6.17 Promo

Here is the HD promo from CBS’ YouTube site.

As always CBS removes the promo after the episode aired.

IF you can’t see the video due to country restrictions, please add the YouTube unblocker to your browser. It’s easy and safe. Here is the link for Firefox.


I think this promo looks promising. I hope we will not be disappointed. Looks intense, and hopefully we will get some really good action.

Although I do have a question already. Knocking out all those people at HQ is a major operation. Who is behind it, and how did they manage to gas the whole building?

Personally I think this will finally be another episode for a great tie-in. 🙂

17 thoughts on “6.17 Promo

  1. I hope the episode lives up to the promo. And I certainly hope this isn’t going to be a Gabe episode. I would think not but I wouldn’t put anything past TPTB at this point. How many episodes do they film per season these days? Are there what–5 more episodes after this? And they better make the gassing thing believable. Our favorite task force took care of a bunch of terrorists who locked down the whole palace a few years ago (yes, I know said terrorists had an ulterior motive) so I hope this is where the writers really shine in their writing for 6.17.

    I’m VERY cautiously optimistic.

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  2. I’m more just cautious. The writers and “Boss” have played fast and loose with McRoll and the Cath character, to the point it all makes very little sense now…just like the Shelburne, ChampBox, McMama, and Wo arcs before it all ended with either a whimper or with utter lack of resolution. Seems the McG centric stories above all get the shaft at some point, so I don’t trust their talent, and as they certainly have shown their disregard for McRoll fans, I don’t trust their intentions.

    I’m cautious. I’m watching for Alex. That’s literally all I got anymore.

    If I end up pleasantly surprised, I’ll be pleasantly, and very, surprised. 😆


  3. Isn’t it to supposed be some kind of NSA threat which has Cath’s secret mission compromised and puts her at risk? Hence one of their own, etc.? I am leaning to a gas being used on them and Jerry, whose basement office is out of the way, saves them all. OK, leaning toward the gas part but if Jerry’s the hero I want candy.

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    • Well, sometimes you just have to stray from the facts. We all know that fact can be boring at times. But it all has to stay in the realm of possibilities. And what Five-0 at times does is a bit much. 😉

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  4. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that it won’t make me tear my hair out. It looks intense from the bit they gave us and I do like that Steve acknowledged that he still cares a lot for Cath in spite of deleting her contact. We knew that all along, right? Thanks for posting the promo Sam, I tried finding it yesterday to re-watch after Friday nights teaser but I guess I was too inept…..I had no luck.


    • With the way the show has been for the last year and a half, I don’t have much hair left to tear out. 😎 So I’d appreciate it if they’d look after my locks and deliver a stellar episode.

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  5. Like the new outline BTW Sam. Keep up the good work. As really hope that the gas thing will be something they are faking. Who knows? But wonder if Abby will finally tell the truth to Chin about being the IAB mole? Or will the team figure it out on their own. I love and adore Chin. Do not mess with Chin!
    Also stop torturing Steve(There I said it P.L. and the powers that be), he needs to move on with or without Catherine. But hopefully he and Catherine will have a happy ending.


  6. oh, oh, oh, Thank you so much for this surprise! I got to read some great fanfic today and now have this treat to send me off to bed (much, much later than I was supposed to).. I can’t wait for Friday!


  7. I need someone to swat me upside the head every time I am tempted to read the comments on FB on the CBS posts. Dang those *fans* that like to condemn anyone who likes Catherine. Just the possible mention of her makes them come out in droves. And some sure seem to think they have inside info on why MB left and have no trouble stating how the network told PL to get rid of her. I think I have an unconscious desire to have my blood pressure go up and need to post a note by my computer to stay out of the comments section. You would think I would know better by now. Oh well, I really do hope the episode lives up to the teaser, we need a great episode for a change.

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