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6.13 – Umia Ka Hanu

While Grover travels to Chicago to finally get a confession from Clay Maxwell about killing his wife, Chin and Kono are held at gunpoint by two killers who have no idea they are cops, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Jan. 22

CBS translated Umia Ka Hanu to Hold The Breath

HUH! You know, it doesn’t happen often, but I actually don’t know what to say. Or let’s say I don’t know what to say that doesn’t make me look like a total jerk, and make me break my own rule to be friendly and respectful on this blog.


WTF was this? Let’s put aside the absolute powerful and brilliant performance by Chi McBride for a minute and look at this storyline.

This absolutely and completely ridiculous, over the top, out of left field storyline of going to Chicago to beat the snot out of his former partner and best friend. In order to get a confession. And if that doesn’t work, let’s demolish his house to find some hidden cash. Right.

There is NO way in hell that he would get away with any of this. And there is my problem with this part of the episode. I have no problem suspending belief on occasion. But this goes too far.

I can kind of live with Danny being a man who killed someone in cold blood. Legally he would most likely get away with it. A good lawyer would get him off. Morally, it was totally wrong. But that is another story. I can live with that storyline.

And I can live with the storyline that Chin killed someone in cold blood. Legally there isn’t a shred of evidence to get a conviction. Morally? So very wrong.

Both acts were kind of understandable, but nothing will ever make it right.

Grover did not kill his guy, but in my eyes, what he did is even worse. He PLANNED this, to the last detail. He assaulted Clay, he drugged him, he held him captive, he assaulted his girlfriend, he held her captive. He destroyed private property.


No matter what he found, none of that is usable in court. Or for IA. He on the other hand, should be held responsible for his actions. Any first-year law student would get him behind bars, and Clay off the hook. Heck, any person who watched two episodes of Boston Legal would get Clay off and Lou behind bars for a very long time.

BL-Credit to SpoilerTV

(Yep, still one of my favorite ‘Law-shows’ of all time. I LOVED Alan in court.)

So, what is the plan here? Getting rid of Lou? That would be a real shame, because he is the best addition they ever came up with.

And by the way, why the hell did Lou wait all this time to go to Chicago? All this time he was consumed by his thoughts of getting Clay? Well, to be honest, he hid that very well.

But knowing Five-0 and the ‘brilliant’ writing, next week will all be well, Clay behind bars and Grover back in Hawaii as if nothing ever happened.

I can only vote absolutely awful for this part of the episode. But awesome acting by Chi McBride.

So, there was another part of the episode. Well, that didn’t give me much either. Why? Because nothing had any backstory whatsoever. It didn’t have a beginning, middle and end. Those were just random scenes thrown together.

Let’s start with the surfing. Why can’t we see them actually surfing? We all know that Scott Caan is really good at it, Alex can surely stand on that darn thing, and I’m sure DDK and Grace could do it. A couple small waves… manageable by all of them. So, why not showing that? It would have made this a whole lot better.


Speaking of surfing. Is it a custom in Hawaii that there are surf boards lying around for everyone to use? And after you just leave them on the grass somewhere? I didn’t see any kind of rental shop there. They just dropped the boards and were done with it. I found that very strange.

Very nice scene of Chin asking Steve how he was holding up. That fits Chin’s character really well.


The next thing I found very strange and call very bad writing was the quote from ‘A Few Good Men’. You don’t change a person’s character just to get a good line in. Steve stealing a wave? He was the one who taught Danny surf-etiquettes, he told him that you don’t steal a wave, ever. And now he does it? That was just thrown in to use that line. Bad writing, in my eyes.

The cargument? Forced and ridiculous, a waste of time. Nothing more to add to that.


Getting to HQ; winner, winner, blabla? Is Steve channeling Kamekona now? WTF! I DO like a funny and loose Steve. I love that he has lighten up a little. But this is not him. The zen-moment… that was him. And later worrying about his people, that was him too.

Chin and Kono. You think it was a good way to show how to safely drive in a car? No seat belts, hanging your feet out the window? Sorry, but you can show being relaxed and having fun in a more responsible way. And it looked ridiculous to boot.

And yes, Chin, everyone knows. 😉

I’m not going to go into the stupid plot of having these two killers taking Chin and Kono hostage to dig the grave. Chin had a great opportunity to take out one of them. Instead of jumping him when he lost his gun, Chin ran. Seriously? That was a monumentally stupid move. AND if one gets closer than three feet of you, it is easy for any trained person to get the gun. These two thugs shouldn’t have been a match for either Kono or Chin.

Of course, if they would have taken them out, we wouldn’t have Steve saving the day, and Danny tagging along.

This part of the ep was between poor and OK for me. Some nice views of Steve, which kinda saved it for me, but I don’t think I’ll ever watch this episode again. Not even with fastforwarding through most of it.


So, really interested to see how you saw this episode.

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.



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  1. I kind of liked parts of the non Lou storyline. Steve is really competitive, and I can buy that Steve might try to stick extra close to a less than expert surfer Danny. And cops seems to be rather cavalier about seat belts, but they were RACING, not taking a scenic drive on a back road. Plus, yeah the boards. Originally, we saw Kono’s car with a thing on the top to carry them and her bike did too. Steve’s truck and Chin’s previous car were all good choices because you could throw boards and stuff in them.

    I can’t say anything about the whole Chicago Lou story because it was like bad out of character fanfiction or something (with stellar acting). It was like pod people did the writing. Possibly the same one who had Steve cut a tree in protected forest. (Which you still could have made more plausible than this. For instance, I could see Steve cutting something that was an invasive species thinking it wasn’t protected and getting it out would be good and the law actually covering invasive species or authorized removal only.) This was just too far into vigilantism. And it wasn’t a heat of the moment reaction, which I find more forgivable.

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  2. I continue to get the impression that everyone associated with this show, from actors to crew, writers, producers, is totally burned out and has absolutely no idea what to do with the remainder of their contract for Five-0. It is one disjointed hot mess.

    While, like you, I found Grover’s storyline to be completely unbelievable, I will say I wasn’t as bored with him as I was sure I’d be. But it wasn’t enough to make it a good episode.

    I also didn’t buy the Steve stealing the wave thing. And frankly, while I can appreciate the concept of “loosy goosy” Steve, they haven’t executed it in a way that’s believable. People need to dial back sometimes and chill out, but the way it’s been portrayed on Five-0, Steve isn’t even the same person any more–he’s unrecognizable. And I don’t like the new Steve. He was much more interesting as portrayed in the first 3.5 seasons.

    If it wasn’t for that small sliver of hope inside me that they might by slim chance find their way back to a winning formula, I’d just throw up my hands and walk away. A total about face from how eagerly I used to look forward to each and every episode on Friday (and formerly Monday?) nights.

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    • Oh Brenda, honey, girlfriend, soulmate. Every frikkin word! I feel you. Every. Single. Word.
      Also agree with Sam’s entire review, including the Boston Legal part…WTH was this ep? Alt-universe 5-0?
      Also…DennyCrane! 😉

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  3. Well, they’re back. Maybe 612 was an aberration.

    Are we to believe that the Governor of Illinois gave Grover means and immunity? Will the Police Commissioner look the other way? Is Grover going to jail and being written out?

    And, who was that character playing McG this week? I know he’s competitive- Cath said so, but It looked like he jumped the gun, while the writers just jumped the shark.

    Oh, forgot Kono and Chin. Wasn’t it convenient that McG and Danny got there just in time?

    I vote awful minus. Just my opinion- Others probably loved it.

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    • I truly wonder about anyone who loved this episode. Seriously.

      LOL – yeah, I wanted to write that they just jumped the shark, but couldn’t do it. Because I will still watch, and hopefully will enjoy more episodes. Yeah, I know, I’m pathetic in my endless hope that they will give us some more greatness. 😉

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      • Anyone who loved this episode has either got a brain the size of a pea, or watches with the sound off and only wants pretty on their screen. It was literally either stomach crampingly bad (Grover SL) or completely devoid of any.. thing. no plot, no purpose, no point.

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  4. I want to meet the people who love this episode. I can’t even think of a kind thing to say other than Chi acted his little heart out.

    The story of the week was totally pitiful. The cargument was painful to watch. Kono acting like a 10 year old in the car. Chin not getting the drop on the quasi bad guy was ridiculous. The VERY last second save by Steve and his side kick was too contrived.

    My finger was on that ‘awful’ button for a long time before I went to ‘poor’. It got a poor because of Chi’s performance and because Alex looked good. And I’m not shallow at all, right?

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    • Come out, come out wherever you are– tell us why you loved this episode. Maybe you can change some minds? Come out, come out….. Just gotta hear your reasons. Sam & Cokie , is this rude? Delete if you want. .It’s nothing like my first draft. LOL

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      • I think we should all sing along for them to come out.

        I am really interested to hear what was awesome about this episode aside from Chi’s acting. Maybe we’re all blind, and just don’t see it? I know people often simply vote awesome just for the fact that the show was on, and that they saw their favorite actors. Or something like that. That’s OK, but by far not enough for my taste.


        • I haven’t seen many who loved it – besides the “It was ON TV – I loved it” crowd.

          I looked at IMDB message board this AM – very few there who loved it, but that tends to be a tough crowd normally.


            • I can make a guess 😀

              An episode where Danny is completely absent and not mentioned. Kono acts like a fairly young – just past the rookie stage – officer of the law who isn’t amazing at EVERYTHING, No sign of Eric, Mindy, Mama Williams, Mama McG, Joe, Rachel, Grace, Ellie, Lynn, Jerry, Flippa, TOAST (friggin toast – yes that’s the missing ingredient to SHOW’s lack of awesome) Everyone swaddled in clothing head-to-toe, and not driving muscle cars.

              Oh, and Catherine and Steve getting married.

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            • Sam: The really sad part is that the “please read my review, if you wish” crowd think that because PL returns their tweets, he actually reads what they write. He is too busy running a show, so its not gonna happen folks. . My guess- no my belief, is that he has more respect for those who tell the truth when an episode is crap (because he KNOWS when it’s crap) then for those who get a bad back from bending over so much.


              • I personally think, and maybe it’s just me, that PLenkov does read those KoolAid reviews and he does need to believe them. I have seen him retweet them, which certainly indicates communion. And I don’t see him having respect for the honest, either. In my experience, he blocks the honest. But your POV is more respectful than mine. You are a nice person.

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                  • Ah! You mean something that rags on Show? Do any TwitReviewers ever note something negative? I stopped reading their reviews cos,may know, same old same old.


                    • I can’t recall specifically, but yes. . A few years ago he rt’d (and I think quoted “loved it!” Or something. .) On a link that was less than glowing


                    • Oh, please won’t you read my review? I sat down and wrote it for you.
                      My boss is a jerk so , I wrote it at work . If you wish, won’t you read my review?
                      I thought this your best story yet. Each week it’s your best that we get
                      Like the week before that, you’ve got it down pat. If you wish, won’t you read my review?
                      From alpha to zeta, they’re better and greater. If you wish, won’t you read my review?
                      Screw work, I celebrate me. My fans await my next twit
                      I work for a he, praise be, not a she . Cause a she won’t put up with my sh-t.

                      I really think i should hide.

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  5. The only thing that kept from voting awful was seeing Steve shirtless and smiling. Chi acted his socks off so that elevated my vote even though the material he had to work with was so ridiculous. I had no idea that Hawaii’s Governor’s power extended all the way to Chicago. I am sure Illinois’ Governor would be interested in that little event. Of course the show will ignore all of Grover’s bad behavior and he will be fine next time we get a new episode.

    And just when did Steve forget his surf manners and feel he needs to save Danny from the big bad waves???? Yes the guy is competitive but he gave Danny a lecture about that very thing several seasons back. Thankfully the real Steve showed up at the end but I really feel they need to fire the idiots who don’t know the main character’s behavior. Not sure what is going through PL’s head since I saw he was involved in the writing this week. Maybe he doesn’t watch his own show? I don’t even want to go into how Chin and Kono were incapable of taking those two crooks out. Where was that bada$$ Kono we have seen on other episodes. She had a long handled shovel for Pete’s sake.

    They are making me sad with some of this disjointed characterization of our team and my muse is totally uninspired when it comes to new ideas to write. I hang in there in hope that things will improve but they’re making me very nervous.

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  6. Really and easily the episode was forced. And easily one of the very worst episodes of the series. But love season 6 otherwise.One of the best seasons here so far. Really would love to had seen more Chin and Kono as it was really forced. All to give time to Lou. But really love Lou. But still the episode did not have enough focus on the two and gave it all to Lou. Even though he is one of my favorite characters, he and Chin.
    But really it will likely seem that Lou will get off despite having no jurisdiction in Chicago anymore.He did get to have his former friend confess but to get his girlfriend, went way too far.
    You know Alex in real life is not a surfer. Scott’s character is the one not the surfer but Scott loves to surf in real life.


  7. This episode broke my last straw, sadly. I don’t think H50 is ever going to be good again – what the hell was that?

    I gave it a poor. Not an awful – because like a lot of you, I appreciated the performance Chi put in. And I appreciated Steve with no shirt. OH, and I appreciated when PodSteve went away and RealFictionalSteve appeared to be very concerned about Chin and Kono.

    There was literally no point to Kono and Chin SL. None, we got no backstory, no reason to care about the dead guy, no reason to want to pay attention to it at all – I mean, we all knew that Steve would find them in the end and that they wouldn’t get killered and buried – so where’s the tension. Nothing. It’s not artsy, it’s not “a good ohana episode” it was drivel. We last see Steve and Danny driving like madmen “looking” for Chin and Kono – at 50 MPH, next thing Steve is magically killing the bad guys. Whatever- bury them all in the hole they dug. Who cares? Not me – I don’t even know them.

    Lou. Just preposterous. Lou is a more menacing bad guy than Gabriel TBH. Break my heart more why don’t you – I just can’t see myself liking Lou next week – but I sure as shit would bet that next week Lou is back in Hawaii acting as if nothing happened, happy go lucky cracking jokes and supposedly having the moral high ground? I sure hope the second Grover-centric episode that was teased is him on the run from 5-0 trying to catch him to bring him back to Chicago to stand trail.

    Steve – or as I call him – PodSteve. I’m annoyed. Stop playing with the characters YOU created PL. Are you bored? Tired of the characters you created? Artistically bankrupt? You’re very lucky that people have nothing to do on Fridays in the winter. This season is making RIPD look like an Oscar winner.

    I do think Steve is competitive, and I can almost see him wanting to annoy the shit out of Danny by hogging his waves. But to say that Steve hogged all of their waves makes him look like a selfish prick, which he most certainly IS NOT. Or, he could’ve been truly worried about the least experienced surfer and self-proclaimed scared of the ocean person SURFING THE NORTH SHORE IN JANUARY. Not for the faint of heart.

    And the lingo. Oy. Maybe Steve is having a midlife crisis. Either that or PL is. No one over the age of 20 speaks like that. Not unless they are joking around trying to look like an ass. That line was “jacked”

    I did like the carefree conversation between Chin and Kono. I’ve missed that without realizing it. I completely thought Kono was going to ask about Leilani when instead she asked about Abby eventually leaving.LOL. Oh well.. one day I will stop looking for some shred of continuity. Today is not that day.

    Did I mention that I liked Steve changing his shirt?

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    • This season is making RIPD look like an Oscar winner. – ROTFL. I saw that movie at a sneak peek. Except for one slow-mo scene that movie was a huge waste of time. Despite Jeff Bridges. Darn.

      Although, I do think season 6 in general is way better than season 6. This episode? Not so much.

      Perfect review with perfect explanations. Can I hire you? 🙂

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      • Season 6 better than 5? I don’t know – Season 5 was COMPLETELY forgettable (but for 2 epis) for me. However, Season 6 is memorable in how bad it is. Toss up.

        To show how forgettable season 5 is for me – I still have it set to autorecord the TNT repeats. I guess they are onto season 5 now – I was reading the recorded episodes and COULD.NOT.REMEMBER watching them. I know I did – but damned if I can remember a shred of the storylines in the synopses.


  8. Argh, I guess I’m the one who hit the “awesome” button- by mistake!! That happens when you read and type on the small screen of your phone 🙂 Can you erase my vote? Lol! If not…. Okay, let’s say Chi’s acting was awesome, Steve looked awesome…. hm… anything else??

    I’m really not sure what to make of the whole package. Lots has been said in your review I second most parts of it.
    Can we have a “Ihavenoideawhattothinkofthisone” voting category? 🙂
    I took a quick peak at some of the “Here’s my review if you wish” reviews… Huh, did we watch a different show?
    Here’s to 6.14, which can only go two ways- total disaster or a lot of fun. Let’s hope for the second option! 😃

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  9. Agreeing with so much. Kept thinking voting “awful” would be too harsh, especially since we got such nice, long, shirtless Steve views 😉
    Even though Steve seems strangely different this season, I continue to believe Alex finds it more fun to act (I still enjoy every goofy McFace).
    This show has been on air too long. Time to move on, Alex. Can´t believe the ratings are apparently still good.

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    • I believe the ratings. Alex has very loyal fans. And there’s Scott, Grace, Chi and Daniel fans too. It adds up. Show has such a broad spectrum of actors that I think it benefits from that.

      Plus dem “Koolaiders”, they just love it cos of the attention they get from PL and other fans.

      But aside from affording Alex a sweet home life and big bucks, it is doing zero for his career. 😦


      • It seems to be what he wants to do at this point in his life. If he wants to change that… He will.
        He seems very happy with his life. That is all that matters. A great career doesn’t make a family guy happy.
        Besides, no matter what we think of the one or other episode, he is the lead in a successful show in its six season. No matter what, that is something to be proud of and not a bad place career wise.

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        • Personally I think Alex is very happy with his life right now because he has little kids. With this show he doesn’t have to leave Lion and Spike (who I believe he treats as his own) and can be home every night. He is also closer to Australia than in LA and that makes it easier to go ther or have family come to him. It is steady work and I believe his time will come to do other work later.


          • Oh girlies, yes, I agree! I wasn’t criticizing Alex for Show’s craptasticness. Or for him being happy in Hawaii! I am literally physically and mentally incapable of criticizing that man. 😆 And I love he’s now rich and well-loved and happy.

            And yeah I get he’s fronting a Net show. I guess it is more accurate to say whatever good Show did do for his career, it’s capped out at this point. Further seasons may increase his bank account and his happy quotient, but not his acting career. IMO. Just IMO. I’m no acting agent! 😉

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            • Well realistically, male or female, actors only have so much time on the clock (most, not all). I grew up watching 70’s and 80’s TV and most of the TV hunks fizzled after they reached a certain age. Sad but true. I’m glad AOL is happy where he is. But if he plans on taking on more projects, I would assume he’d want to be looking into those now while he’s still a young buckaroo. 😎 But his life, his choice.

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            • Oh GNP, I never meant to say you were criticizing Alex. I just wanted to say that at this point in his life I think that Alex is okay with what he is doing with his life. I’m sure he wishes to work in films but with the boys so young I think from what he has said in interviews that he is good with his life right at this moment. And the truth is that men can work in more roles far longer than women so he has time to find great roles later in life. I trust he knows what he wants and will do what is best for him.
              I know you support him and want him to be recognized for his fabulous acting skills. (I just watched “Big Wheel” on Criminal Minds this morning) and I never meant to imply you were being critical. I’m selfish, I like having him in my house almost every week…..sigh, I am too easil pleased.


              • Heh! I like having him every week too…btw, that Grim Reaper dude on Twitter, who used to be the CancellationBear from TVBTN but he sold it and now he’s the Grim Reaper, predicts a season 7 for 5-0. So looking good for keeping him every week, babe, 😉


  10. I gave this an “ok”. I know, I’m a sap. Mostly because I love watching Alex flex his pecs, and because Chi’s acting was off the charts awesome.

    The review? Spot. On. Every single word. Mr. PNW watched with me and his commentary was along the same lines of “So, how long do you think Grover’s going to be in jail?”

    Otherwise? This show has seriously lost its way. I don’t know what they’re torturing the monkeys they’ve got chained to the typewriters that are writing these episodes these days, but I can hardly watch these episodes without a big glass of wine and healthy dose of disbelief.

    So, Grover jumps a plane to Chicago to break all kinds of laws to get a confession of out Clay and – OH YEAH – find this mysterious money that we’re JUST NOW hearing about? That must have been one of those “off screen” moments PL is so fond of touting.

    As for Chin and Kono…letting those two idiots get the best of them? Neither of them deserve to be writing parking tickets, let alone to be part of an elite crime fighting team. I found all of that to be so unbelievable. Chin gives himself away so easily and gets re-captured? THEN they turn their backs to let the Dumb and Dumber shoot them in the back? SMDH.

    For the crime of completely destroying the character of Steve, I wish I could sentence Lenkov to never being able to work in Hollywood again. At least we got a glimmer of the old Steve in his concern for Chin and Kono when they didn’t turn up when they were supposed to. Otherwise, I wonder if Alex is praying as hard as I am for Show to die a quiet death so he can pursue something that he can sink his teeth into and truly show off his talent.

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  11. There is simply no quality control for the show Why can’t it be mandatory for each new writer to watch all previous seasons so they know their characters inside and out? What they would do–what they would not do– what they would say-what they would never say? Is it so hard to have continuity when most of us know when a character is not “in character”? If we can do it, so can they. Besides, a paycheck should make that a given. We do it for free.

    Is it so terrible for each new writer to say- “Hey, I don’t know much about these people, or their stories, but I’m going to learn about them before I sit at my laptop and embarrass myself? Why can’t every script be scrutinized before filming to make sure the personalities of the characters remain true? With a big budget, I am sure they can get someone to fact check for a reasonable wage, especially a person who wants to learn and maybe get some good experience for their resumes?

    I try not to read those “Please read- if you will” reviews. It takes a lot to be a good writer — experience, training and discipline and just because YOU think you can write does not mean that you CAN, or that others think you can.. If you have a good product, you don’t have to beg people to read your blog. Word of mouth brings people to you. That’s why they get relatively few hits as opposed to what Sam and Cokie get here. There seems to be a handful of like minds who hawk each others blogs. I don’t know why they just don’t cut and paste and put each other’s names on them. It’s like Junior High without the excuse of youth.

    And I don’t think PL really cares what they think. As long as they keep blowing kisses, he will return their tweets. I think he is their real fantasy, not AOL. In the end, he will do exactly what he wants to do because it is his show and therefore his right.. And that’s how it should be. I have a feeling they won’t be happy with his choices.

    BTW, does PL ever post a comment on their weekly “masterpiece”? No, its because he does not read them.

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  12. Truthfully, i really don’t know what to say about this episode. I want to say i am very easy to please. I seldom, almost never complain about an episode even i think it is not good. As long as there is new episode, i am good. I think i only complained about Danny once or twice before.

    But this time i really can’t hold it in anymore. In my opinion, this is by far, the worst episode i ever watched on HF0, even worse than Christmas episode in Season 5. At least that episode has a case, which is quite ok for me. But this episode has nothing. The cargument at the beginning is really ridiculous and nasty (In my opinion). It is disjoint, messy, boring and Grover’s story in Chicago really didn’t bring any interest in me. So, i think i will give it an AWFUL ranking as i will not watch it again in the short period of time. This is the first time i give such ranking.

    Sorry if my English is confusing. Thanks for reading.

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    • Your English is good! And way better than my *any other language on earth*.

      And I also agree with you. They finally managed to make an even worse ep than that dreadful S5 Xmas ep. 🙄


      • You all make me very glad that that Christmas ep was one of several in season 5 I chose to skip. I’m generally harder on the show then a lot of people, so for that episode to have left that bad a taste in so many people’s mouths says a lot.

        I’m depressed now. I’m going to go put in one of the early season episodes and watch the real Steve McGarrett…


  13. I love season 6 like I said. But this was forced on. Really you would think Kono a so-called martial arts expert, would have taken down the bad guys and Chin has managed to have hand to hand combat. Writers have gotten sloppy.

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  14. Big Boston Legal fan here as well. Alan’s closing statements were the best ever written for television and James were perfect in the role.
    As for the Five-0 actors actually surfing, I think the logistics and maybe even the safety and insurance concerns might be too much for the show to do.


    • YES, James as Alan was a perfect match. And his closing statements will never be topped. I LOVED that show. Loved Alan from the first minute on The Practice. How cool is it to guest star in one show and get your own show with the same character?!

      You might be right about the insurance and safety concerns. Although they are allowed to surf and ride a motorbike on their own time. Shouldn’t the same regulations count for that? No idea, but whatever the reasons I think showing us some surfing would be great. 🙂


      • No, not the same, coz if they get hurt on their own time, their own medical insurance (provided I imagine by CBS but still their own accounts) would apply. So whatever costs weren’t covered by the insurance policy (and there are always those costs), the actor would pay themselves. BUT…If they get injured on set, CBS then assumes full liability, meaning the Net would have to cover all costs not covered by insurance. They could potentially (depending on circumstances) even sue CBS as well for, say, negligence or for damage done to an actor’s looks or ability to work for future income.

        American health care. Don’t even try to make sense out of it.

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  15. Got distracted while posting my first answer and never finished it before posting.
    As usual a spot on review Sam. And good entertainment in the comments ladies.

    I have seen quite a number of comments on Fb and Twitter of best episode ever……

    For me there were only 2 episodes worse than this one ever ithe category of WTF- Danny shooting Reyes and Team ‘rescuing’ Danny from Colombia.

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  16. Here’s my review… if you wish.
    You wish? Well, may I call you boss now? 😉
    Ok, you wanted to hear from those folks who found this episode awesome. So here I go because I am going to vote awesome.
    Steve’s various faces were awesome. The Zen One, The Kid One, The Competitor One, The Bottlepeeadvisor One, The Gut One, The Concerned One and The Smile One. So awesome is it…
    Oh wait, there was more? More than those five and a half enjoyable moments (tops)? Damn. I should have known there would be ‘a hair in my soup’ from Side Street Diner. ‘A fly in the ointment’ for the English speaking guests here, but that wouldn’t go with Side Street Diner so I chose the German saying. Oh I am so tricky!!!
    Oh how I wish (hey, I can wish too!) Steve would have been together with Lou in Chicago. The awesomeness of those two together is unbeatable, and Steve is Naval Intelligence. He would have examined the house most accurately before destroying it randomly.
    So I’ll vote poor. Can’t vote awful because – see above. You know saving grace and all that…
    All I am saying is: Just give pees a chance!
    Oh one question: What about Nahale PTB? Is Duke still at his father’s? For weeks now? Does Steve hide Nahale in the Marquis? Or is he in Steve’s house recording the incoming phone calls from Maybecath?

    Liked by 5 people

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