6.12 Review

6.12 – Ua ola loko i ke aloha

While McGarrett’s Aunt Deb visits Oahu on a special personal mission, Five-0 must uncover who stole unstable Japanese WWII bombs left hidden on the island, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Jan. 15

CBS translated Ua ola loko i ke aloha to Love Gives Life Within

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Sam said she hadn’t begun the review for 6.12 (that’s true) so I told her maybe I could come up with a little something. Trust me, this will not be a detailed review like she does week after week because I am no way nearly as creative and talented as she is. (You are plenty talented and creative. But keep going.) But I can voice my feelings and opinions.   And please bear in mind, the following is MY opinion only… (Nah, not really, guess you figured out already that the green butting in here is me, Sam.)

Please bear in mind also that I don’t have the episode in front of me at the moment, so I can’t do exact quotes… I’m relying on my cheesy memory for this.

First off, my vote. WAIT! We don’t do the voting at the beginning. Sigh, that’s what you get when you ask a friend to do the review. 😉 <my review… my timeline…> AWESOME.   Totally awesome.   This is not the AWESOME of 5.07 – that was in a class by itself.   But this was awesome in that the acting totally blew me away.   And honestly, even the characters who are generally annoying in my book didn’t mess it up for me.

OK that said, I’m not sure where I even want to begin.   I thought the case of the week was good. It held my interest and for the most part, I thought it was well done. (Nodding along.)

A couple of ‘nits’ on it. One, when the man was heading back to the island, why did he put his son on a board and paddle all the way back?   Seems like it would have made more sense to put him in a boat and have other people help with the rowing.   But I guess this was for effect.   I would much rather do things the easy way. (I actually asked myself why didn’t he call the Coast Guard for help? I guess they used the excuse of no reception… again. For me, this made it more ridiculous than dramatic, simply because it was stupid to use the surfboard. But that is often my problem that ‘their’ dramatic is very far away from what I would consider a dramatic scene.)

I am glad the person who shot him turned himself in. I sort of felt sorry for that guy. (And I was surprised how this was all solved. I was even more surprised about the beginning of the case. I was sure the boy would find a dead body, not get shot. That was a surprising turn. Well, they did find the obligatory dead body after all.)


But here’s another nit… If he saw the kid’s shadow and shot him in the opening of the bunker, how did the kid fall down the mountain and receive other injuries? (Yes! I thought he was either lying, or the kid stumbled out of the cave after being shot.) And why didn’t we see any injuries on him when they got back to the island?   He was bleeding from a gunshot wound but if I remember correctly, didn’t Kono say he had multiple injuries? (Yes, she said he had various broken bones from a nasty fall. Sorry, but if he fell down that mountain, and had broken bones, you would damn well see that. OK, people might say this is really nit picking. Yeah, maybe. But if you want to tell me a patient was critically injured by a gunshot wound and has many broken bones, you need to have a body that looks like that. IF you show us the injured kid for dramatic effect. By the way, the fall and broken bones were not even necessary. Maybe they added that after they filmed the scenes with the boy. Either way, I think that is negligent. It’s just a job not well done.)

I liked the way they worked through the case and figured it out. Totally loved the scene with Steve and Jerry when Steve realized the man didn’t fulfill his orders because he fell in love with a woman on the island. The look on Steve’s face was wonderful when he was thinking about love and what that man did because of love.   Made me think of two other people who love each other even though the circumstances are less than ideal. (Really? Who might that be? 😉 I immediately thought Steve was thinking about Catherine in that scene. I loved the introvert look on his face. Great job. Well, what else is new.)

I liked the scene with Steve and Kono in the truck.   I thought it was just enough but not overbearing. It was done well. (It was OK, but I wondered why he said it there. Shouldn’t she know that? I’m sure they had talks like this before since Adam is in jail. I just thought they should have shown us this a few episodes ago. But as I said it was OK.)


I do regret that Steve and Grover didn’t really have a good scene together, but there really wasn’t a lot of time because Steve was spending time with family. (That is true. I always want more Steve and Grover. I think they are truly awesome together. But in this case, there really wasn’t much time for it.)


So now we get to the totally awesome part in my mind. I have always loved Carol Burnett (I have no opinion about her. Is it bad that I don’t care about the actress?) <yes, that’s very bad…> and was interested when I learned she would be on the show. I think she has only had 3 or 4 episodes, but she was truly Aunt Deb. (That is true; she did a good job with the role.)  

Steve has spoken about her while “talking” with his dad and you could tell she was important to him. (Ehm, excuse me, but no. This is something the show invented along the way. Steve was sent off to military school when he was 15, or 16, the show is not sure about that, and Steve didn’t see his sister again until a few weeks after his father’s funeral. So, there was no aunt Deb in his life. Sorry, to burst your bubble. That is how the show went until they suddenly decided to have an aunt coming for a visit. She might have been important to Steve then, but he didn’t have any contact with her while growing up.) When I heard she was coming back, I just knew it would be for the last time. But I wasn’t expecting what we got. (I did. And I loved it.) <I thought she would die off screen. >

I loved the first scene with them and her handing the urn to Steve for burial. It was a very poignant and sad scene.   I also loved the scene between Steve and Kawika and the honoring of the Hawaiian culture in the way they did. (Those were very touching scenes. I loved how Steve embraced the culture, with how much love and respect. That was really awesome.) I also thought it was good the way that view of Kawika leaving in the canoe (not sure what to call that craft) blended into the one of the kids heading to the island.

Next, we have the bucket list scene.   I thought the tattoo was hilarious with Steve telling her not to get one only to hear her say “too late” in that comical Carol Burnett voice. I like that she wanted to fulfill Leonard’s bucket list by driving Steve’s truck.   And of course, he couldn’t say no, but I loved the fact that she even played that card.  

Danny may doubt… oh, wait, there WAS no Danny in this episode.   I guess I forgot to mention that. No further comments from me on that fact…

Danny may doubt that Steve gets car sick, but I never doubted he was telling the truth. (Totally with you there. I even went back to the review of 5.01 to see what I wrote about that confession: “I think Steve made a good argument why he has to drive all the time. I had him say that years ago, and I think he was not lying. 🙂 Why can’t he get car sick, Danny? Maybe not like puking-kind-of-car-sick, but queasy and uncomfortable.

Besides, remember back in 3.20? Cath said all she had was a ready smile and a pack of Dramamine. That’s medication for motion sickness. Who says that was not Steve’s?

There are many forms of motion sickness. I, for example, can ride every rollercoaster, fly around and do all kinds of high speed things. But put me in the back of a car in stop-and-go traffic, well, you should be prepared to clean your car.

So, I’m on Steve’s side with his excuse. Besides, he’s the boss, he gets to drive the car. 😉 And he’s a control freak. LOL)

Although I know that I wouldn’t have wanted to be riding in the truck with my elderly aunt driving like that. But since she had been traveling in LA since before Steve was in camo diapers, I will assume she knew what she was doing.   I liked that you could hear Joanie’s voice saying “puke, puke” from the back seat.   And I loved that Steve really did look a bit green around the gills. (Yep, that was great. And for the sake of fun I will ignore all the things they did that are an absolute no go. Using lights and siren without the need for it, child endangerment, public safety endangerment… well, as I said I will ignore it all.)

He also didn’t tell Chin he was “fine” when he arrived at headquarters, but admitted that it was a rough ride in.


Loved the scene with Steve, Mary and Joanie in the kitchen with Mary making pancakes, Steve being the boss, and her complaining.   And the term “going all Danny Williams on me” or something to that effect. That was a good dig. (I have to confess that I can’t stand Mary. Sorry, guys, stop yelling at me. But I just don’t like her at all. Her voice is like fingernails on a board for me, and… I just don’t like her. I think the actress they picked to play Mary was a huge miscast. I have nothing against her personally, don’t know her, never saw her in anything, and I’m sure she is a very nice person. I just can’t see her as Mary. Never have, never will. But… the scene was cute.) <I think she is good if they had portrayed her as in the first draft of Episode 1.01 in that she came to her father’s funeral high and hitting on the men who came to pay their respects. That is the Mary I imagine. I do like that she has seemed to grow a bit since then, but she was an absolute train wreck.> (It’s on the BR/DVD Season 1 box as deleted scenes. I actually despised her from the minute Steve picked her up at the airport.)

But I knew what was coming next.   Only I didn’t expect they would do it the way they did.   Loved Steve knocking on the door and telling Deb that Mary was “burning breakfast”.   That is such a sibling comment to make.   As for this scene, I thought both Alex and Carol nailed it.   His realization that something was wrong and then her opening her eyes and giving him a weak wave and both of them knowing that this was it totally shocked me. They did that so well.   (It was a great scene. Quiet, peaceful and deep. Perfect.)

And then he read her bucket list, so once again, we know what the next scene will be. And it was perfect with the three of them hiking up that mountain.   The end was beautiful. (Yes, it was.)

OK, a couple more points.   The child in the kitchen scene was not the same child Steve was carrying at the end.   Both Sam and I think the one on the mountain was a boy and not a girl, but we can’t be certain of that. You could surely tell that Alex was comfortable with a child riding on his back. And that child was very relaxed in that seat.   We had wondered if that little one was actually Alex’s son, but I would think that would have been leaked if it was. (Would have been cool though, to smuggle him in with no one knowing. 😉 )


And my final point is that the show itself was very good, but the Aunt Deb storyline and how they carried that out was close to perfect in my book. (Wouldn’t go that far, but it was very well done.) I’m sure many people will totally disagree and that is OK.   I look forward to reading your viewpoints.

Cokie and Sam

I have one more thing to add. I really liked the scene between Nicky and Deb. And normally I don’t like him much. But that was really great.

Many people said, they cried. Well, I didn’t. Because this was a few years in the making. We all knew right from the start that Deb would die. And frankly, I never developed any real feelings for her, so her passing is sad for Steve, Mary and Joanie. But for some reason it didn’t affect me at all. I thought there were some really powerful scenes, like the death scene and especially the one with Nicky. But none of them brought me even close to tears. If that was the show’s intention, well, they failed. But none the less I think this was awesome enough.   <I didn’t cry, but I felt gut-punched when it was over. >


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. AND… we forgot something. There was that scene between Chin and Abby. Do we have to say anything? Honestly, I still see no chemistry, but maybe that is just me. Their actions seemed forced and stiff. Maybe I’m wrong though and they really love each other. But for Chin’s sake, I hope not.

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  2. LOL!!! Well this is a delightful turn of events! An epgument by our girlies! While I agree with almost everything Cokie said about the ep, I hear ya both and y’all conversing in the post is a hoot! 😉

    So, for that first thing, dude surfpaddling that kid to medical help…if we’re asking whys, then why didn’t the dude who shot him, who apparently had a truck, pick up the kid and skedaddle to hospital? Wouldn’t he get in trouble for that even if he did turn himself in to McG? Seriously if the Show writers took half the trouble the fanfic writers do, it would make a huge difference in quality right there… 🙄

    But I digress…
    So, OMG I LOVED the look on McG’s face when he figured that the guy quit spying cos he fell in love! What a face! What a delightful expression on that beautiful face! ❤ ❤ ❤

    The McKono moment was lovely…and I figured he probably had asked her how she was hanging-in before too, but their alone time in the ep gave him another opportunity to check in, up close and personal without everybody else around.

    I will give up the occasional McGrover if it means I also get the occasional no-Danno. Plus we did get McKawika, and I totally vote for more of that! :mrgreen:

    I loved every scene with AuntDeb, even the ones with no McG in em…tho I love em better when he IS in em. I love how CarolB acted that part and I'm bummed they killed her. But her and Alex interacting is just a marvelous thing to behold. He is soooooo cute with her! His giggle and comment about her "ink" was just adorable and awesome! 😆 And the death scene was small and quiet and I am amazed our Show was able to do something that nuanced. And Alex acted the shit outta that scene, y'all! McG is no stranger to death, but this one was quiet, sad, and personal, and we could tell. That little "ok, Deb" that he uttered was soooooo heartbreakingly perfect. And you could still see his quiet-sad in his face at the mountain top.

    And I know this is tacky given that it was a mourning ep and all, but my ovaries did some major dancing in a coupla scenes …the McKawika scene was both lovely and unintentionally sexy…and the baby-on-board at the mountain top totally made me spontaneously ovulate. TMI? 😆

    My first "awesome" also since 5.07. Finally! Woot!

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  3. I love this episode. As really will miss Carol Burnett. As really love her and a fan of hers for such a long time.
    Miss having McGrover as well. But still, CB more than made up for it.
    Guess Steve gets driving fast from CB and that never again, will I ever doubt you Sam about Steve getting car sick. As really he does need to drive all the time. Tisk Tisk!
    But still really think that they gave her a proper send off. As people wished that she would had gotten a funeral. But that may not be what she wanted. As people love to be remembered in different ways.
    Really one of the best episodes ever! Season 6 is a favorite of mine! Do not know about you all!

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  4. When the writers abandon the silly and deal with the serious, they shine. Aunt Deb’s story gave them that chance.

    What I liked.

    1. The opening with Aunt Deb’s husband’s ashes being paddled out to be scattered and the segue into the young boys on a weekend of learning about their culture. Seamlessly done.
    2. Seeing Aunt Deb, Mary and Joan have their wild shopping spree as part of the bucket list.
    3. Watching Steve turn green when someone else drives his car.
    4. Realizing -no Danny – until just before the closing credits.

    What I didn’t understand.

    1. How did Chin and Abby go from Turtle to Hare in their physical relationship? I really want this to work out for Chin but now I’m wondering if some of you are right and something is a little off there. At least Chin didn’t wake up with lipstick smeared on his face. Then for sure we’d know nothing happened.
    2. And exactly why isn’t Adam a target in prison? I thought the Yakuza washed their hands of him. Who is really protecting him? PL says he won’t be there long, so…..? Is it Gabriel, the fake bad guy? That’s too obvious, so then it must be him, right?
    3. The COTW. Kind of thin as a plot. I kept hoping it was related to the Champ box because it concerned Japan. I am obsessed with that hanging story line.

    What made me sad.

    1. Steve’s face when Aunt Deb waived to him right before she died. Words were unnecessary.
    2. The scene on the mountain fulfilling Aunt Deb’s last item on the bucket list — Steve holding her ashes while Mary and Joan watched. Words were unnecessary.
    3. Aunt Deb’s death left Steve without a strong woman in his life. Can’t count on Mary. Joan is too young. Doris is a waste. He loses everyone. Cath needs to come back to help him heal. She’s the only one who can. We need a happy Steve.

    RIP, Aunt Deb. I wish you could have gone into remission instead. It just breaks my heart.

    Thank you, Carol Burnett. I hope they bring you back in flashbacks someday. Steve, Mary and Joan need an Angel to watch over them.

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    1. Yes, Cath needs to return!!!!! And I fear Aunt Deb was the victim of being at the intersection of PLenkov’s favorite 2 storytelling ideas: 1. All women on Show are temporary, and 2. McG must be abandoned, solitary, and alone. 🙄

      So Cath may not return… 😥


    2. I’m not a fan of the champ box. And I don’t see what part of that box is still hanging? I thought that is one part of Five-0 that is actually solved.
      I’m curious what do you hope to get out of it?
      The fake bad guy. Lol. Love it.


      1. I’d be curious to hear everybody’s take on the champ box as far as the whole resolution. I was under the impression that the whole point of the champ box was to resolve the corruption that John McGarrett was investigating. Yes, Gov. Jameson got popped, yes, Wo Fat is dead, but I was under the impression they were the tip of the iceberg. It seems unresolved to me. Because if it genuinely was resolved, John McGarrett should have received the follow up and recognition he deserved for his role, even posthumously. I also hate they wait they seemed to have forgotten Steve’s Dad. PLEASE forget the mom, but don’t forget Dad.


  5. Perfect review! Lol. I must admit, I am much more like Sam than Cokie, at least in regards to observations about this episode. But like Cokie, I have it an awesome (on the recalibrated post season 4 scale)

    Loved the scenes at the beginning with Aunt Deb taking about Leonard. And McKawika was phenomenal. I love the deep respect they have for one another. I do bitch about the extraneous characters, but not when they fit seamlessly into an episode, and Kamikaze did. I tweeted in jest about the amount of ashes that 5-0 alone has dumped into the ocean. .. but. . It is something to ponder.

    The driving the truck. .. sorry bUT I was a bit aghast. It’s one think to drive fast with lights and sirens on a deserted road, but weaving in and out of traffic? With a kid in the car? I couldn’t find the cute in that at all. At least there was some continuity with Steve’s carsickness.

    And I 1000% agree with Sam about Debs place in Steve’s adolescent life! That’s a LOT of rewriting canon there, Mr. PL. Deb did not raise Steve, just Mary.. and Steve hadn’t seen much of Mary after his father seperated them. Ugh.

    I to wondered why the dad would take the SUP instead of an outrigger to bring his kid back. I mean. .. lol. The kid was getting swamped! And multiple broken bones? Sure, whatever. ( why even make him fall off the cliff? Especially if you’re going to do something ridiculous like transport him on a paddleboard. Here lies my problem with this show. .. they make stupid things convoluted and paint themselves into corners. Sigh)

    Steve and Kono waiting for the drop from Steve’s contact. Why? Why bring Kono. .. and why wait until now to offer support? Manufactured “awww” moment.

    I laughed when they said that the killers phone was in the building. Reminded me of a horror movie “THE PHONE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE! ”

    But I liked that twist in the story. No big bad, just a kid trying to prefect his grandfather’s name. Jerry mentioning Navy Intel irked me something fierce. But I LOVED Steve’s reaction to the reason that the grandfather have up his mission. Alex plays those moments so well.

    Chin and Abby… yeah, ok. I love me sine Chin. And I really want him to have nice things. I’m still lukewarm on the pairing. And the ship name is so ridiculous I will never use it! Shirtless DDK though 😉

    AND the ending. We knew it was coming, we knew it would be sad. I didn’t cry. I did have the sads that now, not only does steve lose everyone important to him… now they’re dying in front of him.

    But it was still an awesome episode for me.

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  6. i agreed with pretty much all you said, and I love the combined review. For some reason I did not notice the inconsistencies this week, but knowing they are their definitely takes away from the quality of the show overall. I was distracted by just taking in all things Steve and therefore did not pay close attention to other details.
    I loved Steve in the kitchen with Mary and Joan. I thought interacting with a young child was bringing out a different side of Alex to bring to his role. I had not expected us to see Aunt Deb’s death, but as soon as Steve headed upstairs, I knew it was coming. I thought Steve was just going to find her, but letting him see her last moment was beautiful. I did come to tears because it reminded me very much of my mother’s final moments. Hers took a lot longer, but this was very realistic. Carol Burnett played that very well.
    I had noticed in screenshots that the two little girls (maybe one is a boy) looked different, but I didn’t think too much of it.
    I was unhappy that Chin and Abby went from maybe a little attraction to suggestions of a naughty night in the hotel room.
    The scene with Steve and Jerry, I also wondered whether Steve was contemplating what he had done for love (and whether anyone would sacrifice like that for him).

    Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for next week’s episode and whatever the two of you provide to fill the H50 void until then!

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  7. I gave it a good minus. After the season 5 ending episode with Catherine’s return, it’s the best episode I’ve seen in a season and a half. An episode with some weakness, as pointed out by several already with the weird plot stuff, etc. Carol Burnett has done a fantastic job as Aunt Deb and continuity issues aside, it has been wonderful to have a GOOD female in the McGarrett family line. I don’t dislike Mary—I think Mary’s oddball, non-conformist ways are a good counter to Steve’s military precision way of doing things. Plus I think of one of her lines often when I get annoyed by something–when she’s watching the Hawaii Chair commercial and says “Oh my God! Make it stop!” LOL!!!!!!!

    I don’t think it was necessary to kill Aunt Deb off and they could have still made excellent use of her character–especially given that they teased with the possibility of Deb and Nicky becoming partners. I think that could have given some good sideline moments every so often. But once again, they’ve slammed the door on the possibilities of an able female character. What else is new.

    I love Chin but the whole Chin/Abby fling just felt out of left field despite the case of the hots they both had. I don’t think it bothers me in the sense of him having a fling, but that they seem to have lost the rock-solidness of his character over the last season or so. Sort of like comments on a prior episode about the weird dialogue he has had.

    I’ve not observed death that occurred outside a hospital, but I was skeptical of the ease with which Deb passed, physiologically speaking. Nevertheless, taking it at face value, it was a scene you knew was coming as soon as Mary told Steve to call Deb for breakfast. And I did love the touch of fulfilling the last thing on the bucket list with the mountain climb. Wonderful family moment.

    The good vibes from this episode will have to tide me over for a few weeks. The next episode’s preview sounds pretty boring.

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  8. Can I just say that I really love how each of us watched the same episode and all of us picked up on different things in our comments. Taken together, we get a complete picture of everything– I know I missed some things that others have mentioned and I am thankful that I got to see things from a new prospective.

    So a smiley face and High 5-0 to all of you. (Yeah, I still can’t access the like button. so this is how I show support.)

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  9. I’m late to the party so all the good comments are taken. 🙂 As someone who grew up watching Carol Burnett on TV every week, I love the woman. I heard a radio interview where she said how she loved 5-0 and Alex was wonderful or words to that effect. So I ended up with a few tears flowing when she passed away on screen. I figured she would die but I did not expect it to be on screen. Alex and Carol played it perfectly. I enjoyed watching her try to complete her bucket list and will forgive the dangers of the truck ride because it was funny. i also have cousins who live in L.A. and have ridden with them so it was not hard to believe that Aunt Deb knew exactly how to handle that truck if she has lived in that city all her life. They make the freeway ride and experience.

    I didn’t mind the COTW since it provided a bit of a history lesson and it was refreshing to have the young man turn himself in and be sorry for shooting the boy. Yes they messed up with the injuries…..heck, a gunshot alone was enough reason to hurry the kid back to civilization. I don’t understand why they didn’t use one of the phones they took off the kids to call for help though. If there was no service then why take them away in the first place?

    And the icing on the cake with this review is getting both of your voices presented to us. That made my day. You two are a great team and it was fun. I vote awesome for the review and the episode. Maybe Steve will be more forgiving of Cath if she comes back if he realizes that her leaving was done out of love to protect him which is the only reason I will accept for her going the way she did.

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    1. Agreed, JAT… I think she left only because she felt she was protecting him in some way, too. We will see… maybe something good will come of it. We can only hope. And cross our fingers and toes. Carry a rabbit foot. Light candles. Whatever it takes, I would gladly do.

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      1. Cokie: I will say a prayer to St. Anthony who is the “go to” Saint for locating what is lost lost.. In this case, the writers have lost their “way”, so I’ll pray that he finds them the means to paint themselves out of the corner they put themselves into when they sent Cath away on that dumb secret mission.

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        1. That is a tall order Mama but I will keep my fingers crossed that you get through to the writers. It is either St. Anthony or a good whack up side the head but I can’t swing a trip to Hawaii just now.

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          1. NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not St. Joseph. That idea of burying the statue upside down is considered a sacrilege.

            Some desperate and misguided people actually bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down when they have difficulty selling their home. It’s offensive and disrespectful and frowned upon. I have heard of it before and I know of one woman who mentioned doing it in my presence. Her ears are probably still ringing, especially when I told her she might have better luck if she just cleaned her house. (I can have an acid tongue at times- you may not have noticed.) There is a world of difference between a prayer and the desecration a religious symbol..

            The prayer to St. Anthony is just that.– a prayer ONLY. He does not discriminate. I have no idea when the tradition of people praying to the Saint for help in finding lost items began. but I think it might have originated in Europe, perhaps as early as the Middle Ages. I am not sure about that.. The insult of the statue of St. Joseph may be of more modern origin.

            St. Francis of Assisi is the patron of all animals which is why people bring their pets to be blessed on his feast day. I like that one. There is also the tradition of distributing bread on the feast of St. Anthony. I like that one, too.

            As far as the H50 writers are concerned, a Leroy Jethro Gibbs smack on the head might be a better option. I’m not going to Hawaii anytime soon, but maybe a crossover episode with NCIS may present an opportunity. LOL.

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              1. Well, let’s take a head count. How many of you would travel to Hawaii if you could send a “smack” message? I’d pay to see Gibbs have a go at that. It could be our own little S (smack) O (on) T (their) B (bean). celebration. Mai Tai anyone?

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                1. Count me in! 😀
                  I’m all for smacking or moonjat’s whacking…either/or, or both! It could only improve Show.
                  I shall practice my smacking and whacking in the meantime…. 👿


                  1. Goodness, have I started a whacking party? Whatever works I guess. I do have a cousin in LA who works for a sound effects studio, maybe he could get to the writers for us. He has an Oscar for one of the Bourne movies or should I say his company does but he worked on it so that might get him past the front gate. I am assuming the writers don’t work in Hawaii or they would understand the characters and actors better. I get the feeling they aren’t really in touch with the show at times.

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            1. So… I can’t bury the writers upside down?


              -just kidding – I went to a catholic (Franciscan) university. I feel your indignation. But I did laugh at your confession about acid tongue, and your soothsaying powers as to why a house isn’t selling!

              I shall be a good girl, and add to your prayer to St. Anthony.


              1. Uh. we all do realize this is a VIRTUAL trip to Hawaii to smack, whack and Whump???? Some of you sound really excited and serious!. Since it’s not going to cost us anything but a few laughs and some wishful thinking, let’s see who else is on board our virtual chariot to Paradise. . Oh fantasy! Here we come- get out of our way, writers–the “real” fans are on their way. (We didn’t invite the “fake” fans (they know who they are).. LOL


  10. Just watched 6.12.
    Damn show, what are you doing to me?
    I didn’t cry but I had tears in my eyes since Kawika and Steve were sharing the ‘honi’, the Hawaiian kiss, inhaling the same air. It showed exactly what type of guy Steve is, his depth and respect for the Hawaiian culture. It touched me. And I loved it.
    Since day one I enjoy the Steve/Kono scenes and I found their moment in Steve’s car wonderful. I was happy show gave us this moment and didn’t leave it out. I don’t care about the time it happened, don’t know how often Kono is allowed to visit Mr. Snooze in prison, maybe just once a month. So I was perfectly fine with it. Steve is there for everybody… sigh… I just wish… You know, just somebody would be there for him.
    But what really got me this episode was the acting. The moment with Jerry after solving the case? Wow. Alex knows his Steve, he knows what he’s been going through, he doesn’t forget and he shows us these little glimpses in Steve’s soul so very well! Self-made continuity. And what can I say about his scenes with CB? Perfect. Just perfect. His uncomfortable and a little bit awkward “Oh good. I’m glad you’ve ink” made me chuckle. And the moment he realized Deb was dying? His broken Deb”and then his face that tells a whole story without saying one single word. Just kill me now. It devastated me. And I loved it. Great ‘acting touches nerves you have absolutely no control over’ (Alan Rickman, RIP)
    So writers don’t bother with too much blah. The best lines have been ad-libbed anyway.
    “Puke puke puke”… “I’m not gonna puke” … “Puke puke puke” … “I’m not gonna puke … Tell her to be quiet”. Hilarious.
    The ending was simply beautiful!
    I liked the COTW, it was interesting and different. But ChibbyChabbyDunnChinAbby knockin’ em doesn’t give me anything. I like Chin and he deserves to be happy but that was just a drunken one night stand. And can it be that Chin and Abby have a door kink right from the beginning 😉 ?
    I think this episode deserves a McGarrett. Remember DDK’s little video some time ago? When Alex did The McGarrett?
    THE MCGARRETT that made me smile:
    “It’s bubbling. It’s just… when it’s bubbling it’s ready to be flipped!”

    Liked by 4 people

    1. “Self made continuity!” Abso-friggin-lootly! Alex hasta do it cos nobody else will. I love how you called that.

      Also extra credit for the AlanRickman song…between him and Bowie I still got the sads. 😦

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks, Grace. Yeah this self made continuity helped me during S5 so much!!!
        And yes, Bowie and Rickman (is 69 the new 27?) made me sad too. I remembered an interview with Alan Rickman some time ago, he was talking about acting and what he said reminded me of Alex a lot. He said something like: ‘Sometimes the characters you as an actor got to portray are written two dimensional and it’s your duty, has to be your ability as an actor two make them multi dimensional, to add one more layer.’
        So true.

        Liked by 3 people

  11. Hi everybody. I’ve been lurking on this blog for a few months but I just wanted to speak up and say how much I enjoy your community! It’s such a pleasure to hang out in a place where people can feel comfortable to agree, or disagree, or point out a different way of looking at things, without getting their heads bitten off. Kudos to Cokie and Sam. 🙂

    I adore Carol Burnett and I am very sorry to see Aunt Deb go, but if she had to go I’m glad Carol and Alex did it so touchingly. They acted the heck out of their scenes together.

    Everyone has pretty much said everything else I thought about. It was so much fun to read the two-part review, and then all of the wonderful comments. You all put a smile on my face.


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