6.15 Review


6.15 Ke Koa Lokomaika’i – While Danny’s mother is questioned by the FBI, McGarrett partners with a young man with autism who may have information to help solve the murder of his only friend, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Feb. 19 2016.

CBS translated Ke Koa Lokomaika’I to The Good Soldier

For this episode we will have a different poll. Don’t fear, the usual “What did you think of…” is still there, but you will have two more choices. 😉

Since I had trouble putting a label on this one, I thought you might have too. That’s why you can split your vote. You can vote for “Steve and The Gang”, also for “Danno and Mom” and of course for “What did you think of 6.15”: You can pick just one, or vote on all three. Read on to get to the polls. 😉

Speaking of review, let’s dive in. Going to split it again since we had two independent storylines. Starting with Danny and his mom.

The good thing first, I had feared it to be way worse. Meaning, the torture was pleasantly short. The major focus was thankfully not on it.

Danny pretending to be his mom’s husband? I found that utterly disgusting and embarrassing. Seeing that pair sitting there made me question the writer’s sanity. Are they blind? I have to confess watching her was cringe worthy. Selling her to us as beautiful, fresh and young looking is just… I don’t even have words for that. If she feels she has to do whatever she did to herself that is her thing, and I won’t judge her. But please, spare us that. And don’t tell us what a beautiful, young woman Danny’s mom is. She is NOT. Not beautiful and not young. And she can’t act either. Not in these scenes. That was just horribly bad.

And what is this shitty storyline about anyway? Seriously? AGAIN with the stupid stuff of bringing down Five-0? How very original. It is not something we haven’t seen before. No, Sir. Completely new and fresh and so inspiring.

And don’t even let me start with Abby. I have said she’s not the real deal the first second I saw her. Nothing surprising there either.

And my biggest beef is with the actor they picked to play the FBI superior or whatever he is. Ingo Rademacher had his shot at Five-0 in episode 2.11 as a father of one of the kidnapped kids. I’m sorry, but in my eyes, you can’t recycle actors in different roles on the same show. That is an absolute no go for me. They couldn’t come up with a different actor for the role? No, they had to use one who already played a role on the show. That is… just NO.

Anyway, that Abby storyline doesn’t really appeal to me at all. Too old, too often tried, and really no surprise there at all. But that might be just me who doesn’t see how any agency would OK the resources to investigate a police force without any evidence to support such an investigation. It seems more like a childish vendetta or grudge or whatever. I truly hope this is not an official investigation, because quite frankly that would render it completely ridiculous.

Oh, and one word to Danny. Yes, you are responsible for your brother’s death. You should have arrested him way back in season one. By now he would be out in a couple of years, if he would even have gone to jail in the first place. Instead he’s hacked to pieces because you did not do your job in which you take such pride, and always sit on such a high horse about. Rant over. 😉

Finally! The action is back! Oh, how I have missed it. Fun and laughter, and the quieter episodes are good and fine, but Five-0 is about police work and action, at least for me. I want, I need my action fix from time to time. That is what makes Five-0 so special. You could always count on some great action. And why not, the main character is an Ex-SEAL (Is he still in the Navy? Haven’t seen him doing any reserve training or even a mention of it in a loooooong while.), Chin can hold his own, Kono is a bad ass (which I still don’t really buy) and Grover does the best he can. So, let them go to work and give us some fights, chases and other stuff. I think it’s a great part of the appeal to many viewers.

I know it’s not easy to film the action scenes, and a possible injury of their actors always hangs over their heads. And I for sure don’t want to see any of them getting seriously injured, or even slightly hurt. But I also think a calculated risk is part of their job. And I’m sure their stunt boss will do his best to keep them all safe. So, please, bring on the action some more than you have lately.

So, we start the crime of the week with a victim brought to the ER by a disturbed young man. We can see right away that something is wrong with him.


I truly liked how Kono introduced Steve to Neil and how he took over and found a way to sort of connect with Neil. That was great to watch. Subtle understanding and compassion for Neil’s situation. Gentle prodding, taking him seriously and trying to get information without really questioning him. Great writing, great acting by all of them. Kono was also really good with Neil.

Oh come on, not that Hirsch character again. And seriously, any person can do just any job they want? Without any training and education? Crime scene cleaning is a serious business. You need to know a LOT about all kinds of things. Dangers to the public and environment only two of them. I truly hope that not any idiot can open a shop like that in America. Where I live that would not be possible, and rightly so.

And the crime scene techs missed to look inside the laptop? Seriously? Jeez.

But that aside, I really don’t want to see all those characters again. Jeez, use them once and be done with them. Don’t torture us with them popping up again and again. And please don’t get the idea of getting the three idiots to show up again. Shuddering just thinking about it.

I loved the scenes at the parking garage, and how Steve figured out what Neil was used for. Great scenes.

And I LOVED how Neil kept the cigarette butts, that was totally cool.

I laughed out loud when Chin and Steve were at the bank. I said “arrest her now, she’s in on it”. That was so darn obvious.

Was a little surprised about the amount of money that Gabriel had gathered. That’s an awful lot for that thug. Because frankly, he hasn’t shown yet that he’s capable of such brilliant crimes to get that kind of money. I still believe he’s not the mastermind, he is just the executioner. I wonder who is really behind all of it. Yep, still secretly hoping it IS Adam. 😉 You know, I thought Gabriel had such potential when we were first introduced to him, but he has become a caricature. I can’t take him seriously at all. Walking through that crime scene, or any other scene he had been in so far, trying to look menacing and cool. It always, always makes me laugh.

Anyway, good case. I really enjoyed it until we found out it was about Gabriel, again. Sigh.

Aww, Lou, I would love Kono too if I were you. That was a close call.

You know, I have said it many times, but I’m not getting tired of saying it again. 🙂 I really buy that Steve can do all the things he does. Alex O does a great job giving this character life. The others were good too in their action scenes, no complaining from me about it. But Alex looks like the real deal, way more than the others. When he’s doing any stuff with weapons, or any fights, I only see Steve, the SEAL putting all his training and experience to use. That never truly happens with any of the others. He can really sell the SEAL. The others are doing a good job, but they haven’t become their characters, in my eyes. Alex has. When he’s Steve, he IS Steve. I find that amazing.

You’ve got to be kidding me that Gabriel got away from this fall and impact alive. There is just no way that he did not at least suffer a serious spine injury. You don’t walk away from something like this. He didn’t? He was carried away by one of his goons? Why would they do that? And if so, where was the blood spatter? There was an awful lot of blood on the car, telling me that he did suffer injuries. Even if he didn’t hit his head, which is possible the way he landed butt first on the roof, he would have crushed his spine and pelvis. A fractured pelvis from that fall would be a major, mostly fatal injury due to immense blood loss from internal injuries. Major blood vessels are located in that area. The abrupt halt to his fall would cause major damage to his organs.

It would need a miracle for him to survive even with immediate medical help. But there is no way that he would survive without it.

So, if he shows up in one of the future episodes in a wheelchair with broken bones and paralyzed I might forgive the show for this ridiculous dramatic twist. LOL

And yes, I am aware that people do survive the oddest things. Like parachute accidents or kids falling from the tenth floor onto soft grass or shrubbs. But honestly, those are true miracles, or simply their time wasn’t up. But none of those lucky people walked away from their accident.

Besides, how stupid was it not to make sure that Gabriel was dead before they took their time to get down. One of them should have stayed at the window and the other go down. That was poor procedure, if you asked me. You don’t let a person out of your sight until you make sure he/she is dead.


Nice fight between Gabriel and Chin. Although I wondered why Steve again took his sweet time to join them. Remember how long he took the last time these two fought? That was also not how Steve, or any of them operates. I mean, Chin and Gabriel weren’t particularly quiet during their fight. And Steve’s guys were dead, so he should have heard them and hurried to help Chin. Anyway, nice choreography. Kudos to the stunt team.

Also, before I forget, that fall was a great stunt. The outcome unrealistic, but great work none the less.

So, this part of the episode gets a great, or maybe even an awesome from me. How about you?

So, let’s hear it. What did you like, or disliked, or even hated about this episode?


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


27 thoughts on “6.15 Review

  1. I was so relieved that, at least in part, this episode was better than what we’ve been getting. I give it a good. This will sound crazy, but in the first scene where Steve pulled his gun from his holster, the sound of that gun clearing leather was such a relief. I was thinking, “FINALLY, some genuine action!”. Some real Steve. And, except for his exceedingly slow response time to aiding Chin, which I found to not be consistent with real Steve, he was great throughout and played it perfectly with Neil, as you mentioned.

    The fight scene with Chin and Gabriel took FOREVER. I was literally glancing at my watch wondering how long it was going to drag on. I love Chin, but they overplayed that fight.

    When Gabriel hit the car below I thought “Good! Glad he’s dead!” But when he disappeared later, my first thought was that they were trying to make him “Murdoc” from MacGyver. Except that Murdoc worked in MacGyver, making his miraculous escapes, because Murdoc was designed from the beginning to be “too bad to be believed”, whereas they keep wanting us to take Gabriel seriously as a crime boss but then do stupid stuff like this. One of them should’ve kept their gun on him until HPD arrived to take over. That is sloppy, sloppy, sloppy police work that would never happen if Five-0 was being written well. That was such a glaring “stay tuned for more of Gabriel” that it makes you want to puke.

    And speaking of puking….Danny’s mom posing as his wife? It was a weak storyline anyway. They may have said in the episode (but I was too bored to listen) as to why she didn’t bring her actual husband for this task? Lame.

    RE: The actor you mentioned being re-used–I didn’t recognize him from a prior episode and probably a lot of others didn’t either.

    And Five-0 under investigation? That’s a laugh. I would testify in court that they’ve been far too boring lately to be accused of exceeding the limits of their office. There is absolutely nothing to hang this on and once again the writers are reaching for something, anything, to fill the 42 minute space (and not doing a very good job of it). With the exception of Grover’s bizarre episode, they’ve barely registered a police presence.

    I was just glad to see Steve used better in an episode, taking advantage of his genuine compassion and concern for others and the skillful way he identifies people who need a little extra help and helps them. Other than his slow response time to Chin, he was much closer to normal Steve.

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  2. I really enjoyed the interaction between McG and Neil. I was totally blown away by how good they were. AOL is such a generous actor. He allowed the other to shine in his role as an autistic young man and give life to “Neil”, so that we knew him and liked him and rooted for him. This part of the story was superbly done, not because of the writing but because of the acting. That segment will be one of my all-time favorites.

    As for Abby. I am truly angry. Had she just been a spy infiltrating H50, I could have accepted and expected that. But there was absolutely no reason to lead Chin into an affair when she knew what her role really was. I do not buy into the “she fell for him scenario”. I now rank her alongside Rachel and slightly below Doris in the H50 Hall of Shame for despicable women which the show is so fond of portraying. I’m sure she will be forgiven.

    I did not understand why Mrs. Williams needed to spend $700 for a plane ticket to Hawaii to sit through a Time Share presentation for the free cruise. I have seen adverts for these things but the locations are usually just a short drive so people will show up. It made no sense to me. And why didn’t the FBI interview her in New Jersey? How did Danny leap to the conclusion it was 5-0 they were really after? I must have missed when the light bulb flashed above his head I’ll have to re-watch.

    Gabriel? Is the new twist identifying the person who moved his body off the truck? He couldn’t possibly have walked away on his own. One of the Delanos maybe?

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    • You are so brave to rewatch that part of the episode. Lol.
      The Delano? Aren’t they either dead or in prison? Yeah well, OK, on five-0 such minor details won’t keep you from running a crime organization. 😉
      And yes, Steve and Neil were absolutely fabulous. AOL’s subtle acting is always a joy to watch.

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      • Looks like Mama is not far off! Mr. Baldwin aka one of the Delano’s is definitely coming back to 5-0, as he tweeted himself. And a little while ago he started to interact with Cristopher Sean and they’re teasing each other on twitter. If you read the tweets closely, the idea does indeed pop up that these two are pulling strings together on the show. Uh oh…


      • OK. I’m still angry about how Abby was written. And why do this to Chin, of all people? His wife was murdered shortly after their wedding. We saw him try to move on with Leilani but he wasn’t ready. At least he didn’t make her a rebound girl and I am thankful for that. Maybe Abby was his chance at happiness but it will be hard to get past that for a while . Now, I have every belief he will forgive her, since she has other episodes and a story line. Danny will ultimately forgive Rachel. Danny hasn’t moved on either with Gabby or Amber/Melissa because he can’t/won’t commit. They were both rebound girls but didn’t know it. That is just mean. But McG hasn’t moved on either. We saw his face when he deleted Cath’s contact. And he only did that because the airhead said his head wasn’t in the game. Of course its not. That was her signal to bail but she doesn’t understand McG. For all of the male characters in these particular cases, sex is separate from love and I have no problem with indulging one’s urges. That is, unless everyone is not on the same page as to the nature of the relationship or agrees to the terms. But it seems to me that the Museum Lady (whom I really liked), the teenage unemployed wanderer, the brave Prison Nurse (whom I also liked) and the aforementioned airhead clearly did not. That was wrong.

        Rant over.

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  3. I think that Danny who could had walked out of the interrogation room in his own free will. As they had no evidence to hold against him. Or hold him against his will. But chose IMHO, to stay to get the dirt as the feds were after Five 0 and not really his mom or brother.
    Notice the last name Coughlin on the federal prosecutor in the case to take down Five-0 the same name of the IAB detective after Chin? It will really not be surprising if Danny went to Steve and told him about the FBI thing which he would.
    Abby really it should not come as a surprise she was working as a mole. And only used Chin. Wonder how Chin would or will feel about that when she “lied” to him.
    Really nice to see big brother Steve with my new favorite Neil. And how they treated the story line with Autism. Handled with care.

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    • They did a great job with portraying autism, and Alex with reacting to it.
      On Twitter, I saw a grumpy viewer complaining that the “mentally disturbed guy” wasn’t acting appropriately…I responded to him he wasn’t mentally disturbed but autistic. The dude was real nice after that…he hadn’t recognized the issue, but he was fascinated by the portrayal once he realized what it was. So kudos to that young actor.

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  4. I loved this episode particularly because of Steve and Neil. Both actors were perfect in their approach to this story. Neil is a character i would not mind seeing again. I actually don’t mind other recurring characters such as Hirsch, but his return as crime scene cleanup was a bit ridiculous. A crime scene investigator missing blood spatter on a laptop should be suspended immediately.
    I cannot stand Danny’s mother; yeah, fly to Hawaii to get cruise tickets – more ridiculousness. As well, I hate the guilt game of bringing up how long she was in labor with Danny and how many little league games she sat through. As much as I like how much Danny cares for his mother, I agree with the critique of the scene about them letting Matt go. Danny was totally at fault for not arresting him when he had the chance. Was he in a tight spot? yes. Did that make it okay to let a wanted man go? no.
    I am interested where this vendetta against 5-0 will lead. The writers/producers obviously need another storyline, but at the moment, you are right that there is no rationale for motive. I also wondered how Danny made the logical leap from suspicion of his mother to “they are out to get 5-0”.
    In the fight scenes, I had to figure that the reason Chin was by himself all that time was because all the other scenes we saw with Steve and Lou were going on simultaneously. I was surprised when things escalated to Gabriel going out the window, but hoped that would really be the end of him. Arrgh, no such luck. I just don’t like his storyline.
    I’m not sure how I feel about Abby. It certainly did take her a while to decide she just “couldn’t do this” with Chin. Unless she was recruited by the FBI after she showed up in Hawaii for other legit business with H50, she knew all along what she was getting into with Chin. You have to draw some boundaries if you don’t want to get yourself into these types of situations, yet she let other desires drive her in this one.
    My comments are hastily thrown together, but I wanted to get something down. I am off on a house hunt – unfortunately there will be no lanai overlooking the ocean in my future!

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  5. I gave the episode a great, held back from being awesome because of Mama Williams and that Gabriel did not end up dead in the end. As for the “Feds out to get 5-0” scenario, I said in an earlier post on another thread that I can’t imagine the Feds going after 5-0 without going to Denning first. If the Governor has been informed and gave his blessing then 5-0 is done for. It had seemed to me that the IA Coughlin was after Chin and really didn’t have anything to do with Danny’s arrest and trip to Colombia. If this guy is looking to avenge his brother then he should be after Gabriel first and maybe Chin second but not the whole team. It was a CIA guy who sent Danny away so does this mean that every government agency is teaming up to put a state task force out of business? That is a bit of overkill if you ask me.

    Gabriel vanishing from the roof of that SUV was just annoying. After some great action they pull a Michael Myers from Halloween and he’s gone? I do hope it was some henchman of his that collected his sorry a$$ and not that the writers believe he walked away from that fall. I was shouting at the TV for Chin to shoot the guy in the head from up above. Enough all ready!

    I don’t even want to comment on Danny and his mother……ugh. As much fun as it is to tease our children with long labor stories, you do not drag this out to indulge your quest for free cruise tickets. That whole scene was creepy.

    Now the great was Steve and Neil with a salute to how Kono was with Neil as well. Great sensitivity and a lovely way to show the world that autistic people can function in the real world. I may be totally biased about Alex’s acting but you could see how wonderful he was with Neil. Kudos to the actor who played Neil. I loved watching Steve put the pieces together in figuring out why the garage section was closed down every evening, just wish the COTW did not lead back to Gabriel again.

    So there is my two cents worth. I hope this darn investigation is shut down swiftly and we can get back to some other loose ends that need to be tied up.

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  6. I loooooooved this ep! I loved it cos of McG and the kid and McG and some more McG and did I mention McG was awesome too!!! I was delighted they had a kid with autism for McG to work with. He would totally be great, given his own propensity to routine and order, and Alex just nailed it to the damn wall! Woot!

    The team working together sings, and the ep did last night too. Danno’s absence from the team always makes the team dynamic stronger, so for that reason, I did not mind the Mommo side story. I didn’t pay all that much attention to it, but I didn’t mind it. Except for the opener where they played married people. That was way too creepy to have been kept in the final cut. Someone on that set needs to develop an iota of taste.

    Gabriel could not be a more boring crim. He even dresses the same every ep…guess they aren’t willing to pay a dime for his wardrobe. And he has no acting to do, ever. Just the one facial expression. Just…ZzzZzzZzz. Also while I do not give a single ef for Abby, it does torque me that once again, the only thing PLenkov can think of to do with a not-Kono is to make her a lying cheating low down betraying back-stabber. Guessing at this point that some chick in high school publicly humiliated the hell outta “Boss” so badly that to this day he cannot return to his hometown and probably changed his name just to keep the humiliation from finding him in Hollywood. Twit! 🙄

    But Alex rocked this sucker! I wanna be clear that I enjoyed every half-second of his awesome on-screen presence in this ep! 😀

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  7. Just a couple of comments. I LOVED Steve with Neil. He was so good with him. And so was Kono. But what bothered me is that they took Neil back to his apartment and then there was nothing. A quick end scene would have been great. But we had a 15 minute fight between chin and gabriel. As for Gabriel disappearing, I was screaming at them to watch him but no one listened. Kono was up on some ledge… I blame her.

    As for Steve not intervening in the fight, I thought they all took different floors of the building. If that is true, Steve may not have been able to hear what was going on.

    Loved Grover. He is much better when he isn’t bat shit crazy. I guess it is good he is no longer in Chicago.

    As for the investigation. Why is my only question?

    Danny and mom… too over the top. I can’t even form words for her. Other than “go home”.

    Abby… enough is enough.

    But I voted for awesome and poor. See if you van guess which is which. 🙂

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  8. With regards to the Danny/Mom situation (who I could care less about BTW) one question keeps popping into my mind.. WHY does a woman in this day and age have to have a “husband” to get a timeshare presentation?? That was seriously creepy. Melanie Griffith needs to consider legal action against her plastic surgeon. I’ll take my fat filled wrinkles and double chin over that immobile upper lip and crepey neck ANY DAY. She was a beautiful woman and now she just looks like a caricature IMO.
    Alex rocked the heck out of the scenes with Neil. The actor playing Neil was fabulous and I was quite pleasantly surprised by the sensitive way that storyline was handled. I had serious reservations about it when I first read about it . I’m gonna give Alex all the kudos on that one.
    SO GOOD to see a bit of Superseal McG again! Have Gabriel and McG ever come face to face? Cause I’m pretty sure Gabriel would pee down his leg if he had to face McG. I just don’t buy him as a big baddie. I’m sure Christopher Sean is as nice as can be but Gabriel is like a playground thug gone rogue.
    i am curious to see if PL’s long range plan is to somehow tie the Yakuza,Gabriel, the FBI and McG’s lingering personal issues (Cath and Mama) all together somehow.

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  9. One thing I forgot to say earlier was depending on the state you actually can get into the crime scene clean up business with little or no knowledge or experience. You think it would be regulated but it’s often not. Which is crazy, but they were accurate.


  10. Good lord, poor Melanie Griffith. O.o If I were her, I’d stop going out in public. The entire Danny-Mommy scenario was so many shades of awful that I don’t even want to think about it anymore. Including the lame-ass excuse for her using the money. Just buy a nice $7K cruise for your own darn self, Mommo. (Love that name, GNP!) As for Abby, I love the actress, but the storyline is lame. And once again the woman is the betraying, deceitful one. Puh-lease. Plus, it makes me really angry on poor Chin Ho Kelly’s behalf. He deserves better, darn it!

    That being said, I loved Steve in this episode, especially his interactions with Neil. Alex is so amazing at doing that sort of subtle acting, and he gets very few chances to do it on this show. All of his scenes rate “awesome” in my book. But unfortunately, the Gabriel parts of that storyline dropped my vote to great. My all-around vote was good, as an average between the two parts.

    Great review, I really enjoyed it!

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  11. I’m back! Relaxed after an amazing skiing holiday where we met two great English people. I learned some new words like partridge, pheasant and that Brits are ‘popping to the loo’. Don’t ask me about our topics, my only excuse is: Jagatea and it was always getting late at night.
    But I am always eager to learn new words and phrases so that I can use them in my reviews and make an impression of utter brilliance.
    On to my review:
    So partridges, they are medium sized and have a reddish head… hm…
    Male pheasants are highly decorated and have long tails… hm… (That’s all wiki speaking here!)
    I appreciate that we can split the vote so let’s first speak about the Partridge Family. 😉
    Or better not. I am only going to quote little Joanie: “Puke puke puke!”
    Voting awful is me being nice.

    But then…
    Right from the moment we saw Steve and Neil together I was fascinated. That was absolutely awesome. The acting from those two, Steve (and Kono’s) empathy and calmness and understanding, I loved every single second. And I love me some Steve/Kono time! Thanks to everybody! This storyline rocked.
    The fight didn’t get to me, can’t really pinpoint why. I was happy when it was over. There where these close ups of the actors distorted faces, and then fight fight fight, close up, fight fight fight… Great stuntwork, but I think it didn’t even come close to the fight between Steve and Wo Fat. They were really doing it, in it, (and no paper walls 😉 )
    The ending? Well, yeah. I don’t think that Gabriel is a criminal mastermind at all. So there is someone lurking in the background (like Wo Fat’s father) and he had his men picking Gabriel from that truck. Now they can hire a Dr. Frankenstein to put/nip/tuck/stitch him together again, maybe allowing him to wear a second facial expression.
    And ChibbyChabbyDunnChinAbby? I never really trusted her, so no surprise here. But I remember what I said in my review of episode 10: “What really bothered me was Danny’s talk with Abby. About his friend. His boss! To a stranger like Abby. Yes, she is a stranger. You’ll never know about the consequences of her report.”
    I wish we got one more scene at the end. Something between Steve and Neil. Steve could have given his Enterprise as a present to Neil.
    Mix it together and you have my all in all verdict ‘great’. It would have been awesome even with Hirsch’s stupid storyline, Gab’s disappearance and SpyAbby, but only without Oedipussy.
    And now I am popping to the loo. 😀

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  12. Oh I forgot: The Steve/Neil relationship made me think (even more!!!) about Steve and Nahale. Another great storyline that seemed to have disappeared into wherever TPTB put their continuity. Maybe that’s the reason we got tons of this ‘previously on’ stuff. Like “look look look we’ve got continuity” and making their little happy dance. Pfft, the only thing I see is that we’re getting xyz-character storylines and stories desperately built around some actor getting a (‘extrawurst’) special treatment and a particular time schedule.
    Yeah, I am really angry about that. Since christmas we’re waiting what happened to Nahale!


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