6.16 Review


6.16 Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa’a – When Five-0’s sketchy confidential informant is accused of murder, McGarrett asks his old friend Odell Martin to defend him, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Feb. 26 2016

CBS translated Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa’a to The Solid Cornerstone

I’m pretty sure most of you will be surprised when you get to my verdict at the end of this review. Well, do not fear, won’t take you long to get there since I don’t have time for a full review.

Let’s start with the poll.

Warning! Do not enter if you can’t stand an honest opinion. 🙂

What a refreshing start without any ‘previously on’. But hey, they didn’t spare us with it, oh no, they found a way to fill the time with lots of ‘previously on’. Just this time they stretched it over the whole episode. Yes, I do understand that it might be important for all the people who have never seen an episode before, or all the people with the attention span of a three-year-old to repeat again and again what has happened in previous episodes. But as a regular viewer I find those most annoying.

And they make me wonder that if the writers and editors and EPs and whoever is responsible can remember what happened in previous episodes… why the heck can’t they keep up any kind of contingency?!

Oh, but they did this time. Sort of. They mentioned why Danny wasn’t there. Despite it always being happy time for me when I don’t have to put up with ‘his royal nastiness’, the reasoning was pretty week. Getting back to NJ to give the money back to the FBI? Yeah, right, as if they would need Danny to get the money back. Why not simply saying he’s accompanying his mother? Their reason makes no sense. But whatever gets him shipped off the island is fine by me.

YES, I am still complaining about this character. Get used to it. Every episode without him is way calmer, smoother, more adult… just simply better episode. (Ehm… there are exceptions, as always)

So, that was a total win in my book. You love that character? Yeah, well, I’m sorry you don’t get to see him. I really am, but I think the actor’s arrangement is a win for the show.

Anyway. Back to the episode. Calling Sang Min a friend was way over the top for me. He might be an asset to Five-0, I can live with that. But calling him a friend or Ohana goes too far for me.

I have not forgotten that he was the scum of the universe as a human trafficker, and that he did not pay up for it. Why is he even a free man now? Yes, he helped finding McG, he helped Chin in prison. But it certainly won’t make him a friend. Sorry, but that is just wrong.

Speaking of Sang Min. In very, very, very small doses he is kind of OK. But this was unbearable to watch. If it wouldn’t have been for Steve and Odell, this would have been the very first episode that I would have stopped watching.

I’m sorry, but this guy and his totally over the top acting is not my kind of humor at all. It is nothing but totally annoying for me. So, every scene he was in, which unfortunately were a lot, was really annoying for me.

I hated the scene at the hotel where they had a practice run of the trial. Totally stupid and ridiculous. Jerry, Kame, Flippa and Sang Min? Shoot me now!

Oh gawd and don’t even let me start with the Jamaican guy. I barely understood a word he was saying. What was the purpose of him anyway? I even hated Grover’s scenes. Wow, I’m on a roll.

I don’t care for this kind of shit at all. Not my humor, not the kind of show I want to see or take any joy out of. The parts with Sang Min, Ziggy and Co. were a total failure for me.

I didn’t even smile or laugh once. Groaning. Yeah, I did that a lot. Especially about the most stupid reason why he couldn’t have shot that guy. Gimme a break. Because he’s near-sighted and not wearing glasses? Seriously?! Jeez.

So, did I like anything in this episode? Oh yeah. I really liked Odell. And Odell and Steve. And Steve and Chin. And even Kono. Loved the ‘let’s get wet’ scenes.

But that was it. And frankly, that is not enough to make this a good episode. The bad outweighed the good by far. Maybe I was in the wrong mood for this episode, don’t know. But I don’t think I can stand to watch the Sang Min parts ever again.

I don’t care if people like him or not, as I said, I do like him in small doses, but not like this. Ever again.

As you probably have figured out by now, I am really mad. For the first time. Stop this shit with the secondary, in this case even way-down-the-food-chain-characters and focus on the main character(s). Damn it. I don’t like this. I want the show about Five-0 back. The show with the coolest crime fighters on the island. Where did they go? I want them back. Find them, and stop this shit.

Review Rant over!


Now, give it your best shot! Tell me how totally and completely wrong I am about this oh so awesome episode!

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


54 thoughts on “6.16 Review

  1. Ok first time we have TOTALLY disagreed on an episode. I thought it was entertaining and yes, I suspended belief. No sang min isn’t ohana but they knew he was innocent and they help the innocent.

    Besides he was in jail. 50 got him out for this sting. So he was paying for some kind of crime.

    Didn’t care for the mock trial but I loved seeing o’dell progression in all this. Loved the scenes between him and steve.

    Loved the ending. Funny and light. Loved the court scenes. And I liked the way he got him off.

    I don’t know, it was just silly and fun.

    I am voting great because for me it was more than good to me. It made me smile when I needed it. Besides, watching steve was worth a lot.

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    1. I know he was in jail. I just wonder why he isn’t now.
      And I have no problem with them fighting for the innocent. I have a big problem with calling Sang Min a friend.
      And how they got him off was just silly. And silly isn’t my thing when it comes to Five-0. For me, it us a crime show, and in my world a crime show can’t be silly and ridiculous. That is what sitcoms are for. Both things I love, but I don’t like them get mixed.


      1. I have a big problem calling Adam ohana too… but they do. I can’t explain it but the episode made me smile. Not in a silly way but in fun. I liked how they developed Odell’s character and I loved him and Steve together.

        But it may also be that I need some dose of fun in my life and that’s what it took to make me smile.

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  2. This episode represents the new continuity of Five-0—slap whatever you can together to fill another 42 minute show. I was not annoyed by the episode or Sang Min, but I was bored. It was a filler episode.

    RE: Danny’s excuse for not being there: I was thinking “What, they don’t have wire transfers?”

    I was indifferent to Odell. Same as before. But at least the one thing that came of it is it brought out Steve’s social worker side that we’ve consistently seen him display throughout the series (yeah, something consistent!). Steve tries to fix people. This guy is no exception. And I always have a weakness for father/child (no matter the age) stories.

    The court room scene was mediocre and the vision thing a stretch, but actually, the actor who plays Sang Min does look significantly older than the last time I saw him so I was ok with it. Is Ohana a stretch? Probably, but realistically, whatever his past, he has helped FIve-0 more often than not and I like the fact that, despite his baser side, there is some good in him. As we’ve discussed many times, there’s not a clean side to any of the characters. All have skeletons.

    I give it a mediocre. I was bored. Again. But nothing outright objectionable. It was just another episode with everyone clocking time and putting another episode behind them so they could go on vacation.


  3. Oh, Sam, lol. You’re my spirit animal this week. I’m currently out enjoying my life (since I’ve heard that’s what I should be doing instead of having an opinion on the craptacular disaster this episode was), but I’ll say this. .. this was an entertaining show if this were some half hour comedy not named Hawaii Five 0. Complete filler, poorly researched plot points, and full of nothing.

    Not every character that people like in an episode needs to come back. Just saying. And ppl who loved this episode but complain that Cath (or any other character) took too much time away from the main cast… well.. they’ve invalidated their argument.

    Off to enjoy my life!

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    1. ROFL, Kim. Yeah, I also heard that I should do something better with my life instead of having an opinion. Guess their estimation that I don’t have anything better to do must be right. 😉
      Totally agree, it would have been entertaining if it wouldn’t have been an episode of my beloved show Hawaii Five-0. Sad, really.

      One more thing, they have invalidated all their arguments a long time ago. 🙂

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      1. SAM: Did someone really say that ? Since when were we not allowed to express opinions? I don’t need validation from anyone in the form of a returned “tweet” to be honest about what I think of each episode. Perhaps those who consider any criticism of the show and its lack of cohesion to be blasphemy should consider that that their blind acceptance of crap carries over to other aspects of their lives. In other words, you get pretty much back from life what you put into it. Karma, you know.

        Not one of us has the least bit of influence on the direction of the story line- his show, his rules, his right. . I know that must be hard for them to believe when they beg the PTB to read their reviews. Pathetic.

        Maybe those who think freedom of expression belongs only to them and that some of us should do something better with our lives, if we disagree, should look in the mirror and ask themselves why? Would their honest answer embarrass them? Probably.

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  4. Well I guess I am with Cokie on this one. I enjoyed the episode very much. I happen to get a kick out of Sang Min. Do I think he is a good guy…..no but he is funny. I think he belongs in jail for his crimes but in this case he was innocent. I also liked watching Odell come to terms with the law and with his feelings for his father. Steve always seems to see what people need to do to be happy but not for himself. He needs to look in the mirror and then not sacrifice his own happiness. (In other words, go find Cath)

    I also found Ziggy aka Bones to be funny and was impressed that Lou was able to mimic that accent.

    Of course the best was Steve getting wet when he and Chin saved the container people. Our man sure does know how to go all out when it comes to other people’s lives. The action part while small was great. it was an episode that I could sit back and just enjoy. And I am sure that Danny needed to go home with his mother to make sure the money was transferred to the FBI because I wouldn’t trust Clara to do that right at all. It was as good an excuse as any for why he was absent.

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    1. This was pretty much my reaction to this ep. I gave it a good. The Danno-lessness of it gave it an automatic raise from my usual okay, and I truly loved much of the purposeful silly that this ep was. I didn’t love Sang, but he didn’t irk me. And I am alllll about the McOdell! The McOdell is the awesomest awesome on Show now that Cath is still gone…again.

      The ep could not get a great from me, tho, because of the mock-trial. Nearly alllllll the quirky kooky side-kick dudes in one room! How very…not charming. And how many women actually featured in the entire ep? Why that would be one, Mr. Lenkov. Ridiculously, that would be one. 😡

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      1. Modell gets an awesome from me, but Sang Min and the rest of the clown bunch pulled it down big time. Just ugh.
        Before I watched it I told Cokie “no Danny, what’s not to love”. Unfortunately quite a lot. 😉


        1. We all have our threshold, babe. And Show has a habit these days of constantly crossing somebody’s. Even tho so many of us have lowered our expectations! The excellence is just not there.


    2. I wouldn’t trust Clara to use the knife to cut the edges off my bread but apparently danny relies on her for that. She is about as useless as a turnip. I would think that the fbi would have siezed the account but if that excuse sent Danny on his way, I’m ok with it.

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  5. Quoting my farmboy “is it just me or was that an odd episode?” Yes it was. I thought Sang Min was more over the top that usual but maybe it was because there was more of him. I like Odell and I like Odell and McG together so that didn’t bother me. I did love the glimpse of the former Superseal McG when they dove into the water to save the people in the container. DId anyone else wonder if they could all swim? and I was disappointed that McG appeared so dried off so quickly.
    I do want to know why we are having so many episodes based around ancillary characters though. For me, Show started out as the McG story and it always will be the McG story.. so get back to that please!
    off to real life now!

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    1. I did wonder if anyone would need help getting to the surface of the water after the container door opened. Maybe that is why Steve was the last to appear, he was making sure they all made it out. It does seem that the writers are having trouble concentrating on the main cast and keep turning to others to center their episodes on. With so many loose ends that need tying up and with no assurance of a 7th season at this point it would be nice if they would finish off some of what they started.

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  6. At least Five 0 knows someone is after them. And at least that they will figure it out who the mole is. As really the Ohana family is very close. But wonder if they will figure it out to being Abby. As she has betrayed their trust, including that of my favorite Chin.
    Love Odell and really hope to see him again. Glad Michael I got a better scene this time.
    Really think Steve in a sense does owe him a barber shop.
    The mock court scenes added some comic relief a bit.
    But really it was OK!


    1. Well since betraying women are the m.o. of choice for Five-0, if they can’t figure that one out they all need to be busted back down to street cop (Okay, well Steve never was but that’s ok. LOL!)

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    1. Ridiculous defense aside… yes, I loved how max was very professional on the stand, but then so happy to be able to provides the defense some very helpful testimony.

      I did manage to like that, despite feeling kind of icky that five-0 (more specifically, my beloved Chin) caused permanent physical injury to Sang Min. I nean.. yes obviously they do, but I didn’t need it proven to me (and no acknowledgement from Chin) ick.

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  7. I enjoyed this episode! But I didn’t expect anything too serious because the preview gave a lot of the atmosphere away!
    I loved Steve and Odell together! They match just fine – and yes it is Steve fixing a “Broken toy” – again!
    All in all I gave a great! Maybe I , too, was in the right mood at the right time!
    BUT: I also wish, that sonetimes the show would go back to the action! They will, Steve said it: it is just the beginning! Let’s hope for the best!

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  8. I agree with many of you and your comments. I wonder if the long introduction beginning each episode is supposed to be their idea of countering the complaints of continuity. It looks like a cost cutting measure. Maybe they were told to watch the bottom line. I still believe in S7.

    It would have been nice to see Kono take Sang Min outside after the verdict and see to it that he never, ever spoke to her that way again. BTW, what was that thing she was wearing in Court? Does wardrobe hate her? Also, the team could have been more formally dressed, especially if they had to take the stand. McG in uniform is a plus. He did it for Danny during a custody hearing, why not now?

    As for Danny’s absence, I don’t miss him. A cardboard cut out propped up in a seat would have sufficed. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if the rest off the team just carried the cut out of Danny around with them all the time and nodded to it every now and then.

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        1. LOL! Well you guys have me intensely curious about the blouse but not curious enough to put myself through the ep again. However, in looking at the thumbnail photo above, I see what you mean. It is odd–looks like the “outside the convent” shirt you’d wear when not in your habit. And I’m extremely conservative in my dress. LOL!

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          1. I was going to say it looked like a kindergarten teacher outfit from way back when but the “outside the convent shirt” reference works well too. Very good.


    1. Yeah, I wondered about McGarrett being so casually dressed in court. Regardless of his opinion of Sang Min, he strikes me as the type to respect the court (and as you noted, has in the past), and would at least dress in a suit. Can’t believe no one at all noticed this detail. They’re just coasting.

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      1. I think all three guys were in casual clothes. Here they put Sang Min in a suit and ignore the fact that Chin, Lou and Steve should have been more formally dressed especially since Steve was called to testify. Having done jury duty this summer I know that even in the lower courts a certain protocol is followed.

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        1. I also wondered about their dress code. Especially Steve who always showed up in court dressed accordingly. That was very odd, but since I complained about so many things I decided not to mention that. If I would go into detail about what was odd about this ep, or simply ridiculous and so not Five-0… How much time do you guys have?


  9. McGarrett and Odell together was enough to make me happy. I am not sure about the testimony at the end getting in the information about Sang Min. I don’t think Steve testifying about Sang Min’s medical records was the correct legal way to get that information admitted. They would need an optometrist and probably a fire arms expert together to put that defense together. Witnesses have to be qualified for the type of testimony they are giving.
    Yes, law enforcement officers testifying in court are usually asked to dress in uniform, and since Five-0 doesn’t have uniforms, suits would be appropriate.
    i still haven’t checked out Kono’s outfit – would require rewatching the entire thing….

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  10. The episode was entertaining….but, I want to watch the Hawaii 5-0 I fell in love with in 2010-11. I want a solid story about 5-0 solving the crime of the week…..not stories about all the secondary characters. And if I don’t see Clara Williams again, it will be too soon. I hate that they have been doing flashbacks so much this year. It eats up time in the episode -I guess so the writers don’t have to work so hard coming up with a 43 minute episode each week? And Sang Min shouldn’t be out of prison…..I thought they had put him away for a good long time. The fact that 5-0 did not dress appropriately for court bugged me. Especially Steve. They have too many people on the cast that are secondary characters, and they feel the need to use them too much. I guess since Scott doesn’t want to be on the show all the time, they have to fill up the time with alternate story lines that utilize everyone. Not sure this all makes sense……

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    1. I hear ya…this ep was way too heavy on the quirky “but loveable 🙄 ” third-tier dudes. Almost all ep’s anymore feature one of the dirty dozen Quirky Dudes in some manner. And note they are all male. I bet no one has heard me comment on this before! 😉 This ep was even more male heavy than the others. It really shows women, or at least not-Konos, are not welcome in this all-male Ohana. If it is sexist, can it even BE called an Ohana? I am not familiar with island policy on this…

      And I’ve usually enjoyed the Danno-free ep’s more than any others in a season. In spite of the Quirky Dudes Club meeting disguised as a mock trial here, I even enjoyed this one. But I do hear ya.

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  11. If this were traffic court I could understand that it might be a bit casual, after all this is Hawaii. However this was a murder trial. Grover and Chin might not have taken the stand to they could dress as they please but H 5-0 wardrobe department dropped the ball by not having Steve put on a suit. He’s the head of the task force testifying in a murder trial, that calls for a more formal appearance.

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  12. I thought this episode has odd moments too. I enjoyed Sang Min. It bothered me that McG was guilting Odell about his dad outside of the Blue Room when he first met Sang Min. As Steve later revealed. in that great moment with Odell outside the courtroom before the trial started, he knows all about guilt and lost time with this dad. Why would he try to guilt Odell with it? That was just strange for me.


    1. I see what you’re saying but I think he was being Steve–how many times a day must Steve wish he’d reached out to break the stale-mate between he and his dad? Then one gunshot killed any chances he had of ever doing so. Given that, I can totally see why he would talk to Odell about that—before it became “too little, too late” for him too.

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    1. Mama, I have no doubt we will get at least one more season. Leslie Moonves said in a recent interview, when he started his new job at CBS, that these days international markets and DVD sales and such are very important for a show to live on or not. And Five-0 is doing really well internationally.
      From the business point alone it would be the wrong move to pull them off the air. Ratings are not the main factor these days anymore. Besides, Five-0 is doing really well in the ratings. Always remember, you have to look differently at Friday-ratings. Totally different ball game.
      Anyway, I ‘know’ that we will get another season. Trust me. 🙂

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      1. I agree. As I said before, PL would never auction a walk in part on H50 unless he was sure he could deliver. So, hooray to S7 and the return of McG’s one and only, Cath. ( I do trust you!)

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        1. Yes, return with the high quality of older seasons. I would like to have a chance to ooh and aaah over Five-0 once more. I’ve missed it.

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  13. Sam, I nearly had more fun reading your review than watching the episode. I ‘feel’ you in most of what you said about it. It was so silly that I just decided to handle it with the same silliness in return. 😀

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  14. Well it looks like I got ahead of myself last night. I was thinking last night would be a new episode but I was wrong. But I was wrong in a good way. At least I got to see Catherine.

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    1. We were out last night but I have it DVRd. I just saw the promo for next week on a link…omg! Intense indeed!

      We’ll see how awesome, or how awful, it ends…kinda nervous about the whole thing. 😕

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      1. I’m with you. I’ve been burned so many times by the poor decision making on this show yet there’s still a small flicker inside that remains hopeful they’ll get the show back to the high quality enterprise it once was.

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      2. Just watched the promo. Looks good.
        Without ever checking the hash tag I am already disgusted what some, especially one person is already saying about Cath.
        Not watching any scenes with her, but will always love every episode? Schizophrenic much? Jeez.

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        1. It looked to me that the entire team is knocked out by something- a gas maybe? I could be very wrong but it looked like the perp was unconscious in the chair and then Steve dropped to the ground. There didn’t seem to be any fight that I could see. (Everyone else was down at another location but we didn’t see what happened) . Maybe one of you has a different perspective on this. But Cath is Ohana and “one of their own”. We won’t see her in 617 but its the set up for the big payoff. She’ll be back.

          Sam!!!! Only ONE schizo? Or is it the Schizo Commander-in-chief with a “thing” for he who must not be named?


          1. Lol. The “boss” groupie.

            My mind is already in overdrive with that scene in the blue room. ☺
            And no, Cath won’t be in 617, but she’ll be back. My guess is still the season’s cliffhanger.

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  15. Oh so awesome episode? Nope. Not for me. It was good for me.
    I know you’re all in anticipation of 6.17 so I’ll make it short (Really!).
    I am no Sang Min cheerleader. Never was, never will be. Yeah. Kono’s right, people change and we have seen how much he loves his kid and wife. But I can’t forget that he was a human trafficker, wasn’t he even trafficking young women? That’s the lowest of the low; I am having a hard time to forget that. And I find him and his silly mannerisms annoying, not as annoying as a certain someone because Sang Min is supposed to be a caricature, a cartoon like Odell said, not just portrayed as one, but still… That was too much for me.
    And Bones? Oh please… Why oh why? You know I like some weird characters in the show, I like Jerry, I like Kame and I for sure like Max but that’s it. Enough is enough with these ‘special’ characters. I’ve reached my limit. And I didn’t enjoy the mock trial.
    What I did enjoy was Steve and Odell. Their talk, their mutual understanding. Their interaction is funny without being acted over the top. The best scene was in the blue room, when Steve separated Odell and Sang Min and said: ‘This is gonna work out great. I can feel it.’ That was really funny and made me smile. Steve is such a goof sometimes. And McOdell is always a win.
    Same goes for Steve and Chin. Those two jumping into the water was great. More of this please(s). And I loved their little talk too. Adults. So refreshing.
    What brings me to the missing character. I wasn’t. I mean – missing him. But I think you figured it out. And because this cardboard thing Mama suggested may be a little bit exhausting for the one who has to carry him around, here my suggestions that could serve as an excuse.
    I am sure there are some courses in adult education centers:
    – How to wire money. The perils of modern age.
    – How to say “It’s my fault” in different languages.
    – Cut. Spread. Top. Easy steps to make a sandwich.
    Thus endeth my rant (review) too.

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    1. ROFL, oh, you are so good. And funny, don’t forget funny. 🙂
      As I said I don’t have a problem with Five-0 fighting for the innocent, even if they are criminals. They will always fight for what is right. But I do have a problem with protraying Sang Min as a changed man, and calling him a friend. I am sorry, but he can never be a friend. That ship sailed when he sold black tar heroin to kids, and when he sold young women to the highest bidder.
      People make mistakes in life, and regret it later. They might even change their ways and become a good person. But making a mistake and doing what Sang Min did are two very different things. There are things in life that can’t be forgotten, or forgiven. Not even if he paid the price the courts thought fit his crimes. Although I highly doubt he did.
      So, no, he will never become a friend. And he certainly is the most annoying character of them all.


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