20 thoughts on “Your picks 2015

    1. I saw that one no-vote one but I wasn’t curious enough to backtrack and read the descriptions again to see which it was. You guys are so much better than I am about keeping ep numbers/what they are straight. 😎


  1. I’m guessing the three drunks cheating on their wives?

    Episode 607 was, in my opinion, and I speak only for myself, demeaning to women. One of the two reasons I did not vote for 607, besides the fact that I saw no chemistry between the actress and McG, was that they tried too hard to manufacture some in too short a period of time- again just my opinion, in order to show McG trying to move on. I expect the Valentine’s episode will be the nail in the coffin for that relationship since I have read nowhere that the actress has been signed to more than the original two episodes. I loved seeing the seal in action in 607, but that was it for me. I still think Lynn is a seat warmer for Cath’s return and who will start being mentioned soon (maybe 615 ) as I have been told. The other zero in 607 was the appalling out of character “cut off your thumb” remark. I could not believe they put that comment in Chin’s mouth. Had Danny said it I would find it more believable. Not more acceptable- just more believable. I expected better of Grover, too.

    This is a show which does not seem to be able to write, or care about writing strong female characters who are respected as equals. . Women are merely accessories to the male characters, like a pair of shoes or a really nice bracelet. . I’m running out of popcorn to throw at the screen.

    I freely admit to being a long time feminist who has not forgotten that whatever success we achieve has been bought for us at great cost to our mothers and grandmothers.

    I accept that I have a debt to repay by reaching out a helping other women so our daughters and granddaughters will be in a position to repay their own debt some day by helping those that follow them.

    I accept that many women do not agree with me while many men do.

    Rant over

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    1. I agree with you, the thumb conversation was so incredibly awful and OOC in that episode plus the fact that the “HS football” storyline had already been done, that regardless of the other storyline I wouldn’t have voted that as one of my favorite episodes (and actually, IMO the “cat and mouse game in the jungle” storyline was better in season 1 with the witness protection woman) Alex looked great in the episode, yes, but when doesn’t he? And I’m certainly not going to get invested in Lynn.. I’m pretty sure she’s not sticking around.

      5.25 deserves the win because it felt fresh, fun and exciting. So many episodes lately seem like they are trying too hard to show us something, whether it be ohana, or bromance or romance… I hate that feeling of being told what to feel. Give me an episode that actually MAKES me feel it ! 5.25 was the only one that qualified for me.

      Now, how do we get more of THAT?

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    2. RE “the three drunks cheating on their wives”—we don’t have to discuss how bad the episode was, but what makes it even worse was that I was one of those who used to watch the Friday night line up on (I forget if it was ABC, CBS, eieio) of Perfect Strangers (LOVED those two) and Family Matters. That episode of Five-0 has FOREVER ruined Steve Urkel for me.

      I agree with pretty much everything you say and I think you hit the keyword that for me sums up seasons 5/6: Manufactured.

      As to how women are handled–I would lay odds that it never even occurred to the powers that be to take advantage of Cath’s time in Afghanistan and really go where no show has gone before with a female character.

      Here’s wishing for a departure from the manufactured and a return to genuinely emotional, appealing, SEAL action filled stories.

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      1. And as much as these writers like “buddy” eps, why did it never occur to them to pair Kono and Cath in an ep, send them out on a case that becomes a challenge! How interesting would it have been to compare and contrast how they dealt with the challneges versus what we usually see with McDanno or McOther?!!!

        Would that not have been cool? And while I guess it never occurred to the writers and EP, I certainly bugged/tweeted to them often enuf that at least a couple of em had to have seen the idea…but clearly no interest. Pfffffffttttttttt! Sexism alive and well in Hollywood. 😡

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        1. Cath and Kono teamed up would’ve made a good episode. I think Cath’s character could’ve drawn things out of Kono we will never otherwise see.


  2. Really hate what they did to Catherine. As that the producers really could had a potential character to be one of the best potential characters. As really the producers seem to be sexist. Even Kono is getting less time due to Grace Park’s wanting to be a mom. But still, they wasted a lot of potential female characters. Where are they when you need them.
    Peter L needs to have women. Not just an all male team. Despite loving the actors.


  3. I love all the remarks. Right now I don’t remember which five I voted for…….isn’t that sad? But I do know that if they bring back the barber…hate that his name has slipped my memory as well…I will be thrilled. He was smart and a well rounded character and perfect to play off Steve.


  4. Thanks for the poll Sam!
    Yes, 5.25 did take the cake! And 5.19 being second was great for me, too.

    I too felt that 6.07 way too forced. Yes, Lynn is cute, they had fun, Steve smiled and looked relaxed. But no, deep inside he hasn’t moved on. If Cath will be back I don’t know, but I feel PL has a masterplan and interestingly enough two things happened as I stated that on Twitter: I got blocked multiply by “McLynn’s” (Oh, these word creations, lol!) but favorited instantly by 5-0writers and another similar tweet by PL. So let’s all sit back, take a breath and watch what happens 🙂
    I have withdrawn a lot from Twitter regarding 5-0. It’s a shame but not surprising. I love this show so much and appreciate places like this where we can share our thoughts on a more “reasonable” level, but I can’t deal with unhealthy fangirling, bashing and in-your-face behavior on Twitter anymore.

    Hope everyone had a good start of the new year!

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  5. LOL!! I only voted for 3…the top 2 here and also 5.24, which set up 5.25 perfectly and reintroduced Cath via the carguments…I looooved how McG told Danny that, NO, he wasn’t gonna take a “date” to the wedding. ❤

    The rest of em are on a sliding scale of "meh" to "ick" for me. But ya know, I watched all that mediocrity, and would do again, to get those 3 eps that I loved. When Show is good, it's great. 🙂

    And y'all all know how much I agree with my fellow wimmens here. Show, or the EP, or the writers, or all of em have not a single clue about what motivates women or how we think and feel, and they have zero qualms about throwing each and every female actress and/or character under the bus, which seems to include the women writers who betray us with regularity. And it's not just MB, btw. Recall Taryn was used and abused early on in S1, and Jean Smart also thought she had a recurring role, not just a quickie few eps and dead. Kelly Hu…same deal. None of em got warning they were done til they got their dead and/or gone scripts. The men recurrings, however, get larger and larger roles every frikkin season…and they keep adding more of em, all larger and quirkier than the quirky dude before em… 🙄

    All of which is grating on my last nerve…I stay with Show for 1 reason only. Betcha y'all know who he is. 😆 😉

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    1. I knew Taryn got the shaft in season 1.. but I didn’t know that Jean Smart did too.

      It’s Hollywood, so I think it’s not uncommon to get written out (put it this way, I think most Shondaland actors open scripts with fear) but, it is SO glaringly inequitable on H50!


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