6.11 Review


6.11 – Kuleana

While Steve and Danny attend a couples retreat in Maui to work on their partnership issues, Kamekona’s dangerous past comes back to haunt him. Friday, Jan. 8, 2016

CBS translated Kuleana to One’s Personal Sense of Responsibility

Seeing the promo pics and reading the press release I feared this episode would be the worst of the worst. A fail of epic proportions.

Then I received a text from Cokie after the show aired… let’s just say the text didn’t have a lot of praise. 😉

After that I was really brave and went to twitter to see the first gut-reactions. Oh boy.

As you can imagine my expectations went even lower, if that’s even possible.

So, I sat down and watched the episode. I had a gut reaction, too. 😉 But we’ll come to that later. This review will be in two parts, let’s start with the case of the week. Kamekona’s past… and future.

Kamekona can get a little bit much; at times they overuse him. But none the less I mostly like him. And I always hoped we would get his background story. I still have my doubts about this ‘changed-man’ talk, that he’s not doing some illegal stuff on the side. Why? Glad you asked. 🙂

In 2003 he worked as a CI for Chin (by the way, had John already retired by then?) and was sentenced to two years in prison. Which means he came out in 2005, 2006 the latest.

Remember the season one finale 2011? Of course you do, silly question. Steve went to Kamekona to get a gun. And Kame had a truckload of it, and I mean that literally.


So, that means even after five years out of prison he was still heavily involved in illegal dealings. And remember doing undercover work with Sang Min? He was more than convincing about his talk that all his business just being a front and all that stuff. I think Five-0 should take a really good look into his dealings. He is not as clean as he pretends to be. Mark my words.

Anyway, I enjoyed this part of the show. The rest of the team was involved in solving the murder and putting Levy back behind bars. This time for good. That didn’t work out as they planned, but at least in the end he was out of the picture.

I think they did a great job finding kids playing Kamekona and Flippa. They were really great. Some scenes didn’t make much sense to me. Like the one where Kame’s mom told him to not be late for school. Why the heck couldn’t she get up early to make breakfast? Did I miss something? Why did the son have to take care of his little brother and his mom?

I’m not quite sure where Kame’s little brother was all this time? Maybe I missed an explanation? But I understood that he hadn’t been charged with anything. So, he was not in prison, right? On the mainland all those years? Still working for Levy? Guess he’s looking at some prison time now.

As I said, I really enjoyed this part of the show. Chin was great as usual, but also the others had a good part in the show. Truly liked Lou’s concern and how he voiced it at the smart table.

All in all, a well done background story for Kamekona, with a few flaws, but also some great scenes.


OK, now let’s take a look at the second part of the episode; Steve and Danny taking a brocation.

As we learn the two are mandated to participate in 24 hours of therapy during one work year. Which would mean two hours a month. Steve has the brilliant idea to squeeze it all in one weekend and be done with it. Good plan, right? I mean they would get out of any therapy for the rest of the year, and we wouldn’t have to endure another hour of this BS-therapy. So I was all for it. Better suffer through one loooooong weekend than to have this crap again and again.

But you know as it goes with planning… Steve’s idea of getting away from work for a bit, to relax and maybe reconnect a little fell through since they landed at the wrong therapy.


Which brings me to the first point on my list. You all know how the show annoys the heck out of me with their idea of mocking therapy; how offensive I think this whole thing is. BUT this time I actually kind of liked how they went about it. WHAT?! 😉

OK, hear me out. This time they didn’t go about it like this was intended to be any kind of ‘real’ therapy for the boys. This time they did it to get it over with. This time they made Steve trying to get a little vacation out of it. I was OK with this setting because for the very first time I felt like this was NOT supposed to be any kind of therapy session. Does that make sense?

Don’t get me wrong; therapy is a life saver for many people. An important tool for mental health. But these ‘Weekend-Retreats’ are not that kind of therapy. They are intended to have fun, to learn to know your partner better or maybe resolve tiny little problems some might have. They are not therapy for people with ‘real’ problems.

And I think the show pointed that out very well. And I liked that they didn’t take this too seriously, and neither should we.

All the other times we had to sit through one of their therapy sessions I felt like they took it as serious therapy. Which made it offensive and annoying. Not so this time. This time they got it right. At least I think so.

But let’s start at the beginning. So, Steve books them a weekend at a relationship boot camp. Come on, you can’t tell me he misread the brochure. No way in hell didn’t he know where they were going. I think that was the plan all along. That way he thought they got the weekend without actually having to participate in much of anything. Yeah, well, guess that didn’t work out as he hoped.

I actually liked how they discussed if they could stay and use the seminar to fulfill their 24-hour mandate. I actually laughed out loud at that guy’s description of the relationship.

They’re stuck in a relationship they can’t get out of, they fight all the time, and they don’t have sex. Sounds a lot like our marriage.

But before they can start their brocation they have to get there. And even a 45-minute plane trip can be annoying when you bicker away. I actually like that Steve doesn’t endure it all quietly with a patient smile like he did all these years. Now Danny gets a bit of his own medicine.

I’m saying for years that Danny’s poking and bickering is mean spirited most of the times. Not so sure what Steve tries to achieve with bickering back. But at least he stopped taking it all. So, that is a plus. And by the way, I said this relationship is in serious trouble when Steve confessed that he’s not listening anymore to what Danny is saying. That is always the beginning of the end. One partner not listening anymore? Forget it, mostly not salvageable.

If you have reached the point that you have chipped away all the good, and only the nasty is left… there is mostly no going back to the good. And I liked it that they also pointed that out. Although I doubt Danny recognized that he is making the same mistake with Steve as he made with Rachel.

Anyway, plane trip to Maui. Can we please stop this ridiculous claustrophobic thing? Danny might be many things, but surely not claustrophobic. First, he developed it overnight, and now he is using it at every corner as an excuse. It’s at least the second mention this season alone. And both times it was ridiculous. He’s sitting at the window seat when he’s anxious about closed spaces? Yeah, sure that’s what you do then. I can only shake my head over such stupidity.

I wouldn’t care what Danny watches, but I think it is an interesting question why you would begin a film you know you can’t finish. 😉 You know, people seem to complain that their ‘bickering’ is not friendly banter anymore, but more nasty. Sorry, but it never was friendly. Only difference now is that Steve gives back. Danny hasn’t changed one bit. But now people realize for what it is because it’s not one-sided anymore. At some point people get comfortable and think they can say and do whatever they want in a relationship without causing any harm. That is not the case. At first, you don’t pay much attention. Then you hear it, but file it away as friendly ribbing. But at some point it starts to hurt. Then you either fight back, or you don’t care anymore.

Steve and Danny are at this point. They either figure out a way to stop the verbal assaults, or no matter that they have their backs at work, their friendship will end.

So, after those looooong 45 minutes (I bet it was way too short for Alyssa) they arrive at their boot camp. On their way to the reception it seems that Danny isn’t impressed with any of what he sees. And tells us he has a girlfriend which made me look up. What girlfriend? When did we see or hear of her the last time? Sometime last season? Did I miss something again?

Oh, and he’s quite delusional, too. Thinking Steve wants him as his wingman. LOL, as if he needed a wingman. Dream on, Danno.

So, after checking in and learning that this boot camp is not quite what they expected we see them at their first activity.

Yes, I agree Steve could have found a better way to get to his cell-phone, and the text wasn’t the best either. But the plan had been solid. And in no way had he injured Danny on purpose. Thinking that is just ridiculous. It was an accident for which he was sorry. You could see his shock when he realized that Danny was actually hurt.

That brings us to the next scenes, which were actually my favorite of the episode. Steve coming back to the hotel room after his night out.

Steve is a 39 year-old healthy male, who is single because the woman he loved for the last decade dumped him. In his mind she left him because he wasn’t enough for her. For the first time in over ten years he is NOT committed to anyone. He is hurt, he misses the love of his life, and he’s acting out on it. I think he was perfectly in character.

Why the heck wouldn’t he go out for drinks and some kissing? Do you honestly think there was more than the woman smearing her lipstick all over him? Seriously? You think Steve suddenly becomes a man-whore and sleeps around? That is just stupid.

And we don’t even know if their ‘night-out’ led to third base. And always remember, Steve is NOT in any kind of relationship. He is free as a bird, he can kiss, and yes, have sex with any woman he wants.

I have NO doubt that Steve had been faithful and loyal to Catherine all those years they were more or less together. But those times are over; at least for now. He lived like a monk for more than enough years, I think it is high time for him to enjoy himself a little. At least until he comes to his senses, until he realizes that something is not right with Catherine leaving like that. And I DO hope he gets his head out of his ass rather sooner than later. But until that finally happens I will enjoy our Steve acting a little ‘off’. He is still just Steve, just trying very hard to be happy. Failing miserably doing so, but still trying and pretending everything is A-OK.

So, I have no beef with him acting like he did. And I’m still trying to figure out why people are saying he was a total jerk. Where? When? I just don’t see it.

And I really enjoyed the hotel room scenes. And I loved it that he fell asleep before they could have a serious talk. Because Steve was too drunk to have such a talk. And it gave Danny the chance to figure it out himself.


Which leads to the last therapy activity. Seriously? You have Danny say all this? The guy who was totally into therapy, who loved working through that book they had as homework, who wanted to analyze every feeling Steve might have. He was the one totally being into that BS-therapy stuff. And now he suddenly realizes what kind of crap it really was? How this poking and bickering is chipping away at the relationship? Sorry, but I didn’t buy his sudden turnaround.

What I did like was a little later at the pool when he admitted to be part of the problem in his marriage with Rachel. It was the first time that he ever admitted to have issues. Until then it had always been the other peoples’ fault. Everything was the others’ fault.

So, maybe this weekend wasn’t a total waste after all.

Aside from the totally stupid scenes about the soup and how soft their hands are now, I really enjoyed this. But I take the soup part as making fun of all this spa stuff. I mean they can’t have been serious. Right?

Oh dear, I totally forgot. There was a third part to the show. I don’t have much to say about Kono and Adam. Just please end it. And don’t make us believe Gabriel could simply walk into the prison and have a chat with Adam. Please. How monumentally stupid was that?!

I’m sorry, but I really like the actor, but his role is just a joke. I feel like they simply position him to have a nice shot of him. It looks ridiculous. He is just a big joke to me. I can’t take him, or this whole story line seriously in any way. Just ugh.

So, what’s my verdict? It was way better than I expected. Which doesn’t say much. 😉 Due to the Kamekona stuff and that I kind of enjoyed the resort-stuff the episode gets an OK.

It’s the first episode that gets a verdict below good. But for good it just wasn’t good enough.

And can we please never ever again go to therapy as a team/couple/whatever. BUT I have nothing against another, not cut scene of therapy with Steve. Just saying.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

31 thoughts on “6.11 Review

  1. For me, the only saving grace of the episode was the Kamekona stuff. I liked the look back into his life. RE: your mention of why his mother wasn’t fixing breakfast, they didn’t do a whole story dump, as well they shouldn’t have, but I get the sense whatever Kamekona’s mom had been through had given her a sense of learned helplessness, so it wasn’t at all surprising that Kamekona would be taking those responsibilities on himself.

    Steve was boring in this episode. That whole scenario was boring. Let’s hope Steve really picked the wrong seminar intentionally, otherwise, I don’t know how he executed op after op if he couldn’t read a brochure. More absence of the highly intelligent, thinking moves ahead Steve McGarrett that used to be on Five-0.

    Egads. I hope the next episode is way better.


  2. I think in a sense you are right about Kamekona my not be as clean as he says to be Sam. Just hope that it not true. And that he is doing it for the greater good of Five-0 than just being corrupt and keeping it in the background. To help catch the criminals. If you stop and think about it Sam, Cookie, and everybody. Though a backstory would be nice. But still, hope he has changed and says that he has. As it looks like it. But still, there needs to be more of a backstory that the writers will be putting in the future. Finally about time after six and a half seasons. But he is trying to make amends though.
    Chin bless him, if he knew would not hesitate to throw the book at him. If Kamekona was not as honest, Chin would had arrested him on the spot. As that is just Chin, despite the money thing and past, is an honorable man. He is my #1 favorite character of the show in the past few years due to Daniel Dae Kim.
    Next time hope that Steve and Danny will pick a more appropriate seminar. And that it seem like both wished that they would had picked a different one. As they picked the wrong one IMHO!
    Steve wanting to fly the plane, yes even off the job, he has that control to be that way. On the job or not.
    I miss Wo-Fat a lot. And Gabriel is meaner but Wo-Fa had his reasons. Gabriel just wants to be a bully. For no apparent reason than to just.


  3. Hi, my vote is okay as well. I will admit I was tired and distracted a bit during this since I was at the hospital all day with my hubby. The phone interrupted me at least once during the show. Sam, you were spot on with all your comments. I will say that in terms of therapy this was just fluff and I didn’t mind it. I can’t help wondering if Steve only pretended to misread the pamphlet or perhaps he just didn’t care, just wanted it over in one weekend and didn’t plan to attend much of it anyway as he said. I wish someone would tell me why those two are the only ones mandated to attend therapy of any kind. Their bickering has not prevented them from doing their job in any way. I could better understand a team building exercise that would benefit the whole team rather than concentrating on just Steve and Danny.

    I also got a kick out of a happy, slightly tipsy Steve who clearly had a nice evening. There was no reason Danny had to stay in their room and sulk, I am sure crutches could have been found and he could have had a relaxing evening. Unless he figured the ladies would all fawn over Steve and he would be sitting back watching. I agree that we haven’t heard of Melissa in a long while, she didn’t even attend the wedding as far as I could see so it is a surprise to hear Danny call her his girlfriend.

    I found Kamekona’s back history interesting and rather sad that his brother almost picked that slimeball over his own brother. Chin’s history with the big guy was nice to see too. As for how honest Kamekona is…….well I think he has maybe kept in touch with the bad element a bit to still serve as a CI for 5-0 and to keep that element from coming after him if they thought he was a snitch. I remember those guns and I figure he likes to have all his bases covered, just in case. I don’t believe for one moment that he would turn on 5-0.

    As for Gabriel……I am beginning to think that the whole Halawa prison guard population needs to be fired and new ones brought in. How on earth do so many crooks come and go so easily. That includes the dudes that dropped Chin in there for Delano and how Wo Fat just walked in and killed Hesse. The security there is suspect. Denning should investigate his prison system, this is ridiculous.

    Sorry, I seem to have written a book here. I need to get this serious about my next story.

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  4. I LOVED IT.

    The sheer brilliance of an episode which managed to piss off every possible segment of this fan base leaves me in awe of all responsible for 611, from the writers to the pizza delivery service. Well done.

    Steve and Danny- Couples Therapy and Soap Making for Beginners. (or come clean and get clean).

    The couples therapy was not the disaster I thought it would be because it was geared more to an exploration of how people in committed romantic OR work relationships might improve and build on what they already have. Thankfully, it did not try to expand on the stupid fake and insulting therapy we saw before with Steve and Danny. It was interesting that Steve was more willing to try than Danny so they could get to what they really wanted to do, which was play golf and have some down time. BTW, I can’t buy into a Navy intelligence guy misreading the course description. No way.

    Kamekona? I like him but I question why, with so few episodes left, we are spending time here instead of dealing with the open storylines of Doris, Joe, Daddy Wo fat and Nahele. Do I dare mention the Champ box?

    Kodam: I still think the major story that we are being teased with is that she is pregnant. PL said there wouldn’t be any weddings, but he never ruled out births, elopements., engagements , re-marriages or re-locations..

    Uh, Steve did NOT cheat on Lynn with Alyssa. You need to be in a committed, exclusive relationship to cheat. So Valley girl is just a girl he is dating and buying a cup of coffee and Airplane girl is just a girl he took out on a date and did not kiss or sleep with or smear lipstick on his face with (or so we have been sort of told by the source of all confusing and contradictory statements ) Notice that when Steve told Danny about drinks with Alyssa and her friend, Danny said he had a girlfriend. Neither he nor Steve referenced Lynn. That’s because they are not exclusive.

    Will the Valentine Day episode be a McG texting nightmare where he gets the “deets” wrong? Two dates? Three? Or maybe one of those strange phone calls where Steve says “Cath”? Nothing says you’re not over your lover like saying her name hopefully when the phone rings. In any event, Steve and Lynn are McOver , McDone and McGone after 614. More importantly, PL has ended his lock down on all Cath related info by saying in a recent interview when asked about Cath’s return, “it’s not out of the question” which translates to Cath is coming back. It must be soon or why start throwing it around now? Even the ABC’s knew it was coming. No surprise. The rest of us knew that at the end of 603.

    (There was an interesting bit in PL’s last interview about Abby and Danny’s Mother having some connection. Looks like Abby and Chin may be a go, so I am going out on a limb here and saying that Abby will transfer permanently to H50 and replace Danny who will return to Jersey with Rachel, Grace, Charlie and Stan and live in a commune. In any event, I don’t think Danny will be part of the team in S7..

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    1. LOL!!!! Mama, I gave the ep a poor but I give your revu a hot damn great! 😆 You just made me laugh way more than Show did.

      I was not thrilled with it, obviously. I felt the first part, McG was so outta character that he was playing some new McG look-alike. As others have said, no way he misread the brochure; them things are written for dummies as it is…and I also don’t see how the dude who puts butter in his coffee and is always prepared to act if trouble looms is gonna get all gushy over artisanal soap. An artisanal gun barrel, maybe, but not a soap. 🙄

      I also felt him OOC in the plane. If Danno woulda plugged in his iPad to watch a movie, McG woulda done his own thing quietly, grateful to have a little peace around his grumpy partner.. To rant and rail about someone’s legit choice is a Danno thing, not a McG thing. I think he’d be delighted Danno was engrossed in the film…so he could spend the flight with the new chick. Btw, I agree Sam, it is NOT outta character for him to wanna get jiggy with the pretty passenger. He is back on the market after all, and his code name is Smooth Dog, for f*** sakes! He didn’t earn that code name in a hot dog eating contest! ;). And my fave scene was him sneaking in covers in kisses…tho why PLenkov is now trying to say he didn’t get jiggy wid it, I cannot fathom. The EP is one weird dude…

      I was glad we didn’t have to endure much therapy, but I agree the Danno speech toward the end was OOC for HIM. I like Danno’s wee moment of introspection in their final scene at lunch tho…maybe he will shut up more now? I can dream, right? 😆

      As to the case du jour…I THOUGHT KAME WAS A COUSIN TO CHIN AND KONO!!!! Was that Intel not in the pilot? They have often called HIM “cuz” too, and had chatted about family in eps….am I making this up? I swear I’ma go watch S1…why would Chin have to MEET him if they are family? I am so confused about this…help? Anybody?

      ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. For myself, I don’t remember them ever intimating that Kamekona was actually related to Chin & Kono. In S1, (God how I miss the quality of season 1) where Graham Wilson is holding hostages on the Missouri and Kono takes Lilly to get some shave ice–Kono calls him Uncle, but I took that as the easy/relaxed manner of speech they use in Hawaii.

        Although the more painful the show gets to watch, the less carefully I pay attention, so there may well have been some conversation like this in the last season and a half that I either didn’t see or was getting milk from the fridge while the scene was on. LOL!

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        1. Where the hell did I get the idea from that they were cousins? All these years… 😆

          There really was a mysterious character called Doris tho, right? Cos she’s disappeared and I’m worried I just dreamed her up now… 😉

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      2. “He didn’t earn that code name in a hot dog eating contest!” – LOL, but actually, we don’t know that. 😉

        Kamekona a cousin of Chin? I never heard that. Aren’t they all kind of cousins on that island? 🙂
        Chin and Kono are cousins. Kame? Not that I know of.

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        1. LOL!! Well I know it! The fact the dude rarely notices pretty women is evidence that they make the effort to find HIM, not vice versa. And I think he sincerely meant it when he huffed at Danno he doesn’t need a wingman. And I bet he earned both syllables back in the day….smooooth and dog. Betcha there’s some broken hearts left in his wake. Hee! I reeeeeally wish they’d do another SEAL ep. Sigh.


  5. Well, as usual I waited too late with my comments but I agree with bits and pieces of many of these posts. I gave this episode an “ok”. I thought the Kamekona parts were pretty good. I really liked the actors they chose for the young guys. That was good casting. As for the mom, didn’t Levy say something about the mom not being able to take care of the younger brother? I sort of assumed drugs but that wasn’t said.

    Not interested in Kono, Adam or Gabriel. I just think that is boring and I am so over it.

    Now… the rest of it. I was embarrassed for Steve. No, I don’t believe he misread the brochure. Maybe he wanted a quick fix and planned to ditch the seminar in favor for golf. And that’s ok with me. Planning for the 2 of them to fall in order to get to his phone was juvenile and ridiculous. I’m sorry but that was truly bad writing and totally out of character.

    As for going out and enjoying himself, I’m ok with that. But being so drunk he dropped everything in the bathroom was over the top. I did like him falling in bed and passing out though. That was cute.

    The session was just a basis for Danny to spout off stuff that wasn’t even remotely true.

    As for the end, I liked that Steve came to the table and talked. But danny went into the seminar with a negative attitude and chose to sit on his rear. I’m sure he could have enjoyed something other than the soap. As for all the hand holding that was too much. I wanted to gag. Maybe it was a farce but it was silly and again, I felt embarrassing.

    And my daughter decided it was too bad for McBear to watch so she turned him away so he couldn’t see it.

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    1. “…my daughter decided it was too bad for McBear to watch so she turned him away so he couldn’t see it.”

      If that doesn’t sum up the effects of this episode, I don’t know what does.

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        1. She didn’t want him to get the idea that he could be like Steve and take a woman out for drinks and come in a bit tipsy. Unfortunately daughter doesn’t realize that McBear can hold his honey…


          1. I’m sure McB could handle the scene. He has a good head on his shoulders. You would probably learn he has his share of cute lady bears in his past if he would talk but I am sure that is classified.

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    2. How are you too late, silly girl? We’re all just digesting this weirdo ep….it takes a little time to think it thru. And I agree with you about the fall. Soooooo not-McG. He’s a freakin SEAL. That chick was hardly imposing. He’d just skip class, with no explaining. Cos he’s a freaking SEAL!

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      1. AND he should have kept his phone because he is the head of the governor’s freakin’ task force. Even if he was off duty he should have had the phone. That is just my opinion. But it is the right one. 🙂


      2. Sorry, but no, he would not just skip class. Because he IS a SEAL. He would honor his duty to fulfill this stupid therapy thing. He would not risk not getting the stamp on their 24-hours of therapy to be done with it.
        Why he simply didn’t go to the restroom and take a pee-break to get to his phone is totally beyond me. Or were they not allowed to pee? 😉
        Besides, why the heck didn’t he just keep his darn phone on his person?


        1. I’m not so sure about that, Sam. Before they even walked into the place, Steve said the first thing they would do is some golf, paddleboarding, etc. I don’t think he planned to sit for 24 hours in a group session.


  6. As usual a great review Sam. And thanks to the comments for some great fun reads…

    About Kamakona making food for his brother – I think it was more about the effect of it, than the reasoning behind it for the writer.(I find that that is how the show operates most of the time – do things that kind of mean something but without real motivation behind it (if that makes any sense)) He always liked to make food and he wanted to take care of his brother.

    About the brother’s whereabouts – Levi explains that when he went to the mainland he hooked him up with people in Cali and they were still in business since then – First I thought Cali is maybe short for California, but I think it is Cali a town in Colombia. Which would make more sense because of the drug trade that he talks about.

    For me it seems like both Chin and Kamakona made a mistake in their pasts – Chin giving Gabriel a break back then and Kammie (& Chin) giving Kammie’s brother one. It came back to bite both of them in the end. Maybe a lesson in that one should be that to be punished for your crimes, no matter how young you are? To not be able to get away with it. It might still have made no difference in how they turned out, but at least the right thing was done.

    For me your take on the ‘Therapy/brocation’ is spot on. Some of my hopes for good to come out of it – Danny and Steve maybe being more relaxed and less bitchy with one another. And hopefully the idea of therapy was wrapped for good.

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  7. Hello… it’s me… I was wondering if after all those… days… you would like to… hear about my verdict…
    Too much Adele? Well ok, I’ll stop.
    But I was travelling (heard Adele a lot in my car) and had only now time to watch. And because I am soooo weak I read some opinions before watching and they left me … confused? Now I’ve seen it and I am … confused??? WTH was that?
    One and a half man?
    How I met my minion?
    For sure it was a soap opera of some kind ;-). Yet I really can imagine Steve as someone who enjoys some spa stuff. He always seemed to be someone who is capable – despite of all these unimaginable horrible things that have happened to him – of enjoying the little things in his life, to SEE the good, the beauty of life and of his surroundings and uses it as a retreat for his soul, as a healing sanctuary.
    But he never ever in a million years would have missed that this therapy was a couples therapy. Not as a SEAL. No. Ridiculous.
    And since when Danny is NOT into this therapy stuff? What happened? And isn’t he a grumpy old man? Wow, you’ve got to get away from him or he pulls you down.
    I found the COTW a little bit boring and the last scene was completely utterly stupid. What is Gabriel wearing? Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility? So Gabriel ‘I-Men’ Waincroft visits Adam in prison or better, Snoozefest the First meets Snoozefest the Second, they are making their respective typical facial expressions and nobody cares? Oh boy, let them kill each other and end this!
    So for this episode I obviously need a different approach. Loved all of Steve’s funny faces, his funny voice and the ‘whoopsie’. Good on you, mate. Live a little.
    And as it seems to be that the ‘oh so wonderful friendship’ needs constant therapy, if have a way easier and cheaper solution.
    Voted poor. Awful it would have been without tipsy, happy and relaxing McG. Or without McG.


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