6 thoughts on “6.12 promo pics and BTS video

  1. Oh, I hope this means we’ll finally be treated to a good episode. Is that Kavika in one of the pics? It sorta looks like him but then it doesn’t. Or maybe I just haven’t paid attention to his side profile.


    1. Yes it is Kawika. He does somehow look a little different, but I saw somewhere on-line that he was in this.

      I love Carol and Aunt Deb, but if this is super sad I’m gonna have trouble. I swear they kill off, or send away, every actor who plays a character McG loves…I mean end the freakin torture, Show!

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      1. I hope they don’t kill her off either. It doesn’t really make sense to do so at this point. I’m no cancer expert, but if Aunt Deb was diagnosed basically 2 years ago and she refused treatment, I’m not sure realistically she’d still be here. Yeah, I know, what does reality have to do with it. The bottom line is, I loved Steve’s Dad, Doris majorly sucked, so he needs an elder female family member who rocks–and that’s Aunt Deb. Clearly the coolness came from the Dad’s side of the family. 😎


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