, but all other parts of the car… well, the bullets will cut through it like a knife through butter. Don’t believe what you see on TV. 😉

But anyway, great scenes, and I loved how Grover stopped Chris.


That guy was just a dumb ass with a stupid idea. Thankfully though he was a really highly intelligent dumb ass. 🙂 I enjoyed all the scenes with him and Steve in the blue room. But I usually enjoy Steve in the blue room. So, might be just that. 😉

So, now Steve finally learns why Catherine really left. One question first. How did Brenner know who Doris is? That she’s his mother? He was only part of the security company, not NI or CIA, or whatever. And if Catherine’s name came up, how would he know what Steve’s mother’s name was?

But anyway, I really like these scenes. It was great to see the wheels turning in Steve’s mind, thinking of the consequences for Catherine. And realizing that she didn’t ‘leave’ him. I find it fascinating how you can read the different emotions on Steve’s face. Kudos again.

Of course that brings Steve and Danny back to Chris, making sure that the flash drive was really not readable. Steve would do anything to ensure the safety of the woman he loves, and the other operatives.


Which he showed us shortly after. I talked about the gassing at the beginning, not gonna do it again here. So, do I condone what he did with the suspect? No, I don’t. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier about the boundaries. He pushed them to save a life. Is that OK? No. Do we really care if he hurt that scumbag? Nope.

Thankfully we weren’t even witness to it. Maybe he didn’t really shoot him. 😉


So, after getting the information where he can get his hands on the flash drive again, they are off to save the day. And those were great scenes. I loved the music and the incoming helicopter with SWAT. All of them rushing to the scene. That was some great editing. Although I do wonder if Chin really needs to ride his bike like he’s on a leisure trip. Wouldn’t it be wiser to ride a car to a raid?

Was this a first that the main suspect, meaning the killer woman, wasn’t killed? That took me by surprise.

I loved the scenes with Steve (and Danny) on the beach after the flash drive was safely in his hands.


Yes, of course he is angry. But not that much at Catherine, I think. I believe he’s angry with himself about how blind and stupid he has been all these past months. But one thing he surely is. He’s hurt. And you can see it here, and back when he first learned that Catherine is not doing any aid work in Nepal.

But, that will not change his feelings for her. He loves her, and he always will. And I bet he’s also still very much in love with her.

What she did was nothing that Steve hadn’t done many times. I don’t even want to know how often he had to lie, or at least keep the truth from Catherine, or other people in his life during his time with the Navy. Steve knows how that goes. But lying about job related things is not like lying on a personal basis. And none of them has done that.

Catherine didn’t lie to Steve for any personal gain, or to deceive him. She did it because the job dictated it. He understands that better than any other person ever will. That doesn’t mean though that it doesn’t hurt. It does. I still think she should have found a way to tell him why she had to go. She could have kept any specifics from him.

Anyway, these two surely need to talk when she’s back. But their love is strong, and they will survive Mr. Lenkov’s stupid testing their love.

What I love most about this scenario is that Steve knows that Cath might be in danger, and that she did not ‘leave’ him because he wasn’t enough for her. And I love it that Cath will learn that he knows. I’m positive that her handler will tell her what happened and how she and the others were saved. That creates a little drama, and gives these two a new connection.

I liked Danny in this scene. He was not over the top like he normally is. I wonder if he has told Steve yet about the meeting he had with Cath. Probably not, since he’s still alive. 😉


Will Abby tell Chin that she’s the spy? Guess we will have to wait and see.


So, what is my verdict? When I was done with the episode I thought “this was a great episode”. But writing this review I changed it to awesome. Why? Well, for one, I was truly well entertained. I didn’t even mind all the darn previously on and flashbacks. I kind of liked Danny in this one. At least I didn’t mind him. 🙂 I enjoyed the team working just one case. I liked everyone on the team, yes even Jerry. He was very well used in the ep.

I loved the action. I loved to hear about Catherine, and that Steve finally knows.

So, yeah, this was an awesome episode. But keep in mind, awesome and awesome are two different things. Many shades of awesome out there.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


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  1. Yes, yes, yes, to 617. The real McGarrett is finally back and he brought with him all the action and high intensity that made H50 great. Chin can forgive Abby for trying to take the team down and leading him on by sleeping with him, but I’m not sure how fast the rest of the team will. Maybe she will be the one who dies at the end. It will solve that problem. Poor Chin. How is a mole in the H50 family forgivable but Cath, serving her Country at great personal expense, not? Makes zero sense to me, and probably to the eight million people who tuned in Friday night, either.

    Steve was in full Seal mode when he learned Cath was in danger, especially when he paid a visit to one of the criminals at the hospital. He wasn’t leaving without getting this guy to give up his partner’s location and the flash drive, and that shot we heard was vintage H50. Even Danny’s reaction was priceless. Yes, when McG left, the man definitely did need a doctor. Steve had a mission and he executed it without wasting any time. He didn’t give one thought to any possible repercussions. ( I didn’t mind about crossing the line this time,)

    I loved the scene at the water with Steve and Danny. Danny is trying to reassure him but Steve is halfway between anger at finding out why Cath really left and having to acknowledge that he would have done the same thing. But he is very worried and made that clear to Danny. He has no way to contact Cath to find out if she is safe because she is in deep cover. So he’ll just have to wait and worry. Most of us can relate to how awful it is to feel helpless in RL when we can’t do anything but wait and pray. And that inability to act will surely drive him crazy. It is so evident that he still loves her and that he has not moved on. Even Danny says she is the best version of himself. We won’t know if we will see her in S6, but I hope we do. We’ll know more if MB is spotted in Hawaii in a few weeks. Everything is very hush, hush on that set.

    McG desperately needs Cath home and safe with him. That look on his face said it all. He can’t let go. She is the only woman who can keep his head “in the game” The music at the end was interesting, too, especially the phrase “I’m letting go in love and in life”. In other word, giving up on love also means giving up on life. That’s not McG. He’s spent his whole life fighting to live and he won’t give up on love as long as he is alive.

    (Masi posted a picture on the CBS Official site of Steve sitting at Max’s desk and staring at his cell phone. I wonder……………………?)
    Voted –Awesome– for me that’s pretty rare.

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    1. Uhm, I think that was really Alex sitting at the desk. 😉
      Nope, ‘their’ logic about betrayal, lies and deceide makes no sense to me either. I can’t follow their logic at all.
      And I do hope we will get Cath back. I’m sure they will keep that totally under wraps. And honestly, I hope they will. I don’t want a stupid ‘war’ before the episode even aired. Some people take their feelings, or let’s call it by name, their hate way too far. Some really forgot that this is a darn TV show. Some people out there (especially on twitter) are really poor little human beings who I can only pity.
      Anyway, yes, awesome is pretty rare these days. 🙂

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      1. Frankly Alex is at the center of everything H50. Everybody loves him. Everybody. So the contest is about who controls his on-screen character. The McDs hate Cath cos she’s a threat to Danny. She negates him completely and “steals” his air time…tho so does Scott’s idiosyncratic schedule so there that is. And while the McDs want Alex, they want Danno (for reasons I can only see as quirky at best) too, and think Danno is only relevant if he’s with McG. The McRolls, which I admit to being cos I think it gives McG more layers and more SL possibilities, love Cath because she actually is what the McDs wish Danno were…she completes him, she is his equal in many ways (no one is totes McG’s equal), and she is his soulmate and confidante. The Kono and Chin lovers don’t necessarily want a McRomance, but McG not being spread so thin and sucking up all the time with Danno or Cath, gives their fave character more meaning and importance in Show. And the plain Danno lovers need Cath gone so D is the second character in Show’s hierarchy. Some of these people don’t particularly like Alex cos he sucks all the air outta the room in any scene he’s in. This is called “charisma.” Alex has it in spades.

        So the H50 fandom is doomed to be splintered and contrary cos instead of pimping the hell outta their lead, they’ve decided it’s more fun to pander, occasionally, to each of the fractured fandoms. So…end result…no one is ever totally satisfied. The producers seem to be content with an average kinda show, rather than a big hit, and why not? Alex guarantees a certain acceptable audience minimum each week (they fully well know he’s the draw) and they don’t gotta work hard to actually create ep’s with continuity or believability or real excitement, cos the Alex chicks will show up no matter what.

        As to this ep, it got a rare Great from me. For the reasons Sam, Cokie, Mama, and most of y’all have noted. 🙂

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        1. Yes Grace
          They should have just kept to a great story around Steve (with his team is the meat around it) and banked on it. That with some creative logical writing that did not succumb to cheap antics just to keep some load-mouthed cray-cray’s happy, would have been a winning formula.
          I have said it many times, the show had the right ingredients and should have been one of the greatest shows ever ….. 😦
          but you said it >>>>>> So…end result…no one is ever totally satisfied. The producers seem to be content with an average kinda show, rather than a big hit,

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      1. “Easy as 123” for those who think men know the difference between “loves her and “is in love with her”. Let’s keep it simple for the sweet dears so their eyes don’t glaze over.

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        1. I had to come back to this because just this weekend the hubs and I were watching something and the “love” vs “in love” thing came up on a show we were watching – and Hubs, ever the straight shooter says “WTF does that even mean? There’s no difference” and had no clue why I was doubled over in laughter


          1. Men are basic. Ask them if they want a beer and their answer is “yes- make it cold. Ask a woman what color is magenta and you get ten different “shaded” answers. Ask a man what color is magenta and he leaves the room and looks for the Scotch.

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  2. Hmmm… well, we have 50 Shades of Gray, a lot of Shades of Blue and now we have many shades of awesome. But I agree. It was an awesome episode… just not quite AWESOME. I wish… just once… could we have writers that really think through scenes as they are writing them? I was screaming about the scene at headquarters. No way would that have happened like that. You can’t tell me someone wouldn’t have walked in after the fact and seen everyone lying on the floor. 40 minutes??? No way. Alarms would have been sounding and EMS would have been called. And Kono was the only one who was dizzy? I would have read that scene and said, “Excuse me??? Can we rethink this here?” I didn’t see the scene in the OR until last night (our recorder had a hiccup on Friday) or I would have been squealing at that scene, too.

    But, they didn’t send the script for me to review. I really don’t know why…

    Loved the end at the water with Steve and Danny. The show should have ended with that instead of Chin and the dumb blonde. I am so over her and that story line.

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    1. I know why they didn’t send the scripts your way… they are afraid of what you’d say about them. 🙂
      So, does that mean I wouldn’t get away with such ideas if I send them your way? Darn.

      If that woman had used Fentanyl as Steve said, none of them would be walking around like they did. Just saying.

      But despite all the little odd things I loved the episode. It was a lot of fun to watch.

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    2. But, she LOCKED the wooden doors! That should be enough right? Because there’s only one set of doors to a public building, and they lock with a deadbolt. ROFLMAO.

      OK, I gotta say it too – the way Danny passed out, I laughed heartily. Like he was taking a nap. I don’t think you’d go down that way. You’d stumble, drop to the floor… you wouldn’t settle down for a long winter’s nap.

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      1. well, you would fall down that way if you had a head of helmet hair that you don’t want messed up. I remember thinking he looked like such a priss lying down like that.

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    3. Cokie: They can’t send you the scripts for approval. Supplying you with enough red ink for the corrections would break their budget. CBS is watching the bottom line. Always.

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  3. Great review Sam!

    I totally agree with what you wrote about the inconsistencies being OK as long as they don’t take you “out of the scene” so to speak. I HATE it when I’m engrossed in the story and suddenly there is something so glaring that you can’t help but think about it. I didn’t bump on the hospital scenes in that way like you did, but then – I haven’t spent much time in an OR. I’m sure people in the medical field noticed the things you did.

    Things I did notice:
    1) The spy lady made sure to hide her face from security cameras according to Jerry. Well, hot damn, wasn’t it lucky for them that she completely forgot that she had a 4 inch butterfly tattoo on the back of her hand! What a BREAK! (humongous eyeroll and a loud “give me a break” uttered from me)
    2) They do actually allow you through airport security with a flash drive in your carryon. Embedding it in your abdomen actually draws attention to it on the X-ray machine. Criminals R Dumb y’all.
    3) Everything about the Abby/FBI/SFPD/Coughlin story. It’s not a solid story AT ALL (even with the retcon of what DeadCoughlin actually investigated Chin for). First of all – she hasn’t seen anything out of line? HAHA. She must not be looking very hard. Also – who holds a clandestine, private conversation on the rocks at a beach, in a suit? This storyline is bad. But at least it’s not Kodam!
    4) The guy who told Steve about Catherine (Brenner) – knows a lot of classified info that he’s just openly discussing with Steve, LOL.

    I really liked the actor playing the computer geek. His reactions were believable, and you could almost see a cuteness to him that makes it believable that the hot Russian chick would date him. So many times these parts are overacted to the point of being a caricature. I enjoyed him.

    Lou Grover – the human “immovable object”! Loved it – love him partnering with Kono too.

    Eyeroll at Jerry being the computer specialist. So much eyeroll.

    I admit that I did like seeing crazy Steve at the hospital. I am glad that we didn’t actually SEE it. The scene was very season 1

    Loved hearing Aerosmith as the team, and SWAT rushed to save the day! That was cool. There was a lot of old footage in that montage, but it was spine-tingly nonetheless.

    And now Steve knows what we know. That Catherine didn’t actually leave him because she needed more. It makes her exit scene all the more heartbreaking now, since I’m sure that she was dreading having to lie to him. I really want to know what she’s caught up in, because from the moment she came back, it was apparent that is where she wanted to be. I hope we (and Steve) get a chance to find that out. He loves her, is in love with her, and now has to do some re-assessing. Yes, he told her he wouldn’t wait – and he didn’t, but now that he knows what she’s really doing, that changes things. I see it as a parallel to what he did to her when they broke up (when she started dating Billy). At some point, they should get on the same page. They need to have a long talk.

    I really loved the whole Steve/Danny scene. It’s going to be hard to let go and move on when you’re worried about someone, don’t you think?

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    1. I absolutely love your review. And totally agree with it.
      Jerry. Let’s not go there. When he was introduced he didn’t even use a phone, let alone a computer. Now he’s the computer nerd. 😉
      ROFL about the tattoo. That was so… stupid. 🙂
      HA! I was thinking about them standing on that platform for everyone to see. I thought that was an amusing place for a secret meeting.
      If we roll our eyes for every stupid/strange/odd thing the writers come up with, we would get darn dizzy. 🙂
      Yes, the guy playing Chris did a great job. I liked him and almost felt sorry for him.

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      1. and how many times did they show us that tattoo? She was such a super Russian spy master mind and she didn’t think to cover up something like that???

        and I forgot to mention Jerry… yes, he is such a computer geek and so knowledgeable. Yeah, right. He was AFRAID of telephones and only worked with paper copies of things… no computers. So yeah, he’s the one I would choose to do my research.

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    2. Exactly >>>> ‘They do actually allow you through airport security with a flash drive in your carry on. Embedding it in your abdomen actually draws attention to it on the X-ray machine. Criminals R Dumb y’all.’
      Or was it the writers who seem to travel less than me? – (Frequent Flyer should know these things I would think?) 😀

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        1. Annoying for sure. But I guess that is kind of a logical deduction that they can make about the IQ of viewers, with all the compliments they get for some of the worst crap they dish up. And also from some of the ridiculous requests and suggestions viewers send to the writers and EP.

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      1. People who just stop and THINK would know better than embedding the silly thing inside their body. Shoot, that doctor should have said “excuse me, but don’t you think…” But then they wouldn’t have had that gory scene with a quasi-doctor using a scalpel on everyone. And we couldn’t have done without that…

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  4. As to your comment
    about SC’s cadence
    when reciting his lines
    I find it really
    when he breaks
    things up into
    three word groups
    all the time

    and now it
    seems as if
    he’s got Alex
    doing it too.

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  5. Thank you so much for your review Sam, well worth wait.

    I gave it an awesome, too. Yes, not quite the 5.07 AWESOME, but awesome. Cokie put it so well: “But despite all the little odd things I loved the episode” -yes, me too!
    I was well entertained, had some good laughs, loved the team working together, cheered at the action like in former times and Steve on a mission… and then there was the visitor in his office. The looks on Steve’s face, the emotions that Alex was able to one again put into his character….. stunning, He never fails to amaze me.
    Was there ever any doubt that Cath is the woman he loves and surely still is in love with?

    I took a quick peak at some other reviews and find it highly entertaining that they still try to define when a lie is a lie.
    Was it in 6.02 or 6.03 when Steve and Cath talked and said: “The job always comes first – this is who we are”. Any questions? 🙂

    The door is open now and depending if we will get a S7, everything is possible.

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  6. Again a great review. But really would love to see Catherine see how Steve moved on from her, after trying to go so much as to delete her number. As really P.L. is making this drag. Love Catherine but need to see Steve happy.
    Yes both have done things that they did so not for personal gain but to protect their country and world. The Greater Good as they say. But Lynn his new so called squeeze seems to have a decent job and one where she does not lie.
    Abby hopefully will tell Chin. About her being the so called spy. Sure she will break his heart. But still, Abby overstayed her welcome.As really the Governor needs to talk to Coughlin’s superiors. Would love for her to tell the AUSA to stick it well the sun don’t shine.
    Love Jerry, Max, and Duke. Love especially seeing Duke around. He is the only one that gets Five 0 IMHO! When the rest of the H.P.D. does not at times. Duke is very decent.


    1. Duke is a fantastic character. I really do like him and am so glad they brought the actor onto the show. What a brilliant idea. And I’m so glad they have kept him throughout all the seasons. I agree, sometimes he seems to be the only HPD officer who knows whats going on…

      Liked by 5 people

  7. As with the discussion from a review an episode or two ago, I cannot rate this ep as a whole. The part relating to Catherine was good, though I still got the feeling the storyline was spinning its wheels. The rest of the episode was mediocre.

    In addition to the plausibility of a stranger getting into the OR (kudos to you for even having the energy to break it down!) I’ve grown weary of the graphic violence. I know all these shows implement this for the shock value, but frankly it’s used so often I just turn away bored.

    The thing that stood out like a sore thumb to me is that in the scene when they were being gassed, I thought it took Steve forever to make the connection. Given his background, he should’ve been a lot faster on the uptake. When I saw that scene I was thinking, “Steve really needs to get out there and do more reserve duty because he’s getting really rusty.” The early season Steve would not have missed so obvious a thing.

    Did I miss something? I can’t remember the exact dialogue from Catherine’s departure episode, but is that when she told him she’s going to Nepal? I didn’t think so but I’m not sure. And, Friday’s episode implies he HAS spoken to her since she left (if I dredge up enough energy, I’ll rewatch that scene From Friday’s ep). Um….if he has spoken to her since she left, you think this is important enough to air on show? I do. All we get is a couple of hangups which he doesn’t bother to investigate and the overly dramatic showing of him deleting her from his contacts. Major disconnect there.

    The greatest part of the episode was unfortunately the smallest part of the episode–seeing the really protective Steve come out as well as his genuine emotion concerning Catherine, and his understanding of how she handled things. Quite frankly, if he had reacted in any other way, I would have lost a great deal of respect for him.

    While I’m sure none of us would condone willfully harming a suspect in custody, I have to admit it gives me a chuckle to think of the time when the dupe is back out on the streets after doing his time and being healed from the injury Steve inflicted. I mean, can you imagine encountering Steve at a local grocery store and giving a wide berth to the crazy guy with the gun? LOL!

    Even though I knew Catherine would not appear in this episode, I was really hoping her story would be moved forward more than it was. Instead it was just dangling, just like the show itself has been in dangling mode for quite some time. But I hope there is more to come.

    I could honestly care less about Abby or another “discredit Five-0” story. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was interesting, but it just isn’t.

    Eh well. On we go. I consoled myself by watching Season 1 this weekend. 😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At the end of 6.03 Steve asks if she’s going back to Afghanistan and she says “No. Nepal. That earthquake hit them hard”


    2. Actually, it was a perfect portrayel of a man just seconds from passing out. Seeing the problem but not being able to connect the dots and acting on it was perfect. There were many flaws, but his non-reaction was not one of them. ☺

      Liked by 2 people

  8. So happy to see the review. I agree with many of the “let’s suspend belief” parts and chose to let it go because otherwise I get a headache. So here are my few observations that occurred to me after I watched it a second time.
    For once I didn’t mind some of the “previously on” because I got some Steve fresh out of the shower. Always makes me smile. I liked the end scene with Danny and Steve because for once the man was supportive of his supposed best friend. I found it irritating that when ever Danny doesn’t understand something or it goes against his beliefs, Steve and others are crazy for believing it. I guess they need to give him something to rant about. I too liked Dalton a bit, happy he was smart enough to encrypt the flashdrive and the actor was good at his role. I will assume that the Camaro will need a bit of body work if it will attract a carjacker in two weeks. I just read an article that Ford is planning on making police cars that will resist armor piercing bullets soon. Guess 5-0 will have to switch models. As for Abby….I do hope she fesses up to everything and not just share bits and pieces. And will we see any of it? I also sat there and wondered how that skinny chick got Dalton out of the blue room all by herself. And finally I had an unexpected laugh as I could almost hear all the Cath haters throwing a fit because they were positive that this would completely end Catherine’s story. Wrong again you “so very well informed haters”.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Moonjat: I suspect they knew and have known all along that it wouldn’t be the end of her story. But it makes great fun for them to post or tweet their nonsense for no other reason then to annoy fans who like Cath. I know, its childish and immature, but there is an element of hysteria in that fan segment now and that kind of “ugly” simply diminishes the entire fandom. PL will bring Cath back because she is endgame. If they can’t watch, and need to wash their hair, I suggest they buy very cheap shampoo since the first few ingredients in even the boutique brands are the same and all that expensive perfume gets washed down the drain. Instead, they should invest in the best conditioner they can afford. As for their threatened frequent bathroom breaks, they may want to consult with their physician. There are prescription drugs their doctors may feel would be beneficial to treat their over active bladders. They really need to see a doctor asap. I’m always concerned for the well being of our fandom.

      Liked by 10 people

        1. Cokie: Thank you for understanding. It’s my mother’s instinct that makes me worry about what all that venom does to their innards. Maybe that’s what causes their anticipated incontinence. Will check medical causes on line- also psychological triggers for frequent potty breaks.

          Liked by 2 people

  9. Mama, you are the best. I need to learn to ignore their constant sniping and stay off the comments sections of most sites and only come here. I am so glad I am not on Twitter or my blood pressure would be worse than it all ready is.


    1. On Twitter you can block. I rarely see anything offensive from the haters, cos I’ve blocked every damn one. Even the perky one with her blog who loves everything about Show (except Cath) and bitches at and tries to shame anybody who ever complains about anything on Show (unless they are joining her in bitching about Cath…so her KoolAid isn’t as sweet as she claims). Once you block the asses, you got a nice TL feed. And can have great convos. People may be abusing your name, but eh, you’ll never see it! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      1. GNP: They will never abuse your name. They cannot come unarmed into a duel- your weapon being logic. They’re more hit and hide. You terrify them. (BTW, to what “sweetie” did you refer? You were kind of vague……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      2. When I read comments like yours or Sams or some others I think, come on join twitter. Then I am looking at the H50 hashtag and then I am all NOOO!!! Sigh….


        1. I think I am just too old to join Twitter. I don’t have the right mind set for all that and just depend on you wonderful friends who keep me informed on the really important announcements. Even though blocking irritants sounds like fun I think I am wise to stay away. I’m so old-fashioned that I still don’t text which drives my daughter nuts.


            1. Yep, phone calls and checking FB and reading email. i even wait to get back to the computer at home before I reply to most mail. VERY old-fashioned and unlikely to change much. I do instant message on the phone, that is as close to texting I get.


  10. this was the 1st episode in a very long time ..like 2 seasons, that I have had a desire to rewatch. It felt much more like a s1/s2 ep to me. I agree there were lots of flaws but I still found it very enjoyable.
    re: the fake surgeon. When you put on a sterile gown there is a tie with a card on the end of it. The assistant holds the card and the person donning the gown turns around to and pulls the tie from the card, maintaining sterility. They they can tie the gown themselves. I don’t know that they followed all those steps but NO WAY would anyone be operating in those 2 sizes too big gloves! LOL
    I was also skeptical of the aerosolized fentanyl. Surely someone in that building had a window open oh well,suspension of belief is necessary sometimes.
    TOTALLY loved seeing BAMF McG in action to protect his love. We all knew he would understand and so did anyone else who is honest with themselves. It was in 6.2 that Cath said “The job always comes first, that is who we are” and McG replied “Yup” Does that mean he’s not hurt or angry? NO I just hope these writers can give up a satisfying scene where they resolve this like the loving adults they are.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. LOL – those gloves. First clue that the OR staff should have noticed – the surgeon knows their glove size and you have that ready according to their order. It looked like she was going to wash the dishes 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  11. As always very accurately reviewed Sam, although I could not get to the awesome at the end as you did. 🙂 Maybe because I really though this was going to be a great one, but it disappointed me in too many ways. You covered most of it in the review and the few things you left out was very eloquently added on by the rest of the ladies’ comments here. I thoroughly enjoyed you all!!
    One thing that nobody else mentioned I think – I was immidiately pissed off when the flash backs were introduced by Abby and not Steve/Alex as usual. She is not even a main cast member, but a guest on the show ….. It was just wrong for me!

    Liked by 6 people

        1. Whatev’s on H50 they’re all the same, LOL.

          “This week let’s have that character that does terrible things to the men on the show do the intro!”
          “the bad guy?”
          “No, one of the women!”

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Grace, don’t forget Kono chose such a perfect husband to take care of her. He can make breakfast, and and… sitting in cars, and hiding in cabins, and making the dishes professionally, and killing mortally wounded guys, and watching his wife doing stuff… 😉

              Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I was offended by that too…for a split second I did think it was Cath, but she has such a lovely clear voice, I very disappointedly realized it wasn’t her…and not even Kono! So yeah, Abby has not earned her props yet. That sucked.

      Tho, TBH, I’m always irked when it isn’t Alex. He’s the damn lead and he, by far, had the sexiest voice. He should do all the VO’s. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  12. Ha, I love your review and all the comments here! I don’t know what to make of this episode. Maybe at the end of my random thoughts I will have decided if it’s awesome or great. Because it was not awesome, of course not awesome like epiCsode 5.07, but also not awesome like i.e. 5.19, but it was highly entertaining. With tons of flaws… So what do I do? Oh, decisions decisions… It is really important to think that through, I don’t want to give them PTB the impression I am that easy to – uh – impress.
    So the whole HQ is gassed and a tiny woman (she has to be very tiny, there are no gloves or scrubs that fit her) can carry an unconscious man outside? Ah well, maybe she was hiding an inflatable gas mask under her shirt. Or the butterfly tattoo is a Hawaiian tatau giving superpowers. BTW a butterfly? Really? A Russian merciless, ruthless, dangerous, deadly killer spy has a butterfly tattoo? LOL! Sorry no! As I got my first tattoo the only thing my father said was: “Oh thank God it’s no dolphin or butterfly!”
    So all people in the HQ were put asleep, because it is obviously air-tight and hermetically sealed. Pfft.
    But I loved the way AOL plays these scenes, esp. the waking up scenes. He is really great in those. Realistic and convincing. But what the heck was that what Mr. Caan did? Sorry but I was laughing so hard, I had to pause the record. I remember a scene in a movie with a little mouse. I think it was Stuart Little? He always slept in a small sardines can and when he laid down it looked exactly the same. I don’t get why it didn’t end on the editing room’s floor. That was so bad. But let’s put it nicely:

    Danny fainted and Steve passed out in a very manly way.
    And as he woke up he was like a hungry bear after hibernation. Loved that!

    Now let me have just a few words about Danny, Cath and Abby. Danny talked to Steve at the end, which was nice. But nothing more. It is kind of sad that people have to point this up. But I get why they do it, it’s because it was the first time Danny actually has gone to his friend to talk to him about his feelings and his anger and his pain. Yet he had no choice, Steve was standing there, looking at the sea right before him. It is not like he was driving to a special place he knew his friend would be there, hurting and needing a friend to talk to. So for me Danny was just being a ‘normal’ friend, but in his case it was something special just because we’ve never seen it before. (No, I’ve not forgotten Afghanistan; I am talking about a day to day friendship and your daily behavior towards friends.)
    And I don’t want to think about the judgy judger who judges in the Chinese shop.
    For Abby, I hope she is talking to Chin and telling the truth. Want to hear what I think could happen? She’ll lose her job, 5-0 will be destroyed at the season’s end, put together again in S7 and Abby will replace someone else in the task force. A blonde for a blond? 😉 Steve and Danny can have phone calls, because I am that nice.
    Now Cath… Hmm. I like how AOL did the ‘realization’ scene. He was shocked, simply because someone he loves is in danger, but I don’t think he was that surprised she is not in Nepal. He had his doubts, I am sure of that. Well done! Now we know where Cath is, but I still think she has some explaining to do. Simply because she had a choice. And she decided against her love, against his love and although she knew she would hurt him badly. She could have said ‘No’ to the mysterious man at the phone. She didn’t. So I hope the writers will come up with something good to explain this!
    Oh I forgot something. I like Kono again these days. She is so much better when there is no Adam around, no mention of Adam. She is the Kono I know. No cry baby. No ‘oh you take so good care of me my beloved husband’ Kono. McKono forever!!!! LOL!
    And now? Any decision? Nope. No. Gah. Great. I’ll vote Great. Just because I missed McChin. Or McGrover. Or McGrin.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Alex had some good stuff to do in this ep, and I completely agree he got every emo, every unspoken bit of dialogue, perfectly right with his face and bod. I think he amazes us all the time, and it never ever gets old, seeing him crush that stuff. 🙂

      Your comment reminded me of something I posted on Twitter about McG gazing out to sea. I participated in a huge WWII oral history project awhile ago, and I interviewed many women who Rosie-the-Riveted their way thru the war, while their hubs were off fighting. A common thread of their experience was when they would go to the seashore, they would stand and gaze across the water, trying to commune with their man. It usually brought solace, a sense of connection, an assurance he was there, doing his duty, thinking of her. But one lady said, as her son played in the sand, she gazed at the Atlantic…and felt alone. Utterly alone. He wasn’t there. The day was June 6, 1944. Turns out he was among the first units on the beach at Normandy, and one of the first killed.

      McG looking out over that water…he was trying to feel her. ❤

      Liked by 4 people

      1. That were exactly the vibes I got! And these feelings, this trying to connect in one way or another is so true! When your partner is far away, at war, deceased… people do that, they have special places to commune, to feel nearer…

        Liked by 3 people

    2. I do wonder what leverage was used to get Catherine to take this assignment. It could have been presented to her in a way that she felt she really didn’t have a choice in accepting it. Of course she has some explaining to do…..the writers have some explaining to do. Let’s hope they don’t muck it up.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Moonjat: We don’t know what happened in Afghanistan or how long she was really there. I think she believed she was done with all that when she returned but she was alone all day after she got that mysterious call, so we don’t know what leverage was used on her. I think she gave him that Nepal story because she thought she might get killed and would rather hurt him by saying she wanted more in her life than have him wait for a condolence call that would destroy him. As for what the leverage was, there must be lives dependent on her silence to make such a personal sacrifice and leave the man she truly loves. I’m sure she didn’t want him risking his life by getting involved with a dark op. And we know he would follow her if she told him. Well, now he knows, so I expect he will get truly crazy sitting on his hands just doing nothing. Patience is not one of his virtues. That is how I see PL going with this.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Very true Mama, that is exactly what I mean. I think she hoped to stay put in Hawaii but someone presented her with a situation that she felt she couldn’t refuse. That is the only thing that makes sense to me. I have no clue what makes sense to the writers, I suspect they lost their common sense a long time ago. She lied because look what happened the last time she told Steve about an op she planned to follow through on…..he was almost killed by the Taliban. She couldn’t let that happen a second time. She isn’t like Doris, she did not abandon two children, she left a grown man who knows how to make sacrifices when it is demanded of you and it hurt her deeply as we all saw.

          Liked by 2 people

        2. Woot! Moon and Mama! Y’all make a great team. I’m totally in y’all’s camp about why she went and why she mislead him. I am also, as I’ve seen many do, assuming Doris plays into this somehow…like either she’s helping Doris or Doris recommended her for a sensitive job.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. I think ‘they’ could pressure her into doing what she did with a few things.
          For one, there is the threat hanging over Steve from back in Afghanistan. Although I’m still not clear on why those two guys were pissed at Steve. They should have been really happy with him. He (and Cath) found out that a big leader was still alive, one ‘they’ thought had been killed two years ago. So, I never got why they threw Steve out of the country. Anyway, they could threaten to go after Steve for that little trip.
          Second, it could be really simple, too. After leaving the Navy Cath signed up to be in the reserves. That comes with obligations, like one weekend a month and two weeks a year. She never did that, she simply packed her bags and was gone. You can’t just leave a contract like that behind. I guess the Navy would be pretty miffed with her about that.
          It might also be that she was pressured to join the Navy again. Which would mean she has to follow orders.
          But whatever the case, why ever she did what she did. It broke her heart to leave Steve.
          I do believe she should have told him that she had to leave and couldn’t tell him why and where. He would have understood. The total lie was, in my eyes, not necessary. But as I said many times before, I do believe she thought it was the right thing to do, or she didn’t have a say in the matter.
          It was clearly not her intention to leave him, or tell him this lie to get any personal gain from it.
          And comparing Catherine to Doris is just stupid. Only a moron would put Catherine and Doris in the same category. That is so ridiculous. I don’t even have words for such stupidity.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. There are people comparing Cath to Doris? I have no words for that, it’s more than ridiculous. I have to admit I am not fond of Cath at the moment. As far as we know in the moment there was no reason to lie to Steve the way she did. She could have told him about a classified mission and he would have understood. But she left an adult, a freaking NavySEAL for a good cause and not two little kids for selfish reasons. And btw Cath’s tears were real tears of desperation. Doris’ tears? Not so much. Crocodile tears. She chose a murderer, a killer, a torturer over her own children.
            So I don’t like Cath that much (at the moment), but Doris I despise.
            (101? Damn, I wanted it to be the 100. comment… :lol:)

            Liked by 1 person

            1. If Cath were in Naval Reserves and she shared with McG that she was on a black op, she risked Court Marshal. If she is a CIA operative and she told McG, she risked the lives of other “assets” also in deep cover. And while McG admits he would have done the same thing as Cath, he would definitely not understand if she broke secrecy by telling him because he would not never have done that. Not knowing the truth kept him safe because McG would not be able to stop himself from trying to help her and that could prove to be a disaster to the mission or even get him killed. I still think he won’t sit and wait things out. That is just who he is, but he does understand duty and will not blame Cath. She is not the one who told him what was going on. (I expect he will be asked to join the black op for a rescue mission. Then he will be blamed by the McDanno’s for lying to Danny.)

              And this is why I think she left him as she did. She is risking her life. Why risk his too. I am sorry for McG, but at least he knows now why did what she did, and in his own way, he is supportive of a decision he also would have made.

              And the only ones who compare Cath to Doris are the ABC cray-cray segment of the fan base.

              Liked by 2 people

                1. There you go drawing another episode to mind. In the first season when we meet Max, “I’m sorry. That was a double negative.” LOL!!!!!!


              1. I agree completely Mama. The voice on the phone asked her if he believed her cover story or something like that so I can only assume that she was ordered not to let Steve know what she was doing. In that case no matter how much she wanted to tell the truth she couldn’t without repercussions if it was learned she did.

                Comparing her to Doris is the abc’s favorite rant. Some even said in posts that she spied on Steve along with lying and betraying him. Not that they support their accusations with any facts.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. ROFLMAO – yes – I love that something that they have imagined has become the basis for all “proof”.

                  she’s been spying on him ALL ALONG – hahahaha. yup, that’s it. she’s been doing a long con on him for 10 years. *snort*


              2. I agree – Cath is not this cold blooded liar that certain people try to paint her as, because there has been no definitive proof of that. She was manipulated by Doris into not telling Steve about his mother/Mangosta. As SOON as it became apparent that there was an issue, she told him – and felt a lot of remorse. As far as we know, she didn’t lie about Afghanistan – we don’t know that she wasn’t teaching – and she did tell him not to wait for her. No lie there. In 6.03, yes, she lied to him – for reasons we don’t know. She was clearly very upset, even more so when she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to have Steve understand. You can see it in 6.03 as that conversation progresses. She tries to soft pedal him, and when he keeps coming back with options, she’s got to just break down and go.

                Sometimes I wish that they had set it up that she embedded some code into her words – them both being into Cryptography and all, that didn’t compromise the confidentiality of the mission, but that would offer some explanation as to what she was doing (something that Steve doesn’t realize right away but figures out later) – but I don’t think the writers are that clever.

                Anyway – Peter has put this mystery out there. On purpose. It’s not to close the story, despite with the anti’s want to convince themselves of. I hope we get to see why. I’m just afraid it’s going to be lame.

                Liked by 1 person

    3. LOL, Danny fainted and Steve was manly and “passed out”. That is oh-so-true. You had me laughing out loud… and I’m at work. But that’s OK, they already think I’m strange.

      As for Cath, I still think there is some reason she thought she HAD to do whatever the man on the phone said. I don’t know if they threatened Steve, are blackmailing her, or something is up. At least that is MY hope for some resolution for all this. I just don’t think she ran off like she did because she wanted to. Hopefully someday soon we will find out.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. H50 happy faces to everybody — from one who still cannot use her “like” button. We get a complete picture of each episode when we all participate. It’s amazing.


      1. Sam: Each time I tried to use it, MacAfee sent me the big red X danger notice. I spent hours with them trying to see why this site, which I never had trouble with before, suddenly came up as a warning. They took control of my computer, with my permission, told me not to touch anything and I watched my cursor move around the screen on its own. There is nothing wrong with the site as far as they are concerned, so I continue to post and there are no more warnings. However, when I signed in to use the like button, I ran into problems. It may be the general word press site but I don’t know that for sure. Or I could just be computer challenged. On two occasions, I had to change my screen name and try to sign in again. I have no idea what is really going on, but I am super careful because I work from home and I have the server here and can’t take risks. It makes life simpler for me to avoid a possible problem especially when I am not sure why I am having it. Spending several hundred dollars to have a tech come here to figure it out is not worth it for me so, I just respond to posts or do a general “like” to everyone who takes the time to share their ideas. I always feel badly that I can’t post a like the way others do, but until I need to have someone come in for other programs, I’m just letting it slide and hope everyone understands.

        If I crash the server, none of you will ever hear from me again–I’m going under deep cover with Cath and wait for McG to come find me.


          1. Thanks for letting me know that. I had no idea. Can I pretend to crash the server and have McG find me anyway? Anybody want to hide out with me? I’m buying.


        1. MamaYorkie do you mind if I go off topic and ask generically what industry or field of work you are in for your work from home job? I ask because every time I try to look into that, I come up with nothing but scam sites so I’m surveying people when the opportunity comes up to find out how they come about work from home positions.

          Is it a company you were already affiliated with and the work from home opportunity arose? I don’t know if my email address shows on my posts but if you prefer to email I’m at brendaattheranch (@) yahoo dot com

          If you’d rather not, I’m good with that too.


          1. I am trying to wind down a business permanently from home so my situation is different. I know many of the work from home ads you see are scams so what I would try is this, Assess what skills you have first. Ask yourself what makes you happy. How many hours do you want to devote to it each week. Are you a people person or do you prefer limited interaction during your work day. Network everywhere you go. Tell all of your friends, relatives and neighbors that you are looking for something you can do from home. The more people who know you are out there, the greater your chance of finding that first home based job. Go everywhere. Programs at local schools, the public Library. etc. Volunteer for something you really believe in, introduce yourself to everyone and then network-network-network. People are more open to farm out work to be done at home to someone they know from a professional or social setting or recommend you to someone they know. Some people have built successful careers starting out at home. If you are already working, then start out looking for something small to start with so you still have a job to fall back on if it doesn’t work out. Just don’t give up. I wish you all the best and you are in my prayers. Let us know when you make that first million!

            Liked by 2 people

            1. 10-4. Thanks. I don’t need a million (but not opposed LOL!) Would just like to cut out the commute that costs me pretty much 3/4’s of the waking hours of my day. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming….


  14. Sam: I really did go off topic here . Sorry- I forgot myself until I actually pressed the send button. So as an addendum to that post please add: H50 rocks and here’s to S7 which I am more certain of each day. PL knows already. Forgive me.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. “Sometimes I wish that they had set it up that she embedded some code into her words – them both being into Cryptography and all, that didn’t compromise the confidentiality of the mission, but that would offer some explanation as to what she was doing…”

    That would involve giving careful, considerate thought to a strong female character. Ain’t gonna happen. 😎


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