18 thoughts on “6.15/6.16 Promo Pics

    1. You say that like that’s a bad thing. 😉 😆

      I notice the 5-0 Twitter fandom is becoming more and more entranced by the 2nd and third tier characters…Kame and Grover’s wife and Sang Min of course and Danno’s chick du jour and Jerry and etc. WTH? The B-List players are getting more and more time, but I’m not thrilled about it. Tho I know it also gives Alex some free time. But Jeez, peeps posting how they can’t wait to see and learn more about Mrs.Grover or Flippa or Duke…isn’t the point of side characters that they fill in holes but we don’t really have to get to “know” them?

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      1. I’m not on Twitter but secondary characters aside, the haven’t exactly gone out of their way to made the primaries stand out in quite a while. Air time or no air time, to me, Steve’s getting much easier to forget.


          1. No worries! I read it as they and make…I think our brains fill in the gaps. 😉

            And yes, I’m kinda frustrated with the focus on the supporting cast. Frankly they are all kinda the same character in a way. All quirky, not as gorgeous as the lead(s), and they all get that cartoon music overlay when they appear on screen. So whichever one is getting the spotlight each ep, I’m always frustrated that McG is just a cog in someone else’s story wheel. And much of the show becomes kinda dull background noise to me…sometimes I’ll start reading a magazine article or the newspaper, or return emails, while I partially watch…sigh.

            So I’m always astounded to see so many fans just bubbling with excitement to see Danny’s mom again or to find out what new conspiracy Jerry’s been tagging, oh yay! Not. 😦

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  1. You’re right. They really need to go back to the beginning of the series and find themselves again. Maybe I’m forgetting some secondaries, but I think in season 1 it was only Kamekona and an occasional Sang Min. As you say, they should be supporting the lead storyline primarily. And, when they do appear more, limit it to once or twice a season. I’ll tell you the secondary I WOULD like to see have a bigger storyline in an episode (but not episodically) is Duke. He has remained pretty much ignored throughout the series run. That sucks. (Unless he was featured in an S5 episode that I omitted from watching).

    They seemed to be doing ok until they went into Jerry-Overkill Mode.

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  2. My impression is that Mr. Lenkov has sort of let his cast run amok for a long time ago now. I’m for letting Mr. O’Loughlin have a rest and not be pressured to be in every scene but the show needs to be a lot more cohesive. I’ve read that Ms. Park and Mr. Caan are not all that thrilled to spend so much time in Hawaii but that’s what they signed up for. Unfortunately, if they were to quit, their characters would be sorely missed by many fans and they both know it.. It gives them power and that’s probably why they’ve had so much leeway with their work schedules. That said, I still love the show despite the seeming dysfunction, (or maybe I just love Mr. O’Loughlin and would watch him no matter what 🙂

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    1. There is no word about a seventh season yet. But I am absolutely certain that there will be at least one more season. I have no doubt we will get season 7. They are doing very well for their spot on a Friday; and frankly if we don’t always agree with the quality of the show has no impact or meaning whatsoever.
      I think season seven is a pretty sure bet.


    2. I haven’t got any idea but if they don’t do something about the quality, additional season or not, they’re going to be minus some viewers. Not that they care about quality….


      1. Nah, what we don’t like is loved by others; and vice versa. As I said, it doesn’t really matter. What we think is quality others think of as crap. The show has a very good, constant viewership. Not always the same, but that is absolutely of no relevance.
        What we think is of no relevance.
        And quite frankly even season five, which I think was by far not stellar, had good viewership. And season six IS really good, and has very good ratings.
        So, again, what one person, or a few people (a few versus the silent millions watching) on twitter or other social media think is of NO relevance at all.


    1. Sorry my reply might not make sense, when they have introduced new regular characters apart from the fab four it seem like the show was all over the place if you see what I mean.x


  3. Loved this episode it had action, comedy and tears. Really like McG’s softer side with Neil, ( fabulous acting by Joe Egender, reminds me of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman), also McG looking totally hot in navy clothes and does he have a new hair cut aswell.

    Abbey you cannot trust her at all, poor Chin he certainly does not have any luck in the love department. Hope our Cath is not in on this betrayal of our favourite gang. Only thing about this episode that made me laugh, is that Danno would pass for Clara’s husband more than her son.


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