6.10 Short Review


6.10 Ka Makau Kaa Kaua

Five-0 investigates when the brother of promising local boxer, Luke Nakano (Lewis Tan), is murdered and the prime suspect is Devon Haynes (Harold House Moore), the outspoken reigning champion opponent from the mainland, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Dec. 11, 2015

CBS translated Ka Makau Kaa Kaua to The Sweet Science

I’m really sorry but I don’t have time for a full review this week. So, the poll, a few words and a discussion in the comments has to do.

I thought the episode was rather boring. Nothing much interesting in it. It had some nice scenes, some really cheesy ones, a lot of annoying stuff, too.

Adam going to jail didn’t move me at all; just found it very odd that he wouldn’t be shipped off to the mainland. I doubt he would be held in Halawa.

The dumbest move and biggest plot hole of the episode was transporting the shot Yakuza guy without a protection detail (HPD or his own people). As if that would ever happen.

Getting bored and tired of Gabriel. Still don’t buy that he’s any kind of mastermind. It’s getting rather ridiculous, to be honest.

I’m SO done with Dunn. I’d rather see her back in San Francisco. I’m sorry, but she does not grow on me other than getting really annoying.

I think this was the weakest episode this season. It felt rather stitched together in a hurry. The fight was surely choreographed nicely, but it went on way too long. Again a waste of time with the previously on. It took more than seven minutes for credits to roll. And nothing really happened in those seven minutes.

Just annoying pre-fight scenes, also scenes at casa McG where it was obvious that the show tried too hard. Max kinda explaining Hanukah, sorry but that just felt like hitting us over the head with knowledge. Just ugh. And please, why was Larry Manetti even in the show? Now he’s a boxing manager? Come on.

As I said, nothing felt like it fit together. This was not a masterpiece, and certainly not a worthy show to go into the winter break with.

The “good” verdict is a gift. My present for Christmas, so to speak. 🙂

So, let’s hear what you have to say about the latest episode.


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And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. Well actually my take was completely different. While there were holes (and there are nearly always holes), I actually thought this was the ONLY episode of the last season and a half that remotely approached the good formula they had in the first three and a half seasons.

    I liked the opening at McGarrett’s with some of the usual Ohana present. And it did not feel thrown together (although certainly that has been a big problem since season 5). It’s the only decent use of Ohana moments they have made in over a year. Was it as good as say the Thanksgiving episode from S4? No, but they tried to recapture some of that.

    I was a bit confused by Larry Manetti’s presence–I wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be playing his usual character or someone different, but later on in the episode the boxer called him Nicky. So while it WAS odd, I suppose when he’s not night-clubbing he’s managing boxers. LOL!

    They had a storyline that actually generated emotion–that’s something I’ve missed from the last few seasons. It S6, the episodes have been downright boring–but in this one, the boxer fighting for his brother was emotional. Best of the series? Nope. But at least trying to recapture some of what worked so well in the past. If they’re going to go to the trouble of dealing with a case, I want it to have an emotional appeal–like back in whatever season it was when all those kids were taken prisoner off the boat/yacht/ship (whatever) and re-united with their families at the end. THAT is what Five-0 does and I have missed it.

    We had Steve dragging the guy behind the jet-ski thing which is more traditional McGarrett as well.

    Abby doesn’t bother me. She’s yet another character being run through the Five-0 mill, she’ll do her time and disappear. Jerry manning the ship back at Five-0 headquarters was annoying. I’ve definitely gone from liking to resenting him.

    The one big problem in the episode is that they set me up and then disappointed me. Near the beginning when they were having the argument over boxing vs. MMA, I thought i was going to get to see Steve put that in action and prove his point (as he would have in the old days), but that didn’t happen. So that lack of Steve action was a big detractor from the episode and in that respect, it was boring.

    But the ep gave me a glimmer of hope that the PTB haven’t forgotten what it was that brought them this far. I hope they’ll dig down deep and keep trying to find that magic formula and bring the show back up to par.


    1. I love it that people can watch the same episode and see a totally different show. 🙂

      Huh, I thought Steve proved his point about MMA perfectly well with taking out the bad guy in a second flat while the boxers fought on and on and on. 😉 I loved that.

      So far, I really enjoyed season 6, and with 3 and 4 is really my favorite season so far.

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      1. For the record, Boxing is real to me. But not a boxing fan. Season 6 writing Sam is really been the best so far. And am enjoying it too. MMA Steve had his point you are right.


      2. I thought it was pretty good, the problem is I grew up watching the REAL Hawaii 5-0. Both are good in their own ways, but the shows of he late 60s and 70s had better writing, less action and actually showed more of the real Hawaii

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    2. Jerry now manning the 5-0 ship irks me too. Michelle got ungodly ugly thrown her way cos she became a team member. The most ridic bitching was she wasn’t trained law enforcement. Neither is McG but I kinda think that trained-to-investigate-and-kill in the Navy kinda trumps that bitch. But they ditched MB completely…and have added both Grover and now Jerry to the team. Grover makes sense but Jerry is ridiculous in this roll, yet very little bitching from the fandom. If that doesn’t prove the Show’s and some (very-loud) fans’ misogyny, I dunno what ever would… 🙄

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      1. Well those griping fans would definitely hate it that the episodes from season 4 I rewatch the most are the first episode of that season and the episode where Cath goes to the casino to track down Sato’s guy. That was great stuff.

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      2. That actor who used to be on General Hospital posted that he was coming to H50 as a recurring character. His first name is Ingo and I forget his last name but he is Australian, he surfs and is nice looking. Recurring can be as little as two episodes but I got the impression he may have more. This is a very good start from the PTB to rectify the imbalance of male-female characters. Way too many girls- so who gets killed off next or falls off the cliff with the other discards? H50 has loud fans who are misoginists? Women? Surely you are jesting me.

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      3. Misogyny and bizarre feeling that she was standing in the way of McDanno. While I can enjoy well written McDanno fanfic, I just don’t see it as a thing the show would do. If they were they would have done it years ago.

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        1. I’m not even sure Show could legally do an actual gay McDanno. CBS doesn’t own the characters, the Freeman estate does, and if you ever watched an original 5-0, it’s very clear this was no liberal show back then. And I don’t have the sense the Freeman family are liberal now. The family guards their inheritance with deep love for what their dad did. Neither Leonard nor Jack Lord woulda ok’d a gay McG, and I don’t see any way that happens now. For one thing, it adds nothing to the mission and success of the task force. Aside from a few fangirls’ fantasies, there’s zero point.

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          1. Even if they ever wanted to give us a gay McG or Danny, they still would never ever do a McDanno. These two have absolutely nothing in common. Steve would never pick Danny as his life partner, and vice versa.
            Besides they never showed any interest in men. I just don’t see why people would put these together.
            I have nothing against a gay relationship, that is perfectly cool. But these two? No way in hell would they be together. Ever.

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          2. GNP: You may have just put forth rationale for no McDanno on H50. I don’t know much about the Freeman family but this show is the family legacy so they may want/ or allow no tampering with the integrity of the original characters. (Danny was written out before the show ended because, from what I understand, the actor just refused to return). So, I vote you the winner of the McDanno debate. Game, set, match.

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            1. Hee! Do I get Alex as my trophy? 😆

              I really do believe PLenkov would have to clear that thru the estate, and I really do think the answer would be a resounding no. Tho some day very soon, some tv show will feature a gay couple of crime fighters. America has come to peace with gayness, and America loves a cop procedural, so it will happen. Just not with McG and Danno. For all the reasons above.

              Also when it does happen, it will be because the show wants to represent a legit faction of people and explore that fresh (for tv) dynamic…it will NOT be because some bored chicas wanna be titiallated by 2 handsome dudes (who the chicas wish they could hook up with) hooking up. 🙄

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              1. GNP: Sorry it took so long to respond. The “package” has been secured, duct taped (that ain’t easy when the “package” is a Navy Seal) and being sent FedEx. Please tip the driver ’cause it can’t be a pleasant delivery. Date of arrival classified for obvious reasons (the line forming outside your door by the crazy fandom who posts here) to intercept and appropriate the “package”. Feeding directions included. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                1. Mama, can I have the tracking number on that package? I just want to make sure it arrives safely. You do believe me, right???? I would hate for GNP to miss out on her prize……honest!

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        2. If they were written as a couple I’d be perfectly fine with it, but they are clearly not written that way.

          FanFiction is one thing. No fanfiction has anything to do with the actual show, no matter who the writer is or in what direction they are going. It is fun to read other stories and lives than what we’re seeing.

          But on the show we have two hetero men not interested in men. I never ever saw even a glimmer of any of them even entertaining the idea of trying that out. I have no idea what kind of glasses people are wearing to believe Danny and Steve are in love. On the show. That is simply beyond my understanding.

          And it has nothing to do with the show not daring to go there. These character are simply not gay. You don’t suddenly become gay. You either are or you’re not. They are not. That is not the premise of this show. If one wants to watch a gay detective couple I’m afraid those people need to watch a different show, or read fanfiction. They will never get it on Five-0.

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  2. Oh, boy. I thought I was going to be alone in being disappointed in this mid- season finale. Pretty much agree with your assessment. It looked like déjà vu from most of season 5. And S6 has been promising so far, so I guess they’re allowed one clunker.

    Chin and Abby seem to be slowly proceeding in their relationship, but it now looks strained to me. I was hoping for some spark by her third appearance but it’s getting like watching the pot for the water to boil. Sadly, I expect them to demonize her, like so many other H50 female characters. I want to be happy for Chin, so I’m hoping it works out or that they bring back Leilani. I’m going to wait and see what the writers do. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised instead of all out flabbergasted shocked.

    Adam? This storyline has gone from boring to embarrassing. Either bring back the old Adam or say goodbye to this one. Is no one on the team at H50 the least bit concerned that one of their members married into a crime family? Where do her loyalties lie? Can she be trusted? (remember she is a woman and this is H50 so it’s a given she will become a liar.) The Adam-Kono union gives new meaning to “Ohana”. The euphoria of the wedding has faded. The dancing is over, the band has gone home and the booze has run out. No little pangs of doubt? I know he’s supposed to be out of the family business but I can’t help wondering if this whole storyline is going towards his ultimate return to make his late daddy proud. As for this storyline, LET’S HAVE CLOSURE, NOW!!!!!! ( just thought I’d throw that in, for no apparent reason, except that our fan base seems to have embraced the word.)

    Kono? I had to look twice because I thought she looked a little pregnant, but it must have been the angle cause they’d never do something like that, would they just for “drama”? I guess her Valentines Day will be take- out in the jail visitors room.

    Gabriel? He is still a thug lacking any of the finesse of the deadly cold Wo Fat. Sorry they killed off such a great character. He was amoral, not immoral – much, much worse.
    I would have preferred more of McG and Lou. It looked like they were trying to cram a lot into one episode.

    I gave it a meh. Holiday spirit and all, ya know.

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  3. Well I’ve given every ep so far a good, cos for the most part they’ve been fine, but this one got an ok and you enumerate most of my reasons why.

    Gabriel is nothing but a simmering street punk, hardly a crim mastermind. I don’t think ANYBODY, aside from them who work on that set, take him seriously. I don’t know the actor, but he might help his case if he’d find another posture–other than his go-to muscle-pumping slouch– and another expression besides his plastered-on leer. He looks like he’s permanently posing for a magazine shoot. I almost giggle when he pops onto the screen, and wanna sing dun dun dunnnnnnnn! 😆

    Also agree new-chick is boring. Show continues its offensive inability to write a female character, and in this case also to cast one. Jenna Kay and Michelle both had more vibrancy in their little fingers than this poor chick has in her entirety. 🙄 However I won’t ever say this on Twitter cos this fandom eviscerates women and that irks me. It’s Show’s fault, IMO.

    I had some good moments in this ep, tho! I enjoyed the opening scene at CasaMcG. I know most disliked the Hannukah tutorial, and I agree it broke up the party that was going on. But I was sooooo happy to see the posse back at McG’s, it made my heart sing! He has hosted his clan since the beginning…until last season when he had the sads. 😦 The parties at Danno’s and Grover’s seemed wrong, forced, to me. And McG’s quiet retreat into the shadows at those events showed his heartbreak. It broke MY heart seeing that! Alex is brilliant, y’all.

    I also loved how during the big fight, with the boxers in the background slogging away at each other over and over and over and over, McG walks up to his Yakuza dude, knocks out the bodyguard with one, ONLY ONE, fell strike, and takes command of Mob Boss. 😆

    Finally, McG’s Kono-hug nearly gave me the vapors. Just the way he sliiiiides his body up on another person to hug em is killer. And the look on his face! I’m melting here just recalling it…I may go rewatch this ep just for those 3 moments. :mrgreen:

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  4. I gave it a good, there were issues upon issues, as you all have noted, but sadly this is what I’ve come to expect. Loved McG dragging the guy with the jet ski, that was humorous. The opening scene at Casa McG… Well, let’s ignore the fact that they were all gathered not to watch the fight, but to watch the… stare off between the fighters. I’ve been to many a house gathering to watch boxing, never have I been asked to come over to watch the weigh-in. But, then how would we have gotten yet another forced set up “ohana” moment where we could be schooled in this unknown holiday called Hanukkah? (Sarcasm meter:high)

    Adam… good God almighty. Awful. I know better, but I wish this were the end of this painfully dull storyline.

    Gabriel.. nope.

    People are touting this as mid season finale? Are just fans saying this or is CBS shilling it that way? It was just an episode. Nothing special… especially compared to fabulous mud season finales I’ve seen this year… epic, mind blowing finales. This, while not awful, certainly wasn’t epic. It just …. was.

    I’m mostly just tired of the forced “very special moments” thing. To me they are glaringly unnatural, having gone the way of the carguments lately.

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    1. Yep, glaringly unnatural pretty much covers it. 🙂
      Carguments? They were old even in season 1. There are very few I really enjoyed.

      I have no idea if CBS called this the mid season finale. It just feels like I read it ‘everywhere’. 😉

      Maybe there was something interesting on after the weigh-in? It was kinda strange for all of them to be there for just that.

      Don’t hold back, give us some tips for mind blowing mid-season finales. Still need to catch up on a few shows.

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    2. To both you dear girlies…yes CBS and the official Twitter feed pimped this “meh” ep as their season finale. Now I’m guessing they only did that when they noticed so many other shows pimping a fall-season finale and This just happened to be the one before the long break. SURELY they did not CRAFT this sucker as a finale. Surely…. 🙄

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      1. Though it had some good elements, I agree, it doesn’t exactly make for a season break. But that’s okay. Steve can use his time wisely for a change by tracking down Catherine. 😎

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  5. I will say that I found this episode less than stellar as well. I am not a boxing fan so that part of the story was not that interesting to me. I also found it strange that if Luke was willing to go on with the fight in his brother’s honor and since this was a title fight, he sure wasn’t prepared in the early rounds. I found myself yelling at the TV for him to fight back in the beginning. Seeing Larry Manetti’s character there didn’t bother me…..seems he was as good a choice as anyone to play the manager.

    The Adam/Kono story was a distraction and I hope that his being in prison puts that on the back, back burner from now on. I used to like them but this season their story has tried my patience.

    I happened to like the little ohana moment at Steve’s in the beginning. I like Max and it gave him a small reason to shine and that was okay with me.

    I am still waiting to see any sparks between Chin and Abby and I just don’t see it. And why on earth couldn’t he say he was fine when she tried to talk to him at the arena? Sort of forcing the drama in my opinion.

    As for the Gabriel elephant in the episode…….just what the heck is he doing? Does he think that if the leaders of several crime families are dead that he inherits the crown? He has no leverage with any group when he doesn’t hold to an agreement that he made only a few episodes ago. I would think that it only puts a target on his back, which when I think about it would be great. Maybe one of the other crime families will rat him out to 5-0 since they owe them for the save at the fight.

    I think I will go back and watch season 1’s Christmas episode…..it was much better.

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    1. Was this even supposed to be a Christmas episode? Maybe after last season’s disaster they have learned their lesson? Nah, probably not. Since that was also oh-so-epic. Roll eyes here.

      Oh, I really like Max, but his scene felt just strange to me.


      1. I’m not sure if it was intended to be a Christmas episode. Since there was a holiday mention I figured it might be them being politically correct and including another view of the holidays. Max is a bit socially inept so I wasn’t surprised he would pick this gathering to share something of himself besides his Halloween love for Keanu Reeves. I personally don’t care if Danny ever has a Christmas tree after last years mess.

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        1. Yeah I kinda thought maybe this was their Hannukah ep…unusual but I was cool with it. Seemed like an inclusive moment. Lord knows with a presidential candidate running his mouth all but challenging Americans to go after Muslims, I thought a moment of reflection was cool.

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  6. Seasons 4 was my least, Season 5 and 3 were mixed, Season 1 and 2 the best and Season 6 is really been so far so great.
    Want to see Chin and Abby develop but it seems that PL is slow in that.
    Gabriel is no Wo-Fat as the show wants to make him out to be.He is only in it for himself.He does put a target on his back.
    But want Chin to be the one to take him out.
    Unlike most of you all and we can agree to disagree, want Kono happy but still Adam going to jail for defending himself. At least he admitted what he did was wrong. But Gabriel wants a scapegoat. But want all of our characters happy.
    Love Max but to force his religion down people’s throats while trying to watch a fight. Really surprised Steve didn’t say Max not in my house. Really am surprised at Steve allowing that to happen but Max seems socially awkward IMHO.
    Glad that the Bromance of Steve and Danny is back. But love Lou and Steve more.
    As love Steve this season. Sure I have had a love-hate relationship in the past with him. But really it is the Steve I love in the seasons 1 and 2 and part of 3.
    But this Christmas episode was such a waste!


  7. About the only realistic thing was Adam staying Hawaii for prison. Since he didn’t committ a federal crime, he wouldn’t have been sent to the mainland. At 15months he might have served the whole thing in the county jail. I just don’t get them as a couple. Nothing ever convinced of why they were together.

    If Kono is pregnant I’m going to be very annoyed (unless Grace Park is pregnant in real life, then it would be a decent way of dealing with it).


    1. Didn’t mean he should have been sent to the mainland because of the crime he committed, or not committed, but for safety reasons. He’s the son of a huge crime lord, there was, probably still is money on his head. I just thought it would be better for all involved if he served his sentence in some prison far, far away. 🙂


  8. I have enjoyed all of your reviews. Thanks for sharing! 😊

    I thought this episode was ok. I liked the team all working on one case together. I totally agree that Chin needs a love interest/ more personal stories, but I don’t understand the point of Abby. She’s from San Fancisco. She’s eventually going to have to go back and Chin will be left alone again. Why can’t he have a story with someone local and the possibility of a relationship being long lasting? Besides, she suppose to be the leader of the new team they are setting up in San Francisco. Shouldn’t she be following McG and Danno around?
    Adam’s story is ridiculous. Instead of going to the temple and telling Kono about his grandparents, he should have had Kono showing him self defense moves to keep from getting shanked. I posted this on Twitter and I’ll ask it here too. I don’t understand how Adam’s lies are so easily forgiven and Catherine’s are not. He duct taped Kono and left her there, faked his own death and left Kono alone in a foreign country, lied about meetings with the yakuza and interrogating Gabriel’s man. To me, other lies pale in comparison.

    Jerry popping in to help on a case would have been fine to me and add a little humor. Now Jerry being on the team is just awful. When we were introduced to Jerry, he didn’t trust phones or computers and now he’s running the smart table?

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks for listening. 😊

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    1. Adam is a boy. Catherine is a girl. Thus his sins are forgiven and she is run outta town in shame.
      Cos that Y chromosome bestows auto-pass. Also cos her existence makes it harder for some fangirls to delude themselves that they have an actual shot at Alex…or that Danno has an actual shot at McG. 🙄

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    2. I find Abby very suspicious and don’t understand her being there. What is her purpose, and why the heck is she following Chin and is not partnered with Steve. The LEADER of the task force?
      But better not think about it, she’s a women, so she’ll be gone soon enough.


  9. I realize i didn’t pay that close attention to the episode – i must have been distracted by live tweeting. i also was finishing some Christmas decorations. I thought it was a good episode. The scene at the beginning was nice. I figured as well that the writers decided to give some time for a different religious observance and to give a little more of Max in the episode. I didn’t quite understand how a menorah and yamaka fit into watching the boxing preview, but if the team was okay with it, so be it. I did find it nice that Max actually pointed out that Grover’s reference to the Lord was a different deity. An actual correct detail from the Jewish perspective.

    Anyway, it is wonderful to find so many others who are as unimpressed with/uninterested in the Adam/Kono storyline. I can’t stand the angst they give Kono; it seems quite forced. I did wonder about Steve and Danny’s glances at the prison at the end, whether they were contemplating their own time behind bars.

    My first thought when they showed the Yakuza boss in the ambulance was “where is his protection?” – very stupid oversight. I am fine with Gabriel going after him. It is curious that the Gabriel storyline is in the forefront constantly. Wo Fat was in the background a good bit except for some very significant but spread out episodes. They seem to have determined that Gabriel is going to be the driving force behind all bad stuff on the island this year. Of course, since season 7 may be very iffy, they have to build up enough to finish the Gabriel storyline this year.

    I am sad to have such a long break before the next Five-0, but i am glad the actors get a nice break. I read that AOL is taking his family to Australia for the first time. Of course, it make me a little jealous that I don’t get one of those long Christmas vacations, but a couple days here and there will be better than nothing. In the same article i read about Alex’s vacation he was quoted as saying he is currently working off contract. I thought i remembered an interview from season one where he said he had signed on for 7 years. At the time I thought that was a long contract, but now it seems I was wrong or he didn’t mean what I thought he meant.

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    1. In an interview in season one he said he has signed a contract for the show for seven seasons. He joked with SC about that they would both be executive producers by then and had creative influence, so it wouldn’t be so bad. Well, that obviously didn’t happen.

      But I don’t think we shouldn’t take any information about contracts too seriously, no matter who gives the information.

      I do think though that Alex would gladly sign on for more seasons. It would give him the chance to stay in Hawaii, it would be easy for his family life, and I think that is more important to him than to live his creativity. In committing to H50 100 percent he does the best for his family. Doing all kinds of projects would take him away from them, so, I’m sure he is happy just were he is, and with what he’s doing at the moment.


      1. Yes, I think both AOL and DDK would be happy to sign for more seasons for the reasons you mention. They live there and are raising their families there. They can always do creative projects during hiatus. Right now I can see them weighing the happiness of family life against career satisfaction and I think family wins. Not so sure about the others. Just my take.


        1. Yeah, I totally agree. They would probably both vote for stability and monetary safety. Which is not an unimportant part of doing a TV show. You have a safe income. It’s important with a family and a house in Hawaii.

          It’s not different to us “normal” people, maybe on a different scale, but still the same. I’m sure many of us would rather do some other, more creative stuff, but have to stick with the safe option. And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s part of having responsibilties as an adult.

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  10. The problem I have with the Adam-Kono relationship is that it came out of nowhere. (or happened off camera as so many other weird things). They seem terribly mismatched as a couple. Kono is an alien come to earth with a set of skills it takes years of dedicated study to achieve but she had them, right out of the academy. It never made sense to me. Adam is that suave, Ivy educated guy in the expensive suits being groomed to take over from his father, Hiro. How he managed to subdue Kono in order to duct tape her remains mystery. But sending Adam to jail keeps his name mentioned and allows the actor to take other parts and perhaps do a cameo here and there. I just hope we won’t have to watch the second half of the season seeing Kono wringing her hands and being distracted from her job at H50.

    And yes, I do think either Kono or GP is pregnant because I watched the scene where she says goodbye outside the prison and her light colored dress had a slightly raised waist in the front. Or I could be wrong in which case ignore what I have just written. Probably wrong. Maybe.

    Do they still keep with the notion that it takes nine months before a little tyke sticks out its head and says “I’m done? After Rachel, I was wondering if the time frame at H50 is different from the rest of the world. I’m probably wrong, and the dress was just ill fitting. I never like her clothes anyway.

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    1. “Kono is an alien come to earth with a set of skills it takes years of dedicated study to achieve but she had them, right out of the academy.” ROTFL – THAT was my problem with Kono from the beginning and why I didn’t like her. simply because her character was ridiculously unbelievable. In was unreal from the get go.

      “I was wondering if the time frame at H50 is different from the rest of the world:” LOL, they can’t even get it right in ONE episode, and you expect them to get it in a few? 😉


  11. quick reply… I gave this episode a ‘good’ and that was sort of generous because I just hate to mark that ‘OK’ box. But it was boring to me. I loved the get together, but Max and his menorah seemed out of place. Not really sure why, but it just seemed odd and forced. Adam and Kono – you know my feelings on that. I have doubts that Adam will come out of Halawa, but I could be wrong. Jerry at the smart table was so wrong on so many levels. This is a guy who didn’t use a telephone a couple years ago and now he’s a freakin’ technology genius.

    As for Dunn. Ugh… she can go fill in Stone and Keller back in San Francisco.

    and my major gripe… where is the follow up with Nahele? I was SO hoping for that. He could have even been at Steve’s house in the beginning of the episode, but noooo…. we can’t have continuity, can we?

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  12. Tadaaaa! Finally. I’ve seen it. Wasn’t impressed. End of review.
    No, don’t go, how long do you know me? 😉

    I really loathe boxing. I find it disgusting. I don’t want to see people punching each other’s faces bloody and call it ‘sport’. But that’s just me. Not the shows fault. But shows fault is that I had to endure the horrible scene when the boxer’s brother was beaten to death a second time. Yuck!
    Let’s quickly come to the things I liked. Adam is going to jail. For 18 months. Mr. Snooze is gone for 18 month. Yeah. (That was before I read he will be back in 6.13. Oh maaaan….) I think 18 months is really not much jail time for killing someone and – even worse – being boring as hell! I want to see more than one facial expression. Still waiting…

    I loved most of the takedown scenes in the boxing arena (is it called arena, I have no idea). Lou was pretty cool. So was Chin. (Let’s please ignore Abby. Why is she following Chin and not the boss of 50 btw?) But the scene with Steve and the bodyguard was the best of the whole episode in my eyes. Very cool. He proved his point about MMA and boxing. And Danny, for the record, Steve is not impatient, it is called effective! Impatience is whining after one day of being undercover that you want to quit. Impatience is whining for weeks about having to go to physiotherapy. Just saying.
    I was laughing my a$$ off about Danny’s takedown in the men’s restroom. What. Was. That? I want to see more than one facial expression. Still waiting…

    And Gabriel. Sigh. Or lol. Depends on my mood. I want to see more than one facial expression. Still waiting…

    I didn’t mind the Menorah, Hanukah and Buddhist temple scenes. Yes, they felt forced and out of place, but I appreciate their attempt to show that different religions can perfectly fine, peaceful and friendly co-exist! A needed message in times some wannabee almighties spew a lot of crap.

    What really bothered me was Danny’s talk with Abby. About his friend. His boss! To a stranger like Abby. Yes, she is a stranger. You’ll never know about the consequences of her report. Like I said in my review of 6.08: You stick up for your people in public. That’s what friends do! Pot calling the kettle black; preaching water, drinking wine. Remember Danny? You tied a suspect to the hood of your car, punched suspects senseless, killed someone in cold blood?
    Now I am waiting for a mention of Nahale, what about Duke going to Nahale’s house at the end of last week’s episode? What about Lynn? What about the phone calls? Just a mention show, just a freaking mention!
    Danny and the Cry Babies annoyed me.
    Steve’s plaid shirt did not.
    Voted ok.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing about Danny’s talk to Abby. I was yelling “That is your boss you’re talking about!”. But I have given up on that idiot Danny, for me he is simply THE biggest hypocrite in the history of television. One of the worst written characters ever. I can’t take anything he does or says seriously. And worst of all, I simply don’t care any more.
      I still don’t understand how anyone can find his behavior ok. NO, don’t answer that. Please, all the Danny lovers… I don’t wanna know. That was a rhetorical question.

      If any person tells me, he/she would be happy to be around Danny all the time, work with him side by side, getting abused all the time… in my eyes, that person is lying through her teeth. No sane person would want to be around Danny. In real life. Just think about it for a few minutes, and then tell me you really would want that.

      Anyway. LOL, Danny’s take down in the restroom. I told Cokie the other day he looked like he needed the restroom rather urgently. What the heck was that is right.

      About the dialogue in the beginning about Steve being impatient. I have NO idea why they let Danny say such crap. Do they even know what kind of person Steve is? Have they even watched the show, where they showed us over and over what a patient guy he is? Besides from his training and work with the SEALs and Intelligence. It’s really annoying that a writer thinks saying something so monumentally stupid is in any way funny. It’s just stupid.

      Adam will be back in 6.13? Really? Darn.

      I don’t care about boxing. I think it’s boring and lame, but I love MMA. It’s way more interesting, faster, yes, also brutal, but I can live with that. And it is a lot safer than boxing. Way less head injuries. But actually, I won’t preach to anyone about boxing or MMA, or whatever they want to watch. It’s a brutal sport, but it’s still a sport. Why people are fascinated by watching two men beating the shit out of each other, I have no idea. But I love it, too. Not boxing, but MMA and K1. But only men and only the professionals.


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