Dear readers,

I’m sure everyone is by now aware of the tragic events in Paris.

I feel like this is not the time to post a fun/sarcastic/serious/whatever review for the latest episode.

The same goes for the next McBear post which was scheduled for Friday. Also for the next chapter of U-Turn which was scheduled for Sunday. I also like to apologize to our first place winner, but I think the winner does deserve not to get lost between all the tragic news.

I know life goes on, and it damn should be. But I also think we all can take a weekend to think about what has happened and how this will and should affect us all.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all our friends in Paris and France.

Schedule for the next posts:

  • Monday – next McBear on vacation (on Whump-2-Go)
  • Tuesday – Review 6.08 (on Mostly)
  • Wednesday – (our “winner” on Whump-2-Go)
  • Thursday – U-Turn chapter 12 (on Whump-2-Go, which will not be the last chapter since we cut it in half because it was just getting too long.)
  • Friday – McBear in court, sorta (on Whump-2-Go)

6 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Actually I was just thinking of you.
    Thank you for your post, thank you for your thoughts towards our neighbors.
    Yes, life needs to go on, but sometimes we need to take a break to reflect, gather ourselves, to honor and mourn. While Five-0 is a welcome distraction, this might not be the time delve into a review. I know your heart wouldn’t be there, mine not either reading it. I appreciate your decision, also to wait with the other posts.
    I was actually glad PL and the writers also chose not to live tweet last night. The cast and crew know we honor them no less.
    Mahalo, a hui hou.

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    • That is exactly how I feel. Five-0 is a welcome distraction, but at this moment I simply feel it would be wrong for me to move on like nothing happened.
      That does not mean I feel others should do the same. Everyone should make their own decision. For me, it is the right one not to post anything fun over the weekend. That is the time I want to take to, as you said, reflect, gather myself, honor and mourn.
      Thank you for your understanding.

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  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in Paris and to all those who suffer needlessly, tragically and irrationally. I agree with you about posting. This is a time for reflection.

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  3. I agree with your decision. I am still having trouble wrapping my head around how hateful these terrorists are. I had to message a friend in Paris when I heard and thankfully she and her family and friends are safe. And for once I was happy how fast FB works. I am sure we can all wait to discuss our show after a small delay.


  4. The same goes for me! My thoughts and prayers go to Paris!
    In what kind of world are we going to live?
    I don’t get it!
    You are absolutely right!


  5. Thanks Sam for putting everything in perspective. Really a sad time in Paris. As the world needs to band all together to get rid of terrorism. Once and for all. Thoughts and prayers are with Paris! 😦


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