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6.14 Hoa ‘inea” – As Five-0 investigates a double homicide involving marital infidelity, McGarrett and the team recount their disastrous Valentine’s Day experiences, on HAWAII FIVE-0

CBS translated Hoa ‘inea to Misery Loves Company

I don’t have time this weekend for a lengthy review, but I hope I will get my points across with less words than usual. 😉

Let me start with saying that I never got the fuss about Valentine’s Day. Frankly, that holiday is total crap in my eyes. I don’t like ‘special’ days were you’re supposed to tell your loved ones how much you love them. I’d rather do that whenever I want, and not when the industry dictates. If you need a special day to realize or show your appreciation to someone, you should really think about what is wrong with you.

Anyway… getting off the soapbox and let’s talk about the episode. In case anyone got a little confused with the timeline, here it is. Honestly, I was thinking about how wrong it was during my first viewing. I read 36 hours earlier. Yes, is does pay if you can read right. 🙂 So, I was thinking how the heck did Steve, or any of the others know what was happening in the future? According to my math 36 hours ago happens before 23 hours ago. Yeah, well, as I said if you could read… 🙂


I loved Grover. His outfit was just hilarious. And I loved his mimic every time he realized that everyone got a table at Morimoto’s except him. He is just golden.

And I loved that he went to Steve first after he was thrown out by his wife. I bet they would have had a great time. Too bad, Steve had not been home. 😉

I had to laugh at Chin’s story. Loved to see Duke’s wife. Oh, and nice body, by the way. 🙂

Ha! And as I predicted Abby is not the real deal. I knew there was something fishy about her.

Danny’s story is still not of any kind of interest to me. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Although I couldn’t care less for Melissa, or was it Amber? Who cares? But, I have to agree with Steve, he’s an idiot. ‘happy valentine’s day, Danny’ Jeez.

I’m not going to mention what kind of an ass he again was. Ups, guess I just did. He really doesn’t know his buddy at all. What an idiot. Period.

Moving on. Kono. Poor girl. I felt for her. And I really liked her in this episode. Really, I did. Good job by Kono and the actress. This might even be a first from me. 🙂

Jerry. Don’t care at all.


Steve was simply awesome. I loved his playful acting with his team. I LOVED him in black. Wow. This man is getting more attractive with every episode. Unbelievable.

I also loved that they mentioned how serious his relationship with Cath was, still is, in my eyes. And I have a new name for Blondie. Rebound girl. RBG. ☺ She doesn’t have a chance to become anything more than some happy time for Steve. That guy is still hopelessly in love with Cath.

I mean seriously; after all these months he still has the ring, which is worth the amount of a new truck, in his drawer? And deleting her contact info? ROTFL. As if he wouldn’t know them by heart. That was just a totally over the top, overly dramatic stupid play by PL who thinks such scenes are dramatic. Or show us that he is done with the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. It’s laughable.

I still believe Cath and Steve are the endgame. And even if they are not… Steve and Lynn are not the final ‘product’. That last scene of the two reminded me an awful lot of episode 5.06 with Ellie and Steve. Remember, his buddy? I doubt Lynn will ever be more than a person he enjoys having sex with. I don’t see any real chemistry, or even any feelings resembling more than sexual attraction.

I will enjoy this playful Steve having fun with some woman or even women. A fun Steve is fun to watch. But as I said I see all this Lynn stuff as an interlude. And therefore it is fun.

And honestly, the scenes with him on the coach all in black can very easily become one of my favorite scene of all seasons. That was such fun to watch. I loved it.


And a word of wisdom to all the people complaining about Steve having sex with someone he never even told he loved her. He was with Cath for ten years or so before he told her he loved her for the first time… over the darn phone. So don’t fall into the trap of the double standard. Why should Steve, who is a male in his prime, not have sex with an attractive woman he doesn’t love? Besides, this is the second woman in six years we see him making out with, if you can call what we actually saw making out. (We only saw one very short kiss, we never even saw them in bed.) For the main character to be a one-woman-guy… well, that is really something. So, let him have some fun for a change. Don’t be such hypocrites.


Oh, I almost forgot, there was a crime of the week. Good case. Enough said. 🙂


What is my verdict? I loved the team working together. Although we didn’t really see much of them together. But they did it really well this time. I loved the humor. I loved all their stories. And I really, I mean really loved Steve.

I guess I have to give it an awesome. I really enjoyed it a lot.


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And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. Is there really anyone still left in this fandom that doesn’t realized that we are being played? I think there must be some belly laughs in the writer’s room concerning the gullible and just what they can throw out as a tease to infuriate some part of the fandom each week. Whose turn is next? And we are taking turns, you know that too.

    If anyone else is thinking of demanding a “refund” for having to sit through 614, please add my name to the list. I suggest a donation to a local college/university on Hawaii which has a beginner’s writing program (for obvious reasons).

    Let’s dispose of Danny and Amber/Melissa. So he can’t say the “L” word? Goodbye. The PTB have his one true love, Rachel, waiting in the wings—his loyal ex-wife who was always supportive, gave him extensive visitation rights with Grace- who never lied to him, ever. Oh, wait, Charlie somebody. Whose kid is that? Not important. They will wind up together.

    What was all that nonsense of Chin wandering the lobby with a tiny towel? All he had to do was ask someone from the elevator to call down and have an employee come up with a key. But surprise, surprise! We now know that Abby is just another evil, lying woman, so beloved by the H50 writers. I’m not a fan of slapstick and H50 is fast tethering on a slippery slope. This is such a far cry from the first three seasons that I sometimes don’t recognize the characters any more. Or like them.

    I was disappointed in Renee’s reaction to Grover showing up with market flowers and candy. Lots of people would be thrilled with anything, even a card which said “I Love you”. Bad move, Renee. Very, very bad. He did remember eventually and he did try. You seem to have the best relationship of any of the other team members. Be thankful, not petty.

    Kono? I no longer care.

    The relationship between McG and Lynn is one of the most forced I have ever witnessed. This is a plot device to evoke drama so we will see Steve trying to move on. He won’t, because he can’t. Steve looked absolutely miserable deleting Cath’s phone contact. Even Lynn knows his head isn’t in the game. She’s a rebound friend with benefits. .Zero chemistry there. I actually feel sorry for her. But, hey, she was always a two and done character and never end game, any more than Airplane lady and his Maui lipstick testosterone fling. I never liked Valley girl but I don’t like to see any character, male or female, being used. Why didn’t Ellie tell her about Cath? Maybe finding the ring wouldn’t have been such a shock. Well, now she knows.

    Even the most virulent of the ABC’s know Lynn is not returning and we may only hear a fleeting comment here and there. Two episodes does not show much commitment on the show’s part.. Pl planned it this way from day one. There is distinct fear among the aforementioned about 617 and thereafter. I believe it to be warranted.

    I am waiting for the episode where McG has a posterior cranial-endectomy and goes after Cath, whom I suspect is in some kind of trouble Well, we all know where his head is. Let’s hope it can be removed without too much bruising.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    1. Mama, reading your comments is not only reassuring but has by now the same entertainment factor then watching the actual eipsode. Thanks for taking all of this with a grain of salt 🙂

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  2. I enjoyed this one aswell Grover was fab in that suit not keen on the wife though. Danny and Amber felt sorry for Amber. Chin and Abbey wish Chin could have some action of all the characters in the show he is the one who really need someTLC. Kono and Adam well not that bothered. McG hope Cath comes back before the end of of season six.


  3. Oh, I liked it, even though I am 100% McRoll. There were so many cute moments despite my frustration with some of them. I for one and no more upset about Steve and Lynn seemingly sleeping together than I am with Danny sleeping with all the women he has been with. Chin is right there with too. The frustration was with the women in this ep because their responses to their relationships was the entire premise of the show. Amber/Melissa was angry with Danny for not saying “I love you.” while she has already given herself to him physically. (call me old-fashioned). There is fault on both their parts. I also was wondering what to think of Grover’s wife; they have been together long enough for her to accept the fact he does not remember special days. I am not sure how I feel about now two women lying to their men for some reason; I want to see Chin with someone committed to him. I actually like Lynn and do enjoy seeing Steve have some fun.
    Those faces of Steve/Alex – really not much more needed in this episode.
    This was fun, and I have already watched it again.

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  4. I really liked the episode, I was well entertained and had some good laughs.
    Was is awesome? Hm, maybe by the “new standard”, which by far won’t reach the awesomeness of former times… sigh….

    I totally agree with you Sam on your take on Lynn. By now I have to laugh out loud how the “McLynn’s” try so desperately to convince everyone that this is the real deal. Nope, it’s not. If it’s Cath remains to be seen, however that would be the most logic explanation. I love to see Steve happy and if it was meant to be with Lynn – great! But this feels so forced. Nope, she’s not it. I had to laugh out loud when he deleted Cath’s number. Yes, he does know it by heart 🙂
    In the meantime I’m actually admiring PL and team again. What a clever cat and mouse game they play. Way to keep the talks going and the interest up. Feed this part of the fandon a bit of yummie intel, next time you cater the others. Kudos… Peter is the master of manipulation.
    His superfans don’t even realize how they are being played 😉

    Grover was pricless, Kono very likeable, Chin funny and yummie (yes, I don’t even wanna go there that he could have called someone), Danny was…. uuuhhhh. Can he be anymore…. I don’t even know the word 🙂
    Criticizing McG for his sense of romance again but failing so amazingly himself….

    I can’t wait for 6.17 and to hear more about Cath’s whereabouts. 3 possibilities here:
    – Something bad happened to her and this is the end of her storyline (but then why bring her back before?)
    – Steve will be miffed but will start to search for her/inquire about her again
    – Steve will gladly close this chapter in his life (yeah, sure….😉)

    So, I’ll sit back and wait what will happen.

    Aloha, until next time!

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  5. Well, as we’ve seen before, we can all watch an episode and have a totally different take. This episode scraped the bottom of the barrel. The logline for this episode is “An elite police task force sits around shooting the breeze with dumb stories while poking at a lame case.” E-G-A-D-S!

    I have to hand it to you–dredging up enough interest to even bother time-lining the case deserves an award. 😎

    None of the stories were interesting. And Abby not really being gone from Hawaii–let’s see–they’ve done that with what’s-her-name—the gal who entrapped McGarrett in North Korea with Wo Fat, they’ve done that with Doris, and now Abby. And while that storyline with what’s her name was a good one, I can’t say much for how it worked for Doris and I’m equally underwhelmed with the possibilities for Abby.

    And it isn’t a far stretch to me for Steve to be jumping into the sack with whomever. It DOES bother me that his character is completely unrecognizable. While I’m sure they intended this episode to be a light-hearted romp, it didn’t work. If you’d asked me 3 years ago if I could ever envision the writers making Steve seem rather shallow and boring, I would have said “NO WAY!” but I would’ve been wrong. Taking a break to have fun is one thing, being totally stripped of your personality and identifying traits is something else altogether.

    Yes, I will grant it was a bit humorous for Grover to be left out of the reservations. Really the only redeeming moment to me for the episode was Grover’s hang-dog look at the front door when his wife rejected his gifts–and that only because it reminded me of a Kono line from several seasons earlier when she said “Nothing says I love you like drug store candy.” At least in THAT we have some continuity.

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  6. Really Grover looked like he had that suit from the 1970’s. .It was like a “Dating Game” if you watched the show from the 1970’s with the late host, Jim Lange wearing something like that.
    Chin I am growing and growing to love.With a towel on him and running into Duke and his wife, LOL!
    Steve you just want happy. Wonder what will happen indeed with Catherine. Maybe he wants to move on with his life. But still carries a torch for her deep down inside.Still love Catherine but in a sense needs to move on.
    But really P.L. needs to move on from the storylines. Like with Doris you see!
    The Valentine’s Thing was funny in the dates. Poor Steve with a black eye.
    So far Season 6 has been a favorite season!


  7. After watching this episode a second time I now have things straight in my head. Friday night I got a little too comfortable on the love seat while watching and I think I missed some of Steve’s story. I plead a too early morning and a glass of wine for why I must have closed my eyes during Steve’s story. Shame on me. I did enjoy this episode if I didn’t dig too deep into parts.

    I do find it interesting if things are moving along nicely with Lynn, why is Steve still checking his phone and deciding to delete Cath’s number when Lynn is over? Shouldn’t that be done at another time? Or I am too picky. It was nice to see him smiling again. I got a kick out of Grover being in the doghouse and even long married wives like to be remembered on special days. He would have done better going to the jewelry store since she is obviously fond of that given the necklace she was wearing. I don’t like that Chin is being played, he doesn’t deserve to be treated that way by Abby or the writers. I’m not sure Danny is able to get those words out to anyone but Grace and maybe Charlie. Certainly not the way he has gone through women on this show. I felt sorry for Kono, this is a rough time for her. And Max is so darn cute, I love how they use him on the show.

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  8. I gave this one a great. Didn’t really care about the crime of the week. It was ok but nothing new or exciting. Felt bad for Kono, she didn’t annoy me in this one like she normally does. Chin’s story was funny but I was wondering why he walked all the way down to the lobby instead of waiting for someone to walk by or ask the first person he ran into to call the desk. I don’t like Abby, I don’t like that she is lying to Chin. The writer’s really need come up with a story rather than the girl lies and deceives the guy for blah blah reasons. First Jenna, then Doris, Catherine, Rachel, Amber/Melissa, even Gabby, although her deceit was rather minor compared to the rest of them, and now Abby? Come on Leskov, show some originality here.

    Danny is a putz for not being able to say I love you to Amber/Melissa, especially since the have been together for like a year and a half. If he can’t say I love you by now the relationship isn’t going anywhere and Amber/Melissa needs to hightail it out of there, especially if she is expecting an “I love you” back. And if Danny doesn’t see what is wrong with not being able to say I love you at this point in the relationship he needs to reevaluate things. I don’t think he will end up with Rachel in the end, I find it more likely that he will be alone and miserable for the rest of his life given his general negative outlook on life and the fact that the only people who he can seriously say I love you to are Grace and Charlie.

    Steve’s story was the best, love how he got the black eye. He’s slowly trying to move on from Catherine but I don’t think his heart is entirely in it. He enjoys spending time with Lynn and having sex with her but I think he is fooling her and himself by thinking that this is anything more than a rebound. His heart isn’t invested in a relationship with Lynn because he isn’t over Catherine. He’s trying to move on but it’s baby steps. Deleting her contact removes some of the temptation of texting or calling her even though he likely knows the number by heart. Deleting her contact makes it slightly more difficult for him to call or text. As for Steve still having the ring, we know he likes to hang onto things, he just isn’t ready to get rid of it. If the ring was custom made he wouldn’t be able to return it as most jewelers don’t accept returns on custom pieces so his only option would be to pawn it or sell it privately. Also I doubt the ring cost as much as a new truck, maybe a down payment on a truck but a truck like Steve’s has a base price of $36,000. Steve wouldn’t, nor would Catherine want him to, spend that much money on a ring. So by holding on to the ring Steve is out a few thousand dollars but Steve wouldn’t care about getting the money back. I like Lynn, and I like Steve and Lynn together, mostly because Steve seems a little happier but she is nothing more than a rebound.

    Didn’t care about Jerry’s story. I liked Grover and his wife. Love that he went to Steve’s first, liked Chin’s indignation that Grover didn’t go to his place despite the fact that he wasn’t even home. I didn’t really care for the old cartoons after every commercial, seemed like a waste of time. All in all it wasn’t as good as some of the other episodes but compared to what we have gotten lately it was great.

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  9. I have mixed emotions about this episode. I did think it was entertaining for the most part because I like seeing the characters’ personal lives and not just the case of the week. The who done it aspect of the show is sometimes just too obvious. As a McRoll fan my issue is with how Steve is being portrayed. I do like seeing the lighter side of not-always-having-to-work Steve and really would’ve loved seeing him like that with Cath sometimes instead of always being interrupted by his damn phone. He seems to have a lot more free time since Cath left. As for McLynn I don’t see what the other part of the fandom apparently sees. There’s no chemistry and almost an awkwardness between them. This is a rebound half-hearted attempt by Steve to move on from the woman he’s loved for many years. I believe we’ll learn in 6.17 that Cath is in trouble and Steve will be instrumental in saving her. I know Peter Lenkov has told fans to enjoy the ride but I, for one, would like the roller coaster ride to be over and have an end game of McRoll finally. But for now as long as Steve is in every scene, with or without a shirt, I’ll keep watching and waiting…..

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    1. I felt vaguely queasy all thru Show on Friday, so I figured I didn’t much love it. Tho it turns out it was not so much the fault of Show. I’ve been wrestling with a stomach flu all weekend. But amarz, your review matches my memory of Friday’s ep. Particularly the irk of wanting to see a little of their private side, but rarely getting any of McG’s other than an occasional innuendo when he was with Cath. Also the awkwardness with Lynn…that little strip tease was painfully awkward. I felt sorry and embarrassed for Lynn there. Hmmm…maybe THAT is what made me sick…. 😯 😆

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  10. It was a fun show. Yes, fluffy but sometimes I like that. I patiently waited for steve’s story and I thought it was good. Love the shoe to the face. I would not have guessed that.

    Danny is clueless. In a lot of things.

    I loved Grover and Morimoto golfing. And poor Grover tried to make it up. Too little, too late. 🙂 someone said Renee was too hard on him but I’m guessing this is a running theme in their marriage… he forgets a lot.

    I did feel sorry for Kono. Not a fun day for her.

    Chin needs to get over Abby. I don’t care what her story is, she deceived them all and I hope she pays for it.

    Max was sweet. And I have to admit that jerry surprised me and I thought that girl was sweet. Maybe jerry can go away and live with her. 🙂

    I loved everything up to when steve looked at Cath’s photo. I know it was a ploy to tug at heart strings… I’m not that gullible. But an overwhelming sadness hit me when he deleted those contacts.

    And no, I don’t believe RBG will stick around. She has been an interlude. I’m done with her, too.

    It was really good. But I am going with a great grade rather than awesome.

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  11. Have to say that I agree with many of the points brought up by those who’ve commented. I enjoyed this episode though it will never be a favorite. I think it’s nice to see McG ‘getting some’ after having been in the thrall of someone who wasn’t always there to provide the ‘some’. I actually liked the way the writers chose to show that our hero is ready to move on though the whole Cath thing is far from a done deal. As was mentioned, it may have been over the top to have McG delete her from his contacts but I suppose I’m still that cheap date. Mr. O’Loughlin is a master at showing great emotion with only a few subtle twitches of his beautiful face so I loved that bit. Other things I liked were Grover’s velvet suit and Chin running around in only a towel. Don’t even remember a whole lot of the episode other than that.

    Anyway, I still think that a renewal for season 7, (or not), will determine how the Cath thing is settled. Either way, it will be interesting to see what happens.

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  12. Addendum… I just watched again. I don’t know how anyone could say this was a horrible episode. I enjoyed it more this time around. It was fun. And RBG needs some of that moppy hair cut or styled.

    But no one asked me.

    One question… do any of you dress like Renee did in the middle of the day? I mean, what a nice housedress, right? Please tell me if you dress like that. 🙂

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      1. yeah, with that dress, I would be worried some body parts would get caught in the toaster!!! but if that’s the way she dresses at home, I’m surprised Grover goes to work.

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    1. I intend to watch again now that I’m no longer queasy. Hoping I will enjoy it more the second time.

      And I do think Lynn needs to mature a minute and do something adult with her hair…but can I ask what you don’t like about RuthBaderGinsburg’s hair? For an elder, she actually looks more hip than Lynn. Which I guess is why she is often referred to as the Notorious RBG. 😉


      1. Moonjat: I should never drink coffee and read these posts. Yours made me laugh so hard I dribbled it on my shirt. Thanks for sending me to do the laundry, LOL.

        Sunny: “His superfans don’t even realize how they are being played.” That is one of the saddest things-should we feel sorry for them? I don’t know. Do we reward stupidity?

        GNP: Lynn gave me a stomach ache too. No chemistry between Lynn and McG — It smacks of a high school experiment gone really, really wrong. Glad to see the last of her.

        Amarrz 37- I like the lighter side of McG, too. Not the side from 614- It was a little juvenile. I preferred him slightly drunk. At least he didn’t remember how he got all that lipstick on his face. Airplane girl got him first, not Lynn.

        Brenda: The girl from the N. Korea episode was Jenna Kaye. I really liked her but they turned her into a traitor. ( she is the one who saved Danny’s life.) Her reward was to kill her.

        Sam: If I turn off my brain I will have nothing left. Can’t spell, found out yesterday I can’t do simple addition. Thank goodness I went to a high school which emphasized logic and public speaking. It allowed me to graduate ( and talk myself out of being expelled. That’s a story for another day).

        Gone2far: I’m so glad others vacuum in high heels and pearls. I feel so empowered.

        Cokie: Thank you for RBG. By now it has gone viral.

        Emdoug32: I really felt sorry for Gaby. She was looking for a commitment- a reason not to leave but Danny is a taker, not a giver. No “I love you” from him, ever.

        Jppt1974: Nobody has moved on for 5 1/2 years. Why should PL start now?

        Joyfullja: The women of H50 should band together and kick butt- preferably the butts of the male members of H50.

        AliMcG: Grover’s suit was priceless. I hope wardrobe saves it

        If I forgot anyone, please forgive me. I’m on my way to the laundry room. Thanks a lot Moonjat.

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  13. I love reading all the comments. It’s so nice to see how we all pick up on different things.

    I guess one of my pet peeves is the quality of the crime of the week. Why rip off “Strangers On a Train”? If you run out of ideas just open the paper or listen to the news. Real life is much more interesting source of ideas. I wish they would find a good police story and have it run over several episodes and build anticipation for the ending. They could have little side stories every week but they would not be the main focus. They have fine actors who aren’t being allowed to grow. I would really like to seem some nominations for an Emmy or Golden Globe but there needs to be something to showcase their talent. Being recognized for excellent stunt work and makeup is very nice but it does nothing to validate the actors work.

    I must seem like I am very hard to please but these up and down stories involving the characters is beginning to jar. And I give Grover a pass on being forgetful. He tried to make up for it. I am one of those who gets joy out of just being remembered and not the cost of the gift. And one of the best gifts I ever got was a cup of coffee.

    As for Renee’s dress–well. They wasted a lot of double faced tape for nothing and I agree, Lynn is in desperate need of a shampoo and a comb.

    PL is again auctioning off an H50 set visit and walk on part for the winner. Since the filming is coming to a close in a few short weeks, it would likely have to be fulfilled next season. I think he has been told S7 is a go. At least that is what I am hoping for. In that case, he can hold off resolving Doris’s story once again and Cath returns at the end with a cliff hanger for next season. She is endgame. I have no doubt about that.

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    1. A show like H50, or NCIS, or anything like that will never ever get an Emmy nomination. No matter what the actors, writers or anyone of them does. But honestly, watching the GG or Emmy awards, I couldn’t care less about it. The same old every year.
      Yes, it would be nice to get recognition for some if the very fine work some of them showed, but that is not what is going to happen, and it is not what keeps a show on the air.
      Ha, I haven’t even thought about the walk-on role. Same happened last year. One more sign for season seven. ☺


  14. Color me surprised. I was prepared for the worst of the worst. But guess what? I loved it. I think they had me with Dean Martin right from the start ;-). So much fun. Wouldn’t go so far and vote awesome.
    But great it was!
    (Yoda mode off now…)
    I was glad to see that LouThor has left, has put his hammer aside and came back as the Lou I love. I had so much fun with him and Steve in this episode. Lou’s suit that went MIA in 1972 and Steve’s knee weaking laughter. BTW I really like Renee Grover, she’s one ferocious woman. Chocolate and flowers from a convenient store? Oh oh Lou Purnell Grover, bad bad bad… But I liked that he went to Steve’s house first. They are just great friends!
    Let’s make an interlude here and come to the epitome of romance. Pink bunny napkins and perfume??? I don’t think that is only remotely better than convenient store daisies! Nope. I prefer a guy who buys me some Chicago album, when I do not expect it, just because he knows it always made difficult times a little bit better.
    But let’s forget this uninteresting and annoying stuff and have a look at Steve!
    Steve in this episode was simply hilarious. He made me smile again and again and again. His face after catching the shoe aka the five pound wedge heel aka the axe cracks me up every time. His face while talking about lingerie, seeing the blue velvety wonder… oh l love this side of Steve. So, as I said, he made me smile more than once. Until he didn’t. That face as he deleted Cath number? That is something Alex does so well, conveying emotions with just one look. And I get why Steve did it. He isn’t over Cath, how could he? But he tries to move on and he did what most of us have done somewhere along the way. At least I have done it. Deleting a number or (in former times tearing a note 😉 ), tearing a picture… whatever. You don’t want to be reminded. You desperately try to forget and to move on. And you want to be fair to the new person in your life. That being said I have to confess that I really like Lynn. She is refreshing, she is natural, she has an interesting job that could serve for great storylines and I think Steve and Lynn have great chemistry, maybe because the two actors have known each other for so long. He can laugh with Lynn, he can love with Lynn and he can just sit with her and have some beer (a great quality in a woman as I’ve been told by Mr. leiCa). She is a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously, I’ve got no problems with the attempted striptease, that was just fun.
    I would love to see those two together at the end but I am pretty sure it won’t come to that. That will be Cath. I know that some think Steve should investigate and go for Cath or something like that, and that he is ooc now. I don’t think so. He is just human. He is struggling for his life literally and metaphorically since he was 16. He was hurt and abandoned and left by those he loved and who claimed to love him just one time too much. Maybe he is tired of struggling… maybe he is afraid of being hurt again… He is not always SuperSEAL, sometimes he is just 16.
    Now he wants to have some fun, to enjoy his life, to be a little bit happier. And he tries. And I love it, when Steve smiles, the world smiles.
    I think all the McRollers here can be really optimistic, I am sure Cath is Steve’s endgame. Listen closely to the lyrics of the song we hear when Steve deletes her contact ;-)… Just listen!
    So I enjoyed this episode immensely, but I could have done without that amount of cartoons. I only recognized Captain Kirk kissing this green haired woman from outer space. Oh my… Steven J. McGarrett and James T. Kirk in one show? LOL! Ground control to Major… Lenkov!

    Liked by 6 people

    1. YES, yes and yes again! I felt just like you, I never ever thought I would like this episode… but I loved it. I don’t think I ever smiled and laughed as much as I did this time. Did I take any of it seriously? NO. But it was such fun to watch.
      And I really like this Steve. And I don’t think he is OOC at all. As you said, he was badly, really badly hurt. We all act very differently and strange when we’re hurt.
      I like Lynn, and I also liked Ellie. I could live with either of them with Steve. But neither of them will be with Steve. In the end it will be Catherine. And that is the only right one for him. That is my opinion and I stand by it. But in the meantime I WILL enjoy this other side of Steve, and I will laugh with him, and I will be happy for him and with him when he is having some fun in bed or other places. That man really deserves it.
      For once I will listen to Lenkov and just enjoy the ride.
      Because in the end I will have the last laugh when Steve and Cath are back together. 🙂

      Liked by 5 people

      1. i will share that last laugh with you. I am enjoying watching steve enjoy himself, and I also like both Ellie and Lynn. I know who has his heart though.


    2. LeiCa, I totally agree with your comments on steve. I am kind of up in the air about Lynn. I don’t see the chemistry you mentioned. But I thought her striptease was too funny. And, as an aside, her dress was really pretty. I loved that.

      It was an interlude show and I liked it. But I hope we get some.more meat soon.

      Liked by 2 people

  15. Okay you know you’ve watched too much Hawaii Five-0 when you see a commercial for a hotel with a woman in a dress standing on the hotel room balcony and you’re expecting at any moment for someone to shove her over the edge. LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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