Let the speculation begin

So, Peter Lenkov posted a short video clip on his Instagram.

Mentioning Catherine Rollins, and that she had called Steve a few times from her sat phone.

Any thoughts on that? πŸ˜‰


Credit and video on PL’s Instagram.

Oh, and by the way, I did this post this many hours after his original post so everyone had time to calm down, and we might be able to have a nice discussion about it. πŸ™‚

64 thoughts on “Let the speculation begin

      1. And unicorns are real?

        I’ll say this .. he knows how, and when to create a buzz.

        I think it opens an interesting story, and it must be the intention (to at some point further explore that story) otherwise, why do any of this?

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        1. Well, just because we haven’t seen a unicorn… doesn’t mean they are not real. πŸ˜‰

          About why doing this? I do believe he does have a plan regarding Catherine. I think that is pretty much the only plan he has. Just think about Wo Fat’s daddy. He threw that in and then later that he said he hasn’t even thought about writing anything for that storyline. I think that says a lot about him planning everything.
          I’m sure he does have a goal in mind, but like with any stories how to get there is a totally different thing and depends on many factors. Even more so on a TV show.
          I still believe and will not waver in my hope that Cath will be back. Will it happen any time soon? Probably not. And we have no idea what this short scene was even about or where it will lead. πŸ™‚

          I find it very amusing how some people jump on everything he says and throws at them. I sometimes admire their passion even though it is mostly misguided. πŸ™‚


      2. Sam: Just think about it. What other character generates as much interest/controversy in this fandom than Cath? No one even mentions Rachel. So when he wants to have some fun……………….?

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        1. That is true.

          Rachel who? πŸ™‚ Haven’t heard from her or the new kid in a while. NOT that I need to. No, I don’t. Really, I don’t. I think that storyline is one of the lamest ever. Almost worse than Kodam, or whatever they are called. As if the kid would care about Gracie’s dad. Ugh, I’m getting mad just thinking about the ridiculous part of how that kid adores the stranger that Danny is for him. Such bad writing.
          Anyway, what did I want to say? Eh… never mind. πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m happy that she was at least mentioned. And I DO think there will come something good out of it. Maybe not something what we hope and like, but at least a good story. OR, gasp, maybe Steve finally wakes up and goes after her… nah, wishful thinking. LOL

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      1. I still think throwing this relationsship away (if) was the biggest mistake on TV ever! They matched, it matched Steve’s character and all this women who came this season seemed forced, even though i like some of them!
        It just seemed not McGarrett-like! He needs the woman he truly loves!
        I hope this isn’t over!!!


    1. I think we don’t know the guy yet, and he may only be some special agent in that one ep. We’ll see when it airs, babe!

      As to reacting to PL…I totally, TOTALLY, react when he gives us any Cath. I retweet and fave and throw my own silly out there like there’s no tomorrow for about 5-10 minutes. And here’s why…1. If there is any chance he gives even the smallest shite what fans think, I do wanna encourage pro-Cath fans be heard, for a myriad of reasons like she’s a female and I happen to love the character and other fans tend to try to shut-up the McRolls and Borth herself, so pffffttttt! And 2. Cos a TL blowing up about McRoll amuses me in that it ridiculously irks the narrow-minded and the mean among the fandom. :mrgreen: Also 3. Cos a Cath-centric story is more likely to be a McG-centric ep, which is really the only eps I’m ever interested in. πŸ˜‰

      As to what I think his intent is for the characters, I don’t actually trust him to have a plan beyond perhaps a SL for the one ep. I used to believe he had an overall plan, a large arc, for Show. I think he’s winging it ep by ep now, bending characters to fit the joke du jour or the latest bizarre plot point someone screeched out in the writers meeting..,

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      1. LOL – I was more talking about the other half of the fandom. You know, the crazy ones? πŸ˜‰ It’s amusing to watch them. I think it’s hilarious to see them get into a total panic when they see a little glimpse of the chance that Cath might be back after all. πŸ™‚

        And yeah, you’re right, he does wing it. But I also believe he does know where he wants to go, just the way is a bit tricky to see. πŸ˜‰

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        1. Exactly! It’s part of why I post! πŸ˜†
          Cos while I rarely get all freaked out about McDanno teases, tho it bores me but I also know the boys are not gay, the McDannos lose their minds and their dignity when a McRoll teaser gets out!

          It is just funny. Hehehehehehe! πŸ‘Ώ

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      2. Well I’m glad someone is posting and repping us. I would have too but the last thing I need is to to join yet ANOTHER social media outlet. And I’d be especially ticked if I went to all the hassle of joining that instagram thing and then they didn’t bring Cath back. Let’s just say I would not be responsible for my actions. 😎

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  1. Since I have a unicorn collection I guess that means I believe in them. That said I got a real kick out of the comments that were posted with the webstagram or whatever that was. The McDannos were rather vocal, one in particular. So there has been more than one call……aw Cath couldn’t stay out of touch, I personally love it. I’m with GNP, any mention of Catherine gives me hope. As for the planning that PL does, that is iffy at best. He has his plans but I often don’t like them.

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  2. So, it begins.

    I have said many times that I think that PL is a master at what he does- and what he does is to keep the fandom off balance and unsure of his plans. But he never lies – rather he misdirects and confuses but does it brilliantly.

    I watched the short bit about Steve finding out about Catherine. Apparently she is the source of the phone hang ups? I thought from his response to the question about those calls that it wasn’t her. Misdirection? You decide.

    Poor Steve. His look of surprise and confusion made me wonder a bit about his sense of perception but at least now he knows there is something not quite right about the circumstances of her leaving. I was beginning to have my doubts about him. Can you give a virtual shake to a TV character? Tell him to wake up and stop doing a zombie dance?

    As for the spontaneous combustion in the fandom, did anyone really expect differently? There is a hardcore, albeit, very, very small group of β€œfans” who are obsessive haters of Cath/Michele and believe that they have validation since they talk only to each other and all ten of them are in agreement. No consideration is given to the ten million watchers who scratched their heads and wondered what Cath was really up and when they would find out. PL cares about those viewers because they determine renewal. And not one of those ten million not active in the fandom is reading this.

    Yeah, she’s coming back. Even those who have gone into mourning and those who have rationalized that short clip does not mean anything have known all along that this day was coming. PL did everything but write them a personal note. Or tweet them or something. Whatever.

    I have always believed that he does have a master plan and the latest one began as soon as he was sure of a S6 renewal. I always thought 525 ended strangely. It may be true that he starts with an outline of where he wants the show to go and then fleshes out each episode in turn-one being filmed, one already written, one in preproduction and one in preparation. Repeat until the final episode.

    And as we have been told so many times………………….It’s a show. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Is it time to make popcorn yet?

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    1. How cool would it be if Steve actually was ‘in’ on it. And all his strange behavior was just pretend. Well, would have been nice to also be ‘in’ on it, but I would love for him to know about what Cath was really doing. Wouldn’t make him look so stupid. I mean, really, a virtual shake would be good if he really didn’t know what was going on with the woman he knows for so many years. And was ready to marry. Seriously!

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    2. Yeah, I thought that microscopic clip was confusing in light of what we’ve seen of S6 so far. In whatever S6 ep that was, he didn’t seem certain it was Cath and the lobotomized man did not investigate. But he says yes he took calls from her in that instagram clip.

      I’m assuming that guy in that little scene clip is a totally new character, but then I briefly wondered if that guy who played Gov. Denning was gone and this was his replacement. I’m thinking not, but they’re sorta similar.


  3. Well rats. I’m on my very short lunch break so will have to wait till late tonight to see the post/video in question and see what all the buzz is about. But any mention of Cath makes me smile. I want to be her when I grow up. 😎 I especially want to be able to take out strangers in the bathroom on a moment’s notice. 😎

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    1. FTW!!!! While we’re day dreaming about being like Cath, can we add, ya know, the boyfriend back into her story? Immediately makes her life more enviable… πŸ˜€

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    1. CocoPuffy: Now don’t you lose the faith, hear me? We need to make a believer of GNP, so I leave you with this thought.

      In the past, PL has been very angry with those who post negative things about his actors. He thrives only on the positive. Make no mistake- he likes Michele Borth and everything points to her return. I’ll bet the ring is still in the drawer and the toothbrushes in the bathroom are now having little floss babies. Telling him to not bring Cath back is the surest way to see her again. Let them rant.

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  4. Okay, finally had a chance to check out the link. We only got a couple nanoseconds but I’m chanting in the stadium ‘CATH! CATH! CATH!” Even if I didn’t think she and Steve are great together, she’s just a fantastic character in her own right and the show has been a lot worse without her. So this BETTER mean she’s on her way back.

    If she isn’t, I’m going to be doing more than a cyber-smack. 😎

    I didn’t bother to read all the comments but I saw a few. Naturally the haters were out in force. Who cares. Cath rocks. That’s all I need to know.

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  5. Oh drama baby. Drama! LOL!
    Let me add my 2 cents as a NOT McRoller directed esp. to all the Cath haters out there. (Hating a fictional character is a really weeeeiiiird thing in my book. I spare my hate for real persons, who deserve it πŸ˜‰ )
    But I am sure these ‘haters’ are reading here, so….
    Remember: I am no Cath fan. I think she has a lot explaining to do when (!!!) she is coming back. And it better be good. Sadly I think the writers will come up with nothing better then ‘I did it to protect you’, what is not acceptable especially coming from Cath who KNOWS Steve, who KNOWS about all this ‘protecting you’ crap he had in his life and who KNOWS what he as a highly trained SEAL and Naval Intelligence guy is capable of. But you know what? That is not the point. It is not important if you love Cath and it is not important if you hate her. You know what is important for me, for the viewers and last but not least for Steve? The guy you claim to love? Closure AND continuity!!!! He deserves closure about a lot of things. About LLWL aka Mom from hell, about Joe, about Daddy Wo Fat and of course about Cath. The woman he wanted to marry, the woman he knows for such a long time and cares about. He deserves the truth. About a lot of things because they are the reason he’s been gone through so much unimaginable pain. So if you are going to tell me you don’t want Steve to hear or see anything about/from Cath, you really think he is better with never hearing about her again I can’t take your love for Steve seriously. And if you think he is happy now and does not care about her any longer I would suggest to watch episode 6.12 again.
    And this is the reason this little sneak peek makes me really happy and I am eagerly looking forward to 6.17.
    LeiCa, Over and out. πŸ˜€

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    1. I’ve heard many people use the “Cath’s got a lot of explaining to do” line. No, she doesn’t. The WRITERS have a lot of explaining to do. That whole thing wouldn’t have happened if the writers etc had any idea what to do with the show and if they paid any attention at all to their characters.

      No more than “Steve’s got a lot of explaining to do” about cutting down a tree in the now infamous Christmas episode. We KNOW the real Steve McGarrett wouldn’t do that and I don’t expect him to explain it. I expect the weight of that to fall on lack of continuity and care by TPTB.

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      1. Brenda:

        Agree. The writers have to explain that whole mess they made at the end of 603. PL did say that they loved each other but there would be roadblocks. That doesn’t sound like goodbye to me. It looks like Steve will have to kick the rocks out out his way, get the sand out of his eyes , the wax out of his ears and the cotton wool out of his head and go find his girl.

        Let the good times Mcroll !!!

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      2. I get what you mean Brenda, that’s why I said “Sadly the writers…”. But it’s Cath I will see on my screen (and I will see her, I am sure that she’s coming back!) and therefore I am talking about Cath. And she can’t come back and keep silent, not about something that had such a strong influence on the (writer’s) lead character. Way more than cutting down that tree by LobotomyMcG. (shudder, I completely erased that epi out of my brain)

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        1. I appreciate your “Not a McRoller” viewpoint. Those who want her to go away and never come back don’t really care about the story, I guess – because, like it or not, there’s a story there, and obviously the writers are using Catherine to tell some part of Steve’s story. It’s unfortunate that the writers can’t seem to do anything but make women do seemingly awful things to give the men a storyline, but that’s what we get with this show.

          You know, when we aren’t getting completely out of character actions from the characters for a cheap laugh. I refer you to TreeKillerSteve and CouplesRetreatSteve.


    2. LeiCa:

      Even though you are not a McRoll, your arguments at least make sense. Its the blanket hate for Cath which I don’t understand. Which brings me to what I have tried to explain to others. At least on this site we can disagree with each other with respect for the many many different views we hold. That can’t be said elsewhere. And that makes me very sad.

      I don’t think it’s going to be a question of ” I was trying to protect you” as much as something which probably occurred when she was, or was supposed to be in Afghanistan. I think her mission is classified and it is a great sacrifice on her part to carry it through. Steve is the first person to understand classified and I think he ultimately will get it. I would not be surprised if he finds her and helps. Maybe it involves Doris- maybe not.

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      1. Oh I would be perfectly fine with some classified mission because of some happenings in Afghanistan, and of course Steve of all people would understand.
        I can’t help thinking about the phone call in the car. Asking if she could pull that through sounded aweful personal… The writers really have to come up with something good and I don’t know if I would be full of understanding if it includes Doris. I get the difference between lying and something you can’t say because it’s classified. But Doris would be too much for me I think. For me.. but Steve maybe is more forgiving. He is way nicer and indulgent than me. I would have punched Danny not only the one time in the pilot… πŸ˜‰

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        1. If Doris returns (the actress has a recurring role on The Good Wife and also Blacklist,) I think it will be at the very end of the season. She is still his Mother and he loves her, even if he doesn’t like her.

          People ask how she can possibly redeem herself in his eyes. I think she has to die saving someone, possibly him. I never understood the whole Wo Fat story. It would make an interesting season finale.

          Who knows.

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      2. Would I be totally off base if I thought that maybe Catherine knew she had this op when she returned at the end of season 5 but since it was classified she couldn’t say anything and just wanted to see Steve for a last time…..in case she didn’t survive it? I know I couldn’t resist seeing him so I figure she couldn’t either. Of course the parting was so sad maybe she just couldn’t keep from calling to hear his voice. Now if she actually talked to him since we don’t know from that clip how many times she has called, perhaps she decided to come clean and has told him something. I know…..I know, I am a dreamer and there are probably holes in this idea but it might fit.

        I shall go back to my unicorn collection and see if I can work that into a story idea.

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        1. You could be right. I had the feeling, though, that whatever she was involved with was over when she returned. She was the one who asked “how long do you want me ti stay?” I don’t think she was expecting that call. She was home all day when Steve was gone so we don’t know what happened or to whom she spoke when she was alone. It had to be pretty important to leave him when things were so right between them so I think her hand was forced. Whatever her secret mission is, I am guessing lives are at stake and she had to sacrifice her own happiness to save them.

          And “fans” call Cath a liar? No wants to remember that::
          Chin lied about his Uncle stealing that money and took the blame.
          Kono lied to the entire team when she lost her badge and was really working for IA.
          Danny lied about his affair with a married woman and Rachel lied to her husband Stan about her affair with Danny.
          Rachel lied to everyone about the identity of Charlie’s biological father.
          and Steve lied to the FBI when he told them that Danny’s brother was escaping the Island by boat when he knew he was taking a plane out. And Steve was an officer of the law, at that.

          However, none of those lies seem to count. . None of them come to the table with clean hands–. including Steve.
          Whatever her reasons, I think any lie she may have told pales in comparison.

          I’m not worried about this relationship. It will survive.

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          1. Mama, you inspire me. I agree that there has been too many lies told for various reasons on this show. I can forgive some of them when they are used to protect or help those we care about. I was only guessing so I could be way off base but the idea jumped in my head and my fingers just typed in my first thoughts. I am clinging to the hope that PL treats Catherine right and those who care will be happy with her return. I am aware we will never convince the haters because they are too far down the road to be convinced.

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            1. Moonjat:

              If the idea just jumped into you head, then go with your instincts. First guess is usually the best guess. Everything will turn out all right.


          2. Oh Mama, you rock – again πŸ˜‰
            How I wish I could shove your tweet in the face of those negative ppl who can focus on nothing else but “she lied, she lied” and he “deserves better”…
            So true what you said about pretty much everyone lying or my thoughts even go to several doing something outside of the law that even their “immunity and means” won’t cover.
            The writers put Cath’s character in this bad light and I am astonished how much negative energy is spent over and over on a fictional character…
            Cath was clearly forced to leave this time. Nobody understands the term “classified” better then Steve.
            One might like Cath or not, she is McG’s girl and the only one who takes him with all his baggage and understands his background.
            We will see what happens but I will shout it from the rooftops until I’m blue I my face: PL has a masterplan!
            Obviously some of my “haters” don’t like this as I had another run in on Twitter πŸ™‚
            But, as we say- if you can’t take the heat stay away from
            the fire.
            So, I will sit back, relax and watch this “drama” unfold πŸ™‚

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            1. I actually can’t see that bad light they paint in. I still think she’s a great character and she must have her reasons for acting like she did. And I will patiently wait how this will play out.

              Ignore the haters, or fight them with love. They don’t know what to do with that. πŸ™‚

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            2. I’m sorry you are being harassed on twitter. That’s why I do not have an account. Just remember that there are people who do these things because they hope you will go away and stop your support of a character by deliberately baiting you until you give up. Block them, or not.

              The level of stupidity and immaturity among these people is staggering. Pity them. They must be very unhappy with their lives to invest so much time in hating a fictional character. .


              1. Aww Mama, they’re already blocked. But a “spy” on my TL obviously communicates with them.
                But it’s ok, let them have their hate fest, I feel sorry for them. They don’t realize how much PL loves to play πŸ™‚

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          3. Most lies were told for reasons that I can understand and forgive. Not Rachel though.
            Danny actually didn’t lie about his affair, he just never told anyone. Jeez, am I defending Danny? What is wrong with me? HELP me! LOL

            Catherine didn’t lie for her own reasons. There is a huge difference between being ordered and chosing to lie. Huge difference. One that Steve will understand.

            And I’m not worried about them, I just want to see them together. All eps would have been better with her there. That of course is just my personal opinion. Just because I truly love the character Catherine. She’s a great character all on her own.

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    3. I don’t believe anyone saying they like or even love Steve, but in the same sentence say they hate Catherine and never want to see her again. How can I take someone seriously who is clearly not interested in Steve’s happiness, but claims to be his biggest fan?
      I know you, and many others including me have said it so often. Steve’s happy, we’re happy. Doesn’t matter if we like the person he fell for. That is a concept many just don’t get.

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      1. Ugh! Alex gets that crap in RL in spades, too. A cadre of his “fans” always have hated whoever his girl…and now wife…is. I always assume those fans are just pure jealous. Which is super stoopid, cus none of us have a prayer either as his RL or onscreen girl. πŸ™„


        1. They will always hate any woman who gets within shouting distance of either McG or AOL.(except Danny who is not a realistic threat)

          And no, neither will ever ring their doorbells In fact they have a better shot at a fictional character like McG showing up with a ring than AOL noticing them when he has eyes only for his pretty wife.

          Can you imagine the little fantasy scenarios playing inside their heads? Mental fan fics with them as the love interest? Delicious.

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  6. Did I recall hearing someone say there would be no new eps for three weeks? In that case, now would be a good time to ditch reruns of season 5 and 6 and show us a few episodes from the early seasons to recharge our batteries. It would recharge mine.


    1. So much for that thought. They’re repeating one of the recent episodes tonight. Eh well. I’m exhausted. That means I get to go to bed early.instead and catch up on some zzzzzz’s.


      1. Brenda, tonight’s episode is a repeat of the season 6 opener so Catherine will be in it and Steve is happy. I am looking forward to seeing them dance together if for nothing else.

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  7. i totally missed this post; although i did see the explosive tweet! Now that I have seen the preview for the Valentine’s ep, I feel the entrance of Cath (in person or in thought) may be a particular disruption to Steve since he seems to be making strides to move on. I’m okay with that as far as getting to see Steve deal with it. AOL does dramatic struggles quite well. Of course, who knows what happens between the V-day ep and that preview. I assume another mysterious call.
    I always assumed the Cath storyline would reappear. I thought Steve would end up having to go after her and that Doris would be involved. I had no problem with her leaving, but I did have a problem with Steve not getting that something was up. They have known each other long enough that he should know Catherine wouldn’t leave to “find herself” – she is way too secure of a woman. As well, her interaction with him upon returning would have shown to him that she intended to stay. If she really felt she didn’t have a place in Hawaii, then she was being inconsistent by asking Steve how long he wanted her to stay, and he should have called her on that. As well, I feel like they should have some way of communicating classified stuff without breaking confidentiality – you know, like a safe word. I kept hoping Nepal was a code word for “I can’t tell you, but I have to disappear for national security.”
    When twitter exploded, there were so many snide remarks, I couldn’t tell which “side” some of them were on. I’m pretty sure I recognized some that were aimed at my fave blog writers, but I’m not completely sure.
    Now, I just can’t believe we have another Friday without McG. I look forward to an early b’day present next Friday since I don’t have my own valentine. I also am interested whether McG gets that black eye from a perp or from his gf.


    1. Well, you did see the little beer bottle clinking at the end? That’s what Steve and Ellie did, so….I guess this is goodbye Lynn I think PL is having his fun with ABC’s this week. He’ll start again soon. 617?


  8. The agent seems to get to McG from the CIA, because appartently McG think he is coming to him because of Doris!
    But then he corrects Mcg and says he is talking about Catherine Rollings! I really wonder… just as I was over this, rotten timing!


  9. I for one really want Cath back, McG always has a puppy dog expression on his face when he see’s Cath and he does not with the other woman, lets hope that he can find some love at the end of this season;)x


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