6.11 Press release

6.11 – Kuleana – While McGarrett and Danny attend a couples retreat in Maui to work on their partnership issues, Kamekona’s dangerous past comes back to haunt him, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Jan. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

(*“Kuleana” is Hawaiian for “One’s Personal Sense of Responsibility”)


I hope this episode will be better than I expect it to be. So far, for me, their therapy sessions have been nothing but stupidly ridiculous and offensive.


Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly)
Grace Park (Kono Kalakaua)
Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman)
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)


Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri)
Taylor Wily (Kamekona Tupuola)
Christopher Sean (Gabriel Waincroft)
Sara Kova (Alissa Moss)
Maurice Compte (Levi Sosa)
Henry Lee (Antone “Remy” Remiel)
Jovan Armand (Young Kamekona)
Sisa Grey (Maya Tupuola)
Kinna McInroe (Loraine)
Richard Cole Drake (Young Flippa)
Kutmaster Spaz (Zeke)
Tizoc Fleishour (Young Levi)
Phil Collins Johnson (Brad)
Tia Swarbrick (Keren)

WRITTEN BY: David Wolkove
DIRECTED BY:  Sylvain White

Credit for the pictures to Peter Lenkov on Instagram

28 thoughts on “6.11 Press release

    • Actually, the Kamekona stuff might be interesting. I still think they should look into his dealings. 😉

      What gets my blood boiling already is that they use this therapy as a comic element on the show. I find that offensive to all therapists and patients. If they would at least show some respect and some real aspects of a good therapist, I could live with this. But what we got so far… any therapist acting like theirs would be banned for life.

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      • Ditto, ditto, alllllll the dittos! 😡

        I predict this to be my least favorite ep of 5-0, or any other tv show, evah! I have hated the clown therapy gag from moment 1, and I hate it worse now than when it started, cos Show keeps doubling down on their offensiveness. They had, in S4, a lovely scene of McG in a military PTS group, built toward since early S4…that they relegated to the extras reel. They’ve substituted this cr** for that honorable substance.

        I’m actually ashamed of Show.

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  1. I think maybe we could give a chance to the episode (and the writers) until we actually see it?
    As usual not many Danno (or McDanno) fans on this site but I was told once that different opinions are welcome, so here is mine.
    Personally I’m looking forward to this episode and to see Steve and Danno’s friendship (remember I’m a supporter not a shipper) explored in a different environment from the usual.
    I agree there are many topics that have been left unexplored in the show, hopefully sooner or later they will get addressed, like Steve’s PTSD.
    And I also share your hope that the therapy session will not just be a “comedy relief” part of the episode but a way to develop their characters and their relationship a bit further.


    • But I’ve already seen their “therapy”, twice now, and I’ve found it grossly, grossly offensive. I’m anticipating a very similar scene…indeed Show is pimping a very similar scene. If by some miracle PLenkov suddenly has grown a sense of good taste, andthis ep isn’t just like his previous takes on couples BS therapy, then like Sam I will happily declare it redeemed. Some of us have had need of therapy, or have family who do. This BS is not therapy, it is making fun of therapy. No therapist acts like her…she’s a provocateur, to insinuate sexuality between men who aren’t gay. And people who really do need therapy do not need their pain and hard work belittled by actors playing men who are perfectly fine, comfortable with themselves, and comfortable with their relationship, but who are being billed as needing therapy just so women can giggle and drool. 🙄

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    • You know, Manu, if I wouldn’t give every episode a chance over and over again, I would have stopped watching the show a long time ago. Just because one doesn’t have much hope because of the press release doesn’t mean in any way that one won’t watch it with an open mind.
      That is what we do here. We hope for greatness, for wonderful shows. But we are not afraid to say what we think has been crap so far.

      But hope for a show we love will be the very last thing to go.

      It is unfortunate that so many people think you can only love what you praise blindly. That is so wrong.

      And you are right, every opinion is welcomed here. And it is nothing wrong with liking these sessions, or what you call their friendship.

      But the other way around is also alright. To despise this therapy crap. I do despise the show, which I dearly love, for what they are doing with this very serious topic. I despise how they portray a therapy session, for how they use this for a comic relief. That is, in my eyes, wrong.

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      • In this case we agree on quite a few topics, especially the fact that therapy shouldn’t be treated as a comic relief. There are also in my eyes some aspects of the show and of the writing that I find truly annoying, clishe’ and just used to keep fans coming back, but not in a clever way. Believe me, I’m very far for blindly praising every aspect of Five 0. There are things and storylines that I like and some that I truly dislike. But I love Alex too much to give up on the show yet and as long as he is in it so am I. I’ll cringe at what I dislike and I’ll enjoy what I like. I think we have this in common, even if the things we like or dislike might be different 🙂


        • Heh! Yeah I think Alex is responsible for a bunch of us still watching Show. Tho in all honesty, I probably would’ve never even begun watching it if not for Alex being the lead. Some eps I sit there kinda quietly yelling at him in my head…”Do you see what you’re making me do?” 😆


  2. I kind of blame Alex for these stupid therapy stuff. He asked for more of it. His words during The Talk interview talking about their therapy in Epi 501:
    My suggestion was after we did that scene, it was so good, that … So much fun. I suggested that we sort of have this massive public argument. And the general public see. And the government gets wind of it and mandates that we have to do it monthly. And so it would become a part of like with the Soprano’s. Every couple of shows we go to therapy….. I haven’t heard back.

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    • Yeah, babe. I love Alex to bits but he’s made a mistake here, IMO. And this therapy is not like therapy on the Sopranos. They coulda done that with McG and the PTSD,but they didn’t,

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      • Yes, I also though he had something fun in mind – but he obviously only experienced what they were filming and nver really saw the final product that we have to endure. The idea is great – like most of the stuff on the show, but sometimes the final product lost all humour and fun.

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  3. If Danny and Steve were having work related problems, they would find themselves in HR explaining themselves and that is where it would be handled– not in some La La land of pretend “couples therapy”. And if they didn’t get their act together, one of them would be gone.

    If the PTB wanted to show a realistic therapy session, the would deal with McG’s PTSD, not this .

    The entire Williams family belongs in therapy- Rachel , whom I am sure will be forgiven by a segment of this fandom because all she did was lie about who the father of her son really is. She destroyed her husband Stan, the father who raised Charlie. Danny was denied three years of knowing his biological son. But Rachel is forgiven, right? How about Danny, who cheated with a married woman, thereby producing the child that Stan believed was his? He destroyed Stan, too. He’s forgiven, right? How about Grace who is old enough to understand that her parents are pathetic liars? How about Charlie who will have to understand that Daddy is not Daddy and Grace’s father is someone he is now supposed to call Dad? They are the ones in desperate need of therapy.

    This cutesy “let’s talk about our feelings” is an insult to people who are seeking help in order to cope with life’s real problems. How many viewers will be upset when they see something they or a loved one is dealing with trivialized? And that is why I say it’s nothing but a cheap and offensive attempt at a joke.

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  4. I still don’t understand the need for the therapy. Sure the guys argue but that was what everyone seemed to like in the first place. I don’t want them becoming each other, I like that they are all different but work together to solve the crime of the week. If the two are really as “brotherly” as the show keeps stressing then this is unnecessary. Both Steve and Danny bring different strengths to their partnership and if they didn’t work well together this task force would have fallen apart by season two because one of them would have shot the other.

    There are far better ways to bring comic relief to the show and I just don’t see the need for this. I have always liked the good carguments but they haven’t even written those lately. If TPTB feel that this makes the McDanno group happy then I wish they would cut it out. There are better ways to show that the guys care about each other without fanning those flames. Not sure why Alex said what he said but I really can’t see what he likes about this petty bickering that goes down in the therapy sessions. Or is the final result of the therapy supposed to make them “Stepford partners”? I for one appreciate that they are individuals with differing opinions. What is wrong with not seeing eye to eye about boxing and MMA? They should just step up the writing and show two adults who know how to work around their differences.

    There, the rant is over. I don’t mind seeing a bit of background on Kamekona so I will hold my opinion on that part of the show.

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  5. Well reading the blurb it doesn’t sound particularly interesting but then the bar has lowered quite a bit in the last year or so. Sigh.

    I don’t mind some Kamekona backstory–in fact I’d welcome it. He did some time, I know, but I never really have understood what his background really was.

    As to the therapy—fortunately for me, I pretty much skipped watching the majority of Season 5, so I was spared from the episodes in question–I saw a brief few minutes of whenever this first session took place and thought it was stupid.

    And it certainly doesn’t bear a repeat. In the first place, I don’t think men who bicker and have differing opinions have issues with it the way female fans have issues with it. Men just rap and move on. So to magnify it to this level is preposterous. And then yes, there is the issue of making a mockery of therapy.

    Ever and always waiting to be wowed,


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    • you made a great point about men not holding on to bickering stuff the way women do. I liked their first therapy session at the beginning of S5, but that was mostly because of AOL’s blue shirt and facial expressions.
      When I first saw this episode hinted at, I thought maybe the two of them were going undercover at some sort of retreat. A couples retreat is not necessarily about serious therapy issues but about normal, mostly healthy couples wanting to look for ways to strengthen their relationship for the future. I know that Alex will do an incredible job with whatever he is given. We’ll have to see what the premise for the therapy is for Steve and Danny.
      What Danny and Steve need rather than therapy is classes in teamwork. As a military guy, Steve has had many moments to work with teams, but outside the military he could probably use some help respecting different opinions than his own. I have seen many people in the work place struggle with learning that there is more than one way to skin a cat – and all made be valid. Danny needs help calming down – okay realy therapy is nneeded there.
      I do not appreciate the McDanno shippers making so much of these holding hands pictures on twitter. Men can hold hands as a show of support for each other out of brotherly (not romantic) love. For that matter, they can hug and say “I love you” simply as friends. The implication that any show of affection between men is about romantic interest really bothers me. Our young boys and men need to know that showing love and affection to friends is perfectly normal.
      You all make great points about the need to take therapy seriously. I have taken part in it and have some friends who have had very serious issues to deal with through therapy. I guess we should voice our opinions to PL more often – more so about the deleted PTSD scene than about these comic sessions. Maybe some of ya’ll have, but I rarely take time to send letters/emails like those. Having Steve confront the real issues he was having would have been remarkable.
      I still love the carguments, but have liked the ones involving Grover particularly.
      I do look forward to this ep as I do to all of them for the same reason most of you mentioned – Alex. He is so talented and Steve is a very likeable character.

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      • Could not agree more with this >>>>> I do not appreciate the McDanno shippers making so much of these holding hands pictures on twitter. Men can hold hands as a show of support for each other out of brotherly (not romantic) love. For that matter, they can hug and say “I love you” simply as friends. The implication that any show of affection between men is about romantic interest really bothers me. Our young boys and men need to know that showing love and affection to friends is perfectly normal.

        The “saddest” thing about these type of episodes, are that the show is actually making a mockery of all the shipper ideas. And they actually grab it up as real and don’t even realise that they are being ridiculed for their romantic ideas.The writers are poking fun at them and they are so caught up in it, that they don’t see it. I actually feel sorry for them, because the show are stringing them along with it and they eat it up in some hope of maybe one day.
        Having said all that, I really do hope that the episode surprise me and really do have some fun in it, without being utterly ridiculous.

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  6. It will be interesting to find out how Kameokona past as really like him a lot. And what and how he reformed.
    But the therapy sessions will be about Steve’s control issues and really wished P.L. did not drop the the P.T.S.D. as he did in a heartbeat.
    As well as Danny’s not being sensitive enough and whining.
    I wish I could take bets but that is what I am betting on if I was a betting woman.
    But so far, they have toned it down a bit in season 6. Which makes it such a very popular season as I hear a lot of internet people say.
    I love Grover and Steve more than Steve and Danny. But that is just IMHO!

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  7. Happy virtual smiley faces to everyone. It was so nice to see what a good discussion we can have and how we all bring a little something different to it. Good night.


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