6.09 Review


6-09 – Hana Keaka – Five-0 goes back to school when a college professor is killed and Danny goes undercover as his replacement, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 10

CBS translated Hana Keaka to Charade

A young writer and an experienced director seems to be a great mix.

Written by: Carmen Pilar Golden
Directed by:  Bobby Roth

Ok, let me begin this review with a complaint I have mentioned so many times that it isn’t even funny anymore. Previously on…

I totally get that you want to have a previously on at the beginning of your episode after the summer hiatus, or the mini winter break, or when there haven’t been any episodes for two weeks or so. BUT I do not understand the need for it when the last episode was just last week. And then to put almost only stuff about something into it that will only be barely mentioned in this episode makes no sense at all.

Oh, but it does! You fill up 1 minute and 23 seconds with boring stuff from a previous episode. Which means you don’t have to film any new material. Considering that an episode these days is only 42 to 44 minutes long, well, I’m sorry, but I consider that cheating.

Adding to that the scenes of the scenery, which would be great if it were new scenes and not the same we have seen again and again, the actual episode is down to about 40 minutes. I don’t like this shitty trend to fill the minutes with useless stuff.

And don’t tell me ANY new viewer would have gotten anything out of this previously on. That was just stupid and a filler. Nothing more. And I think they should be ashamed to fill the precious minutes a show runs with such crap.


So, that out of the system let’s go to more delightful things. And there were plenty in Hana Keaka.

The Case …

One of the best aspects of this episode was that it was just one case, and all of them were working on it. Having a little personal story on the side was just the icing on the cake. This was a pretty much perfect example of how I want an episode to go. One case, everyone involved, one small personal story as an extra kick.

That is so much better than two or three cases with all members all over the place. Yes, on occasion I like to see them working different things, but emphasis on occasionally. It seemed like they were doing that all the time lately, and I didn’t like it one bit.

This case however was a delight to watch. Not because it was so well thought out, or it was such a clever crime. Honestly, I didn’t even care much about the how, why and who. I just enjoyed them all working on it. With a case like this I don’t even think about plot holes or inconsistencies. Simply because the crime is not important, it’s the work on it that draws me in. And this was a really fine example for team work on a not so interesting case; but watching them made up for any and all flaws.

I have to say though, walking out of the gun range with the gun? Yeah right. You can forget to give the gun back and walk right out of there. Sure. I’ll buy that. And IF that actually happened I for sure hope they will close down that place.


Kono made me laugh, and in a positive way. Can you believe it?! “I’m done eating bacon.” 🙂 This seems to be the season where I like Kono. Took only six years to warm up to her. LOL

Let’s talk about Adam while we’re at Kono. She said she thinks Adam considers taking the deal. And that the procecutor only wants him because he’s the son of Hiro, who was the high boss of the crime cartel. Well, to be honest, 24 months would be a pretty sweet deal. Yes, one might argue he acted in self-defense, but I don’t think so. He killed that guy without the need of defending himself. He killed him. Period.

And considering all the other crimes Adam committed, maybe it isn’t such a bad thing he has to pay the price for it. You ask what other crimes? Kidnapping Joe White; torturing Joe; holding Kono at gunpoint (assault of an officer of the law); duct-taping her and locking her in the house (kidnapping), assaulting the head of Five-0 (pointing a gun at him and threatening to kill him is considered assault, no physical harm needed for that charge); illegal possession of a firearm. He was never ever charged for any of that. And those are only the things we actually saw. Who knows what else he did.

So, two years actually is a really sweet deal. And maybe he’s considering to take it because he knows what they might also find if they start digging. 😉

Learning curve … 😉

So, they do know the cyber-crime division. 😉 Wiping their server was probably a good idea.



Steve had that windows watch thingy on and off. What was that? Just product placement or is Steve testing new gadgets?



LOL – “Give it time. I’m sure by tomorrow you’ll make their life as miserable as you’re making mine.” Yep, Steve I’m sure he will. Although I think he is a way better teacher than he’s a detective. In my opinion his detective skills are non-existing, but he could fake to be a teacher. To a point at least. I was so hoping he’d stay at the university. I wonder if he could impersonate that persona while he’s with Five-0, or at least when with Steve? That way he wouldn’t be such a nasty person. I could even learn to live with that version of Danny.

But I’m afraid we’ll get the idiot back as soon as the next writer takes his shot at writing him. Sigh.

So, again, Kudos to this week’s writer for making Danny a likeable person. She seems to have a very good handle on all their personalities, something I often doubt when others write for the show. The character traits are often all over the place, like they are interchangeable. Which they are not. But it often feels that the writers never even heard of the characters he/she is writing for. Not so this time. It was very nice and refreshing to watch something where the characters were actually in character.

Anyway, back to Danny. I liked him as the professor. I’m not going into the absolute ridiculous idea any of them going undercover since I did that every time they came up with that oh so brilliant idea. But at least this time it made kind of sense. And I think they pulled it off very well. Nice job all around.


Just ugh. He wasn’t as annoying as usual, but I still could very well live without him. Actually I hope he goes back to Jersey really soon.

Intelligent writing…

The first time I jumped for joy was when Steve told them about Danny having minored in business. And them being completely baffled that Steve knows that. I always thought people are stupid thinking that Steve didn’t do his homework before he took on any of his people. He’s highly trained, he would not partner with someone (or take on his team) if he wouldn’t have checked out that person. He pulled all their files (Lou, Jenna, Lori), trusted Chin because of his dad. I’m sure he did way more than just pull the files.

Same goes for his alleged lack of knowledge of police procedure. I always laugh out loud when people say that or use it in reviews and stories. Everyone believing Steve wouldn’t learn ALL there is about a job he’s taking on, are truly stupid and have no idea what a SEAL is about.

Of course he knows all about his people, probably all their deepest darkest secrets too, and of course he knows all about police work. He would be a fool not to. And Steve might be a lot of things, but he’s no fool. He’s a trained SEAL, an Intelligence Officer and by now a well-rounded law enforcement officer.

It was really nice to hear a writer remembering that. Well done, again. 🙂


Nothing special comes to mind in this episode. But I still thing he’s a wonderful and great addition to the task force. He brings a lot of experience, a lot of humor. He’s a good partner to work with, and a good friend. I always love to see him, and I think Chi McBride does a really great job bringing this character to life.


Chin and Abby…

Oh boy, do I already think they are an item? No, I don’t. I still don’t see much in them. But, let’s just wait and see. I did think they worked well together, but that was it. I don’t see any sparks flying, of any kind.

What I did see… well, I’m probably totally off with this, but I think she has some sinister thing going on. I don’t know, but the last scene her still at Five-0 writing her report? That seemed somehow off to me. I’m interested in what she was really doing there, and I would love to read that report. Does Steve needs to sign off on that?

Seriously, I thought those scenes were strange. I don’t trust her. I’m telling you, something is going on with her. 😉


Now, that was a great use of the character. A small, but important scene. Perfect.



Perfect job for him. Definitely qualified to do that. 😉 But I would have been happy with only the phone call to tell him to do that, and a very brief scene of him sitting there and waiting.



Not seen, but still in the episode. Well done, show.


Glad that he was physically back this time. I always like to see him. He has been there from the very beginning, well, pretty much the very beginning, and I really like that. It’s always nice to have a little bit of Max in the mix.


Steve and Nahele

I’m not saying much of Steve and the case, or Steve and the others. That would just be a repeat of all the other times where I praised the task force leader. He was as awesome as always, but his concern and love for Nahele was what made this episode special.


We all know that Steve is just a big softie who feels deeply for others. It’s part of who he is. You have to have empathy for other people to do the job he has done for many years, or the job he’s doing now. (And yes that goes for the others too.)

He will always step up and fight for what is right or what he feels should be done. I believed him when he said he would always protect that boy. He took it on himself to make his life better, to give him a fighting chance to find his place in life.

I absolutely loved Nahele in this episode, always liked him, but this time I really loved him. How sweet was it that he went to Steve’s house? A place where he felt safe, where he knew he could go and where he would find help.

I wonder if Steve won’t push for legal guardianship now? I think it would be the logical step for them both. It would be good for Nahele to see that Steve really means what he said, and I think it would be good for Steve too. I hope the show won’t forget this storyline for episodes on end; I’d really like to see more of this.

I loved how Steve’s senses went on high alert after learning about Nahele’s dad, but that he was still willing to give him the benefit of a doubt. I must say, the outcome of this really surprised me. Nahele being a witness to a murder. That was a very cool development.


General feeling… or in other words, my verdict

This was an awesome episode. My very first reaction had been a Great, but after watching it a second time, and now reflecting on it, I came to the conclusion that this was really awesome. I would even call it the best episode so far.

It was well rounded, had funny moments, no nasty idiot Danny, solid crime, great teamwork. I hoped for a little more action, I love that stuff, but I’m not sure where that would have fit.

So, I’m happy to say that this was another awesome show.

Reflecting on nine episodes now, and seeing that none of it was worse than a Good… I’m impressed with the show this season.

Now we have time to relax and have to wait until, I think December 11 for the next episode.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


32 thoughts on “6.09 Review

  1. Loved the line about Steve checking into Danny’s background. Gave me an instant flashback to the pilot with Steve pounding on Danny’s apartment door to put him to work. 😎


  2. I actually liked Danny in this episode. I did giggle when they said he was teaching micro economics because that is a real stretch but this was one of those suspend belief moments and I sat back and just enjoyed it. Even Eric didn’t make me grind my teeth this time. They should keep him in college, if he must stay, because that is a good fit for him. He won’t stand out from all the other sillies. He could show up twice a year on breaks. I could grow to like this version of Eric. Maybe.

    As for Kono, I’m beginning to worry about her. She seems to be sleep walking around Adam. When will she realize something else is going on? And how will this effect their marriage? Is this part of the Valentine’s Day mess we have been promised. I want the old Adam back. I’m not crazy about this one.

    As far as Abby goes, I am getting to like her better ( and I really like her voice- she sounds like a grown up) but I want this to work out so badly for Chin that I may be withholding that little bit of skepticism I usually reserve for new characters. I hope they do not turn her into a villain or someone with an ulterior motive. Worse would be if they killed her off and we have to watch Chin suffer again. Women don’t seem to fare well on H50.

    I felt sorry for Jerry having to do pig poop duty. Loved seeing Max aandd was grossed out by what was left of the body of the professor- tried not to look.

    I hope there may be a way for Steve to get custody of Nahele until he is of age. They let Mary adopt a baby, so why not? Homework would be done on time, curfew strictly enforced and love and respect guaranteed.

    For me, S6 has been far better than the greater part of S5. Instead of sinking to the bottom of the ocean like a sack of lead, with a few deep breaths scattered in some very good episodes, S6 may have the potential of rising again to the top and doing some back flips and catching some waves. I have big hopes for the rest of S6, and I am not going to allow myself to consider disappointment unless the writers force me to do that.

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  3. Season 6 is much more better than season 5. Like I said, I know Danny and Steve are the bromance of the bunch.
    But I love Steve and Lou more better as they are awesome and all in good fun.
    But really love it when Steve is trying to get Nahele adopted. You have to really feel bad fro the hard life he lead. And did not have a say in whether he wanted to live with his father or not the courts that is.
    I love Chin as he seems to be a one woman man and want him happy like Steve. And deserves to be. But hopefully he and Abby will develop into a relationship. Just I probably am the only one that has warmed up for her.
    Steve checking into Danny’s background LOL!


  4. Fun review and fun ep. If or once I didn’t dislike Danno…and I very much liked ETrain. I found him funny here, albeit yes, over the top.

    I loved everything single little thing about McG in this ep, from him outing Danno’s education history (and then not reacting to his team’s shock and discomfort over his recon thoroughness) to his steadfast standing by Nahele even after the court ruling. He put himself on the line there. Mr.Nahele could get McG legally booted outta the kid’s life for interfering, but McG never wavered in keeping his promise to the kid. And what an interesting and unexpected payoff to McG’s tingling spidey senses. A sneaky murder. Nahele really trusts our SEAL. And shows he is wise beyond his young years.

    I would love to see Alex get a bit more credit for the job he does week in and week out. I saw the EP praising Scott for the undercover scenes…which were not really difficult, IMO. Playing a teacher is no big. McG finessing with both Mr. and Young Nahele is a tougher line to play. But Alex does such amazing VOEs every week, he gets taken for granted too often, IMO.

    As to Chin and Abby, still meh. Leilani had more chem with him. And I swear I feel like Abby has more chem with McG. And I found the whole chivalry convo awkward and bizarre. We’re sposed to believe no one ever opened a door for her…I know many men who always open doors for all random women, if they are by a door to open…so ’twas a dumb line, IMO.

    And I enjoyed Jerry and the pigs. Him reading Charlotte’s Web to them was clever and fun. Speaking of, I LOVED McG’s offhand comment, “we’re not babysitting pigs, Hey Jerry!” LOL!!! He throws out those kinda lines with the perfect amount of bite. 😆

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    1. Parents tend to give more attention (or praise for good behaviour) to their difficult kids …… than to the ones that they can rely on. 😀
      Found the chivalry situation awkward, because it was on the job. If they were going on a date, it would have been perfect. But while doing their job, it kind of feels like he sees her as the women and not respect her as a colleague or as an equal, as part of the job (If that makes any sense) Will he shoot the perps on her behalf as well? etc …

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      1. I, too, wish that PL would say “awesome job” to AOL more often. That’s not saying that SC did not do a good job too. He did. But a pat on the back to someone who consistently brings his A game each week should get more recognition. You can turn the sound down on the TV and know what’s going on just by his facial expressions. Praise for a job well done costs nothing but means all the world to the person who deserves it.

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    2. Honestly, so far I have not been wowed by SC. At times he does his job, at other times he just phones it in. But just doing the job doesn’t deserve the praise he often gets. Especially if there was nothing special about these scenes.
      There should be praise when it is well deserved, but the EP is obviously not able to see what he gets every week. Sometimes we take something for granted, but I think a producer should openly say something about the really great stuff Alex delivers.
      I’m not saying he’s the only one doing a good job, but he’s the one who very rarely, if ever gets mentioned.
      I just think he paints the wrong picture. It might very well be that he praises his actors in private like crazy, but in public he gives off the wrong vibes. It’s not very clever not to point out what a great job his number one on the call sheet does. Just saying.

      I’m totally with you on the line about opening the door. That was just utter crap. No man ever opened the door for her? Who believes that! I mean seriously. That whole scenes felt totally forced and out of place.

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      1. Perhaps the EP feels that some have the need to be publicly praised more than others. Of course AOL should get more kudos than he gets but we all know that he will deliver his VOE every week whether he is mentioned in the press or not.

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      2. Indeed Scott appears to phone it in, way too often. Like he’s even more bored than Danno is. Playing this prof, he was at least awake in this ep, and as I said, I even liked him this time. So clearly he was doing better than his usual VOM (What? Alex has his VOEs–variations of excellence. I figure Scott is more going for VOMs–variations of mediocre.), but I would hardly think just acting like the character is actually awake needn’t require a kudo from “Boss”. 🙄 But I hear all y’all who feel like maybe the encouragement will goose him to try harder. And “Boss” can kiss up to any actor he wants, but yeah…as Sam says, Alex brings it every week, as that #1 on the call sheet…and his McG has an individual and unique relationship with every. actor. on. Show. He is that brilliant that McG has a discernible and specific connection to each team member and its endless list of hangers on. Dude is remarkable and he gets very little attention from anybody except us.

        So we gotta be the light that shines on da man! As we do! Kudos to us Fangirls. 😀

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  5. Great review! I think you hit some great points. I admit, I kind of like E-train. I wish they would tone him down a bit though. But yeah, I’d rather have Charlie back.

    Also, I find it very difficult to believe Danny’s educational background isn’t in his personnel file. That’s the kind of stuff that’s in personnel files.

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  6. i probably should have voted “awesome” but i very very rarely ever give anything the highest mark. Maybe a second viewing would increase my vote from “great”
    My first thought at the end of this episode was the nice surprise storyline with Steve and Nahele. On the total “squee” side, Steve in a suit was awesome in itself. Watching his relationship with Nahele and his protectiveness along with what I assume are some thoughts of his own father were wonderful. I am so glad he had his own side story while at the same time being completely involved in the case. He was characterized absolutely perfectly. I guess I need to tweet the praises of this writer since I know PL is waiting for my valued opinion!
    You are right that the use of Kamekona was perfect too.
    I see potential chemistry with Chin and Abby and did not get any bad vibes, but as you mentioned, that Valentine’s episode may expose something else.
    I don’t look forward to whatever happens with Adam cause it will result in Kono melodrama. I could do without it.
    I can’t believe we have to wait 2 weeks!
    My roomie mentioned being interested in this ep, so maybe i can convince her to watch it tonight and get my second glance.

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  7. Ah, I agreed totally with this review. Well done Sam, you covered all the important points. I confess I was distracted during Friday’s showing since my granddaughter invaded my home that night and I could not concentrate with that little whirlwind in the house. I have watched in DVR a second time but hubby came home from deer hunting and broke my concentration. So I haven’t had an uninterrupted viewing but I saw enough to catch the main points.

    Boy if I wasn’t already in love with Steve, I sure am now. He was perfect with Nahele and his crack about not babysitting pigs and calling Jerry was priceless. I also found Danny to be engaging in this episode although I thought he needed to get that chick off his desk pronto, I found him almost too polite but maybe he didn’t want her making up some story about teacher abuse. I still have issues with Eric and wonder how he made it through college to qualify as a lab tech.

    I look forward to seeing it again when no one interrupts me. I could be back to add things.

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  8. Absolutely loved your review and totally agree this time. Will write more tomorrow but I gave it an awesome… totally on Alex’s performance. There was a lot more to love but he sealed the deal.

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  9. Great review as always Sam.
    To be honest, I am to scared to like the Steve/Nahele story. So scared it will fall victim to the H50 way of handling any continuity story with Steve. I senserely hope I will be wrong about this one. A shown in this episode, such a good opportunity for Alex to show he is more that a gunslinger BAMF in the show.
    Also like it when they us Kamekona to actually be a character and not a caricatures.

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  10. Thank you ptb for surprising me! I enjoyed many parts of this episode big time! Thanks to the woman who wrote this epi for knowing the term ‘in character’.
    I like what you, Sam, did in this review and would like to throw in some random thoughts.

    Yeah. Go to jail. He murdered someone and is all in all no nice guy. And a horrible husband. And I absolutely don’t care about him. 24 month gone? Ah well. PFFT!

    Ah there goes my ‘Kilmerstuten’ (lol, google/bing/yahoo or ‘whatever you do’ it my international friends) for the next years. And I love Kilmerstuten. Yummy!
    Guess whom I love too?* Steve you’re saying? Yes, yes, but come on that’s easy and oh so right but in this case I’m talking about Jerry. Reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’ to the pigs was hilarious. Actually I had to look for the German title of this book to learn it’s about Wilbur the little pig! OINK!

    He opened the door for the girl. That’s an awesome lot of chemistry. Girl! Marry him! You’ll never have to open a door again in your whole life! That’s mind-blowing. That’s epic. That’s important. Doors are beneath us. I just can’t remember how many times I’ve been standing in front of a door, waiting for some knight in shining armor to open the door for me. But damn, I’ve missed so many meetings because there was no Chin in sight.
    So what’s the purpose of Abby? Why isn’t she writing her reports or whatever in her hotel room? Why didn’t she stick in the pig mud with her heels? Why is her hair that perfect? Why is she just a vegetarian, not enough will power to be vegan, hu?
    Actually, wouldn’t it be cool if she’s the mastermind behind Gabriel? But then a certain producer could not hide fast enough to be hunted down by a certain GraceNotPark. SMACK!

    Ok. No fan of his overacting and ‘overvoicing’ here. You know that. But he was a little bit more bearable. I selected my next nail polish color and he did not distract me. Good thing in my book. But D undercover would never be my first choice. No patience. And you need patience being undercover, I am sure Steve could tell him one thing or two. As he once said, he was working ‘the other side’. And for sure in very dangerous situations. No one gave him an apple. But then, he isn’t Snow White. And he doesn’t have SEVEN dwarfs.
    Oh by the way, I chose navy blue. MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL; WHO HAS THE NICEST NAILS OF ALL?

    His annoying persona fit the annoying persona of his charade. That worked. This time. Otherwise YUCK!

    You don’t get that big with ramen noodles. Just saying. McGrocer fun at its best! SQUEE!

    Well. Prince Charming. Bye. PFFT again!

    Well I’ve never expected you as being the bacon type anyway. She can swap recipes with Abby. ABKON!

    He or more specifically Alex is the reason this episode gets an awesome from me. For me, he stole the whole show. I just love the way he clicks with Grover, you can feel how much fun these two actors have together. I love the way he delivers his funny lines, his understatement and subtlety to show Steve’s dry sense of humor. “Well I can tell you right now that WE won’t be babysitting the pigs” Grabs his phone. “Jerry, hey!” And of course he did recon on all his employees. He is Naval Intelligence. He is a leader. Love that show remembered.
    And can we say how amazing he was with Nahale. And how very well acted these scenes were? All of them? All the different emotions?
    He is the best leading man. PERIOD.

    Wish list:
    I want show to continue right at the point this one ended. I want Steve to kick Nahale’s father’s a$$! I want him to adopt Nahale. I want him to be a role model for Kono’s choice of men. I want him to tell Danny that teaching is D’s right calling, obviously D made no impression as a detective because nobody recognized him undercover. I don’t want him to open the door for Lynn, but I want him to let her in. I want him to wear a suit or a plaid shirt when he is riding into the sunshine with the woman that makes him happy at THE END!
    *Guess whom??? LOL, I really have no idea if that’s BE, AE or simply horribly WRONG!

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    1. LOL!!!! Chiiiiild! I am laughing my ass off, and I have an impressive booty! 😆 And not only did you make me laugh, I agree with all your snarky points. Btw, I have a mani scheduled for tomorrow and I am getting navy blue polish in your honor. Hee! :mrgreen:


  11. Since you mentioned the filler in the beginning, I felt the few scenes with Danny at college appeared as fillers too (walking with backpac and then down the stairs with colleagues). It is so irritating when Scott finally does appear in an epi it´s like an academy award nomination worthy performance, basically just for showing up. Alex is the one deserving more praises, he is working his cute butt off to deliver an excellent performance.

    Anyway, great that you brought up the suspicion of Abby´s presence, her character is now getting more interesting 🙂 Still feel the romance with Chin is quite forced.

    I was dead tired watching this epi and only gave it good. I loved Steve, we got more smiles and great scenes with him than we normally do. But it would take a lot for me to give an epi awesome, doubt it will happen any time soon.

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    1. Where she’s right, she’s right! 🙂
      I saw an interview with SC recently and I was like WTH?? He looked bored out of his mind, no questions about 5-0 allowed, just promoting all his other stuff. I feel sorry for his fans, but I sure don’t miss him when he’s not in an episode. Yep, he did well in this one, but praising him? NO, not gonna happen! My praise always goes to Alex – he LIVES his character!

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  12. Paula, you really hit the nail right in the center with this:

    “It is so irritating when Scott finally does appear in an epi it´s like an academy award nomination worthy performance, basically just for showing up. Alex is the one deserving more praises, he is working his cute butt off to deliver an excellent performance.”

    That is oh-so-true.

    and… I need to still write a review of Sam’s review…

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    1. We’re patient, we’ll wait…but we really do wanna hear your thoughts. Particularly as I never can figure just what you’re gonna hook onto in your reviews, and this was such an interesting ep to ponder. It actually had some interesting elements to it. And the McG/Nahele/DaddyNahele thang could get quite interesting…or they could just bundle the whole thing up in half an ep…where they beat the shite outta DaddyN standing with his hand in a cookie jar and ship him back off to Halawa as the rest of the team follows Gabriel’s scent willy-nilly all over the island again. Where they catch him stealing a Christmas tree outta a protected forest, right next to McG’s favorite tree-nabbing spot. Ah! Such intellectual and moral complications! 😉

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  13. I know it is late, but I need to jot down a few thoughts. First, I totally agree with your review, Sam. All fantastic points. Including the “awesome” vote. 🙂 To me, Steve made this episode, especially his scenes with Nahele, but I will comment on just a few other things.

    Danny would be a good teacher. Maybe he could pursue that. One thing I noted was when Danny, Eric and Kono were in the van (which really made no sense). What was she doing sitting in the back of the van? Anyway, Danny is buttoning up a normal shirt and Eric said something to the effect that Danny had a “good disguise”. I mean, really? He didnt even have on the glasses at the time. It was a SHIRT. Maybe it had cloaking ability that I didn’t see.

    I agree with some others that Eric was in character for this episode so he didn’t bother me as much as normal. But he is still royally annoying. But he can still leave and I wouldn’t cry.

    Chin and what’s her face are just bleh. Sam, I hadn’t thought about the fact that she is up to something, but you could be right. But that would really make me mad that AGAIN Steve was fooled by a woman. Surely he has learned by now to check their credentials! But people keep mentioning the Valentine episode. Is she going to stick around that long? I thought this was a 2 week assignment. Again, she can leave any time and I wouldn’t be heartbroken. I feel NO chemestry between them and like others have said, that opening the door business was just bizarre.

    And then there’s Nahele. LOVE that kid. And I love Steve when he is with him. They are a good match. I DON’T want him to disappear. What I would love to have seen is Steve mopping the floor with his father before putting him in cuffs, but I guess I will have to use my imagination for that one.

    OK, I guess I’m done. Other than my awesome vote. 🙂

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    1. “And then there’s Nahele. LOVE that kid. And I love Steve when he is with him. They are a good match. I DON’T want him to disappear. What I would love to have seen is Steve mopping the floor with his father before putting him in cuffs, but I guess I will have to use my imagination for that one.”

      Yes, we all have to use our imagination for that or you could write a chapter/story about it, please? Thank you in advance.

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