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6-08 – Piko Pau ‘iole

Five-0 must work with charming con man Hank Weber (Kristoffer Polaha) to find a killer when his female partner is murdered on the job. Also, San Francisco Police Inspector Abby Dunn comes to O’ahu and works with Chin to investigate the murders of five Chinese arms dealers, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 13.

CBS translated Piko Pau ‘iole to The Artful Dodger

So, here goes another review for Five-0. Right up front, I liked the episode, but I also have quite a lot to complain about. So, be warned, if you’re one of those people who can’t love the show, but also laugh about it… you better stop now and don’t read this review.

I guess it was again one of those episodes where you have to turn off at least half your brain, or better yet, all of it. And since I can very rarely do that, or am willing to do that, I always have a hard time with such episodes.

I am willing to suspend belief to a certain extent, but at times it gets ridiculous.

Let’s get right into the ridiculousness of things. Starting with Jerry.


If Jerry seriously thinks that he deserves to get a badge… than he’s even crazier and more stupid than I ever thought.

Does he think it counts how long he’s been there? Giving him a badge would be a mockery to everyone who earned to have one.

Jerry has no training whatsoever in law enforcement. I wonder if he has any training of any kind. Even entertaining the idea of giving him a badge should be considered a crime. 😉

But seriously, why the heck do they turn to Jerry with any kind of computer problem? He himself said on numerous occasions that he has no idea about computers. He didn’t even have a computer or a phone when they met him. Later he hired “Kame’s son” (no idea who he is supposed to be on the show) to teach him computer skills so he could fake it during an interview.

So, just tell me why the show suddenly decided he is a computer genius. Oh, right, I get it, the usual amnesia when it comes to their own characters.


Gabriel. I am sorry; I simply can’t take him seriously. Every time I see him making threats I just think about a boy trying to play with the men. Sorry, but it’s not scary or anything if you tell people what bad things you will do. That is simply ridiculous. He tries to look so serious and menacing and threatening, but I can only mildly smile about it. And that is a real shame because I really like the actor. I think he has great potential; but his character is a joke.

Had to laugh out loud when he stopped Chin to tell him what he has done, and planned to do. That was just as stupid and laughable as it was back at the wedding, or any other time he met with Chin. Maybe he secretly has a crush on him or something? 😉

Speaking of crush. Chin and that new girl. Uh, are they supposed to be in any kind of relationship later on? Well, in my eyes, they have no chemistry whatsoever. I didn’t see any sparks flying. None. But hey, maybe that is just me.


And since we are talking about the new girl with Five-0 (on a temp basis); I don’t like her. There, I said it. Everyone seemed so eager for her to come onto the show, and I was looking forward to her with an open mind since I didn’t know anything about her. I’ve never seen her before; at least not that I know of.

But it was instant dislike. LOL I think it’s a personal thing about the actress, something about her that I can’t stand in a person. That is my personal problem, and I will not dwell on it, and try to keep my personal dislike of her out of her performance. As far as that is possible.

So, let’s talk about the character, which I also don’t like. 🙂


Bad first impression to come to a special task force, as a potential leader of such a task force, in high heels and with those nails. Seriously? I saw that, and that was it. Not a person I can take seriously at all.

And I truly hope her mentioning Stone and Keller is NOT an indication of a potential reboot of that show. Steve Keller (well, I only knew him as Steve Heller until a few years ago) was one of my first crushes. I loved Steve. 😉 So, no, I don’t want any other than Michael Douglas as Steve Keller. Although, they would probably change his tie-style, which would be a huge win. Even back then they were horrible. 😉

Anyway, it seems to be a new sport to drop show names here and there. Maybe we should make a game out of it. How many shows were mentioned during the episode?

Adam. Oh, Adam. I so hoped that he would be more interesting when he was a bad guy again. How wrong I have been. Jeez, even fighting and running he’s boring. This storyline drags on and on and on. And at the end he turns himself over to HPD? Seriously? For what? For killing those two goons, who kidnapped him and tried to kill him? Since there were no witnesses no one will know that he shot the one guy after he was incapacitated and posed no threat to Adam anymore. Which could be considered murder. Or self-defense if he has a good lawyer. But no matter how you look at it, this “turn” in the story is ridiculous and will probably drag it out even longer.

And please, is there really anyone watching who didn’t know it was all connected to Gabriel? Come on, that was no surprise at all.

Not even the Hank story. Which by the way, was in my eyes, one of the lamest they had so far. First of all, that guy was annoying with a capital A. And right from the start it was clear that he was not what he pretended to be. A simple con man, yeah right.


It was clear that he had a totally different agenda… and that he killed his partner and the guy in the fridge. Jeez, can you be any more obvious?!


But what really took the cake was Steve’s line when he thanked him for saving their lives. I was laughing my head off. Excuse me? Saving them? Then I thought, oh yeah, Steve had figured it out and played along.

But he wasn’t. He was serious. That was when I questioned how stupid the writer thinks the viewers are! I mean come on! That whole scene with Hank was totally stupid.

Starting with Steve leaving him in the car, and not even cuffing him. As if.

Speaking of car. Can we please stop now with the jokes about Steve driving Danny’s car? That is getting SO darn old. Just stop it. It’s annoying. That Steve drives any car when they are on a case is a given fact by now. There is no joke in it anymore. Actually there never was. It’s a dead horse. Deader than dead.

I found it even annoying when Lou complained about it a couple of episodes back. Wasn’t funny either.


Anyway, I thought this crook was not a surprising or good criminal.

And let me tell you something about the computer which brings us back to the beginning. Haven’t the writers heard of a cyber-crime division? I’m sure even Hawaii has something like that. I always thought why the heck would they put any flash drives they find into their computer before checking them out? No sane person does that. Not even if you have some kind of protection on your network.

You let the cyber-crime guys do that, let them check it out. You do not call Jerry, who has no idea how to do anything with a drive. And you certainly don’t just stick it into your mainframe.

This whole scenario of spying on Five-0 is ridiculous. Why would Gabriel even do that? He just has to call Chin for another meeting. 😉

OK, ok, this all sounds like I hated the episode. No, I didn’t. I liked it. But it had so many plot holes, so many stupid, laughable scenes it would fill a whole book to mention them. For example, again the timeframe. Why the heck can’t they get that right?

Did the con-guy spend all night in the blue room? Chin and Abby were at the harbor at night, and then we got back to Steve and Danny in the blue room. After that it’s day again. I guess we really shouldn’t think about this stuff. But it really bugs me that they are running around in the same clothes during the episode when there clearly was a night in between. That is just stupid.

And what about Danny? What kind of role did he have in this episode? He was just standing around all the time, smirking like an idiot. Did he even have any lines? He again looked bored out of his mind. Very strange how he is written lately.

And I truly hope Kono doesn’t have to deal with her husband again, not when I just started to like her.


What I really liked was the wardrobe’s work on Steve’s shirts lately. I truly liked this one.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable episode, but not really cleverly written. They can do way better than this.

And I hope I will learn to like the new Inspector Dunn on the show. So far, she didn’t give me anything. Hope I’m not done with Dunn before she’s done. 😉


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


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  1. I was “meh” on this ep. That perp annoyed me. I totally agree about the “saving” Steve and Danny bit. They were wearing vests and get out of gunfights pretty regularly!
    I saw some chemistry starting with Chin and the new girl (think she was on Buffy vampire slayer). I have no complaints about her.
    I usually am okay with Jerry, but it is time Steve explains to him that untrained people do not get badges. Now that you have pointed out the tech inconsistencies with his character, I am bugged by his sudden expertise.
    Still wish they would get rid of Adam (boring) and Gabriel is just icky. Wo Fat had class, but Gabriel makes me feel dirty.

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  2. OK, I gave it a good as well. I do happen to agree with your points but I chose to suspend belief and I really enjoyed the show and how they FINALLY meshed everything together. No, the writing was pretty bad and I could poke holes in a lot of it. I wasn’t crazy about Ms. Dunn but other than her high heels and fingernails, she was OK. I hooted when she mentioned Stone and Keller. I did think that was clever. (And what’s wrong with Steve Keller/Heller’s ties? I loved the plaid shirts and solid ties.) 🙂
    My boyfriend at the time went to school at night and had a break between 9 and 10 every night. When Streets of San Fran was on, I took my phone off the hook so I wouldn’t be interrupted. Ah, how we struggled before DVRs. 🙂

    I think the police will go to the scene of Adam’s crime and discover no bodies, no evidence. Gabriel will have swooped in and cleaned up everything and now Adam is beholding to him. I don’t like Gabriel. Period. He is a boring bad guy.

    As for the bad guy. I knew he was bad… why Steve didn’t see it is beyond me. He wasn’t interesting and he was such a smart aleck. Not funny at all.

    But overall, the show was fun to watch. I consider that a win.

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  3. I suppose that having two crimes to solve with the team split is going to be the new norm. I wonder if that is an accommodation to the lead actors who take turns carrying the main crime while the others have a smaller presence and a mini vacation? It must be wonderful to tell the boss you want to work less and just to “make it so”. Just like Jean Luc Picard to #1.

    Crime 1
    I’m never going to understand where this whole Kono-Adam storyline is going but it’s dragging and I am losing interest. Is Adam going to jail now, or on the lam? Is Kono going with him? Will this be an excuse for Kono’s lack of presence? Is that why they had to swear in Abby as a 5-0 task force member? I miss the educated and sophisticated Adam of past years and I hardly recognize him now. Marriage did not improve him. By the way, we saw more of him in this episode than we did Kono.

    Crime 2
    I liked the improbable little crime spree at the airport only because of the Hawaiian War Chant, but was surprised that McG and Danny were taken in by the perp. Now that they know his motive was to hack the H50 computers, I will be waiting to see if they can control Gabriel by feeding him false information. And I agree with Sam. Have they never heard of cyber crime?

    I still can’t see Gabriel as the successor to Wo Fat. He lacks that cold, calm killer stare so wonderfully done by Mark D. Even McG’s seal friend, ( the one who betrayed him) and was played by actor Max Martini, had that same deadly quality. I wish they hadn’t killed either of those two characters. But Gabriel? No, I keep wanting to march him to his room with no dessert.

    Is Chin’s new friend a temporary replacement for Kono, as was Cath when GP took time off? I found her to be quiet and just a little mysterious. I hope that this works out for Chin, so please don’t make her bad but I am going to withhold judgment until I see some more of her in action. Liked her better than Lynn. At least she didn’t sound like a Valley Girl. They gave her a badge and swore her into the Task Force. If she is just shadowing the team so she can set up a similar unit in SF, then what was the reason for this? Did they explain why she needed a badge just to shadow them? Is she now the newest member of the team ? I haven’t read anything about the number of episodes she contracted for but It looks like she may be around for more than just two if she’s now a member of the task force. I would be interested to know the answer to that.
    Jerry’s character is a puzzle. What happened to all the conspiracy theory stuff?

    I gave this a good. (because of the Hawaiian War Chant.)

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    1. OMG so true we saw more Adam than Kono! The ONE actual woman left on the team and she NOW comes in after her only-recurring Show-husband! How much does PLenkov hate women? How many ways can he show it and still get away with it? Grrrrr! 😡


  4. I was copying and pasting my post so I copied some things twice. Sorry and did not pick up my error until after I hit the send button. So if it doesn’t make sense, please excuse me. I will explain anything that doesn’t make sense, I need to proof read but I guess I am lazy. I’m also exhausted right now. If you ignore the first Crime 1-Adam it may make better sense- barely.


  5. Hi there, I did something different for this episode. The day after watching I wrote down a list…..like, dislike and unsure. Something new for me but I didn’t want to wing it when posting here. Sad to say my like list was short. I liked Steve and Danny checking for their wallets after Hank lifted Lou’s. I was surprised that Steve had one on him. Steve had some great funny faces this episode….so that was a plus for me. And I liked very much Steve looking at Danny and telling him he would never meet Lynn. A wise decision to me.

    Dislikes; the whole Adam business. Just what is the point of him owing Gabriel. The guy no longer runs the family business and is living in Kono’s little house. Just what is going to have him do, kill people for him???? His confession seems to be a very moral thing to do but why not discuss it with Kono first? Then there was the whole business of trusting Hank and hauling him around everywhere. No one stays in the car when they tell them to, why should Hank listen? Please don’t make Steve look so stupid…….oh those writers, they infuriate me at time like this. And finally my big complaint is the whole Jerry business. He came off as so pathetic, like a little boy staring in the toy store window dreaming of the fancy railroad set. Supposedly he has a brain and should know that just being “buds” with 5-0 does not make you a member. Man Kamekona has more believable reasons to be a member and he isn’t asking. Just what did Jerry do for a living when he was in his mother’s basement? No wonder she moved away if he was just sponging off of her.

    Now as for the unsure department…..Chin and Abby. I didn’t dislike her and I don’t care about the heels because that is how Hollywood sees women cops….they dress like models, not working police officers. At least Kono has sensible footwear. I am holding judgement because I really didn’t get to see enough of her. I thought she and Chin were very polite with each other but I didn’t see a potential love interest there. We shall see. And are there only blonde women being recruited for this show….no redheads, other brunettes now that Cath is gone? Oh well. I gave this a good but mainly because I didn’t see it as awful but I was very underwhelmed.

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  6. Another so so for me. Still waiting to be wowed. I fear the show will long since be dead and buried and I won’t get a wow until I go back and rewatch episodes from seasons 1-4.

    I don’t understand the purpose of the storyline and I think things have been worse for Adam’s character since he got married. But the one and only good thing I liked about this episode was him coming to turn himself in. Even if the whole storyline is bizarre, I respected him for that. I know many here want him to be a bad guy, and I can understand the argument, but I’d like to see him tackle the higher road.

    I won’t touch on Jerry, yet another female added, or any of that stuff (although I would like to know why we keep getting so much more Jerry and so much less Kamekona. Did the actor leave the show?).

    I WILL say that we saw another perfect example of what seems to be a concerted effort at dumbing Steve’s character down. By that I mean the whole “you saved our lives” thing. Don’t get me wrong, one of the things I love about Steve is his thoughtfulness of others and giving complements when they’re due, but that was desperately overkilled. More to the point, had the real Steve McGarrett been present, even if they’d bothered to cuff crime guy to the car, Seal Team Steve would have handled the adverse conditions with no problem.

    The dumbed down/lobotomized Steve bothers me greatly. I know someone here said the show continues to get high ratings. I guess I’m just very picky. For however many seasons it will be on, I’d like to see them get back to their former high quality, but I get the sense that all those involved in the decision making have forgotten how to do that.

    Eh well. Nothing to do but watch and hope for an improvement. I’d really like to have an episode where I can give a gushy, glowy, jump up and down with excitement report. 😎

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  7. Yeah do not give Jerry a badge. As that the show would lose credibility if they did. But really the show is just as entertaining. That is why I watch the show.
    But really love the way that Chin and Julie Benz both clicked. Hope they become a couple. But it seems marriages and being couples except for Kono for now, is an Achilles Heel for the show.
    Still the ending was a surprise over the Con Man. Did not expect that.


  8. Hee! I gave it a good. I think I’ve given all of em this year a good. They’ve all been pretty come ci, comme ça this season, IMO. But if it’s got good and plenty Alex, no matter what feckery the rest of the ep is, it’s a good for me. 😆

    And I thought we had great Alex here. Decent McG, but great Alex. He seemed to be in it more than in some eps, so yeah, great Alex there! And I loved his acting choices…and I don’t blame him for the lines. 😉 He was a hoot pissin’ back at the tall perp dude, Hank. His combo of irk and bemusement was adorable. And I love how he basically just ignored the two twits in the car bitching about not letting Danno drive. Also loved his line about showing Hank what the drain in the floor is for.

    Chin and Chin-girl…ZzzZzz. Frankly she showed more sparkle and had more chemistry with McG in the swearing-in scene. But she’s a freakin GIRL, so if they keep her, I’m not gonna bitch about her. Cos, speaking of Jerry, I can just see this male chauvinist pig-dog set of producers ditching her TO GIVE JERRY A BADGE! The annoying fangirls (not us, the annoying ones 😉 ) bitched about every.damn.woman who worked with this team, and they all went away. So hells yeah… EP gonna give that boy-twit a badge, I’m predicting it now. And it’s the annoying fangirls’ (not us, the annoying ones) fault. Also EP’s fault. Btw. Just so you know who to blame. 😉

    And on to Gabriel, who is no WoFat. He’s an overgrown punk-ass gang-banger who dresses like he reeks of cheap cologne and is on his way with his arm-candy to a shoot-em-up flick. I swear I can smell his cologne overdose from my house.

    As to Adam….who? Oh yeah…that guy still hanging out with Kono? Wake me up if he ever says anything interesting. I mean, he’s pathetic enough to turn himself in for shooting 2 guys who illegally tried to kill him first. Hell! McG does that at least once on the way to lunch every friggin afternoon… so ZzzZzz.

    But wasn’t Alex awesome in This? I loved him in this episode. I think I like that guy! 😀

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    1. Alex most definitely had some good expressions. He never disappoints me; i just sometimes feel sorry for the subpar content he is given to work with.
      Your “cheap cologne” description of Gabriel is perfect!
      in my earlier post I mentioned I had nothing against Abby. Now I realize that i expect chemistry/flirtation with Chin to be a little more quiet/subtle as his personality is more steady and understated than Steve or Danny’s. I think overt “chemistry” might be a little fake.
      Anyway, I too am beginning to think I like that AOL just a bit!

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    2. GNP Said “Also loved his line about showing Hank what the drain in the floor is for.”

      Yes thank you–I’d forgotten about that line and it was a really good one.

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    3. It has occurred to me that maybe WE are the reason that we get the type of female characters on H50 that we do. When we bitch about the lack of women, the TPTB give us one or two each season as fluff with no substance. That should shut us up, right?

      We should have made it clear that we were asking for smart women we could respect and not Barbie and her sisters. Cath was one of the few characters that had those qualities, so of course, she was sent off to find herself or be a spy or for some other dumb reason we have yet to discover. If I was not so sure she was returning and is endgame, I might be a little just a wee bit testy.

      Virtual Happy Smiley faces to everyone!

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    4. Cologne overdose ftw!!! Pitralon anybody? Yuck! That’s the smell I am -uh uhm- smelling right now.
      And now leiCa has to think about the way McG smells. Ocean, sandelwood, and a great dose of real male man!
      Annoying? Annoying? Me? I am actually very nice until somebody annoys me! If you can’t beat them, annoy them 😉

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      1. Not us! We are NOT the annoying ones, in spite of how our POV has often been dissed by the Annoying Ones! We are generally respectful in public. Tho I will admit PLenkov probably finds me and my never-ending feminist grudge-match to be annoying. But my campaign is righteous, so he doesn’t ethically get to think that. Bwahahaha!! 👿


    5. So, you like that guy playing Steve? Huh, who would have thought. 🙂

      Steve/Alex is always a joy to watch, no matter what. BUT I’m kind of getting tired of finding that the only great thing about the show. It doesn’t have to be that way. They can deliver great episodes, so, I’m still hoping to be wowed more than once in a while. 😉

      “And I love how he basically just ignored the two twits in the car bitching about not letting Danno drive.” – Two twits, LOL.

      And hey, of course, we are not the annoying ones. 🙂

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  9. I am so past liking AOL just a little bit, it isn’t even funny. He is the reason I sought this show out and the reason I tune in every week no matter what the writers do. Just consider me an AOL fangirl or old lady…..whichever fits because he is the driving force behind my loving the show. I am happy to say that I like most of the rest of the cast so it does make it easier for it to be an obsession but it is still Steve that has me glued to my chair every Friday.

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  10. Now this was one weird episode. So many plot holes, character inconsistency, and “what the hell is the reason for that person/story line/moment” questions. They took the willing suspension of disbelief too far.
    But I voted ‘good’ because I was entertained. I was entertained solely by AOL. Sorry other actors, but the way he delivers his lines showing Steve’s dry sense of humor, the faces he made while interacting with others – it’s just hilarious and so much fun. This alone made the episode worth watching.
    The rest? Hmmmm…
    Just look:
    Snoozefest Adam, the badass wannabe vs. Sleazefest Gabriel, the (Wo Fat) evil mastermind wannabe.
    Sorry, but Gabriel is just a ruthless punk, who needs to boost his ego by fluffing up his feathers like a peacock and confronting his ‘victims’ to feel strong. No real mastermind would behave like this, guns blazing, tires screeching. I doubt it, but I hope there will be a mastermind who pulls the strings in the background. Someone like Wo Fat sr. That would be perfect in my eyes.
    Adam is no badass! Never. (I was laughing loud at his chokehold btw., sorry Mr. Dale but try again. This was so obviously faked.) Killing someone who will die anyway because he’s impaled by a thick branch is not being a badass. It’s being bad. And an ass. But I think we don’t need to worry about him (if ever, lol), there will be no bodies found. Gabriel has for sure taken care of them. If not, the police would find out that he killed the second perp in cold blood. Heaven forbid this can’t be happening. He is such a nice guy isn’t he?
    Talking about nice guys. Sigh.
    What really irks me in this episode is the Hank/Danny combo. Unlike others I didn’t find Hank charming at all. And I’m not talking about Hank the murderer at the end, no, I mean Hank the con man. I found him a smarmy person, disrespectful in so many ways, arrogant, without any awareness of wrongdoing and completely over the top.
    And Danny’s behavior? Well, let me say something about what’s important for me in a friendship/relationship. I stick up for my people in public. No matter what. Especially when they are insulted by a jerk like Hank. I tell them to shut the f*** up. I’m for sure not sporting a smirk and tell them “…if I’ve offended you in any way I take it back. You’re good with me”. Add this to D’s “this guy can’t read” comment and you get my feelings.
    And again it was this stupid ‘Steve’s driving’ thing. Oh boy. Six years later and nothing new. I’ve heard it’s a running joke and therefore it’s funny. A running joke? A running joke is short and concise. Not draaaaaawn out……. ‘Book’em Danno’ would be a good example.
    So, to sum it up, I was entertained, didn’t mind Jerry, liked Grover, don’t know what to do with High Heel Abby and what all the wuss was about (felt no chemistry or instant liking like I had with Lynn), shook my head about Gabriel and uncuffed perps, loved that Steve showed Hank what his drain – sorry – brain is for and figured it out at the end, laughed about chokeholds and all in all had a lot of fun with Steve and the McPussys.
    For next week I hope for tons and tons of McGrover and Nahale moments with Steve, because the pure thought of Eric/Danny scenes makes me flinch in advance.

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        1. Love to see that one. The visual on that is staggering. Waiting patiently to see what others come up with. We can’t be the only ones with this stuff jingling inside our heads.


          1. But he’s a musician. Shawn/Flippa could play guitar together with Steve/Alex. Tinker a little bit, Alex once said he likes to tinker. That would be so amazing. Steve’s guitar is another topic tptb never mentioned again. Even though their lead actor is great in playing his guitar according to Michelle Borth. It’s a shame! He could go undercover as a musician. Oh, that’s a story to be written… Now of I would know one or two or three amazing writers here…. Hm… 😉


    1. I am prematurely flinching right with you…defintely dreading some very dumbed down, low brow attempts at anemic humor with Danno/Eric plot. Annnnd…your description of Hank was also very similar to a description of how I see Danno. I kinda am not very enthusiastic about the upcoming ep. Hoping I will be pleasantly surprised.

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      1. Oh no. It didn’t hit me when first reading the comments about the upcoming Danny episode that they apparently also include his annoying nephew. I’m going to get my Kindle handy and have it ready because I think I’m going to have a lot of down time during that hour where I WON’T be watching Five-0. I can usually handle the secondaries. In fact I have typically loved all the secondaries. Jerry didn’t bother me till this season. But the nephew was beyond my endurance point from inception. I need to get one of those devices you put in your mouth to keep your teeth from grinding. LOL!


    2. “But I voted ‘good’ because I was entertained. I was entertained solely by AOL.” – Totally with you on that. The only reason why this got a good.

      “I found him a smarmy person, disrespectful in so many ways, arrogant, without any awareness of wrongdoing and completely over the top.” – Exactly! I have no idea why CBS advertised him as charming. What the heck was charming about him?

      “And Danny’s behavior? Well, let me say something about what’s important for me in a friendship/relationship. I stick up for my people in public. No matter what. Especially when they are insulted by a jerk like Hank. I tell them to shut the f*** up. I’m for sure not sporting a smirk and tell them “…if I’ve offended you in any way I take it back. You’re good with me”. Add this to D’s “this guy can’t read” comment and you get my feelings.” – YES! YES, darn it! You get what I’m trying to say in almost every review. It’s all about respect. Friendship is about respect, and I don’t see any. There simply never was any.

      I don’t think show gets the concept of a running gag. 😉

      “Steve and the McPussys” – I think that should be a story title.

      Make you flinch? The promo already made me gag. So not looking forward to it. But I’m willing to be surprised.

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      1. I kind of missed the “guy can’t read” line the first time around. Re-watching it now and it would have been so easy to make that a funny line with a little thought. Lou asks if what Steve said was seen on a T-shirt. Danny could have replied….”Lou, you know Steve doesn’t take time to read T-shirts’ and it would have been funnier than saying that Steve can’t read. Sad they insist on making Danny sound like he hates Steve and certainly has no respect for him.

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  11. A big Hmmmmm…. on this episode. I gave it “only” a good.
    Usually hubby and I watch together and he pointed out right away that Hank is framing them. When it was over we both looked at each other like: So this was it?

    I wanted to get a lot off my chest ablut this epi but by the time I got to sit down to write this you ladies beat me to it and most of my thoughts have already been written above 🙂

    I remember Julie Benz from many years ago when she had a wonderful heart breaking guest role on Supernatural. I know she’s big in the US as she starred in Dexter etc. So I was really open minded when it came to her role as Abby. But she did not win my heart over. We already know Chin and her will be an item but so far I am totally not interested in that story line. Don’t get me wrong but why do we need another storyline with a guest star? Wait a second, wasn’t there are girl called Leilani once??…. I guess we (and Chin) are supposed to have erased her from our minds already… But I’m willing to wait and see as I really want to see Chin happy.

    I really liked Adam before but that storyline doesn’t interest me one bit anymore. Ian is a great guy, but his role has been reduced to a weak character.
    Gabriel? Great acting by Sean, but maybe I still see him a the soap opera star? He just does not do it for me. He’s still Chin’s brother-in-law and I don’t buy that “stepping up the game” action.
    Have I mentioned I miss Wo Fat? He was a true villain.

    The timeline once again sucked. I don’t even wanna go to the point of leaving Hank in the car uncuffed. All my hopes that this was a test from Steve all along were smashed later on. Hello, super SEAL, NI operative etc etc….?? I’m worried that we are seeing more and more of the Steve we often saw in S5 when he was simply not firing on all cylinders…

    It wasn’t a bad episode an I was well entertained, but I’m so hoping for another wow episode soon/next.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. There were 2 wow episodes for me all of last season…the 100th and the last, double-episode of the S5. This season they have all been “goods” for me. No wows. Tho some of Alex’s performances have been wows. 🙂


      1. So far, overall, season 6 is better than season 5 so far. Still waiting for a truly awesome though. Honestly, I have lowered my expectations a lot, and a season 6 awesome is in no way related to a Pilot/3.20/5.07/5.24/many-other-eps-awesome. They are not even in the same ball park. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Very true. S5 is the all time worst for me. While I liked 2-3 awesome eps, I hated a number of em too. So far this year, every ep has gotten a bland good from me. I haven’t hates any ep, yet. Ah but the season is still young.., 😉


    2. I really thought they had long figured out Hank, but no, they were serious about him saving them and all that. I couldn’t believe my ears. That was so stupid. I think one of THE most stupid lines I have ever heard on Five-0.

      I don’t think a wow episode will be next. Just saying. 😉


  12. I actually liked Hank, and think they messed up his character by making him a murderer. But it could be it was because of all those great faces and small replies from Steve, that made him look more appealing. Anyway, I enjoyed those scenes with Hank and Steve. I never watched the scenes with Chin and Abby or Adam. But for some reason I got very annoyed by Abby from the get go. She seemed so uptight and dry, where was the chemistry with Chin? Kind of scary to think back on DDK´s IG post, photo of Chin´s underwear. Are they actually making them romp around in bed? Yikes! Nooooooo!

    Not having high hope for 6.09. Always scared if Steve is just standing around their computer table, it will suck so bad. He is the best part of the show, but even with him on screen I would love for him to have more to work at.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Hank had that potential to becoming a recurring character. But Five-0 Messed that up big time. But still, season 6 is way better than season 5.
    But really hope for chemistry with her and Chin. Love Chin very much and deserves to be very happy. Wo-Fat I miss still. But they needed to kill his character IMHO. So that he wouldn’t overstay his welcome. But miss Mark D!
    But still, Gabriel is a Wo-Fat want to be.Nor never will be. Nothing against the actor.
    But yeah Sam, the car jokes are getting very old. You are right.


  14. I really need to see more of how Chin and Abby interact. I agree the Chem wasn’t there for me but I think they deliberately may want to go very slow at the beginning. Unlike Danny, Chin has been a one woman guy all along. I think if this new relationship is going anywhere, I’d like to see Chin at the shore telling Malia inside his head he met someone he felt he could have a future with and that Malia would like her. I’d be crying but its just something I could see happening.

    I want Chin to find happiness again.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I just saw this episode for the first time last evening so I am a little late to the party. I liked it. It was entertaining and considering what is happening in our world at the moment, it was a pleasant distraction.

    One thing I had to laugh at and I am wondering if anyone else caught it, Abby referred to her two colleagues back in San Francisco as Stone and Keller. Although I am now going to date myself because I am going back forty years give or take, but weren’t those the names of the two characters played by Michael Douglas and Karl Malden in the tv show “The Streets of San Francisco”? It was a very good show. If I am right, then at least my long term memory is still relatively intact. Any thoughts?


  16. Yeah they were the names of those characters on the Streets of San Francisco. Really love it when they paid attention to it. BTW, that was an inside joke. Remember the show as a kid growing up.


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